The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, May 26, 1916, Image 5

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Wonderful Bargains
Clinton's Dollar Day Sale,
Saturday, May 27th.
Cut Glass, Pottery, Flower Baskets.
Brass Goods, Ladies' Hand Bags
Casseroles, Solid Gold Rings,
In fact there will be articles that are worth
from $1.50 to $3.00 out of our stock. Don't
miss this Wonderful Sale.
Graduate Dentist
Office over the McDonald
State Bunk.
Mrs. Wm. Hopkins who was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cook left
yesterday morning Cor Brule.
Mrs. Louis Nathan returned' to Dos
Moines yesterday after a visit of sev
eral weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Tho M. M. M. club will he enter
tained on Wednesday afternoon, by
Mrs. Quick at tho homo of Mrs. George
Whllo in town Wednesday evening
Gonl. Supt. Jeftcrs left with E. P. Sco
borgcr, a photograph of the now Union
Pacific depot ns it will appear when
completed. Tho picturo haB been
framed, and placed on cxhlblton In tho
First National Bank. Tho building Is
250 feet long and about seventy wldo,
tho central part, which will contain
tho waiting rooms and offices, rising
to a height of fojrty feet, with wings
to tho cast and west, tub former con
stituting tho baggago room and tho lat
ter tho dining room and lunch counter.
Tho 'West end of tho building will be a
littlo cast of tho shield mound now in
tho park, and tho cntranco to tho main
part oft ho building will bo opposite
Pino street, of nearly so.
In tho central portion of tho building
over tho waiting room will bo a bal
cony from which cntranco will bo had
to tho offices of tho various terminal
Mr. Jcffors stated that tho estimated
cost of tho building complete is
Cadets Go to Camp.
Sixty out of tho eighty high school
cadets, with Prof. Rodenbaugh as com
mandant, left yesterday morning for
Gothenburg, whoro they will go, into
camp for five days, returning Monday
oveningj Tho camp Is located on. tho
North bank of Lake Helen, a very
suitable site, with boating and bathing
as an advantago and a rlflo rango near
by. Ample tents wore obtained from
a Fremont firm, and these wore set and
tho camp arranged by a detachment
of tho cadots who wont down tho
preceding day.
Sunday will bo .reception day and if
tho weather is fair many North Platte
people will visit camp.
Loans, Real Estate and Insurance
We have plenty of money on Hand to loan on farms and ranches. We
antee the lowest rates and best terms. No delay in closing loans.
Fire, Lightning, Tornado and Hail Insurance written in the' best Insurance
Companies at lowest possible rates.
All losses promptly and equitably settled. Our insurance department has
been doing business for 45 years with never a dissatisfied customer.
Investors and homeseekers can always find choice bargains in City Property
ana Farm Lands at our office.
At this time we have a number of special bargains in dwellings, the property
:j L- . L 1J C II i 1 1 .1 I I
or noiiresiueni8, mui inusi oe sum. gmau payment aown ana me oaiance in
monthly installments. We are offering these properties at a fraction of their
real value.
Harry Reese visited iir the eastern
part of tho state this -Yfeek,
Guy Drake fvlsitcd in tho eastern
part of tho state this week.
Morlo Laws left at noon Wednes
day for Cozad to visit tho home folks.
.Miss Helen Baker has returned from
a visit Avith the home folks in Mel
Miss Ruby Manuel will leave next
week for Kearney to spend tho sun
R. L. Bakor, o Stapleton, spent
Wednesday in town while enroute to
Omaha. .
Mrs. J. L. Murphy returned Wed
nesday from a short stay in Grand
The wood work of the Tlmmerman
hotel is being brightened with a new
coat of paint.
Mrs. Charles Barrons and baby, of
Melrose, are visiting .with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Con Walker.
For Sale Tomatoes and cabbage
plants from best early seed. Doolitto's,
Phone No. 782F022. 37-2
Tho Eastern Star held a luncheon
at tho Gem Wednesday evening.
Plates were laid for ono hundred.
Mrs. V. MJ Lawson formerly of
this city camo Wednesday to visit her
daughter Miss Marion Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Well expect to:
leavo shortly by auto for St. Paul,
Minn., and other eastern points.
Miss Ellen McGovern returned a
few days ago from Melrose where
she visited friends for ten days.
Mrs. C. H. Sawyer and son, of Pine
Bluffs, .came a few days ago to visit
M. and Mrs. C S. Sawyer and family.
Let too littlo chink ChInnmelH grnln
your floor or woodwork. Ho docs It
over old painted surfaces nt n ridicu
Ions low cost. Stone, The Druggist.
Jarvo Wright who has been 111 with
typhoid, fever for somo time at the
NurfleBrawn Hospital has suffered a
Miss Florence Stroffrlggen, of Goth
enburg loft Wednesday afternoon af
ter visiting Miss Sarah Monicle for
several days.
