The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, May 26, 1916, Image 9

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Juno 5 nml u Pagonnt or Llucoln,
presenting "The Onto City.",
Juno C-7-8 Stato Undertakers Con
vention at Hastings.
Juno 5-G Spanish War Yotcrana'
State Convention at North Platto.
June 12 to IB Trans-Mississippi Bak
ers' Ass'n convention at Omaha.
June 13-14-15 Annual convention of
Nehraska Elks at Omaha.
Juno 13 to in stato P. E. O. Conven
tion at Alliance.
Juno 13-14-15 Great Western Handi
cap Tournament at Omaha.
Juno 13 to 15 Nobniskti Phtirmacqu
tlcal Convention at Hastings.
June 19-20-21-22 American Union of
Swedish Singers, West. Div., con
certs and convention nt Omaha.
June 20 to 24 Stato Stockmen's con
vention at Alliance.
Juno 21 to 23 Fraternal Order of
Eagles, stato meeting at Lincoln.
July 25 Nebraska Democratic con
vention at Hastings.
July 3-4-5 Mid-Summer Race Meet at
July 5 to 8 Stato Golf Tournament
at Omaha.
July 10-11-12 Northwestern Hotol
Men's Association Convention at
June 28-29 International Auctioneers'
Association Convention at Omaha.
City commissioners of North Platte
navo let a contract for twenty-flvn
blocks of vertical liber brick paving
ic be laid this summer. The contract
price totals approximately $104,000.
William Jennings Bryan Is not going
to the democratic national convention
as an alternate from Nebraska, nor as
a delegate from any other state, ac
cording to an announcement made in
The encampment" ot the Grand Ar
my of the Republic, hlt! at Lexington.
was tno greutest of the kind
ryer hold In the statr It Is estimated
unit 12.000 visitors were, in attend
ance. Columbus secured the encamp
ment for next year and won out over
Hastings and Wayne by a good-sized
Another discovery of a technical er
ror has Just been made at Hooper with
the result that another six weeks' de
lay ,jvlll bo necessary before the sa
loons can legally open. This time I
lias been found thnt the now ordlnane
drafted hurriedly by the Hooper coun
cil is defective in several partlcu'a" .
Tho biggest Flag day over attempU
ed'nmong the Elks will be the feature
of the Nebraska convention, which
-will bp hold in Omaha, Juno 12, 13
and 14. Thursday, tho 14th, is the
national flag day of tho organization.
AW Elk lodges In Nebraska are urged
to send delegations.
The farm management assoc'atlop
of Dawes county has purchased a lord
of dairy cattle for the use of the dair
farmers of the county, which consist
ot forty-one head of high-grade Hrl
steins to bo sold to the farmers with
out profit for the betterment of their
dnl'y herds.
One hundred tlnusnnd yards of dirt
tiro to be remove! from the roads of
Otoe county durttig the next, twelve
months, according to plans of the
county commissioners, who huve Jut
let a contract for the year's grading.
Ralph Conyer, formerly of Excel
sior Springs, Mo., died at Mitchell as
the result of injuries received when
lie lost control of a motorcycle rio
which he was riding.. Ho was
thrown on his head.
Paving that will cost the city of
Lincoln a quarter of a million dollars
lias already been ordered this spring.
A total of 07,000 snuare yards has
been authorized and most of It con
tracted for.
Ord held a special election Just re
cently to decide tho liquor question
Four hundred and fifty votes were
cast, the drys winning by h majority
of eighty.
The people of Crelghton have Just
voted a liberal bond Issue for the
purpose of building a city hall that
-will Ik n credit to the town.
Tho big lumber sheds of J. Shunv
way & Son nt Lyons, were destroyed
by fire. The loss Ib estimated be
tween $15,000 and $25,000.
A week's campaign against tho dan
dellon at Fairfield brought in a tota'
of 1,200 bushelB. ,
An amateur baseball league, which
avIU embrace Kearney, Shelton, Elm
Creek, Riverdale and oMip" towns, has
boon established in Buffalo county. A
schedule has been arranged to date
from .lune 1, after which two games
per week will be played.
