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Governor Calls Upon People of State
to Make October 9 General
Clean up Day.
i -
Decision Rendered at Philadelphia
Says That Contracts Were a Con
spiracy In Restraint of Trade and
Therefore Illegal.
Philadelphia, Oct. 4. Tliu United
States district court on Friday decided
tlio antitrust dissolution suit against
llio Motion Plcturo Patents company
In favor of tho government
The Motion Plcturo Patcnln com
pany is a holding concern. It was
charged by tho government that It
controlled most of tho moving picture
patents In tho United States and also
had n largo Interest in tho American
rights In fotelgn patents. Tho suit
was heard ovor n year ago hy Judgo
Oliver D. Dickson, whoso decision
Is a sweeping victory for tho United
States department of Justice.
It was charged hy tho government
that tho Motion Plcturo Patents com
pany and other defendants wore on
gaged In Interstnto and foreign com
morco In motion pictures, films, cam
eras, exhibiting machines and other
articles and apparatus used In tho
motion plcturo art, In violation of the
antitrust law.
Tho court In Its decision nays that
all tho contracts onumcratod In the
government's petition and tho combi
nation therein described wore a con
spiracy In restraint of trado and thoro
foro Illegal and that they constituted,
with tho exception of tho operations
of the Mollcs Manufacturing company,
a monopoly In violation of tho anti
trust laws.
Defendants named In tho. original
petition of complaint besides the Mo
tion Plcturo Patents company nro:
General Film company, Thomas A.
Edison, Inc.. Georgo Klclno of Chicago.
Lubln Manufacturing company, Pathe
Frcres, Sollg Polyscope company of
Chicago, Vltngraph company, Frank L.
Dyer. Henry M. Martin, J. J. Ken
nedy, William Pelzer. Samuel Long,
J. A. Hcrst of Chicago, Slcgmund Lu
bln, Gaston Molles. Albert U. Smith,
George K. Spoor of Chicago. V. N.
Sollg of Chicago,
With rofcrenco to tho Mollcs com
pany, tho court said:
"Tho Mclles Manufacturing com
pany has denied (as have all tho do
fendants) that It was in any senso n
party to tho combination charged.
Wo have gono ovor nil tho proofs
without finding any which go to mak
ing good Jlio chnrgo against this par
ticular defendant. It Is, therefore,
excluded from tho findings mado and
tho petition us against It Is dismissed."
Great Britain Shows American Gains
Are Enormous Sayo Germans In
spired Charges.
Washington, Oct. -I.-Great llrltalu's
answer to reports widely circulated In
this country Hint sho has boon Inter
fering with legitimate trado of tho
United Status with neutral European
nations Tor tho bonollt of her own ox
porters Is given in n noto handed to
Ambassador Pago in London by Sir
Edward Grey, tho foreign minister,
and mado public hero by tho stato de
partment. Data and figures aro quoted at
length to prove that whoro British
exports and ro-oxports havo Increased
the growth of similar trado from the
United States has boon many times a3
largo, whllo In many cases there have
boon vast Increases of American ox
ports, compared with decreases In
those from tho United Kingdom.
Tho noto, which In In rosponso to the
Hrltlsh ambassador's report of a refer
ence at the stato department to tho
unfavorable Impression created hero
by reports of Increases In Mrltlsh trado
with northern European countries
since tho war began, suggests also that
stutom nts concerning Great llrltain s
policy havo boon inspired by German
August 13 Is tho dato of tho noto.
Cincinnati Man Electeo Commander
In Chief at Washington Slay.
baugh8enlor Vlce-Commander.
Washington. Oct 4. Capt, Ellas It.
Montfort of Ohio, who served for 10
yoars as postmaster of Cincinnati,
was on Friday elected commander In
chief of tho Grand Army of tho Ho
public. Montfort was chosou ovor
Frank O. Colo of Jorsoy City and Wil
liam J. Pattorson of Pittsburgh Mont
fort received 639 votos, Patterson 231
and Colo 188. Georgo 11. Slaybtugh or
Washington was selected as senior
English M. P. Dies at Front.
London, Oct. 4. L'nnt. iinrt,i
Cawloy, member of parliament for tho
jmywoou m vision or Lancashire, has
boon killed In the Dardanelles light
ing, upmin i;awioy is tho third mem
ber of parliament who has died
Train Hits Auto; Five Die.
LancuBtor, Pa., Oct 4. E M. Zoll,
nged, llfty. and four school chlltlron
wcro killed whon tho automobllo In
which they riding wnB struck by
a Pennsylvania railroad express trutn
at a grado crossing near Loolu.
SEEK $500,000,000.
Baron Reading Gives Details of Pro
posed Loan Following Banquet
In Honor of Visitors.
