The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, November 23, 1917, Image 4

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    ; ' The Spirit: o Chri?tmasiair7 & i
Surely there is unusual need this year for a day of sunshine. s Individual and ''nhtjgn require
Christmas cheer. It is fitting that we.scatter sunshine as never before; thal'wc give bountifully; that
the hope, the promise, the optimism of Christmas day be renewed and brightened, and this Yuletide
be n season of prdud and staunch patriotism. ' , .w ' 4 9
The preeminence of Clinton's as a gift store is pronounced. Each article in the store has the
characteristics of an ideal gift- ornamental, useful, enduring and desired. The reliability of our
stocks, even in the smaller, inexpensive things, is well known. One regards it as an extra compliment
to have the present come from Clinton's. "" -
Sterling Silvor
Leathor Goods'
White Ivory.
Sheffield Silver
Cut Glass
Hand Painted China
Though in all lines stocks ore unusually large, we urge early selections, for it will be more
difficult than usual to increase sales forces in the rush weeks of December, and impossible to secure
goods to replace.those sold. Selections will be laid aside, if desired, until' Christmas.
'.. Jeweler and Optician, '
. At the Sign of the Big Ring.
Lord Ilnltlmoro round rnper, ."
cents, nt tlio Itoxnll Drug Store.
W. H. C. Woodhurst Bpont yesterday
In Chappoll adjusting a tiro insurnnco
Josa. ,''
For salo, rent or trade, 480 acres.
The Eyo Itoonls. 84-C.
Mrs. Ora M. Sailor lias been upend
ing this week with frlonds In Gothen
burg. tsttftiB
For Rent Nicely furnished roonvln
modorn homo. Phono Black ,081. tf
Mrs. Clarence Vroman loft Wodnos
day for a visit with frlenda ,Jn Chey
enne. m
Dr. Smith, Chiropractor, ..
. Building & Loan Building.. 60tf
Mrs; M. R. Duke pleasantly enter
tained n numbor of frlonds Tuosday
ovonlng. f
Dr. Brock, Dentist, ovor Stone Drug
Store it
Mr. and Mrs. Deo Ranoy, of Wallace,
woro tho guosts of rolatlvea In town
tills weok.
Fred Thompson und Fred Fredrick
son left yesterday for Omahha where
they will attend a meeting of tho
Shrlncrs. .
Tho lust word In stationery, Sym
phony Lawn. At tlio Itoxnll Drug
Christian Cliurcli.
Services of tho Christian church for
lord's day, Novombor 25, 1917. Uni
fied Borvlce consisting of .blblo school,
communion and sermon will begin at
u:4b a. m. Tiioro will bo a special
; program rendered at this servlcco en
titled "Early Amorlcana." conHiHtlnir
Tho furnishings for tho now Royal of recitations and musical numbers.
Cafo In tho Kloth block on Front Btreoti All departments of tho blblo school
arrived this weok and aro being placed will bo combined and meet up stairs
In position
For Sal o Four-room cottage. Six
hundrod cash and balanceo on easy
torms. Phono 79S-F 14. B. W. Wright.
Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Lowe, Sr., ro
turned yestorduy from a
their daughter,, Mrs. Beochor Parker
at Rawlins. ,t,,
For Rent FurnlBhed rooms for
gentlome"n In a Btrlctly modorn homo.
Phono Tho Tribune. 80tf
Total . $0583.21
: :o:
To Sparc Ycnlco
Paris. Tho Matin says that the
Austrlans have agreed to spare Venice,
In response to an appeal from tho Vat
can, but say that all authority must
bo left in the hands of the patriarch.
It Is certain, tho newspaper adds, that
Venice will not bo defended in tho
ovent that a furthor retreat of the. Ital
ian forces becomes necessary.
: :o: :
A Few Bargains For Snlo.
onn ...... c it i .i i
in Till rncrmnr ovon in wnrohin nrwi . . : -
nnrmnn. M?m I. T.? PWlTS " W"". ClOSO tO SChOOl.
uiuuiup ao UUOUD VlIllOL XVUUrlly
tho Son of Cod." Tho ordlnanco of
Chrlstinn baptism will probably bo at
tended to in connection with this ser
vice. All aro cordially invited rind
Si0 ?"lrl8"or8 n c,ty aro Phono rod 492
By breaking tho glass In a roar door
a thief gulned entrance Into tho Shoo
Market Tuesday night and rifled the
cash register of Its contents.
