The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, June 27, 1916, Image 3

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Summer Luncheons
ll ma jiffy jga
Let Libby, .plendJJ chefs relieve yoa 1
oinoi-WMiha cooking. Stock Iho
hell with
Dried Beef
rtr tu nlV.... ) -
w.w vhki guvu summer
meats including Libby'
Vienna SausaM you 11 find them
fresh and appetizing.
Labby, Chicago
fl Hi a Tit if
b - - -w 'ii mm ii i kanua
ll.i. Ilut, don, or.
namsntal, nt.
ctitap. Lasts nil
aaaaon. Mad.of
mUI, can'tiplllortlp
oren will not sol I or
1 ujura anything
Qaarantaad effective.
eipreia raid for 11.00.
HABOLD BOMEBl.ltO Da Kalk Are., Bro.slya, K. T.
CCTCTkC Alfalfa K, Sweet Clover IS. Karms
r" I I l.Ti for "ale and renton crop payments
ULiXJlSU J. MULUALI.. Boo City, Jo
Santos-Dumont is visiting many
cities in South America In the inter
est of the Pan-American aeronautic
conference. JIo was born in Sao
Paulo, Brazil, on July 20, 1873. From
1900 to 1906, he demonstrated to Eu
rope the possibility of conquering the
uir with the dirigible balloon ns well
as with the aeroplane. He spent in
aeronautics alone over $50,000 a year
for 12 years in experimentation. While
In Paris in 1901 ho won a prize of
250,000 francs, lie was made cheva
lier of the French Legion of Honor
in 1904, and in 1909 received the ofii
cer's cross.
He Knew.
Tommy Father, what are "silent
Father Married men, my boy!
Itching Scalp and Falling Hair With
Cutlcura. Trial Free.
On retiring touch spots of dandruff
and itching with Cutlcura Ointment.
Next morning shampoo with Cutlcura
Soap and hot water. A clean, healthy
scalp means good hair and freedom, in
most cases, from dandruff, itching,
burning, crustings and scaling3.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cutlcura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Wield Pen and Sword.
The report of tho Authors' club of
London gives some eloquent figures.
Out of 644 members resident In Great
Britain, many of whom are far past
military age, no less than 171 are in
active service in connection with the
war. Six have died in action or of
wounds and 13 votes of sympathy
with members in tho death of sons or
brothers upon tho Hold of heroism
have been adopted. The same hand,
it is clear, may wield both pen and
Stella Tho ostrich doesn't see
much and digests everything.
Bella What an Ideal husband!
Never attempt to bully a Judge or a
Jury unless you have previously bribed
"Go Great Northern" and Register
at Spokane, Wenatchee, Colville,
Republic or Omik
July 5th to 22nd Inclusive.
350,000 acres of desirable agricul
tural lands open to homestead
entry. Five registration points
including Omak, only registration
joint actually on the reservation and
reached only by the Great Northern
Low Round Trip Fares
Round Trip Homeseekers' Pares to all
registration points named in effect June 20th,
July 4th and July 18th. Summer Tourilt Fares
to North Pacific; Coast points, on sale every day.
permit stopover for rrgiatratlon at Spokane and
Wenatcbee. Stopovers Allowed enroute at Glacier
National Park either on coins or return trip.
Send Now (or Colville Circular 39
Hl out coupon below and mail ttday, for d
tailed information, map folders and booklet!.
E. 0. LEEDY. Central Immlorttion Agent, C N. Ru
st. Paul. Minn.
C. E. STONE, PattangerTralNcMou 3t .Paul, Minn.
eTcTEeEDY , Gen! J.TSt.""" TTiT-
Send Colville Opening Circa
nt nv..oi. rial, luuuii
liar 39
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 26-1916.
, Ml)
Kit t iv? svtr
s r: M M
I r.t ... 1
at P'oilLW
The mcrm
"Whether n life Is noble or Isnoblo
depmuls not on tlio rullliiK which la
ndopted. but on the spirit In which It
Is followed. Sir John l.ubbock.
The samo attention should bo given
to the preparation of pudding Bailees
as is given to moat
sauces, as well ns tho
proper snuco to servo
with ench pudding.
German Sauce. Doll
together ono cupful of
sugar and a half cupful
of water for 15 minutes.
