The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 16, 1917, Image 3

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Some Demi-Season Hats of Careful Design That Herald the Ap
proach of Spring Fine Cottons, Linens and Laces of the
Most Refined Tastes Appear in the Children's
Dresses for Spring.
Nothing Better for Small Family, If
It la Not Too Expensive Royal
Scallop Another Dish That la
First Class.
One.medlum-slzo chicken (cut up),
Hats That Herald
The stores mid shops nre full of gny
fmrlngtlme millinery for the southern
tourist. These huts nre so alluring
that even those who stay ut home nre
tempted to throw Judgment to the
winds and Indulge themselves In n
deml-season hat of satin, or satin nnd
straw. It Isn't n bad Idea even with
the thermometer lingering near the
zero mark If the choice is a repre
sentative spring style. Easter comes
early this year.
Any one of the three huts pictured
Is a safo Investment. At the cen
ter a hnt of black silk sets at rest a
burning question. Button, button.
"Who's got the button?" has been an
swered. As many as six dozens of
them nre set close together nbout brim
edges and crowns at the top and bot
tom. This Is a sailor with an up
stundlng edge that makes the best
pos8lblo place for covered buttons.
It Is very tailored, and finished look
ing, nnd has a flat applique trimming
of embroidery at the front.
Of White Batiste
Tho beginning of Lent Is close at
hand, bringing with It the annual as
signment o'f time for spring sewing.
Tho thought of provident mothers Is
centered on replenishing their supplies
of bed linen and table linen, on the
children's sewing, nnd on their own.
All tho new cotton goods nre In house
dresses and lingerie nre to be made
ready and children's clothes got out of
the way, In the weeks between now
nnd Easter. No one minds giving
March to this work. And some of the
work Is Interesting enough to tempt
one to stay Indoors in April for In
stance, dresses for the little girls. Hut
there Is every reasou for making them
during Lent, leaving more leisure for
enjoying tho springtime.
The same fine cottons, linens and
laces that have always been the choice
of the most refined taste appear In
the new patterns In children's dresses,
There Is nothing startling!' new In
their design but a special emphasis
seems to be given to fine and dainty
needlework on (hem. Their trimmings
ure simple but of flue qunllty, and
workmanship on them Is ubo've re
proach. Even for tiny girls some of
the new models have double sklrta.
There Is n decided liking for plaits and
tor little coat effects.
the Spring.
The modest turba- at the left Is
very good style, with satin crown nnd
braid brim, It happens to be In black,
but would look well In French blue or
any of the dark colors. A crisp bow
at the side looks like a butterfly and
lends animation to this model, which
would be too severe without It. At the
right one of the new high-crowned mod
els Is made up along lines thnt are new
this season. Satin and braid arc com
bined In covering the shape, with tho
braid extending frum the upper brim
to the side, crown. But three-quarters
of the crown Is of satin, and this
hat Is shown made up In braid nnd
georgette crepe. It has a flat collar ot
narrow ribbon, held In place by long
stitches of heavy silk thread. A fan
shaped ornament nt the front Is bright
ened with colored berids, and three
ends of ribbon depend from It.
These are deml-season hats of care
ful design, but the approach of spring
Is hernlded In them.
and Val Lace.
A dress of while batiste for a girl
of three Is shown In the picture. It
bus n long waist and a full skirt, laid
In boxplalts. Groups of narrow tucks,
running lengthwise, alternated with
two rows of narrow val Insertion, are
placed at' each side of the opening nt
the back. The same decoration ap
pears at tho front of the waist. A val
edging finishes the neck In a narrow
rullle. The sleeves are a little longer
than elbow length, finished with a ruf
fle of val lace, a group of narrow tucks,
and an insertion of val. All the lace Is
put on by hand and the small tucks
are hand run. There are two rows of
Insertion nnd one of edging about tho
bottom of tho skirt.
