The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, April 13, 1917, Image 3

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Natural Sequence.
Tho teacher had explained thnt a
tnonnrchy Js a country ruled by n king.
Wio pupils got that
"If tho 'king dies, who rules?" the
tencher continued.
"Tho queen," someono suggested.
"Yes, under certain circumstances
which I shall explain Inter, that Is true.
Now, If the queen dies, who takes her
Qnly one boy ventured to reply.
"The Jack," ho sold. Tho Web.
Rev. W. H. Warner, Route 2, Myers
vllle, Md., writes: "My troublo was
sciatica. My back was affected and
took the form of lumbago. I also had
neuralgia, cramps
In my muscles,
pressure or sharp
pain on the top of
& ft (SJSj my "eau, ana nerv
lfJvg ous dizzy spells. I
&3trWSTy'W8$, had other svmD-'
toms showing my
Rev. W. H. Wurner kidneys wero at
fault, so I took Dodd's Kidney Pills.
They were the means of saving my life.
I write to say that your medicine re
stored mo to perfect health." DODD'S
KIDNEY PILLS, 50c box, any store.
Dodd's Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. Y
Quito True.
Teacher What did Esau do about
his pottage?
Pupil lie made n mess of It.
AJnx may have defied the lightning,
hut he never bumped Into n "U" boat.
If you think you can't It's a cinch
you won't.
Nebraska Directory
tiic nnvTfuiHo
Booms from $1.00 up utngle, 75 cents up double.
Hess & Swoboda
Special attention to oaulde
orders tor floral designs bj
mall or express. Quick terries
Live Stock
Commission Co.
$100,000.00 CAPftMOCH
South Omaha Chlongo Kas. City
1 307 Harney St. Omaha, Neb.
70U Cherry bt, Des Aluiiiea, la.
Glstrlbutors for General Ulectrlo Co.i American
lyctrlc Co.,Tuleptiuntss 0. A. Wood Preserver Co.
17 A good stock of general supplies, both cities.
Omaha Alfalfa Milling Co.
Members Omnha Hay Eichnnpo and
Omaha Grain Kxchiinffe
Always In the market lor No.i
330 GRAIN EXCHANGE, Omaho .Nebraska
3rd Floor Paxton Black
llrtt equipped DtutAl Ofllf,
InOmah., Ileatonabl prlras
Sptclal dlioouut to til ptopL
llvlor ouulda of Omaha
Tablowiro anil sllverv-uro made new. Prices
rea&ouublo. Wb But Old Dental Teeth.
Established 1898. 705 S. 10th St., Omaha. Neb,
Fire, tornado and ball insurance, farm aaO
tqwn property, automobile and threshing ma
colliery. Policyholders and agents participate
In the profits of this company. Agents wanted
In open territory. ISth jttr. Incorporated Jan. 4, 1 JW
Hotel Loyal, Omaha
Take Dodge Street Car Prom Stations
"RnPcJ J1-00 OP without bath.
XVUICo , jj.jq np wlUl wtn
Tho Hotel With a Reputation
R, E. BRYANT Proprietors O. E. CARNEY
632 S. lOlh Street
Omaha. Neb.
New, absolutely fireproof.
With private toilet $100;
with private bath I1.&0
FRED A. CASTLE, Pfoprletoi
Flash LlRlits, Mnida Lamps, Electrical Sup
plies, Lighting fixtures. Gas Lighting Sup-
Elles. Vacuum cleaners, Electrical washing
tachlnes, Electric Irons. Send for catalogue
1 SI I Howard Si. Omaha, Neb.
Ask us to put your name on
our quotation list that you may
compare our prices with others
"W7X Ji
Combination Pacifier and Nurse Bottlo
Attachment for Milk Palls Is
Shown In Drawing.
Who hns not more than once angrily
kicked n culf "In tho slat" while try
ing to teach It to tnkc Its liquid din
ner from n pull lustend of from Its
mother's udder In nuture's well ap
proved manner? But the new elllclency
movement In the business of farming
has approved the artificial method of
feeding the calves so as to Increase the
Income to lie obtained from milking
their mothers. Some ingenious son of
n farmer seems to hnvo set himself the
task of devising some method of mak
ing the calf want to drink from the
New Calf-Feeder.
pall rather than simply, and more or
less forcibly, making him drink from
it. The result of thnt thinking Is the
combination paclller and nurse bottle
attachment for milk palls shown In the
accompanying drawing. It consists oi
a metal lloat carrying n tcatllko at
tachment on which may be placed u
rubber nipple. This arrangement lets
the calf bunt and puck all it wants to,
but still forces It to draw Its nourish
ment from the pall Insteud of from the
maternal udder. All you have to teach
It Is to stick its nose downward in
stead of upward in order to get hold of
the nourishing tent. Farming Busi
Every Animal In Herd Should Be
Tested Annually for Tuberculosis
Use Concrete Floors.
