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. TO Y 31. I'. A. AVAR WORK. f USD
Soliciting for the Y. M. C. A. war
work l'und, which begun the early part
of the week in North Plutte and Lin
coln county Is still in progress. Iloro
in town the solicitors in tne residence
districts are doing their work in the
evoning, nnd this naturally protracts
the work. In the business district the
greater part of the work was done
Wednesday and will be "cleaned up"
today The subscriptions as a rule
are satisfactory, and it now looks as
though North Platto will come through
with the amount allotted. The result,
however, will npt bo known until to
Tnorrow evening, for sonic of the com
mittees will not have the work com
pleted before that time. '
So far as heard from the outside
towns and precincts are doing well.
This is especially true in tho sections
from which come the enlisted or
drafted men now in service. In such
localities the rosldents naturally take
greater interest; they want to do their
"bit" toward making camp life more
enjoyable for their soub or their neigh
bors' sons.
By next Tuesday the exact amount
contributed In tho county as well as
in the district will bo dounitoly known
and .the figures will bo published.
: :u: :
Owing to the fact that I will move
my entire stock from the Wilcox Dent
Storo December 1st, to my new de
partment at Block's, wo are reducing
ail trimmed hats to remarkably low
figures. One lot of hats formerly sell
ing up to ?s, at ?3.50; ono lot selliim
up to S5 at $2, and one lot at $1.50
Sale begins Saturday, November 17, at
'J o'clock and continues until Novem
ber 25th.
At the Wilcox Department Store.
Up to last evening Nebraska's con
tributions, as reported, to the Y. M. C
A. war fund had reached $1S9,000, Om
aha contributing $80,000 of this'
amount. Quito a number of towns
have not reported and the state man-i
agers are confident that by tomorrow j
evening $250,000 will have been siub-l
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Cary, who had
been visiting friends In town for sev
eral days.left this morning for Web
ster Groves, Mo. Mr. Cary has sold
his dairy business at Missoula and is
now looking up a -location in a sec
tion where tho winters are not so cold
as in Montana.
Just drop in and see what you can
buy your suit for now, the same suit
you have admired some time ago at
The Et-a-Vlrp club will meet on
.Wednesday afternoon, November 21st,
with Mrs. L. C. Sawyer, and have its
annual guest day. Mrs. Quinn will
assist in tho entertaining.
W. J. Hendy returned this morning
from Denver where he spent several
days visiting his brother Charley and
transacting business.
Houso dresses on sale at Tlie Leader
Mercantile Co.'s at 95c; others at
$1.25 and $1.45, all sizes.
Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Lowe, Sr., left
Wednesday evening for Rawlins to
visit their daghter Mrs. Beecher Park
Miss Clara Sorenson returned last
evening from a visit with friends In
Grand Island.
Patriotic Session.
The music and art department of the
Twentieth Century club will meet witn,
Mrs. C. S. Clinton, 204 west Fourth'
street, Tuesday afternoon, November
20th, at thre o'clock. A patriotic
program has been arangod which will
consist of papers on "Early National!
Songs of America" by Mrs. Carl Bon
ner, and "How Art is Doing its Bit'
by Mrs. Ralph Smith. Alter tho pro
gram proper, half -an hour will be,
devoted to the practice of some ott
uur national songs. All club members'
are invited to attend this meeting audi
those who have not time or who do
not care to attend tho entire meeting
are urged to como at 4:15 and par-j
ticipato in the singing. Tho singing oil
National songs together is ono o:j
our strongest patriotic forces and one'
we canot afford to set aside as un-
important. I
All ladios who will attend should!
telephone tho hostess, Mrs. Clinton.
tarnations ll't cents per dozen
Roses ,$1.00 per dozen
C. J. l'ASS, Greenhouses.
The TlineVs Short
The campaign for funds for the Y.
M. C. A. war work will cIosq tomor
row evoning, and those who "have not
subscribed are urged to do so today
or tomorrow. Tho patriotism of Lin
coln county will bo judged to soirio
extent by tho contributions its citi
zens make to this fund. Keith county,
with a population of about ono-foiirth
that of Lincoln county subscribed ono
thousand dollars tho first day of the
campaign, and the work is being "pros
ecuted with enthusiasm with indica
tions that its quota of $1,S00 will be
over-subscribed. Up to last evening
Lincoln county had not nearly reach
ed its quota of $4,000.