It is reported that J. II. Morrison
is to remodel his building that has
leen used for a saloon for years, at
Superior, and mako an up-to-date mov
ing picture and vaudevlllo theater of
it, giving Superior two moving play
Marlon B. Stahl of West Point won
first, Louis Wirt of South High school,
Omaha, second, and Nelllo M. Schwab
of'McCook third in the ninth annual
contest of the Nebraska High School
Debating league at Lincoln.
Hastings lost 105 families until No
vember, recently, when a special
train left for Scottsbluff with those
who annually work In tho beet fields
In that section.
Tho vlllago of Syracuse, In Otoe
county, has Issued $16,000 In bonds
to build a
municipal electric light
The developmont ot polaso and tta
by-products will noon bo ono of Ne
braska's chief Industries, a puro artl-
clo having been found at Hoffland,
near Alliance, which noccsskatos lit
tle elso than pumping, boiling and
drying to make the best portion ready
for the roflnery, after which tho fin
ished article brings tho heretofore un
known price of nearly $500 per ton.
Tho outlook In tho potash linos
seems to bid fair to bo ns Important
In Nebraska as tho oil industry In
othor states. Nearly 100 men are em
ployed In the plant. New residences
and business buildings are going up
In the llttlo city at a most remarkablo
In a sweeping decision in the dis
trict court at Kearney, Judge James
Uaunn of Grand Island, sitting in
place of Judge Hosteller, denied an
Injunction agnlnst the mayor nud city
council of Kearney, to restrain them
from pnvlng the city streets. He de
clared tho Constitutionality of the law
passed by tho last legislature provid
ing for paving and assessing In cities
of tho first class. His , decision di
rectly nfTects over $1,000,000 worth of
paving Improvements to be laid this
summer In Kearney, Beatrice, Colum
bus, Falrbury, Fremont, Grand lBland,
Hastings, Nebraska City, North
Platte, Plattsmouth. and York.
If present plans of the stnte execu
tlve board of the Seventh Day Ad-'
ventlst church are carried out Hast
ings will be made tho location of ono
of the most. Important denomination
al schools In tho state. Tho school la
preparatory in nature nnd It Is ex
pected will start with an enrollment
of 100 students. The first building
to be erected will probably cost in
tho neighborhood of $25,000.
Nebraska's crop ot winter wheat
will total 59,341,000 bushels this year,
according to the estimate of tho Unit
ed States department of agriculture,
based on the condition of the wheat
May 1. Last year tho winter wheat
crop of Nebraska amounted to CC,
018,000 bushels. The condition May
1 last year was reported as 90 per
cent, while May 1 this year It was 89
per cut.
Ray Wiggins, veteran engineer ot
the Rock Island railroad, and his C-yeir-old
son were drowned a few
miles from Falrbury, while attempt
Ing to cross a creek. The stream, or
dinarily nearly dry, was swollen to a
torrent by heavy rains. Tho little boy
foil Into the water, his father dived
after him and both were swept away.
A. C. Watson of Plalnvlcw was on
the South Omaha market a few days
ago with a load of beef steers, aver
aging 1,403 pounds, that, sold at $9.50.
the extreme top of tho year to date.
This is also the highest priced
of cattle ever sold' In the month of
May at the South Omaha market.
The woman's annual metropolitan
golf championship tournament will be
staged at Omaha on the links of tho
Omaha Field club, July 10, 11, 12 and
13. The woman's tourney vl)l follow
Imrndlentoly after th Nebraska stato
event, which will be he'd nt the samo
links July 5, G, 7 and 8.
In a high school truck meet held
nt Superior, with Superior, Hardy,
Edgar, Nelfon, Hebron, Scandla and
Rerubllc City, Kas., contest'ng, Su
perior won first place with 30 points.
Jop Steelier of Dodge and Strnngler
Lewis will meet In the wrestling ring
in Omaha on July 4.
Three carloads of postage stamps,
stamped euvelopes and postal cards
were received by the Omaha postal
authorities Just recently, to fill tho
needs of the Omaha ofllce for tho en
suing quarters. This consignment Is
valued at llttlo less than $500,000;
More thnn fifty crack gunners from
all parts of the state will go to Nor.
folk June 4 nnd 5. tho dates of tho
first annual registered tournament of
the Norfolk Gun club.
