The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 20, 1917, Image 5

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Blueses for Every Occasion
Plain Tailored and FancBlouses
are one of the most essential parls of the
well dressed woman of tdday. We have the
season's latest, most stylish blouses, Fancy
Silk Blouses.
Everything in the Voiles and Organdies;,, beautiful combina
tions of laces and embroideries, and besides the style and beauty
of this large assortment of blouses, they fit every figure. Surely
you can make a very satisfactory selection. Prices ranging from
8e to $6.50
.t; t
Glasses are becoming to
people when properly se
lected and fitted.
If you are not pleased yith the appearance ,
of your present glasses call at our optical de
partment. Our business is to properly correct
errors of refraction and properly fit frames and
lens to your individual requirements.
A Bottle and a
Graduate Dentist
Office over the McOonnld
State Bunk.
Ear Corn for sale 1203 North Lo
cust, Phono Bk. 4G0. 11-2
Charlie Chaplin in "Easy Street" at
the Keith tomorrow night.
Miss Marian Lawson spent Sunday
-with friends in Sutherland.
Dr. Morrill, Dentist.
P. D. Bakor and son of Wallace, are
spending this week in town.
Mrs Nellie Dick, who wa3 taken
violently ill last week is improving.
For quick action and sn!isfaciosy
sulo list your land with Thoeleckc. tf
William Hodshlro returned Satur
day evening from a buslnoss trip to
Wanted A housekeeper in a farm
homo with two male occupants. Phone
784F011. Wagner Bros. 11-4
Missos Katie Miloe, Ruth Wlnget,
and Iva Mills spent Sunday in Suth
erland with the latter's aunt.
About two Indies of snow fell Sat
urday night and Sunday, adding two
tenths of an inch of moisture to that
already in tli0 ground.
Mrs. C. R. Meyers and chldren leave
today for Storling!, Colo., to make
their home. Mr. Meyer having been
transferred to that place.
Landgraf & Hoga, paintors, decor
ators and paper hangers, havo re
ceivdj their sample books of 1917 wall
papers. Call Black 692 or Black 570!
and the samples will bo shown you
at your home. 7-4
Somo farmers say their wheat Holds
look very sick; whilo others say their
fields look very good. Thaws and
freezes during the winter has injured
the stand to some extent probably, butj ,g to cut dow1 tno COHt A thlrty-alx
W. H. McDonald, who Is a mem
ber of tho legislative committee of
tho state bankers' association, left
for Omaha last night to attend a meet
ing of tho committee, lie will visit
Lincoln before returning.
When tired or worn out send your
washing to tho North Platte Laundry.
Phono 113. 8tf
W. V. Iloagland left yesterday to
vlsjlt Odd Follow'a ledges at Norfolk,
Ponca, Omaha and Lincoln. At- Ponca
he will attend tho northeastorn Ne
braska convention of twenty-flvo lod
ges which is being hold there this
A solid train of fifty flat cars load
ed with Bulck automobiles enrouto to
Loa Angoles, passed through tho lat
tor part of last week. The automobiles
were covered with canvass to protect
thorn from the weather and cinders
from tho engine, and wore trans
ported on flat cara on acount of the
scarcity of box cars.
John E. Evans has purchsacd the
houso on the corner of Third and
Lociuet formerly owned by Maurico
Fowler and will romove It olthcr to
the rear end of his lots or else buy a
lot and remove It thereto. It will be
removed iuorcd to make room for tho
apartment house whlsh will bo erected
by B. M. Reynolds. Work on tho lat
ter will bogin in tho immediate future.
Tho Darktown Minstrels given at
lllgh School auditorium Friday even
ing by tho class of 191S was given a
liberal patronage and a sum of sevon-ty-flvo
dollars netted which will bo
used to furnish a banquet to the class
of 1917. Loren. Hastings acted as in
terlocutor and tho ond nion woro
Messrs. Oman and Sludor. Their
sketches, Jokos and costumes wore
vorv original and brought fourth
much applause.
