The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, June 05, 1917, Image 3

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Small Pill
Small Dose
Small Price
have stood the test of time.
Purely vegetable. Wonderfully
quick to banish biliousness,
headache, Indigestion and to
clear up a bad complexion.
Genuine bears signature
Generally Indicate a lack
of Iron In the Blood
Carter's Iron Pills
Will help this condition
Writ ion K.Colemnn,Waah
lrigton.D.U Hooka tree. Illf h.
eat references. Uesk retnlu.
W. N. U OMAHA, NO. 21-1917.
Nebraska Directory
Speclaliaea In ell forma of
Articular Rheumatism, Enlarged Joints,
Kidney Trouble and Nervousness
I bare given Chronlo Diseases apeclnl study
and I unhesitatingly say that my dmpleae
treatment is not excelled by nny specialist re-g-aWlcasof
whatheclalms. EXAMINATION tttt.
If after examination I accept your case, I will
Issue a written guarantee.
My Guarantee To Yout
Tou don't pay If I fall, If you remain In my
Sanitarium under my care and treatment.
Letters of Indorsement on file at ofllce.
Dr. W. H. Knollenborg
24th and Famam Sis., Omaha. Neb. Douglas 7295.
Nolice To Farmers!
I want a responsible farmer In every locality
Dot already taken to handlo the Edison Storage
Battery Farm Light Plant. Has non-acid
battery which luRts lifetime. Write today for
Information. HOLLIE H.TDEW,
1511 Howard St., OMAHA, NEB.
"Why not put a porch light In this
corner of tho veranda?"
"Jfo. That's a favorite spooning
flpot, and successful lovemnklng culls
for low visibility."
Druggist's Customers Praise
Kidney Medicine
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is the
beet seller on the market today in this
locality. I believe it is all that is claimed,
and during my experience of eight years
in. handling it as a kidney, liver and blad
der remedy I have never heard a single
complaint and know that it has produced
very beneficial results in many cases, ac
cording to the reports of my customers
who praise it highly.
Very truly yours,
June 5, 1016. Plymouth, Mass.
Prove Whst Swamp-Root Will Do For You
8end ten cents to Dr. Kilmer &' Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y., for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
information, telling about the kidneys
and bladder. When writing, bo sure and
mention this paper. Regular fifty-cent
and ohe-dollar size bottleH for sale at all
drug stores. Adv.
The Game.
"Now Is the time tn swat the fly."
"Yes, If the Insect doesn't see you
first, and fly the swat."
Cincinnati man tells how to dry
up a corn or callus so It lifts
off with fingers.
You corn-pestered men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear the shoes
that nearly killed you before, says this
Cincinnati authority, because n few
drops of freezono applied directly on a
tender, aching corn or callus, stops
soreness at once and soon the corn or
hardened callus loosens so It can be
lifted off, root and nil, without pain.
A 6mall bottle of freezone costs very
llttlo at any drug store, but will posi
tively take off every hard or soft corn
or callus. This should bo tried, as It
(s Inexpensive and Is said not to Irri
tate tho surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't any freezone
tell him to get n small bottlo for you
from bis wholesale drug house. adv,
God holps those who help them
selves. Prayer and provender delay n
man's Journey.
rL,ill Murine Is for Tired Eyes.
S mOVIQS Red Eyes Sore Eyes
E ' annotated Ilyellda. KosU a
E Hefreahea Retlorea. Murine li aKaiorlta s
g Treatment for Urea that feel dry and train.
E UlvyonrUyea aa mnchof yonrloTtnacare 3
a aarour'foeUi and with the tame reiniaruy. -
a cucfMiitEii. T0MTuf ntun 5
Bold at lrn and Optical Utorea or by MalL 3
5 A BarUa Era Bsdy C, Chleirt. Itr Frn tut
Beauty seen Is never lost,
God's colors nil aro fast;
The glory of this sunset heaven
Into my soul lias passed.
A fruit salad for company, which
will serve 35 people, Is the following:
Frozen Fruit Sal
ad. Take a can
each of pineapple,
w h 1 1 e cherries,
pears and peaches ;
cut them nil the size
of half a cherry,
add two oranges,
the Juice of one
lemon, a fourth of
a grapefruit, a pint of mayonnaise nnd
n pint of cream, whipped. Put tho
mixture Into the freezer nnd stir un
til frozen; pack In quart molds and let
stand an hour or more. Servo cut In
slices, with lettuce hearts and French
dressing made with lemon Juice.