It Is a good rule to have every cow
In n herd tested nt least once a year
for tuberculosis.
To Insure stendy motion, a separa
tor must be fastened to n solid founda
tion. A concrete lloor gives this bet
ter than anything else.
Sometimes lack of exercise causes
barrenness In dairy cnttlo. It Is never
well to allow the dairy cow to take on
much fat. Always give her plenty of
The average cow In full milk flow
will consume from 30 to -10 pounds of
silage to advantage. Add to this some
10 pounds of dry fodder, and the
roughage feed Is complete.
Only concrete floors should be per
mitted In n dairy barn. They cost
more, perhnps, originally, but they are
the cheapest In the long run. For
one thing, they make It possible to
save some of the liquid manure, a very
valuable Item. Clemson College Bul
Noticeable Increase Where Purebred
Bulls Are Maintained Scrubs Do
Not Pay for Keep.
Figures recently compiled by tho
University of Illinois seem to show
that there Is a deflnlto relation ber
tween a good bull and the size of the
dairyman's income.
On 124 dairy farms where purebred
bulls wero kept at tho bend of the
dairy herd, the average farm income
was $1,102 after deducting tho taxes,
Interest on Investment, etc.
On 400 dairy farms where a grade
bull' stood at the head of tho herd the
farm Income was found to be $7114 per
year, and on 8.'J farms where scrub
bulls were used tho farm Income was
.$24:5, or failed by $241! to pay inter
est on the Investment, to say nothing
about pay for tho owner's time.
Somewhat Larner Yield of Milk and
Milk Fat Obtained Than When
They Were Chopped.
In a foreign experiment with dairy
cows It was found that the feeding
of whole beds produced n somewhat
larger yield of mill: nnd milk fat than
when chopptul beets were fed, this In
crease probably being due to more
complete mastication nnd utilization.
Not Much Money Left for Producer
After Creamer Man, Railroad
and Retailer Get Theirs.
By tho time tho creamery man gets
his slice out of the milk profits, the
railroad nilother slice, the commission
man still another nnd the retail deni
er his, tho sllco that Is left for the
nan who ought to have tho blggo'st
nllco of all Is pretty thin.
'Tape's Diapepsln" settles sour,
gassy stomachs in five
minutes- Time itl
You don't want n slow romcdy when
your stomach is bad or nn uncertain
ono or a harmful ono "your stomach
is too valuablo; you mustn't lnjuro it,
Papo's Diapepsln 1b noted for Its
speed In giving rcllof; Us harmless
ness; Us certain unfailing action In
regulating sick, sour, gassy stomachs.
Its millions of cures in lndlgostion,
dyspepsia, gastritis and other stomach
troublo has ruado It famous tho world
Kcop this porfoct stomach doctor In
your hemo koop it handy got a largo
fifty-cent caso from any dealer and
thon If anyono should cat something
which doesn't ngreo with them; 11
what thoy cat lays Uko lead, ferments
and sours and forms gas; causes head
ache, dizziness and nausea; oructa- i
tlons of acid and undigested food
romcmbor as soon as Papo's Diapepsln
comes In contact with tho stomach all
such distress vanishes. Its prompt
ness, certainty and caso In overcoming
the worst stomach disorders Is a reve
lation to those who try It. Adv.
Had Evidence.
Tommle Grandma, did you used to
lick daddle when he was a boy?
Grandma Yes, Tommle, why do you
Tommle Well, then, I guess It's true
what tencher said about history repeat
ing Itself.
A Kidney Medicine
That Stands the Test
I wish to state that In the seven years
that I have Bold Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root I have never known of a single cus
tomer who did not feel satisfied with the
results obtained from its use and speak
very favorably regarding Svamp;Hoot.
They always come back nnd ask for it and
that in itself is a sufficient guarantee of tho
value of the preparation in tho troubles for
which it is intended. It ia a splendid kid
ney medicine and I take happiness in han
dling and selling same.
Verv trulv vours.
C. J. Lienhart, Prop.
Norman, Ivcb.
Dec. 24, 1015.