Considerable opposition to cut
ting down the width of residence
streets to thirty-six feet in proposed
paving districts is developing among
property ownors. On Fourth street
tho majority of the property owners
seom to favor tho wide street. Tho
real object in narrowing tho stroets
It Is yet too early to cry.
Tho Trlbuno's weather bureau pre
dicts an early thaw which will fill tho
low places witli water from tho
ground and tho Icq and snow and make
travel In tho hills rathor discomfiting.
Wo are nrettv certain to have bad
roads In
foot street will cost tho owner of a
Jack Crisp spent tho weok end on
business in Ogalalla,
Mis3 Illldogarde Clinton will leave
today for Omaha and Lincoln whoro
she will visit friends for a fortnight,
A number of noighbors and friends
tendored Mrs. Anna McLano a sur
prise party Saturday afternoon at Uio
home of her daughter Mrs. Joseph
Mrs. Anna McLano left Sunday ov
erling for Cozad and other eastern
towns to visit relatives for1 some time.
Judge J. W. Eller, of Tryon,, trans
acted business in town this weok.
Frank II. Whyte yoaterday pur
chaacd tho W. P. Collins residence on
Second street together with most of
tho furniture. Mr. and Mrs. Collins
will leavy some time between now
and April first for southern Califor
nia, whoro they will mako their future
Don't forget tho big sale of .women's
latest styfe dresses in wool and sorgo
materials, all sizes, and the most
wanted colors. Sale starts this morn.
Ing at Tho Loader Mercantile Co.'s
Lato arrivals and all must go. All
tho up to $22.50 drosses at $12.35; all
tho up to $18.00 dresses at $9.85; all
tho up to $14 drosses at $7.05. Don't
put off coming as they will all bo gone
Miss Cnthorino Sullivan and Mrs.
Williams, of Grand Island, cam Suai
'day ovonlng to visit the former's sis
ter, Mr. Herman Slouthor for a weok.
Mrs. Herman Sleuthor will ontortain
a number of young ladlos at an In
formal party this evening in honor of
Miss Catherine Sullivan nnd Mrs. Wil
liams of Grand Island.
For Salo or Trade My rosldenco
proporty at tho corner of Maple and B
streots. Sovon rooms and modoin ex
cept heat. Phono Rod C10.
11-3 WM. MORRIS.
Just yostorday morning wo received
direct from tho makors about forty
womon's high gradjj dressos, every
ono of thorn tho vory latest stylo and
color. Most of tho lot straight lino
and ploated stylos. Those dressos
should havo roach ed us In Decombor,
and to close out tho lot quickly wo
are going to slash tho pricos and sell
Tho Mothers' club will not hold tholr
bi-monthly meetings during LcnL
Tho AK Chapter P. E. O. will meet
Wednesday nftomoon with Mrs. Geo.
Mrsi Robort Arnold will entertain
tho Eldeen olub on Wednesday after
Tho club Novlta will bo entertained
at h'oi homo of Mrs. O. H. Thoolccko
tomorrow afternoon.
Mrs. Frank Whlto entertained a
number of friondi vory pleasantly
Friday evening at a dinner.
Mrs. Julius Plzor entertained, a
fow ladles nt a luncheon Friday after
noon complimentary to Mrs. E. A,
games wero played. Mrs. Sam Kellog,
of Porcivnl la., and Mtb. Baker of
Detroit wcr0 out-of-town guests. As
sisting In sorvlng weto Misses Ihucol
Bnrbor, Cnthorino Hall, Hildegardo
Clinton and Georgian McKay. Ono
hundred ladles will be entertained nt
a luncheon this afternoon.
Tin: wiND-ur'or'wAu
Tho earl of Derby, in a speech ' In
London Saturday predicted the war
would bo long continued nnd grow
In intonslty and blttornoss with
tho critical porlod months nhond.
