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eitti-lteMji tribune
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no. (u
Ray Langford went to Artlntr coun.
ty this morning to officiate as clerk
at a tale.
The Socialist Study Club will meet
with Mrs, Phil Deats, 221 south Sycu
more street Wednesday afternoon.
The spectacular photo drama "Jul.
lus Ceasar" In six parts will bo shown
at the Keith Theatre Thursday night.
Money to loan on rcnl estate.
The Ivanhoe club, of the Yeoman
lodge will give a dance at tho Lloyd
opera houue Tuesday evening, Octot
ex 19th, to which all Yeomen aro in
C. L. Williams, city editor of tlu
Lincoln Journal, spent tho week end
in town, coming hore on matters per-,
talning to the estate of his late fath-'
cr-ln-law, E. W. Crane.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fltzpatrlck and,
daughter Mildred returned Sunday
morning from Omaha where they vis-,
ited tho Mullcr family. Wlillo there
Miss Mildred was slightly Injured In
an automobile accident.
Weather forecast for North Platte
and vicinity: Partly cloudy tonight
and Wednesday; , warmer tonight,,
Highest temperature yesterday 53, a
year ago 1G; lowest last night tI5, a
year ago 32. I
Wanted to Buy A good second hand
range -JIIh water back. Majestic pre
ferred. MRS A T YOST.
rri.o Tiininp Auxiliary of tho Episco
pal church gave a farewell party Sat
urday afternoon for one of their most
faithful and diligent members, Cnro
line McNamara, who leaves next week
for her home In California. i
Benjamin, the eighteen months old
son of. Mr. and.Mrs'. S..W. Mannan,
living twelve nilles .south of town, died
last night of cholera infantum. The
funeral wil be held tomorrow and In
terment n.ude on tho pacj.
Just , unloading a carload of nice
winter apples. R. N..LAMQ.
Mrs. Howard McMichael' andvMrfi.
Wm. Baldock entertained 'eighteen la
dies at the home of the latter Satui
day afternoon, In favor of Mrs. Ham
mer, who will soon leave for Omaha
to make her home. House decorations
were suggestive of Hallowe'en. A
nice two course lunch was, served at
the closo of an enjoyable-afternoon.
Wo lmve u few dcslrnble lirt moil
page loans of $200 and upwards, in.'tr
ting 7 to 8, not tu.nble. Noth
ing snfer for your idle money. .
Wm. Welsh left this morning
I.'.ulsv'lle, Ky.
L. L. Walker loft this morning foi
Lodgepolo to spend a few days.
Miss Marie Stuart went to Sterling
this morning for a short visit.
Tom Watts came up from Orand Is
land this morning to spend a few days.
Tho Nevita club will be the guests
of Mrs. Thomas Austin tomorrow at
ternoon .
C. M. Newton has returned trom
Omaha where he spent a week buy
ing goods.
Mrs. Lester Wilson nnd son Paul
have returned home from a short vis
it with relatives in Grand Island.
Mra .Tnlin TlnkiM' returned to Mel
roso this morning after visiting her I
daughters ior a coupie ot weens.
Misses Minnie Lowe and Irene Stu
I art will leave m a few days for Om&
ha to attend the Rebekah convention.
I Mr mill Mrs. .TntllPS Hart left hist
tventng for Omaha 'to visit friend
and attend tho Kni&hts of Columbia
Mrs. Charles Perkins loft for Co
lumbus this morning as a delegate to
the Woman's Suffragist convention
this week.
Mm. Ttnlnn Klrsch. of this CltV.
administrator of tho estate of Nelson
E. Klrsch, by her nttomoy, wm. is.
Shumnn, filed suit in the dlst'-let court
nt tiiia rnnntv niralnst t!ie Union Pa
cific nnd Oregon Short Line railroads
for $50,000 damnges resulting irom
tho death of her husband, Nelson E.
Klrsch. Tho deceased was killed at
Purdv, Y'0'. 9tu' 1914 wnll tx
tiin inlnWeninlov of the two companies
as brakemnn. It was in th early
morning, and Klrsch, while llagglngj
the rear end of tho freight train on,
which ho was a brakeman, was
struck by a passenger train coming
from tho opposite direction.
Mrs. Klrsch, who was formerly Nel-
llr AnUormnn nf tills CltV. following
the death of her husband, camo to
this city to make her home with her
parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. August Ackoi
man, and as a resident of thy city tho
suit Is brought in tho district court of
tills county. The suit is brought un
der tho federal compensation act.