Clias. Hulvorson.of Keystone, and
T. A, Farrln, of Lowollen, each bought
Jossd French tplanos of Walker MubIc
ni i .1 . .
omji, uiiu niuro ia nowncro an inuica
tlon that Germany Is trying to con
Borvo on man-power. Tho dead along
rs. Ircd Duncan roturncd tho oarlyiotlty j, A McDonald, 521 east Second dammed up tho Piavo river In futile nt
part of this week from a visit with Hrnt. vhnnh Tiinnir 3S7. oo-l fntWntn tn nf n,i
.!...). I T,., I' hu bm '""I-
' 7 ' ' . , , Ono of tho Murphy boys who waa in "0,',:1 QoramnB and AuBtrlana.
Lost Largo cameo pin. FIndor ro- from Fnrnnm yostorday said thoro nt ftU P,nts whore they had footholds
turn to Hazel Smith and rocolvo re- lssft big ,jonmna for feeder cattlo and ,"tm? ,cnst ,,mnk tho Playe, lmvo
wuiu. OVm mifo In flint onr nn in ont iin Min nnTt ""w4 v..., v.. uax.n. ji in iiiuuuiiHl. uiui
Tllnttf nnnnnna n wl .1 11 ' n
havo .thorn. North Platto Floral Co. I Lost-A puppy. Vory rfnall and but
- . - 1 t . . - P . 1 . . . 1 r I -1 I .lm nl.ll T I 1 H 1 11 1
i iiono j.OiJ.1. outr luv ul llu nw,u " u,u vi'. - umt
i wnuo; answer 10 uio numo 01 roggy.
In tho main auditorium while this sor
vico is boing carried forward. -Come
early so that you will havo tho benefit
of fills (program. Tho themo of the
morning sermon will bo "Christian
Final reports1 received since Tues
day by Chairman Wcingand of tho
Lincoln county subscriptions to the
Y. M. C. A. war work fund swellB tho
llgures to nearly sevOn thousand dol
lurs, or almost three thousand dollars
liioio than tho amount that Lincoln
county was supposed to contribute.
Cortalnly tho showing Is a most cred
itable one, and every contributor can
rest assured that his money will bo
well spent and that it will bring to
thd soldlor bays a vast amount of com
fort, entertainment and healthful phy
sical exercise in addition to surround
ing them with moral environments
that they would not otherwise possess.
In the appended list, tho difference
In tho subscriptions of tho various
towns Is not tin much duo to lack of
lntorest In tho soldier boys as to lack
of organization In tho subscription
campaign. At those places whore the
local committees wero aggressive and
solicited from everybody, tho sums
were largo; while at othor points
where the committees woro loss actlvo
the amount Is correspondingly less.
Particularly strong is tho showing
made by Sutherland and Brady.
To this total should bo added tho
subscription of tho Union Pacific,
which Is to credited to Lincoln coun
ty. Tho exact amount of this sub
scription could not bo ascertained,
but is somewhere between $300 and
Tho totals from tho different Iplacos
were as follows:
North Platto - $3781.62
'Sutherland 1093.35
Horshey 443.C0
Maxwell 200.00
Brady 849.89
Dickens 12.00
Wallaco 31.00
Wollflect 19.00
Somorset 54.75
Ingham 23.00
Fox Creek 53.00
Various Precincts 22.00
A 12 room residence, modern ex
cept heat; has basement and furnace
can bo put In. Close to school.
Prices aro right. Can show these at
any time. C. F. SPENCER.
Room 6
Government 3fny Build Cars.
Sacrificing Men Alomr Plnvc. J3oston. Tho railroad war board la
Tlio kaiser is sucrlflcinc his men . considering ap. rorhsitlon to 'build
along tho ontlro Italian front without, 100,000 frolght cars and sell them to
tno railroads of the country in twenty
years' time, at 4 per cent interest.
Howard Elliott, a member of the board
stated at a hearing today before Geo.
W. Anderson, of tho lntorstnto com-
morco commission, on tho ipetltlon of
tho Now England railroads for in
creased rates. Mr. Elliott expressed
his approval of this plan, but said he
was opposed to tho government loan
Mrs. Pat O'Brien, of Omaha, who' corn, tho (percentage of which is very P0..1.? ,m,nF hor supromo oltprt, Jng money to tho roada outright Ho
l,n,i l, violiin, ihv in in heavy. ... uu Ht-uior ui ino present time, no- ihbbiu uio opinion mac wiuiout n-
has returned, homo.
