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No. 68
m -. -
Cnr that 1ms Jlndc 201,800 JIllcs "Will
Re in North l'liittc, Wednesday,
September 12lh.
Tho "Hyatt Roller," the famous ve
teran of motordom, naw making a tour
around tlio United States, Is scheduled
to nrrlvo In North Platto, So'pt. 12th
at 3 p. m.
Motorists" throughout tho country
havo been following tho puogross of
this car with a llvoly interest and
thoso living In tills city and vicinity
wll doubtless wolcomo tho opportun
ity afforded thorn of aeolng It as It
paRaes through this city.
The "Hyatt Rollor" started from Do
triot on 'Juno 4th for Now York City
on Its Bohoduled tour twice across
tho contlnont. It is now on its first
lap, Detroit to Now York. I
Tho tout Is being conducted by
tho Hyatt Roller Bearing Company as
a tost of tho wearing q'uialltlea of
Hyatt bearings in Automobiles. The
car solected for tho tost is a car of
antiquated design, a 1509, Model 1G
Bulck, owned by P. E. Slason, of Plain.
"vlllo, Kans. Boforo starting on Its
long jaunt across tho country, it had
already made a record for Itself and
for tho Hyyatt bearings in tho famolio
Hyatt mileage contest, having traveled
tho surprising distance of 261,800
milos, or moro than ten times around
tho world, on a single sot of Hyatt
bearings. So far as known and accord
ing to official records, no othor car
in tho world has ever exceeded this
niilcago record. hTo original hear
ings placed at the differential, on tho
forward end of tho propeller shaft,
Gordon Crlppon Weds Sylvia, Stciinor.
Miss Sylvia Stcnnor and Gordon
Crlppon wcro married Tuesday oven
Ing at tho homo of tho brldo's parents,
Rev. Crlppon of Mayflower officiating.
Tho hrido wtoo a 'pretty gown of
whito slik with rich laco trimmings,
long tullo veil and carried an arm bo
quot of whito roses. Miss Edith Ston-
ner acted as brldosmaid, wearing yol
low georgotto crepo and carried flow
ors of tho samo shade. Tho groom
was attended by Vlnicont Crlppon.
After a visit in Mayflower for ton
days thoy will bo at homo in this city.'
The brldp Is tho daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Anton Stonnor and tho groom lias
boon omployed hero as a carpontor.
"Watch Your Step.'
Tunoful music, fast comedy, an ex
cellent company with carefully selec
ted principals and' a fast, wol'l drilled
chorus, a heavy production and ploas-
ing costumes; thoso aro tho ingredl-
onts that make Irving Berlin's intor
national syncopated musical success
ontltlcd "Watch Your Step" tho best
show of Its kind, and which will bo tho
attraction at tho Kolth Friday, Sop
tcmbor 14th.
Principal among tho twenty odd
stong hits nrd: ".Sottlo Down in a
Ono-Horso Town." "When I Discov
ered You," "Load Mo to Lovo," "Tho rocclvcl
Dancing Teacher," "Tho Minstrel Pa
rade," "Thoy Follow Mo Around,"
"how Us ilow to do th0 Fx Trot"
and "I Love to Havo the Boys Around
A pretty and lmprcsslvo wedding
took place at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs?
John Burko last ovcnlng whon their
daughter Lulu Jessie became tho bride
of Robort Burdott Stannard, of Don
vor. Preceding tho manilngo sorvico
Mrs Edward Burko sang "Bocauso"
and tho wedding march was played by
Miss Qracco Burko. Rev. C. B. Harmau
performed tho ceremony at olglt
o'clock In a bowor of palms, ferns,
pink roses. and potted plants. Tire
brldo woro a gown of whito duchess
satin with trimmings of tullo and rich
laco and a court train which fell from
tho shoulders. Tho bodice was cm
broldored in small beads and her long
veil was held in placo by clusters of
llllios of tho valloy. Sho carried Kll
larnoy roses and woro tho gift of tho
groom, a diamond nccklaco set in
Miss Maybollo Burko acted as
nriuGBinniu. Her gown was of rose
pink satin with overdrapo of silver
cloth and alio hold an arm boquet of
pink Russell roses. Georgo Stannard,
of Denver, attended tho groom.
