The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, November 23, 1917, Image 8

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    IRA L. HAKE, ttdllpr nnil Fuliltshcr
inn Vnnr tiv Tttiill In Advance. .. .$1-5
One i'cnr (,'ilrrlcr In Advance $1.50
Entered at North Platte, Nebraska,
Postofaco as Second Class Matter.
rninAY, xovemiikk h.j, i17.
A Populnr JMnce.
Mrs. Wm. Jeffers, of Omaha, Is the
miost of Mrs. E. F. Seehergofand oth-
r Mends In town, having arrived yo-j
terday. . i . T t(
Tfie campaign for funds for tho K. C.
war camps has not beon pushed vor
vigorously In North Platto this wook,
hut the success bo far Is reported to ho
very satisfactory. The commlttco IB
hopeful that tho Bum allotted to LIn
coin county will bo raised.
Tho Columbia Grafanola has tho I
clearest, most natural and distinct
tono of any of tho various talking
machines made. You must hear It
Detroit litis been oiton spoken of as before you make your dccdilOn, lost
tho "Wondor City," dwing to its mar-iyou ,nako ft iniBtako. DIXON, tho
volous growth in population, Jumping jowolor;
&i!PZl?toi?iZ Subscriptions In Nebraska for tho
doubling ltsolt in t Past sovon years fund w(n amount
tiio auioniouuo uiuuBuy DUt., ,naa r,nn nnn which Ia
Ml ..- m-;.,,lniln trrnlVtll 10 1101 1CS8 UlUn OUU,UUV, WIUUIl JO
spons bio lor t hi m raolous growth tho BlaU)
Detroit makes more than two-tniru 01 . " tpv , ,. , tntt HUm
nil tho motor cars mado In America In tho country at 'arKotno total sum
rTr.,1 Vl,n TTnr,l Mnir fnmtinnv tirodUCOB wm OXCCCU Illiy IHllHUIl uuiiuib, ui
befter10 the mot- Mloon million more than tho amount
or cars mado In Detroit. So probably nKeu.
tho greatest factor In tho growth and D not unit until your nuto raillalor
tronoral development of Dotrolt Is tho iH ilnmuired by freezing. Uso John-
Ford Motor Company. About the llrst K,)nH Freeze Proof. It Is guaranteed.
question tho visitor to Detroit asks is jexull lruK Store, Agents
Wlioro IS mo rorur 10,110 ,,, ,,,,, fnr. unal.n i North
1 11U UUUIIIIIU V avtw - - - "
An Electrically driven Sewing Machine guar
anteed for ton years.
Our price $35.00.
Come in and try it. '
lng tho month of October. Think or , . ,,,., YPKtor.
Itl They camo from cvbry part pi 5'' tho niaW of tho Penny Mor
tho civilized world, and go , away Ir ,1 "ftXd So town over for a
pleased amazement uvoi uie ujjB' , f Hnlosmnn ho oxnocts in a
could receive lies in the fact that theso
thousunds of visitors aro conducted
llirti ruui biiunuuiiiuni iiiiiw
through tho Ford factory overy month
without in tho least disturbing tho ovon
regularity of tho more than 33,000
: :o: :
Oovornmont .hollovos in the manu
facturing ability and experience of
Dodgo Brothora.
"Ordnance Order for Bodge HrotlierH."
(Motor Ako.)
Dotmlt. Nov. 2. Dodgo Brothora
havo recolvod a contracct from the
government for $30,000,000 worth of
ordnance. They aro to finance tho un
dertaking without outside aid. Some
tlmn niro. a 40 aero slto for a factory
was purchased, and tho ground has
lioen broken. It Is niannou 10 rusn
Mia'titbtory to completion and to havo
It In operation In tho early part of next
vear. trlvlmr employment to about
8.0QO men. This BiiporsedeH tho plan AiA U05
finding a habitation for his now man.