Ono package of Johnson's Freeze
foro allied ro-lnforconionta arrive.
.npucial relief tho roads would bo un
aim to accomplish tho maximum
of, amount of work for tho government
four hunks of corn broad woll Imt-
lorou, wo fool happy and contented! Boforo. tho war (prices on women's
nim ui peaco witn tno wnoio world., houso dresses and bungalow aprons.
a i y ii,
! J" now timo to lpiv ynur ord" ot'wj at $1.25 and $145, only to )4
at Dlxoii'H for Xman OroeHnt; parda. 1 gotton at Tho Lender MTrantllo Co.'P.
Now on salo at 79c, 95c and many
For rRont Modorn furnished rooms.' I'roof Jh sufficient to protect a Ford Aftor eating sovoral holnlmrs
Nelllo Paulson, G02 west Sixth. Phono wgalnst freezing; two jmckugos for stowed -or baked beans and throe oriin the present emergency.
Red 305. 89-2 rgo cars. Jtcxnii jirug atore.
Ernat Casey, of tho 354th roglmont "Shorty" Hodshlro wires from Don
nt CanriJ Funstori, la oxptlcted liomo vor that tho salo of hla oil land lcaso
soon nri a fiirlmipli i was consuimtiutcd and that ho has
n. w,w,f I $10,000 In cold, hard cash In hla pos-
m..:t. r -...u' ' " ' - .v. .. . ; .7 sossion. "snorty'a" not roturh on his
u0.,, v.iu.,j, u,,u.uu.m ui " investment la $8,400.
Nurso Brown hospital. i
r m m t, ,i , , Lost Fibro suit case on road bo-
nrnnJS!8n?. nnl North Platto,
Grocory. 408 south Dowoj 89-2 contttining ladles' effects, kodak, dross!
Wyllo and Julian Walkor dollvorod a Notify North Platto Tribune. $5.00
Lagonda piano to Mrs. Laura Ronoau reward. 90-2
at Tryon yostorday. Tho j F. J, ciub 'was entertained
Mrs. Stella Adams, who had boon a Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. Edward
guest of Mrs. Carl Llntz, r6turned to "ouimuson. First prizo was won by
Mrs. uoram and socond by Mrs.
Hlncklo. Mrs. Wade, of Brokon Bow,
received the guest prizo
Llggott'8 CliocolntCH a lasto and
you want more. For Halo only nt tho
Itoxnll Store.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Stuart will
arrlvo horo In a fow days. Mr. Stu
art has boon in an officers' training
camp and Is now awaiting n call to
service Mrs. Stuart will Bpond tho
winter with Mr. and Mrs. J, T. Stuart.
Denver Wednesday night.
I -now havo funds at 5 per cent
on cholco bottom tublo laud. Gone
Crook, Room 4, Keith theatre Bldg.
Tho Davis Garago Tuesday unload
ed a car each of Nash, Briscoo and
KiBBOl nutoa and n car of Ropubllo
Don't forgot tho candy salo of tho
Junior Glco Club at Dorryborry &
Forbes' Saturday, Novombor 24.
The activity of the McDonald State Bank
in promoting the best interests of each client
who desires co-operation deserves your con
sideration. Accommodating
While governed by careful banking
methods, we &ive the most liberal, accommo
dating service to all alike without regard to
the size of any transaction.
Faith in this strong bank, protected by
the Depositors1 State Guarantee Fund is held
by a strikingly large number of successful
people ;n this community.
WeSnvita you to use our Service.
McDonald State Bank.
We Must Make Room In Our Store
As we are still crowded and more PIANOS and
PHONOGRAPHS coming so we are still cn
tinuing our sale. ARE YOU GOING TO BUY
BEFORE CHRISTMAS? If so then you should
come in and look at our stock while it is still
complete. We are the only music store in Wes
tern Nebraska and have a complete line of
We sell the famous BRUNSWICK phonograph.
It plays all records. Call and hear them.
Walker Music Co.
DVI Morrill. Dentist.
Elmer Contes transacted businoss In
Kearney yesterday aftornoon.
