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Each of Numerous Varieties Has
Some Point of Merit.
Demnnds of Market and Soil and Cli
matic Conditions Vary Cultivator
Enabled to Select Sorts for
Special Purposes.
There aro a large number of sort8
of tomatoes, each one possessing some
points of morlt or dirforenco which
distinguish it from all others. Theso
differences onablo the intelligent culti
vator to Bolcct 8orta for special pur
poses, as -well as for apodal soils and
climates. Tho varying demnnds of the
markets and tho different soil and cli
matic conditions proaontod in tho vari
ous sections where tho tomato is
grown can only be satisfied by a vari
ety list as variable as are tho condi
tions. It la fortunate that domesti
cated plants prosent so many different
forms, othorwiso tho cultivation of
many crops would be restricted to a
few favored localities. Besides broad-
Cross-Section of Tomato, Showing
Small Seed Cavities and Thick Walls
of Good Shipping Sorts.
fining tho field to which the tomato Is
adapted, varieties present other im
portant differences manifested chietly
In the fruit.
Early ripening sorts are frequently
irregular in shape, have comparatively
thin walls, large seed cavities and
numerous seeds. The fruit Is apt to
color and ripen unovently, remaining
green around the stem, or to contain
a hard, green core. Later-ripening
sorts, whilo not all superior to tho
others, have as a rule thicker and
Armor walls, smaller seed cavltle3 and
few seeds.
Owing to tho fact that In canned
Jomatoes it is difficult for the average
consumer to note any deficiencies in
tho appearance of tho original fruit,
many labor under the delusion that
any varioty will answer for this pur
pose. This ia a mistaken idea, as
quality In canned goods la now an Im
portant factor, and It is quite as neces
sary that a good quality of product
should bo used for canning as for
growing for tho early or general mar
ket, although from tho Held side it Is
natural that tonnage should be the
primary consideration.
In the matter of varieties, too much
dependence should not bo placed upon
tho name or upon tho fact that a
neighboring farmer secures good re
sults from a glvon variety. Thcro are
eo many variations in the character of
soils, even in the samo locality, which
exert an influence upon the slzo and
iiuallty of crops that the best variety
Is usually ono that Is, In part at least,
dovoloped by tho individual grower.
Tho main point la to select varieties
that produco large, smooth, solid
fruits, with thick walls, small seed
cavities and few seeds.
Attendance Is Larger Where High
ways Are Improved, According to
Agricultural Department.
A county school cannot bo a good
school in tho full sonso of tho word
unless tho roads leading to it aro pass
able for all tho pupils all tho time.
Tho United Statea department of ag
riculture, in a recont bulletin, said,
after an exhaustive investigation, that
in communities having good roads the
school attendance la larger and more
regular and the schools better than in
districts having bad roads. In five
states tho average school attendance
was 80 per cent where roads woro good
and only 64 por cent where they woro
bad. .
nlmals Clear Up Waste Vegetation,
Turn It Into Mutton Also De
stroy Many Insects,
Sheep aro tho sworn cnemlos of
iveeds. They clear up waste vegeta
tion and turn it Into mutton. By eat
ing down and trampling tho weeds
on tho fields and along tho fences,
they destroy many Insects which har
bor in tho weeds. If tho ahoop merely
pay for tho oxtra grain given them,
It is profitable to koop them as scav
engers and Insoctlcides.
Tubers Should Not Bo Placed Whero
Light Will Shine on Them
Plant Early and Late,
After potatoes are dug they should
bo stored in a cool, dry place. Somo
are successful in storing their pota
toes in tho cellar as soon as harvested.
At any rate, they should not bo Btorod
whore any light will shlno directly on
Plant of both early and late varie
ties. Ono or both usually hit-
Sowings May Be Made Every Two
Weeks During Summer Rich
Light Soil Ib Recommended.
Lcttuco is pro-omlnently tho crop of
all seasons. It can go Into tho ground
with tho earliest radish In spring, or
with sowings ovory two weeks during
tho Bummer. Using tho cold frame in
wlntor, it is In its prlmo during ovory
month of tho yoar. A crop of lottuco
may bo raised between tho rows of
cabbngo or cauliflower.
Plants como on more quickly in a
rich, light soil, although clovor ground
retards tho tondoncy to run to socd.
"Wo prefer to bow in thin rows, rather
than mixing tho aecd with sand, saya
a writer in an exchange. Avoid cov
oring deep. Thin tho rowa first to 6
Inches, and lator to 12. Small planta
may bo transplanted early in the sea
son by watering well a few hours bo
foro, and supplying shade. For lato
sowings, mark tho ground in squaros
a foot apart and put several Boeds at
each intersection of Unos. When tho
plants aro nicoly started, wood out all
but tho strongest In each clump, and
thua avoid tho difficulty of tranaplant
ing In hot weather.
