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I) Crilntne.
No. 9
Settlement Mado with Union I'liclllc
nt Omaliu Saturday by Attorney
IV." E. Sliuman, who Itepre
sentcd the l'laliitlff.
Wllbor Koil. of Blanca. Col., who had
botli lens terribly burnod lu the rail
road 'accident at Gothenburg December
19th', effected a settlement with tho
Union Pacific company at Omaha Sat'
nnlav ithroueli his attorney 'W. E
Shunian. of this city, and was paid
twonty-ilvo thousand dollars In cur
Keil. who la thirty-two years of age
was onroute to Souith Omaha In charge
of two cars of stock. Ho wasrlding
Last Saturday at roforeo's sale Ju
lius Plzor purchased tho 22x80 foot lot
on tho corner of Sixth and Dewey)
Arrangomonis are now .baing made
for a formal dedication of tho now
Junior High School building on Kri-
strceta for a consideration of $3,600. ,,.,,r.v vaohht in me irwv day of next week. While tho program
This lot, which bolonged'to-'thO estate " v,m; iii.ii iiix S AT. ia not boon complotod it Is tho pur-
of C. L. Wood, was sold by order of j TTniY vimiT 1OSO 10 "ftVo throo ovonts during tho
tho court with O. 13. Elder as roforee. ' ". aay purjng tho forenoon tho Sonlor
Mr. Pizor already owned the 22-foot' , ,, , , . . ,,...., !!, nnd Junior high school students will
lot adjoining on tho north, and as soon
as ho returns from New York, for
which city he loft Sunday, ho will havo
an architect at onco draw plans for a
linllrtlni flint will cover lwith lota. Tho
front and south wall will uo pressed uorman nosnau, a wen nuuwu imm- nua m UKJ ovcning mo lormai uetiien
Ibrick and will correspond ln style er living southwest of tho city, and tiou of tho building will b0 hold un
with tho building which Mr. Plzer his ten year old son Harry wore dor tho auspices of tho board of cdu
0rectcd two years ago Just north of tho klllcU.-about 10:30 Saturday night cation, with addresses by members
, . , ,, . i ii . . nnd Junior high school students will
Car ln Which Innilly Is Lnrouto Home roiulor a pr0grnm before wn audience
Goes oft tho West bldo of the comp0sod of pupils from tho ward
Bridge nnd Drops TwclVO h CCt flnhnnln Tn Ihn nflnmnnn thn nnm
to tho Jtlrcr.
schools. In tho afternoon tho same
program will bo rondorft.1 to an audi
ence of adults, both men and women,
School girl wants to caro for ohll
dron. Uov. It. II. Whlto, Ulnck 603. j union Pacific officials aro figuring
Sheriff BonJamln Sonnor. of Arthur i on evolving a plan by which If It is
county, was a business visitor horol ndoptod, lu tho futuro thoy hopo to
Two business firms havo alreadys
plied for a lease of hot floors of tl
: :q: :
Crane Estato Property Sold.
p-,ly'Voro roturnlng homo plunged oft Tho program as soon as complotod
tho WOBt Bldo of tho briugo across mo will bo glvon In full In tlieso columns.
rlvor south of town. Mrs. Kosuau
and a youngor son, who were also In
thb car escaped wmi Biigut uruises.
r-'.o :
Elementary School Doings
Tho slxtli grado In Miss Watte' room
Vll.uu J.1ri..iJ uu... , . .! Ht, mill rhlll1rnl " I Mill SlilllU III iUlHB WUIU9 riWUl
Last Saturday tho threo hoilsos and I ?nJ ?Lr. ,?iUao. .l . Ail has boon reading about boavors ln their
in the caboose, and while tho train ono vacant lot owned by the ostate of,".,v " , ! V-n,iinr- Thox- rn- rcador. Ono of tho pupils brought part
had stopped at Gothenburg tho onglno1 E. W. Crano were sold by roforoo O. E.. ,'i,uV,r,,Mi mrtiv nftf.r ton o'clock of a tr tl,at lmd boou Gnawed olt by
of a train following plowed Into tho Elder. Th0 homo placo on Second il RnXi o i tho 1 omoward ,,oavrr3 nnd It was an objoct of Inter-
caboose pinning Kcil in tho debris and. street was purchased by Mrs. Crano M1"11 ,VA?L Vr. tAV,,, V,,,r i, in. that was nml.