Choice Popovcrs. llrenk three eggs
Into n bowl ; add half a tenspoonful of
salt and one cupful each of milk and
sifted Hour. Beat until smooth with
an egg beater. Have ready a hot
muffin pan; butter It well, fill the cups
two-thirds full of the mixture and put
Into n hot oven. Bake .'15 minutes, de
creasing the heat after the popovers
arn well puffed.
Vassar's Delight. Soak a fourth of
a pound of prunes overnight and cook
until tender In the same water. Re
move the stones and cut the flesh In
small pieces; add coconut to equal
half the measure of prunes, a little
coconut milk and two tablespoonfuls
of ornnge marmalade. When boiling
hot stir In three-fourths of a cupful of
sugar and set tho dish in hot wnter.
Bout two tablespoonfuls of butter to
a cream, add two egg yolks one nfter
the other and one-fourth of a tonsponn
ful of salt; stir and cook in the hot
mixture until the egg Is set. Have
ready a flaky puff paste or rich plain
paste, baked over small tins. Fill the
shells with me prune mixture. Bent
the whites of tho eggs very light, add
four tablespoonfuls of granulated
sugar and pipe the meringue nbove the
filling; dredge with sugar and hake
until firm In a moderate oven. Sprin
kle with browned coconut or shredded
browned almonds. Serve hot or cold.
A few green peas loft from a pre
vious meal, If washed to remove the
fluuee and then mixed with peanuts
and celery, with n hit of onion nnd
served with French dressing, will mnko
a most satisfactory snlad.
Cress With Cucumber. Slice a peel
ed cucumber In thin slices nnd let
stand In cold water for a half hour.
Dry In a cloth nnd arrange n few
slices on 11 bed of carefully washed
cress, sprinkle with chopped chives
nnd parsley and pour over French
dressing. Serve at once as the dress
ing wilts the salad.
Who hath n book
Hath but to read.
And ho may bo
A king Indeed.
Ills kingdom Is
Ills Inglenook
All this is his
Who hath a bonlc.
When cooking eggs, to mnko a few
serve a largo number, use cold boiled
rice, two or three table
xpoonfals to tho egg, If
the eggs are scrambled,
....I.... ...111. 1 I LA
ffA ""ii'K iniih nun iniiier.
iSj Mix all the Ingredients
and serve hot at once.
Uncooked rice may nlso
serve as an economy
with eggs. Put two ta
blespoonfuls of rice In an omelet pnn
with two tablespoonfuls of butter, cook
until the rice Is brown, then add a lit
tle water and let It simmer until the
rice Is tender, now add the eggs, stir
and cook until well cooked and serve
hot after seasoning well.
Egg Soup. To one quart of boiling
stock add a grated onion, half a tea
spoonful of eelerv seed and salt and
pepper to taste. Boll live minute, add
11 half cupful of boiled rice, when hot
tnke from the lire, add the yolks of two
eggs well beaten, and serve at once.
Prunes and raisins boiled together,
using half of each, sweeten, save the
juice, add to sago and cook until clear,
then serve very cold.
Deviled Crabs. To one can of
minced crab meat or two cupfuls of
freshly boiled crab meat add the yolks
of two hard-cooked eggs, mushed fine,
a tenspoonful of Worcestershire sauce,
paprika and the Juice of half a lemon,
a tenspoonful of dry mustard, and
a few drops of tabasco sauce. Add
enough bread crumbs to make a paste.
Fill crab shells with the mixture, cov
er with buttered crumbs ami bake un
til brown. Ramekins mny bo used In
plncc of shells.
Beef Olives. Take slices of rare
roast beef and roll each around a thin
slice of bncon which has been frlud un
til transparent. Bind with twine and
poll for live minute. Remove the
string and add some bacon fat to the
roast beef gravy, season with tomato
catchup or Worcestershire, boll up
once and pour over the olives. Serve
very hot.
Marquise Pudding. Cut squares of
wgel food baked In a sheet, sprinkle
vjth chopped nuts and cover with
whipped cream. Candled fruit may bo
added to make It more delicious.
Who hath n book
Should thank tho Lord,
Uecnuso he mny
A book uftordi
And In his prnyer
This clause Is due,
"Iird bless tho men
Who write books tool"
At least once a week when these
vegetables first appear In season cook
cowslip and dnndellon
greens. The young, ten
der, blanched dandelions
make most delicious sal
ad served with minced
onions and French dress
ing. Beet greens, spinach
and Swiss chard are nil
most wholesome and may be convert
ed Into attractive salads after being
well cooked. Wntcrcress Is one of tho
most appetizing of greens, If well
washed In salted water to remove nny
Insects It mny bo served simply with
salt as n garnish for chops or with
French dressing as n salad.
