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No. 41
Last tribute was paid Sunday to tho
memory of Colonel William P. Cody
100,000 when the body of tho famous
scout and former North Platto roshlontr
was laid to rest In a gravo blasted
from solid rock on tho top of Lookout
mountain, twonty miles from Donvor.
For hours boforo tho ceremony at tho
gravo, thoro was a steady procession
of atitomobllos winding up tho moun
tain sldo toward the summit. Several
thousand persons, who had gono by
trolley to Goldon, at tho foot of tho
mountain, climbed stoop trails or
trddgod along tho automobile roads to
Wildcat Point, tho burial was
Tho ceremony at tho grave was not
olaborato, only tho Masonic ritual be
ing used undor tho direction of tho
Goldon Masonic lodge. A delegation
of Knights Templar from North Platto,
mfhoro Colonel Cody hold his member
ship, acted as an escort.
As tho last shovelful of earth was
thrown Into tho gravo n bugler sounded
taps, When tho last noto had died .
out, a battory of Colorado national'
guard artlllory fired a saluto of thir-j
luuuguuB. AsuiomsiBHoicoaBcu re-:
.U.U0...1. .6 , uu.uue, wuuuiuiug, w
oiuib uuu atiiiiua wuiu uuiuwuu iiumJnr nnl Horna. li H mm Hnnt nn Imvlni
a flagpolo at tho grave
Tho ceremony included tho reading
of a poem composed by A. F. Beolor,
of this city
Amonir tho North Platto men nrosenti
wore John Bratt. W. H McDonald. John ,
Vernon, A. F. Bcoler, F. II. Barber t
UI1U U. tl. dressier.
Tho marriage of Miss Agnes Han-
ion. of this citv. and Patrick O'Connor!
of Omaha, was solemnized iwtfth nup-
tial mass at St. Patrick's church
torday morning at soven o'clock. Hev.
P. F. McDald porformod tho ceremony. I
Tho brido wore a champagno colored
suit and a large whlto hat. Hor brides-!
maid, Miss Elizabeth Hanlon, wore a
white suKt and white hat. Edward i
Greesor acted as best man. Tho break-
fast was served at tho homo of the
brides parents Mr. and Mrs . Fred '
Hanlon, and tho bridal couplo loft at.
noon for Omaha whoro they will re-!
side, Mrs. O'Connor has made manyi
friends horo who Iwlill wish her happi
ness. Tho groom is a Union Pacific
passenger brakeman who has a wide
acquaintance In Omaha.
Blalno Runner, living south of Hor
shey, came to town yostorday to en
list in tho artillery arm of tho service.
This ho could not do boforo tho navy
rcoffrftUig .officer Uoaa-and -will-go to
Grand Island the lattor part of this
week. Mr. Runner holds a Carnegie
"honor medal, given him several years
ago for rescuing throo little girls who
othonallso would havo perished In a
prairlo fire.
Tho remains of C. W. Rightfleld, who
died last week, wero interred yester
day. Tho body had been hold pending
word from relatives. Tho deceased
came horo from Chappoll a short time
ago to tako treatment in a local hos
pital and died after an oporation.
If you havo tried everything olse
without Results, Try Chiropractic
Spinal Adjustments and get iwVill.
DR. L. D. SMITH, Chiropractor,
40tf Building and Loan Building.
Tho Robekah Kensington will meet
in tho I. O. O. F. hall Friday aftor
noon of this week. All members and
their friends aro invited. A ten cony
nincn win no serveu.
The Ford Price Has
NOT Increased
Hendy-Ogier Auto Co.
Call or Phono 34 for Particulars. Corner Fourth and Dewey
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Fonnor spoilt
Sunday iw'lth friends in Gothenburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Frod Frcdrlckson loft
morning for Keystone to
John Vernon returned yostorday
morning from Donvor whero ho spent
the week ond.
Bert Barber left yostorday morning
for Lowollon, after visiting rotative
for several days.
Mrs. Will Jeltors, who had buon vis
iting local friouds, rotmfrned to Omaha
Sunday night.
Mrs. Jauo Lano, of Pittsburg, who
had been visiting her mother Mrs. B.
Moran, loft Saturday.