for ?2,700 and she also purchased tho ,eaillnK to tho 1)rldge tho car was Most of tho pupils ln Miss Murray's
l?caafA 10loAn Si0 ?Uth PaMC n,ldl: ruSnl ig about twenty nllc3 an hour room havb subscribed for a little wcok
tion fdr $250. Tho house, at tho west , t i.Lic i,u m, urn. ly naner called Current Events. On
LC0T"L!trfe,lt a,Snftb0!,lttitruding approach they sworvod to the ono day this papor Is used for tho rog-
J wmi uuuvo iwi V'u iivi viivi(i.A l,r,r. !. ilflrAi in. timn Ullll I Uillll I11T IliHMUII. I IlllHI? IllIIIllH Willi
. . . . . . m I 1L1I1L U 1111 1JU1U1U lilt! UHUJi iu w...w i
on west i-irst oy i. u. uauor ior t,.pm fhn crashed throuch do not havo tin
setting tho car on flro. Before Kell
could bo rescued both legs from the
knoes down were terribly burned. Ho
was brought to a ospltal in this city
and kept until the lattor part of last
month when ho wa3 taken to the
Clarkson hospital In Omaha. ' Upon
his nrrlvoal thoro tho attending phy
sicians concluded that tho amputation
of both legs was necessary and they
Tvero taken off a couplo inches below
tho knees. A photograph of tho limb3
prior to tho operation shows exposure
of tho bones where the flesh had
shifted off.
Keil suffered Intensely and had It
not been for his wonderful vitality ho
could not have withstood tho constant
agony. Since tho operation, ne is
doing woll, and it is confidently cx
oected will live.
As soon as tl'0 wounds properly heal
ho will have artificial limbs fitted. It
Is his intention to purchase a farm ln
Bomo part of Nebraska, believing that
ho wll bo in a position to successfully
supervise it. He owned a placo in
Colorado, but he Will sell his holdings
there. Keil has a wife and two chil
dren. Q
to turn them tho car crashed through o not havo tho paper sit with thoso
! Mm mu ralla nnd dronned to the river who do navo it and so all can read. In
::o;: 1 twelvo feet below ""8 way tho reading lesson Is coupled
Sclllnp Heglstcrcd CniUo Mrs Kosbau and tho youngor son P with tho wwspapors and tho dally
W. H. Turple shipped In twenty hoad -wero riding on tho rear soaat. Mrs. (doings of tho world.
of registered .Shorthorn and Here-1 Kosbau was thrown clear of tho car, With their pockot knives for tools
this, wook,
Dr. Tttiincm mado a professional vis.
It to Brady Saturday.
Tho feature attraction at tho Cryata
Thursday night wllL bo "Fanchon, the
Crlckot," with Marl PIckford.
Willis Bakor and Don O'Brlon re
turned last evening from Omaha whore
thoy spent tho weok ond with frlonds.
Mrs. Ronslow, living at C20 oaat Sec
ond street Is suffering from fractured
ribs sustained by stumbling ovor fur
niture ln tho dark.
Tho LoMar rooming houso on Front
street was sold last week to a lady
from Paxton nnd will be known In tho
futuro as "Tho Eyo."
Tho lower houso of the Nebraska
loglslaturo passed a bill yesterday ap
propriating $100,000 t,o pay for tho de
struction of aulmals ttffoctcd with foot
una mouth disease.
Woathor forecast for North Platto
and vicinity: Partly cloudy tonight
and Wednesday ; somewhat colder to
night Highest temperature yestonlay
41 a year agp 30; lowest last night 23,
a year ago 0.
Tho Episcopal gu;lld will hold its
spring salo and nuppor noxt Monday af
ternoon and ovcning in tho bascmont of
tho church. Many articles will ho on
salo during tho afternoon, and supper
will bo served beginning nt G:30.
