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    Semi-Weekly Tribune
UtA L. HAKE, Editor and Publisher.
One Year by AInll In Adrnnce. . . .fl.2o
One Year by Carrier In Advance. .glJiO
Entered at North Platte, Nebraska,
Postofflce aa Second Class Matter.
The Bocond annual masquerade of
tho Yeoman drill team was hoid Fri
day evening at the Lloyd opera liouae,
tho capacity of which was taxed by the
numbor of dancore and spectators.
Stamp's orchostra furnished an on
Joyablo program and tho masquers
mndo merry until eleven o'clock when
tho prize wore nwanlod and the sig
nal glvon to unmask. Clown, dorklw,
llpwer girls and buttorillos wore no
tlcod among the costumos. Mrs. W. J.
Lnndgraf and Charles Thornburg wore
awarded the prlzo, for the comic coun
try couple. Mis Huth Decker mis
J considered tho prettiest Japanese
girl; Roy Lvmm as a farmer took first
comic gentlemen' prize and Miss
Farn Wllnon us Sis Hopkins took tho
Indies' comic prize. Judgos were A. J.
Salisbury, Arch Deacon Uowker and
E. II. Dickey. About two hun
dred dollars were paid nt the door and
thin amount will bo added to the thir
teen hundred dollars In the troasury
to be used In defraying tho expenees of
the team to tho national conclave In
June and to provide now uniforms.
Tho drill team was awarded a prlzo
nt tho conclave In Doei.lolne two
yonrs ago for their appearance and
drill work.
(Joveriiincnt Road Policy. I
In answer to nn Inquiry from Stato,
Knglnoop JohnBon tho secretary of ng-
rlculturo ha written Mr. Johnson as
"Fodoral aid nlffney may bo usod In
tho costructolon of woll-graded and
drnlned oarth roads that are substan
tial In character, with permanent
bridgos and culverts, provided thnt In
ench case thoy adequately moot the
truffle needs.
"This- dopartmont would hnve no
objection to tho dlstrbutlon of fodoral
funds In your stato among th0 coun
ties on tho basis you outline, nnmely,
that they will bo applied to tho con
struction of ulnotocn projects during
the flvo year porlod, those) projocts.
Whon completed, to form a continu
ous system of roads and each projoct
to bo completed In a continuous man
ner." Those answers aro said to complete
ly satisfy many Nobruskans who wore
In doubt, as to tho jo(lcy or tho fodoral
government. The prosont legislature
lit lo deal with tho qusBtlon or raising
stnto funds to moot tho government's
conditional appropriation of money
for public road building.
Scores of Local Marksmen.
The Sunday llco published a Hat of
tho uvorngoa mado by proml
nont marksman durmg tho year
191C. Appearing In tho list aro
sovoral North Platto moil, M.
F, Hosier nhot at 1870 targots.
brok0 1094 and mado an uvorugo of
.9058 per cent; Kolth Novlllo shot at
150 targets, broko 1159 and made a
porcontago of .7977; Ralph Starkoy
busted away at 2145 targots, broko
1959 with a porcontago of .9232; Geo.
Wlnkowlteh wont up ngalnst 1330 tar
gots, broko 1024 and had a pereontngo
C. C. Tappan, tho sandhill shooter,
living In Logan county load all others,
his porcontago bolng .9449.
Mrs. Vernon Caetle, famed as a so
ciety dancor, mndo her Introductory
bow to North Platt0 people at the
Keith Friday erenlng to a crowded
house. Not In person did Mrs. Castle
appear, but In tho opening episode of
the photo pkiy sorlal of "Patrla," In j
which she so successfully appears lnt
the stellar and tltle role. This story,
...Ill tttn..n ...nnl.a. rl.lf
WUUIIl Will lull IVJI ilinjuu nuuivni tvitii
two reels at each showing, opened
with thrilling situations thnt woro in
tensely Interesting, and promise to
both develop and unravel war time
socrots and plots not altogether Im
probablo In tho Unltod State,
As the star of tho production Mrs.
Caetle showed up strong In thB open
ing episode and her support lg splen
did. The 'production of this play will
undoubtedly pack the Keith each Fri
day evening.
city and nornvTY news.
Card of Thanks.
