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No. 11
One Hurnl Jlouto Extended mid a New
Ituulo Applied fur and Action
on 1'ctltlon Xow rending at
In speaking of local postal affairs
Tostmastor McEvoy says:
During tho year 191G, the local Post
Offlco mado the following Improve
ments: Tho city sorvico was extended to
ovor 300 additional residences, giving
free dollvory of mall to 300 families.
One additional carrier and ono clerk
have been given positions on the regu
lar list and one carrier on tho substl
TOto list.
An extension has been added to
Route No. 2, giving free dollvory ser
vice to fifty additional families. This
route is now over fifty miles in length
and Is known as Motor Uouto A.
Tho gross Income of tho office has
increased over thlrty-threo per cent.
This has been brought about "by the
co-operation of tho press, the "patrons
of tha office, tho assistant postmaster
and clerks nnd carriers, and our
friends at Washington.
This year with tho same co-operation,
the "postmaster suggests without
tho co-operation of these named abovo
ho cannot accomplish very much, we
expect to make the following improve
ments: There, is now ponding, awaiting ac
tion by tho postoffic0 department, the
establishment of a now rural route
No. 2. This routo as proposed will
leavo tho city over tho new Lincoln
highway bridge, following tho hills to
McNeal ranch and returning along (the
North Platto river to North Platte,
giving service to 100 families that aro
now compelled to come to tho city of
North PlatJ.o for their mall.
Tho patrons are also working on a
seventeen mile extension to rural
routo No. 3, which will give service
to thirtv-flva additional families liv
ing southwest of this city.
Further improvements in the city
delivery aro contemplated in the way
of mounted carrier scrvlco to accom
modate tho restdent0 living in tho ex-
trem0 outskirts of the city, also an
other clork.
It is also intended to havo tho free
delivery sorvico extended to ovory per
son In Lincoln county, If possible, as
nothing advertises a city or county
bettor than good mall service.
-: :o: :-
J. T. Norton, manager of tho Platto
theatre, returned yesterday afternoon
from a business visit in Omaha,
"Easy Street," the ninth of the Mu
tual Chaplin releases, will bo shown
at tho Keith Wednesday night In con
nection with tho Vltagraph feature,
"Through tho Wall," with William
Duncan and Nell Shi'pman. Charlie
discovers "Easy Street" to be one- of
tho most disorderly thoroughfares In
nil tho world. Not oven tho cop on tho
beat can maintain order thero. Then
and thero Charlie undertakes to 'reform
tho neighborhood. Tho methods ho
takes and tho success ho achieves aro
unfolded In a thousand laughs.
A. Groocl
Recommencla t i o n
The Business man has confidence in the boy or other em
ployee with a bank account. He knows that any one who can
save for himself can save for him, and that the money saved
stands for character.
It does not mean how much you have saved, but the fact
that you have shown a determination to do a certain thing; that
a saving bank book is in itself a good recommendation .
You can have this kind of a recommendation by coming to
the First National Bank and opening an account. One dollar
. ' will do to start and you can add more whenever you have it.
Four Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings.
First National Bank,
The annual meotlng of tho Fidelity
Rosorvo Company wns 'hold Saturday
In tho offlco of tho company In the I.
O. O, F. building. The board of di
rectors nnd office tr, together wjth
som0 of tho policy holders, met nnd
went ovor last year's buslnoss, which
In tho way of new buslnoss, was very
creditable to tho company. Tho total
new business writton was $1S.S23.7S
In premiums and was a gain ovor tho
buslnoss writton In 1915 of J209.000.
Tho former officers and directors
woro ni-otected and C. F. Temple,
who has been secretary, was elected
one of tho directors.
The comploto statement wll be pub.
Hshcd In a fow days.
Dig Attendance at Hull
Tho Lady For'roetors' annual ball
was hold at tho Lloyd opera house last
evening and attended by tho largest
numbor of dancers this season. Tho
commlttoo In charg0 was Mesdnmos
Herman LoDIoyt, Clydo Cook, P. II.
Lonorgan and S. R. Carney. Stamp's
orchestra furnished an onjoyablo "pro
gram and dancing continued until ono
o'clock. Tho receipts exceeded ono
hundred and fifty dollnrs and the la
dies wish to thank tho patrons for
their nsslatanco In making tho ball a
All Masons and their families aro
Invited to be present at tho celebra
tion of tho ninth anniversary of the
dedlcalo'n of tho Masonic temple to bo
held atj Masonic temple Thursday,
February 22, 1917, at 8 p. m. This Is
the only Invitation that will be Is
sued; All Masons aro welcome.
w. ii. Mcdonald,
Coroner's Jury Discharged.
