The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, August 21, 1917, Image 3

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Was Laid Up In Bed
Dotn's, Howenr, Rtitortd Mrs. Voit to Health
and Strength. Hain't Suffered Since.
"I had one of th vrorit caaea of kid
ney complaint Imaginable," iayi Mrs.
Win. Vogt, 631S Audrey Ave., Wellaton,
Mo., "and I wa laid up In bed for dnya
at a, time.
"My bladder waa Inflamed and the
Kianey secreiiona cauaea
terrible pain. My back
waa In auch bad ahape
that when I moved the
palna were like a knlfe
thrtiit I cot ao dizzy I
Couldn't atoop and my
head Juit throbbed with
pain. Beads of perapl
ration would atand on
my templca, then I
would become cold and
"My heart action was
UB8.VOQT. affected and I felt as If
I couldn't take another
breath. I cot ao nervous and run down,
I felt lire wasn't worth living and often
wished that I might die so my suffering
would be ended. Medicine failed to help
me and I waa discouraged.
"Doan's Kidney Pills were recommend
ed to me and I could tell I was being
helped after the first few doses. I kept
setting better every day and continued
uae cured me. My health lmnrovtd In
very way and best of all, the cure hast
oeen permanent. 1 reel mat uotni
saved my life." Sworn lo beforf mt,
HENRY B. BURKAMP. Notary Public
Get Doaa'a at Any Store, 60c a Box
DOAN'S y silv
frwh. rtiUbU
western itocK
men. becsuM
rottet Vrhira ithBr
j& ... Vatcirtti fall.
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Ui uf Injector, but Cutter i simplest nd rrtfoa ert.
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years ol tpcUallxlnr la VACCINES And scrums
order direct. '
ni nttir utmsTT.Bjann, m, tr metis, m.
XXT A Tlyf T Is not recommended tol
O VV rviVAIT- everything; but If yoii
'Dil'T, n&ve kidney, liver oi
bladder trouble It may
be found Just the medicine ydu need. At
druggists In fifty-cent and dollar alzes.
You may receive a sample size bottlo of
this reliable medlclno by Parcel Post, al'
so pamphlet telling about It
Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton,
N. Y., and enclose ten cents, also men
tion this paper.
Kill All Flies! TH!AD
Fltcwl anrwuere.Dslay riy KHUr attracts and kills all
tUaa. Nut, clean, ornamental, eonTtaieot, aad cheap.
vp T.rWillll.t S.ll M
Daisy Fly Killer
Sals by riaatara. mr S
fcr aaprMt, ,n,il4, ll.aa,
A toilet preparation of merit.
Ilelpi to eradicate dandruff.
For Restoring Color and
Beauty to Gray or Faded Hair.
iOc and tLOftat DnreUta,
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 32--1917.
Governor Cox of Ohio Explains Wh
His Marksmanship Improved Sud
denly on Rifle Range.
Jnmos M. Cox, governor of Ohio, tol)
this story when he visited Fort Berj
Jamln Harrison, says the Indlnnnpoll
News :
"I was over at the fort this aftei
poon, and out at the rifle range Majo
Barrow asked mo If I wouldn't like t
try shooting. The men then were shoo
lng from the 000-yard range. I sail
'yes,' so Major Darrow borrowed ,
rlflo for me from one of the men an
another for himself, and we lay dowj
across the sand bags and began pep"
ping away."
"After each shdt that either of us
mado the man down in the pit waved
the red flag that meant we had missed
the target altogether.
"Finally, after about a half dozen
shots apiece, the major said: 'Young
'man, telephone down to that man In
the pit that Major Darrow Is shooting,'
and so the young man did, and then
the major shot again, and the pit man
waved the emblem that signified the
major had hit the buJl'S-e'ye.
"Then I said to myself, 'um hum,'
and so I turned to tho man on my
right and I said, 'Young man, tele
phone down to the pit man that the
governor of Ohio Is shooting, nnd then
the next time I hit tho bull's eye, too."
r,r.i'' Took Him Literally.
A clergyman In a remote part of
the Scottish Highlands was speaking
at length to his congregation of the
many things round us that are shroud
ed In mystery and of which we know
little. As he warmed to his theme, ho
became eloquent, and frequently re
pcated tho oft-quoted saying of
Gootho: "More light I Oh, for light I"
His surpriso may bo Imagined, suys
the Scottish American, when, after one
of those utterances, tho old beadle,
who had been dozing since tho com
mencement of the sermon, woke with a
tart, then got up, tiptoed softly Into
tho vestry, seized two additional cun
dies and, ascending tho pulpit stairs,
placed them besldo tho two already
there, aud In a loud whisper, heard
all over tho church, exclaimed:
"Yo maun do wl these, for there's
nao malr!" Youth's Companion.
Embarrassing Query.
"A fool and his money are soon
parted, my son."