Littlo Phillip Norton, son of Mr. and
Mrs. P. J. Norton has 'been very ill
for somo tlmo with tho after effects
of a severo cuso of measles.
Frank Dunn loft Wednesday after
noon for Wood River to attend the
. commencement exorcises of tho school
from which his sister graduates.
Rev. Patrick McDald will return to
morow from Slnslnawa Mound, Wis.,
where ho wont on business connected
with tho now Catholic school.
L. C. Hanson will como from Omaha
this week to visit his children who
aro making their homo with tholr
grand-mother Mrs. Emma Pulver.
Mrs. P. J. Dloner left Wednesday
evening for Toledo, Ohio, to spend
several weeks with her nieco Mrs.
Installs Snnd rump
Davo Scott is now installing on tho
North Platte river a Bhort distance
east of tho bridge a sand pump which
will bo used In obtaining gravel for
street paving. The sand is pumped
from the bottom of tho river and run
over a screen, the finer particles drop-
Wm. Schott who visited his parents ipW back into tho river and the
for two weeks while recovering from coarser landing on the bank,
an operation Will 'return-: .to, Salinn, it win requlro 5,000 yards of gravel
Monday. ,,-': , , ' for tho paving district, for tho dolivory
Hilmer Thompson camo down from which Mr. Scott has tho contract. A
nhnnnAii Woiionnrinv tn nitpmi tho largo amount joi sanu wnr aiso 00
prnillnnHmi nf Tiln UroMifir Oeorirft I needed
-J acw Hlsiiop lor acbrasitn.
Mr nrwl Mrn T W Slipnhnril lnft
..... . ... , - , ,,1 T71
voctxrkv for KnnHn P.ltv wlipro tin, ai uib acubiuii u uiu wuiuuin j.o-
formerhas accepted a position and they copal con"li a Saratoga Springs,
v.1l tr,n!r ihr- l.nmo - WeHIlUSUIiy JHglU, IIUY. r IUIIK. m.
, . Bristol, wno nas neen uisnop oi ino
I.!0 m&jnCTy 'offer at , tho .'Wllcbx Tenn ( nml ls succeeded by. Bishop
uepartment store ror May zui win Homer Clyde Stuntz. Tho' now bishop
be ladies' and children's hats and caps ,was jj0rn jn Brio county, Pa., in 1868
worth ?1.25, $2.00 and ?2.60 ror ?1.UU. and entered tho ministry in 1884. Ho
Also chiffon auto veils, worth $1.2C wag a missionary in India from 188G to
for ?1.00. 1895 and was made sunorintendnet of
David Brooks, who had been In Alt- tho Methodist missions In tho Phil
ron, Ohio, for some time on business pino Islands in 1901, and later was a
.Work began tho early part of thlB
week on a new building on tho cor
ner of Front and Locust street which
Louie Llpshltz, tho Junk dealer is
erecting. This building will bo one
story 33x80, with pressed brick north
and westi wals, cement floor and
Aetal celling. In tho rear will bo a
lfdllow tilo store room 12x12. Tho
building will cost something over
Tho front forty foot of tho room
'beenl Jeasctl toy tho American
Express Company for n period of
threo years with a privilege of two
additional years. A tenant for tho
rear forty feet, which will have a
locust street entrance, has not yet
Se(en secured. Tho building will bo
completed August first,
aiavcv . ic t
connected with the North Platte Vul
canizing. Co., returned tho first of the
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ericsson, of Cot
tonwood, camo up Wednesday to at
tend tho commencement exercises,
Harold Burko, a nephew, being a mem
ber of tho class.
Mrs. Clyde Cook and Miss Ethel
bishop in the South American field.
;;c:;. ,
Ilcv. Covell Visiting Here.
Rev. Horbert Covell a former North
Platto boy now pastor of an Episcopal
parish In Brooklyn, N. Y., Is visiting
his mother and brother at the ranch
north of town and his sister Mrs
Edmund Dlckoy,
Durimr tho absence of Dean Bowkor,
Fryo left last evening for Victor, la., who wlu bG ln Kimball, Rev. Covoll
to visit relatives;, Tho former' will wlu uavo chargo of tho services at tho
remain a weoic anu tno latter a church of Our Savior Sunday, admin
montu or longer. UilHterinir communion at tho elcht
President O. H. Thoelecko, of the o'clock sorvlco and occupying tho pul
Chamber of Commerce, has been in Om- pit at eleven o'clock.
aha this week attending tho state con
vention of commercial clubs and look
ing aftor business matters.
Ray Langford, W. II. McDonald and
Roy Mehlman wont to Grand Island to
attend tho meeting of Group Five of
tho state banker's association. They
will return tomorrow morning.