Tho coroner's jury, which had been
Inquiring Into tho deatii of Horman
Kosbau and son, was discharged yes
terday. An .adjofuirnment. y&s taken
Friday until yesterday, but upon re
convening tho (testimony of only ono
witness was taken and his evidence
was of no valua Tho efforts of tho
jury to obtain facts relative to cer
tain supposed conditions woro fruit
less. Tift Fined $5 and Costs.
The caso of William Dorram against
Allen Tift camo up In tho county
court yesterday. Tho plaintiff charged
that tho defendant assaulted him sev
eral weeks ago and throw him Into
tho Union Pacific lake causing him
to becomo 111 and take treatment in a
hospital. Tho defendant was found
guilty1, fined fivo dollars and costs
and took an appeal to tho district
Cjrnntcd n Divorce.
Ellen Blodgett was granted a dl
vorco from Charles Blodgett in the
district court yesterday. They woro
married in Custor county July 1st,
1913, and had resided In this county
sinco 1914. Tho grouuds for divorce
wero 'dk-unkonness, She. asked for
her maiden name of Ellen Brlggs.
For Sale No. 1 fresh milk cow.
Phon0 Black CGI.
Jtcndcrcd Unconscious by Shock from
Electric Light Wlro He Later
Drops to the Ground and Frac
tures His Skull.
lIon'ty Cohagon, son tof Mr. nd
Mrs. T. M. Cohngen, died at tho Gou
oral Hospital last evening at G:25
from Injuries received yesterday af
tornoon at 3:30.
Cohagon nnd Arthur Barraclough,
both of whom are" omployed byHho
electric company, woro doing lino re
pairing on a polo along th0 curb south
of tho court house, tho former sup
porting himself on tho polo by moan
of a leather belt which, hitches both
around the body and then "polo. Ho
was engaged in soldorlng a wlro and
tho supoattion Is that tho molten
metal spluttered and to avoid having
tho Hying particles hit him in tho faco
he had dodged his head. In doing
this his loft oar camo in contact with
a Hvo wlro carrying 230& volts. This
contact rendered him unconscious and
ho hung limp in hls supporting bolt.
Barraclough realizing that quick ro
suscltatlon was necessary nnd that In
order to accomplish this he must got
tho unconscious man to tho ground,
tied a ropo, which they hnd been us
ing, Into tho ring of tho body bolt and
throwing it over the cross arm and
cutting tho polo belt attempted to
lowor him to tho ground. As tho
slack was taken out of tho ropo It
either broko or tho knot unloosened
and Cohngen fell to tho ground a dls-
tanco of about twonty-flvo feet, strik
ing on his head. The impact of a
body (weighing 180 pounds dropping
that dlstanco to solidly frozen ground
wa3 tremendous and when Barra
clough descended he found Cohagon
groaning ami bleeding profusely from
tho mouth. Passers by ran to aid arfifgtf
Dr. Dent and Manager Morey, of uto
oloctrlc company, telephoned, In tho
mcantlnio tho threo on four'mon pres
ont kneading the body In an attempt
to resusitato tho unconscious man
from th0 effects of the shock. Upon
tho arrival of Dr. Dent and Mr. Morey
Cohngen was hurried to the General
Hospital and an examination showed
a fracture of the skull from tho base
of tho of noso to a point back of tho
center of tho head,
noso and a fracture of both1
collar bones. Tho only ovldenco of
contact with tho live wire was a small
burn on the left ear. Whether this
shock would havo provon critical Is
not known by reason of his other In
Several physlcinns gavo their at
tention to tho unfortunate man, but
counsclousnoss could not bo restored
and tho spirit took Its flight at 0:25,
about threo hours following tho ac
cident. Arrangements for tho funeral havo
not boon completed at this hour.
Mr. and Mrs. John Walonhau'pt woro
tho guests of honor at a reception held
by tho Rebckah and Odd Follow
lodges Saturday afternoon. Tho oc
casion was tho sixtieth anniversary
of tholr marriage and they wero pre
sented with gold pln8 by tho ordor,
E, S. Davis making tho presentation.
As they entered tho prottily decorated
ed hall tho wedding march was play
ed by Nicholas Kloin. An onjoyablo
program was rendered as follows:
Reading, Mrs. W. J. Tiloy; vocal so
los, Mrs. Edward Burko and Miss Dor-
ryborry; Instrumental selections, N.