"Who got yours away from you.
Qdbmu. says
Try a dish of
Post Toasties
with cream
for lunch
v on hot days
- . -r l
"Whatever you did In years that are
In the year that' Is yours today,
Lift up your brow In tho light of the
Do loyal and bravo, and pray.
Usunlly tho hot weather drops upon
us finding us unprepared with cooling
drinks. There Is
always the standby
of lemonade which
Is such a favorite
and when a more
nourishing drink Is
needed, a well
beaten egg may be
stirred Into tho
drink just beforo
serving. With a sprig of mint or a
section of lemon the delicacy of the
draught Is Increased.
The juices of various berries make
delicious shrub and the fresh Juice
added to water using u pint of julee
to two of water and adding sugar to
taste, chilled and served with cracked
Ice Is most refreshing.
Grape juice bottled the year before
Is welcomed ns a hot weather drink,
It may also be used In sherbots, Ices
and various desserts and pudding
Cocoa or chocolate sirup may be
made and kept for weeks In the Ice
chest, a little added to a glass of cold
milk, with a spoonful of cream or a
sprinkling of cinnamon gives variety.
Such a drink Is not only refreshing, It
Is nourishing. Iced coffee Is another
popular drink, add a pint of black
coffee to a quart of cream, sweeten
to taste and servo In glasses with
whipped cream or freeze and serve In
glasses topped with whipped cream.
Iced tea which Is recommended Is
prepared from n mixture of black und
green tea, Ice and plenty of water with
sugar and lemon to bo added as It Is
served. Itaspbe-ry shrub Is one of
the delightful fruit Juices which Is
so much enjoyed. Cover berries with
vinegar, using four quarts of berries
and two quarts of good cider vinegar,
cover and let them stand for three
days in a cool place, then strain nnd
ndd four more quarts of berries, let
them stand three duys and struln ns
before. Thenput the Juice Into a pre
serving kettle with a pound of sugar
to each pint of Juice, boll nnd skim,
after boiling Ave minutes It mny bo
put Into sterilized bottles nnd sealed.
Logan berries, blackberries or almost
any berry, good for fruit juice, may be
treated In this mnnner.
Coffee is another delightful drink
served cold. Add whipped cream to
the coffee poured Into a glass a third
full of ice and half filled with coffee.
This Is also sweetened by each Indi
Wastefulness pervades our homes as
they are conducted today. Lacking
technical training we aro ever practic
ing and learning In the costly school
of experience. Janet M. Hill.
How sad It la to sit and pine
Tho long half hour beforo wo dlnel
Upon our watches oft to look,
Then wonder at the clock and cook.
There are so many delicious pre
serves that only the cost of sugar
keeps the average house
wife from putting up
someof all kinds of fruit.
Barberry and Rnlsln
Preserve. Use fine fla
vored seeded raisins.
Cover the barberries
with water nnd boll.
til 111 strnm tnrougn a piece or.
all ' -C cheesecloth, this allows
the pulp and juice to
pass through leaving tho
seeds nud skin. Add raisins nnd
sugar, using enough to make a rich
sirup, cook until thick but not sugary.
This makes a very toothsome pro
serve. Rhubarb and Fig Conserve. Tnko
three pounds of rhubarb, two and a
half pounds of sugar, one-half pound
of figs, two ounces of candled peel,
scutter the finely chopped figs and
peel over the rhubarb, rtdd the sugar
and let stand until the next day. Then
boll the preserve slowly for an hour.
Put Into Jars nnd seal.
Tomato Butter. After cooking rlpo
tomntoes, salt them nnd put them
through a sieve to remove the seeds.
Have ready an equal amount of tart
apple sauce well cooked, add It to tho
tomato puree, sweeten slightly nnd
let boll until It begins to thicken. Stir
It carefully to keep It from scorching.
Put Into Jelly glusscs. Serve with
Gooseberry Preserves. Remove tho
flower and stem ends of the berries
carefully, wash In cold water. Meas
ure as many cupfuls of sugar as ber
ries. Make a sirup using very llttlo
water, when It bolls udd the berries
which have been scalded and drained.
Cook until the Juice forms a Jelly,
then seal In Jars.
Preserved Pears. Take six pounds
of pared, cored and halved pears, four
pounds of sugnr, two cupfuls of wa
ter, the juice of two lemons, the rind
of one, cut in strips, and an ounce of
ginger root. Drop the pears into cold
salted water ns soon ns prepared.
Boll tho sugar, lemon peel and ginger
root for an hour. Then drop In -the
pears, add the lemon Juice and cook
the pears a few at a time untfl they
are well cooked. Put the pears In a
jar, boll the sirup until thick nnd pour
over the fruit.
When a bit of sunshlno hits ye, '
After passing of a cloud,
When a fit of laughter gits yo
An" yo'r spine Is feelln' proud,
Don't ferglt to up nnd fling It
At a soul that's feelln' blue.