Tho Tribune acknowledges an in
vitation to attond tho oponlng Of tho
now home of tbo First National Bank
at Ilershoy tomorrow. This Is a beau
tltul Uttlo building, a credit to tho
bank und to tho -village of Horshey
Don't forgot tho candy salo of the
Junior Gloo Club at Dorryberry 6c
Forbes Saturday, November 24.
L. P. JoiiBon. formorly of tho liar
court & Jensen firm, spont a day or
two In town this week visiting Wm
Harcourt. "When Mr. Harcourt, who
has passed examination for tho army
sorvlco Is called to tho colors, Mr,
Jensen will como bore to tako the
management of the Harcourt Clothing
I will do nlaln sowing at my homo
;olLo Paulson,G02 west Sixth. Phone
for the Saxon nlant leaao,
. , J. V. ROMIGH.
Dealer In Dodgo Bros. Motor Cars.
i'rotofitant Episcopul Services
Church of Our Saviour, Rov, Arthur
DIttes Jones, rector, Novombor 25,
1917, Sunday noxt boforo Advent.
8:00 a. m.,'holy communion.
fWK n.. tn.. Runtlav school.
ll:o6?n. in., morning prayer and sor-
7:30 p. m., evening prayer and ad-
' 3:00 n. m.. Sunday school at St.
Paul's chapol, North sldo.
, -"Q ; i
. Tlio Sky tlio limit
Arguniontsi In tho eastern railroads'
15 por 'ceht advanco rate caso boforo
thn Intoratnto Commcrco commlBBlon
closed Tuesday with a statement of
counsel for tho roads that ovon if UiIb
Air. and Mrs. J. J. Ilalllcan plan to
spend Christmas with tholr sons Cap
tain Rolfo Halllgan and Captain Vic
Hallfgan at Camp Cody. From, thoro
they will go to southern California
whero Mrs. Halllgan will probably
snend tho greater 'part of tho winter.
Mr. Halllgan returning after a short
Nothing will add moro choor to tho
hearts of tho Soldlor.Boys nt Christmas
tlmo than a picture 'of the homo folks
Make tho appointment today.
Poto Souder, formorly with tho
Hopdy-Ogior Co.,1 and later omployod
in an automobile plant In Detroit, is
now in tho engineering corps at tho
Orcat Lakes Naval Training Camp
Ho has Bent His brother Sam Souder a
picture of his cpmpany, nnd writes
that ho likes tho' work and camp life
mucn uoiter man no expected
Anyone desiring n good, comfort
Jersey City Judge Rules In Favor of
Girl Whose Intended Sought
Return of Sparkler.
There can be no Indlnn givers on
tho Jersey sldo of tho nudson, so
ruled a Judge In Jersey City, writes n
New York correspondent. As n result
of tho decision n young swnln Is out
a $150 diamond ring, which he wanted
n blue-eyed, petite blonde to return to
Tho two were encaged, nnd, according
to custom, ho placed the sparkler In
question on her left hand. They then
quarreled because she, according to
his testimony, preferred the tango, jazz
nnd foxtrot to sitting on a sofa nnd dis
cussing their future. Therefore ho
broke off the engagement and demand
ed his presents back.
The Judge was called upon to decide
whether an engagement ring was a
gift outright or merely a gift contin
gent upon tho fulfillment of a promise
to wed. Tho court then arranged a
1lllt 4 4...1.Atift .linl-
worked to perfection, so far as Hio lormsreabonHOieguurumue
TU u,c younB woimm WB tou' I satisfaction. For dates call
Incrnnsn Is granted thoy Boon will ask
Fnr mi nrlvnnen of IinnroxlmatolV 15.
por cent In class and commodity rates le. well located office, Hiillahlo to a
y . . . ,, lawyer, dentist or real ostuto man's
nnd 10 per cent a ton on coal and coke. , , t ,ook U m
"What in tho Intention of tho rall-.0f rooms In Twlncm building. Front
roadil?" aiiked Commissioner McChord,
"To mako tho Hky tho limit?"
"As cost Incroaoos, rates must go'
up If wo aro to proccod on a sound
basis," answered John S. Pattorson of
counsel for tho railroads.