Then whlBk Into It tho
beaten yolks of three
eggs and continuo heat
ing over hot water until thick. Add a
tablespoonful of butter, one of vnnllln,
and tho stldly beaten whites of threo
eggs. Stir over the boiling water
threo or four mlnutCB until tho eggs
nro cooked. Tho vanilla should bo
added after tho sauco Is cooked. If
other flavors, like currant Jolly or fruit
Juice of various kinds, are added, it Is
not bo important whou It is, added.
Opera Sauce Cream a fourth of a
cupful of softened butter with a cup
ful and a fourth of light yellow sugar.
Add slowly as much cream as It will
take without curdling. Flavor to tasto.
Currant Jelly Sauce. Beat a cupful
of double cream until thick; add cur
rant Jelly till a light pink in color.
Brown Sugar Sauce. Take a cupful
and a half of medium brown sugar,
add a pint of boiling water and a table
spoonful of cornstarch; boil ten min
utes. Just before serving add a tablo
spoonful of butter und a grating of
Creamy Sauce. Cream two table
spoonfuls of butter with a cupful of
powdered sugar. Add a tablespoonful
of vanilla or any desired flavor and
two tablespoonfuls of cream, beating
well. More cream can bo added if It
is not soft enough to drop easily from
a spoon.
Orange Sauce. Beat four yolks with
tablospoonfuls of powdered sugar, a
cupful of cream and tho grated rind
of nn orange. Cook like custnrd until
smooth; strain and serve. Fine on a
fruit salad.
Chocolate Sauce. Boll together for
five minutes a half cupful each of
sugar and -water. Cool tho sirup bo
fore stirring in four ounces of choco
late, molted. Add a half teaspoonful
of vanilla or a pinch of cinnamon.
Stand in a pan of hot water, and when
ready to servo add a half cupful of
thin cream.
Every good and commanding move
ment In tho annals of tho world Is tho
triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing- great
was ever accomplished without lu
ll. W. Emerson.
The most wasted of all days Is that
on which ono hns not laughed. Cham
The garnishes for soup will often
make an otherwise common soup qulto
out of tho ordinary.
Marrow Balls. Tako
a tablespoonful, of finely
cut marrow, threo tablo
spoonfuls of flno bread
crumbs, a teaspoonful of
chopped parsley, salt and
pepper to taste. Work
to a smooth paste, add
ing a little raw egg if needed to
make it smooth. Form in balls the
size of a filbert, drop into the boiling
soup and simmer about fifteen min
utes. Spinach Balls. Take an equal bulk
of finely chopped cooked spinach and
very fine bread crumbs. Season
highly with popper, salt and cayenne.
Add enough egg white to moisten
well, then let stand to stiffon. Shape
in balls tho size of hickory nut; poach
in the hot soup for five minutes and
serve four to each plate.
Forcemeat Balls. Scrapo enough
raw lean veal or chicken to mako a
half pound, Soak half a cupful of
bread crumbs, froo from crust, in
milk; when soft squeezo dry; add four
tablespoonfuls of butter, tho scraped
meat and tho yolks of two eggs, pound
Iho whole smooth and force through
a conrso slove. Season with salt, pop
per and nutmeg. Form between two
teaspoons Into almond shaped balls;
iok about ten minutes in stock that
Just simmers.
Ham may bo used as above, with
parsley and onion Juice, leaving out
tho salt and nutmog. Pound to a
paste and the sifting may he omitted.
Shapo into largo hallo and cook in
stock. Tfioy should be as light as a
sponge and may bo sorved with any
Good to Remember.
Every young man should remomber
that if his income Is Just a little abovo
expenses ovory day, ho will evontually
bfieomo well off. If his receipts dally
lack a little of meeting his expendi
tures, he will in time bocomo a candi
date for public favors at tho poor
houso. Honest work at any calling
and such economy as tho caso requires
Is honorable; while Idleness and spend
thrift habits are a disgrace to anyone,
young or old. Now Canaan (Conn.)
What you nro ciicnkit so loud ns to
drown altogether any declaration you
may mako of what you wish men to
think you are. Tho deceiver deceives
no one but hlmfolf. Cope.
Thero Is no moro wclcomo meat dlsb
than chicken plo and when baked In
the individual dishes, it Ii
e s p o c i ally attractive.
