The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, October 15, 1915, Image 1

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No. 77
George Hanlon Una necopted a posi
tion with the Simon Bros.,
Harry Lamplugh Is spondlng the day
In Lexington on business.
Attorney Losllo Basklns Is transact
ing budlnoss In Lexington today.
.-5G . 00 Ladles' Silk Sweaters, to close , Kmmctt Well Is assisting In the Har-.
out (liucK. ior umy uuuvuu
E. B. vnnscoy left this morning for
Lexington to spend a few days on bus
iness. . Mrs. 11. M. Grimes will entertain
nt a konslngton tills afternoon, tho
third of a series of functions she has
lately given.
Christian Science services Sunday nt
11 a. m.. subjoct "Doctrine of Atono-
court & Jensen clothing store
E. P. Sooborger will go to Omaha
next weok to attend tho Bankers' convention.
Mrs. William Landgrnf, Sr., was
Episcopal Church Stimlnj
Hdly communion at 8 o'clock;,
morning service and sermon at 11 1
o'clock and evening service and scr-,
mnn nt 7!M. This Is lhn first of the'
evening services since last spring nnd
a good attendance Is desired.
Library Notes
Mlas Charlotte Tcmpleton. of Lin-
nintn oniiintftii nf Min lllirnrv dr.
sociatlon, 1 visited her. Wednesday,
Demand the Best for Your Money, You
Are bure to uet it at
Mrs. milium iiinuh1"1! u"p - , ..
culled to tho oastem part of ths state 1illo onrouto home from a buslncsj
a few days ago by tlio mness oi nor vibu m raiiu
I alahir
The Bible Class of District No. l
win meet, with Mrs. J. A. Mean
xi u. m., ouujuui . "' will meet wim imts. j. iv. mu.ui-
ment." Sunday school 12 m. Room 23 cjiaoi( 203 south Vine street, Tues
B. & L. building, , ,iay afternoon.
Mrs. Elmer Baker and Mlas Jo- MlBg ilutu Hubbard is nsslsting in
sephlne O'Hare will leave tho first of tll0 s & H prcIulum department at
cne Lieauor uuring mu uibwh-c ui
! Mrs. HOrbort White.
Tin. iiru' Innsn lnaf oncvelonedla was
rocolved this week and Is rady for tlu.
patrons of the library.
Yesterday afternoon Supt. Wilson
Tout presented the library with flftj
children's books which will be ready
for the shelves In a fow days.
I rvi vi ! ! Mir b v
; 1 m ill
next week for Omaha to visit friends
for ten days
Miss Elsie Spencer of Los Angeles,
iwiss iiiiBie aiiuixuui ui uua "e'i xne ureatest ouu saio in mo ma
arrlved hero a few days ago to entor tory of North Platte opons at The
the training school for nursos at tho Leajer tomorrow and continues un
North Platte General Hospital. tli Saturday evening, October 23.
For Sale Indian Runner ducks. Xolg K.iS,nu83cn, R. Williams anil
Price 50c. Phone Black 844. j Millard Rlggs have returned from
t-...i i ..i.ti.t- PnMiin wlinrn tbov were called as
1U1 O a Hl v.. .v --' - " '
wriin snout snvoral weeks with her
father, A. R. vilamson, returned to
Portland Wednesday evening
The dancing party given at the Elks' j
home last evening was not very large
ly attended. Those presfent, how
ever, seemed to on joy the occasion.
Messrs. Bert Troxler and George
Farmer, of Omaha, are guests at tho
Martini home and will remain here un
til Mondy. They are traveling by
Children's Coats and Dresses, larg
est showing In the city at lowest
prices, now shown at BLOCK'S.
Harley Bonham has returned frbm
Rochester, Minn., where ho accom
nnnipfl his wife last week. On ac
count of tho crowded condition of the
Mayo Bros.' hospltal'Mrs. Bonham
will be obliged to wait for a vacancy
before, she can take lier treatment
witnesses in a court case last week.