Prior to going to Wyoming six or
eight years ago, Mr. Kirsch had beon
employed ns switchman In the locai
Mrs. E. Fogel, of Green Rvcr, re
turned home tills morning after an ex
tended visit with h?i' daughter Mrs.
P. VanCleave.
Mrs. Williams, of Lincoln, who had
been tho guest of her sister, Mrs.
John Jones for some time, wqnt home
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. G. J Gil.-uirttr., ot
Denver, arrived hero a few dayo ago
and will be associated with the Van
t Doran Orchestra.
The regular meeting of Signet Chap
ter O. E. S. will bo held at 7:30
Thursday evening, October 14th. Ini
tiatory work will be put on.
i Mrs'. Todd, of Beatrice, who has
! been living on a homestead In Mon
tana for some time, came last even
ing to visit her daughter Airs, i-rana
Buchanan for a couple of weeks.
Conductor Fred Drlebus 'was taken
m tvIMi nnnAriiHrlMR wllUn tn this CltV
f,n 1fiifn- nhrf nf tat tipoU nnd Was
removed to hls homo In Grand iBland
where an operation will be periormeu.
Atra WnrMi Miller, of Osralalla. wife
of EditorMlller, who is ill in tho City
TJilaAUnl i-Aiirnrv,l Virtllin tlllQ liinrii
ing. Mr. tMlller was operated upon
last week ror appendicitis aim is uu
Ing. nicely. , .
it-. Vm Trocs FonSnle
. TYnmi irrnwn Elm trees, lnnuire of
rir' Ownns. 221 east Twelfth' St. tf
A. L. Davis Seriously 111
Postmaster Davis received a tele
gram Sunday announcing that his
brother, A. L. Davis, of Los Angeles,
was In an unconscious condition, duo
to supposed paralysis. Tho stricken
man was formerly engaged In tho
hardware business In this city, but
for a dozen or more years has resided
in Los Angeles.
a Mi' nmn nf cood winter aimles at
Mm fsinnhurnlp. Fruit Farm. These
are choice varieties and aro soiling
cheap. Special pneaa on wagon
loads. , ,
7Gtf DAVID HUNTER, Sutherland.
Elected President of the Synod
t?pv. c. li. Harman returned last
nvnn In rr frnm Lincoln, where ho Slient
a week attending the sessions of tho
T.nMiornii Kvnnii or iSourasKa. UOV ,
Harman was elected president of tho
Synod for the ensuing year a com
pliment to his woric in tins parisu
and In the state and to his standing us
a pastor among the Luthoran church
es of tho stateu Wo congratulate
him upon tho honor his church people
have bestowed upon hlni.
Miss Orra Murphy, of Cheyenne, who
hos'beeh visiting-her sister, Mrs. Jo
seph Quinn while enroute home from
eastern cities, will leave today.
A section of good hill land for North
Platte property. What have you i Sec
Pleased with the Locnl Schools
The October number of tho Nebras
ka Teacher devotes a pago and a
halt to tho North Platte schools. The
article Is written by Deputy High
School Inspector Gregory, who recent
ly Inspected tho schools. Ho com
mends the several buildings and com
pliments tho policy ot tho schools ns
Inaugurated by Supt. Tout and so
successfully cnrrled out by him. Mi.
Gregory concludes his nrtlclc with
this paragraph:
"Superintendent Tout has been sup
ported In his efforts by a board cam,
1 pcsul of subiVantlnl business men
wlio believe in practical tilings, uiuy
have stood for duality and efficiency
In ovcry department, nnd have held to
I that policy long enough to prove that
It is tho only right way. They hnvv
Bhown tholr fitness by securing good
teachers and all the essential equip-1
mont. then expecting the superintend-,
out nnd teachers to "make good." They
rrif in linrnmnv with the teachers I
without Interfering but rather sup
nnrllm. tlinlr nffnnts.
"Get together and boost for the
schools" seems to be tho motto of In
structors, board, patrons and pupils
I nnd with tho result thnt North Plntto
Is Justly proud of her educational sys.
Colonel Predicts .Mild Whiter
f 1rv1 -ill ni Tim Whltn bases his pre
diction or a mild winter aomowhnt
on tue met inui mum """'' "
downy ducklings about the lake3 this
late In the season. Clicks are duckB,
i,n I'nimiiM. nnil lhov arc so
closMy allied with nnturo that ihey
tmght io Imow R-int they are doing
Into tho more or less
clvllzed world when summer wanes
and the honkers aro due. Down
through the .'enrs tho uoionoi nns on-,
twrved tho prognostications of the
wcaiiicr lUieau uy u- a nuan
the punr Mi rlnd;, Htous. and tho
call of tiio ciyntcs In the hills, but
from now on for awhile he expects
to ct tho birds of the air help him
prophesy. Sutherland Free Lance.