When cooking tho chick
en, if a smnll pleco ol
onion is added, not
enough to ho nt all ob
Jectlonable, tho llttlo fla
vor adds much to the
dish. Throo very small
biscuit mny
bo placed on tho Indl
vidtial dish which makes It especially
good looking
Salmi of Pigeon. Draw and truss n
half-dozen pigeons, put Into a kettle
ono onion and ono popper chopped;
when soft ndd the pigeons and turn un
til woll soared over, using four table
spoonfuls of fat; add a tablespoonful
of Worcestershire sauce, a half can of
mushrooms, 12 stuffed olives, a tea-
spoonful of salt and lot simmer until
the pigeons are tender.
Swiss Meat. Cut tho meat from a
three-pound shin of beef. Into a soup
kettle put a tablespoonful of sugar
and stir until melted and brown; then
ndd throo quarts of water, putting tho
beef bones in (he bottom of tho kettlo
and tho meat on top of them. Cover
and simmer gently for two hours, then
add a bouquet of herbs, an onion, a
turnip and two carrots, all diced, and a
cupful of cooked pons. Cook until tho
vegetables are tender, then add
thickening of four tablespoonfuls of
fat and threo of flour, cooked together;
add a llttlo of tho soup. Strain tho
soup and servo clear. The meat and
vegetables may be heaped on a platter.
This will mako a most satisfying meal
with a simple dessert
Turkish Tongue. Wash a fresh boe
tongue and cook it slowly for twe
hours. Skin It and tie in shape, save
tho water in which it was cookod fox
a soup. Put four tablespoonfuls ol
sweet fat Into a kettlo; add a sweet
red pepper, chopped, a pint of button
onions and a carrot, cut In fancj
shapes; stir until they aro Bllghtlj
browned, then add tho tonguo and n
half pound each of raisins and stonei
dates. Add a quart of tho liquor in
which tho tonguo was cookod, covei
and simmer gently two hours longer
Serve tho tongue with tho other In
gredtents around it. Reduce tho sauc
If necessary and servo with It.
Who Is the happiest of men? Ho
who voluoH the merits of others, nnd
In their pleasure takes Joy, even ns
though It were his own. Goethe.
An ordlnnry cupcake or a plain,
cheap, simple cake reclpo may bo sc
varied by frostings and
fillings that it is always
Pineapple Filling.
Tako a tablespoonful ol
gelatin dissolved in a
llttlo pineapple Juice, add
a half eupful of grated
pineapple and enougli
lemon to mako It pleas
antly tart; udd very stlfl
boiled frosting to make sufficient quan
tity of Icing, and filling.
Orange Filling. This Id especially
delicious with any white cako, but It
a great favorite as a filling for choco
lato cake. Tako the rind of an or
ange ns woll astho Juice, put into a
cup and fill the cup with water, cook
two tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, a
pinch of salt, the yolks or two eggs
and a third of a cupful of sugar with
It; add a teaspoonful of butter and a
llttlo lemon Juice. Cool before using
on cake.
Fruit Filling. Tako a cupful of
seeded raisins, a half pound of
blanched almondB, a half pound of figs,
the same amount of dates nnd a fourth
of a pound of citron. Put these twlco
through tho meat chopper and add
enough boiling frosting to mako a soft
Plain Chocolate Icing and Filling.
Melt two ounces of chocolate over hot
water, add two cnpfuls of brown sugar,
a half cupful of milk and a teaspoon
ful of butter; cook until It makes a
soft ball in cold wntor. Cool, add a
llttlo cinnamon and Rtlr until thick
enough to spread. Put It on while tho
cako Is wnrm.
Maple filling la dollclous, uslug ma
ple sugar for tho sirup and boating it
ai any boiled frosting.
Some Achievements.
There's nothing wonderful in tho
story of tho mun Dorn without hands
who became an expert penman. Some
of the most popular theories in tho
Intellectual world axe started by men
who have lost thelf heads.
Too Much to Expect.
"That man is so honost ho wouldn't
steal a pin," said Mr. Goodo. "I nov
er thought much of the Din tost," an
swered Mr. Cayenne. "Try him with as
umbrella." Stray StorleB.
Superintendent o( Men, Moody Blblo
Institute of Chicago
TEXT If any man offend not In word,
the tmmo Is a porfect man, nnd nbto also
to bridle tho whole body, James 3:2.