The efficiency of the Y. M. C. A.
war work, and the real good it brings
to the soldier boys cannot be ques
tioned. We cannot give our money
to a better cause.
: :o: :
Hnptlst rimrch
Sunday school 9:45.
Morning worship 11:00, themo "Tho
Gospel of Optimism, or the Working
Value of Faith In Every Day Life.'
B. Y. P. U., C:30.
Evening worship 7:30, theme "How
a Man can Hold Out."
There will bo an important meeting
of the Baptist church immediately fol
lowing morning worship. All members
of the church are requested to take
notice. J. L. Loudon, Clerk.
: to: :
Wo must clean up the balance of i
mr Suits between now and Thanks
giving at any old price. BLOCK'S.
-to:: :
First Lutheran Church
C. Franklin Koch, pastor.
9:45 Sunday school.
11:00, initial sermon,' "Hands that
7:30, i'A Question; Its Answer;
The Result."
Jehoida chest offering at both ser
vices. : :o: :
A gentle rain began falling early
this morning and continues at the hour
of going to press. It Is welcome; win
ter wheat will be benefitted and the
dust, which has been uncomfortable
to travelers will be temporarily abat
ed. Ask to see our new model fall
serge dress specials at $12.75.
t;m anj) r.oujfTy sews.
H. F. Soeberger received a letter yes
terday from G union W. Wattles, Fed
eral Food Administrator for Nebraska,
in which he was asked to call in a
representative of each of tho banks
of the city, the odltors of tho pnpors
Twenty-four cases for divorco are1 adies of the Christian church
on the docket for the term of district'"1 hold an i axchange at the Walker
court wmen convenes December au.j Music Shop Saturday, November 17.
1Mb number is appalling it lsi Scarlet wool middles for tho girls,
enough to cause almost any young , hflfve you seem them?
woman or young man to hesitate about gs2 E. T. TRAMP & SONS.
tuL-ltity mi 'lici tuot'ihil rlrii fif the. .
in'.nlv.tniiii HllluKi n 111. nntlnna ,n.vil H. C. Blickellsdor f Br UrrlVOd frOm!ftml tJ.o nVnllllll llf tim riumiiinr nt
. . rn nt tfAainliilnii It 1 il MMlI rtti4tl ltOvnL.1 .
started by the wife, and in nearly all l"v commerce ami in coniorence nomm-
thoso cases cruelty is tho charge. I IO BVriu uny visiting irionus. nt0 H man for federal food ndniin-
Mrs. W. C. Reynolds was hostess to intrator lor Lincoln county. In com
cJiapter A. K. P. 12. O. Wednesday af- pUnnce with this request Mr. Seeberg
tnhuion. Tills was Hduentionnl Dav er railed Into this conforonco W. 11.
term of court; In facet thoro are about arid wns observed by an appropriate McDonald, F- C Plolstlcker, A. P.
twice us manv as usual. I nfcurram ami with tim hhuuI Dmitri- Kolly, J. Q. Wilcox and Ira L. Bare.
Tne divorces filed during tho year bution to tho P. E. O. National Ed
have been about one-sixth as great as , udntioual Fund.
tho number of marriago licenses is-! ,,.., , ... . ... , , ,
children's clothing, olts, ovorcoats,
nfncklnnws and Boparato knee pants
nC The Loader Mercantile Co.'s.
Never beioro in tho history of Lin
coln county has so Urge a number of
divo.'co cases been entered for n single
sued, and at tho present gait of gain
it will not be long until tho ratio will
be one to four.
In several instances the parties havo
lived togother for twenty or moro
years, havo children grown,' and yot
after boaring each others' shortcom
ings for so long n period think they
have reached tho point where a sep
aration is necossary.
Below is a list of tho unfortunates,
tho first nnmed in each case being the
inatiUtor of tho proceedings.
, Ira Battan vs. Ellen Rattan.
Loruttn Barksdale vs. Enoch Barks
dnlo. Walter Bartrop vs. Ella Bartrop.
Myrtle McClollan vs. Edward Mc
Clellan. Win. Regan vs. Jessie Regan.
