The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 20, 1917, Image 9

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nSESIH, GAS , i FARM t :
Time itl Pape's Diapepsin ends
all Stomach misery in five
Do some foods you eat hit back
-tnBto good, but work badly; ferment
Into stubborn lump3 and cause a sick,
sour, gassy stomach? Now, Mr. or
Mrs. Dyspeptic, Jot this down; Pape's
Dlapopsln digests everything, leaving
nothing to sour and upset you. There
nover was anything so safely quick, so
cortnlnly effective. No difference how
badly your stomach Is disordered you
will got happy relief in flvo minutes,
but what pleasos you most is that it
strengthens and regulates your stom
ach so you can eat your favorite foods
without fear.
You fool different as soon, as 'Tape's
Dlapopsln" comes in contact with the
stomach distress Just vanishes your
Btomach gets sweet, no gases, no belch
ing, no eructations of undigested food.
Go now, make tho best investment
you ever made, by getting a largo fifty
cent case of Pape's Dlapopsln from any
atoro; You rcalizo in five minutes how
needless it is to suffer from indiges
tion, dyspepsia or bad stomach. Adv.
Squelching a Dealer.
"Can I nell you some antiques, sir?"
"What have you In stock?"
"I've got n chnlr George Washing
ton sat In, n cradle Jenny Llnd was
rocked in, n mirror used by Catherine
tho Great of ltussln, and "
"Sny no more. Thcso things nro
comparatively modern."
''But consider, sir "
"I wnnt some real antiques. In fact,
I am anxious to acquire tho set of
tools used by Noah In building the
ark." Brooklyn Citizen.
A well known actress gives tho follow
ing recipe for gray linlr: To half pint of
water add 1 oz. Bay Rum, a small box of
Barbo Compound, and U oz. of elycerlno.
Any druggist can put this up or you can
mix it at home at very little cost. Full
directions for making and use como In
each box of Barbo Compound. It will
.gradually darken streaked, faded gray
lialr, and make It soft and glossy. It will
not color the scalp, Is not sticky or
creasy, and does not rub off. Adv.
A Celebrated Autnor.
"Young Blithers has won tho prize
In that short-story contest which called
for stories containing something never
before heard of."
"You don't say I What did ho pro
duce?" "Ho wrote a ghost story which did
not have the sentenco 'how long I
slept I do not know,' fn it." Puck.
Twenty Years Experience With
This Kidney Remedy
Some twenty-five or thirty years ago
I began to sell Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root
and I am satisfied that there is not a
superior kidney, liver and bladder medi
cine on the market. I enjoy a steady and.
satisfactory sale on the remedy and mj
customers have nothing but praises in be
half of the merits of Swamp-Root. I am
so favorably impressed with the prepara
tion that I recommend it to those in need
of such a medicine because I firmly be
lieve it ia a valuable and reliable propri
etary. Very truly yours,
C. M. COHR, Druggist,
2003 South 10th St.
Sept. 21, 1910. Lincoln, Neb.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton. N. Y., for a eamplo eizo bot
tle. It will convince anyone. You will
also receive a booklet of valuable infor
mation, telling about the kidneys and blad
der. When writing, bo sure and mention
this paper. Regular fifty-cent and one
dollar sire bottles for eale at all drug
atoros. Adv.
So Near and Yet So Far.
"What are you cooking, mamma?"
asked four-yenr-old Margaret.
"Cauliflower, dear," answered her
A few minutes Inter Margaret saw
her father approaching and, running
to him, snld, "Papa, what do you link
we nro going to have for supper?"
'"I don't know; what Is It?"
"Why, er, caterpillar 1"
A Congressional Life.
"You fellows have a pudding," de
clared tho merchant. "Fine business."
"Ilow'd you like to submit your busi
ness to a vote every two years to de
cide whether you retain it or not?"
"I shouldn't llko that."
"That's what It means to bo a con
gressman." Loulsvillo Courier-Journal.
The Cause of Dry, Thin and Falling
Hair and Does It Quickly Trial Free.
Anoint spots of dandruff, Itching and
irritation with Cutlcura Ointment. Fol
low at once by a hot shampoo with
Cutlcura Soap, if a man, and next
morning If a woman. When Dandruff
goes tho hair comes. Use Cutlcurt
Soap dally for tho toflot
Frco samplo ench by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cutlcura, Dept L,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Winged Creatures.