It not on Takes Lead
In tho world's sorles ball games be
tween tho P'lndcdphla Nationals ami
tho Boston Americans, tho latter has
won two of tho threo gnmos played.
In tho two games plnyed at Philadel
phia Friday and Saturday, tho Phil
lies won tho first gnnlo by a scoro ot
threo to one, tho Bostons the second
by a two to ono scoro. In tho game at
Boston yesterday, Boston ngain wen by
a scoro of two to ono. Alexander, tho
Phillies star pitcher, won tho first
game, but lost yesterday. It Is gen
orally conceded that tho Boston team
Is out-playing tho Quaker City team
About 20,000 attended each gamo In
Philadelphia, and nt Boston yesterr
lnv lin ntlniulnnnn wnq 42.300.
Much Interest Is taken in tho gnmcf.
in Norm riatto and uuiieuns oy in-ulnr-a
nrn rp! nlvpil at. Green's nool hall.
nnito n iinmhnh nf bets rnnclnc from
ono to ten dollars aro made on each
A car of apples from the Glenburnlc
Fruit Farm on tho track, Including the
Grimes Golden, Wlno S.ip, Ben Dais,
Missouri Plnnln. Theso are choice ni
nios and freo from worms. Y'ou will
mnko no mistake In buying these np
7G-2 DAVID HUNTER, Sutherland.
If the wcathor Is as lino tomorrow
as today, It will no doubt Induco many
to join tho booster trip to May wood.
Sweet clover seed Is selling at 57.50
per bushel. Last year tho lowest
prlco offered was ?10. The present
prlco would Indicate that tho demand
Is not so great as last year or elso
tho crop Is much heavier.
Jurors for November Conrt
Tim fnllnwlnir Inrnrs bnvn been
drawn for tho term of district court
which convenes November lotn.
Clydo Allison Maxwell
W. It. Brooks Nichols
Fred J. Bremer Htui
Frnnk Buchanan North Plntto 2d wnrd
Frank Coates ...Sutherland
A. M. Gates Bucliannn
Charles Harden .Whlttlor
CM. Ilnydon Wallace
John LoMnstcr North P'atte 1st wnrrj
Alfred Loth Nowoii
E. T. Lattlraer Medlclno
Fred MyorH Sutherland
W. C. Masters Sellers
Elmer Martin immwoou
E. D. Murphy Hrady
Chas. Prnnburg Vronnm
Alvln Pickle Sprlngdnlo
Trot Roberts Maxwell
M. C. Roger ..North Platte 4th ward
J. 1J. Stock Sunshiiuj
v.ti.n Scnsll OarKclil
Frank Turplo -Osgood
O. H. Thoolecko North Plntto 1st ward
Win. Wnltomath, North Platte 3d ward
Premium Getters
In Its Friday Issue Tho Tribune-
,,.111 .ml, Hall n list, nf tllOSC WllO SIS-
cured premiums nt tho county fair.
Tho namo of tho winner, tho article on
which tho premium was awarded, tho
amount of each premium and the to
tal amount received by each exhibit
or will bo given. Tho publlcatlou
of tho list Is somewhat balated, but
will no doubt lntorest a majority of
our readers
Hnrd Conl Ilcntcr.
That cost $65.00, good as now for
$25.00. Buchanan & Patterson. 74-4
Judge Lovott, chairman of tho execu
tive committee of the Harrlmnn lines,
is in Omaha on a trip of Inspection
and will probably bo in North Platte
tomoorow. Ho will bo accompanied by
-Presidont Mohler. Wo trust Presi
dent Mohler will show Judgo Lovett
our depot, cxplalnln& to nun fully, Its
wonderful accommodations it posses
es, its architectural beauty, and its
nll.nrniitiil unnHnrv conditions. Wo
tu-ft. confident the Judge will agree
with us that the North Plattd depot Is
a blot and a big one on tho othei
wise perfect condition of the greatest
railroad in the west.
1 Ira Wilson, of Brady, is in town to
day transacting business. and made
Tho Tribune a-cau
. ... The Q4COxJL S3T&e
Saturday October 16th.
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Adler's Collegian Clothes
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