Any adult BUfforlng from cough, cold
or bronchitis, Is Invited to call at tho
drug storo of Stono's Pharmacy and
get absolutely free, a samploB bottlo
of Jloscheo's German Syrup, a Booth
lng and healing remedy for all lung
troubles, which has a successful record
of fifty years. Gives tho patient a good
nlghh ''h rest froo from coughing, with
nlKht's rost froo from coughing, with
frdp expectoration In tho morning
Regular Blrof. 25 and 75 conts. For
salo in all civilized countries.
' Smash lUndcnburg Line.
Wednesday tho British on a thirty
two tilllo front pushed back tho' Gor
ing, fyQOO'pnBonor and a largo numbor
mana to adepth of five mllo. captur-
"tVBuiiB. At one point tho' Germans
aro on tholr mat line of dofonso.
. TJiO'. Infantry chnrgo was preceded
yby tlio British tanks which mudo gatis
'in tho Gorman lines
For quick iicllou nnu Katlsfactory
sale list your land with Thoeleckc. tf
The Nurso Brown Memorial
Homeopathic Hospital
f l inns West Fourth Street.
For tho treatment, of Medical, Surgical 'ZUm
and Obstotrical Patients.
- JOHN S. TWINEM, 31. 1).
Geo. B. Dent,
Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention given to Surgery
and Obstetrics.
Office: Building and Loan Building
nU, f Oltice 13U
Phones Re8idence i15
Helton Hnlldlng
Office hours 0 a. m. to 6 p. m.
7 p. m. to 8 p. m.
Office Black 333 Res. Black lUZU
Offlce phone 241. Res. phone 217
L. C . DROS T,
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
McDonald Bank Building.
Notice to Contractors
Directors of School District No. 65,
Sutherland, Lincoln, county, Nebraska,
will recelvo bids at the offlco of tho
secretary until 8 o'clock a. in., on. thp
7Mi ilnv it nopomtini'. fnr fhrf flnn-
Btrurction of a now schefal building 'nt
Sutherland. Heating nhd plumbing
to bo let separately. All bids to 1)0 ac
companled by certified chock for 5
of amount of proposal 7D bond re
quired of successful contractor. All
proposals to bo sealed and addressed
to Geo. C. Whlto, Sec'y., Sutherland,
Plans mny ho had at tho Coatos Lum
ber Co., North Platte, or at tho offlco
of tho secretary.
Tho right Is resorved to reject any
or all bids.
8G-G GEO. C. WHITE, Sec'y.
LIMIT 2000
Soldiers and Drafted Men
J. E. SEBASTIAN. Stnto Merr.
Office: Brodbeck Bldg.
Phone Office Red 612
Residence Red 348
View. 89
The Vienna Cafo served whalo Bteak
to Its diners Tuesday, and it was pro
nouueed very good. It will bo served
TiiPHilnv of fn.flh wnnk mnntlnsn dav-
- j -
If It can bo socurod. Ir. Hupfor re
eclved IiIb flrat consignment of twenty
povMuls from Seattle, and has placed
an ordor for ono hundred pounds
which is duo to arrlvo boforo noxt
Tuosday. In appoaranco whalo steak
resembles tho round Btoak of a beof.
Frank Crutchshlngor, construction
ongltioor of tho now dopot, haB boon in
Omaha for a couplo of days trans
acting business. Ho is not altogether
a. happy man. Nlnoty days ago work
on tho dopot was going along rapidly
and smoothly, and everything pointed
to tho completion of tho building by
Docembor llrst. But alack and nlas,
things bogah goln awry; strikes de
layed stool platos for tho floor tronch
oh and hoams for tho balconies, other
material-wasylolayed week after week;
In fact ovorv day brought great gobs
of gloom for CrutchsiiiKor, until' now j
tho dato of tho tomlilotlon of tho build
ing 1b problematical. Work Ib moving
along somowhnt slowly; tho asbestos
shingles uro being put on and tho
concroto for tho tlio flooring, but oth
er than UiIb not much 1h doing, and
thore's still lots to do.