Mrs. Goorgo Voseipka was hostess
to the Et-A-Vlrp club Tuesday aftor-
noon. A number of contests were held
in which Mesdames A. J. Salisbury
and Ed Dickey were awarded prizes.
Mrs. Otto Well was a guest of the
G. G. Schick, of For Crook, who
was a Tribune caller Wednesday, said
fall wheat ln that section 1b even In
bettor condition than last year and
thereforo exceptionally fine. Farmers
aro about through corn planting and
the" early planted Is up and looks good.
Class Presents Grnfimoliu
At tho commencement oxorpises
Wednesday evening tho class of 191C
presented a Grafanola to tho high
school, a most suitable and apprec
iated gift. This instrument was se
lected and purchased after a competi
tive test In tho presence of tho class
had been made of tho various talking
machines handled In town, and in
which contest tho various dealers
wero invited to enter in competition
and did enter.
Modern, six room house, steam
heat. To right party will leaso this
house by year. Situated next to my
residence. 37-4 R. N. LAMB.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Flowers leavo in
a day or two for Ottumwa, la., whoro
Mr. Flowers will become associated
with his father in tho wall paper bus
iness. As a member of the high school
faculty for a number of years, Mr.
Flowers proved very efficient, always
having the respect and good-will of
tho Btudont body, and his removal else
where Is generally regretted.
1 I
Choose Your Woodwork Carefully
WHETHER you plan a new house or changes in
the old, give thought to your woodwork.
We are glad to have you consult us, not only
about your plans but for practical suggestions in the
way of built-in furniture, doors, windows and so on
through your list. Wc can show you illustrations of
f 18 6 6 ,
Telephone Your
Grocery "orders to 32
They will given prompt and
careful attention.
"The Permanent Furniture for Your Home"
Curtis Woodwork has gone into good homes for 50 years.
Every piece that passes inspection Is stamped " Curtis."
If you expect to build, a "Home-Book." will be n mine of
help and 6UL'GMUr for you. We have three. Any one free.
"Better Built Homes," tCCO to $3,000; "Home'ikc Homes,"
S300 u i ;,"Attr?c'ivc rivvcdmvc." best tvpes. They show
cxtrIorJ, fo'-r fif i- rrd rootr.3 Cr.fcLtd with Ct't'a Wood
work CttWxr ciiti toc'cy. t (
1 u The Building of the Panama Canal
Was A Great Achievement
- It requires tletermination, energy, push and
lumber to build anything even a
House, Barn, Shed or Fence
' . Whatever you determine to build -
Coates Lumber & Coal Co.
North Platte, Nebr.
1000 Wait Faurth Stre.t. Phona 110
Ethical, Moral, Efficient. '
An Institution for the treatment of Medical, Surgical and Confinement
DR. J. S. TWINEM, Physician and Surgeon.
Hohort Saflor has acoptod a position
at tho soda fountain ln the Razes pool
Mrs. B. B. Bafcor loft yesterday
morning for Donvor tx visit hor mother
Mrs. Frnnklln Tealo.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grady, of
Grand Island, aro visiting local friends
and relatives this week.
Mrs. Lorn Graves of Grand Island
camo Wednesday morning to visit rel
atives fdr n weok or more,
Miss Eva Lowis returned to her
homo In Calloway yesterday aftor vis
iting hor father P. II. Lowis.
Tho ladles tof tho Christian church
will hold an exchange at the Dorry-
horry & Forbes store tomorrow.
A fowjnlnutcs spent in our factory
will convince tho most skoptlcal that
cleanliness has boon ono of tho most
Important factors ln Star Pop success
L.lovd Powers, manager for tho
Trotter Auto Agency, Is confined to a
local hospital -with an attack of ty-
plitold fever. The dlseaso developed
General Supt. Jeff era and Chief En
glneor Huntloy, of tho Union Pacific,
woiro In town Wednesday ovonlng,
Tholr mission horo was to Investigate
paving, of which tho Union Paclflp
will havo considerable to do along
tholr Front street proporty.
Tho Study Club hold a vory enjoy
ahlo indoor picnic at tho homo of
Miss Arvllla Whittaker Tuesday even
ing. A flno lunch of tho picnic ordor
was served, following which a couple
of hours wero devoted to a aonvorsa-
tlonalo. Mrs. J. S. Slmms and Mrs.
F. W. Rlnckor wero taken Into tho
C. L. Pattorson, chief of tho U. P.
secret sorvlco, Bpont Wednesday in
town looking after affairs In his line
and visiting frlonds.
Listen to our DollarSale
Saturday, May 27.
Boys' Wagon - - $1.00
Child's Sulky - - $1.00
Saw and Hammer both 1.00
Full size Suit Case - $1.00
Traveling Bags - - $1.00
Special Sale on " Rugs and
many other Articles.
600 Locust St.
rk-Saridall Co.
it formerly of tn1 cttv,
club memborsblp.