Miss Mazlo Doan, of Fullertoh, who
visited last week with tho Misses Hub
bard, loft Sunday evening.
Deputy Postmaster Sturges entered
a local hospital Sunday for treatment
and perhaps an oporation.
Whatever few Wool Suits wo havo
nro now offered at one-third to
ono - half off tho regular price at
Dr T. J Korr jcrt gunuay oven-
ing ror t. snolllnir 10 ontor tho U. S
received favorable action last week.
' 1 . . . . . - n
McMlchaol Bros, began work yostor
day on tho forty-four foot addition
to tho Elks' building by pouring the
cement for tho foundation piers. The
brlck is expected to arrived today
Atr nml TTr M TT Rmltli milm
north of Paxton, wero business visit
tors in town yesterday. Mr. Smith
"ays some winter wheat in his section
will make part of a crop, ryo is fairly
yea-jEOOd and corn is coming along In
i 'lno shape.
A committee from tho experimental
farm composed of Mesdamos Stnck-
1 T T 1 1 I I . nn .i i i
uuuau, uiiiiuu, .uuuiuu uiiu ouuuurs
will ontortain tho aid society In tho
MnHimHat oimrMi nnrinr tli..i,,,. nr.
ternoon. As theso ladies wish to return
homo oariy lunch wlll bo S0rV0(l
1)r0Uiptly at four o'clock.
E- C. Wolson, of Tryon, driving a
Maxwell car, run afoul tho silent no
llceman at tho corner of Dewey and
Fifth streets Saturday evening. Ho
bent tho post, broke tho lamp and
chipped off tho base, and In return was
assessed ton dollars by Chief Jones,
which ho paid. Tho lamps on tho car
woro broken, tho radiator bont and
othor damago amounting to about thir
ty dollars resulted.
Marrlago liconsos woro granted the
latter part of last week to Harry
Stowart and Mary Johnson, of Suth
erland, Elemer Fattig and Evelyn R.
Hildenbrand of Wallace, Oscar H.
Hanson and Bollo Brittain of Eisia,
Ivan C. Shlnklo and Valeria BroMn of
Horshey Martin Dunkeo and Blanche
Dancer of Collins Nob.
Pearls found in oysters aro as rare
as Aaron Lovovitch among tho pawn
brokors. Tho money old Aaron loan
ed on 'all soits and conditions of chat
tels pulsated through countless trage
dies and numberless Joys; put food in
tho imouth of starving bablas and
brought strength to tho weary. But
never a"dlrty dollar" passed across his
counter, for Aaron was orthodox both
In his religion and his practice thereof.
It will do you good and make your
evening seem well spont to seo him In
"A JqAfcl In Pawn," at tho Crystal
Wodnesday ovonlng.
- $345.00
- $505.00
- $645.00
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Churchill havo
gono to Gothenburg to visit relatives.
For quick action and satisfactory
salo list your land with Thoolecko. tf
Tho loui) Nevlta will meet tomorrow
afternoon with Mrs. Elinor Burko.
Mrs. Webb Hughos will entertain tho
Eldoon club tomorrow nftornoon.
For Rent Room, inquiro of Mrs. J.
B. Murphy, 214 oast Third street.
Tho remains of Edwnrd Busklrk,
w)h died nt tho Nebraska House sev
eral weoks ago woro Interred In tho
North Platto coniotery Saturday.
Miss Gladys Hall, formorly of this
city, is now employed as tolophono op
erator in tho Hotel Virginia at Long
Bench, Cal., and is getting along nice
ly in lier now location.
Hundreds of now wash Bkirts, tho
uonshrinkablo kind in plain whlto and
striped nintorinls, in gabardines,
piques, and washable satins, all
slzos 9Sc to ?11.9S at BLOCKS'.
Tho patriotic meeting at tho Metho
dist church Sunday ovonlng was nt
tonded by eight hundred people. In
addition to tho 'program published last
week Mr 8. G. B. Dent gavo a snlond d
talk on Red Cross work and duties of
Its members.
All of our Spring Wool Suits are
now reduced from .nio-thlrd to ono-
half off tho regular prlco.
Another heavy rain fell last night,
roportou by tho weathor bureau ns
amounting to 1.02 Inches. It started
about eight o'clock and for a half
hour came down In torrents then foil'
gently for nearly two hours.