Wo cxprosso our slncoro thanks to
neighbors and frlonds and to monibors
of tho I. O. O. F M. W. A., A. O U. W
W. and Mooso lodges for tholr kind
ness following tho donth of tho lato
Horman Kosbau and son Harry, and
for tho beautiful llpml offerings.
.... MRS. 11. KOSBAU and SON...
For Sale Sevora: good Poland
China Honrs. Inquire of W. W. Ulrge.
Mrs. F. J. Wurtlo returned Saturday
evonlng from Donvor whore she vUIt
ed for a weok.
Mm. M. V.vMitchell loft tho latter
part of last week for a visit with
frlonds In Leington ami Kearney.
Miss Uoldle Wolls.of Lexington, Is
expertod hero this week to visit hor
brother Harry Wells for a abort time.
Mrs. John GInappo, of Brady, who
visited last weok with Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Ouhn'otto, roturnod home Satur
day evonlng.
B. A. Garllchs loft Saturday evening
for Willow Springs Mo., to locate on
a farm thoro. Mrs. Garllchs will leavo
next weok.
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Baldwin arriv
ed hero Saturday ovonlng from South
Omaha to visit at tho Baldwin and
DIoner homos.
Mrs. Georgo Shlndlo, of Cheyenne,
who hnd beon visiting Mrs. Millard
i Hoslor for soveral woeks, wont to Om
jaha tho latter part of last wosk.
j Tho Luthoran aid Boclcty .wlll moot
I Thursday aftornoon at tho home of
Mrs. Frank Brotzor, 707 west Ninth
streot. A largo attondanco Is desired.
By all moans when In need of any
thing in tho silk lino suitable for
waists, skirts, drosHes or trimming
you will find it and tho noVest at Tho
Ltador Morcantlle Co.'s.
If tho pnrty wljo mado tho raid on
Mrs. Bdwnrd nobhauson'a chlckon
coop Sunday ovonlng will return nnd
tnko tho remaining bantams It will
savo hor buying food for them.
"So far as I know," said BUI Rosb
Saturday, "ovorybody In the north
part of tho county Is happy and con
touted. President Wilson has kept us
out ol war and Shorlff Salisbury has
kept us out of Jail. What moro could
wo ask."
Tho World Herald of Saturday pub
lished a notice stntlng that Tyrone
Kcegan hud lllod suit for divorce from
Raymond Koognn at Fremont on tho
grounds of dosortlon. Both woro for
mer rosldents hero and Mrs. Kcogan
was Miss Tyrono Wlnkoleman. She
asks for alimony and the custody of
the; Inrnnt child,
ChnB. B. Hoffhlno, a formor clork
In tho district foreman's offlco nnd
who iw'hh transforrod to Choyonno ton
years ago, loft tho latter plnco Sun
day to accept aposltion In tho stock
moh'a National Bank at Casper, Wyo.,
For a couplo of ycar paBt Mr. Hoff
hlno hns beon chief accouutnnt in tho
maator mechanic's office. In Choyonno.
Card of Tluiuks.
To tho frlonds and nqlghborB who
gavo us tholr assistance bo gonor
ously during tho alcknesa nnd follow
ing tho death of our son, wo oxtond
our heartfolt thanks. Tho holp of
thoso kind frlonds nnd noighbors enmo
at a tlmp whon It could not havo boon
moro a'pproclnled, Thanks aro also
oxtonded for tho llornl trldutos.
412 E. Third St., North Platte, Neb.
Tel. No. R-104
is an authorized subscription representative of
The Ladies' Home Journal,
The Saturday Evening Post
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hours of farm labor into
a subscription for the na
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0ne of Nature's Mysteries.'
One of tho most sudden changes ki
animal llfo revealed In geologic history
took place about tho. close of tho
meiwzolc era, or ago of reptiles, as It
Is sometimes popularly called. In
inosozolc time tho iiion powerful ani
mals were huge Innd reptile, kuowt'
as dinosaurs, whose bones hare been
found in abundance In the Rocky
mountain region. At or near the end
of mosozolc time these great monsters
suddenly disappeared from tho western
country as well as from tho remainder
of the world. They left no dosccud
uits, but lii the following ago of mam.
uials. or tenozolc era, their places as
uilers of the earth were taken by the
mammals. Tho cause of tho disap
pearance of tlieso great reptiles has
lieeii a matter of rather fruitless spec
ulation. Any explanation which will
bo acceptable must also account for
the disappearance of u great many
forms of animal llfo and tho grcnt
modification of most of tho others, both
on land and In the sen. Some general
:'uusc which would bring about changes
in cllmnte and other conditions of llfo
seems to bo a necessary part of any
satisfactory explanation.