British shipping amounting to 7,485
ton8 wis reported sunk Saturday as
th0 result of Gorman blockade mcus
uros. Throe of the four stoainora sunk,
tho Quconswood, 2,701 tons; Marlon
Dawson, 2,300 tons, and Mnrlo Leon-
Thq Et-A-Vlrp club has decided to hardt, 1.4G8 tons, wore presumably
dlscontlnuo meetings during Lent and' subinarln0 victims. Tho fourth, the
on aIicII 11th will hold the opening Lady Ann of 1,010 toiiB,wns sunk by a
spring Uucettng. i mine. Gorman 'reports attribute mnrk-
A !L,1.n,. OI,lu ,n ntnrlnlii.! 1 BMCC08B to UlO OpOrutlOllB Of illdl-
od tho latter part of last week at tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Win, Baskins.
Tho evening was pleasantly spent In
music and games.
Tho first of u Bcrles of afternoon
parties was hold at the Pattorson
homo yestorday when Mrs. T. C. Pat
torson, Mrs. Edith Gantt, Misses Edith
Pattorson and Ailocn Gantt ontcTtain
el fifty ladies at cards. Tho decora
tions wore in the national colors, red
nnd whlta carnations and small ilags
bolng used. Tho place curds wero sug
gestive of Washington's birthday and
sniall ilags wero used in decorating
tho tables and desserts. Progrosslvo
vldual U-boats Within tho last few
days. Ono submarlno, It Is announced,
sank 50,000 tons of shipping In twonty
four hours, whilo nnothor averaged
7,000 tons a day for ilvo days.
Notice to Public.
As Saturday night nnd pay day
nover como for somo pcoplo I hnvo de
cided that in order to givo every ono a
squaro deal to do an nl30lutoly cash
business. So don't ask for credit nnd
you won't bo refused.
: ;o: :
Men's Sweator salo at Tho Lead or
Mercantile Co.'s store. All must go,
and have mndo price to move thorn.
sixty-six foot lot ninety dollars less! all tho $20 and $22.50 grades at $12.35;
I than, will a forty-six foot street, or a all tho $15 to $18 grades at $9.85; all
saving of $720 to tho block.
: ;o: :
tho $12.50 and $14 grndos go nt $7.05;
bIzoh run from sixteen to forty-two.
This Is an opportunity to get two
For Sale
Uargo frame barn at 102 Wost 3d dresses for tho price of ono.
tho valloy when this thaw street. Must bo sold at once. Inquire early becuuso they will not last long,
of B, M. ueynoius or pnono uuu ooo. ai tiio Lenuer .Mercantile uo.
A convertible sedan such as you
would expect from Dodge
Brothers. A pleasing com
bination of smartness and comfort.
Designed and built complete in
Dodge Brothers Works. v
It will pny you to visit us and examine this car.
The fasollne cousumptlon Is uauaually low.
The tiro mlleefe it unusually high.
The pries ol ths Sedan, complete. Is 91180
Touring Csr or Roadster, 9780
Winter Tourlnf Car or Roadster, 9000
(All prices f. o. b. Detroit)
107 W. 6th. St.
Phone 844.
I'm u fisherman myself, and beforf 1
wns u fisherman 1 was a Hcafarln' mUB.
So I can truly wiy that I'm n wtef.
iiinii till over, tint now I'm tivlif In
There he stories of bottles with uiw
sngeV In 'nuu ilupmwd from mlna otn' .
down', that (lie mwtotiKos hehi" vfrltroii
for a joke. This hits miulu pustOim
think that all messuKes found In bot
tles are Jukes. Rut this Isn't so. as 1
can prove, for 1 picked up ono of them
bottle, myself, and the pussons that
the message was written to are llvin"
and etui vouch for my story. But the
utwwmgc I in thltiklif of was a differ
ent kind from the Jokos.
One day when I was pullln' In my
net with a catch o' mackerel I saw a
bottle bobbin' u and down. It flouted
near me, mid I had only to put out tin
oar to take It In The cork wu'n't
sealed, hut It was driven In so tight
that 1 had to cut It out. Thoro wns a
paper Inside and a messago on It, writ
ten with a lead pencil. This Is the
way it read:
On Stcamur Kllen Hathnwny.
Ship Koln' down In n gnlo. I kidnaped
Stephen Outright. He's llvin' with Math-
w Drake, No. llonnett Strcot, Haiti-
more, Maryland. SAM 8HAHKEY.