When Tire Bocomes Loose It Is Al
ways Easy to Find Stick for
Lever and Piece of Leather.
Various methods of tightening
wagon spokes have been used, but
possibly the ono described horowlth
la the quickest if not tho best. If
ono is on tho road and has no tools
at hand and a tire comes off or is
looso It is always easy to find a small
stick for a lover and a pleco of
leather can bo cut from a part of tho
A small stick is placed against tho
hub for a fulcrum and a second stick
la usod for a lover. Tho folloo is
raised up off tho spoke and a small
pleco of leather placed around tho
tonnon and the felloe allowed to again
drop back in place.
This 1b repeated until the wheel is
tight. Wheels should bo treated to a
bath of hot oil twice or three times
a year and they will last much longer.
Particularly Convenient In Growing
Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peas and
Other Tall Plants.
For growing cucumbers, tomatoes,
pole beans or tho taller varieties of
peas a trellis has many advantages
over poles or brush., Fewer cucum
bers remain hidden under tho leaves
and go to seed, and it is easier tc
Useful Support In Garden.
spray them on both sides of the
leaves to prevent rust when thoy are
growing on a trellis. A trellis such
as illustrated Is easily mado and If
put under cover as soon as tho grow
ing season Is over It will last for
many years. If the two uprights aro
fastened together with a bolt and tho
end strips 'aro left off tho trellis will
fold up, which makes it much easier
to handlo. Farm and Home.
A fow roots should be grown on ev
ery farm. If you have no root collar,
try an acre of white turnips for fall
Bordeaux mlxturo to which somo ar
senate of lead Is added, makes tho
best all around Bpray material for
To got rid of tho yellow bugs which
bother watermolon vinos, sprinkle
slaked llmo sconted well with turpen
tine over and around tho vines.
Cheap stock is never satisfactory to
buyer or seller.
A shed housing $1,000 worth of in
plements will pay for Itself overy four
years. Protection from weather dou
bles the life of machinery.
A safe estimate of the llfo of a
machine left continuously exposed is
from 30 to 50 per cent less than' that
of a machine properly cared for.
Tho earlier tho weeds are killed,
the loss will bo the work required.
Probably no other legumo is so well
adapted to poor, run-down, badly
washed soils as sweet clover.
Not enough manure la used in nlno
gardens for everyone that la mado
over rich.
Tho aoy bean will stand light frosts
without injury.
I w b
Tho planting of shade trees la con
ductive to tho Increase of our Bong
Plant sunflowers in tho waste placos
about the farm. It will pay.
Afternoon Gown With Adjustable Cape
Although it mado its bow aomowhat
earlier in the season, this gown was
in tho vanguard of fashions and ttn
strong points aro emphaslzod now,
elnco they aro all approved styles. Tho
aklrt shows a commendablo method of
managing tho flare by moans of panel
at tho front, an Invertod V-shaped yoko
at each sido, supporting full side
pieces, and two panels that moot at
the center of tho back. Each of theso
pauols is formed by deep Inverted
plaits, so that tho skirt sets trimly
about tho hips. It Is finished at tho
bottom with a heavy sllk-covored cord.
Tho rather plain bodlco is cut with
a dropshoulder, and tho arm'soyo Is
finished with a narrow hem. Tho long,
tapering sleove Is set in under this
hem in tho samo manner as the side
pieces in tho skirt are set in tho yoke.
Tho bodlco blouses at the front and
is Joined to tho skirt under a plain
taffeta girdle.
Overall-Aprons and
Those who specialize in certain linos
of apparol have demonstrated that tho
most utilitarian of garraontR may bo
mado with-an oyo to beauty. This Is
demonstrated In tho overall-aprons,
which answer tho of houso
dresses In summortlmo, and In tho
now breakfast suits which havo an at
traction all their own.
Theso useful garnionts nro turned
out by manufacturers and retailed
through shops at a lower price than
thoy can bo made for at homo, if tho
housewife's tlmo Is counted In as
worth anything. The ovorall-aprons
are described by their namos and thoy
aro designed to bo slipped on and fas
toned In tho quickest way possible.
They covof tho dress completely and
aro perfect garmonts for housework.
Thore is a surprising number of stylos
in thorn to chooso from, and thoy are
pricod in the neighborhood of a dollar.