Grapefruit Salad. Separate the sec
tions of grapefruit, using care not to
loso the Juice, mix with nuts of nny
kind and serve with French dressing
on lettuce leaves. The juice may bo
used with the oil, with n llttlo lemon
Juice or vinegar to make the dressing,
so thnt nothing Is wnsted.
Birmingham Salad. Arrange head
lettuce with two slices of choice pine
apple, with a ball of cream cheese In
the center of each slice. It Is well to
cut the pineapple, mnklng It easier
for eating, yet the arrangement may
be the same. Use the following dress
ing: Heat a hnlf cupful of the pine
apple Juice and the Juice of half a
lemon In n double holler. Beat the
yolks of four eggs, add a tablespoon
ful of sugar, and a fourth of n ten
spoonful of salt, gradually beat In tho
hot liquid and return the whole to
cook over hot water until thickened.
When cold and ready to use add whip
ped cream to make of the consistency
Spring Salad. Mnko nests of shred
ded lettuce nnd nrrango on these n
slice of cucumber, a few slices of rad
ish, unpceled, a sprinkling of chopped
chives or finely shredded green onion,
serve with French dressing. Cress
may be used In plnce of the lettuce.
Ornnge and chestnuts with celery, or
orange mint nnd celery to servo with
Inmb makes n good combination for
She knows a dozen languages
And that Is much too many
Sho talks In every ono of them
And doesn't think In any.
Chop all together rather coarsely
two largo stalks of celery, two green
peppers, nnd one
onion, fry slowly
in two tablespoon
fuls of butter un
til tender. Serve
with steak.
Tuna Fish Ome
let Prepare half
a dozen eggs,
beating tho yolks
and whites separately and addlug a
tablespoonful of cold water for each
egg. season with a tenspoonful of salt,
a fourth of a tenspoonful of pepper
nnd three-fourths of 11 cupful of tuna
fish minced fine. Fold the fish Into
the whites and proceed us In the mak
ing of u plain omelet.
Chicken and Mushroom Pie. Butter
11 baking dish and put a layer of chick
en meat In the bottom, cover with
mushrooms which should be diced as
well ns tho chicken, then add n few
potato balls, season and add a layer
of hnrd cooked eggs chopped, sprlnklo
with minced parsley and cover with a
white sauce. Then after all the In
gredients are used In layers, cover
with small rich biscuit and bake. Use
four cupfuls of diced chicken, one pint
of mushrooms, one and a half pints of
potatoes, six eggs, one and a half
tablespoonfuls of minced pnrsley, a
quart of thin white snuee, bake nbout
:) minutes. This will nerve eight peo
ple. Club Salad. Allow two or three
leaves of lettuco for each salad, one
and one-hnlf cupfuls of shredded
chicken (cold, cooked), twelve slices
of bncon cooked cud diced, three to
matoes, mayonnaise .nd toast points
with paTfiley for the garnishing. Ar
range tl.c lettuce, cn each a slice or
two of tomato, then the fried bacon
on these and n spoonful of mayonnaise
and on top the chicken, more mayon
naise and a sprig of ptrsley. Garnish
with six Us? rosst points for each
salad, placing them spoke-fiishlon on
the plates.
Pimento Cheese. Drain a small
can of pimentos from the oil, chop
fine, add a tablespoonful of onion
Juice and a tablespoonful of tnlnrgd
pickles anil a half-pound of grated
..1 I f I.. 11 a a . . .
I inet!M mix wen, and nan ami red
1 pepper and serve with crackers or as
, n sandwich fllllt.g.
Honey Gatherers Should Not Be Giv
en Frtdom Until There Is Plenty
of Pollen Available.
(By U V. FRANCH, Minnesota Kspcrl
luent Stntlon.)
Bees sometimes get lost. They do
so on being turned out In the spring
If they have to go far In search of
pollen. Therefore, bees should not be
given their freedom until there Is
plenty of pollen available on willows
and soft maples close by.
If there Is no pollen available out
side of tho hives in April, or the
weather Is too bad for the bees to go
out, the keeper should provide comics
of pollen.
Among other things suggested by
Mr. Franco for bees Just given their
freedom aro these:
Clean water In a warm nook In tho
bee yard.
Food enough to Inst until May 20 In
the form of sugar, sirup or combs of
honey saved from the previous year.
Protection against cold weather un
til Mny 15 or 20 by wrapping each
hive with thicknesses of heavy wrap
ping or building paper.
Prevention of robbing by reducing
size of entrances.