Mrs. Minnie Perkins returned last
Voters Elect 1'rof. II. C Kliott
nil rillllieiilllll- (if KlllllSl1lf)llIS
Prof. Edward C. Elliott, head of the'.
educational department of the Univers
ity of Wisconsin, has been elected
chancellor of the Montana State Edu
cational Institutions by the state
board of education, It has been an
nounced, lie Is to take charge Feb
ruary 1.
Prof. Elliott Is tho llrst chancellor
to ho elected In that state under a law
tta.xci.TiamxBr7uaB ai
The Styles Are Right, The Fabrics are Right,
The Fit Is Right, and the Prices Are Right.
Mrs. Minnie Perkins returned last Pccontlv passCd. He wll appoint the
evening from tho suffragist convention ,)r03l(l0ntg ot ,tho stato university and
urlilnti ivnc hnlil n.t. ColumbUS tllte.i.. i n
which was held at Columbus tlifs
Tim nrmviipii nnndltion of the Wash
ington school will necessitate a dlvis-
iion ot the grades and an extra teacn
er will be needed. Tho matter will
receive attention next week.
mm miu-o Tinvps fell from a chair
on which Bho was standing yesterday,
dislocating her right lilp and sustain-
inc a number of bruises. Her injur
ithr. stnte atrrlcultural college.
Mr. Elliott is the son of Mr.
Mrs. rreu iuioii oi una unj.
X iirwe Drown Mcmorl'.il Hospital Notes
Rose Dancer, small daughter of Mr.
mil ATrc. P.. V. Dancer, left the hos-
fpv dnv?! nen. She will visit
in Wallace a couple of weeks before
returning to her home at Collins.
Miss Florence Booze, wlio lias ueen
Ti. j n ni mnunn i.ariinc Tolinf nmmml nf mnnev vou are willing to in
0 vest in you new Fall Suit, Coat or Dress, you may rest assured that you will get
the best ior value receivea nere. uur unnutnuo wm bwu io w.
. things: -Style, Quality, Worth and Price. Each point is enough to induce you to
do your shopping ot mis Diore.
ing a number oti)ruises. er n1Ju.-. - ;" V treatment the past
ies will connne ner to tne nouau , Tuesday. She
SOmQ .time. ,.,. ,, .im, i,nP alalor. Mrs
i win i uiiiani ii ivu - - -
Weather forecast for North Platte
and vicinity: Unsettled weather to
night and Saturday, colder toniglit.
Highest temperature yesterday GC, a
year ago GO; lowest last night 52, a
year ago, 2G .
. ... . a nvti "ipro win nn hiii;ciiii bu viuua iui
Hppiniunir t ie eariy uart ui hcam ...v.. . - ------
.....T ,.. ..ri n.i r.m nmi. R ilerlv neonlo at tne in. jjj. cuuiuu.
non with each loaf of bread sold at the Sunday morning. Please call Rui
baLry fofcasi. To the one present- 593 or the M. E. parsonage If any
inc the greatest number of coupons on would caro to have autos cal for them
evening of November 24th will bo so that they might be able to attend,
awarded a five pound box of line candy.j lleVi a. J. Clifton, at one time sta
Wanted to Buy A good second hand tloned hero as pastor of the Methodist
La s "r rk'l,c sss-jsr: s:sr;s aa
ferred. Mrs. A. i. ost. r&tirQil 1)st wlth a pcn8ion at
ft. i i,. .1 . n. i t nf cnn. .. . c .. HTw nnil TVTrc
retary of sthte Pool's riffico Is making cilfton have moved to Grant where
.. -v . : . - i,.ln'nLil'f1tn llnnnon . . j I . . ' . til nnn.lf. 1. ( r-
a ciean-up tu in uuiuini.'uiir "'"" jiir. umioii win iJiutiiu uiuuiv
and plates taking, euro r.f Hie same tic . "
to 70,000 license and piatcs. ; conflnd t0 the hospital. If Tic
Manager Garman, of the Keslth, reCovers, which Is doubtful, ho will hi
says the prospects for theatrical at- iin invalid for life. In his suit against
tractions this season are not very tlie Faililroad company recently for
bright. Companies of the class that 550,000 a settlement of $35,000 wa3
ordinrialy mak a stand at North ma(ie
Platte have apparently gono out of m-nivail from Needles.