"Is your wlfo trying to make a so
cial butterfly of you?"
"No," replied Mr. Cumrox. "I don't
Btnnd any chance of being a winged
creature of airy grace. If you want to
classify mo you'll have to get away
from the Insects and try birds. I'm
tho goose that Inys tho golden eggs."
Most men would rather borrow than
bo cnught begging or stealing.
Spring Is Good Time to Dcgln Either
Obtain Breeding Pen or Flic
Order for Eggs.
Spring Is n good time to start in
the poultry business. Hither obtnln
a good breeding pen from someono
who Is reliable and who raises the
breed you fancy, or else send for
eggs. You do not havo much tlmo
to obtain breeding pens, for mos.
breeders of purebred stock have their
pens mated by this time and without
doubt will have disposed of their sur
plus choice breeding males by adver
tising them Inst fall and selling them
to parties wanting good breeders.
' Tho other plan, then, Is to send to
these breeders and obtain their price
lists at once. Even If you do not care
to havo tho eggs for a month or so,
6cnd now and obtain tho price lists
and get your order booked, for others
nre doing the same thing, and most
breeders send out eggs In the order
booked. Delays oftentimes cost much,
duo to lnublllty of the shipper to fill
his many orders as promptly as he
may desire.
Poor Policy to Walt Until Spring When '
Insects Become Numerous Dust !
Birds Thoroughly.
A common practice among poultry
men Is to watt In tho spring until lice ,
and other parasites have become so
numerous that they will bo noticeable. I
By fur tho bettor plan Is to begin tho '
light early and keep them from getting
a start. ,
One of the best means of doing this
Is to dust tho birds thoroughly with a '
good Insect powder, at regular Inter
vals, beginning In late winter. There
is no harm in giving the hens an appli
cation occasionally even In midwinter
sinco they nro never entirely free from
lice, and everyone of thcso pests killed
before tho breeding senson may mean
a million or two less to fight next sum
In Selecting Young Fowls Use Best
Judgment Certain Characteris
tics May Be Noted.
Tho kind of cockerels used is far
more important than most farmer
poultry raisers believe. The fact that
one bird looks well and is healthy and
active Is a good Indication of a good
bird. But this Is not enough. Tho
male bird should bo of such good
breeding that ho will Improve tho
llock. If ho Is not capable of doing
this ho is not worthy of his place as
head of the flock.
When you aro selecting tho malo
birds from the young cockerels of your
own flock you should use your best
Judgement and find tho best Indivi
duals. In this case you must be In-
Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock Cock.
fluenced by the nppeuranco of tho
birds, as for the most part tho cock
erels will bo obout tho sumo in breed
ing unless you have trnp-nestetl and
kept records on tho hens.
It Is rather hard to select young
.'oekercls, as they may often deceive
one when they are quite young. Llko
a calf, n colt, or n pig, there Is much'
speculation In selecting for breeding
purposes. Nevertheless, there are
certain characteristics that mny be
noted. From these a curcful breeder
will determlno the malo birds for his
Much Loss Can Be Avoided by Keep
ing Everything Clean Use Cut
Straw for Litter.
Much of tho loss In raising chicks
In brooders can bo obviated by keep
ing tho floor of brooders and brooder
houses covered with nn Inch of clean
Cut corn stover or cut straw may
bo used on the sand for scratch litter.
Such material as clover or timothy
chaff or buckwheat hulls are objectlon
ablo in tho brooder house. The chicks
pick up tho pnrtlclos of tho fuzzy stuff
and aro not nblo to pass them through
tho crop.
Tho young chicks necil a dally feed
ing of lino-cut green grass If they are
to do well.
Yield Por Acre Can Bo Greatly
Increased Thereby.
Work Can Be Done In Lata Winter or
Early Spring When Time Other
wise Would Be Lost Simple
Tester Described.
Mr. Avorngo Farmer, is your timo
worth $1 an hour? That sounds like a
get-rlch-qulck scheme, doesn't It? Well
It isn't. J. C. Huckloman of the Mis
souri college of agriculture figures that
you can make that much testing seed
corn. Tho average Missouri farmer
raises about twenty-six acres of corn
each year, lie falls to test his seed
corn whereby he loses ?1.G0 (this Is a
conservative estimate) r.n acre.
