The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 16, 1917, Image 4

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JrMrrt'irni ktok glasses
tcction PTot
The originator of the bifocnl
idea was Ben Franklin. His
glasses showed a heavy senm
across the face of them. Then
followed the cement and past
ed bifocals which were not
much of an improvement over
Ben's crude spectacles.
The latest development in
bifocals is
Thoy aro tlio perfect glasses
for ncaT and far vision, without
lino, seam or hump.
KRYPTOKS , (pronounced
Trip-locks) aro ono solid crystal
clear lens with smooth even sur
face. Thoy aro slnglo vision
In appcarnnco.
Registered Optometrist.
The hIrii with the J lttntr
Mrs. Edward Burko spoilt a few
dayB Jn Ogalalla this vcok.
Mls3 Margaret Waugh left Wodneo
day morning for Goring to visit
Bert Notyo has eold to Clara B. illtt,
lot 10, block 2, nivcrdalo addition for
' Ur. MorrjlJ, Dontlst.
Gon0 Soilder left the first of this
wook for Marysvlllo, Mo to visit rel
atives. Mrs. Armstrong of Roscoo, Is 111 at
tho homo of Her daughtor Mrs. Oeorgo
A. L. Schmilz, of tho stnta bank of
Omaha visited this wood witn t u
ta rawnrTi nnhlnson loft Wednes
day morning to visit with frlendB on
tho branch.
Mra v it ninlnck loft Wcdnosday
morning for Omaha to visit for ft week
with frionas.- -rinnrpn
Mofi'tinv loft Wednesday ev
cnlng for Omaha to transact business
for soveral days.
Mrs. ItUBsdl 'Wyman wont to Grand
Island-Woduosdny nftomoon to visit
frlonds and relutlves.
J. S, Hongland returned Wodnosday
from Lexington whoro ho spoko nt a
mooting of tho 0. A. It.
Headquarters for Window glass.
Stacy McMlchao.l of Wolllleet, vls
tod this wool: with his parents Mr. and
Mrs. JoBoph McMlchacl.
Charles Basklns camo homo Wed
nesday evening from Omaha whoro ho
tran'saoted huslnosa this week.
Clmrlcs Eoholborry transacted busl-
noas In Sutherland tho first of the
week and returned Wcdnosday.
Mrs.' W004 White loft Wednesday
aftomoon for Grand lalnnd to visit
her parents, for a week or longer.
vMrs. II. A. Lnwhcad loft Wodnosday
afternoon tor Kcarnoy and Grand
Island to visit friends for a fow days.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Andorson, of
Wollfleot, camo Wodnosday to attond
tho funeral of tho late Horman Kosbau
Mrs, Craig, of Greoloy, Colo., who
has boon ill with rheumatism at tho
homo of hof parents Mr. and Mrs
ChnrlcB Wyman, Is reported to bo Im
Mra Tlnntnl MtfrnliV. nf ChOVOlllie,
formerly of this city, como a few days
ago to visit nor (laugnicr iurs. job.
Qulnn for a week.
Grand Rocordor Evans, of tho Grand
Island A. 0. U. W. lodgo, spent the
first of thte week here on business
with tho local ordor.
L,. ,.,ilntr iixtfflll mill KiifUfnriOHr
I VI ' ( 11 ' Vy k ' " - " - - ' (
salo list your land with Thoelscko. tf i
F. C. Plolstlckor and M. E. Scott
spent tho first of this wock In Paxton,
on business at tho bank which they
recently purchusod thoro.
Wnntcl to buy a 38-40 Winchester
repeating rlfla, or any otlior make of
high power largo boro rlflo. Soo Mon
roo Sign Co,, or phono black 040.
Mrs. William Calupka, of Goring,
who has boon visiting her parents
for sevoral weeks will leuvo today.
Mrs. Calupka was formorly Miss Roxy
WantedPlain sewing. 203 south
Dewey. Mrs. Ida Wlngart. 8-4
D. W. Galnos of tho Morchnnts' Ho
tel of Omaha, and A. Baum, also of
Omaha, who recently purchased tho
Scouts Rest ranch, aro hore this week
on business.