business. Mr. Garman nas maue o - r, "V,ed'n7sday by N . A. siuder that
torts to secure guuu cuiiipa...c-a, ---- . Mr and Mrs IIor.
his attempt has not been very sue- the jounb soil or m, an
CeSSt'lll. ' . . , 1.. i. ...... 1 ,1,n cnlinnl nlnv
Following Is the menu which will grounds anil was unconscious for four
be served at the cotnmercial dinner at uourg. Tho child fell from tho top of
the Christian church basmeent Mon- a sliding board and struck his left
day, October ISth, from 11:30 to 1:30: ;oye. p0r a .time his condition was
Vegetable soup, roast pork, beef loaf, 'serious, but he is getting along nicely
. i ..... . nnrl I V O 1-T" 1 1 '1 1." d 1 1 . .. .. I r .
DrOWll poiULUUO aim """"."lill lilSU lUJIUllo.
Wrntilr fnnnaii. until she is strong
enough to bo moved to her home at
Tryon. ' ,
Mr. C. J. Turner, of Dickens, who
was operated on Sunday morning, is
ilnlnc- vorv lllcelv.
Mnlvln. son of Mr. and Mrs. Gust
TirniiMnrr. underwent an oneration at
the hospital yesterday morning.
Tim Knmll son nf Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Tnffnra hnil a bad fall last nlgllt Willie
playing ball. As a result no is sin
tering from a fractured clavical.
a cmnii nnti nf Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Spurrier was kicked In the fnce by a
mules last evening.
Vnv Sill vn Clicill)
"Pilinc boxes ami shelving, cabl
tinta ntn. In numbers and sizes to
suit purchasers.
flnn nlnss walllllt tOD desk.
One Monarch Malleable iron range.
n,m 'TpoiI fitit.tor.
At Hershoy's Fifth street opposite
ppstoclce, pnone id.
Hcrshey Tinies Items
Tirvnior Tinnirftrford has leased a
quarter section of land near Wheat
land, Wyo., and wo uiuiersianu no ux-tifir-tn
tr move there and mako his
i' '
lw.irin In thp Rnrlnc.
Tlion fillmnn. Jr.. of NOW YOrk
CUv.arrlved last Friday and is spend
ing a couple of weeks looking after the
f thn North Platte Land &
Water Co., of which his father is tlie
Tim nroiiniinnrv stons towards or
ganizing a gun club in Hcrshey were
A Liberal Cash Discount will be given with the purchase
of each Loat, uit, Uress or DKirt, i omwrrow, oaiui
day, and all ot next week,
For the Stout Women
Plenty of Stylish Garments in Coals,
-Suits and Dresses, in. all the latest
models and in all the wanted" shades,
sizes 41 to 51. Prices range
$15.00 to $32.50
Follow the Crowd to BLOCKS, The Store Always Busy.
beans, escaloped corn, cabbage salau,
with cream dressing, beet pickles, ap
ple aauce, plum pudding, milk and
coffee. Price 30 cents.
l'laiio Lessons
Pinnn lessons tilven at 412
Third street. Phone Red 104.
Sutherland Free Lance Notes
Special Millinery lUsnlny
iimi't foruet to Inspect the bcnutl
ful -display of Visk lints nt Howe & nhnpo.
Mnloney's. This sale closes Mitur
dny night nnd It will he well worth
vour effort to secure one of these bar
ftiliiK. ..MRS. EIW. liURKK.
