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National, Political, Personal and Othor
Matters In Brief Form for All
Clasaeo of Readers.
All Greek reservists In Canada
huvu hcon ordered home. Tlio recnll
order rached the- Greek consul, J. C,
Walsh In Montreal from Athens.
Tho Paris Temps announces that
Franco and Groat Britain already
have takon military measures "to de
fend Serbia and Greece against Bul
garian aggression.
Berlin reports that one British
war shin was Bunk and two others
were damaged in tho attack by
British squadron on German batteries
along the Bolglan coast.
An Athens dispatch to n, Paris
newspaper says that Bulgaria has
concluded an agreement with tho Tou
tonic allies and will enter the war
October 15.
A formal order declaring London
nnd surrounding districts to be an
area undor tho defenso of the realm
net, In which tho practice of treating
Is prohibited and a further dilution of
spirits Is allowed, has been Issued.
Tho Greek chamber of deputies
passed without debate bills declaring
a stalo of slcgo In Macedonia, provld
Ing $30,000,000 for mobilization of tho
, . ... it. . . 1 1. . i
vjix'uk armies una auinoriziug mu iv
lief of families of soldiers in caso of
Every malo German, Turk and Aus
trlan of military ago in London, who
has not been granted exemption, will
bo rerirtlrcd to surrender to the po
lice. Austrians under 51 years of
ago and Germans under 55 years will
lie Interned.
Tlio Munch Post has received a
report from Switzerland, that Popo
Uenedict is preparing a circular let
ter to the belligerents, asking for "a.
general truce on All Saints' day, ded
icated to tho memory of the soldiers
who have perished In the war.
German casualties In the recent of-
fcuslvo of tho French and British, In
eluding killed, wounded and prison
ers, woro given officially by tho
French war office in Paris as In ex
cess of tho strength of three army
corps (more than 120,000 men).
A German newspaper Is authority
Jor tho report that British and
French troops for sorvico in Serbia
linve landed at Port Kathrln, near
Salonlki, Greece, while thero is a ru
mor tlmt 300,000 Austrian-German
troops have begun an advance on tho
northeast Serbian frontier.
Elias It. Montford of Cincinnati, O.,
was elected commander-in-chief of the
Grand Army of the Republic at the an
nual reunion at Washington.
Art Smith, aviator, flying at tho
state fair at Springfield, broke tho
world's record for looping the loop.
He mado nlnotcen loops In succession.
Ono hundred girls, who came to
Winnipeg, Man., Canada, before tho
war started, are In various mechani
cal shops taking lessons to prepare
themselves for mechanical positions.
Many Winnipeg girls aro learning to
bo chauffours.
Andrew II. Cogglns, called the
"king of high gradors," pleaded guil
ty to stealing oro estimated to be
worth $40,000 from tho Empiro mine
at Grass Valley, Cal., and was sen
tenced to servo four years in tho
state penitentiary at San Quentln.
Heads of independent motion pic
ture companies aro elated by tho news
, flint tho United States district court
at Philadelphia rendered a decision
adverse to tho Motion Picture Patents
Co., familiarly known In fllmdom as
"Tho Trust." Tho effect of tho deci
sion, it is declared, will open for the
first time, a frco market to producers
of picturo plays.
A spark from a workman's hammer
Ignited a tank car of gasoline In Ard
more, Okla., and as a result 50 peoplo
wero killed and200 injured. Two en
tiro blocks of tho city was destroyed
with a loss estimated at $500,000.
By n unanimous voto, membors of
tho Omaha Young Peoplo's Socialistic
league adopted a resolution pledging
themselves to do "all in their power
to destroy tho curse of militarism,
nnd its parent, tho capitalist system,
which Is responsible for the war hor
ror." James Kelr Il-rdle, labor membor
of parliament and leader of tho peaco
element In tho British socialist party,
died of pneumonia at Glasgow re
Tho bank clearings for Omaha wero
over $7,000,000 grcator in September
than they were September a year ago.