It didn't seem to mo that If a feller
was goln' to mako a Joko he'd write
Unit sort of a ono. So tho next day 1
lakes tho messago to Boston and bauds
It In at a police station. They called
It a fake or something llko that, but
said they'd seo that It got to tho party
what It was written to.
Not hearlu' uothln' from it for somo
time, I forgot nil about it. I Jlst kept
on fishln'. Ono day a young feller
como down on to tho dock whoro 1
was lncndln' my net and looked nt uio
and asked If I was .lack Bunker. I
said that wns my name.
Ilo stood lookln' nt mo kind o' queer
for nwhllu; then h'c said:
"Mr. Bunker, If you had n wish
granted whnt would tho wish he?"
"My friend." I mild, "I'm nothln' but
a fisherman. I hain't got no tlmo to bo
thlukin' about whether or not I'd like
tho sky for a blno bandannar."
Tho feller wns ti-studyln' mo nil tho
while, and when I'd said that ho says:
"Mr. Blinker, is that your boat tied
up alongside the pier?"
"I reckon It is," I Bays.
"How llko n now one?"
"How would 1 llko n now ono? "What
d'yo take mo for a lunatic? Of courso
I'd llko n new boat in placo o' that old
trap. I'm thlnkln' that the next tlmo
1 git caught out In it galo sho'll let me'
down into the brine."
"Is there anything elso you'd like,
Mr. Bunker?"
I looked up at bhn, wonderln' cf ho
was loony.
"Young feller." I says, "1 reckon If
I'm goln' to gut these nets mended I'll
havo to shut you off all to (meet. I'd
llku a new house on tho bluff over
thoro, all furnished, with n gardlug.
I'd llko a thousand dollars u year to
keep It up. I'd like tho cellur stocked
with good grog. Now Pvo tolo you all
this perhaps you'll let mu alono for
Ilo turned nwny without sayin' noth
In' more, and I thought ho was mad.
I was sorry, but 1 didn't seo why he
should taku up my tlmo asklu' fool
questions, so I thought no more
about it.
Less'n u month after that somebody
begun to build a house on tho bluff.
When 'it was finished It was tho pur
tyest llttlo shack I over seen. And ono
day when 1 come down to tho dock I
found n single sticker about thirty feet
long, bran' now and rigged out with
everything needed, 'anchored out about
a cable's length. And tho queerest
thing about It was that on her stern
was painted tho same iiamu as my olo
tub. I asked who was her owner,
but nobody seemed to know anything
ubout her. ;
That afternoon I como In early from
fishln', nut bavin' no luck, and as 1
rounded up to the pier who should I seo
stuudln' ou It but the lunatic that wns
askin' mo how many things I'd llko
to havo if I could get 'em. When I'd
throwed tho painter mound a post tho
feller said to me:
"Mr. Bunker, when 1 was hero some
tlmo ago I think you said you'd llko a
"Yes, and it gardlng. Aro you goln.'
to begin that racket ng'In?"
"Do you see that houso up on tho
"In courso I do. My eyes aro as good
Us when I was at sea and could take
In a bird on tho horizon."
"That houso Is yours. Tho cullar Is
well stocked with grog, and there Is
plcntj of room for a garden."
"My friend." said 1. "I'd bettor do
you a favor. Krom what madhouse
I did you escape?"
I "You also said," ho went ou. not no
1 tlcln my remark, 'that you'd like a
I boat. There she Is out thure" pointed
I to the new boat, still rldln' at anchor
"and In a deposit company's vaults in
Boston nro some ! per cent bonds that
will give you a thuiisaiid dollars a year
"Seo here, stranger." I wTls boglnnlii'
when ho stopped me.
"I'm .Stephen Cnrtrlght. Your null
ing tho bottle with tho Sharkey hum
sagu hi It has res ilied hi my being
restored to my parents, who aio very
rich. Go iiji to your now Iiouko on tlo
bluff ami you'll find them thoro wait
ing to thank yen for being Instru
mental In giving them bnck their son."
Well, now. mohby I'm not bavin a
Jolly old agol