Klein: reading, Helen Swanson. Twc
hundred frlonds of this, worthy couple
wonti present nnd tho guests of honor
with Archdeacon and Mrs. J. J. Bow
kor, woro seated at a specially ar
ranged table.
Tho fanners of Modlclno precinct
hold a mooting at Wclllleet Saturdny
overling for tho purposo of organiz
ing a farmers' union, but tho organizer
oxpocted failed to appear. The plan
la to organize a union and open n
lumber and coal yard and either buy
tho present elevator or orect a now
Tho tenchors of tho local schools nnd
membors of tho board of education
will hold a banquot at tho Junior high
school building Saturday evening. Tho
monu will bo prepared by tho domestic
sclenco department of tho Twontloth
Contury club and covers will bo laid
for olghty.
Mrs. Floyd Jackson returned this
morning from Donvor whoro sho via
Itcd last wook.
Arcucci u. m. uoynoius wk. now being oponod at Tho Lender Mer
Messrs Luto nnd llartnian, of Paxtou,1 contjjf, Co.'s.
through tho Jofforson school last'
wfek. Tho.. tlim i. M,3S KllUl MOOTO Is expected to TO-
....... . a. wU Ow" - -
of the board of education at Pnxton
and they aro looking ovom school build
ings preparatory to'-' letting tho'-ebni
tracts for tholr nv school.
Mr. Mosmor and Mrs. X. E. Loudon
visited in thu Joll'erson school last
Thirty-live pupils of Miss High's
room havo sont lu tho drills for tholr
flrt button In Palmer ponmaushlp.
Programs In honor of Lincoln's
birthday ver held In a numbor ol
rooms In tho city, particularly In the
Lincoln building.
The following Indies vlsltod at tho
Washington school last wcok: Mrs.
Cram Mrs. Forbes, Mrs. Wntklns, Mrs.
Tout, Mrs. Starr, Mrs. Adams, Mrs.
Golden, Mrs. Guthorfyw,', Mrs; "Van
Professor Garllohs prosentod tho
Lincoln building with a largo ling on
February 10th. It was much admired
by both pupils and teachers and they
nr. gratoful to tho giver.
Tho hygiene class In Mrs. Turplo's
room aro testing lung oxpanslon and
making n "record of tho measurements
they take.
Many rooms had valontlno boxes on
tho 14th. This has como to bo quite
a day In tho olomontary school. In
some rooms tho pupils mako vnlontlnos
for tholr mothors, In others for tholr
Visitors In tho Lincoln school Inst
nwok woro Mrs. Chas. Rogors and
Mrs. Ellis Holllngsworth.
Tho now school building which Is
to bo officially opened by tho board of
education on next Friday Is the Frank
lin building. In It aro tho executive
offices of tho schools Including the
board of education nnd tho city super
intendent, tho Franklin auditorium
and the Franklin gymnasium and Uio
Junior high school. It Is Incorrect 'to
call this building itjho Junior high
School building ns tho Junior high
school occupies less than half of It
All athletic ovonts should bo an
nounced fon tho Franklin gymnasium
and all ontortalnments should bo an
nounced for tho Franklin auditori
um. Tho old high school building will bo
j known as tho Contral building and
tho auditorium thoro will bo called
the Central school auditorium. Tho
Junior high school Is at present lo
cated In tho Franklin building mid tho
Senior high school Is at present lo
cated In the Contral building.
' ::::
Moose Itaii(iitt Postponed
Tho third annual bnnquct of tho
Mooso ta hlch was to havo been staged
for tonight has, on account of tho
Ueath of Henry Cohagon, beon in
definitely postponed.
Kplscopal Church
Ash Wednesday, Fob. 21st, services
at 10 a. m. In charge of Archdeacon
: ::o::
Tho Woman's Homo Missionary
society will moot with Mrs. J, A. Me
Michael, 209 south Vino street, Friday
McDonald State Bank.
of North Platto, Charter No. 647 In tho
Stato of Nebraska at tho closo of lius
nt'HH February 13, 1917.
LoniiH nnd discount!) 413,306.44
Overdraft!) 882,71)
Rondo, securities. Judgments
claims, etc 15,600.00
Banking- house, furnlturo
anil ilxturcH 10,194.07
Other Real Estate 7,609.22
iurircm expenses, taxos
it exiion
ami Interest paid.