LoRoy Springer, tho. four year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Itoy Springor, was
ford bulls tho latter part of last week, but tho father and Harry wero thrown and chalkboxos for material tho boys
from Nowion. Iowa, which ho Is nf- miller, nml tho vouncor son was nlsc of Mis9 Hick's room havo boon mnk-
ferinc for salo at tho old stock yards.1 underneath tho carbut free. Mr. Kos ing bomo interesting doll houso fur-
Saturday and yesterday ho sold two bau lay with tho sldo of tho car rest- ntturci Thoy aro planning op onlarg-: injured on tho head Saturday morning
Horofords to Wm. Beatty of Brady, two ing on his neck, whilo Harry was un- mg thlB field ln,tho future as thpy aro
to Miko McCullough of Maxwell and dor the back framo of tho front sent ablo to got different matorlal to work
ono to Frank Facka who lives south, Recovering' from tho stunned condition with.
of town. These onlmals sold from duo 'to tho fall, Mrs. Kosbau in th' Mr. Grady, Mrs. CUmmlngs nnd Mrs
.$225 to $300 each. Thos0 who havo darkness of tho night attempted ti WUlorton wore visitors at the Wash
seon theso bulls pronounce them un- free nor husband who was groaning Ington building this we'ek. No visit
usually good for tho prices asked. s Finding herself, unable to do so, she ors wore reported from tho Lincoln or
?:o:: - i hurried back to the Graceland addition (Jefferson schools.
" two pllo drivers in service whoro assistance from town' was sum- Tho "pupils of Miss Huntor's room
fairly cood nrocress Is beinir mado on monod. Sheriff Salisbury nnd others aro making a map of tho Gorman sub-
tho work at- tho now depot. Ono drlv-' reached the scene at eleven o'clock nd marino danger zone as an exorcise ln
ollmtnato snow blockades along that
portion of tho lino through westorn
Nebraska, Wyoming and othor pralrlo
districts. Tho plan is to plnnt trees.
Estimates aro being obtained on
tho comparative growth of tho troes
beat ndaptod to th0 altitude at differ
ent points along tho lino of road nnd
their ability to .withstand dry Weather.
In tho ovont tho Information Justifies
making Uio experiment, It is probable
that rows of troes will bo planted along
tho right-of-way, on tho north Bldo of
tho tracks. The Idea of tho officials
Is that If the. tToos will adapt tliem
solvos to cllmato conditions can bo
Bocurod, wind breaks may bo grown
up. And it is arguod that In a few
years theso trees will havo reached a
growth Huftlclont to hold thn snow
back from off tho trncks, oven during
tho most sovoro storms. Omaha Bee.
Tho congested frolght at Nebraska
terminals, duo to tho Wyoming snow
blockade has boon moved, and traf
fic linn about assumed normal condi
tions. At ono tlmo about 000 cars worw
dolayod In tho local yards.
Miss Alico Langford loft last even
ing for Omaha whoro sho will spend
a couplo of wooks and will also visit
In Corning, Iowa, boforo roturnlng
Miss Mao Hill, of tho local teaching
staff, roturnod Sunday ovonlng from
a Bhort visit in tho eastern pUrt of tho
Tho Rowann. Circlo will moot with
Mrs. T. J. Korr Tuesday nttornbon of
noxt wook. Evory lady Yeoman is
asked to como and bring a friend.
er Is used on tho sheet piling tho oth-lfound Mr. Kosbau and the older son geography.
or on tho foundation piling, nearly GOO , dead, and tho younger son suffering Irregular promotions of pupils who
of tho latter to bn used. Today work-. from exposuro to ico and wator. The arn too old for tholr grados or too far
men began laying the floor of tho baso-! bodies of tho dead were brought to advancod for tho work thoy are doing
mAn iVt. .1 1... II .1 1 I Hrn1nAi 1tfnttiii nml tliA Mnt1iA lift tm llAfin mmln tvt nj-kvA P Mt a Mnl.nn.fn
Ti.1.1 IT-X I UIL'UL UL Lilt! WBL UI1U UL 111U UUUUU1U. L11U JUU1UHUV 1UUIKUU U1U UlULllUl uuvi itM.U ill OU111U Ul VI1U QllUUlH
TMft Tfaiitni, Pfl lnnv a ,ioinv n11 Improvised plant heating tho sand and youngor son taken in caro by this weok with tho idea of cvonlng uo
ing the departure ol fhJf i w on ' " Mr" ICosbau. wh was Wy-four KooU?
