The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 29, 1916, Image 4

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    rt! ,rr: n i I m
A very active season of selling has natur
ally left stocks of winter goods in a depleted
condition. Odd lots, remnants and broken siz
es in various lines of goods must be disposed
of now. That is the purpose of this January
Clearance Sale, which includes practically ev
ery seasonable line of mechandise in this store.
Saturday, Dec 30th.
Beyliig l
jjj l.SHIIC' j
-7Ajy?s.i aSrrjS' . .1 u C
l,iy &i53 W e nave gone inru a numuct w
f 1 L f,AAn oh a t
from which we have been able to
vprv nfrml bargains. These will be on
sale for the Opening Day Only.
This sale is largely made up of incomplete
lines. However in staple lines you willjbe able
to pick up many extra values which early buy
ing on our part makes now possible to give
you. At almost every turn you will see oppor
tunities for economizing and get merchandise
stocks Df f jne3t quality to meet this winter's re
select quirements. Sale lasts for only a short time,
So Come Every Day
It Is certainly to your advan
tage to buy another winter
dress when you cun jet such
bargains us described, below
Fine Dresses made from Silk
and Velvet Combination, oth
ers from high grade sorges,
beautifully trimmed with em
broidered designs in wool..
$14.95 and $17.95
Hieh Grado Sorgo Dresses, new
est styles French serge, pleat
ed skirts, embroidered trim
!i Mings, beautifully
-1 rt Ik -
'Uiiorcu .........
Stylish Sorjio Dresses, latest
models, all of tho best colors
are to be found In this lot, al
so a 'full lino of sizes; theso
garments are mado by the
same factories that PQ QFj
make our best dressestPJiUu
Silk Poplin, also Sorgo Dress
es in popular styles, nicely
made In this season's j7 A t
Btyles pl iHu
Sorco and Ponlin Dresses, a
large variety to M QC
chooso from $05 & $4iJU
A V.V. V
Tho low prices on our Coats
make It most profitable to buy
i -a J
now. in 010 tiie price reuueuons
that wo are giving on tho bal
ance of this season's stock.
Lot ILadies' Cloth Coats.
some of this years styles,'
also some carried over from
last year, all $7.50
$8.00 quality
Lot 2 Ladles' Cloth Coats in
plain and fancy mixtures that
have sold up to $12,
your choice ,
Lot 3S-Flner Cloth Coats, all
havd boon priced at
$15, now
Lot 4 and 5 includes all of our
finer Cloth Coats in Velour,
Bolivia Cloths, etc., wiorth
from $18 to $25 i there are
somo beautiful coats (MQ flC
in this lot at $ lUiJd
Fur Fabric Coats in Plushes and
Velours, have all been put in
four different lots at
$1.96 $15.05 $17.05 COQ n
Children Coats, only a few1
' loft, but good ones at flV
$8.05 and
toats in
ires that
iats, all
Cane Granulated Sugar
13 pounds for
Only $1.00 worth to a customer.
Swift's Naptha Soap
7 bars for .
Log Cabin Maple Syrup
half gallon can' . . ,
Colored Beans :
3 pounds for
Pearl Hominy
5 pounds for
"Kb '
Men's Apron Overall,
full size.s good weight
To Our Customers
Tho market situation-on all kinds of of mer
chandise this yeiir prevented our giving our usual
discount sale. As 'we could not buy most of the ar
ticles for what you Mould pay us for them and
would not bo able tp get anything like prompt ship
ments of what we could buy. We are offering you a
hotter discount on tho imrt of the stock nut iJ
this salo and we wish to say to you that any price
that looks rather high to you now 011 anything in
dry goods lines will look cheap at the beginning of
tho next fall and winter season, as all raw mater
ials going into those lines are higher than they
have been since tho civil war.
Mens and Boys' Furnishings
Thoroughly good winter un
der wear in small lots will be
closed out at great reductions.