Prove What Swimp-Root Will Do For You
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer Co.,
Binghamton. N. Y., for a sample aizo bot
tle. It will convince anyone. You will
alio receivo a booklet of valuable infor
mation, telling about tho kidneys and blad
der. When writing, be sure and mention
this paper. Regular fifty-cent and one
dollar size bottles for sale at all drug
stores. Adv.
A Sensitive Barber.
"You can't please my barber."
"Wouldn't you buy his hair re
storer?" "I did buy his hair restorer. Am?
imw because my hair won't grow he
seems to think I'm putting up n Job on
hi in."
Cincinnati man tells how to dry
up a corn or callus so It lifts
off with fingers.
You corn-pestered men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear the shoes
that nearly killed you before, says this
Cincinnati authority, because a few
drops of freezone applied directly on a
tender, aching corn or callus, stops
soreness nt once nnd soon the corn or
hardened callus loosens so It enn bo
lifted off, root and all, without pain.
A smnll bottle of freezone costs very
little at any drug store, but will posi
tively take off every hard or soft corn
or callus. This should be tried, as It
Is Inexpensive and Is said not to irrl
fate tho surrounding skin.
If your druggist hnsn't nny freezone
tell him to get n small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house. adv.
The Hint Sufficient.
"Pn, why do you insist on my sing
ing when Mr. Uiniley calls?"
"Well, I don't Uko the fellow, and
yet I hate to come right out and tell
lilin to go."
Few persons enn be sick who use
Green's August Flower. It hns been
used for nil ailments that are caused
by a disordered stomach nnd Inactive
liver, such as sick headache, constipa
tion, sour stomach, nervous Indiges
tion, fermentation of food, palpitation
of the heart from gases crented In
the stomach, pains In the stomneh, nnd
many other organic disturbances.
August Flower Is a gentle laxative,
regulates digestion, both In the stom
ach and Intestines, cleans nnd sweet
ens tho stomneh nnd whole alimentary
canal, nnd stimulates the liver to se
crete the bile and Impurities from the
blood. Try It Two doses will relieve
you. Used for fifty years In every
town nnd hamlet In the United States
and In all civilized countries. Adv.
Not Hard to Do.
"They spend their money faster than
they make it."
"Well, that's no trick nowadays."
I2ven n well-preserved woman may
mvn nn add dlspoHltlon.
When your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy
No Hmir.- Jtit i Oomfiirt. U mill at
IitU mr tMlL Wr I. for Vrea M re book.
m n
Apportionment of $10,000,000 for Con
struction of Rural Highways
Has Just Been Made.
The apportionment of tho $10,000,000
federal appropriation for the construc
tion of rural post roads nmong tho
states has Just been made by Secre
tary of Agriculture Houston.
Tho cost of administering tho net
Is $300,000. Tho remaining $0,700,000
Is divided, one-third In the ratio of
area, one-third In the ratio of popu
lation and one-third In the ratio of
mlleago of rural delivery routes and
star routes. Following are tho sums
tho states will get:
Alabama, $203,207.80; Arizona, $137,
027.04 ; Arkansas, $105,378.20 ; Cnllfor
nln, $302,127.84; Colorado, $107,3S0.28;
Connecticut, $02,180.88; Delaware, $10,
308.74; Florida, $111,052.51; Georgia,
$20S,OT)8.00; Idaho, $120,027; Illinois,
$441,852.40; Indiana, $271,495.24 ; Iowa,
$202,351.20; Kansas, $2S0,414.80; Ken
tucky, $104,013.S2; Louisiana, $134,
049.32; Maine, $00,003; Maryland, $S8,
094.44; Massachusetts, $147,701.00;
Michigan, $201,507.44 ; Minnesota, $284,
7S8.12; Mississippi, $177,811.GS; Mis
souri, $339,440.S2; Montnna, $100,
574.38; Nebraska, $213,541,02; Nevada,
$128,700.00; New Hampshire, $41,
093.24; New Jersey, $118,425.30; New
Mexico, $157,475,02; New York, $501,
410.54; North Carolina, $22S,7C3.S1;
North Dakota, $152,2S0.12; Ohio, $373,-810.8-1;
Oklahoma, $230,278; Oregon,
$157,374.74; Pennsylvania, $10l,2S8.31;
Rhodo Island, $23,331.42; South Caro
lina, $143,015.28; South Dakota, $101,
802.04; Tennessee, $228,300.90; Texas,
$5S3,855.02 ; Utah, $113,900.30; Ver
mont, $45,OS8.04; Virginia, $199,321.42;
Washington, $143,703.50; West Vlr
glnln, $100,540.02; Wisconsin, $250,
722.14; Wyoming, $122,393.04.