Llpltty passengers of a Southern Pa
cific Mexican train wero thrown into
a car containing hay and tho car sot
on tiro by n band of Yaqul Indians
near Torres, Sonorn, according to ad
vices received at San Diego, Cal. All
but twenty perished.
Tho statement was made by offic
ials of telephone companies in New
Haven, Conn., that messages by wlro
loss telephone wero sent from tho
wireless telegraph station at Arling
ton, Vn., to Honolulu, Hawaii, a dis
tance of about 4.G00 miles.
Tho annual pamphlet report of tho
Union Pacific Railroad company,
mado public in Now York, for the
ilscal year ending Juno 30, last,
shows a decrease of $1,440,308 in op-
oratlr-g income and a decrease or
$5,578,Gf?G in total Income.
Charles C. Glover, president., of tho
Riggs National bank of Washington,
D. C; William J. Flathor, vlco presi
dent, nnd II. H. Flathcr, cashier, wero
indicted for perjury in connection
with tho bank's recent suit against
Secretary McAdoo and Comptroller
Plans for tho biggest religious re
vival Chicago has seen in many years
arc announced by tho Moody .church.
A tabernacle to seat G.OOU persons
will bo erected and meetings will bo
hold nightly for six months. Mayor
Thompson will open tho revival on
October 31.
John W. Carrigan, slate inheritance
tax attorney, announced at Los An
geles, Cal., that he had completed a
survey of the estate left by the late
A. O. Spalding, sporting goods mnnu
lacturcr who died recently at point
Loma, and found that tho value was
in excess of $1,000,000.
Tho Carranza commander at Las
Pelados. Mexico, headed tho attack
ing narty of Mexicans who crossed
the border and in a light with Amor-
lean soldiers, canlured Trooper Rich
ard Johnson, whom they shot and
then mutilated, It was reported to
southern department headquarters nt
San Antonla, Tex.
Fred Fulton of Rochester, Minn.,
knockout out. Tim Logan, United
States navy champion, in the second
lound of a scheduled ten-round
bout in Eu Claire, Wis.
. .-
Matt Brock of Cleveland, Ohio,
knocked out Bobby Ward of St. Paul,
Minn., in the sixth round of a
scheduled ten-round contest at Min
neapolis. E. J. Hanlon, president of tlio
Sioux City club of tho Western
league announced that the Ail-American
and All-National league baseball
stars will play in that city October 23.
Earl Caddock of Anita defeated
War Eagle, the Indian wrestler, In
Atlantic, la., in two falls, tho first In
thirteen minutes and the second In
three minutes, both falls being won
by a scibsors hold.
Tho Jockey club stakes, the only
10,000 sovereign (G0.000) race of the
present English turf season, was run
at New Market, England, and won by
Lanlus. Dame Prudent finished sec
ond and Sir Cassel's Gadabout was
That tho Western league is planning
to secede from organized baseball and
to affiliate with the Federals is a
statement accredited to Jack Holland
of St. Joseph. Holland says tho re
port, believes thero Is an organized
plan to throw over the traces and that
It will be mado public soon.
Naturalized American citizens trav
eling abroad wero 'advised by tho
Stato departmnt to take their natural
ization papers with them.
Dismissal of six midshipmen, sus
pension of four others for ono year,
without pay and tho demotion to tho
next lowest class of fifteen others,
was announced by Secretary Daniels
as the result of tho recent hazing in
vestigation at tho Annapolis Naval
Secretary Lane announced tho open
ing of 110,000 acres of land within
tho former Fort Berthold Indian reser
vation in North Dakota to surface
homestead entry. Registrations may
be made at Mlnot, Blsmark and Plaze,
N. D., beginning October 18 and end
ing October 30.
The treasury's Income for the month
of September was just a llttlo moro
than $50,000,000 and about $10,000,000
less tlian tho ordinary disbursements
of tho month.
Standing on tho same spot where
fifty years ago President Andrew
Jackson reviewed tho parade ol
Grand Army of the, Republic, homo
from tho war of the robolllon, Prest
dent Wilson rcvlowcd tho parade ol
the feeble remnants ot mat nrmy,
called by historians tho most efficient
fighting force the world had known.