JZ 1" roars, of age had lived In. Lln- motion has been considered yet this
by a passing nutomobllo which struck
him whilo ho was Iplaylng ln tlie
streets. Miss Mario Rud'at, who rocontly sub-
Tho North Platto Exporlmontal Sub-' mltted to an operation for ap'pondlcltls
station rocontly rocolvod a number of;nt tho North Platto General hospital.
copies of tho 191G Annual Report of
tho Nebraska Dairymen's Association.
Theso havo been loft with Mr. Durbln
nt tho Chamber of Commorco rooms
for distribution to fcooplo lntorosted
In dairying.
Roy Workman, tho nineteen year old
was ablo to bo out yesterday.
Rov. B. A. Cram loft for SIdnoy Sun
day evening to conduct services and
visit his fathor-ln-lam, Rov. Lowls.
Mr. and Mrs. II. 0. OUphant loft last
ovonlng for Dos Molnos, Iowa, whoro
son of Mr. and Mrs. Samp Workman,) tho lnttor w11 tok raMml treatment.
who llvo on Uio formor Watts ranch
died Sunday morning aftor an ill
ness of sovoral weeks. Tho funoral
sorvlco will bo hold at tho PrcBbytor
lan church at half past two this nttor
noon. conducted by Rov. B. A. Cram.
Tho Methodist Brotliorhood was, en
tertained last ovonlng at the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Plummor.
William Adair roturnei' Sunday from
Washington, Iowa, whore he attonded
Uio funoral ot-u rolatlvo.
two countries
admits that an
compel him to sign a treaty guaran
o&M S pTn Mustrious and ' Thuplls. of Mls9. Hanson's room
a attefnpt vtas mado to' tlio previous, low. record by C. T.-ot,, ' n H OTw f TonMM Mint Tmnv,nn'. wi,f m,i
Wlinlnn lmi ff 41i.-41.Mnn mt.lM ...lit Huoviuih " l v...MUwiin Tiwtn, m
i i tit i - 1 th -
1,I0 , 4mnrl niM-to Tii-nlinW taml ,vnl . w.l 'OU VVOOUIIUH1, UUU i-UllOW,
bo safe in. the ovont of war. This ho keen rivalry which exists between' " Z$T?a TrBe.i ii?m.
that Tonnvson's
Llttlo Birdlo Say?" Is. tholr favorlt
poem in their reador and "Little Red
Riding Hood" Is tholr favorlto storv.
....1. .1 mUnJ.i.lniin ........ , Tl 1 1 ci wno ilnnn lui fl.n T7.mI. .1 -
to llOltl Uln newspaper men DUt mei Th wheat marim Is mtmmfilv Tho ncnldnnt. la dsonlv rnirrotto,l hv Tliroe nunlls of Mlsa Smlth'a rnnm
navo earned tnn second nln for coin-
refused to do. It was at first intended theso two playors,
Surviving him is tho wife nnd little 8ta"d bI ?Z?:rtple feverish thes. days and the buyer' Is all who know tho family.
?1 ,1 !Jii Mili kt S "P against a real game of gambling! Tho funeral services will bo hold at nletlng tho first 100 drillB In Palmor
LmZ u M Based on Omaha sales yesterday wheat tho Presbyterian church tomorrow af- Penmanship.
.JEIL b5n 21, S"5 Norm Platto is worth $1.80. but tornoon at 2:30 Rov. Human official-' . -. . . .
f'Thn TTnltrul Htntoa nr In- UWS aF0 nt to load Up at that
... .. v. w price,
"Tho Flower of No-Man's-Land," the
photoplay showing at tho Crystal to
night with Viola Dana as the star, Is
tho poetic description applied to Echo
whoso father died In the Great Amorl
can desert. She is roared by Kahoma
an Indian brave. Her first romance
witk a metropolitan itonor is short
lived for when he tiring of her when
back nmon,g friends deserts her thP
Indian foster father brings the caroei
of tho singer to a sudden termination
Best bargains over offered In real
estate. Seo our list,
: :o: :
Dick Baker, of Stapleton. iwias here
yostor'day visiting friends and trans
acting business.