Deserving of Consideration by Farm
ers Contemplating Liming Soil
Use In Any Quantity.
Ground llmestono deserves tho
earnest consideration of those who
contemplate liming the soli. A natu
ral product, It can bo used In any
quantity without danger of Injury to
the soil. Experiments have shown
that two tons of limestone tire as effi
cient as one ton of quicklime, provid
ed tho former Is finely ground. Lime
stone Is considered finely ground when
1)5 per cent of It will puss through n
sieve having 100 meshes to the Inch.
When two tons of limestone can be
purchased nnd spread on the soil at
an equal or less cost than one ton of
quicklime or 11,050 pounds of hydrated
lime, the limestone should be used.
Limestone slftlngs sometimes can be
secured. Although rather coarse,
there la enough fine material present
to justify their use, provided they can
be purchased at a price which will
mnko It practical to use four or live
tons per acre.
Jse Explosives to Break Through and
Open Up Hard Layer Remedy
Is Rather Modern One.
Whether It be a bard limestone layer
or a layer of luirdpan, soils that have
an Impervious stratum closely under
lying them are hard to drain by any
of the old-time methods. Suppose
there is a top soil, underlain by a fair
ly open llmestono shale, and this In
turn underlain by a bard llmestono
Y Pi
A Drainage Method.
through which surface water cannot
pass. Some kind of drainage Is nec
essary where water from surfuco
springs Is Uowlng over It The remedy
In such cases Is rather a modern one.
Use explosives to break through ami
open up the hard layer, whether this
be stone or Impervious clay of a hard
pan nature. Ripping up the soil to a
depth of a few feet, depending upon
the depth of the layer, will work a
cure for this condition.
Sorlnkle Paris Green, Mixed With
Flour, Slaked Lime or Dry Road
Dust Over Plants.
If the green cabbage worms are
bothering tho cabbages which were set
out las: fall, sprinkle some parls green
mixed with some flour, slaked lime or
dry road dust all over the plants. Uso
one ounce to five pounds of the lime
or other mixture. Don't bo afraid to
use this poison, as there Is no danger
of Its hurting you when eating tho cab
bage. And, too, the cabbage heads from
the center mid the outside leaves are
lnvurlably pulled off before using.
Economical Producers Under Ordinary
Farm Conditions Thrive on
Thin Pasturage.
Anporn goats are economical pro
ducers under anything like ordinary
farm conditions. They ore well adapt
ed to grazing and can be maintained
on rather thin pasture. Yet this Is
not deslrablo for best results. The
gouts should have ample pusturc, grain
and bay as supplements. Mohair has
heen bringing giv J! prices recently and
fresh goat incut Is highly desirable us
a food.
Plant Easy to Grow and May Be
Left In Storage All Winter
More Being Consumed.
Grow more beet t. They are easy to
grow and mny bo burled or left In
storage all wlntor. Winter beets have
commanded good prices for several
years. The consumption of them Is
tvnu?f u-vt- rvv.T A
Good Plan to Exhaust Into Buried
Expansion Chamber.
Point to Be Observed Is Not to Creatf
Back Pressure Which Will Ma
terlally Decrease Power
of Engine.
In response to n query os to tho
best plan to deaden the scund from ti
gasoline engine In tho cellar, F. W.
Ives of the Ohio Stnto university
makes the following reply:
To deaden the exhaust of a gasollno
engine, some sort of it mutller must
be used. The point to bo observed Is
not to create back pressure which will
materially decrease the power of tho
engine. An effective way to mullle
the engine In question would be to
exhaust Into a burled expansion cham
ber which Is connected to the outside.
To Muffle an Engine.
The accompanying sketch will give
the render a clear Idea how to con
struct the chamber cheaply.
If It is not practical to go through
the bottom of tho wall as Indicated,
the exhaust plpo could be led to the
top of tho expansion chamber. With
this arrangement the chamber would
not need to be so deep nnd would not
bo so effective because of the long plpu
from the engine. If the cellar drain
Is Inadequate, the latter scheme would
be more practical to Install.
United States Department of Agricul
ture Gives Results of Tests on
Average Wagon.
According to traction tests miido by
the United Status department of agri
culture, described In Circular 72 of
the office of the secretary, wagon tires
should vary lu width according to the
loads they aro supposed to carry. For
the average fnrm wagon, tho following
table will be a safe guide:
Typo of wagon. Wiilclit Width
lonuuu, or lira,
Pounds. Inches,
l-liorsn wuron .2.000 -
Light 2-horso wugon 3, W0 2
Aiouiuin s-norso wugon ,iw a
Standard 2-horso iUOO 4
Heavy 2-horso 7,600 6
Trimming Should Be Done at Least
Once a Year Operation May Be
Done at Shearing Time.
