The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, July 03, 1917, Image 5

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Bring Your
To us. We are well equipped to give
you the best service possible.
Our Optometrist who has charge
of our optical department devotes
his entire attention to our optical
and can replace broken lenses or
make new ones the SAME DAY
order is left.
Harry "Dixon '& Son.
Graduate Optometrists.
Anoinop cave-in nr run nn nt. tiin , n. r
colli IllerliWny bridge burred Sunday'4 laronco McCabo began work- Sun
night, about flftoori hhndrod yards sink-1 "ay night as ticket ngont at tlio do
Ing. This tlmo tho ieave-tn 'is at the'Pot. '
.. M. 1D u ,8 roporlcd t,,at Asgt gu j
m,l,u , "mL wcurrwi. i Duffle, of this terminal, who cam 6 hero
Comm sslonor Honnlnghnusen was from a foW nionth(J ng0( wln
.Uu.m u mm. vaii uy , bQ transferred to Omalnt Itv'is prob-
morning gnUiorlng men and teams to ftWo that tho biislnoss nt tlris Mnt will
rnnnlt flirt 1 n l-r n rrr 1irt1 tunuliln In '
.uw - uU. ... b0 looked after by tho trainmaster.
securing no nupnuor no uosireu. uno
Graduate Dentist
Office over the McDonald
Stata Bunk. '
ciTX AM) Bounty news.
Modtorn furnished rooms for house
keeping. 320 softnth Dowey. 49-2
Miss Marie Massey, -who had been
hero for several weeks drilling the
chlldlren for Jho Clndorella Ball, re
turned to Omaha yesterday.
A B, Hoagland and. John Snyder
went to Hershey yesterday to resume
work with tho county grading -outfit
Roads south of Hershey and Sutherland
will be graded.
Remember Chautauqua dates are,
Arthur Coun and Joseph Selger, of
Ogalalla, and Win. Martin and Joso
Osay, of Sidney, wore brought hero by
a deputy marshal Friday and placed
eral court on tho charge of failure to
'in jail to await tho action of the, fed
A. C. Burton, who purchased the Joe
McMlchael property on north Locust
street Thursday further added to his
real estate holdings Saturday by tour
chasing tho former Ella Dillon proper
ty on west Eleventh street owned by
I. hi Mlltonberger.
If one-half tho North Platte people
who say they are going to, Ogalalla
tomorrow make tho trip, this toiata will
bo -well represented. The roads are
In very good' sha'po, and tho trip will
bo an excellent way to break the mo
notony of very day life.
During the ten days that tho board
of equalization has been In session tho
changes in assessment have heen farge-
July 29, 30 and 31 and August 1, 2, 3 ly that of equalizing tho schedules on
and 4, a full (wfeok of good tilings in
cluding "Pinafore'' and "Little Wom
en," both to bo presented by strong
companies.- , ,j ' -
The Methodist filrVlulll meet' in the
Methodist churchfparlc-rs Thursday ' Albert Haspelf Mrs. Hurnor and
cattle and horses as between tho dif
ferent 'precincts, raising the assess
ment In some and lowering in others.
Mr. atidf-Mrs.'Frod Humeri of .'Carl
ton, Ore., are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
afternoon; hostesses will bo "Mes
damos M. B. Scott?' York Hininan.'Cash
Austin, Harry Wells. A good attend
ance is desired.
A small tornado struck. the section
of country near Flats a week ago and
leveled tho barns.; ot Henry Lombard,
Lee Case, Wm. Relchenberg and the
Center Valley school house. No loss
of stock occurred.
Clarence Day arrived Sunday night
from Wyoming and will visit his. par
ents for some time. At Casper, while
enrouto here ho had his grip stolen
and is tho loser of a new suit of
clothes, an overcoat, several silk shirts
and other" wearing apparel.
A. N. Durbln returned Siinjday even
ing from a trip north to Hyannis,
thonco to Ogalalla-and then home over
the Lincoln highway, covering nearly
490 mllos. In twp (laVs. A good part of
the going was over and around sand
hills, but goood time was made and no
car trqublo resulted.
Mrs. Haspol aro sisters, and this is tho
first meeting in twenty-two years, Mr.
and Mrs. Haspel and their guests drove
to Hyannis Saturday to visit for a day
or two with a hxother of tho two
Maurice Fowler, of Grand Island,
has been in this section for several
days looking up horses. Ho says tho
U. 9.i government is in the market for a
big lot of horses but specifications aro
such that 'but few animals come up to
the requirements. Recently about 300
head were offered at St. Louis and less
than a score accepted.
Miss Ida Carroll, who for two
years has been tho efficient clerk In
the office of District Coluirt Clerk Pros
sor, will leave the middle of tho month
for Washington, D. C,. to accept a po
sition In the war department at a sal
ary ott $100 per month. Miss Carroll
passed tho civil service examination
and secured a grading that was very
creditable. .
Scene from H.ffl.S. Pinafore, which will be
Presented at Chautauqua by 40 People
forco, howover was sufficient to stop
tho inroads of tho rushing water and It
is bolloved tho fill can bo saved. Tho
wator In U10 river for sovornl days
past has boon hlghor than at any time
during Juno.