Speech Is u distinguishing gift of
man. Said a witty Gorman: "1 will
bellovo that nn
nutmal thinks
when ho tolls me
so." Tho world
would be a
strango plnco It
wo could not talk,
yet wtint a world
It is because wo
enn talk! Tho
difficulty of con
trolling speech is
pointed out in
our toxt, a n d
thoso who havo
boon Btrlvlng
longest for per
fection approcl
a t o most fully
this difficulty. It will 'bo worth whllo
to follow tho discussion of tho tonguo
which 1b found in tho succeeding
versos of tho third chapter of James.
First of all, James speaks of tho
power of this "llttlo member which
boastcth great things" (vv. 3, 4). Llko
tho bit in tho horse's mouth which en
nbles us to turn tho wholo body, or
tho tiny rudder of tho ship, which di
rects Its course through tho stormy
deep, so tho tonguo Is a great power
In tho guldnnco of life. Wo niurvol
when wo seo tho multltudo swayed
by tho speech of tho preacher or tho
volco of tho singer. Wo need only
to mention Magna Charta, tho Declar
ation of Indopendcnco, tho Emanclpn
tlon proclamation or Luthor's Thcsos
to bo Impressed with tho power of
even wrltton words.
But James goes on to speak of tho
mischief which may bo wrought by
tho tonguo (vv. fi, 6). It Is llko a lit
tlo flro kindling a great forost. A
vonomous tonguo hurts not only oth
ers, hut oneself; James says: "It do
fllolh tho wholo body," nnd wo may
bo certain that so .long as an ovll
thought Injures tho spirit, wo cannot
escapo from our ovll words.
Hedges About the Tongue.
An old writer sayB: "Wo may seo
tho cunning and curious work of na
turo which hath barred and bodged
nothing in so Btrongly ns tho tonguo
with two rowB of teeth and therewith
two Hps; besides, she hath placed it
far from tho heart, that It should not
utter that which tho heart conceived."
James goes on to speak of tho un-
tnmablonesB of tho tonguo (vv. 7, 8)
Every kind of beasts and blrdB, or
crooplng things and things In tho
sen, has been tamed by man, but tho
tongue can no man tame, although
God can do even this thing.
Even after regeneration, wrong hab
Its of Bpeech will assert their sway.
How easily the oath springs to tho
Hps of tho aforetimo blaBphomor!
Finally, James speaks of tho in
consistency of tho tonguo (vv. 9-12).
Therewith wo bless God nnd yot curso
men, made In IiIb lmngo; as ono has
put It, such abusive railing against
men Is llko Bpltting on the Btatuo of
the emperor whom wo profess to
honor. Even naturo robukos us for
such inconsistency, for no fountain
sends forth both sweet water and hit
Aosop, tho writer of fables, was n
slave Ho was onco ordered by his
master to procure the" best thlngB in
tho market for dinner, and sorved
courso after courso of tongues. Ho
argued: "Is thero anything bettor
than a tonguo? Is not tho tonguo tho
bond of civil society, the organ of
truth and reason and tho organ of
our praise and tho adoration of tho
gods?" Tho slave's master directed
that tho next day ho should buy tho
worst things ho could find, and again
ho brought tongues. This tlrao ho
reasoned: "Tho tonguo Is surely tho
worst thing In tho world. It Is tho
Instrument of nil strife and conten
Hon, tho Inventor of lawsuits, and tho
source of divisions and wars; It Is
tho organ of error, of lies, of calumny
and blasphemies."
Skimming the Milk.
This Inconsistency of tho tonguo
appears In tho lives , of thoso who
evon do many deeds of kindness
This was quaintly set forth by an old
lady who said to hor grandchildren
"If you'ro going to glvo mo a pan of
milk, don't skim It first." They found
sho meant that whon n favor was
done for her, she disliked to havo It
spoiled by an ungracious word. "An
other errand? I novor go downtown
without half n dozon commissions.'
Tho boy gets tho hook nnd really
doesn't mind, but he has skimmed tho
milk. "Theso gloves ripped again
It Booms they always nood mending
whon I am in a hurry." Sho really
wants to keep tho gloves neat, hut sho
aklms the milk.