Efflclont and rollablo light draylng
of any kind, taxlcab service and coun
try livery. Splcer's Parcel Delivery.
Call Huffman's Cigar Store Phone 975.
Tho Catholic school building will be
complotod within a wook and all de
partmontB can bo used about February
24th. Tho dedication will tako place
shortly after EaBtor.
Romember our Corsets aro tho boot
made; wo can lit every figure. Just
try ono of our model and you will
wear no othor.
Tho advanco sa p cf tickets for tho Forresters ball to bo given
Mumlnv nt tho Lloyd onora
htuso lm boon gi eater than In pre
vious .years and indications aro umt
the at'eucanco w!ll !. largo.
A. F. Klnas has purchased tho Bow
on building on north Locust street and
Is tearing It down. It Is his Intention
In linvn n Inrrn Iwn ntnrv business
building erected on tho slto In tho
near future.
I now liavo fundB at 5 por cent
on cholco bottom table lanu. ueno
Crook, Rooms 3 & 4, Waltcmath Bldg.
Minn Mario Bowen who had boon
ill for sevoral days was oppratod up
on ror nppemucltiB at tno uuy Hospi
fnl Wmlnnailav mornlnc. Dr. W. J
Rodflold of Grand Island, formorly of
this city perrormcu tno oporauon. tne
Is getting along nicoiy.
Mary A. Favlnger was granted a
dlvorco from Henry M. Favlnger Wed
nesday on tho grounds of cruelty
Thoy wro married In Hayes county
In August, 1910, and have two young
children, both or whom wore placed
In the custody of tho mother.
Dolla L. Smith was granted a dl
vorco from Carl Smith In tho district
court Tuesday morning on tho grounds
of cruelty. Thoy woro married In
Grant. Porklns county October 14. 1914
and had resided In this county for two
Lyonra. JJor, maiden name of Delia
Kcmpor was restored to nor.
Rocords youi should havo In your
Gra'anola cabinet: "Tho Bob 'O Link
and Wron," a aplendld orchestration;
"Amaryllis " ewcot music by tho Col
ostru; ''Baby Shoes" a homo song of
baby; "Huvu you Forgotten Me," bar-
tono sloo. Drop in nnd hoar them.
DIXON, Tho Jowolor.
Your Unrle Sam now rivals John
fluirin possessing torrltory on which
tho sun nevrr sots. St. Croix In the
nowly-acnulred Danish West Indies
(Troup, Is tho eastorn end and Bnlabac
m tho Philippines tho west end, or half
'ho o'rcuin formica of tho earth. Just
as tho sun if, rising on St. Croix it
la sotting on Jialalnc.
A !d!ood fllfcd 'this wook convoys
from E. S. N. E. Rbso the
southwost quarter of soctlon 24-11-28
for J1&00.00 and tho lattor onv3vs
to tho former tho wost half of the
Bouthwcst quarter of section 17. and
tho aouthoasf quarter of tho southeast
quarter and lot 4 of Section 18-12-23
for a consideration of $3,300.
Registered' Porcheron Stallion for
salo cheap. Thomas E. Doollttlo
Not th Plutto. Neb. 8-8
At a mooting of tho Yeoman Tu?s
day ovonlng a largo class was adopted
and delegates oloctcd to tho stato
convention to bo hold In this city
April 2d and 3d. To this convoiUlon
mo delegates ure w. J. Tiicy at lnrgo
Losllo Basklns, Dr. T. J. Korrf Mrs
Albert Durbln and Frank Henderson
At tho close a lunch was served.
After touring Toxas, Oklahoma, Kau
nas, part of Nebraska, Iowa and
Illinois, tho Winona Lycoum Entor
talnors, of which Miss Irma Huffman
of tills city 1b tho reader and soloist,
will cIobo the season at Mackinaw, 111.,
MIm Huffman will spend two weens
In Chicago coaching, after Which she
will return to North Platto to visit
hor paronta and frlonds until the
Cllautaunua season opens In May when
eho will etart out on ft circuit for n
three months engagement.