The Matterhorn.
The Mntterhorn was tho favdrlto.
peak of those who "went In" for tho
hazardous sport of mountuln climbing
In the Swiss Alps. jNow reports say
that there Is no moro mountain climb
ing being done. It Is ensy enough to
guess wljy, writes Niksnh. For those
who went around the, world looking
for hazardous occupations before tho
wnr there la now no need to, riiakof ex
tended search,, , to stop at exptmsjj'O
hotels, or to hire a retlnuo of guides:
Nineteen nations ofTer'.the ndventirrfr
moro qr less qf a snhiry alpn.g with
hoard, lodging and hospital facilities
for the pleasure of risking, his no'ek.
No wonder mountain ..cjlmbtng has
fallen off.
There are thoHe ' who say that lt
will never again regatn Its old high
estate. They rather think avlatlbn
will attract most of' tho devotees wno
survive tho wnr. But your true moun
taineer laughs at such a suggestion.
For him there Is no thrill to replnco
tho ono he feels as he swings by tils
fingertips over a COO-foot drop.
at any bank in North Platte.
' Havo ,n wide ncqualiilancc among
buyers. Phono me nt my expense. Live
Stock a Specialty. 1V111 also handle
Thoroughbred sales.
For Sale at.
Harness and Saddelry.
Every pencil will dehorn 50 caives
from 10 days to 10 months old for
A forfeit of $5 for any calf that
fails to dehorn. Call and get one.
Phone Red 456.
Successor to
Drs. Redfleld & Redfleld
Office Phone 642 Res. Phone 676
Astray Notice
Taken up on section 25-13-30, south
of tho Baker school house, by tho un
dersigned who thoro resides, on Sep
tember 10th, 1917, an Iron gray, two
year old mare, weight about S00
pounds, no brands discernible. Own
er is requested to prove property, pay
charges and tako animal away.
80-10 R. G. TATTISON.
Notice to Bond Buyers
Directors of School District No. 55,
Sutherland, Lincoln county, Nebr., will
Trilk tn MWnrf Pmnlnvinrf vnnr receive Dlus ai tno 011108 01 ine secre
iaiK to MeDeiore employing your tary untll 12 0.clocki n00I1( on tuo 7th
..General Hospital..
One Halt Block, North ot Posloflice.
Phone 58
A modern institution for the
scientific treatment of medical,
surgical and confinement cases.
Completely equipped X-Ray
and diagnostic laboratories.
Geo. B. Dent, M. D.
J. B. RedGeld, M. D.
V. Lucas, M. D.
J. S. Simnis; M.D
Licensed Esbalmers
tlfldertakera and Funeral Director! j
P&y Phono 284. i '
Night Phono Black 688.
Notice to Kon-Itosldcnt Defendant
Byrdo M. Johnson, defendant, will
tako notice that on tho 10th day of
July, 1917, Prdnk L. Johnson, plain
tiff, filed his petition int ho District
Court of Lincoln county, Nebraska, I
against said defendant, the pbJ'ecUand
Sheep and Cattle
Farmers this id tlio year and the
French Aristocracy Works. ''
Tho opening; of a shop by Viscoun
tess Gort nttracts far more notice ,ln
England than it would in France,
where mnny nristocrnts earn their lin
ing In less lucrative ways than thoso
of a Wend end milliner. Tho present
Marquess do Torcey D'Ktallonde keeps
an Inn nt Cnrnnc, tho Marquee do Fol-
prayer of which are to obtain a dl- time of the year to get stock to eat
vorco irom uio sum uoienuani. on uiu ,, -f.MrtV, faaA T V.r.,r n
grounds that the defendant willfully "P yur , Ugh feed I have on
nbtindnnnii tho ninirttiff without ?ood hand and for sale dOUU feeaing Iambs
cause for more., than two years last and ewes, and 500 cattle. Come
past, and on tho further grounds that and talk to me,
defendant committed adultery ,anu
plaintiff has not. .cohabited vlth do
! fendant ulnco tno discovery of said
You.nro rcnuifod to answer said do
1 tltion on or before Monday, tho 31st
day of December, 1917.
