The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, November 23, 1917, Image 5

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Your Eyes
Should have the hest care that is possible to ob
tain. Our Optometrist is at your service. All his
Work is guaranteed to be satisfactory.
and can replace broken lenses the same day order
is given. Just bring the pieces we do not need the
Harry Dixon & Son.
Graduate Dentist
Office over the McDonald
State Bunk.
Dr. Morrill. Dentist.
P. H. McEvoy transacted business
and visited friends In Sidney Wednes
day. Try Dr, Smith, the
Chiropractor. 50tf
Mra. Louisa Burke left Wednesday
morning for a 'visit with friends in
Columbus. 1
For, Ront-rFusnisbed, rooms in mod
ern homer "305 'west Third street.
Phone Black 171. 88-2
n. w. Mr-Mullen was called to Cin
cinnati the latter part of last week by
the Illness of his mother.
Miss M. Sieman, steam bathB and
Swedish Massage, ladles and gentle
men. Phono 897. Brodbcck bldg. 85tf
Word from Cheyenne Tuesday an
nounced the birth of a son to Mr, and
Mrs. Ell Hansen, late of this city.
Don't forget the candy sale of the
Junior Glee Club at Derryberry &
Forbes' Saturday, November 24.
Mrs. A. F. Stroltz returned Tuesday
from a week's visit with her daughter
Ruth In Lincoln and with friends in
Omaha. ,
Absolutely Hnnnless Johnson's
Freeze Proof. Prevents frozen radia
tors. Jtcxnll Drug Store, Agents.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Klein left
Wednesday for Indlanola'to visit their
son-in-law Dolbert Teol and their
"Do your Xmas shopping early,' if
you are planning on pictures for Xmas
presents; let this rulo a"pply, and so
give us enough time to finish your pic
tures and finish thom right.
Elzey Nation and Mabel Jeffres,
both of Horshey. were united In mar
riago by Judge French Wednesday
Thoso In need of painting, paper
hanging and decorating aro assured
satisfactory work if they employ Julius
Hoga. Phono Black 602. 38tf
Joo P. Larson, of Green River, for
merly of, 'this city, 'passed through
Wednesday enrouto to St. Paul to visit
his parents.
Dr. Mitchell, Dentist, announces the
romoval of his dental offices to the
First National, Bank building. - 87tX
Twenty-five members of tho aviation
corps that had been in training at
Berkeley, Cal., passed through Wed
nesday enrouto to France.
Fivo head of horses for sale. See
Artificial Ice Company. 85-G
The Lutheran congregation will glvo
a reception for their now pastor and
his wife, Reverend and Mrs. Koch,
at eight o'clock this evening at tho
parish house.
For Salo Two Shorthorn bull
calves and a Duroc boar, weight 375
pounds. C. L. Coolldgo. 89-2
Max VonGootz and Millard Hosier
returned tho early part of tho week
from a hunting trip up tho branch,
bringing bck six wild geeBo and a
score of ducks.
For Sale Pure bred Duroc Jersey
hogs, both sexes. Inquire of or ad
dress, Blankenburg Bros., 1305 north
Locust street, North Platte. Neb
Phone Rod 851. 84-G
Claronco Day, who enlisted, in tho
wireless telegraphy branch, of tho
government service, is now' at Har
vard university tiorfectlng himself in
that work, the government defraying
his expensos.
Tono Have you over heard your
friends say "tho Columbia has tho best
tone?". There is a world of truth in
that remark. Seo tho Columbia Graf
anola before you buy. HARRY DIX
ON, the Jeweler.
Since wo expect to movp to our now
department at Block's Monday, Nov.
2Gth, wo have decided to reduce all of
our trimmed hats to a remarkably low
figure Saturday, the last day of tho
sale. Villa Whlttaker, at the Wilcox
Department Store.
, -"Pop" SturgcN Docs Not Sail.
Lorcn Sturgos, who expected to sail
last Saturday for Franco, writes that
ho has been detained in Now York hi
order to bo Inoculated for typhoid. Ho
expected to sail on tho "Vatorland"
which left New York Saturday with
twenty-tnreo thousand mon on board,
twonty-two thousand of whom woro
soldiers for tho tronchos in Franco.
Sell Mrldgo ltonils
At tho meeting of tho city council
Tuosday tho ten thousand dollar
South Platto bridge bonds were sold
to an eastern firm for ten thousand
and soventy dollars. As tho 'pur
chaser is entitled to tho accrued In
terest, tho bonds sold for a fraction
below par, tho accrued intorest
amounting to about ono hundred dol
: :o: :
Pleads Guilty To Htirglnry.
Ira B. Kennedy, was arrested Tues
day on the chargo of burglarizing tho
store of tho W. R. Mnlonqy Co., nnd at
tho 'prollminary hearing Wcdnoaday
pleaded guilty and was bound ovor to
the, district court in tho sum of $500.;
unaulo to furnisa surety no was re
manded to Jail.