Where Dirt Road Has Been Well Built
Implement Will Keep It In Satis
factory Condition.
If n dirt rond Is properly built, tho
road drug Will keep It In good con
dition. Like any other work there Is
n best way to do It. These rules from
tho Highway Magazine, tell how to
get tho right results.
"Use a light drag.
"Haul it over the road nt nn angle
so thnt a smnll amount of earth Is
pushed toward tho center of tho road.
"Drive tho team at n wnlk.
"Ride on the drag; do not wnlk.
"Begin nt ono side of tho road, re
turning up the opposite side.
"Drag the road us soon after every
rnln us possible, but not when tho
Good Road Near Asheville, N. C.
mud Is In such condition us to stick
to tho drag.
"Do not drag a dry road.
"Drag whenever possible at all sea
sons of the year.
"Tho width of tho traveled way to
bo maintained by the drag should bo
from 18 to 20 feet; first drag u llttlo
moro than the width of a slnglo wheel
track, then gradually Increase until
desired width Is obtained.
"Always drag u llttlo earth towurds
tho center of tho road until It Is raised
from 10 to 12 Inches ubovo tho edges
of tho traveled way.
"If the drag cuts too much, short
en tho hitch.
"The best results for dragging aro
obtained only by repeated applica
tion." Motor Vehicle Travel.
Today many of our roads carry a
motor trafllc far in excess of tho total
trafllc of nil clasttes curried 12 years
ago. At tho present time thero uro
about 2,500,000 motor vehicles In uso
on our public roads, or ubout ono mo
or vehiclo for every mllo of road.
Trees by the Wayolde.
Well planted trees add to tho com
fort of tho travelers on tho highway.
Do not plant too close suy 00 or 75
feet upart und uso elm, muplo or
other long-lived trees.
In Six Years He Was Well Off
An Alhertn farmer, who had bor
rowed from a loan company, In re
mitting to them tho last payment on
his mortgage, decided to give them tho
history of his experience, on n Mani
toba farm. It was that of many anoth
er farmer, nnd for tho benefit of thoso
who contemplnto a chnngo tho liberty
is taken of reproducing It.
"I will glvo you hero a brief sum
mary of my cxpcrlcnco slnco coming
hero six years ago. I was a new hand
at farming, my trade being meat-cut
ting and butchering. My cnpltal was
$400, which was a first payment on
my qunrtcr section (1C0 ncres). Most
of my stock, harness, Implements, etc.,
wero bought nt snles, nil "on time,"
necessarily. Tho buildings ori tho place
wero nbout as good as nothing and had
cither to bo rebuilt or replaced entirely.
Thero wero 20 ncres broken, and very
bndly farmed, bringing poor returns
Uio first year." After mentioning a
number of mischances, ho says: "In
sptto of nil theso drawbacks, I have
done well. I consider my farm worth
$3,500 to $4,000. I hnve four head of
horses, 12 of cattle, over 400 purebred
Buff Orpington chickens nnd 125 tur
keys, besides Implements, harness, etc.,
to run my place. I havo a well 170
feet deep with an Incxhausttbto supply
of water. Tho well with pump cost
mo $400. I havo built n $125 chicken
houso nnd put up nearly $50 worth of
poultry fencing; have built root collars
to hold over 3,000 bushels of potatoes
and other vegetables. As to Income, I
ralso about ten acres of garden nnd
roots nnnunlly which net from $000 to
$1,000 total. I generally sell from
20 to 40 tons timothy liny which brings
from $0 to $14 per ton. My grnln Is
most till used on tho farm except n
few hundred bushels sold to the neigh
bors for seed. My four milk cows bring
In from $50 to $S0 each (counting calf).
Last year 80 hens laid GOO dozen eggs
which nverngod moro thnn 25 cents n
dozen (I always work for winter egg
production). Tho surplus hens were
sold In spring, dressed nt $1 each. My
turkeys nverago $2.50 each In fall. By
having vegetables to feed my young
cattle, tho two-year-old steers bring
J75 each In spring." Advertisement
Filling Up.
"Whnt will wo put In tho mngazlno
this month?"
"About forty pages concerning what
wo had Inst month."
"And forty moro nbout what wo will
havo next month."
"And then?"
"That ought to bo enough for this
Norr Ia the Tims to Get Hid of Tune
Ugly Spoil.