Boys' Fleece Lined Shirts and
Drawers; these' are Wright's
goods, a very high grade gar
ment, warm and heavy Qj,
Men's Cotton Union Suits, a
good weight garment, well
made and at the price is )
a snap Udb
Men's Wool Shirt and Drawers,
odd lots and broken sizes, but
we may have your size, 70
choice I3u
Men's Wool Shirts and Drawers
just a few garments of a kind
but high grade ggg
Men's Union Suits, a few small
sizes in this lot but M
extra values at . . . I
Men's Duofold Union Suits;
these are a high grade gar
ment priced usually at $3.00
to $3.50, priced to M QQ
close the lot . : $ I iuU
One lot Men's Wool Sweaters,
well made from good yarns,
regular values QO QO
$3.50 and $4 $i00
There is many a good bar
gain hero for men who appre
ciate the combination of high
quality and genuine economy.
Men's Heavy Socks, knit irom
heavy warm, woolen yarns,
just right for rough 1Q
wear , I3t
Men's Hieh Grade Flannel
Shirts, made of a fine heavy
flannel, well finished with
pockets with flaps, colors
grey, olive and navy
Men's Dress Shirts; we have
placed all of our $1.00 dress
shirts on sale at JuC
Menls Dress Shirts, all of the
fine quality that sell at $1.25
and $1.50, your choice 0K
of our stock at JwU
Boys' Flannel Shirts made of
light weight grey cloth 7q
Boys' Blouses made of good
weight flannel in navy 7fSp
and grey ..( IUU
Boys' Pajamas made from good
outing flannel in neat striped
Our stock of. tlopondablo Vura
offers several splendid bargains
In muffH, scarfs, and sets of tho
latest design.
Black Opossum Sot, good sized
pilow muff, medium Gq no
sized animal collar . ,J)UiUU
Muskrat Set, round muff, fancy
scarf; this set is in natural
color and is a vory Qfi
pretty novolty . . . I'tioU
Wild Cat Set, medium sized pil
low muff, capo qjil AQ
collar PI Ii4u
' Jap Mink Set fandy round muff,
Capo Chin Chin gf J
Black Goat Set, largo pillow
muff, largo collar
n r J AbMwvl SHOE
Ury wds I iNKE tH bargains
patterns, sizes G to 12 7rt
, Coney,
jx, Lynx
Marmot, Jap Mink, (JJQO AQ
$2.18, 98.08 up to . .ipJiliH0
Separate Muffs in Lion, Coney,
-Wolf, Hudson Seal, Fox, Lynx
Now Is tho time to save from
ffir. 01) in S K IIII m Hint limv ruir.
31 Axminster Rugs, medium qual-
3 ity, two or three dif-fljl Q QQ
leront miterus uxia w iuiuu
. Rf nmlnvfl Avininsffir "Rues
Ft e n.n i.nuf rrri in
L... $22.48
3 9x12 extra
15-, .V--T1-
1 . Wilton Velvet Rufa 9x12, vc
I S' beautiful flno if gs, priced
C I no moro tlw tho regul
one of tho best
known brands
Axminster Rugs
quality, beautiful
Volvet Ruks. seairess 9x12,
irood wearhiK. sometimes sold
" " X . M MA
for Wiltons T'lfl flU
Snp moro thnK tho regular
nrlco of chcayf f 33 KVi
riitTH j t""" ,w
The hulk f January Clearance Sale bargains are to
lie found lirtho Dry Goods department including many odd
lots, roma'nts, soiled goods left as a result of tho brisk holi
day business. Tho quality of theso Hues has not been im
paired by lingering on the shelves.. Hut to clear stocks we
have made price reductions in many instances most start
ling. Fancy Silks; we have placod all of our newest 35 inch
fancy silks in tho regular $2 quality, consisting of
Taffeta and Satin Finished stripes and plaids M Aft
tho season's latest patterns, In ono lot at . . . I itu
Fancy Silks in plaid and striped Taffetas, 2G and 35 Inch
these wore extra good values at . .1.50, but M 10
are priced for this salo at P 1 1 i
Plain and fancy Silks, 2G inch widths, good weight. There
is quite a variety of colors lite this lot at 7(jj
Woolen Dress Goods, 36 Inch width; you will find many
good patterns In this lot suitable for either A)
children's dresses or adults, per yard "r"
Wool Batistes, 3G inches wide, all wool, one of tho Kflp
most staple cloths in our stock, per yard uJU
Higher grado Wool Dross Goods will bo made up Into lots at
79c 98c $1.19
Cotton Fleeced Goods, suitable for Dresses or 01
Kimonos 02b
Porcalosyaruwde, good quality 12jC
Bleached Shootings. This, is un item you should not miss.