E. M. Smith vs. Ella Smith.
Gus Freed vs. Junnlta Freed.
F. L. Johnson vs. Byrdo Johnson.
Lottie Porter vs. David Porter.
Kate Splinter vs. August. Splinter.
Aiayuc Lass vs. George Lass.
Chas. Pargeon va. Ethel Pargeon.
Mary Matter vs. Merlyn Matter.
Potor Waterbury vs. Margaret Wat-
Scott Shaner vs. Minnio Shanor.
Rachel Ross vs. Phillip Ross.
Mave Fredrlcey vs. Chns. Fredrlcey,
Lillle Brigga vs. Levi Brlggs.
Eva Ehlers vs. George Ehlers.
Ola Wilson vs. George Wilson.
Minnie England vs. Willis England.
oaran warn vs. Uharles Ward.
Nellie Paulson vs. Christ Paulson,
Isabol Tagader vs. James Tagador,
: :o: :
News from County Papers
Colonel Jim White has Just received
a car of excellent thoroughbred Dur
ham cows for his farm east of town,
and intends to devote quite a bit of
attention hereafter to the growing of
blooded cattle. Ho is equipped to suc
cessfully get by with high grade stock
of American history was resumed. Mrs.
Win. Cummlngs had a papor on King
This Beautiful Shoe
Has a black kid
vamp and gray
cloth quarter.
We are broken in
sizes in this $6.00
shoe and arc clos
ing out at
We havo several other styles in new
fancy shoes that the sizes are broken.
These too are reduced in price.
We have six different styles in ladies
black dress shoes, which are broken in
sizes and valued at $3.00, $3,50J and
$4.00. Now closing out at
aves you
"oney on shoes
per acre or about fifteen tons. Suth
erland Free Lance.
Twenty-one head of cattle ownnrt hv
tho Platte Valley Cattle Co. were killed
at a froleht. train lnst Vr.
day. Tho cattlo comnanv were driving George's War and Mrs. J. L. Loudon
sixteen hundred head of cattle fromion tno French and Indian wars.
All tho womon's and misses' suits
are being closed out at ono-half, one
third and one-fourth off former low
prices by Tho Leader Mercantile Co.
Having passed a creditable civil sor
'vlco examination soveral weeks ngo,
Miss Elizabeth Hinman has been di
rected to report at Washington, D. C.,
and will leave for that city next Tuos
day. She has been assigned to work
in tho Department of tho Interior, and
is looking forward to Hfo In Washing
ton with no small degree of pleasure
Miss Hinman Is the second North
Platte young lady to bo called to ser
vice at tho national capital, Miss Ida
Carroll taking a position thoro sev
eral mojrUisngO;
Tho ladios of the Episcopjal church
sfirvod tholr unnual dinner in tho
church basomont last evoning and woro
given n very Hboral patronage. Tho
meal wns an excollont one.
New nnd lator stylo coata and dress
es are coming in most every day and
placed on salo at money-saving 'prices
nt Tho Leader Mercantile Co.'s.
The expected has happened tjio in
creaso in the retail prico of cigars in
North Platte. Starting yestorday the
doalers raised the prico of tho nickel
cigar to six cents and tho ten-center
to twelve cents. Howovor, cigars are
a luxury; thoy should bo heavily taxed.
Nothing will add moro cheer to tho
hearts of the Soldier Boys at Christmas
time than a picture of tho homo folks.
Mako tho appointment today.
Miss Ellen McCarthy, whoso wedding
will occur next Wednesday, was ten
dered a miscellaneous shower Wed
nesday by Miss Efflo Christ and Miss
Nell Hanifln. A very entertaining pro
gram was provided for tho gmosts and
tho guest of honor received many pret
ty gifts.
W. R. Hodshiro will go to Denver
the early part of next week to closo
the sale of his oil land lease in Okla
homa. Some time ago ho was offered
eight thousand dollars for tho lease,
which he refused. Lated an offer of
ten thousand was made and this ho
i For comfort, durability, and prico,
tliere 1b no comparison. Try tho Hen
derson corset.
88-2 E. T. TRAMP & SONS.
Tho literature department of tho 20th
Century club was entertained by Mrs.