For the mlnlt that ye sling It
-It's a boomerang to you.
During the hot weather meats or
heavy dishes arc served less often and
In smaller quantity.
Cucumber Jelly. Pare
and cut In small pieces
six cucumbers, add a
small sliced onion and
cover both vegetables
with a quart of cold wa
ter and a tablespoonful
of vinegar.. Cook until
tender, season well with
salt and pepper nnd press
through a sieve, add one
ounce of gelatin mold, cljlll and servo
with mayonnaise dressing'.
Stuffed Cucumbers. Tako three
good-sized cucumbers, half a cupful of
bread crumbs, half a cupful of chopped
nuts, onev egg, one tablespoonful of
butter, one tablespoonful of chopped
onion, one tablespoonful of salt and n
dash of peppeiv Pare the cucumbers,
cut Into halves and scoop out tho
seeds. Chop the nuts nnd ndd them
to the bread crumbs, the onion, egg
aud melted butter. Fill each half of
tho cucumber with the stuffing, put
the two pieces together and tie with a
string. Brown In a hot pan with two
tablespoonfuls of olive oil. Turn them
until they are brown, then add u lit
tle water and bake them until they
are tender, basting two or three times.
If the water In the pan evaporates,
add more. Dish on n hot platter, re
move the strings and serve with a
brown or n tomato sauce.
Cherry Fritters. Remove the stems
and stones from ripe cherries. Roll
each one In the white of an egg, beaten
with a tublespoonful of water, then In
chopped almpads; dip them one by
one Into a tiilck fritter butter and
plunge Into hot fat. When brown,
drain on brown paper and serve with
a sweet sauce.
Fruit Roll. Roll out a round of
pastry very thin. In tho center plnce
two cupfuls of pitted cherries, or
chopped apple with ralstns, or rhubarb
with raisins or any fruit combination
.that Is agreeable. Roll up and pluco
In a deep baking dish. Add two table
spoonfuls of butter, a cupful or more
If the fruit Is acid, of brown sugur, a
cupful of boiling water. Bnko for an
hour In n hot oven. Servo with the
sauce and whipped cream. If rhubarb
Ik used there will be plenty of snuce
tu serve with the pudding.
An old proverb says that In making
a salad a spendthrift Is needed to put
In tho oil, a miser
to add vlnegnr, a
wise mun to ad
minister tho salt,
nud a madman to
do the mixing.
Delicious Fruit
Salad. Cut into
cubes three banu-
v nns, one orange,
two npplcs, two slices of pineapple.
Beat a cupful of lemon Juice nnd tho
same nmount of pineapple Juice. Stir
over the fire till they thicken, then
pour over the fruit.
New Beet Salad. Take a quart of
boiled beets, one quart of cabbage, ono
pound of sugar, a cupful of grated
horseradish, a teaspoonful each of salt
nnd black pepper, a dash of red pep
per, a cupful of celery. Chop the cab
bage and beets separately, then mix
them; ndd all the other Ingredients
with sufficient vlnegnr to thin the mix
ture. Put Into Jars and seal.
Pea Salad. Take a cupful of cooked
peas, two tablespoonfuls of grated
cheese, six sweet pickles nnd one small
onion. Chop the onion nnd pickles,
then ndd the peas and cheese, moisten
with mayonnaise dressing und serve on
Veal and Vegetable Salad. Take a
pound or cold ronst veal, finely
chopped, half a pound of walnut meats,
one stnlk of celery, ono can of pens.
one bunch of radishes, two onions, ono
green pepper, ono red pepper nnd a
little finely minced parsley. Chop all
the Ingredients, except tho peas, mix
well nnd ndd mnyonnnlsc dressing.
Servo on shredded lettuce.
Cherry and Marshmallow Salad.
Cut Into quarters n half-pound of
mnrshmnllows, add a cupful of cher
ries, three sliced bannnas, one can of
diced pineapple nnd four oranges cut
In small pieces. Add n few filberts, a
mayonnaise dressing and servo lifter
being well blended on head lettuce.
Pear Salad. Take u quart of pears,
fresh nnd very ripe, or well drained
ennned pears; mix with shredded nl
mondn that have bevn blanched and
serve with French dressing highly sen
soned, on lettuce.
Whenever you invito tho plumbers
In to spend tho week nnd fix tho kitch
en faucet you should plan ahead. Huvo
everything In readiness.
Plumbers nro often n little hurt to
seo thnt there hnvo been no prepara
tions. Plnmbers tnko theso things very
If n pipe Is leaking nnd you aro go
ing to hnvo tho plumbers come, tnovo
everything out of tho kitchen so they
will have room for their tools. With
good weather nnd no mishaps they
may get all of their tools nrouud the
first day.