Application of Missouri Pacific to En
join Railroad Board to Bo Heard
In Omaha November 3.
Lincoln. That tho Nebraska Rail
way commission is tho solo Judgo of
equttablo freight rates within tho
Btato, and that those rates should not
necessarily be governed by tlio Inter
state commerce rates, Is tho sub
stance of a brief prepared on behalf of
tho Nebraska commission by Ed P.
Smith of Omaha, Bpecial counsel em
ployed by the attorney general's of
fice. The brief is In reply to the crit
icism of tho Nebraska class rato
Bchcdulo by tho Council Bluffs, St.
Joseph, Kansas City nnd Atchison.
Considerable attoutlon is given in tho
brief to an explanation of tho equali
zation of rates as botween Nebraska
Jobjiing centers, which arc declared to
be on practically the sumo basis as
tho adjustment mado by the railroads
themselves beforo the class rate order
became effective. Answering tlio
chnrgo that certain roads aro required
Elizabeth Martha Webster, Thirty
Months' Old, the Daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. R. L. Webster of Havelock, and
a Perfect Baby, Scoring 100.
to make tho same rato over round
about routes as other roads in direct
line, Special Counsul Smith Intimates
that the commission would bo willing
to allow the circuitous road to charge
Its rates If It cares. to surrondor Its
business to tho direct lines. Tho hear
ing of the application of the Missouri
Pacific railroad against tho Nebraska
Railway commission for a temporary
injunction in tho Nebraska 2-cent rate
law has been set to bo heard in
Omaha November 3, by Judgo Walter
H. Sanborn of tho United States cir
cuit court. The receiver for tho rail
road, Benjamin F. Bush, is asking the
federal court to restrain tho commls
slon from enforcing the 2-cent law
and asks that tho company bo allow
ed to chargo 3 cents a mile for pas
Bar Commission Reappointed.
The supremo court has reappointed
all the flvo members of tho stato bar
commission, whoso duty la to exam
ino applicants for bar examinations
Investigate charges against attorneys
and make recommendations on those
matters to tho supremo court. Tho
five, reappointed for another year,
aro: W. L Anderson, Lincoln, secro
tary; A. D. McCandless, Wymorc;
Bernnrd McNcny, Red Cloud; N. C
Pratt, Omaha, and J. J. Ledwlth, Lin
Assessment Figures.
Assessment figures from all the
counties on real estate, live stock and
automobiles will bo published in pam
phlet form by Secretary Bornecker ol
the Stale "Board of Equalization to as
sessors of Nebraska as a guldo foi
their w"ork next year.
To Appoint Postmaster.
Postofilco inspectors have been do
tailed to mako Investigations with a
view to appointment of a postmaster
.at Oolycr, Morrill county, Nebraska
to fill a vacancy caused by roslgna
Hearing On Water Rights Delayed.
Attorney Genernl Reed has recelv
ed a telegram that tho hearing In tho
Colorudo supremo couit In which a
largo number of farmers In western.
Nebraska havo cases will not bo held
In October, being laid over Boveral
months. Tho big suit between Wy
oming nnd Colorado ovor water
rights Is of much concern to Nebras
ka becauso Colorado Is claiming ab
solute rights to head waters of the
Platte. If tlio Colorado claims are
upheld It would be a serious blow to
Irrlgutors In tho 'western part of Nebraska
O, D. ntchey is erecting a $25,000
garage at Hastings.
Clearwater Is to have n now high
school building.
Red Cloud voted $30,000 to build
a high school rccoutly.
Tho now town hall at Saronvlllo
was dedicated last week.
Tho Carnogle library in Hartlngton
will be dedicated October 8.
'flic Nellgh Lender has changed
from a weekly to a Benil-wockly.
$7,000 worth of property at Merrl-
man was destroyed by fire recently.
Work on Bridgeport's sugar factory
s expected to start in a month or bo.