On account of tho heavy rain tho
patriotic mooting announced for tho
Franklin auditorium was called off,
Tho Spanish War Veteran druiri"
corps attempted to get out a crowd
but fow responded to tho call of tho
Notwithstanding tho heavy nain
thoro was a largo attendance at "Robin
Hood" at tho Keith last ovonlng. Tho
company was tno samo ns nrosonted
tho play a year or so ago and tho pro
duction was much onjoyod by the au
County Clork Allen reported yester
day nftornoon that two hundred young
mon of this city who will bo out of
town today had applied for registry
blanks and sixty applications woro re
ceived from young mon mflio aro in dlf-
teront cltlos., visiting at tho present
John Dawson, an employo In tho U
P. blacksmith shop, died Saturday ev
ening from the result of injuries froutKVook with her sister'
sovoral months ago. Relatives in
Wichita, Kansas, and Muskogeo, Ok
lahoma, woro notified and funeral ar
rangements will bo delayed until they
aro heard from.
All tho now models In tho Hondorson
Fashion Form Corsets, all tho now low
bust models also tho elastic top cor
sots aro a now featuro, havo you seen
Miss Abignl Foster and Leonard Red
mond of this city woro married at the
court houso yostorday morning by
County Judgo Froncii., Tho former
had been omployed in tho O'Connor
storo for sovoral months nnd is tho
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fos
ter now of Omaha. Tho groom Is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Redmond
and has hold n position with tho Hnr-
court Clothing Co. for Bovcral yoars
F. O. B.
This is military registration day in
every voting product in tho United
States and It has boon ostlninted that
bofoio iilno o'clock this ovonlng ton
million men between tho ngos of twon-ty-ono
and thlrfty-ono will have regis
tered. Horo In North Platto tho booths
o'ponod promptly at seven o'clock, tho
opening being nnnouncod by tho blow
ing of whistles, and throughout tho
day tho siren whistle at tho water
plant will ho blown onch hour. Tho
registrars had not tmo to nrrango
their tables before applicants appeared
lo roglstor. At each of tho four booths
thoro aro two registrars, and In nd-l
dlton from two to four ladles who wot
conio tho applicants and after thoy
liavo registered pin upon tho right arm
a narrow slcovo badgo of Unhid
cloth. Theso nvtfll bo worn throughout
tho day by all who have roglstorod.
Tho iiunibor who wlll roglstor In
North Platto Is placed around 400, and
in the county precincts tho numbor
will probably reach noarly a thousand.
This afternoon 'practically all busi
ness housos, nnd tho postofflco will
closo In honor of tho day and thoso
who roglstor.
: :o: :
J. W. ltallnrd Passes Away.
John W. Ballard, n pioneer rosldont
of this city, died Sunday ovonlng of
Bright's disease aftor nn cxtondod 111
noss nt tho homo of his son Doll Bal
lard, 1119 wost Second Btreot. Tho
funornl sorvices will bo hold thoro this
afternoon nt 2:30 o'clock. Tho do-
coasod had formorly boon n farnior but
lator engaged In tho plastering busi
ness. Ho wns born Januarv 30th. 1841.
Tho sons Who survivo nro Doll, Hi
ram, jonn jr., and Albort, and thoy
with two grandsons will act as pall
-: :o:
Receive Eighth Grade Diplomas
Tho following pupils of tho Mnx
woll school who rocolved tho elchth
grade diplomas -woro omitted from tho
published list: Chns. Storey, Orvolda
Rohron, Bossio Clanc, Lavonm Lav-
ton, Dorothy Jnggor, Joy Brown, Cllf-
rorii journey, Harold Towors, Wll
Ham Trldlo and Horbort Bnltz.
200 Wool Skirls 201)
in tho newest spring styles nciw'
snlo at greatly roducod prices
: :o: :
Mrs. R. O. Iloaton loft this morning
for Excelsior Springs, Mo., to remain
lor a couplo or weoks.
Miss Gladys Whlto loft a fow dava
.ntto tor juonony, aio., to spond a
All of our Spring Wool Coats are
now on snlo at actual cost and somo
loss than cost. BLOCK'S.
