The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, September 18, 1917, Image 4

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A Car-load of the Popular
Sale Begins Monday,
!ontinuin two weeks
"Qualify" has given the Ilobart M. Cable pianos their great prestige throughout the The sole underlying reason for that quality is the ability to create a piano of the first
world. Quality has done it. class. '
Quality" is conspicuous in the remarkable even scale, the rich, clear tone. The light,
responsive action. . Ilobart M. Cable Pianos and Player Pianos are found the world over. In the homes of
"Quality" is manifest in the the beautiful cases; in their classical styles and artistic the great musicians as well as those of students of music. Musical colleges and universities of
fim8h' There is only one quality, one grade-IIobart M. Cable pianos. The highest quality Pclically everX state in the unio uni P"ing the rich musical tone of Hobart M. Cable
possible to make. pianos. '
Every Home Should have a Piano Liberal allowance for old pianos or organs
Your' children deserve a musical education. Your entire family will appreciate 'the Perhaps you have an old organ or piano you wish to exchange for a new one? If you
advantages and pleasure of a piano or player piano in the home. You have long intended buy- have a piano in your home and there is no one to play it, why not exchange it for a player-
ing one, why not take advantage of the prices offered in this sale. Come in and let us show piano? Let us demonstrate one of these wonderful instruments for you. The Pleasure and
you the pianos. Educational advantages will remain long after the price is forgotten.
PHONE 498.
Toric Lenses
These ore an improvement over the ordinary 1
flat lens. Tories are curved like the ball
of the eye--Nature's Curve. The result is
a greatly increased field of vision . Light
rays striking on a larger area of the len3
are accurately focuced. 1
Toric lenses add a great deal to eye comfort "; : ,
and efficiency.
They can be ground to correct any defect in
refraction, and considering the increased -
benofit derived from their use ore very,
inexpensive. Come in and let us demonstrate .
Toric lenses.
Graduate Optician,
At tlio Sign of tlio Big Ring.
Graduate Dentist
Oflke over the McDonald
Stuto Dunk.
,Irfl. Harman Chambors roturnotl to
Koystono Wednesday morning.
JfBort Culton anil family, of Molroso,
Ynro visiting at tho Brodbock homo.
V;A baby boy was born to Mr, anil
Mjrs. Illchard Simpson Monday.
N, B. Buckloy tranflactod business
in Suthorland tho foro part of tlio
t'A. B. Elliott loft a fow days ago to
tnko tup his rosldonco on tho iiaiiKa'
"Try Splcor'a Now Cab if you do-
Blro Rood cab aorvlco. Phono 247. tf
Harry PIzor will leave jn a fow days
for; Omaha to tako a courso in Boylos'
business coClogo.
uA boy baby of tho regulation, weight
wnsuorn a iuw, uuyH ujju iu iur. uuu
Mfflacorgo Winslow.
Wo have a boautirul lino of Volours
In tho millinery dopartmont at tho
Wilcox Dopt. Storo.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Banks, who
woro rosidlng on tho Banks ranch,
have moved to town.
Furnished room for ront. Call Bod
J, J. Crawford lort-by auto WodnoH
day morning for Loxlngtou to attend
tho Dawson county fair.
Mr, and Mrs. Harry Dixon, who had
boon visiting in Omaha and Chicago,
roturnod homo yostcrdoy.
Mrs. John Tlgho loft Tuosday aftor
noon for Loxlngtou' wlioro she Avlll vis
it hor daughtor for a wook.
Wantedr Girl fbr general house
work. Mrs, J, S. Slmms, Phono 39.
Mrs. Qoorgo Austin and Mrs. Charloa
1311 loft WodncBday morning for Omaha
to visit rolatlvos tills "vook.
Mrs. IL S. Whlto, who had boon
making a protroctod visit at Amboy,
Wash., roturnod homo yostorday.
Wantoil Qlrl .for gonoral houso
work. Apply to Mrs. Harry Dixon.
W. T. Banks has gono to California
to visit Mrs, Banks, who has boon
making hor homo tlioro for aomo tlmo.
Mrs. Fml Potorson, of Kansas, who
spout sovoral wookB with Mrs. A. P.
Carlson and daughtor, loft a fow days
G. It. Samson of Peoria has arrived
to accept a position ns watchmaker
and engraver In Clinton's Jowolry
Miss Janet McDonald loft tho early
rart of tho week for Poughkoopslo,
N.' Y., to resunio liar studies at vassal-
Miss Bosslo Cottoroll, of Load, S. D.,
camo Tuosday aftornoon to visit with
hor brothor Iloy Cottorell and wife for
soveral weoks.