Kennedy broko Into ho Malonoy
store during tho night of November
15th, and opening the cash register
secured seventeen cents belonging to
tho firm, $1.50 belonging to Mrs. Zara
Mitchell and $3.00 tho proporty of C.
J. Pass, a total of $4.G7. For this a
mount ho laid himself liable to a penl
tenlary sentonce.
Violates Quarantine Itulcs.
Complaint was filed Wednesday
against Carl Scott for a violation of
tho quarantlno rules. Scott failed to
roport to tho city physician tho fact
that ho had small-pox, though for a
week ho was cognizant of tho fact that
ho had the disease. His condition be
camo known through other parties, his
homo was quarantined by City Physi
cian SImms, and a complaint filed.
If the spread ot small-pox Is to bo
overcome, quarantine rules must be
closely observed, otherwise wo will
have an epidemic that will sweep tho
city, close schools, churches and
places of amusement and bring disas
ter to pur business interests.
: :o
Street Sign Itcstrlctlons
An Interpretation of the government
restrictions npplyipg to the illumina
tion of electric signs as It will apply
to North lPatte, is as follows:
"Signs affixed over street entrances
or on the front of tho buildings, an
nouncing the namo or business of re
tall stores or businesses, may bo light
ed from one-half hour after sunset to
11:00 lp. in., providing thnt placo of
business Is, actually open for business
during that tlmo, otherwise these signs
may bo. lighted at 7:45 p. m. and turn
ed off not later than 11:00 p. m.
Theso restrictions aro ordered by
tho United States Fuel Administration,
with the Idea of conserving fuel, and
became effective November 15th.
We have a few fall suits lelt and in order Lo clean
them up quickly re oiler
All $30, $3S and $40.00 Suits at
AJ1 $25.00 Suits at
These are some of the best styles- and cloths we have
had this year and are especially cheap considering the
woolen goods market.
Tho executlvo committee of tho Lin
coln County Chapter of ltoil Cross mot
to comploto their organization Tues-!
day evening.
Mrs. F. W. RIncker was confirmed
as chairman of tho military relief
committee and Mrs. P. J. Barron and
Mra. Goo. Prosser n'ppolntcd assist
ants. Miss Annlo Kramph, John Evans and
O. B. Elder wero appointed as a com
mittee on civilian relief and P. H. Mc
Evoy, Richmond Birge, Sam Soudor,
Allcen Gantt and Mrs C. R. Morey as
tho membership committee.
Tho first Tuesday of oach month
waB set as regular meeting nights of
tho executive board.
Tho flnanco committee was Instruct
ed to push tho collection of all delin
quent pledgos.
Mrs. Rinckor was present nnd re
ported excellent progress in tho work
room. Sixteen Indies wero prosont
Tuesday making surgical supplies.
Xo Supplies for Russia.
Bath Robu Blankots in bcnutiul
combinations of colors nt Wilcox De
partment Store.
You will find a host of XniaB sug
gestions in Dixon's window for Undo
Sam's lighters.
Mrs. F. J. Wurtolo enoyed a visit
this week from hor two brothorB who
aro In tho cattlo business iirwostorn
Wyoming. Thoy had boon to Omaha
with a shipment of stock and wero en
routo homo.
Do your bit. Join tho Red Cross.
Will war conditions adversely affect
tho holiday trade, Is a question that
local merchants nro revolving in their
minds. Wo should think not; it looks
All hotels and restaurants In North
Platto aro now obsorving meatless and
wheatlosa days and tho patrons' nro
adapting themselves to tho changed
conditions without complaining. Thoro
aro other food products wo could, ab
stain from eating ono day a week and
not Buffer nor grow Icon.
Tho domestic scionco dopartmont of
tho Twentieth Century club mot Mon
day aftornoon, Novoinbor 19th, nt tho
homo of Mrs. Ralph Smith. A Thanks
giving program was rendered 'and
papers woro read by Mrs. Carl Ilonnor
on tho "First Thanksgiving," and
Mrs. Goo. Frator on "Thanksgiving
DovotionB Then nnd Now;'' Mrs. Mary
Elder gavo a list of approprlato war-
s hough the reverBe should prove' tlmo Thanksgiving menus. ThCLliost-
ana Mncom m.... .t-
n; :
1 '
h i
Inventory values will gerVoVus i
, . U, :
In pricing live stock, market vulucs,
special performance pure blood nnd
exchange values should ho consid
ered. Wo are specialists In tho matted of
conducting farm sales. Credits and
noteoaluos nro right In our line. You
will ilnd our advico profitable
Call in ami set the date, or advise us
by phone. "Ve can offer you ttho most
satisfactory terms.
i: I
Platte Valley State Bank
North Platte, Nebraska.
l Will Build Next Year.