Decorations wero in pink and whito,
and boqucts of cut flowers and forns
woro used. Many bonutlful gifts Woro
Broad Prices to Drop.
Bcead prices In North Platto will
take a drop next Monday. Tho prlcos
Aftor tho congratulations a lunchebn
was served and assisting in sorvlng
woro Misss Clara Soronson, Gcorgina
McKay, Carrie Well nnd Bosslo Ran
nio. Tho honoymoon will bo spont at
Grand Lake, Colo., aftor which thoy
will re3ldo at Twenty-second and Em
erson streets, Denver.
Mrs. Stannard was ono of tho mlostJ
talented and popular young ladles of
will bo ten and fifteen cents instead
of fifteen and twenty. Tho largo loaf, this city. Sho is a graduato of tho
i. n I i I .lni1 . . . .... T'" . i i t ji. i m 7
ut uiu puiiuii uuu in uiu icui vuuu(Wju pomaln tllO present SIZO, OUt tno "uuvur auuuum nuu lor uiu puai uirou
J. S. Davis has gone to Lincoln to
attond tho state fair and transact bus
Born, to Mr. nnd Mrs. J. E. Holt,
Wednesday, a baby boy of regulation
Miss Tholma Frator has returned
from a pleasant visit In Thurman, la.,
with relatives.
Mrs. T. C. Patterson and daughter
Edith returned last ovonlng from a
two weoks visit In Omaha.
Mp. and Mrs. John C. Don and CUf
ford Colo returned Wednesday from a
thrco weoks' auto trip In Wyoming.
Tho meeting oftho Twontieth Con
tury club will bo hold In tho Cham-
bor of Commerco rest rooms Tuesday
Mrs. II, C. Brock ontortalnod a mini
bcr of ladles yesterday afternoon com
pliniontary to Mrs. Fred Lathrop, of
The Plorson bowling alloy on oast
Sixth street, which had boon closed
during tho summer montliB, was re
opened this week.
Apartments In tho now Twinoni
building havo boon lot to Mr. and Mrs
D. K. Nowmoyor, Mr. nnd Mrs. Geo.
McMahon, Jr., and Luclon Smith.
Miss Lulu Burko was tho guest of
honor. at nthoatro party glvon at tho
Keith Tuosday ovonlng by Miss
Blanche Fonda.. Refreshments woro
served at tho Oasis.
Dr. "W. L. Shaffer, formorly of this
city, and Miss Edora Strong of Los
Angeles, wero married a fow days ago
and will mnko their homo in Gothon
burg. Whilo hero Dr. Shaffor was a
partnor of Dr. Harold Fonnor.
hub aro all still a part of tho car's sman loaf will bo fourteen instead of
equipment. Although thoy havo re- sixteen ounces.
ceivod the mo3t strenuous service of
any set of automoblo bearngs on rec
ord, tho wear has been so small as to
bo imperceptible to tho naked ye. All
indications point to tho original hear
ings being fully capablo of completing
their present task without mishap.
Whilo in North Platto tho "Hyatt
Roller" will bo on exhibition at tho
Bulck Sales Rooms, corner Fourth
and Locust streets. J. S. Davis, or
tho J. S. Davis Auto 'Company, will
meet tho car at Harshoy on Septem
ber 12th, at 3 p. m. and will accompa
ny its drive to this city.
:o: : "
For Snle.
191G Ford Touring, in good condi
tion. 1916 Dodge touring:, guaran
teed. 1916 Chovrolet Baby Grand tour
ing, like new. Bulck 25, good mechan
ical condition, $225.
G7-2 Sixth and Locust.
Marlon C. KllHan and Miss Ireno
Sundorlin, both of Overton, wore mar
ried at tho court houso yesterday
by County Judgo French and wont to
Donvor to spend two weeks.
This reduction follows, tho, drop in
flour, which is now soveral dollars bo.
low tho altltudinoua price of a couple
of months ago.
Lutheran. Announcements.