Mr. Hucklemnn says that about ten
hours of actual labor would bo required
to tost the seed for tho 20 acres. By
such testing the yield can be Increased
at least Sl.fiO worth. Hence the
time required to test the seed Is worth
about 40, or about $1 an hour. Tho
more corn a farmer grows the more
money he can make by the test. The
man who raises 100 acres can Increase
Corn From Tested Seed.
his earnings at least $1G0. This Is
practically clear gain since testing Is
done during late winter or early spring
when tho time would otherwise bo lost.
Seed corn testing Is comparatively
easy. Tho curs that have been pre
viously selected for seed are labeled
to correspond to tho spaces occupied
by the grains from those ears In the
germlnator. If any of the samples of
grain show poor germlnntlon, the ear
from which they came can bo found
from the label on tho space the grains
occupy, and can bo eliminated.
One of tho simplest testers Is the
snnd box or sawdust. It consists of a
box about 4 Inches deep and 150 Inches
square, with about two Inches of snnd
or sawdust In the bottom to hold the
moisture or to keep water from stand
ing around the corn. A piece of old
sheeting or other cloth that will ab
sorb moisture, but will not allow It to
stand on tho surface, should be
stretched over the surface nnd marked
off Into 2-lnch squares. Put six ker
nels from various portions of the mid
dle of each eat to be tested into one
of theso squares and give the ears and
squares corresponding labels. Cover
the box to prevent drying and keep It
at room tempernturc about 70 degrees
Fahrenheit; for six days, then And the
ears from which kernels failed to ger
minate, throw them Into tho feed box
nnd retain those that showed a good
strong test.
Figures, based on the acreage and
yields In Missouri during the last eight
years, indicate that the losses Incident
to neglect of seed corn testing will
amount to about $11,000,000 this year.
That amount Is worth saving.
Results Given of Surveys Made by
United States Department of
"According to tho soli surveys made
by the United States department of ag
riculture about 05 or 70 per cent of
soils here need drainage," said Pro
fessor Crabb. "Of tlds amount from
25 to HO per cent Is badly In need of
drainage and from 40 to .10 per cent
would be greatly bonollted by drainage.
Orchard surveys that havo been made
by the New York stuto department of
agriculture show thr.t from 2T to .".0
per cent of the orchards are only fair
ly drained, 10 to 12 per cent are poorly
drained and 2 to 10 per cent aro badly
In need of drainage.
Supply of Coal, Wcod Ashes and Char
coal Should Be Kept Before Ani
mals at All Tlnrjs.
Provide plenty of stone coal, wood
ashes and charcoal for the swine.
V'ou've seen tho sows trying to eat the
soft stones they root up.
You havo heard them cracking some
thing they found In the ground. They
want minerals and especially llmu.
09 01 '
The use of milk In feeding
I chickens will double egg pro- J
I duetlon, according to the poultry
? section of the Nebraska oxporl- ?
nient station. The hen never lays
i an egg until all the Ingredients
I necessary for the complete devel- I
I opment of a chick are present. "
Since tho egg contains protein as
well as carbohydrates, any
I amount of carbohydrates fed In I
I the form of grain will not offset
? the necessity of protein. Milk '.
given to the birds, either as a o
drink or In the form of wet J
I mash, will double egg yields.
? Commercial meat scrap Is of "
0 equal value, and may be sub-
1 slltuted when milk cannot bo oh- J
I talued. I
I l
Rye and Vetch Recommended by Wis
consln Station Can Be Used for
Green Manure or Hay.
Experiments nt the Wisconsin stn
tlon show the following to be n sue
cessful treatment for quack grasi
where the acreage Is too largo for sum
Tner fallowing:
After the grain Is harvested plow
and thoroughly prepare the seedbed
then sow rye and vetch at the rnjt
of two bushels of the former and 2(
to AO pounds of the latter to tho acre
Both the rye and vetch are quick tc
sprout and will come up before the
quuck grass gets u chance to recover
Winter vetch makes an abundant fal
growth and covers the ground like t
carpet. In the spring both the rye unc
vetch will resume growth at a rnpk
rate, until at corn planting time these
crops will be from two to three fee'
j high. Whereupon the rye and vet el
can be turned under for green mnnun
or cut for hay, and the land plant et
to a cultivated crop at once, with slight
chances of quuck grass making an up
Like clover and alfalfa, vetch Is s
legume and as such la valuable as c
soil Improver by means of tho nltro
1 gen It takes from the air and restores
to the soil through Its roots. Henc(
the vetch-rye treatment for qunelt
grass can be recommended us doublj
Much Waste May Be Stopped by Prop
cr Sheltering and Keeping Things
in Good Repair.