; q ,
Burton Buys Property
A. C. Burton hns puurchased of .Joe
McMlchael tho propoprty at the cornor
of Eighth and Locust for a consldorn
.tlon of $5,300. Mr. Burton, who has
lived on a ranch in Medicine product
will movo to this city, though ho will
retain his interests in and aroun&Woll-
fleot. Tho building on tho roar of tho
lots purchased will bo replaced bya
fire-proof business building 44xC0, two
stories, at a cost of $8,000 or $10,000,
Tho ground floor will bo leased for
business purposes, tho uppor floor will
bo divided Into modern apartmonts.
Mr. Burton Bays ho expects to be
gin work on tho bMlding about Augus
Queen's Hall Slinily Attended.
Tho queon's .ball, which It was ex
pected would bo a reaturo of tho semi
centennial colobratlon and an event
that would bo largely patronized, was
rather slimly attonded, especially by
dancqrs. Tho attendance of spocta'
tors was fairly good, but tho number
on tho floor were fow. With Miss
Janet McDonald as quoon and Ray C
Langford as king, tho full ceremony
of tho coronation was carrloid out with
considedrablo pomp and effect, a cere
mony that was interesting to tho spec
Canning Schools
A series of canning schools will be
hold in tho Franklin school starting
Monday morning, July 9. Each school
will last two mornings and the Borios
will continue until every one who cares
to attend is able to do so. The ontranco
feo will bo seventy-five cents to cover
tho cost of tho vegetables and fuel
It is not as It was with tho first school
necessary to promlso to teach others
In order to attend this school. Any
ono wishing to attend should notlfx
Miss Ailoon Gantt. 4972
::o:: f-1
Soldiers Arrive Safely.
All of tho troops attached to the
American expeditionary forco have
reached Franeo in safety. Tho trans
fer, ono of tho largvat ever undertaken
by tho Unllted States army, was made
iwttholut tho loss or Injury of a single
American soldier and without any
cases of serious illness'. Dispatches
filed id'uring tho week, released by tho
censor Saturday say that tho trip was
made on schedule tlmo and that the
American fighters aro in splondid
Applicants Wanted.
Postmaster McEvoy would like to
havo about a dozen young men and
womon take tho examination for post
office carrier and tpostoffico clerk, tho
men for carrier tho girls for clork, at
the civil servico examination to bo held
July 14th. Several wooks ago an ex
amination was hold Cor theso positions,
but tho number applying was limited
to ono man and two girls.
Nebraska Soldiers to Ft. Worth
According to plans now announced
by Secrotary Bakor, the Nebraska
Guards will bo sent to Ft. Worth, Tex
as, soon after thoy aro mustered Into
fedoral servico. Tho dato on which
Uioy will enter tho federal servico is
set for August 5th, and Immediately
following the mobilization will on-
train for Ft. Worth.
James Flynn, who has boon a twitch
man In tho local yards, loft Sunday
for St Louis where 110 will enter tho
railroad corps of tho fodoral sorvlco
which will go to Franco. Ho has
qualified' for tho position of onglno
Tho Ponnsflvanla railroad company
Inst Sunday took off 102 passenger
tialns on Its lines and eliminated
number ot parlor, restaurant and
sleoplng cars from tho trains still run
ning. This action was takon to pro
vido Increased facilities for tho move
mont of government troops which will
begin next month.
Freight traffic on tho Union Pacific
holds up well theso summer days when
urdinnrlly thorri is a decided drop.
Much of tho freight is govornmont
"war goods" and Included Is shipments
of coal from tho oast to tho west. Why
eastern coal should be nccopted and
shipped (wfost In preference to Wy
omlng or Colorndb coalTs not known.
Dan Roberts, storokoopor nt tho
shops, returned yesterday from Oma
ha, Avhora he vp.B notlflqd of his trans
fer to Green River as division store
keeper on tho nowly oroatod Utah dl
vision. Theso now duties ho will as-
Bumo July 10th. Mr. Roborts has been
stationed hero four ears and while
frlonds congratulate him on his pro
motion, many will rcgrot to havo him
leavo this terminal.
Miss Mildred Mehlmann returned to
Denver Saturday aftor a two weoks'
visit jwlith Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mohl
E. SEBASTIAN. Stnto Mcr.
Minn.Mutual Lif elns.Co.
Phone Office Red 612
Residence Red 348
..General Hospital..
One Halt Block Nottb ot Postoftice.
Phone 58
A modern institution for the
scientific treatment of medical,
lurgical and confinement caoei.
Completely equipped X-Ray
and diagnostic laboratories.
Geo. B. Dent, M. D. Y. Lucas, AL D.
J. B. Redueld, M. D. J. S. Simras, H.D
Dr. Fort, ot Dickons, who was takon
to "Omaha last wook ah'd opornted upi
on, died Friday night Tho remain
wore rocolvcd hero Sunday and inkon
to Dickens, whoro the f'Snornl was hold
" jlr. anil Mrs TTTeotldro'San'dall ro
ttarncd to Choyonno yesterday aftor a
wook's visit with relatives in town.