. . .. 1. . . Ilia nnltrlllinr.
gaiUZlllg a gun uiuu 111 " 1 1110 potato uruii ituuiH iuu 1H..0....V..
taken Monday night at a meeting held hoo,i ja vcry satisfactory this season,
1.. mt.... nfl'tnn Alinllt fwPlltvl . 1 1, .llr.fvlnrT tlin tlll.Or-A Ift
III UlU luuua uiii-u . w .. ..... mm LUU wuiiv ui itibb1 ." - -
numbers have signified their inten- wcn under way. It is expected tho
tion of becoming members so far. A ,,rCe wju be unusually low owing to
new automatic trap is to bo ordered t)ie j,jg yirlil In tho potato-growing
. 11' ...,,1 In flrut fl;ma .1 -1. it... ...... r.
ailll lUO isiuuiiita !' gccliOIlB Ul mu oiuiu.
ape. . v B. B. Powell, residing soutliwest
H-ivn vnti Rfi&n those bee-utlful olec- np tnwn. RiiRtnlneil a badly sprained
trio glims tho railroad company prom- aUki0 when a load tt hay upset with
. . 1 .1... ..I O I . rrt l 1. n
ised to put m ami arouuu our uupui. j,IU Saturday niteruunn. two oi
No, and no one el3o has. Their prom- children wore on tho load him,
Ises amount to about as much as a lin,i tboro woro also threo pltcforks in
snow ball In h . Welcome the ny the hay. The wonder Is that. the dam-
1 1 ..... i.T.r.Ti 1 1 1 1 1 1 ri 1 II CI I 1 .
tlie uuriuigiim Buio uuoj . ....u ago uone wua nu uiu;i
thru here, and there Is some activity Numerous farino.-s show au incll-
PJUIJUHUU llicm ujf tuv "-lint1 11UAL BPVUltll
1 1 1. e. 1l o1trrC3 fftlltiri I . 1 I a .. I.. II. r-nr,,- T Wfli U r n
houso and yards for a division point, considerable acreage has already
...,. 1 .1 1 1 . .
, . .1 i ...,.. 1.. 11.1., ' nrl-in(l Oro Tn nmvliln a nlnnn
niunlty buy all their outer1 garments of resort, aftor tho stato prohibition
at BLOCK'S. ' l'iw Bus lnt0 oft'eot Januaryl next,
TI , , , for laboring men who now gather In
Misses Hilda Anderson and Bssle .,, ,.,, ,,na inanii fmiP
itr.ti. ntiifinil Woiiiioultiv morn- n l
lug from a short visit In Omahn.
I Thn rnsrillnr lllOIltblV lllCOtlnK Of tllO
Chnmber of Coinmorco will bo held at
eight o'clock this evening In the buse-
mont or tlio uniuiing a ioan miiiiunB.
building 'nnd will lit it up at
1 J. MEN EH & CO.
Real Estate nnd Iusurnnco
Cnnin nn,l an Ilk fnr Inwn Intn In
Tim Tinnkv Inountnln division of tho ' different parts of tho city. Good In-
legal department of tho United States ', vestments on easy terms. Houses for
reclamation has been moved from Den- sale and rent. Wo have also good bar
ver to Scotts Bluff, with A. R. Hon-' gains In farmB and ranches,
nold In charge. Cor. Front and Dewey Sts.. upstairs.
still holds good.
lusiness Bound To Banking
"Yes, business is bound to banking,
but at the Platte Valley State Bank It
Is bound with Service-ties."
One of our officers voiced this aentl
mont tho'othor day, and wo feel that It
Is so oxprosslvo of this bank's attitude
toward business, that wo pass It along
to our customers and friends.
Wo Invite you to Join in the cordial
relations that exist between ourselves
and ourmany patrons.
Platte Valley State Bank,
4 per cent Interest On Time Deposit.