More machinery rusts out thnr.
wears out. More machinery Is thrown:
awny on account of a few parts giving
out than because of the wearing out
of the entlro machine. Who pays the
bill? Who keeps the ninny large ma
chlnery concerns in business? Tin
When other lines of business arc
slack or dead, there Is practically nc
decrease In the manufacture of fanr
machinery, because the fanner Is a
steady buyer and always In the fleli'
for another machine or for some new
type of farm machinery.
How waste may be stopped: 1. Bj
more careful selection. 2. By btiyliif
from reliable dealers and nianufactur
ers. By keeping mnchlnery In re
pair. 4. By sheltering machinery wher
not in use.
Good Manner of Protection Is Shown
In Illustration Shed Is Built
to Side of Barn.
A good way of protecting the fanr
scales Is shown In tho accompanying
diagram. The shed, which Is 20 feet
long, 14 feet wide and 14 feet high ut
the lowest side. Is built to the side oi
a 00-foot burn. It is also used foi
storing buggies, etc., writes Silas Fun!
of McLean county, Illinois, In Farm am'
Shed for Farm Scales.
Home. A hole (( feet square Is cut li
the side of barn near the roof to per
mlt of loading hay on the scales so ilu
desired amount can be loaded. The
large end doors are 10 feet wide by 12
feet high. The small door opposite the
scale box has a window In It. Then
Is also a door for driving stock on to
tho scale from tho cow barn. The
scale, being always In the dry, Is never
out of balance.
Important Feature of Agriculture and
Worthy of More Attention From
All Farmers.
Every farm should have a .small
wood lot. Forestry on tho farm Is to
day an Important feature of ngrlcul
turo nnd ought to receive considerate
attention from farmers. A wood lot
Is very convenient to have, not only as
n source of fuel in times of scarce an.l
high-priced coal, but to furnish fence
posts and timber for various uses and
to add beauty to the landscape md
premises, and afford shade, shelter and
comfort to u lnrge extent for till tho
occi'ipantH of tho farm.
1 1 lsdiJ-M-l-UJLLfckMiFsl iRpHfe
Is Now and Will Continue to Be Real
Highway Problem of Kansas
Management Is Lacking.
Earth road maintenance now Is nnd
will continue for some years to bo tho
real road problem of Kansas, since It Is
not likely that more than a very small
per cent of the highways will bo paved
In this generation.
"Prnctlenlly all the work dono on nn
earth road," says W. S. Ciearhnrt, pro
fessor of highway engineering In tho
Kansas State Agricultural college, and
state highway engineer, "except reduc
tion of grades, correction of horizontal
alignment, building of drnlnago struc
tures, and elimination of railway grndo
crossings, Is temporary nnd should
properly bo considered maintenance.
"Doing permanent work Is a compar
atively easy matter, for when oneo It
. . . . - a v.
Good Road In Kansas.
Is done correctly It will lust for a num
ber of years. Tho maintenance of an
earth road, however, Is a never-ending
Job. It Is llko milking tho cows
nnd doing other chores, for the builder
knows that the work of malntenancu
will have to be dono over and over
again and can never feel that It Is in
any sense permanent.
"For this reason tho earth road has
a bad reputation. t The trouble Is not
so much with tho material of which
tho road Is composed as with our sys
tem or lack of system of management
Other types of roads when treated as
wo treat the earth roads nro much
moro expensive and servo tho traveling
public little If any better. Tho vast
improvement that can bo made on our
present eartli roads by Intelligent dl
reetlon In their construction ami main
tenanco is llttlo realized by tho pub
lic, ami the serviceability of a prop
erly maintained earth road Is not ap
preciated when compared with other
types of roads us to cost of construc
tion. "Successful construction and main
tenance of any kind of a road depends
upon tho recognition by tho public and
tho builders of a few fixed and funda
mental requirements.