. Notice
To David Porter, non-resident de-
Hgne Is an omnibus conductor, the fendant; . You aro horoby notified that
Cnmto do Rosgrnnd works in a flour on tho 2Gth day, of July, 1917, Lottie
mill, tho Bnron do Solgny Is n postman A. Porter filed a petition against you
und tho Comto do St. Paul Is a clerk; . in tho District Court of Lincoln Coun
M. Jean do Retz of tho same family ns ty. Nebraska, tho object and prayer of
u .....!., i ion ,n.,. which aro to obtain a dlvorco from
Z 3 .i.rrn. ri r w3f ' on th0 eround o.' non-support and
the Comto dTInuteroche, descendant;' .,.,,. .?, ,, h,i fnp nin
0 4.1.,,. ...1. A. I Ml.
ul uiu uirn.iT nu, i I'umfiiu, ia r lot the minor children, tho issue of said
leged to have cried out, "Mcssleure les I'marriago to-wit: David Portor, aged
'Anglais, tires leg premiere," Is a gen- ,14 years: Norvln Portor, aged 12 years;
tho cturdlor ho grows. And what a
lot most hoyB can get away with. Es
pecially it tho broad bo Bproad with
such delicious creamery buttor as is
to bo had horo. No wondor ho likes It.
You will too onco you tnsto it. Try a
pound today and with Its first tasto
you'll rosolvo that horeaftor no othor
butter will satisfy you. Prlco ho lilgh
or, but quality best.
North Platte Creamery.
We sell Coal, Flour, Graham, Whole Wheat, Corn
Meal, Corn Chop, Barley, Chop, Salt, Shorts, Bran, Tankage
and Cotton, Linseed anq Alfalfa Meal, mixed Chicken Feed
arid all kinds of Grain.
Quality guaranteed and SERVICE THE BEST.
Leypoldt & Pennington,
davme, 'and tho Ylscomto do Bordc-
ncucho used to clean lamps at the GTuro
du Nord for three francs a day.
- For Sale
Flvo passengor Chovrolot Touring
Car, 1917 model. Same as now.
Clump for casji. Phono C4C. 84-tr.
Dorothy Portor ngod 10 years; Els
worth Portor, aged 7 years; Ruth
Portor, agod 2yoars. You aro required
to answor said petition on or boforo
Monday, tho 31st day of December,
1120-1 w
.Jler Attornoy.
The Nation's Heed
;fineaa ot Mfours
Immediately upon tho declaration of war, tho whole ,
Bell Telephone System, Jucludlng our service, our equti
inont and our trained mon, was pledged, unroservedly, to
tho government.
Wo have been called upon for men for the urmy signal
corps, for telephone equlmientfor the eanins at home nnd
tho troops In the lleld.andfor long distance service iTe
tween the various army headquarters.
Wo rap. perform our, full measuro of
service 10 uie imuqn pmy wnen we nun-
die government requlrPimjiits
till private needs.
Practice Limited to
Surgery and Radium Therapy
7S8 City National Bank Building.
Omalia, Nebraska.
Offlco: First National Bank Building.
day of December, 1917, for $36,000.00
school bonds bearing six per cent semi
annual Interest, bonds in denomination
of $1000.00 each and payable three
bonds each year commencing July
1st, 1922.
Tho right is reserved to reject tony
or all bids.
GEO. C. WHITE, Sec'y,
8C-G School District No. 55.
Notlco of Petition
Estate No. 1509 of Mary J. O'Hare,
deceased, in "tho county court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska.
The State of Nebraska. To all per
sons interested in said estate take no
tice that a petition has been filed for
the probate of an Instrument purport
ing to De tno last -will and testament
of said Mary J. O'Haro and for tho
appointment of Anna and Josie O'Haro
as executors of Baid will, which has
been sot for hearing heroin on Novem
ber 30, 1917, at 9 o'clock a. m.