An ostlmato of Miss Huffman's abil
ity as an ontortalnor Is obtained from
a loading papor of Toxas which said:
Mlsa Huffman was a trio entertainer
In ono norsonallty. It Is difficult to
say In which art ho excelled or was
most appreciated. Hor soprano num
bers wero suporb, hor readings clovor
nnd artlRtlc and her piano work ap
norBonaHty captured hor audience, hjr
personality captured tho nudlenco Iier
olectlonB wero vnrled; nor Humorous
sketches varied In apoecli nnd dialect
nnd thoro was alwnys that wholesome
pleasing themo In each that was hap
piness to contemplate. Hor word
painting and tono color as well as
hor wonderful ability In chnractorlza
tlon vvaB admirably sustained through
out. Pnrtlcularlly Impressive was tho
lullaby, 'Mammy a Black Rose, nnd
tho reading "Tho Silk Worm Story."
Wim t Onmo Warden Appointed.
Farmers living on tho south side of
tho river between North Platto and
Gothenburg will unite In a petition to
Governor Novlllo requesting that he
appoint a gnmo warden for Lincoln
county. Those farmers state that tho
grasshoppers have been Increasing
so rapidly during the pnst two or three
years as to threaten tho complete
dstructlon of tho alfalfa fields, and
claim that protection of game birds Is
tho only solution of tho Impending
danger. If tho birds aro protected dur
ing tho early part of tho year and
not ruthlessly slaughtered, thcyw will
rill tho country of tho grasshoppers,
and to protect tho birds a game
iwnrden Is necessary.
In Keith county tho residents sent
a petition- to Representative Beftll ask
ing that ft bill bo Introduced making
ft closed season for a period of threo
yoars on nil game birds on tho plea
thnt tho hoppers wore devastating the
alfalfa fields.
To Be Saving is
Not to Be Stingy
That's the wrong idea. To bo snvinji-merely means to
stop useless expenditures . You do not havqlo bo.penurious
to save money , Just lav nside the small amounts you spend
for things you can do ns well without und put that money jn
the First National Bank.
You wilt indeed be surprised at what these small sums' will
amount to even in one year's time.
. A bank account will increase your self-respect and will
also give you prestige.
F.our Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings.
First National Bank,
'oroner,8 Jury Adjourns Till Mondny.
Tho coroner's lurv summoned tn In-
qulro Into tho dotalls of tho death of
Hormnn Kosbau and son, convened
Wednesday mornlnir. oxnmltirul ov-
oral wltnossos and at noon adjourned
until tour o'clock, upon ro-ossombllng
tho testimony of two more witnesses
was taken and tho lurv then nd1mirnvl
until Monday at nine o'clock. Deputy
uoumy Attornoy iiaiugan lias ciiarge
of tho innuest anil tho lurnra am E.
N. Ogier, J. H. VanCleavo; A. M. Lodk,
Aiuin sanua l. m. J. Forties nn Bnt-
lor Buchanan. Among tho witnesses
oxammcu wero jonn Jones, I. 13. Trout,
Ed Wheolock, Goorgo Wilson, John
Nolson and Fred Placok, men who
had seen Kosbau during the day of
tllo nccldnnt or nn flin ilnv nrnvlmm
Tho tostimony bf these witnesses 'threw
miio ngni on tno rncts which ' tho
ury is attempting to obtain.
Lutheran Announcements for Sundny
aununv sc 1001 at. u:45.
Mornlntr Vnrsliln 11 n'n.lnrlr. Sormon
BUincct "T irouKli What tho World
uojocts uoii uionics Himself."
Young Peoplo's Missionary nt 4 p. m
Luther League eorvico at G:45 p, m
Eveninc worshin 7: P.O. Snrmnn snli.
ioct: "Tho Prodigal Son." This is tho
nrst or aovon sermons on Now Testa
mont conversions.
Tho chest Will bo sot out nenln nt
both Borvlces to rccolvo tho monthly
offering for tho now church building
r :o:
GpIm flip Cjinliiln'si ltnrnn
A thief onterod tho bnfipninnt nf Mm
nimrtmont occunlml 1v Cnnl. P. .T.