Heavy porcalos, ginghams and chain
braya, or any of tho strong cotton ma
toriala that stand tubbing well are
usod for them. Tho colors aro nearly
stable, with stripes In combination
with white In groat favor. An example
is shown in tho picture, mado of lav
ender and white striped percale, piped
with a broador stripe in tho samo
color and finished with a tie of plain
lavendor chambray.
Breakfast suits nro mado of tho
same cotton fabrics or of plain un
bleached cottons, trimmed with striped
Silk soutache braid, In tho same
color as the taffeta, Is applied in an
odd Bcroll design to tho front of tho
bodlco, to the collar and capo and on
the girdle. Tho capo and silk collai
extend only acros8 tho back, suspend
ed from a tio of velvet ribbon, HnlBhod
with a bow at tho throat. In tho pic
ture a high-platted ruff of organdie
stands up about the neck. With tho
progress of tho season tho ruff la dis
appearing from tho throat, but half of
it remains, supplementing tho high
silk collar which still holds Its own
as a chic finish to the back of tho
Tho capo Is an accessory for strcot
wear, which Is taken off indoors. It
adds very little In tho way of warmth
or protection but much in distinctive
style. A gown of this kind will look
well in any of tho quiet colors in
which taffeta Is mado and in tho t'ark
er changeable tones.
Breakfast Suits
materials. They are in two pieces,
with pluiu skirts faced up at tho bot
tom with a striped border, and middy
blouses of either the plain or striped
goods. Belted blousos, like Bhorl
sports coats In slimic. make a pretty
variation in stylo.
These "breakfast sets" retail around
throe dollars and aro used for all sorts
of morning wear, Indoor and out, lc
summertime. Nothing could bo bettoi
for the summer outing than two or
three of these smurt and practical
suits that come out crisp and bright
from tho laundry.
Puffs and Curls.
With the advent of tho very largo
hat tho necessity for Increasing tho
hulk of hair boneath It has automatic
ally suggested puffs and little ringlets.
That the Stuart coiffure is almoHt uni
versally becoming will be a great
point In Its favor and a very little
practice Ib sufficient to achieve skill
even by an amateur. Tho halrdrossera
Bay that no fashion of dressing tho
hair is so healthful for tresaan as
aerated puffs and light twlBts.
Square Crowns.
Soma of tho now straw lintx
square crowns.
Uncontrolled Water Is Cause of Many
Bad Roads Drainage Is Recom
mended as Remedy.
Wo havo boon quite interested latoly
In traveling over roada In central Iowa
at a tlmo when wo did not oxpect
'.hem to bo at all good, to find that
whore thoy woro drugged tho going
waa quito good; and whoro not
dragged, quito rough. But ovon whero
good, thoro were spots In tho roadbed
that woro rutty. Now, what ia tho
causo of theso ruts ovory mllo or two
of good, fairly woll dragged roada?
Nothing but wator uncontrolled. Theso
aro sccpy places. Filling up tho ruta
by dragging docs not provont tho trou
ble. Tho drag docs not roach tho root
. V.'
Good Road In Colorado.
of tho matter. Tho fact Ib that Just
abovo theso seopy places whero tho
ruts aro, thoro Ib a vein of hard clay
coming out, which tho wator cannot
readily ponetrato. Honco It cornea out
under the roadbed, Just as a slough
coraos out cu tho sldo of a hill.
Tho remedy for this is tllo drainage
nnd tho drain should not bo located
in tho seopy placo, but abovo it, so au
to intercept the water that makes tho
scop. Just on tho samo principle that
In draining a slough with many
branches and prongs, tho work is done
boat by tiling around tho prongs and
into the slough below at tho lowest ol
them, instead of In tho mlddlo of it.
For whonover water gets Into a slough
tho dnmago la dono. Tho point is to
keep it from gottlng in.
A llttlo attention to this, togothot
with dragging tho road nftor overs
rain, will glvo ua fairly good roads
dirt roads without any hard surfacing
for nino or ton months in tho year
Of courso, when theso seopy placet
are drained, thoy must havo a ditch
into which tho water can run.
Permit us to repeat onco moro r
statement wo havo been making eve:
since- wo mado our first uddrcss on
good roads, I!0 years ago: that wa
ter uncontrolled ia tho causo of bad
roads; that thoro nro two kinds oi
wator, so to speak; tho under water
nnd tho upper water. Tho undor wnter
is that which comos in undor tho road
bed; nnd tho upper-water what comos
on It from abovo or flows in from tho
sides. Tho way to get rid of tho first
is through dralnngo; particularly in
thcBo seopy placos. Tho way to con
trol tho second ia by grading nnd then
dragging, to put an enamol on tho aur
foco of tho road. Wallace's Farmor.
Farmer Loses on Wheat Crop Because
Roads Are Soft and He Can
not Get to Market.