The sash of wide, pink brocaded rib
bon is made with a flat bow at tho
back and Is adjusted without any
wrinkling. It lies flat about the little
figure, which arrangement looks parti
cularly well with a long-wulsted
If tlmo Is precious there Is no very
good reason why this dress should not
bo machlno sewed. It is merely
"smarter" when tho work Is done by
oner tablospoonful lnrd, one-half table
spoonful of butter. Put the lard Into
a baking pan, set on top of stove until i
melted) add butter, and melt, but do
not brown. Roll each piece of chicken
In flour, put It Into tho pan with the
hot lard and. butter, cover with water
nnd cook In tho oven for about an hour,
carefully turning the chicken over
when browned on one side. If tho
grnvy Is not thick enough, a little Hour
may bo added. A little cream Is also
an Improvement. With this I servo '
stuffed potatoes. Six potatoes, one
tablespoonful melted butted, hot milk
to moisten, snlt and pepper. Select
lnrge potatoes, bako until soft, cut In
halves lengthwise. Remove the lnsldo
without breaking the skin, mnsh It
well, season with salt, pepper and
melted butter, add hot milk nnd beat
until light. Heap this mixture Into
tho sklus, brush tops with melted hut-,
ter nnd brown In the oven. Perhaps
yon do not want such nn expensive
Here Is another; but It Is hard to, get
the wholo tomntoes this time of year.
I have used canned. Select ripe toma
toes of uniform size. Remove tho core
and part of tho Inside, nnd Into each
drop a raw egg, with a little salt nnd
pepper. Cover tho opening with bread
crumbs nnd bake until the tomntoes
are done.
Royal Scallop. Three hard boiled
eggs, one cupful salmon, two cupfuls
crumbs, two cupfuls white sauce. Mash
tho eggs fine with a fork, butter a bak
ing dish nnd arrange In Inycrs, crumbs,
fish, eggs nnd sauco, salt, pepper nnd
butter (two nnd one-ha'f tablespoon
fuls to the whole mixture). Repent un
til all tho food mntcrlal Is used, fin
ishing with n layer of crumbs on top.
Bake until brown. Ilope you will try
one of these. I have somo salads I
use for luncheon thnt are very nice.'
Boston Globe.
Chafing Dish Recipes.
Cheese Fondu. Two cupfuls grated
'cheese, one tablespoonful butter, cup
ful, of milk, one cupful bread crumbs,
two eggs, n little cnyenno. Put tho
butter Into the chafing dish; when
melted add the milk, crumbs, cheese
nnd cayenne; stir constantly. Add
Just before serving tho eggs beaten
Crenmed Lobster. One tablespoon
ful butter, one tablespoonful flour, one
cupful of milk, one 1 small cup
ful cream, two pounds lobster, tea
spoonful of sn,lt, cayenne pepper. Melt
the butter In the chafing dish and
then stir In the flour gradually, add
the milk nnd cream; when all Is
smooth add the lobster cut Into small
pieces, then add the snlt and cay
enne. Stir until very hot, ndd tho
lemon Juice and servo nt once on
This Is the way I use up cold roast
meat or bits of steak : Cut up In small
pieces, put on In kettlo with cold wa
ter nnd nn onion. Cook until tender,
then thicken quite thick with flour.
Season to taste, put In small round
pnn, but quite deep, let get cold, then,
about nn hour before supper, boll
enough potatoes to cover quite thick.
Mnsh them with milk and butter. Cov
er meat and bake untlPment Is thor
oughly heated, usually a half hour. If
any Is left I "warm up for breakfast by
mixing In the spider, but there Is sel
dom any left. I like this way better
than grinding meat fine nnd then cover
ing with potatoes and gravy, nnd Just
n small amount of meat will nmply do
for two.
Pineapple Custard Pie.
Won't someone please try my plne
npplo custard pie? It Is delicious. I
used the pineapple that I canned.