Tho $22,000 parochial school just
built at Kearney, was dedicated Inst
The Fairhnry High school athlotes
organized a football eleven for this
Nebraska Bankers' association will
hold its annual meeting in Omaha Oc
tober 27 and 28.
U. F. Davis, editor of tho Silver
Creek Sand, died suddenly at his
home In that city.
Editor Stone of tho Hnrtlngton Hor-
ald, lias been appointed probation of
ficer of Cedar county.
Fred Stcllor of Lushton was se
verely scratched by u largo domostlc
cat while walking along a country
The all star American and National
league ball, players aro to ploy an ex
hibition game In North Platte on Oc
tober 28.
Civil sorvico examination will bo
held on October 23 for rural lettor
carriers at Lincoln.
The Omnlia creamery men havo de
cided to cut loose from tho old Elgin
regime and to mako Omaha Its own
In a heavy electrical storm nt
Hrldgeport, Frank Meyers, an Kin-
kaider, was Instantly killed by a bolt
of lightning.
Tlio First Security Stato hank of
(Vdar Creek, with a capital of $10,000,
has been granted a charter by tho
State Banking hoard.
NcbroRka Methodists in their recent
:onvontlon at Lincoln, decided to
mako stnte prohibition tho paramount
Issuo from now on.
Arthur Pnskn, a Blair man, in his
naste to get on n northbound pae
s neer train, at Fort Calhoun, fell
ami lost ono arm under tho "wheels.
While attempting to drag a shotgun
from a boat by tlio barrel, Raymond
Maurer of Plattsmouth was shot
through the left breast and Instautly
John Truto of Elk Creek was killed
and four others wero injured when
an automobile turned bver near Boa-
Arrangements havo been mado for
io appearance on October 18 of tho
United States Marino band nt Kear
James Renny was thrown from his
norse nnd trampled upon nnd serious
ly hurt nt tlio Nemaha county fair nt
Miss Sutherland of Elwood, tench
ing school near Alvo, in burninng
trash raked from tho yard, caught her
ilothfng and was sevoroly burned.
Gus Swan of Arlington, whllo walk
Ing to the farm of Frank Morehouro
east of Fremont, was run down by a
CNonnwepiorii ireigni irain onu luuuu
Out of forty cultures taken In South
Omaha public schools by Dr. Boler,
assIstaViX city physician, twenty post
tivo cases of nhsal diphtheria wero
Governor Morcliend has Issued
proclamation asking Nebrasknns to
loin In n cienn-un campnlpn on Octo
her 9 to forward lire-prevention work
The State Railway commission Is
sued nn order directing the Burling
ton to Install electric lights at Its
depot and grounds at Dorchester.
Plavln with strychnlno tnblets
caused tho death of tho olovn
months-old baby daughter of Ben At
wood nt Humboldt. Tho child was
discovered p'nying with them, having
swallowed several.
Tho station settlement at Koller,
hist east of Minden. Is on loving tho
distinction of having its first stnro
under erection. John Hoover, grain
man. will havo charge of the storo
and will deal In general niTeliandlFe,
John J. Bllck of Bennlneton has
nsked the railway commiFslon to or
der tho Northwestern railroad to fur-
nlnsh tank cars for the shinning of
buttermilk out of Omaha. Tho hear
ing lus been set for October 11.
Dr. W. R. Peters or Stanton me
with nn accident threo ml'es north
west of thnt place whn tho automo
bile In which ho was driving turned
turtle nnd pinned him under the car,
where he rennlued for nlrht hours
Tho Stato Board of Ar-leulMtro al
loved all bll'n for tho 1915 fair and
heard n financial report. It Is ex
petcd thero will ho n balance c'ono to
$20,000. Tho next meeting of tho as
sociation Id to he held in Lincoln In
Tho completion of a $5,000 barn and
silo combined on the Mntt Ilourtz ,
farm near Junlnta was celebrated by i
an old fanhloned barn dance, attended
by over I! fly people.