Sunday baseball can now bo played
In all parts of Dodge county as tho rp
&ult of action taken by the county
board of supervisors at Fremont a
few days ago.
Fremont was chosen as the meeting
place for the Omaha Association of
Congfpgatlonal Churches In 1917, at
tho closing meeting of the convention
at Uehllng.
Hastings Is to have n public market,
operated and managed by boys In the
agricultural department of the city
At a special election held at Hoi
brook the electric light Issue carried
by a majority of twenty-five votes.
Talk of secession of five western
counties of Nebraska on tho grounds
that the eastern part of tho state is
not in sympathy with the west In the
fight for water rights, lias been
brought to Lincoln by a prominent at
torney, who Is Interested in various
water cases.
Plans are being laid for the ninth
annual enenmpment and reunion of
all Spanish War veterans to bo hold
nt North Platto June 5 nnd 0. There
will bo a camp tire, dancp, rifle shoot,
auto rides nnd banquet.
The town of Stella In RIchardBon
county will hold a special election
May 29th to vote on a proDosltlon to
lfsuo $8,000 In bonds to build an elec
tric light plant.
The Civic Improvement League of
Columbus Is giving prizes every
month Jnr the best flowers produced
in tho gardens and on the lawns of
the cltx.
County boards of Platto, Butler and
Polk counties aro making an e.'jrt to
securo a state-aid bridge .across the
Platto river south of Columbus noxt
Considerable Damage Done By Storm
In Iowa. Cyclone Visits Hoi
brook, Nebraska,
Denlson, Tex. Nino persons Wero
killed and thirty-eight Injured niul
Kemp City, Okl., eight miles east of
Denlson, was wiped out by a tornado
which swept a path three-quarters ot
a mile wldo nnd five miles long in tho
Kemp City section.
Twolvo business houses, a two
story hotel and sixty residences wore
demolished in Kemp City. This was
the second time In recent years that
the little town of 300 Inhabitants lias
been visited by u tornado.
Eight of the dead wero killed In tho
town, while the other victim, a child,
was killed In the collapse of Its fa
ther's homo Just across tho Red river,
In Texas,
Most of the injured were caught in
the collapse of buildings or while try
ing to reach storm cellars shortly af
ter the storm broke.
Severe Storm In Iowa.
Dos Moines, Iowa. A tornado
swept across central Iowa late Sunday
afternoon doing considerable damage.
All the outbuildings of tho Jasper
county poor farm noar Newton wero
wrecked nnd the roof was torn from
tho main residence buildings.
Houses, barns and live stock wero
swept away by tho storm nt Burrell,
a mining town, nine miles north of
here. The house of George Forbey, a
miner, was llftrJ fifty feet In the air
and carried 100 yards down the hill.
The house was wrecked, but Forbey
escaped Injury.
Holbrook Damaged.
Holbrook, Nob. -Saturday night
about G:30 a cyclone visited the vicin
ity twelve miles southwest of Hol
brook nnd demolished several farm
houses nnd barns. Many went to the
raves as soon as they saw the cloud
approaching and escaped. No lives
were lost.
Damage at Yuma $150,000.
Yuma, Colo. Estimates on the dnm
are cause1 by a tornado which struck
this town nlnm the loss at approxi
mately $150,000. Many buildings wero
complftfly wrecked. Several persons
pere Injured, but none seriously.
Pershing Inactive.
Snn Antonio, Tex. With the arrival
on the American sldo of Colonel Sib
ley's llttlo fore, lhat rescued Jess E,
Deomer and Munroe Payne, who wero
taken prisoners In the recent Glenn
Springs raid, and chased the border
raiders 145 miles Into Mexico, Gen
eral Funstops command of nearly
50.000 men are awnltlng deyelopmonts
That portion of the army under Gen
eral Pershing In Mexico hns liecome
as inactive as the refnainder of the
big border force, nnd so far as army
officers know tho period of compara1
tlve Inaction will be unbroken, unless
tho initiative Is taken by Mexicans.
More Troops Being Withdrawn.