. Mr.jJ R, jScHVilllams and son Wal
laco 16ft yesterday for a two wooka'
stay at Excolslor SpringB.
:o: :
Exemption Board Notified
Cdunty Clerk Allen, Shoriff Salisbury
and Dr. Geo. B. Dent, who will form
tho military exemption board for Lin
coln county wore formally notified Sat
urday of their appointmont and they
subscribed to tho oath required1.
Mrs. M. V. Mrtchell and son havo re
turned1 from OmaliA whoro sho had
gone to consult a specialist. As a
result of tho advico given Mrs. .Mitchell
nnd three children will leavo within a
woek for Long Beach whoro thoy will
remalln until fall nnd perhaps will
spend tho iwjlntor thero.
Lonoro Ulrlch -will bo shown at tho
.Crystal Thursday night In "Tho In
trigue" a romanco of invention and
Bcienco and tho U. S. Iwfcir office.
To my many friends and all auto-
mobllo and bicycle owners: I havo
Just returned flrom tho east whoro I
havo finished a courso In tiro repair
Ing In ono of tho largest and most ef
ficient auto-tlro ropalr plants in tho
United Statos and havo bought and in
stalled horo ono of tlioln best un-to-
dato mAchlnos. Oulr doors aro now
open and wo aro ready for work.
Skilled workmanship guaranteed and
work warranted to glvo entlro satis
PAIR CO, 511 North Locust street,
North Platto. W. N, Rose, managor
and workman. 47-2
Legal Xotico
To Fred J. Malono, deceased, and ihe
unknown holrs of Fred J, Malone, Ido
coased, and all other porsons Interest
ed in the ostato of Fred J. Malone,
deceased, and tho unknown owners
and unknown claimants of lot sovon
(7), In Block thirity-ix (30), of the
original town of North Platte, Ne
braska, you and each of you will hero
by take notice that on the 3d day of
July, 1917, Tho Mutual Building &
Loan Association of North Platto, Ne
braska, a corporation, plaintiff, filed
its petition in tilio District Court ot
Lincoln County, Nobraska, against paid
defendants arid1 each of thorn and
against Julia. Malono, a defendant in
said action.
' Tho object and prayer of which pe
tition aro to forcloso a certain mort
gage deed upon Lot sovon (7), in Block
Thlrty-slx (30) In tho original town
of North Platte, Nobraska, execute by
tho defendants Fred J. Malono and
Julia Malono, on October 8th, 1015,
to securo ono cortaln bond executed by
tho defendants to tho plaintiff of oven
dato with said mortgago in tho sum
of $700.00 anidi on which said bond and
mortgago thero Is duo tho sum ot
$500.50 with Interests at 7 2-10 from
May 20, 1917, and to forcloso and cut off
any Intorost of thoisaid Fred J. Ma
lono and tho unknown hoirs of Fred
J. Malone and all others 'parsons In
terested In tho estato. of Frqdi J. Ma
lono and any intorost of tho unknown
ownors and lumknown claimants of lot
sovon (7), block thlfity-slx (30), in tho
original town of North Platto, Nebras
ka; and to havo nn accounting of tho
amount of money duo tho Wnlntlft
j from tho defendants on said mortgago,
and to havo saldi real ostato sold upon
tho falluro of tho defendants to pay
tlio amount found duo on said bond
and mortgage within 20 days from tho
duto of said decreo, and for gonoral
oqultablo .rollof.
All of said dofondanta aro rofuirod
to answor said petition on or beforo the
13th day of August, 1917.
Its Attornoya.
Owners of Ford cars are advised to beware of
"counterfeit parts." If your car needs adjustment
bring it here whero you will find reliable service with
the complete mechanical equipment to Jive the
highest quality of Ford service obtainable. All the
Ford parts used are supplied by the Ford Motor Qom
pnny. You can not expect your Ford car to give
the service and endurance you demand unless you,
have it cared, for by men experienced in E6rd'
methods. -
Touring Car $360, Runabout $345, Sedan $645.
Town Cor $595, Coupelet $505 all f. 0. b.
Detroit. On display and for sale by
" -i
Our Ice Cream
is onjoyod by tho children and adults
nllko. And 'because It Is rich, croamy,
wholesomo and puro, It itf a food as
woll as a dossort Ordor It sent to
youm homo in gallon containers. For
your health's sako usk for Perfection
Ico Cream. Mado by
North Platte Creamery.
An automatic Water Heater gives you
hot water at the turn of the faucet. You
merely open the faucet at any time, day
or night, and you have hot water, one
gallon or a thousand. Plenty of hot
water for any purpose all the time. "
North Platte Light & Power Co.
f1"' ' '- - ;ft, t w7 "'aw -t" mam
H Perfectly lubricated, the motor spinning smoothly on H
H eats up the miles without friction loss, carbonization H
H or overheating. Every drop pure lubrication. Makes Q
your car worth more. H
H Look for the Polarine sign it means a reliable dealer H
H who will give you what you ask for. Use Red Crown mm
H Gasoline, the power-full motor fuel. M