The Walrnth, Sherwood & Kent
lumhor business of North Bend, n i
branch of the Omaha llrm, was sold
recent'y to the Farmers' Cooperative .
association, ,
It Is estimuted thnt tlio annual loss
from hog cholera in Nebraska for tho I
last two yearn has been at least
$5,000,000, according to a recent bul
letin of the College of Agriculture.
An Open-Front
A good poultry houso need not bo
expensive It can bo mado of rough
boards of any kind. If n floor Is usod
It should bo mndo ot a double thick
ness of planks with a shoot of build
ing pnpor between. Tho sides nnd
roof should bo covered with heavy
tar paper, battcuod down over all tho
cracks, tho essential thing being to
provent any draftB whatovor.
Tho roosting closet should bo sep
arate from tho laying room and
scratching shed. Hons should novor
bo fed In tho roosting closet nor
should tho floor of the closet bo cov
ered with straw, ns this gathers
dampness., Many successful poultry
men do not ubo dropping boards at
all but clean tho floor overy day,
which Is, all things considered, profcr-
ablo. Of course, if tho droppings aro
nllowcd to accumulato on tho floor
tho conditions will bo as bad as If
allowed to accumulato on tlio drop
ping boards. CloanlincsB Is always
essential and whether tho dropping
boards aro usod or not tho roosting
house should bo kopt perfectly cloan
and dry nt all times.
By sprinkling n llttlo dry earth or
Baud on tho floor tho droppings may
bo removed in a fow moments and
tho floor can bo kopt clean with very
llttlo effort.
Tho laying nests should bo ar
ranged in an upartmont adjoining tho
roosting closet nnd hero tho birds
muy bo fed. This laying nnd scratch
ing shed should bo ontlroly open to
tho south, tho front being covered
with wlro to provent tho intrusion of
rats and othor rodents.
A box of grit nnd n box of dry road
dust should always bo kept in tho
scratching shed. No matter how care
ful ono may bo fowls cannot bo kept
entirely frco from vermin without
having constant access to dry dust
it is tliolr natural way of protecting
thomsolvcs from vermin nnd If they
aro confined without being allowed to
dust thomsolvos thoy aro suro to bo
Nests should bo placed at least two
foot abovo tho floor with a board so
placed on an inclino that the lions
can easily walk up to tho nest Instead
ot being compolled to fly up. Young
pulletn heavy with egg aro often in
jured by flying up to, and down from
nosts placed too high.
Nests should bo arranged with
movablo bottomB so that tho contents
may bo frequently removed and tho
nests kopt porfoctly clean. Tho nest
should not bo less than 14 inches
squaro In bIzo, particularly for tho
larger breedB of birds.
No nttorant is mado hero to go into
tho Bclontlllc considerations of poultry
houses used by fanciers or vory largo
poultry breeders, but tho Information
given Is intended for tho benefit of
tlio smnll flock raisor, tho farmer or
Buburban dweller.
Tho ground plan of tho poultry
houso shown hero Is 12 foot by 30
feet, and is divided into partB each 12
feet by 10 feet.
Tho compartment on tho right is
used as a winter roosting and laying
Tho center as n scratching shod In
wlntor and n sholter from rain and
Bun during tlio summer.
Tho room at tho loft 1b used during
tho wlntor as n placo ot oxerclso and
in which to feed mashes and to water
Ground Plan of Poultry House.
tho fowls. This room also contains
dust boxes and where tho feed is
A, A, A, in tho dotted squares rep
resent tlio windows or thplr location
In tho front of tho houso. U, B, Is
Bided up solid to tho lino running
from B to B ono and ono-halt feet
Tho lino running from C to C is tho
top of a four-foot high poultry netting
which runs tho cn.Iro longth of tho available tho oyster shall will bo aufll
house. dent.
Thero Is a drop curtain arranged In
cach room to como down next to this
wlro In stormy weather or cold nights,
From O, O, to top of tho houso Is
planked up solid except tho windows,
ns shown In A, A, A, D, D, d, tno
nest boxes undor tho dropping board
There aro two rowa of nosts ono
facing tho scratching shed, tho other
facing tho right-hand room. A trap
noat may bo arranged vory convon
lently horo.