9-4 wide 29c 10-4 wide 33c
Dress Ginghams, wo will offer what stock we have of 1 fl-,
12yac quality at ...i...lUb
15c quality at "2c
Diamond C Soap
8 bars for
Quaker Corn Flakes.
4 boxes for-:
Rex Lye
droit's shoes aro out on tables and bins, low priced for;3 cans fr
quick clearance. If your size is in tho lot, you will be sure
of picking up ono of the best bargains tills season.
This is another department abounding in splendid
bnrgnins. All broken lines of men's, women's and cliil
Children's Gun Metal button Shoes, made on
good lasts, sizes $y to 11
Sizes llio to 2
Children's High Cut Boots, mostly in kid stock, Q1 AQ.
Sizes, 8y2 to 11 , ip IU
Sizes liy2 to 2 $198
3.00 and
Ladies' Fancy Boots; We have grouped all our latest stylo
fancy boots selling up to $7.50 a pair in one tfjj QO
lot, your choice for J)tiUU
Boys' Vlci Kid Shoes, just a few sizes In this lot, CI IP
, 1 to 5 at I iHO
Men's Shoes, gun metal calf stock, English lasts, (jJQ QO
rubber heels, strictly up to date t)&i3Q
Men's Work Shoes, made from Milwaukee manure proof
stock, extra well made, only a few pairs in PO QO
this lot ;......r 4illJ
Growing Girls' Shoes made in lace from good
plump kid, sizes 2V to 5
Growing Girls' Shoes made from fine gun metal
stock, Neolln soles, latest styles
Ladles Shoes Made from heavy kid stock, a good
shoe for rougher wear
Ladies' Shoes, small sizes, narrow lasts regular $3.00 and
$4.00 shoes, a bargain if you can wear them
Our guarantee of
satisfaction stands
back of all tho
merchandise- on
Wilcox Department Store
We liaven't begun
to list all the bar
gains in this'ad.
which go on sale.
Baked Beans v
No. 2 cans ........
Llbby's Sauer Kraut
large cans
Standard Tomatoes
21" pound cans
Pink Salmon . . .
2 cans for , . A .
Alaska Red Salmon
2 cans for ,
5 ponds for
25c I
25c I
10c I
..11c I
per can
Per can
Spaghetti, Van Camp's
2 lb cans, 2 for
35 c gfj
.25c 3
15c I
Ull BP
Children's Dresses i
.lust as you will need an extra
dress or two you are offered
these savings.
Child's Dress, size 4 to 14, made
from black and white checks,
also dark cotton plaids nn
in a variety of colors . .uJC
Child's Dresses, made from
Danish Cloth, also neat dark
plaids in catchy ..(M 70
styles, G to 14 4) hi II
Child's dress made from combi
nation of serge and tf1 CIO
plaids, G to 14 $ 1 1 JO
Child's Dress, made from fine
serges, also high grade plaids
in sizes G to 14
Child's Dress made' Vrom silk
Poplin, colors Copenhagen
or rose, a nice dressy CO IO
dress, size G to 14 . . , .vpJiHO