Getting nil tho tools around Is n
ood day's work for two plumbers nnd
boy. On tho seeond day they cxnm-
Ino tho leak nnd inaku notes then get
busy planning tho week's work on It
If tho leak Is a plnln hole- then tho
thing Is simple and they finish It up
In smart shape within tho week.
It Is best to send the children to tho
country when tho plumbers come. Put
a lid over tho goldfish bowl. If yon
haven't ft spnro room or a stablo you
might nrrango to hnvo them bonrd
with tho neighbors. Illinois Stnto
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Cutlcura Trial Free.
A hot bath with Cutlcura Soap fol
lowed by n gentle anointing with Cutl
cura Ointment clears the skin or scalp
In most cases of eczemas, rashes and
Itching of children and adults. Mako
Cutlcura your evcry-day toilet prepara
tions nnd prevent such troubles.
Free sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cutlcura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
(Net Contents 15PinidDfaoli
Nothlng'hurts n man like pinning his
faith to n mistaken Idea and being
scratched by tho pin.
fej lTH1 I For Infants and Children.
II ami
MlUbVV jiuiuv-..,--.- . '1
neither Opltim.MorphlncnoM
illncrol. NotKarotic1
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
a ..,ft,l i?rmrflV fbT
fttltl revensnm.
ft Jjv In
fkX Use
Y For Over
Thirty Years
25.9 Miles
Per Gal. of Gas
234 stock model Saxon "Sixes" trayel 70,200 miles July
18 and set grand average of 25.9 miles per gal. of gas
To give a national demonstration
of the remarkable gasoline econ
omy of Saxon "Six", 5534 Saxon
dealers joined in a 300 mile drive
July 18.
A grand average of 25.9 miles per gal
lon of gasoline was registered for the
70,200 miles of travel.
Consider that this run took place in 234
different parts of the country, under 234
different sets of conditions, over 234 dif
ferent kinds of roads.
Consider that theso 234 cars were stock
model Saxon " Sixes ", not "tuned up"
special cars, not cars with "doped"
That proves that this 25.9 miles per
gallon of gasoline is the ordinary, the
average performance of 234 Saxon
"Sixes" taken right out of stock.
And it proves as nothing else would
prove, the gasoline economy your Saxon
Six" will give you. No other car in
its class can match this record.
Furthermore, these 234 Saxon " Sixes "
averaged 175 miles per quart of oil.
And not a single instance pf mechanical
trouble occurred throughout the entire
70,200 miles.
There is the proof that Saxon " Six" is
your kind of a car. Price f. o. b. Detroit,
Saxon Motor Car Corporation, Detroit
Exploolon Averted.
"I hear you have been a very sick
nan," said tho maniigor of tho garngo.
"Yas sur," replied Mr. Erastus I'lnk
ley. "Dey mos despaired of my recov
ery. Hut I never hud no doubt nfcmt
It myself. I Jes' hnd to get well."
"Well, sub, I knowed I wnsn' good
enough to go to heaven. An workln'
In dls garage hns got me Ronked so
chock full o' gnsollne dnr wnsn' a
chanco of delr wnntln' me aroun' do
other place."
A Junale Joke.
First Monk My brother went to
America and secured a position as
Second Monk A cashier to what?
First Monk To on organ grinder.
Self-made men nud home-mado fur
niture may ho strong and reliable, and
beautifully polished by hard rubs.
She Knew What to Take.
Five-year-old Marj, who Is always
anxious to he In everything that goes
on, lives In n smull town where tho
long-suffering minister still endures do
nation parties, to make up his hack
salary. Just beforo the laBt one sho
begged eagerly:
"Can't 1 tnke something too, muv
ver?" "No j If your father nnd I Inke some
thing, that will bo plenty."
Hut tho child could not henr to glvo
up tho iden, so she ransncked tho
whole houso for something suitable.
Finally sho appeared beforo her
mother with a worn nnd faded dress
of her own.
"Please, muvver, can't I tako this?
See, it's not a speck of good for any
thing," sho urged. Christian Herald.
Was It hecauso wurIi day comes next
to Bunday that somebody told how
cleanliness Is next to godliness?
Making 'Em Bite.
A street enr passenger stooped t
pick up something from the floor.
"Who hns lost a dime?" ho nsked.
At once half a dozen passengers bo
gan fumbling in their pockets, until
ono of them held out his hand nnd
declnred that he had dropped the coin.
"Docs It bear tho date 1800?" lo
quired- tho finder.
"Yes, certainly."
"Is ono sldo rather worn?"
"Here you nre, then," said the flndet
and handed him a trousers button."
With tho exception of ourselves no
ono ever does things as they should
bo done.
mj. !J
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eve Remedy
Ho Bmarllnc-Joit Comfort. M imIi
UrnmUU or inalL WrIUi for ttf ilo iloo.