Mrs. Mary Baker returned Sunday
ovonlng from nn oxtonded visit with
hor brothor In Indlnnn.
Mrs. Monks ad daughter of McCook,
aro guosts at tlio nonio of Mr. and Mrs.
George Monks this week.
Mrs. E F Seoborgor nnd hor guest,
Airs, scnipior or Iowa, who woro visit
ing In Cheyonno last weok returned
Mrs. P. A. Norton rotiuirncd tho lnt
tor part of last week from Scranton,
l, wnoro alio was called by hor
urotnor s uinoss.
Now pnrasols in all tho nowst ma
torlals and latest styles now on salo
at BLOCK'S. 98c to ?8.G0.
Mrs. W. R. Kosslor returned Kan
sas City yostorday after spending sov
oral weoks with hor parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Stam'p.
Miss Cora Sousor, who had boon
offlco girl in tho Clinic for sovoral
months, resigned tho latter part of
last weok and wlll leavo for eastern
J. S. Davis wtont to Lincoln this
morning to boo about shipments of
uulck cars. Sovoral months ago ho
placed nn ordor for rffty carloads, and
so far Iiub rocolved but seven carloads
and theso woro all delivered to his
Washing Machine
Will be demonstrated at
our store
Thursday, June 7th
Come in and see it work.
Derryberry & Forbes.
North Platte Semi-Centennial Celebration,
June 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30.
Honu'conK'nt' Diiy.
Grounds will bo dpon for visitors nt
10 a. m. At. this time all pny shows and
riding devices and concessions wlll bo
in oporation.
At 2 p. in will open the Out Door
Shad or pageant In front of tho grand
stand. Tho out door show or iKiKoant
i-VIU consist of tho lmrsults and past-
timos or tno period or lirty yoars ago.
cow boys snooting uD tho -town, rld-
and pitching horses, stoor riding, pony
oxpross, relay racos and tlio attack
on tho emigrant train, nnd in addition
sensational circus tnd aerial acts a
real wild wost show nnd circus font
uros. At 4:30 p. m. Miss Luclollo Bollmont
will mnko a balloon ascension with
parnchtlto drop.
Nebraska Diiy.
Grounds wlll bo open for visitors at
10 a. m Shows, riding devices nnd
concosslons wlll bo In operation.
At 2 p. in,. Out Door Show wlll o'pon.
At 4:30 Miss Luclollo Bollmont iwtfll
mnko a balloon nsconslon with doublo
pnrachuto drop.
At 8:30 p. in. Tho Battlu of Summit
Springs will bo Btnged. This, our feat
uro attraction, will bo a reproduction
of tho Battle of Summit Springs, No-
nraBiKvs most famous Indian battlo.
Tho sham battlo will finish up with a
ginnd ami gorgeous pyrotochnlo dln
play, tho llko of which hns nevor boon
wltnossod in this stato.
Immediately following tho Battlo of
summit Springs nt 9 p. in. tho largo
pavlllion will bo 6pon to spoctntors
and thoso iwjho expect to tako "part In
tho CIndorolla Ball. Tho Clndorolla
Ball wlll bo Btngod by tho chlldron
rnngjng In ngos from eight to sixteen
yoars of ago In fancy costumos, traln
od In spoclal n'utmborB. This wlll bo an
ontlro show of Itsolf. Do not miss this
undor any circumstances.
North rintto Day.
Grounds will bo opon for visitors nt
10 a. m. SIiowb, riding dovlcos nnd
concessions will bo In oporation.
Promptly at 2 p. m, thoro wlll bo
stngod an historical !parado In tho
down town district of tho city. In this
parade tho following lloata wlll np
poar: Float No, 1 "Tho Monarch of tho
Plains," A lnrgo buffalo, attacked by
Indian hunter.
Float No. 2 "Tlio Virgin Plains."
Shelving Indlnn topoo and Indian bur
ial plnco, with group of Indians en
camped. Float No. 3 "Tho First Sottlor."
This sotting shows tho old tlmo Concs
togo Wagon that was In uso during tho
days of '49. Tho group consists of
Plot No. 4 "Tho coming of tho Un
ion Pacific." Tho prairlo scono of tho
Platto Valloy and old tlmo locomotlvo
in uso nt that time.