El Paso, Tex. There Is evldonco
here that tho movement out of Mox
lco Is well under way and that tho
Punitive expedition of General Pcrsh
Ing Is withdrawing steadily. It Is stat
ed in army circles here that the Six
teenth infantry, one of the first or
ganizations to enter Mexico, hns be
gun Its withdrawal to the United
States, together with the Tenth1 cav
alry. It will bo at least a week be
fore tho Sixteenth regiment can
reach Columbus. The Sixth cavalry
has reached Columbus and has al
ready leen distributed at border
Find Statue, Missing 70 Years.
Dubuque, In, After a search of aev
enty years, a bronze group by Fran
els Giradin, "Tho Rape of Proserpine;"
has been located here, tho property of
Mrs. Oliver P. Shlras, widow of tho
lnte Federal Judge Shlras, ono of
whose rolntlveB brought it from
France years ago.. The Metropolitan
art museum of Npw York Is after It,
and also tho French government, but
It will not bo sold until apparised by
Russians Join British.
London. Tho Russians have accoin
pltshed In part one of their main oh
Jects In Asiatic Turkey the Joining
of hands with their British allies
fighting against the Turks on tho
Tigris rlvor. Coincident with the ar!
rival, comes a report that tho Turks
have evacuated Bethalossa, their ad
vanced position on the right bank of
the Tigris, nnd also have lost to tho
British their Dujallnm redoubt.
Suffragists Will Sell Peanuts.
Chicago. To help defrav tho oxnen
ses of their convention, mfrabors of
the national suffrage organization, will
sell peanuts nt th Chicago National
league bnsrbnll park until the opening
of the convention, which Is to be held
hero July 5, C npd 7.
Says Cymric Wasn't Torpedoed.
Berlin. The White Star Unrr Cym
rlc was sunk by an explosion of hor
boilers and was not torpedoed, wns
the assertion made by a member ot
her crow, reaching Amsterdam.
i ho great preparedness parade of 150.000 mon and women In Now York photographed as It wns passing tho
public library. Above, loft to right, aro Thomas Robins, Potor Cooper Hewitt, Thomas A. Edison and W. L. Saunders
of tho naval advisory board who took part in tho Impressive demonstration.
I ' 1 1 tmt ii i i i B.
This photograph, taken during tho actual fighting in Dublin, shows a machlno gun section firing upon ho robela
from behind a barricade In tho southern pnrt it tho city.
jggl ii in inwni li IM i Willi I HUHl m wu
Josef Christiaons, horo photographed In tho English Sunboam car ho brought for tho intornutlonal swoopstnkos
race at tho Indianapolis speedway May 30, has boon in tho military service ot tho ontento allies ovor alnco tho war
began. First bo was in tho trenches, but lator ontorod tho aviation corps and won, medals for bravery. Ho la a
Belgian. '
, J:
Infuntry re-enforcoments on their way to Join Genera) Pershing's com
mand in Mexico.
Sea-sled cruiser muklng 34 miles un hour in tho waters about South
Boston. In tho turnout trials ot tho patrol scout squadron this llttlo cruiser
outdistanced tho fleetest boats of tho squadron by an easy 14 miles, and proved
to bo tho speediest cruising motor boat In tho world, Tho boat is ownod by
Milton C. WllBon, and Is oqulpped with 300 horse power. It Is finely nppolntod,
having sleeping berths, clothes closets, buffet nnd all accommodations of a
modern launch.
0 agesflH h23-;j
M S9J OtJH dhnJ
D n n n atsn n rrx
aSS 353 391) $8$
S1 1.?X R HflH nnd f-iM '
TJji K51 3FJM yM U ' "I
car wml'Jtt 1
" V
This Is tho big Y. M. C. A. hotel
thut has just boon dedicated in Chi
cago, tho first of Its kind in tho coun
try. It cost f 1,50.0,000, tho monoy bo
Ing donntod by tho business mon of
In the War of Words.
"You must admit that I have dona
some doop thinking,"
"Yes," replied Sonutor Sorghum;
"you submorgo all right; but you don't
launch lutolloctual torpedoes that land,
on anything,"