9:413 a. m. Sunday school sorvico.
11 o'clock, morning worship; sor-
mon subject, "A wonuerrui vprso,"
1 Tim-IUB. . ' .
8 p. m., ovening servico will bo re-J
sumed. Sormon subject, "Protcstan
Ism and Industrial Progress."
Mission Band meeting tomorrow at
two o'cloeck.
: :o: :
years has taught vory successfully in
the ccunty and city schools,
Mr. Stannard Is employed as audi
tor for tho Western Union offico in
Denver and is a young man possossing
many good qualities and splendid bus
ineos ability,
North I'latto Public Library Notes
A large number of books havo ,boen
donated Cor tho soldiers. All hooka
collected hore .will ho for thofliSooX
Co. E. Let your Idle hooka help our
Threo new 'lineage books havo been
prcsontod by tho D. A. R.
Books feir tho uso of tho P. E. O
havo arrived from tho stato library,
Freo Food Thrift Booklets: "How
to Select Foods," "Drying Fruits and
Rally Dny.
Next Sunday will be the annual fall
rally day with tho Sunday Bchool at Vegetables In tho Homo," "Bread and
tho Christian church and it is tho Bread Making," "Fresh Fruits and
wish that evoryono who is connected i Vegetables as Consorvors of Othor
in anyway with the Sunday school Staple Foods."
work shall attend. Aftor tho. vaca
tion poriod evoryono should rally
to tho work again with renewed vigor.
Howard Brown, of this city, who
has boon visiting In York for some
time, will attend schsol there this sea-san.
Tho teachers who aro to teach in
districts that havo library privileges
mado a special visit to . tho library
Wednesday to study lbrary method!)
Mrs. Porry Stuart, who had boen vis,
lung relatives in Omaha for somo
tlmo, will return homo tomorrow.
Just As Essential As Attractive Clothes,
One Wishes To Be Dressed Correctly.
With the cool days at
hand you will want to dis-.
card those low shoes for
a pair of high ones.
We invite you to come
in and ipspect our many
many beautiful styles in
Fall Shde3. We have
everything that is new, in
cluding the new hightop
greys in all shades.
School Shoe Time Is Here
Bring the children to this store for CORRECT SHOES. We save you money on
all Footwear.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
new itECOitn in crm
Incoming freight rccolpts for last
month nt tho Union Pacific depot in
North Platto excoodod by twolvo thous
and dollars any month in tho history
of tho road. For tho month tho total
amount irccelvod for tho freight do
Arthur Dullard is snow at Camp nVorod was $52,000. Tho total charg
Dodge, Iowa, with Machino Gun Com- eg on outgoing shipments is liot
pany 35. Writing undor dato of yes-huiown, but thoy woro largo.
torday ho says.: "First of tho drafted Tho freight charges colloctod, and
mon in today, and thoy will continue tho Incrcaso ovor any provtous month,
to arrlvo from now until full coinple-k an indox of buslhoss conditions In
mont Is on hand. Real work is now North Platto, an indication that trado
started." in nil linos is cood
Iloiiaowivos can take a hot wcath- ::o:
I . it . 1 1. ! .. I .
cr hint from Fattv Arbucklo. Wkon rnncipui jicuonuuiigu csig.
there Is conmanv for dihnor and littlo 0n account of his health Prof. M
timo to tret ,1ft. tho olectfio fan is ox- "odenbaugli nas uoon omigou to
client foJnrenVimr vegetable. 'ThJ0,Bn as Principal of tho local high
TWcgh Hbuso" tho two reel comotly nt h01"001 mid w111 ,cnvo Bhortlr for 0m-
tho Keith next Wednesday night a to enter a nos.pitai wnoro no wiu
shows the result
Entcrtulnincii't nt Court Ynrd
Tho Right Rovorond Qoorgo Alloa
Doochor, Bishop of Westorn Nebras
ka, will glvo an Illustrated talk on
aomo of tlio battles of tho civil war,
showing original photographic vlows
of tho sconos and Incidents of tho war
as-thoy actually happened. Theso pic
tures will bo shown on tho lawn of tho
court houso on Saturday night, Sop
tombor 8th. Tho public Is most cor
dially invited.