, Mrs. Patrick Guinan, of Wood Rivor,
roturnod Tuosday afternoon aftor visit
ing with Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Guinan
for sonio time.
For Sale Cheap IIouso and seven
lots. Ihqulro of L. A. Gamble at tho
court houso.
Ilonry Woll loft tho early part of
this wook for Bayard to spend a couplo
of days on business connected with
his now hotol.
Mrs. Josophino Sullivan, of Fall
River, Mass., who spont sovoral wooks
with Mrs. B. F. Sooborger, loft Wednes
day morning.
Mrs. William Galvln, of Dickens,
who spont sovoral wooks horo taking
modlcal troatmonts returned homo
Wednesday morning.
Claudo E. Brlggs, a barber, and Mel
ba E. Saundors, a housokcopor, both
of Potter, woro married by County
Judgo Fronch Tuosday.
Dr. Harold Fennor loft Tuosday af
tornoon for Boatrico to attend tlio
stato convention of osteopaths. Ho
will return tomorrow.
Miss Roglna Nolon has resigned her
position In tho MoVIckor mllllnory
shop and will bo employed in tho fu
turo In tho Nyrtl drug storo.
Wanted A competent stenographor
Apply at tho law offlco of Win. E
A civil sorvlco examination will bo
be hw'il at the locpl poetofflca Octobor
27th to fill tho position of rural mall
carrlor at Suthorland and Brady.
Lyman D. Propor, a farnior of Big
Springs, and NoUo Watts, a houso
koopor of tho emtio town, woro mar
ried by Rov. Hull Tuosday ovonlng.
Will do you Rood to seo tlio groat
llnoe of women's and mlssoa drosses
now on salo at Tho Loader Morcantilo
"Miss Villa Whittakor wiM havo a
shipment of Trimmed Hats from tho
oast Saturday, Sopf 22d. Evory hat
tho newest on tho ntarkot. At tho
Wilcox Dopt. Storo.
Miss Bortha Thoolocko, who loft re
cently for Omaha, sustained a frac
tured anklo In a fall last wook and
will bo confined to tho houso for sov
oral weeks.
For quick action nmt tijtitsfactory
8nlo list yonr lnnd with Thoclecke. tf
William Moron and famlly.of Peoria
la, 111., formor residents of North
Platto. aro visiting tho formor's motlt
or vvhllo onrouto homo from a visit in
Nampa, Idaho.
Tho marrlago of Frances J. Dunn, of J
this city, and Miss Anna Whalen, of !
Wood River, will take place at tho lat
ter town Wodnesday morning, Sept.
iGth, at eight o'clock.
Llconsos 'to wed wore Issued Tues
day to Chilton W Rico, of Rice, Nob.,
and Graco Sparks, a teacher of
Floldon, Ky., and RawCoy Comblino and
Edith M. Beatty,. both of Brady.
Dr. Morrill. Dentist
Minor Hull, who has been employed
as traveling salesman for tho U. S.
Rubber Co., of Omaha, for sonio time,
has resigned and accepted a position
in tho salesroom of tho Davis Garage.
At a mooting of tho city council held
Tuesday evening the contract for tho
erection of tho now city hall was
awarded to Clydo McMlchaol on a bid
of $12,700. Tho other bid received
was for $13,200. Work on tho build
ing will bogln noxt month.
Miss M. Sicilian, steam baths and
Swedish Mussngc, Indies' mid gentle
men. Phono 897, Brodbeck building.
Word has boon received front Mrs.
Mnrgarot E. Sholdon, Chairman of the !
Dopartmont of Registration for Neb
raska, that tho registration of Nebraska
woman for patriotic service is to go on
as apcodlly as possiblo In each county
until all loyal woman have rogistorcd.
Woman who woro not nh'.o to roglstor
Sopt 12th will bo ablo to do so by mak
ing application to tho chairman of
registration in tho school district in
which thoy llvo.
For Salo Four-room cottago. Six
hundrod cash and balancoo on easy
tonus. Phono 798-F 14. E. W. Wright.
Tho Coatos Lumbor & Coal Co. has
filed suit in county court against tho
Soml-Contennlal Association for mon
oy duo for lumbor. Tho plaintiff In
its petition 8tntos that Uio association
purchasod lumbor to tho amount of
$342.(!0 and aftor making ono payment
of $95.00 lius rofiuged to pay tho bal
nnco duo, ns woll as a loan of $25.00.