North Platte, Nebraska.
Anxioua to Please.
The colored population In n little
Alabama town was having a race meet
nt tlio local fair grounds. An aged ne
hnso slmos tfi'I'O HlilSUOU to lilVl'
I bis trnatly too Joints air nut In a Heat
on the grand stand, immediately in
front of hlni stood a large, excited
tinint.Pl who laid n whole dollar wager
ed on tlio favorite in the free for all
Ah the horses turned Into tho home
stretch tho woman Jumped up In the
nlr."eomlntr down snuarely with all her
weight on the Intlrin extremities of the
old mnn. A groan escaped him. and
Bho turned and begged his pnrdon.
"Uncle Zni'h. I's awlully sorry r slie
"Dat's all right, honey," answered
tlie old man gallantly. "1 only hopes
mah feet ain't too corrugated lo yoali
pleasure." Saturday Evening Post.
Box Social
At ,thn Nichols school on Saturday
ntiht. October 30. A short urogram
will bo given by tho school children.
vnrvimn is cordially invited nnu cv-
orvono w 11 bo welcome. All girls
are asked to bring boxes.
homi nwn nrit. a fow of tho farmers
havo been unable to get the required
amount In tlie ground owing to a tuhii
of other work. But It can bo expect
ed that the acreago of this valuable
crop will be very large.
David Hunter statea yesieniay iiuu
this wnrlf will nractleillv wltllOSB the
completion of :ho harvest of the High
er grade applou at tup uiennurnio
fruit furin aimmj.unatelv PJ.ilOO busii-
,.1U T irfVn w 11 lie lifr lfltm i. uu lO
4,000 bushels of low grade amlos ye4.
on tho trow, smlUllo for working up
. ,r . ..i t. .
fnr vlnoirur. ius. 1110 nnrvest naa
honn nmirresHiiii: recently at the rate
of about 700 msncls per day. Ship
ment in carload lots to various towns
In this portion of tho state Is now un
der way, Col. Hill lieing in Norm
Matte with a car today.
Vow York. Annllcatlon has hoo'l
made for incorporation of the Nntlonal
School Camp association. Tho object
of tho association is to issuo a can ior
1,000,000 school boys to take a course
in military training. Among the in-
fnrTinrntnrs are Ernest K. Cutler,
(uporlntenaeni or me society ior tnu
I . vention of cruelty to children, ins
l.iw nnrtnor. Charles W. Bnnd . and
Charles W. Berry, state sanitary sup
Elizabeth Kaar-iangsion
T eacher of Singing
Tho 1'hlladelnhla Dlavers' sharo of
thf wnrlil'a series monov wns divided
Into twenty-four parts ami eacn or tno
twentv-tiiren mon o ici me to nartici-
pato in thofsorlos was given a clieck
fnr !.40frM.'" Thlrt 't .wnntv-fnurth
share was divided Into threo parts, ono
or wnicn went to ritcner uescnger
whn rnlnlnnil thn PhlllloH In Snntem.
her, and tho other two parts woro dl-
viuou among mine ueo, ino trainer
The Permanent Hog
OO'OSe pay8 For Itself So Quickly
nnvernment extiert savs that "Good liOK men
ilwint n'nti nitre r!iUfrl tn the litter. MatlV
do lictter. But the general average raised on the farm
docs not exceed four pigs to the litter."
This big difference is largely in the housing-. The
question is -not so much a matter of cost as the t. roper
design of a hog house. Many hog houses cost enough
to be good, but are entirely, unfit because the sun
cannot smne into tnu iJna. wiuiioin. ....v. . - -
tion are absolutely necessary.
(Jn tlie otner nana, inexpensive uuuscs untu
give better results man more cusuy
linrnifin nt tlin better OCSlCm.
. . T tt
The design is wliat counts, tiere a
Where we can neip you.
Studio 122 West Front St
and several others.