Barron Tuesday night nnd escaped
Willi about all tho eatables In sight,
Including tho bacon, eggs and cream
that P. .T. hn.i nnHnlnntiul frr lita
brpnkfnfif vfho fnllnwl n tr mnrnlno1 i
miei gamcu nn entrance by removing
a screen and oponlng a window, nnd
his exit wns through n door which ho
nniocKPu nnn iook tho Key with him.
To frustrate a repetition of this work
LJipi. unrron win tiotaii momiiera
lilq zouaves to guard his promises.
t lOlIirlllH of Pvllilim fit IIiukmipI
Momborn of tho Knichts nf Pvthlnn
and former mombers who havo rtppliod
ror ro-mstatomont will hold ( a ban
quet at tho McCabe hotol Monday ovrn
ing nna maKo arrangements ror ro
lnstltutlug a lodgo In North Tlatte.
mo institution cormonles will bo hold
on tno eveninc or Mnwii nth wimn r
class of twontv or morn win i tnttin
lOll OY a team rrom flin ICnnrnov lnitim
It Is expected that sevoral officers of
th stato grand lodgo will bo present.
mf Worst E
Therefore we liave arranged for the
Sale and Delivery of
Eke D
Whole Wheat,
Graham and Rye Flour
mi Corn Meal
Heretofore sold in 500 pound lots
In any quantity, at wholesale prices and with a
strict money back guarantee
Believing thnt the little consumer is entitled to this rcduc
Uqii in price ns well ns tho hig purchaser, we have adopted
this course.
Shorts, bran, wheat, corn, oats, barley, chop, ground mix
. ed feed, mixed chicken eed? alfalfa baled hay and tankage that
have previously been delivered in only 500 pound lots will here
after -also be delivered in any quantity and nt our usunl low
prices. v
Leypoldt & Peniiio
Phone 90
Office, Elevator and Warehouse, Front and Silber Avenue.
-: :o:-
Cnrd of Thanks.
I Wish to OXtoml TTIV tlinnka tn mv
many frlondo for tho beautiful iloral
gift sont, a loving tribute to my
mothoi4 Ihn lnfn Mru. WMllnm T Al-
voy or Winnebago. Minnesota. Also for
mo many loitors or sympathy nnd loy.
uig uoeus ionureu my ramliy during
my nbsonco.
r :o! :
To following nionn will be servod
by td-Enworth loncno In tho PmvjI.v.
torlan church basoment this ovonlng
Beginning nt & o'clock: Iiostou Mkod
beans and browai bread, pickles, dough
nuts coffoo and plo. Prlco 30 cents,
Tho Ufo of this Institution come
through tho successful uso of the true
and tried Homeopathic romedy; noth
ing healing more quickly, nioro easily,
more permanently.
Horo Is a hospital that in making It
solf known by good rosulta In Major
ahd Minor Surgery, nnd which Is tho
Homo of OrWclal, Surgory with ac
complishments that no othor system
can daro, challenge in tho treatment ot
acuto and chronic dlseasos.
1008 WoBt 4tk St. North Platto, Jfcb.
John S. Twlucm, M. B.
a in Clrniw Infnrmnllv enter-
tallied twelve at bridge Wednesday af
Mrs. Wilson Tout pleasantly enter
tained tho members of tho Culture
club Monday afternoon.
ht nr. -RVntnr will (HltOrtSlln tills
lUlili UVivr. i .....
afternoon complimentary to Mrs. Kei-
lOgg, OI fOrClvai, lUWU, niiua t,--.
at tho Hnlllgfin homo.
Mrs. Clydo Cook and Mrs. John
HUlebrandt will entertain tho Zetta
Zotta club at tho homo of tlio former
on Wednesday aftomoon.
A vory enjoyable social event of
this week was tho dancing party held
by tho members ot tho Lonesome
hurst club at tho Masonic hall lues
day veiling. t
imKcn. nf nMchbors and friends
Lathered at tlio Asa Snyder home Sat-
Hin mrnniuir iiiiii it uuuiuu -
sut'prlso iparty. The evening was spent
In card games.