- "One practical, well-paid road build
er should bo made responsible for tho
upkeep of a certain section of road
and should be employed throughout
tho year, his tenure of office being
made dependent entirely upon tho
chnrncter of services rendered. Tho
graded portion of tho rond should bo
elovuted and crowned so that tho wa
ter from every section of tho rond
surface will flow Into the side ditches."
Substantial Reasons Why Farmers
Should Get Together1 and Save
Cost of Poor Highways.
Tho road that connects your farm
with tho -nearest town has more to do
with tho cost of living, doubtless, than
you realize. Havo you ever thought
that every product you sell and every
nrtlclo you buy mfist bo hauled over
tho road; that your teams and vehicles
or your automobile must bear the
"wear and tear" caused by a rough
road to sell farm products or to bring
tho necessities from tho town?
Tho fact that your neighbor must
also pay the high cost of bad roads' Is
all tho better reason why you, he and
tho rest of tho neighborhood should
Got together and Improve tho road to
savo some of this expense. What you
and your neighbors lose In hauling
farm products over bad roads would
soon build a good road and glvo you
quick nnd satisfactory service.
How long enn you afford such loss?
And when shall tho road be Improved?
Increased Expenditures.
In 1001 the actual cash road nnd
nrldgo expenditure In tho United
States averaged slightly less than $28
per mile of rural roads. In 3015 the
cash rond and bridge expenditure had
Increased to an average of $109 per
mile of road.
Crop Success or Failure.
While weather Is perhaps tho most
Important factor In crop yield, certain
controllable conditions of soil and seed
often determlno tho success or failure
of the crop.
Yorar Health
and deserves utmost care
One of the greatest
drawbacks to health is
a weak stomach, but in
many cases this can be
corrected by careful diet
and the assistance of
Stomach Bitters
It is a Splendid First Aid
Misled by the Sound.
"I haven't noticed Tootles playing In
your orchestra lately."
"No; he slipped on tho Icy sldcwnlk
and broko his clavicle."
"Well, couldn't he got another from
tho musical Instrument denier?" Bos
ton Evening Transcript.
Cincinnati man tells how to dry
up a corn or callus so It lifts
off with fingers.
You corn-pestered men nnd women
ueod suffer no longer. Wear tho shoes
that nearly killed you before, says this
Cincinnati authority, -because n few
drops of freozono applied directly on a
tender, aching corn or cnllus, stops
soreness at once and soon tho corn or
burdened cnllus loosens so It can bo
lifted off, root nnd nil, without pain.
A small bottle of freezone costs very
llttlo nt nny drug" store, but will posi
tively tnko off every hnrd or soft corn
or callus. This should ho tried, ns It
Is Inexpensive nnd Is said not to lrrl
tato tho surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't nny frcezono
tell him to got n small bottlo for you
from his wholcsnlo drug house. adv.
New York Newspaper Man Decidedly
Not of Opinion That Man Can
Postpone Date of Death.
A well-known physician snys If n
man obeys certain rules, Is tcmpernto
In nil things, doesn't cnt much, exer
cises, eschews liquor and cutH out to
bacco, ho will llvo long. Bon vlvnnts
and gourmets who nightly tnrry In tho
vineyards of tho Great Whlto Way
and eat their till, who havo caroused
around for many years, dcclaro that It
makes no dlfferenco whether ono lives
tho gay or tho silent life, ono won't
kick off until one's number Is pegged.
Somo of tho most careful livers, thoy
point out, nro cut off In their prime,
whllo hard drinkers, llvo for yenrs.
There Is "Diamond Jim" Brady, for
Instance, they sny, still under ilfty, 111
nnd tho subject of a council of physi
cians, who,' It Is hoped, will mako him
well ngaln. Mr. Brady nover drank a
drop of liquor In his life. Believing
that tea nnd coffee hud a bud effect
on tho nerves, Mr. Brady did not uso
either, nnd ho refrained from tobacco.
Ho wns a good eater, perhaps oto moro
than ho should, and that was all. Now.
ho Is paying tho pcnnlty for whnt7
Is It possible that abstemiousness lends
to Illness? Who can tell? Not doc
tors, certainly. Now York Sun.
There nro somo pcoplo who novor
think of heaven except when they seo
u graveyard.
You Can Snap
Your Fingers
at the ill effects
of caffeine when
you change from
coffee to
"There's a Reason"