J. T. Keefa transacted legal businoss
in Paxton yesterday.
Beacon Comfortalilos, beautiful pat
terns at Wilcox Departmont Storo.
Joo Dusek took homo a Smith &
Barnes piano from Walker Music
1000 members by tho first of tho
year Is tho object of tho local chapter
of Red Cross.
Will Adair spent a day or two in
Kearney this weok transacting busi
ness and visiting frlenda.
Don't forget tho candy sale of the
Junior Glee Club at Dorryberry &
Forbes' Saturday, Novembor 24.
W. A. Cauffman, auctioneer of Kon
esaw, will bo hero next Wednesday to
cry tho Davis salo on tho Dillon farm.
Tho auestlon these ' iI.ivk ia wimt
shall I give tho boy who Is serving
his country, for Christmas. See Dixon's
window for suggestions. There aro
only a few days left to buy your Xmas
presents for the boys.
Small-pox, measles nnd scarlet fever
aro reported to bo prevalent at Camp
Cody and Camp Funston, and letters
from North Platto and Lincoln county
bovs aro under the nnnrnnMnn linn.
Ono of tho North Platte boys did buc-
ceeu, However, in smuggling qut a
letter tho early part of tho week, In
which he tellB of quarantine condl-
tlonH. Thn iHRoncna nrn anl1 r ln
mild in form and tho cases are being
wen lianaicu y tno camp physicians.
A. E. Davis, living on tho Dillon
farm, flyo i-mllswosUinndt twd miles
no'rth of town' will havo a public salo
on Wednesday of next wook at which
ho will Offer eight head of horses, 16r-
. ill . ILI-I.i f 1. . M
iy iivu iiuuu oi cuiiiif, .nyriy-uigui. nua
and farm machinery.
Thanka to tho pleasant weather and
tho low consumption of fuel, tho coal
dealers aro increasing their shocks,
nnd. with continued warm weather for
another week or two, they feel that
they will bo In pretty good shape bo
fnr ns surplus stock Is concerned.
Doll Huntington came down from his
Keith county ranch tho early part of
tho week to visit the homo folks and
renew good fellowship with friends.
Taken as a wholo, tho past yoar has
ibeen a falrlysprosperous ono for 'the
farmers and stockmen In his section)-
Inquiry at tho meat niarkctB devel
ops tho fact that thrkoys for Thanks
giving will bo scarce and that,thoy
will soil at from thity-two tojthlriy
flvo cents a pound dressed. This altl
tudlnous price will no doubt force a
good many people to observe a turkey
loss Thanksgiving.
W. J. Hondy and E. N. Ogier wero
In.Omaha this week trying to get a lino
up on tho future of tho automobllo
business, whether the government Is
to curtail the production of cars In or
der to havo more material for war mu
nitions, as was currently reported.
These men did not find ou anything
really definite, though tho general
opinion of tho Omaha dealers seemed
to bo that such a curtailment might ro
sult. With tho United States manufac
turing munitions for France, England
and Italy, In addition to supplying its
own futuro needs, it would not bo
strange if tho federal authorities did
call for a decrease in tho number of,
cars manufactured.
- The Baby Grands
of the screen
Jane and Katherine Lee
"Two Little Imps"
A novelty surprise drama.
Our Young Ladies' and Young Men's
Shoes, are masterpieces
in desgin and workmanship
Young Ladies' Glazed Kid Lace
Shoes of the very latest design.
$3.50 to $7.00.
A new shipment of ladies' Ha
vana Brown Glazed Kid Lace
Boots 87.50.
Young Men's English Shoes. $3.50 to $7.00.
aves you oney on shoes
Easy Starts
in Col$ Weather
Polarine is produced under pressure at a zero
temperature. That's- why it flows freely,
feeds steadily and won't "stiffen up" in the
crankcase of your car not even in the cold
est weather. So winter starting is easy with
a Polarine lubricated motor.
Polarine lubricates thoroughly. It forms
a perfect seal between piston and cylinder
wall. That's why compression and power
are increased.
This winter get the driving satisfaction that
Polarino gives you. Fill your crankcase
wherever you see the sign you'll find it on
numerous Servico Stations and good garages
tht Ideal Winter lubricant
For mort mile pr gallon, moit comfort per mQ
use Rod Crovra Guollno. v .
(N.brailc.) ;