Bevorly Wurtolo. entertained twetve
young menus in u 'X 'Ya
in tho moazanino room of the Oasi3
Wodensdny evening, vaioimura
exchanged and decorations wero rod
The domosrtlc sclonco dopartmont
of tho Twentieth Contury club will
meet with MraW. II. Blalock. 904 west
Mnnlmf nftortinnn. IlUDOrtant
IDlAllll -(business
domands tho attendance of
all members.
Tho Indian card club woro the
guests of Miss Alma Wnltematli Wed
nesday afternoon. In tho card gamos
Mrs. Chas. Reynolds won first prlzo
and Mrs. Fred Wnltematli second. As
sisting tha hostess was Mrs. Joseph
Stopo and Mrs. Schatz.
i,n Ainim Mn Slcma
club, Uiolr husbands nnd soveral guests,
wcr dollghtTully ontortained last ov-t
qnlng at tlio homo of Mrs. Grimes, who
!. v.. -Kir rtrnnk. Mrs. Pl-
zor and Mrs. llalllgan. Flvo hundred
was tli6 entortalnlng feature.
Tho literary department of tho Twen
tieth Century club met Tuesday after
noon nt tho homo of Mrs. Aork IHn
mnn and hold guest day. Forty ladles
woro prosont and enjoyed tho follow
ing program: Nebraska Day, Mrs. E.
A. Garllchs; Eminent Nebraska Men
and Womon, Mrs. J. H. Hogarty; in
Btrumontnt solo, Miss Dulcle Frator;
vocal solo, Mrs. W. II. Cramerr
Mlss Mabl Lumm, who recontly re
slgneil from tho local telephono office,
an tho guest ot honor at n farewell
party at ho homo of Mlss Lena Bas
klns Wednesday ovenlng. Tho fifteen
guests woro served with a chicken and
waft lo supper nnd spent tho latter part
of tho ovenlng In music and games.
Miss Lumm will leavo Tuesday for
Omaha to locate.
Tho La4y Forrostors and husbands
w6ro entertained at the homo of Mrs.
Clyde Cook Wednesday ovenlng, Tho
decorations and rofroshmontB woro In
keeping with tho Valentino season and
partnora wero found by matching
valentines. Tho evening was a very
pleasant ono to tlio guests. Progressive
card games wero played and prizes
awarded to Mr. McCullough of Max
woll and Mrs. Mary Dunn. Miss Jose
phine O'Haro assisted In entertaining
and Misses Gertrude Robhusen, Anna
O'Hare and Mario LeDloyt assisted In
Tho general meeting of tho Twenti
eth Century club was hold Tuiesdny
evening at tho homo of Mrs. P. J. Bar
'ron. During tho evening a group of
songs was rendered by Mrs. L. W.
Toole. Mrs. George Frator gave a
rhyme on the club members. Two
readings by Mrs. York Hlnman were
enjoyed and Mrs. W. H. Cramor gave
soveral Instrumental selections. Del
egates to tho convention which will be
held hero on March 22nd and 23rd were
selected as follows: First delegate,
Mrs. G. T. Flold, second delegate, Mrs.
P. J. Barron; altornates Mesdames L.
W. Toolo and York Hlnman.
: :dif . mi mi fSl
Dr. Morrill. Uounsu
, , ;
in travel, in sightseeing, in business
openings, in new fields for agricul
ture, horticulture, livestock industry
and various trades.
When considering the question of
where to go, what to see and the .cost,
or when seeking new locations iri-any.
line of business or when contemplat
ing a vacation trip, there is afforded
you a source of information that has
been taken advantage of by thou
sands before you.
The Union Pacific System
is a product of the west, reaches the most; important
cities and agricultural districts in the west, is constantly
in touch with most reliable sources of information, con
cerning the west and the opportunities there.
If you arc now contemplating a trip to any section
of the west served by this great railroad system; or if
you are now seeking new fields of endeavor, in no matter
what line, we can help you furnish accurate informa
tion quickly, can help you to decide in ample time to get
relocated and well settled before spring work begins.
Just what can we do to help you?
W. S. Basinger, General Passenger Agent
. :; i ' Qmaliir, Neb.