Duo from nat'l and
state hanks. . .$140,008.19
Chocks ami Itoms
of exchange.. 0,080.58
Currency 20,110.00
Hold Coin 1,192.60
Silver, nlcltlos and
cents 3,778.18-
Total 1032,292.28
Catiltnl stock imld In $100,000.00
Surplus fund 20,000.00
fndlvlded profits 12.749.63
l lvldnnris unpaid 6,000.09
individual depos
its subject to
check $288,208.60
Demand cortlfl-
,catu of dopos
1t 2.088.11
Tlmo certificates
.if deposit .... 141,666.68
Certified chocks... 800.00
Dtia to national
.ind state banks 67,009.44 190,381.03
Depositors' guaranty fund 4,101.12
Total $032,292.2
State of Nebraska, County of Lincoln, bh
l, w. ii. Mcuonaia, casnior oi ine
abovo named bank do hereby swear
that tho abovo statement Is a correct
and true copy of tho report mado to
tho State Banking Board.
W. II. MoDONALD, Cashier.
.1. U. MoDONALD. Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before m
thin 19th diiv of Knliniarv. 1917.
O. II. THOELECKE, Notary Public,
Tho now stvloa In dress itooda aro
turn thia morning from a fow days'
visit in Koamoy.
Thru. J. C. Todd, of Gl.ondlve, Mont."
arrived hero recently to visit with
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Buchanan.
Mis Kutn Crab returned to Pnxton
last ovonlng after, visiting with hor
slstor, Mrs. John Guyinan, for a wcok.
Mrs. John Polstor, of Petersburg,
arrived this morning to-vlslt (with Mrs.
Elmer Masteu and Miss Josephlno
Angus McLnne, who has boon om
ployed lu the Rlnckor'book and drug
storo for several months, will return
to his former homo lu Lexington this
Week. .
Mnrj' Plckford will Imj soon at tho
Crystal Thursday night In the noted
play of theatrical llfo, "Dohlnd tho
Sconos," a piny written by Mnrgarot
Mayo, author1 of "Baby Mlno."
Tho Travol nnd Study club mot wltl
Mrs. F. W. Rlnckor last ovonlmr and
wero entertained with a parlor talk
on Italian operas by Mrs. C. R. Morey,
Selections from operas woro played
on nn Edison.
Believing that
always entitled to
service we can give
sent our Corsetiere
Gossard Company's
cago, to complete her course in
scientific fitting of Gossard
Corsets, ,
This school is considered by far the
best of its kind in this country.
When Miss Preston returns about
the first of March she will have
had all of the ' instructions that
can get along
order to reoeive a diploma from
this school one must pass a rigid
written examination showing that
they understand their work. We
believe that you will appreciate
o'ur efforts along this line as you
have always done
to make our store
community .
Wilcox Department Store
The H. and S. Agency.
HAS Lots and City property for Snle.
WRITES Fire, Tornado, Aulombilc and Hail Insurance.
LOANS MONEY on City Property.
Buy a Home and pay for it each month like
you pay rent. Some Homes to suit you on your
Let your wants bo known.
Office Phones Red or Black 612.
Residence Phones See
John Brntt left last ovonlng for
Grand Island nnd othor eastern points
to spend a cotiplo of days.
Th0 dining room nnd lobby of tho
Hotel McCnbo Is bolng ropnlutcd and
tho walls tinted.
Tho Lutheran Girls' club will bo
entertained at tho homo of tho Misses
Mnrgaret and Elfroda Mottln Thursday
Englnoors RUoy Warren nnd James
McNeill rotumed Sunday ovenlng from
Pocatello whoro they woro recontly
Tho Womans' foroign missionary so
uloty of tho Mothodlst ohurch will hold
an afternoon tea at tho pnrsonago
Wodnosday aftornoon. All membors
and friends nro asked to come.
Mmo, Potrovn, In "Tho Etornal Ques
tion," will bo tho attraction at tho
Crystal tonight. It Is a wondorplay
5 acts long and ocean deep In power
and pathos. A story of high llfo and
deop shadows.
Mrs. W. II. Blalock was hostess to
tho Twontloth Contury club yesterday
aftornoon. Tha subject for discus
sion wa9 "Th0 Opening of tho Garden
Sonson," and Mr. McConib of tho ex
perimental station ontortnlnod tho la
dles with a lecturo on gardens, shrubs,
llowors, vegetables nnd vinos. Aftor
tho program tho hostess demonstrated
shrimp salad.
patrons are
the very best
them, we have
to the H. M.
school at
these lines from
teachers. In
all our
a credit
to this