Whilo taxation problems aro ao gen
srally in tho air comos flovornor Cap
per of Kansas nnd doposes that ho
ins discovered a new tax, "mud tax."
"Thoro Is an nverago mud tax of bIx
'cnts on ovory bushel of wheat grown
In Kansas," says tho governor, "and
tho farmer has to stand that loss. It
costs him about $900 a year hocatiBO
tho roads aro soft and because he can
not got to market whon tho price la
highest." Motorists will be among
thoso who indorse tho governor's
Network of Good Roads.
This wliolo country will somo of
these days bo a network of good roads,
which will havo a placo on tho mapa
along with the rallroada. Tho Lincoln
highway Unking tho Kast and tho
WoBt, tho Jefferson highway, connect
ing tho lakes and the gulf, and tho
Dixie overland highway, aro a begin
Three-inch Tired Wagon Best.
Buy tho wagon with tho three-Inch
tiro, is tho advice that tho highway
commissioners at Amen glvo tho farm
crs. Thla width tiro Is not only the
lut wearing on tho road of any
width, but, according to test, it ro
quires less draft r. ffll it. Tho nar
row-tired wagon :iita tho road too
much, whilo tho wider tire requires
too much of a drift to pull.
Clean Brooder Lamps Dally.
Brooder lamps should bo cleaned
overy day
Stemach Biftars
QWA1VTP Is not recommended
O YV xxuix- t0r overythlnit; but If
U HOT you havo kidney, fiver
ivv" or bladder trouble It
may found juat tho remedy you noed.
At drt.RlaU In fifty cent and dollar sizes.
Tou may rccelva a sample slzo bottle of
this rollable medicine by Parcel I'ost,
also pamphlet telling about It.
Address Dr. Kilmer A Co., BlnRhamton,
N. T.. and enclose ten cents, also men
tlon this paper.
Flag for Old Vlncennes.
Tho city council of Vlncennes, Ind.,
is considering tho adoption of a flag
for Vlncennes to bo used as tho city's
official cmblom during tho coming In
diana centennial colouration, says tho
Indianapolis News.
The suggested dostgn is intended to
sot forth tho British rulo of Vlnconnoa
by an old English red "V" in tho blue
confer and tho Fronch control by a
whlto flaur-do-llB, which waa tho na
tional emblem of Franco during tho
tlmo thla territory waa undor tho
French government.
Itadlnttng from tho conter thoro aro
18 whlto stripes, Indicating that In
diana was tho ISth stato admitted to
tho Union. 'There also aro 43 small
whlto stripes, indicating tho number
of states now in tho Union.
"You epond entirely too much money
on dross," said tho mnn of tho houso.
"That Blmplo llttlo frock Mrs. Smyths
woro laBt night looked a groat deal
better than that olaborato gown of
"Of courao it did, my dear," replied
hla wife Bwcotly. "That almplo llttlq
frock, us you call It, cost throo hun
dred dollars, whilo mine coBt only a
hundred und fifty."
"Woll, for tho lovo of Miko, go out
and buy ono about twlco as olaborata
as the ono you'vo got. Mnybo you
can got it for nothing."
Hunting Trouble.
Whon a man Just naturally wants
troublo it is mighty easy to find an
excuse for making it. According to
Mlko Ilogan, Casey and O'Brien were
hnvlng an argument of tholr own at
Brecklnridgo street and Barrott avo-
niio. It hnd progressed to tho extent
that each had forgotten what it waa
about originally and they woro wholly
oblivious of tho gathering crowd until
un urbano and gunteel porson in a
frock coat put In.
'Como, como, my mnn," ho Bald,
gently plucking Casey by tho sleeve.
'You don't want to light; I can toll
It by your lookK. Your faco is too be
"Two bo nlno! Two bo nlno, la ut.
yo scut?" bellowed Cnsoy. "Mo faco
la two bo nlno Is ut?"
And thoro was whoro tho real
troublo began. Loulsvlllo Times.
In order to retain hor youth and
beauty all a girl has to do is inherit
a fortune nnd remain slnglo.
A Sensible
Thing To Do
When the drug, caffeine
the active principle in coffee
shows in headache, ner
vousness, insomnia, bilious
ness, jumpy heart, nnd so on,
the sensible thing to do ia
to quit the coffee.
It's easy, having nt hand the
delicious pure food-drink
It is made from wheat
roasted with a bit of whole
some molasses and is free
from any harmful substance.
Thousands who prefer to
protect their health, use
Postum with comfort and
Made in the cup instantly
with hot water. Conven
ient, nourishing, satisfying.
"There's a Reason"