Dr. N. McCabo Informs us that ho
has definitely decided to add a third
Btory to tho building now occupied by
the Hondy-Ogler Co., and that work
will begin as soon as tho lease with.
that company expires In July, or soon
er If the company vacates before the
expiration of the lease.
Tho second floor will bo romddeled
and together with the now additional'
floor will be mado part of tho Hotel i
McCabe, thus doubling Us capacity,;
and providing the accommodations'
that have been In demand bv tho trav-
ellng public slnco the hotel was first
completed. Tho loaso to Mr. Weln
gand for tho two floors has already
been executed, as has also a leaso of
tho ground floor to a local business
. : :n;.:
Meatless Day at Palace Cafe
In compliance with the government
request we will observe meatless day
at our place of business on Tuesday
and whentloss day on Wednesday.
While it may inconvenience our pat
rons as well as ourselves, wo muBt
do our bit to help win tho war. Our
menu on theso days will bo propared
so as to bo palatable and nourishing.
If you nro intending sending Xmas
presents to your friends In tho army,
seo Dixon's window for an ideal gift.
true. Tho North Platto
county boya in tho camps, or whorovor
thoy aro will bo remcmbored more
genovously this Christmas by rela
tives and friends than over bofore,
and tills naturally will make increased
business for merchants. Locally mon
ey seems plentiful and ovorybody will
havo moro or less to spond for Christ
mas purposoB.
Call 125 for Taxi day or night '
Also five or seven passenger car for
funoral service. '
Chandler & Elcar Agency,
Corner Eighth and Locust Sta;
Washington, D. C. No shipment of
supplies will bo permitted to go from
tho United States to Russia until tho
altiiatlon'ln that country clears. Tho
American government, beforo allowing
the export of goods already on tho
tocks wnnts to know In whoso hands
they will fall on their arrival.
If tho Bolshevik! gain control nnd
pursuo their program calling for a.
noaco with Germany, tho embargo will
ho permanent.
: :o: :
Anxious for Men.
"The collapso of Russia and tho re
cent reverses of Italy make It oven
moro imperative than beforo that tho
United States should send as ninny
troops as posslblo across tho Atlantic
as early as possible," said Premier
Lloyd Georgo boforo tho meeting Tues
day of tho American war miBslon and
tho British war cabinet.
"I am anxious to know how soon tho
first nillllon men can ho expected in
Nice Chicken Farm For Sale
District Deputy Wlmsloy, of tho
Loyal Ordor of Moose, mado an official
visit with tho local lodge Wcdnosdny
night, and succeeded In Infusing now
life Into the organization. Plans aro
boing mndo to begin a campaign for
now members whlph It is hoped will
result in a good, harvest.
Miss Edna Ellott, a well known
young lady of this city, was married
a fow dayB ago to Wayno Leonard, a
railroad ompjloyo of Alliance. Mr.
and MrB. Leonard will make their fu
ture home in Alliance
An ideal gift for tho soldier Is a
wrist watch. Seo Dixon's windows.
Tho above houso and out buildings nnd 5 acrc3 of land for salo cheap.
Balh room and water proof basement. All brandings aro In good condition.
Thoro are two and ono-half acres in alfalfa; 2 Irrigation wells; 250 treea;
shado and fruit; 5 room house. Easy terms. For further partldularB
inqulro Martin Wyman at Van Cloavo's blacksmith shop.
Added to the established serviceability of the Ford
Car is positive reliability of the after-service given
owners of Ford cars by the flrmy of Ford dealers
scattered throughout the country. These courteous
and oggressive business men, wherever you find them,
are not only willing but have the necessary parts for
'replacements, the mechanical equipment and skilled
workmen to give efficient service. The owner of a Forn
has the continuous use of his car. Runabout. $345:
Touring Car, $360; Coupelet, $505; Town car, $595;
Sedan, $645; One-Ton Truck Chassis, $600. These
prices f. o. b. Detroit.)
- win m'm mi i
1 JfL
; m :
nm !
Depend on Tied Crown Gasoline as you
would on a true old friend.
Trust it to start your engine at the first
turn on the coldest mornings ; rely on it
to create motor-power enough to pull
you through the hardest going; expect
it to give you most miles per gallon,
most comfort per mile.
With a tank full of Red Crown you drive alone u
carefree aa a bird. No need of frequent carburetor
adjustment if you use ony Red Crown.
There'i hardly ever an occasion when you need to
be satisfied with less efficient fuel. Because wher
ever you are, whenever you need gas, you can get
Red Crown. It'll distributed from our numeroua
Service Stations and from good garages every where.
Look for the Red Crown Sign.
Polarine frees motors from lubricating troubles,
Flows freely, lubricates perfectly, in any weather.
(Nobraika) OMAHA.