The feet of Bhcep should bo trimmed
ut leust once a year and as much oft
ener as Is necessary, asserts A. M. Pat-
crson, Instructor In animal husbandry
In tho Kansas Stato Agricultural col
lege. "Tho hoof grows rapidly and If tho
sheep aro not traveling over rough
ground the feet, will grow faster than
they wear," said Mr. Paterson. "Tho
trimming may bo done at shearing
time, and should bo dono from the tin
der side with tho uso of a hoof knife
or a sharp pocket knife."
Highly Essential In Any Case That
Lund Be Well Supplied With De
caying Vegetable Matter.
Alfalfa requires lu the Hast a deep,
fertile, well-drained, nonncld soil.
Loam soils with open subsoils aro best
for alfalfa, but It may bo grown on
soils of almost any texture, from sandy
or gravelly loiuns to heavy clays. Tho
proportion of failures, however, Is apt
to bo considerable on deep, porous
sands or sands underlain by gravel. It
Is highly essential lu tiny caso that
tho soil bo well supplied with decaying
vegetable matter and plant food.
Crop Is Somewhat Superior to Either
Cowpeas or Clover Yield Per
Acre Is Greater.
As n buy crop 'alfalfa Is to bo pre
ferred to red clover or cowpea bay
wherever It can bo successfully pro
duced. It Is somewhat superior to el
ther clover or cowpeas In feeding
value, while under favorable condl
tlons the number of crops alfalfa pro
duces in one season makes tho total
yield per aero greater.
Lambs Are Not Difficult to Raise
Where Farmer Id Prepared and
Understands Animals.
Lambs should bo raised cheaply
where one Is at all prepared and wIkto
he understands the animals. Mutton
Is excellent meat and there arc no
good reasons why It should not bo more
popular. A few fat lambs during tho
year might bo tho means of taking In
cash thut could bo used to good ud
vuutago toy U10 uiunugcr.
Must be rendered by
the stomach, liver and
bowels in order to main
tain the highest possible
standard of health.
When help is needed
nil file. n,t,iMn,
oratmtnWl. eoatveUel.
f b..p. LuU fcll WML
r Up ewt will Ml toU
rlnjananythlnf. Qom
Im4 ffMllft. S.ldkr
et&Ur. er ttnt hj t
pma pnptld for 11.00.
Wanted Other Terms.
What Is tho price of your suits?" In
quired the man who tuny not have
been broke but looked It.
"Fifteen dollars, up," was his an
"Tho 'up' part doesn't Interest mo,
How much down?"
Made So by Dally Use of Cutlcura
Soap and Ointment Trial Free.
Tho Inst thing nt night nnd tho first
In tho morning, bathe tho fuco freely
with Cutlcura Soap and hot water. If
there aro pimples or dandruff smear
them with Cutlcura Ointment beforo
bathing. Nothing better than Cutlcura
for dally toilet preparations.
Freo samplo each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cutlcura, DcpL L,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Seeds Used as Fuel.
Hundreds of tons of peach and
apricot seeds, which have been thrown
away every season heretoforo by tho
canning factories In tho great fruit
districts of California, tiro now sold
as fuel and bring $2.50 n ton retail.
Formerly the seeds wero considered
too bard for fuel, but recently It was
found thru when heated In ' stovo
burning hard coal they soon pop open
and Ignite, after which they burn with
an Intcnso glow llko thnt of anthra
cite, and aro practically smokeless, be
sides holding a flro well. Popular Me
chanics Magazine.
Even Break.
"So you told that lady who Just
called that I was out, Katie?"
"Yes, ma'am."
"Too bad you hud to tell that story,
"Oh, It's Just as well, ma'am."
"Why so, Kntlo?"
"Sho was not very truthful herself,
"Why so, KntlesT"
"Because sho said sho was Horry,
ma'am." Yonkcrs Statesman.
The Question.
"I'm trying to figure him out"
"What's tho matter?"
"I've been watching him nt work
In his back yard for tho last week
and I'm trying to mnko up my mind
whether bo's doing all that digging
from love of gardening or from a
sense of patriotic duty;"
In Brief.
"Why aro wo in the wnr?"
"To win for humanity a place In
the nun."
is excellently at
tained by adding
to the daily menu
a ration or
Goodness Ener
gyEase of Di
gestion Excel
lent Flavor are
all found in this
truly remarkable
wheat and barley