::o: : r
llaptlst Church, Sunday, Sept 0.
9:45 Sunday school.
11:00 Morning worship, theme "Tho
Victorious Church."
3:00 p. m. North sido Sunday
school. '
7:00 p. in. B. Y. P. U.
8:00 p. m. Evening worship, theme
"Tho Final Triumph of Christianity."
At tho afternoon meeting of tho Lin
coln county teachers' instltuto yester
day Mrs. Georgo B. Dent gavo a talk
on Red Cnoss work. Capt Halllgan
will deliver an address to tho teach
ers today and music will bo furnished
by a malo quartot composed of Messrs.
Clinton, BIrgo, Mungor and Harring
Tho flro wall abovo tho cornlco on
the main part of tho now depot build
Ing is being laid this wook, which
completes tho hrllck and stono work,
Construction Englncorv Crutchslngor
tolls us that tho wemk so far Is thirty
days ahead of schodulo and ho hopo3
to be ablo to turn tho building ovor to
tho- company Decemhor 1st instead
of January 1st as per contract.
Out of town guests at tho Burke
Stannard wedding woro Mr. and Mrs.
J. D. Mallon and da'ughtor Eileen, Mrs.
O. B. Stannard and Miss Anna Erics
son, of Donvor, Miss Edna Murphy of
Bridgeport, Mr. and Mrs. John Burkc
Noll Burko, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Erics
son, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ericsson, Max
well, Miss Virginia Houseman, Pu
oblo and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hondy, Jr.,
of Donvor.
tako troatmont for somo time. Mr.
Rodonbauigh bocamo ill during the
summer and spont two months In east
ern cities whoro an oporation was per
formed and It was thought hlfl condi
tion was such that ho could rosumo
his dutios horo. Last week ho. oufforod
a rolapso and nrosontod his resig
nation to tho board of education. His
doparturo from tho city and schoolB
will b regretted by all. ,
To tho Public
Tho garbago collector will no long
or empty cans wh!chdo not (?lv
with tho city ordinance, 3S EflSf UL
havo your garbago naulod away you
must jirovldo yourself with a closod,
Ily-probf cnn. W. B. SALISBURY.
07-2 Strcot Commissioner.
::o:: -
A Present Frco
To every school boy and girl who
will call on Loypoldt & Pennington
Saturday at 10 a. m.
Vice-;profidont W. M. Jeffors was hero
Tuesday whilo onrouto from Wyoming
to Omaha.
Patrlqk Haggerty, of Dnvor, came
down WoilnoBday evening to visit with
rolativoa and frionds.
J. F. Coloman, of pharlostown, S. C,
has boen nddod to tho force of teleg
raphorg In the Western Union office.
C. F. Evort, who had boon omployed
In tho car ropalr gang, has been trans
ferred to autlior!t.nd as signal maintainor.
I). D. Lawton, formorly of tho Wos-
twn Union offico, loft Wednesday
ovening for Choyonno to accopt a pa
Bltion. Ho is succeoded horo by C. A.
Boonor who arrlvod from Grand Rap
Id, Mich., a fow days ago,
:o :-
Church of Our Saviour.
Holy iftoinmunlon at 8 o'clock and
morning nravor and sermon at 11
o'clock, Sunday, Soptomber 9th. BIsh
op Beechor wl'.l offlclato at both sor
Estrny Hogfi.
Takon up Friday night, August 31
throe hogs weighing about 150 each
Ownnr can havo samo by proving
property and paying charges,
North Platto
Friendly Banking
Pays You Well
It is well worth your while to be on close
friendly terms with the McDonald State
Keep one or more regular accounts herd.
One for the interest we pay and a checking
account for convenience and economy.
Talk your financial matters over with
us fully. Everything is kept in contidence
and our information, experience and suggest
ions are sincerely offered for your benefit.
May we have the pleasure consulting with
you? , " , '
FicBosmld State Bank.
We offer
18c for Hens.
20c for Spring Chickens
North Platte Produce Co.