This conforenco wns hold last evening
and E. R. Goodman wns tho unani
mous choico of tho committee. Mr.
Goodman wns summoned to tho con
ference, tho matter discussed at length
and ho will docldo today whothor ho
will accept.
Tho duty of tho county food admin
istrator will be to soo that tho food
law is enforced In this county nnd re
port any violation thereof; to orgnn
izo a comnilttoo made up of ropresont
atlvo mon nnd women from tho dif
ferent towns and precincts, who will
assist him in tho work.
In speaking of tho work, Food Ad
ministrator Wattles says: "It Is tho
desire of tho Federal Food Administra
tion to promote a strong organization
in overy county in the state. It is our
dosiro to enrry on a campaign of cd-J
Reports of Cinivnss Como Slowly
Reports of tlio canvauB in Lincoln
county for funds for tho Y. M. C. A.
war work como In slowly. In no sec
tion of tho county, so far as 1b known,
has the work been completed. Tho
amount tlurned In to TroaHtiror Wcln
gand by tho soliciting committoos in
North Platte up to this morning was
?1,200 but tho work Is not noarly com
pleted, nor havo nil tho committees
turned in their collections. Suthorlnnd
reports $520, Brady $300, and Maxwell
$200. Horshoy and otlior towns have
not yot reported. Quito a number of
choccks havo boon rocolvod direct from
rpsldonts of country precincts and
theso tire not included in tho nbovo.
Knights of Columbus War
Camp Fund to be
production there as ho irrows a InrirA
amount pf feed as well as general- Gibbs and Miss Mooney, at tho home
fnrm "nrcAnti Rn -lio a . MiYfl't tho latter, on TllORrtav nffnrnnnn
""o "O lllUL mo ,1 - -
hnaf fli-tld rt A . v ATTQ n f f M rrfivn n Tf)visi.f mnwl. nln.i
"TO uu ID BHUWUlg UU UVUrUge yieiai " " v uu nuwv ji.u
At a regular meeting of St.
Patrick's Council No. 1211 of Notyi
Platte, held Wednesday evening,
the standing committee appointed
some months ago was instructed to
continue the work of soliciting
funds for the Knights of Columbus
war work until the Three Million
.'cation regarding tho purposes to bo! mark was passed.
The following gentleman are in
charge of the work in the various
words of the city 1st. word, Mr.
John Herrod. 2nd. word, Mr. Joe.
Schwoiger. 3rd. ward, Mr. W. J.
Landgraf. 4th. ward, Mr. M. C.
accomplished by this administration
nnd to carry to every household in
tho state full information as to how
citizons cnnholp tho government to
win tho war.
"Incldontallv frequent meetings
"'inuld bo hold In towns nnd in school
houses In country precincts whero local
sneakors can- bo sent to promote atri-
?n nTrt-nni1 th? fc.,loml f?0.ll1 Hoyes. These gentleman will also
law and its purnosos nnd whom pntrl-1 , .. .
otism and intelligent co-oneration can receive coiunouiions.
be preached to every ono." j Tlle Knights of Columbus Will
This coming spring, so as to bo maintain three amusement and
bettof prepared to caro for all thosoi recreation centers in all of tho six-
itli nrnannf fnrinianlirnu r r funntiimiti
at tho hospital, and owing to tho lack teen Cantonments as well as at all
of room on account of your increased
patronage for which wo thank you,
wo deem it advisablo to eroct a fow
moro rooms to bo used for maternity
purposes, thus giving moro facilities
for caring for our medical, surgical
and obstetrical patients from city and
country. Tho Nurso Brown Homeop
athic Hospital, 1008 west Fourth St.,
North Platto, Nob.
Physician and Surgeon.
Help Win tho War
The Boy Scouts havo canvassed tho
city for signatures to tho Government
nod by the department in xio-operation! F?- Pledge i Cards. Through no fault
with tho D. A. R. Mrs. Glbbs gavo a 1 pf.tlio Boy Scouts many of tho houso-
short talk on tuhnrciiinsiB. Tim ntmiv. Keepers or tne city havo not been
their ranch west of Brady to Gothon
uurg when tho accident occurred.