W. II. McDonald, J. B. McDonald and
Georgo Moonoy aro nnntod ns defend
ants. Tlio caso is sot for hearing on
tho first day of Octobor.
Frayed collars at one tlmo might havo
been a tiling of scorn and to bo cast
aside as of no consequence, but when
they aro quoted three for fifty conts,
as today, thoy bocouto an asset and in
stead of bolng worn by thoso of low
ploblan birth and gcntloinen of liter
ary proclivities thoy become quite tho
thing for tho boys along tho Rlalto.
Tho alibi offered for selling ono for 20
cents, two for 35 or "throo for a half"
Is that tho increased cost of making a
dozen collars Is so much higher than
formerly that oven tlio raise In price
to tho consuntor will not net tho man
ufacturer nearly as much as when tho
old prices prevailed. All men's furn
ishings stores wera notified of a raise
in wholesale prices and say thoy are
compelled to act accordingly.
And it Is not only collars that havo
taken the Jump). It applies ito all
kinds of cottons, yarns and woolen
morchandiso. Wo learn on good au
thority that men's wool suits will ad
vanco from $25 to $40 and oven $50,
men's overcoats from $25 to $40, wool
underwear from $3.50 to $5 and $G.
Tlio country's wool dollclt and tho ex
traordinary demand for materials In
fitting tho U. S. government troops
havo caused an abnorntal condition.
It behooves the thinking .man and
woman to seriously consider tho situa
tion and from a point of economy to
make provisions to avoid such a con
tingency. Tlio announcement of tho
woll kown stock of men's and boys
clothing of J. B. McDonald, "Tho
Homo of Good Clothes", which is now
bolng closed out in a gigantic quitting
business salo by tho T. K. Kelly Mor
chandiso Corporation of Minneapolis,
comes right nt tho opportuno tlmo.
Tho groat attondanco at this salo Is
causing tho merchandise to disappear
and it is safo to say that North Platto
has novor witnessed greater buying
enthusiasm, Wo aro informed by Mr.
McDonald Just boforo going to press
that tho ontlro stock In trado is bo
lng thrown out for public, salo at tre
mendous savings , and by tho way-collars
with him aro 2 for 25 cents as
long as his proaent stock lasts.
May Draft Alrplano Men
In compliance with .tile- need of tho
country aviators and signal servlco
men it is probable that some means
will havo to bo found to got thorn. To
win tho world war the United States
will havo to send innumerable alr
'planes Into tho German linos 'and
eocuro supremacy of Uio air.
It has been suggested that another
draft be mado, this timo to fill thoso
ranks. Tho draft would probably havof
to bo made for 100,000 of tho best men
of tho country.
: ;o: :
Moving nn Army
Beginning last Wednesday and con
coiutntry for aviators and signal service
tho national army will bo moved to Uio
sixteen cantonments, there to bo pre
pared to enter tho war against Ger
many. To transport theso men in tho
given time will tax tho capacity of the
iuuroau or mo country. It will re
pulro the daily uso of G.000 or 8,000
coaches and sleeping cars, thoso
farthest from tho training camps to
use tho sleepors, thoso nearest tho
Saxon Roadster, overhauled,
good condition.
Ford Roadster, $175.00.
Dodgo Touring Car, with our 30
day mechanical giuaranteo, $550.00.
Indian Motorcycle, with side car, at
a bargain.
Sixth and Locust Streots, North
Platto, Nob.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Housor, .of
Aurora, who woro guoats of tholr
uncclo L II. Lolnlnger for some tlmo
loft Wcdnosday aftornoon.
Save money and buy winter sup
ply of underwear at Tlio Loader Mer
cantile Company's.
Rov. Mynard of Lodgopolo camo a
few days ago to visit his son, Madison
Mavnard and wire, for a week or
Mrs. Jamos Stafford and children of
Paxton ramo Wednesday morning to
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Omar Huff
i in ii mm mi mm ii m ii iir'fnunTr--iTi f.T.
Reliable Representatives Wanted.
I want one or two more prominent men associated with me in building up the business in
COMPANY. Some exceptionally good openings are available for hustlers. Previous ex
perience is not necessary as we teach you the business. Apply at once,
A. A. SCHATZ, Division Superintendent,
Reynolds Block. Phone 90. North Platte.
,i J,J