Friction Skins.
Several theories huve been advanced
to cxplnin the corrugations of lingers,
palms and soles, but the most plausible
one Is that expressed by tho term "fric
tion skins," given by Mrs. Harris II.
Wilder. Not only man, but nil tho mon
keys and upes hnve such ridges on tho
skin of tlio grasping part of their hands
and feet. And, strangely enough, tho
American opossums and tree porcu
pines, Australian phalangcrs and South
American monkeys have just such cor
rugations on their tails.
The openings of the ducts of the
sweat glaudu uro along tho tops of the
ridges. They supply the slight moisture
thnt Is necessary to proper grasping.
The Journal of Heredity, In a long
study of band and foot prints, romnrks
that a man Instinctively moistens the
palms of his hands when he wishes to
grasp securely.
The pattern of linger prints is gen
erally heredltnry, but every individual
develops his own details.
Registered Bulls for Sale
We have a few head of these good
Hereford and Shorthorn Bulls. The men
who know good cattle are buying them.
You cannot duplicate them anywhere away
from home for the money, saying nothing
of your time and extra expense. At the
Old Stock Yards.
Engineer Georgo Wlnkowlteh ha.3
gono to Excelsior Springs, Mo., to re
main for two weeks.
J. Waltor Adams went to Omaha
Friday afternoon to visit with his wlf j
and sons for sovoral days.
Alox Fcnwlck loft Friday morning
for Choyonno to visit with hla daugh
tor Mrs. Hlllard Rldgoly.
Engineer Klrko Sturdovnnt who w3
transferred to Pocatello sovoml
months ago, returned hero Friday.
Englneor Watklns la expected homo
today from Excolsky Springs whore
h0 has boon staying for soiuq time.
C S. Sawyer, Jr., camo down from
Choyonn0 last weok to visit his par
ents and tnko an examination for
A. D. Sklmmorhom, of Omaha, sup-
orlntondnot of tho Union Pacific B. &
B. dopartmont, spent tho lntter part of
last .week liero on business.
Harry Lowoll, who has been off
duty as passongor brakeinnn for somo
tlmo on account of Illness, left Sunday
ovonlng for Kansas City to visit for
several wooks.
Switch englneor Harry Hart had a
log scalded and recolvcd a bad scalp
wound oarly Sunday morning whon
two switch onglnos side swlppel each
othor In tho yards Both engines woro
running vory slowly at tho tlmo.
Union Pacific surveyors are now at
Burns making tho survoy for the
doublo track that will be constructed
this summer from Archer to a point
two miles east of Pino Bluffs. This
will complete tho double track from
North Platto to Choyonno.
i ::o::
Ancient Chinese Ingenuity.
Wo aro assured that tho taxlcab is
no new thing, being In Its general prin
ciples n thing known to the ancient
Romnns. But now an orientalist goes
oven further and asserts thnt mechan
ical carts capablo of registering dis
tances traveled by counting nnd re
cording tho revolutions of very large
cartwheels, connected by cogs with
other concentric or eccentric horizontal
and perpendicular wheels of propor
tionate diameters, .have been well
known to tho Chlneso for 1,700 or 1.S00
years. On tho top of tho cart was the
llguro of a man holding a drum, which
ho beat when one II, n third of a mile,
was traveled. Somo carts had In ad
dition a flguro holding a cymbal, which
was struck when tho drum had been
beaten ten times.
Painful Accident.
r .. . r.i i ,i I....
j working with a tract1 jn engine, Chas.