Thero were five experienced ilrl vors
and it took nearly an hour for tho hord
to pass tnraugh Brady. It is said
that tho drivers made efforts to flnir
i ..... ..... . . . r3.
iuu nuui, out it uiu not stop until the
engine nnu several cars had went
through the hord, killing nineteen out
right, and two more dying shortly af
terwards. Brady Vindicator.
within a short time now wo under
stand both the Great Western and the
American Beet Sugar companies will
bo contracting acreage in this territory
for tho 1918 crop. This would Indicate
mat Hershey will get no factory next
ear or ipossuiiy during tho 'present
war While wo havo no clnflnltn in
formation that those aro tho facts, yet:
uiu war nas ovmontly inducted so
much uncertainty into tho, labor situ
ation and tho material and shipning
conditions in general that tho division
of this territory for another vfnr
would naturally lead to these conclu
sions, Horshoy Times.
Within four or five miles of Rnth-
orland the other dav tho 'writer had
tho ploasuro of viewing ono potato
bin which tho owner said hold flv
thousand Im.shols. Another ono closo
bv hold nearly an many, and several
thousands moro bushels woro crown
"'ithin a mllo or two, After tho im
portant nositfon tnkon by spuds spv-
prnl months nro these mice niles of
food certainly had an interesting np-
nearanco. butiierlanrt Freo Lance
In order that all may havo an op
portunity to Join this movement for
the conservation of oxportablo food in
tho Interest of thoso who aro fighting
our country's battles, thoro will bo an
opportunity for any housekeeper to
sign tho Food Pledgo Cards at tho
Building & Loan office during tho bal
ance of this week nnd obtain tho Homo
Card wltli suggestions as to how ef
fect savings In oxportablo food.
T. C. PATTERSON. Chairman,
County Dofonso Council.
: :o: :
Ask to seo our now model fall
sorgo dress specials nt $12.75.
Another olcctrlc flnsh sign wns ad
ded to tho lighting system of North
Platto tills week. It is about ten feet
long and has been installed at tho
Tlnynorman Hotel.
Army camps and military posts in
the United States and also in
Europe or wherever our troops are
fighting for Liberty and Democracy.
Special uttention is. called to the
small cost of this great undertaking.
All the men in charge of the
Knights of Columbus work are
doing their bit without pay, but
with a desire to be of service to the
United States - and- to.-ourj heroic
boys of the Aray and Navy.
In addition to caring for the
entertainment of our boys the
Knights of Columbus will provide
extra Chaplains for the benefit of
Catholic Army and Navy boys.
So that the world may
know: Our Camps and amuse
ments nnd all our privileges will be
open to all our soldiers and sailors
regardless of Creed.
While soliciting will be confined
to the Catholics, contributions will
be welcomed from all.
Publicity Committe.
Tho Red Cross Chapter has received
yarn for knitting socks, and it can bo
obtained at Rincker's storo or at tho
federal building on any of tho work
Special salo of now wool sorgo dress
es for Saturday only at $12.75 at
Mrs. J. N. Bonner and daughter Hel
en spent the week end with Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Cooper, of Wollilect.
All of our now fall and winter Suits
aro now offered nt actual cost and in
some cases less than cost. BLOCK'S.
J. McEvoy, wife and son returned
Wednesday from a protracted in
iuiioniiu. ,
Lost Boston Bull Torrlor pup
FIndor return to C. T. Whelan. 88-2
Why suffer with indigestion, dyspep
sia, torpid liver, constipation, sour
stomach, comlng-up-of-food-after-eat
ing, etc., when you can get a sam'plo
bottle of Green's August Flower freo
at Stono's Pharmacy. This medlclno
has remarkable curative properties,
and has demonstrated its efficiency
by fifty years of success. Headaches
are often causod by a disordered
August Flower Is put up in 25 and
75 cent bottles. For salo in all civilized
iss Villa Whittaker,
who has owned and conducted the Millinery
Dept. at the Wilcox Dept. Store, for several
years, will move her stock Dec 1st. to the
beautiful department she has fitted up and
personally owns on the second floor at Block's
new store. Miss Whittaker will personally
have charge of the, work room at Block's and
respectfully solicits the patronage of her es
tablished trade, the general public and every
lady who wants high class workmanship and