Omaha papers stat that he Fifth
Nebraska regiment will bo mustered
out of service Wednesday of next wook.
The North Platte boys willl reach homo
Wednesday night or Thursday morn
ing. banks and tho Union Pacific shops ob
served Lincoln's birthday yestorday as
a legal holiday. On a number of flag
staffs tho stars and stripes wore vis
ible. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Souder and baby
loft yesterday morning for Maryvlllo,
Mo., to visit relatives for some time.
Before returning they will visit In Chi
cago. Tho bulk of hogs in tho South Omaha
market yestorday sold' at from $11.90
to $12.20, five cents higher than Sat
ing. Members of tho four fraternal Charged With Kecelvlnir Stolen Brass
ardors to which Mr. Kosbau; bolonged In lhn county court Saturday aftor
wlll attend. 1 noon Chas. Echelborry was arraigned
: :o: : j on tho charge of buying stolon Drnpor-
. Th Darktown Jlinstrcls , y. this 'property consisting of brass
The class of 1918' will present tho bolonging to tho Union Pacific Com
world's famous Darktown Mlnstrols at pany. The dofondant entprcl no plea
ft.lm Sonlnr lilch anhonl ninlltnrlnm TYI-' nnd Wfta reloaaod on S40(l Ihnnil tn nn-
day evening of this week. Among tho "pear at a. nrellminary hearing noxt
features of tho program will bo Bonita,1 Monday. Tho information against
tho celebrated Oriental Mystic; Frero! Echelberry was fllod by Special Agent
Du Dluble, a second Herman tho
Groat; and a spirited mollerdramor
"Tho Villain Still Pursued Hor." The
Phillips, of Omaha, who camo hero to
run down tho thief or thloves who hnvo
boon stealing brass from tho Union Pa
class promises ono continuous laugh! clflc shops, of which nbout a thousand
pounds havn neon taken In tho last
ninotv days. Philllns Intercepted a
shipment of brass billed out by Echol
borry, and following thlq tho Informa
tion was filed against tho lattor.
: : ;o: :
I I . Here Toay
You are earning as much and
.should spend no more than many 1
of the successful depositors in
the McDonald State Bank. ! I 1 1
Why shouldn't you save more? 1 I
WJiy have you no account in this J I 1
Is there any good reason for I I 111
you not to consider these ques- j
Hons seriously? U S
Then bring a dollar or two to I
this .bank today and get your 1 L
SYou are welcome here. 1 j
McDonald State Bank ji 1
Mouth PJJ k mn
from start to finish.
Tho admission foe will bo twonty-
fivo cents.
Peter F. Barron whoso visible means
of support Is court reporting for
Juidgo Grimes is now engaged in tho
laudlblo effort of organizing a com
pany of zouaves whoso services will
,ba tendered President Wilson should
th0 fissure between tho United States
and Germany widen. Naturally Mr.
Barron aspires to the captaincy of tho
company, fooling that tho morei or
less arduous task of placing tho or
ganization ln tho Hold worthy of such
recompense. Great caro will bo taken
in tho selection of tho men, tho ono
idea being to havo an oven hundred
who aro without blomlsh physically
and mentally, who have boon nccus-
tomcd to rugged work and thoreforo
well seasonod for prqlongod campaign
duties should such bo necessary; In
fact tho specifications of what tho
mon must possess fill two closely typo
written pages.
So far but two mon have success
fully passed th0 mental and physical
North Platto Wins Checker Tournament
In the checker tournament at the
Huffman cigar storohold last ovonlng
between Stanleton and North Platto
tho lattor won by ton games. Ono hun
dred and sixty-two games wore playod
dna eighteen mon took part ln tho con
test. Aftor thn games n. 'banquet was
served at tho Vienna cafe.
: :o-:-:
Tho Rotort Courteous.