Dated November 1, 1917.
nGn27 County Judge.
Estate' No.- 1G11 Of Illlhln .Tnhnntnn
(lece.iBed, In the County Court of Lin
coln, County, Nebraska.
The State of Nbraslca. sa. Crdltnr
of sahl estate will take notice that the
nine limited xor presentation anil flllnfj
of claims analnst saiil estate Is March
14, litis, nnu ror settlement or said es
tate Is November 9, 1918; that I will
sit at the county court room In said
county, on December 14, 1917, at 9
o'clock a. m and on March 14. 1918. at
9 o'clock u. m., to receive, examine,
hear, allow, or adjust all claims and
objections duly filed.
nl3ull County Judsre.
Phono 308
Rooms 1 and 2 Bolton Building
North Platto, Nobraska,
Big Prices for
and all kinds of
Mixed Iron $6.00 per ton.
Clean Cast Iron $10 per ton
Bring your Furs to mo before you slilii
nnu get my price.
Real Estate, Fire, Tornado and Hall
Insruancc. Special Agents Globe
Llfo Insurance Company.
Cornor Front and Dowoy Sts., Upstairs
Phono Red 572. North Platte, Nob,
Hospital Phoao Black 38.
House Phoae Black 633.
Graduate Veterimarlan
Bight years a Goveraaeat Veterlaar
laa. Hospital 218oatk Locast 8L.
o&e-kalf block soatawsst of tho
Caart Hons.
IjKgai. notici:.
William "Warren and the unknown
heirs, devisees, leirntccvs and personal
representatives of William Warren and
all othor persons interested in tho es
tate of William Warren; Josle Warren,
and the unknown heirs, devisoes, lega
tees and personal representatives of
Joslo AVarren and all othor persons In
terested In the estate of Joslo Warren,
defendants, will hereby tako notice that
on tne stn day or November, 1917, Eliza
KlBer, plaintiff, In an action wherein
tho said Eliza Kisor Is plaintiff nnd tho
above named defendants, are defend
ants,, filed her petition In tho District
Court of Lincoln county, Nobraska.
against said defendants and each of
thorn. Plaintiff alleges In her potltlon
that eho is the owner in feo simple and
In the possession of North ono-half of
l,o t iu in county dork's sub-division
of tho South one-half of the Northeast
juarier or section 32, in township 14,
North ot ranfjo 30, West of tho 6th P.
M., except that part of Lot 10 lying
Wost of Lota 7, 8 and 9 in said Sub
division deeded toAntonStenner, as said
lot iu is piatteu anil or record in tho
olllce of the County Clerk of Lincoln
ocunty, Nobraska, all located In Lin
coln county, Nebraska, and that the
said plaintiff haa boon in tho open and
ndverse possession of tho same as
against tho defendants and as against
nil persons claiming by or through the
defendants, and each of them, and
ngalnst the whole world, for more than
ten consecutive years last paBt; tho ob
ject and prayer of plaintiff's potltlon Is
to quiet tine in tno planum in and to
North one-half of Lot 10 In County
Clerk's Sub-dlvlslon of .the South one
half of the Northeast Quarter of sec
tion 32, In township 14, North of range
30, west of tho 6th P. M., oxcept that
part of Lot 10 lying west of Lota 7, 8
nnd 9 In said Sub-dlvlslon, deeded to
Anton Stenner. as said lot 10 is platted
and of record In the office of tho Coun
ty Clerk of Lincoln County, Nebraska,
and to exclude each nnd nil of the said
defendants from all right, title, inter
est, claim nnd demand In nn to said
land of whatsoever kind or nature and
for auch other nnd further relief as
may be Just and equitable.
Vou are further notified that Bald
District Court on the 8th day of Novem
ber, 1917, made and entered an order
permitting service by publication upon
each of the said defendants for four
consecutive weeks, an required by law.
And said defendants are further notified
that they aro required to answer said
Betltlon on or before the Z4th day of
December, 1917.
Her Attorney,
)ecomber, 1917.