Shred thoroughly rlpo plnenpplos until
you have two cupfuls; add one cup
ful granulated sitgnr nnd tho yolks of
four eggs, well beaten. Stir In a pint
of milk which has been scalded not
boiled and whlclrhns been allowed to
cool ; then add the whites of eggs
beaten stiff and stir all thoroughly.
Put the pastry on tin plates and bake
until tho crusts nre rich and brown.
Boston Globe.
A Tempting Club Side Dish.
Tnko the skin, Juice and seeds from
nice, fresh tomatoes, chop what re
mains with celery and add this dress
ing: Yolks of two hard-boiled eggs
rubbed fine and smooth, one teaspoon
ful of English mustard, one of salt,
the yolks of two raw eggs beaten Into
the other, dessertspoonful of fine
sugar. Add very fresh sweet oil, pour
In by very small quantities nnd bent
until quite thick, then add vinegar
till as thin as desired. If not hot
enough with mustard add u little cny
enno pepper.
Chestnut Balls.
Mix one cupful of hot boiled and
mashed chestnuts with tho beaten
yolks of two eggs, one-half saltspoon
ful of snlt, one tablespoonful of sugar,
two tablespoonfuls of heuvy cream,
one tcnspoonful of vanilla; cool, fold
In the 8tlflly beaten whites, shape In
small balls, roll In crumbs, dip In bent
en egg, ii 1 1 a pi n in rrumbs, let
stand i I. and fry In
deep f
Emperor Uarl Frnuz Joseph of Austria Hungary taking tho oath or his coronation at Budapest, Hungary. Tho
coronation was tho most brilliant of nny great public ceremony thnt has taken placo In Hungary for generations.
When tho emperor took the oath ho was surrounded by the highest church dignitaries and gnyly costumed court
1 'in- lit ia mattr
This Is the American liner St. Louis as she would uppear If painted In accordance with tho command of tho
emperor of Gormnny. This was that Amorlcnn ships should bo painted in white and red vortlcnl stripes nbout tea'
feet wide and should enrry largo flags of red nnd whlto checks, with tho Amerlcnn ling nt tho Btern.
f -
The George Washington Memorial association, which Im.s already raised iJHOO.OOO toward the erection of u tn
morlul to Georgo Wnshlngton In the capital, Is attempting to raise this amount to $1,000,000 by February 22, Wash
ington's birthday, so the work enn bo begun nt once. Tho site, once occupied by tho railroad station In which
President Garllold was assassinated, has already been donuted by congress. Tho bulldliig will be 300 feet wide, 27G
feet deep and four stories In height.
A fountain lll.e no other toM.itnli. or otlur pu-i- of sculpture n -a
fountain that will stand as a type of original American arthas been
designed by A. Stirling Calder, Niw York, and will bo erected next October
in the center of University square, Indianapolis, It Is n gift to his city by
the Into Richard Depow. The subject of ihe unique work of art Ih "Youth."
It Is expressed by the figures of eight dancing children facing outward and
encircling In a ring n central basin 1!) feet In diameter. On a pedestal lu the
middle of tho Inner basin Is thu heroic figure of a young naiad, directing tho
dance with cymbals. This figure dominates the group,
' ' ' '
The dogs employed by the French lu
aiding the wounded and currying mesi
sages through the trenches aro woni
derfully trained nnd show extrnord-i
Inary Intelligence. For work near tho
firing line somo of theso dogs huvd
been provided with gas masks.
The One Difference.
Bishop Sanford Olmsted of Denver
. In noted for his somewhat caustic wit.'
i i . ... . i
a iauy saiu 10 uisuop Olmsted atj
a luncheon:
"As for these sacred concerts, soi
called, I could never see, bishop,
wherein a sacred concert differed from
an ordinary concert."
"Oh my dear madam," said Ulshon
Olmsted In n shocked voice, "thero la
n distinct difference A sacred con
cert Is always given on Sunday."