Flont No. C "Tho Trappors." A
stool trap greatly onlarged; tm'ppors
around a camp llro; a ground work of
polts, otc.
Float No. 0 "Tho Hunters." -An-othor
camp scono, with tho trophies
of tho chnso.
Flont No. 7 "Irrigation." Showing
progress and tlio chnngos mado In
tho farms that havo boon Irrigated. Tho
group Hhows a modom fnmi houso,
tho rovorso of tho old Bod and Blab
houses, nnd tho difference In tho Holds
of grain.
Float No. 9 "Early Ranch Llfo."
in the wildest and most thrilling play ever,
and the comedy,
"His Deadly Undertaking"
Lumber &
All Kinds Building Material
Everything New.
Phone 20 1 Block East Freight House
Group of cnttlo nnd shoop. Tho old
sod houso and corralls.
Float No. 9 "EdticntIonnlProgros8."
Tho first school houso and tho prosont
High School, showing progress of CO
Float No. 10 "Fort McPhorson." A
reproduction In mlnaturo of tho fort
from a ihotograph Uikon 4G yoars ago.
Float No. 11 "Quoons' Float," A
fancy decorated float with tho Qucon'a
throne, -vfith group of Quoon's pngea
mm mums oi nonor.
Float No. 12 "North Platto," A
decorated llont win. i.rnm. nt ,M.nni
- ....... D .
Float 13 "Frontlor Days." Deco
rated Moat with group.
Float 14 "Tim Horn of Plonty."
Showing all tho products of tho farm.
Following tho ipnrado nt 3 p. in. tho
Out Door Show In tho front of tho
grand stands will bo glvon.
At C:30 p. ni. MIbs Lulclollo Bollmont
will mako a balloon nsconslon with
doublo pnrachuto drop.
At 8:30 p. m. tho Battlo of Summit
Springs will again bo Btngod.
(Jovornor'B Day.
Grounds will bo Opon for visitors nt
10 n. m. Sliqwi, riding dovlcos and
concossloiiB will bo rn oporation.
At 2 p. nv. Out Door Pageant will
At 4:30 Miss Luclollo Bollmont will
make a balloon nsconslon with triple
pnrachuto lon'p, cutting looso threo
parnchutoB nt ono tlmo.
At 9 p. m. in tlio largo pavlllion will
bo hold tho Quoon's Ball, tho Corona
tion of tho Quoon nnd tho presenta
tion of tho diamond ring by King
Grounds wlll bo open for visitors nt
10 a. m. Shows, riding devices nnd con
cosslons wlll bo In oporntlon.
At 2 p. m. Out Door Pageant will
At 4:30 p. m. Miss Luclollo Bollmont
will mnko a balloon nBconslon mflth
tripio pnrnchiilto lon'p.
Saturdny ovonlng will bo carnival
night and tho closo of tho Soml-Con-touninl
Among tho many nttrnctlons of tho
Sonil-Contonnial will bo tho eovoral
bIiowh and riding dovlcos of unusual
uigu ana cinssy order.
Chief among them wlll ho tho "Girl
from thn Onlilnn Wnal " . wlileli will
ronalBtoX-!eni;)t cnbiuretalristtrs. uiui
iiancura. mis will no a roprouuqtioti
of a westorn danco hull of tlio early
duys In tho wost.
Anothor nl traction iw111 bo an old
plantation show, "Down In Dlxlo," con
sisting of twolvo or flftoon high class
and tnlontod artists.
"Flvo In Ono," n musouni of froaka
ond othor nttrnctloiirt of that nnturo,
"Athletic Show," glvlg boxing,
wrostllng and physical culturo demon
strations. This show Is an unusually
flno show nnd should ho well ipntron
lzod. "Spldor." This Is nn Illusion Bhow,
and ono thnt wlll ploaso tho womon
and chlldron, particularly catorlng to
that class of peoplo.
Anothor attraction iw'lll bo tho Snnko
Show, showing tho vonomous reptiles
of tho Junglo puroly nn exhibition
show and ono that 'will not offend in
any particular.
Tho riding dovlcos will consist of
Forrls Wlicol, Morry-Go-Round, Tho
Whip and "Sllo-droino," whoro ridors
on motorcycles will dofy tho law of