J Stark accldently got his right arm
caught in a wheel. The motion of tho
mnchlno twisted and pulled tiio arm
almost In twain at tho olbow. There
was a complete severance of nerves
and blood vessels, and separation of
tho bonos at tho joint. Dr. Vandlver
1b treating tho tpatlont, who Is resting
well under tho circumstances. Ognl
alla Tribune, ,
Reni Estate nnd Insurance
Come and see us for town lota in
different parts of the city. .Good in
vestments on easy terms. Houses for
sale and rent. Wo have also good bar
gains In farms and ranches.
Cor. Front and Dewey Sta- upstairs.
: :o: :
Protty, snappy spring stylos In wom
en's tailor mado suits and coats are
now toeing shown by tho Tho Leader
Morcantllo Co. Drop In tho storo and
ask to bo shown.
Tracer Shells.
It is one thing to stop a hostile bat
tery in an artillery duel and nnother
problem altogether to hit it Tho lo
cality may bo well known, but the
range difficult to determine. To sim
plify matters in this respect "tracer"
shells are used. Into tho base of the
shell a metal cuso Is screwed contain
ing a material which is self Igniting
as tho projectile rushes through space.
For night operations tho material used
In the "tracer" bursts Into u brilliant
Hume, but by day tho "tracer" leaves a
trail of dense black smoke. By this
meuns the gunners nro able to watch
and tlmo the shell right up to tho mo
ment tho explosion tnkes place, and
by knowing the locality in Vhlch tho
shell bursts tho adjustment to tho
range of the target Is comparatively a
simple matter. London Mail.
If -HotSpot"1
Every household needs a
HOT SPOT gas room heater.
A quick clean hea without
dirt, soot or smoke.
North Platte Light and
Power Co.
We Are Always Ready to Talk
with you about your building plans, furnish
estimates on your lumber and material bills,
and to impart any information we may be able
to give.
We don't expect an order every time you
-.hove in sight, and will just naturally be glad
to see you at any time.
Coates Lumber & Coal Co.
i North Platto, Nebr.
i Just an Accident.
Two boys hnd Indulged iu a physical?
! encounter on tho playground. At tho
I end of the affray they were summoned
' before the teacher to give an account
of their misdeeds. One of them had a
bloody nose. Tho teacher looked upon
I tuis suiiguinary luuiuru niiu uurror
and endeavored to Instill In Its intllctor
certnln pacific principles.
"Now, Billy," she said, "I think you
ought to apologize to Jlmmle."
"nuh! I ain't n-goln' to apologize for
no accident!" Billy nuswered.
"Accident? Why, Billy, how can you
call it an accident? Didn't you intend
to hit Jlmmle on tho nose?"
"No, mom, I didn't. I swung fer
his eye an' missed!" Cleveland Plain
Settling a Bill.
When Andrew Jackson lived at Salis
bury, N. O., ho onco nttended court at
Rockford, then tho county seat of Sur
ry, and left without paying his bill,
which was duly charged up against him
on tho hotel register, which seems to
havo been tho hotel ledger at that time,
and so stood for many years. When
tho news of tho victory o? tho 8th of
Janunry, 1S15, was received in this
then remoto section tho old landlord
turned back tho leaves of tho register,
took his pen and wroto under tho ac
couut ngalnst Andrew Jackson, "Settled
In full by tho battlo of New Orleans."
Pills to Prevent Earthquakes.
"I remember," says Addison hi the
two hundred nnd fortieth Tntler,
"when our whole islnud was shaken
with an earthquako somo years ago
tliero was an impudent mountebnnk
who sold pills which, ns he told
tho country people, were 'very good
against nn earthquake.' "London Sat
urday Review.
Head Work.
"Maria, you'll novor bo ablo to drlvo
that nail with a llatlrou. For heav
en's sake, use your head !" ndmonlshed
Mr. Stuhblns.
Ami then ho woudered why sho would
not speak to him tho rest of tho day.
Johnny's Reasoning.
- Snndny School Teacher What is con
Bcleuce, Tommy? Tommy An inward
monitor. Sunday School Teacher
And what is a monitor, Johnny? Johu
ny An Ironclad boat Chicago News.
Their Charges.
Lady I want to suo my husband for
divorce. Lawyer What are your
charges? Lady-Wbat nro yours first?
Boston Transcript
Do ns well ns you enn today, and
perhaps tomorrow you may bo able to
do better. Rev. John Newton.