What a solemn word James speaks
In tho first chapter of his eplstlo (v
2): "If any man among you seometh
to bo religious and hrldleth not his
tongue, hut decelveth his own heart
thlB man's religion Is vain." How
glad wo should ho that we have our
Helper, Ono of whom It is said that
"he opened not his mouth," when It
was a time for silence, hut of whom
It Is said also that tho peoplo "won
dered at tho grd,clpUB words which
proceoded out of fyls mouth."
Hippopotami Can Run.
In Bplto of Its clumsy build, tho hip
popotamus can trot fast. That Is why
ho was given tho nnrao of river-horse.
Tho hippo's feet nro kept fnr npnrt by
tho wldo body and mako pathB with a
rldgo down tho middle, so as to bo rcc
ognlzablo at once. They hwIui well,
but go nt their greatest speed when
thoy can gallop along tho bottom In
shallow water. They can stay under
wnter a long tlmo, nnd whon thoy como
to tho surfneo thoy solid llttlo Jets of
spray from tholr nostrils. Tho cow Is
dovoted to tho calf. Tho young ono
stands on hor bnck as tho mother
Its Risk.
"A kiss may often havo deeper
meaning than appears."
"Porhaps, hut It Is a thing you havo
to tako on Its face value."
Cautious Definition.
"Pa, what Is a flguro of speech?"
"Il'ml Whoro's your mother?"
"Sho's gono In next door."
"Woll, then, a flguro of speech, my
son, Is a woman."
Tho Bootblng, healing medication In
rcslnol ointment and rcslnol soap
soothes nnd cools tho lrrltntod skin,
and usually stops itching nt once. Tho
rcslnol treatment speedily heals cczo-
ma, ringworm, and similar eruptions,
and clears away disfiguring plmplos
oven when other trentmcuts havo boon
almost useless.
Itcslnol Is not nr experiment. It is
a doctor's prescription which proved
so wonderfully successful for skin
troubles that it has been used by other
doctors all over tho country for twen
ty years. Every druggist sells reslnol
ointment and rcslnol soap. Adv.
Not Harmonizing.
"Tho man I nm engaged to Iiob been
terribly wild, but is going to turn over
a new lenf."
"Don't trust Biich a had color
Bchomo. Rosy futures Boldom grow
on purplo paBts."
Second Edition.
Blox Do you think Doctor Third-
ly's sermons nro as good nB thoy wore
ten years ago?
Knox Sure. They aro Just tho
samo now ns ho used then.
Important to Mothers
ICinmlnn carefully overv bottlo of
CARTORIA. a safo and euro remedy for
Infants and children, and see that it
TIaam 4li a
Signature of (&
In Use for Over 30 Yearn.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
A Protest.
"I appeal to you ns a statesman "
"Don't dig up that statesman rumor
about mo Just now," Interrupted Sena
tor Sorghum. "I'm n statesman most
of tho timo. But with several conven
tions looming up in tho near futuro and
a lnrgo following of practical citizens
to satisfy, I want to go on record as a
Unfortunate Tree.
Church Ho snys ho has a family
Gotham I'll bet it's a eucalyptus,
Suffer wltu KheumntlKm or NcnrltU, acutnot
chronic, tvrlto for my Fti:i: HOOK on lthoumu
tlnm Its Cause and Cure. Host wonderful book
ever written, It's absolutely lrKKE. Jeitue A.
Case, Dept. O. W., llrocktun, Mukh. Adv.
Judging by Conditions.
"Sin, my dear pupils," said Deacon
tinrncs to his Sunday school class, "is
tho legacy of Adam."
And tho bright boy In tho class re
marked that that was probably tho
llrst caso on record whore a will was
not broken.
"Yes," said tho deacon, "but It
should bo remembered that thero was
enough to go around. I don't remem
bor hearing of anybody who didn't re
ceive his share of the Inheritance."
"Of courso, you admlro the dove of
"Very much. But 1 don't know
whctlier I care to see It flourishing
around under present perilous condi
tions and running the risk of becom
ing extinct."
Force of Habit.
Judge Discharged 1
Drldget Wldout a rlferencoT
Bumper Grain Crops
I I I alail'HHM Ill
mil ..KasTai isx
I as all ef
la ho war fax on land nnd bo conscription.
Send for illustrated pamphlet and as It for reduced railway rate, information aa to beat tocatloas, tic.