There', no lonecr tho allfhtcit need of
feeling' aahamcd of your freoklea, aa the
prescription othlno double strength la
guaranteed to remove these homely spots.
Simply set an ounce of othlne double
strength from your druggist, and apply a
little of it night and morning and you
should soon ace that even the worst freckles
have begun to disappear, while the lighter
onva have vanished entlroly. It la aoldom
that more than one ounce Is needed to com
pletely clear the akin and gain a beautiful
clear complexion.
lie sure to aak for the double atrength
othlne, aa this Is sold under guarantee of
money back If It falls to removo freckle
Best He Could Offer.
"Then you think I can't learn to
"I fear not."
"But, professor, I do so yenrn to bo
"Take up yodellng Is my advice."
If you havo a llttlo bucccbs don't
camp on It for the rest of your life.
itr.Ai .t.ttlVnn.iMtmauirAS
! 1lntJicStonydisandjiww
neither upwm, i"""" '
Mineral. Not Naucotic
1 1 -..f..l DnnBltvf0r
,4 i? tidiness and.
WH. IWVW.-....--
I rcsuiune incrvu ui- t
rac-Slnillc Siinatarec.'
Tint Gewtauh CoMPWif.
itw n-innr
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
fegrf rMtoiH 15Wuid tmiilinj
ill l 111111
1H1 PMYfiDin
I ! J Hi m UUfl saW SB BUt
Woman Thought Sho Would
Die. Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkhom's Vegetable
OKXlonsburp, Wis. "I Bufferod from
femnlo troubles which caused piercing;
Sains nice a Knu
iroueh my back
nndsfdo. I finally
lost all my strength
so I had to go to
bed. Tho doctor
advised an oper
ation but I would
not listen to it. X
thought of what I
had rond about Lydi
E. Pinkham's Vcgo
tablo Compound and
tried it Tho first
bottlo broueht (Treat
relief and six bottles havo entirely
cured me. All women who havo f emal
troublo of any kind should try Lydla B.
Plnklmm's Vogotablo Compound."
Mrs. Etta Dorion. Ogtlensburg. Wis.
Physicians undoubtedly did their best
battled with this caso steadily and could
do no more, but often tho most scientific
treatment is surpassed by tho medicinal
properties of tho good old fashioned
roots nnd herbs contained in Lydia Bj
Pinkham's Vegotablo Compound.
If any complication exists it pays to
writo the Lydia E. Pinkham Medietas
Co., Lynn, Mass., for special froo advice.
A Gargantuan Meal.
A Gcrmnn-Amcrlcnn Journalist told
at a banquet In New York a llttlo
"They aro eating whalo in Germany,,
now," ho said, "and In a school ono
day a district visitor nodded to a boy
and asked :
" 'You, there, boy, do wo cat tho
flesh of the whalo?'
" 'Y-yes, sir,' tho hoy stammered.
" Vo do, hey? And whnt becomes,
then, of the bones?'
" 'Wo leave them,' snld tho boy, on
tho sides of our plates."
Alfalfa seed, $0; Sweet Clover, $8,
J. W. Mulhall, Sioux City, Ia.--Adv.
An Optimist.
He Good heavens, tho clock Just
struck one, and I promised your
mother I'd lenvo at twelve.
Sho (comfortably) Good! Wova
eleven hours yet.
Why That Lame Back ?
Morning lameness, sharp twinges
when bendlpg, or an all-day back
acho; each "is causo enough to sus
pect ltidney trouble. Get after tho
cause. Uelp tho kidneys. Wo
Americans go it too hard. Wo
overdo, overeat and neglect our
sleep nnd cxcrclso nnd so wo aro
fast becoming a nation of kldnoy
sufferers. 72 moro deaths than
In 1800 Is tho 1010 census story.
Uso Donn's Kidney Pills. Thou
sands recommend them.
An Iowa Case
tun Ttllt a
Frank J. Iloonoy,
grocor, 1C3 Jullon Avo.,
lubtiquo, Iovvn, Bays:
"I li a d rhotimatlo
pains In my loft lilp,
often extending into
my shouldor. I folt
nervous And had llttlo
ambition. I know my
Idrtnoys weron't acting
properly and I began
HBlntf Doun's Kldnoy
Pills. Thoy noon cured
mo and toned up my
uvBtom. I am clad to
say that tho euro has been pennar
Cet Doan'a at Any Store, 80c Box
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 14-1917.
For Infanta and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
Thirty Years