E Is a drop curtain in front ot tho
roosts In tho wlntor department, hatched early in tho aeaBon. Farm
which ia to bo let down at night. F I er'a Review.
Poultry House.
is tho roosting polos In tho wlnto)
G Is tho roostlug poles In tho sum
mor roosting quartorB.
H, Hr-tho doora of poultry netting
I, tho llttlo door that leads from tho
scratching shed to tho ond room.
J, cut straw scattered on tho floor
ot tho "scratching Bhod In which to
scatter wheat, ryo, oatB and corn.
K, tho dust box.
L, tho drinking fountain.
M, M, M, tho floor which should bo
or oand nnd grnvol.
N, thn dropping board In wlntor
roosting department.
Alhouso of theso dimensions should
bo nlno foot in front nnd seven foot
tall in the rear. It may bo mado ot
any stuff at hand, or to suit tho
Mnny successful poultrymcn profor
dirt floors, but unloBS thoBo nro prop
orly constructed thoy will bocomo
damp nnd muddy nnd a sourco ot
great annoyanco to tho person in
chargo of tho flock and a danger to
tho health of tho birds themsotves. A
dirt floor Bhould bo filled in nbovo tlio
lovol of tho ground at loast four inchoa
Interior of Poultry House Showing
Muslln-Covcrcd Window.
with very coarso sand or gravel or
broken rock and on top of this three
or four inchoa ot light soil, tho wholo
covered with n heavy contlng ot dry
A floor of this kind will resist
dampness unless tho houso Is built
In a low or swampy place. No matter
whoro located tho ground should bo
thoroughly drniuod on all sides of tho
houso on tho outside. Ot courso tho
ideal dry dirt floor is mado by first
laying tiled drains at tho depth of
about six Inches, 18 Inches apart tho
entire length of tho houso, extending
out on each side from six to eight
feet. This will absolutely prevent
Tho opon-frbnt housca may bo
adapted to tho small flock of tho farm
or to any numbor of birds by simply
multiplying tho units. This form ot
poultry houso has boon tried in all
climates and has proved moro satis
factory than nny othor.
In tho oxtromo northern states
whoro tho thormomotor falls to many
degrees below zoro it 1b well to pro
tect tho birds at night by a thin mus
lin curtain attached to a roller which
may bo rolled up during tho day and
lot down at night but in moderate
climates this protection is not nt all
necessary. A muslin curtain Bhould
bo of such toxturo that tho air may
pass through it, othorwlso draft
will bo caused and draftB nro posi
tively tho most harmful condition?
that can affect poultry.
Tho opon-front curtained poultry
houso has boon thoroughly triod at tho
oxporiment stations of Malno, Minne
sota, Montana and in othor states
whoro tho tcmporaturo falls to 20 do-
greca or moro below zero, and with
excellent success.
In those localities whoro thero 13
llttlo snowfall but exccBslvo moisturo
during tho wlntor months, tho cur
tains should be left oft for in theso
cases thoy aro sure to hold dnmpnoss
in tho houso.
Supply of Grit Is Essential Select
Well-Shaped Eggs for Incubator
Hatch Chickens Early.
Unless tho hens havo access to n
freo run on gravelly boII both oyster
shell and mica crystal grit should bo
supDllod whoro tho honB may have
free access to it. If n frco rnngo is
In soloctlng eggs to placo in an ln-
cubatoronly nvcrago-sized, woll-Bliapod
oggs should bo used as extremely
largo or small ogga or egga that do
not conform to normal shapa will in
variably hatch n low porcentago ot ir-
rogular-Blzed chicks.
Early hatched chicks will mako
moro rapid growth than lato hatchod
ones. It ono wishes to soil brooding
stock this Is a decided advantage
- Also If ono wishes to market part of
tho chick crop aa broilers and roast-
era tho market 1b boat for thoso