Add r usa Superintendent Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or
W. V. BENNETT, Roam 4, Dae Dldg., Omaha, Nabr.
Canadian Government Agent
How Mrs. Kelly Suffered and
How She was Cured.
Burlington, Wis. "I as very Irrcc
ular, and had pains In my sido and back,
but after taking
Lydla E. Pinkhnm's
Vogotnblo Com
pound Tablets and
using two bottles of
tho Sanative Wash
I am fully convinced
that I am entirely
cured of theso trou
bles, and feel better
all over. I know
your remedies havo
dono me worlds of
good nnd I hope every suffering woman
will givo them a trial." Mrs. ANNA
Kelly, 710 Chestnut Stroot, Burling
ton, Wis.
The many convincing testimonials con
stantly published in tho newspapers
ought to bo proof enough to women who
suffer from those distressing ills pecu
liar to their sex that Lydla E.Plnkham's
Vegotable Compound is tho medietas
thoy need.
This good old root and herb remedy
has proved unequalled for theso dread
ful ills; it contains what is needed to
rcBtoro woman's health and strength.
If thero is any peculiarity la
your caso requiring special ad
vice, vtrlto tho Lydla E. Pink
haru Medicine Co. (confidential),
Lynn, Mass., for froo advice.
Don't Persecute ,
Your Bowels "
Cut out cathartics and purpatlvet. They are
brutal, harsh, unnecessary. Try,JP
Purely vegetable. Act .
gently on tin liver.
eliminate Due, anu
coothe the delicate i
membrane of the
bowel. C u r
Sli-b II. .4.
acbt and lalUssllsa, ao minions anow.
Genuine must bear Signature
"Whnt'B In a name?"
"Thoro'B money In it Any man who
can think up a good nnmo for a break
fast food can buy sawdust In carload
lots and sell It In pound packages at
a handsomo profit."
"I don't boo how tho railroads' can
afford to glvo such low rates to com
muters." "That's easy. Thoy mako tholr
money on itho servants who nro con
tinually coming and going."
Relief for the Country.
"Glvo your vacation to your coun
try." And thoroby glvo a llttlo unox
poctod rellof to your country rela
Not? Is tho Tlmo to Out Kid of Tliosn
ueir Npota.
Tliere'a no lonter tho illshtest need of
feellne ashamed of your freckle, na tho
prescription othlne double strength la
Guaranteed to remove these homely spots.
Simply cnt an ounce of othlne doubla
atrength from your drueclat, and apply a
little of It nlsht and morning- and you
should soon aee that even the worst freckles
have begun to disappear, while the lighter
ones havo vanished entirely. It Is seldom
that morn than one ounce Ii needed to com
pletely clear the skin and gain a beautiful
clear complexion.
rto sure to ask for the double atrength
othlne, as this la sold under guarantee of
money back If It falls to remove freckles.
"Isn't DllgglnB rather self-important?"
"I should say so. Ho thinks no's do
ing a fish a favor to catch it and let it
occupy tho samo boat with him."
Natural Progression.
"How did thoy get that disabled
vossol to port?"
"First, thoy buoyed her nnd then
thoy manned hor."
A barber sometimes combs a man's
hair as tho man combs It himself, but
a tonsorlel artist novor does.
.ssssssssssssssssssssH A "V.
sssssssssH P ADTCD'cf
Good Markets High Prices
Prlzos Awarded to Wob torn Canada for
Wheat, Oats, Bar loy. Alfalfa and Grasses
The winnings of Western Canada at the Soil Products
Exposition at Denver were easily made. The list
comprised Wheat, Oats, Barley and Grasses, the most
important being the prizes for Wheat and Oats and
sweep stake on Alfalfa.
No less important than the splendid quality of Western
Canada's wheat and other grains, is the excellence of
the cattle fed and fattened on the grasses of that
country. A recent shipment of cattle to Chicago
topped the market in that city for quality and price.
Wcittra Catala prefaced la 1915 e-tLIrd as much wleil
the UniUd States, ar sm 300,000,000 Liikels.
Canada in proportion to population lias a greater
exportable surplus of wheat this year than any
country in the world, and at present prices you
can figure out the revenue for the pro.
ducer. In Western Canada you will find
good markets, splendid schools, excep
tional social conditions, perfect climate
a and other great attractions. Thero