Jamcn Russell Lowell was onco a
guest at a banquet ln London whoro ho
was expected. to reply to a toast. Tho
speaker who preceded Mr. Lowell suld
many contemptuous things about tho
peoplo of tho United States, nvowlng
und repeating ugaln and again Unit they
wero all braggarts. As American min
ister nt tho court of St. James Lowell
could hardly overlook this speech, so ns
ho arose he said smilingly: "I heartily
nirroo with tho L'ontlcuian who has Just
spoken. Americans do brag u great!
examination and found nearly perfect deal, and I don't know whero they got
in both. Those aro Piatt White nnd! tho habit Do you?"
Arthur Plumer, tho formor analyzing!
nlnoty-sovon per cent pure and the Abovo the Vulgar Gazo.
lattor ninety-six. Sovoral who applied until 1870 it wtm against tho law
and woro examined foil Just a shade aim gncred custom for any subject to
below th0 minimum porcentago.. which . t oinI)OIor of .TlumI1. m8
nlnoty-four and olght-tonths, Frank
Murray nlnety-throo and three-tenths
and Loron Sturgos nlnoty-two nnd
It will thoroforo bo seen that It is
usoloss for any but nigh porfoct men
tp apply; only thoso who can meas
ure up ln all details with Whlto and
Plumer being nccoptablo. Mr. Barron
Is of tho opinion that it will bo nec
essary to go outside tho Thlrtopnth
Judicial district In order to securo tho
full complement of tho company.
Mr. and Mrs. Josso Rector aro enjoy
ing a, visit from tho lattor's mother,
Mrs. Mann, who camo from Pino Bluffs
last ovenlng. .
Charlos L. Moore, of Wallace, and
Selma J Ward, of Curtis tworo granted
a marrlago license by County Judgo
political advisers f.nd attendants saw
only his back. When ho first left tho
ji.ilnco tho Hhuttors of all tho houses
liml to bo draw.n, and no ono was per
m'ttiwl In thn Rlronta. Even todnv.
wiion tho emperor has tho privilege of
driving through tho Btreets like ono of
his subjects, it Is not considered qulto
prvper to cast n glanco at him.
.. A Young' Pessimist.
First Office Boy Tho old man'fl ste
nogniphcr Just told mo sho loved mo
for myBolf alone. Do you think shea
kidding? Second Olllce Boy No, cer
tainly not. Probably tho old gink Is
going to raise your Bulury to $5 a week
and has told , her about it. Boston
Registered Bulls for bale
These Bulls are exceptionally large
boned, good type, strong and rugged, and
every one a good individual.
We have eight' Shorthorns and seven
Herefords left at the old stock yards, North
Platte. . . .
W. H. Turpie.
JrUoLilv o.JjiJEji
The undersigned will offer nt public sale nt the
FEBRUARY 23 and 24
Commencing nt 12:30 p. m. ench day, the following:
15 Thoroughbred Poland China Sows with pig, and 2 young thor
oughbred Poland Cnina Boars.
1 black mnre 6 years old weight 1000, 1 black gelding 4 years old
weight 1G50, 1 brown mre 6 years old weight 1500, 1 roan mare
4 years old weight 1500, 1 bay driving mare 6 years old wejght
1200, 1 Percheron stnllion 5 years old weight 1050. In addition
to these a number-of other horses will be offered for sale.
MILCH COWS A number of, milch cows will be on sale that
cannot here be described.
IMPLEMENTS 22 wagons of the Old Hickory and Bain makes
complete with boxes and seats, 2 new buggies, 2 spring wagons, 1
carriage, a number of listers, cultivators, two rows, plows, discs,
harrows, gasoline engine, fanning -mill, corn sheller, breaking and
stirring plows. All these implements are new. Also a set of
work harness.
AUTOMOBILES 1 new Chnndler Automobile, 1 new Elcar
Automobile and a number of socond hand cars.
TERMS All sums under $20 cash, above that sum 10 months'
time at 10 per cent interest. 2" per cent discount for cash
L. M. MoCLARA, Auctioneer. F. C. PIELSTICKER, Clerk.
"French this morning,