Chicago, Sept. 30. Financial agents
of Grent Britain and Fiance, In
America to lloat a vast credit loan, an
nounced formally la Chicago on Tues
day night that half a billion dollars
was tho nmount sought by tho warring
Tho announcement, carrying with
It tho terms of tho proposed loan, was
mado simultaneously In Chicago and
New York. Tho local declaration fol
lowed tho hnnquot to tho members of
tho Anglo-French commission at tho
Ulackstono hotel.
Hero nro tho terms of tho history
making loan, as described for news
paper men by Baron Heading cf I5r
lolgh (Sir Ilufus Isaacs), lord chief
Justice of England:
"A total of $500,000,000 to bo Issued
on Joint Anglo-French fivo-year live
per cent bonds offered to the public at
08, and to tho syndicate of underwri
ters at 9G.
"Furthermore, tho proposition Is to
Issuo tho bonds In denominations as
low as $100, and arrangements may bo
mado by which subscribers might pay
for thorn by Installment," explained
Baron Rending and his European col
leagues at tho banquet given by tho
Commercial club.
Tho Now York announcement of tho
nmount and terms of tho loan was
mado through J. p. Morgan & Co.
Dispatches told of a repetition of tho
announcement mado horc.
Wireless Record Broken When Men
In Washington Talk to Others by
Radio In 'Frisco.
Washington, Oct. 1. Long ills
tnnco wireless tolophony, tho dream of
scientists for yoars, becamo a reality
on Wednesday when tho human volco
wns transmitted frqm tho Arlington
radio station, on tho outskirts of 'Vnsh
Ington. to tho Maro Islam! "station at
San Francisco, nhmit 2,000 miles,
It Is bollovcd now that telophonlc
communication by wireless between
tho United States and Kuropo is near.
British Rout Sultan's Men In Mesopo.
tamla Many Prisoners and
Guns Taken.
London, Oct. L A swooping vic
tory for tho allies In tho Dardanelles
Is roported. It wns announced In tho
house of commons that tho British
army had routed tho Tarks In Mesopo
tamla, with heavy loss and that tho
Turks were In full retreat toward Bag
dad. Man- prisoners and guns woro
Tennessee Town Burned.
Hamburg. Tonn., Oct. L Tho on
tiro business district of this town of
1.000 population is lovol with tho
grouud, tho result of a Hro of myste
rious origin which occurred on
Wednesday morning,
Slew Husband; Is 8et Free.
Qulncy, III., Oct. 4. Mrs. Mary Wlo
lago was acquitted of tho murder of
hor husband. Elmer Wlolago, after a
hariT-fought trial In tho circuit court
In this city. Tho state nskod for tho
death ponnlty tor tho woman.
3,000 Get Cut In Hours.
Hammond, Ind., Oct. 4. Work at
tho Stnudnrd Oil Rotlnorlcs wits revo
lutionized whon tho olght-hour labor
Byatom was put In force. Tho aon
will get tho 8ama pay for eight hours
as they did boforo for ton
Many Persons Were Injured and the
Property Loss Will Run Into
the Millions.
Memphis, Tonn., Oct. 1. Tho total
death list In tho Guir coast Btorm of
this week Is 549, according to tho
latest reports reaching hero. Persons
who have penetrated tho storm swept
district Inland havo reported that
scores aro dead, but these reports
have not been verified.
More than 400 persons nro missing
In tho storm-swopt area of Louisiana
and Mississippi.
Tin property loss will total nearly
57,000,000, according to tho latest ad
vices recolvod hero from the storm
Most of tho loss of Ufa reported was
In Frenlor and Mnnshnc, La. Tho
railroad ugent at tho former town tolo
graphed that eight white persons and
seventeen neKrocs had boon drowned
and many Injurol when tho wind
(trove tho waters of Lake Pontchnr
train into tho streets.
At Manshac, ten miles north, a rail
road section foreman and sixteen ne
gro laborers were reported drowned.
Unofficial estimates placo tho prop
erty loss at Now Orleans at nearly $2,
000,000. Seven lives were lost there.
At least 150 persons wero Injurod by
tho collapse of buildings, falling signs
or flying glass. Hundreds of struc
tures woro unroofod or demolished In
various parts of tho city.
Tho maximum velocity of tho wind
wan reported by tho Now Orleans
weather bureau as between 120 and
130 miles an hour.
Parlq, Oct. L A dispatch from
Sofia hfatCB that tho cabinet headed
by Proialor Radoslavoff has collapsed.
King Ferdinand has nBkeU M. Malln
off, a friend of Englnnd, Franco and
Russia, (o form a now cablnot.
Providence, It. I Oct. L Mrs.
Elizabeth Blair Mohr was Indicted on
tho chnrgo of murdering hor husband,
Dr. C. Franklin Mohr, and assaulting
with Intent to kill Miss Emily O. Burg
er, tho physician's secretary.
Kunsna City, Oct. 1. A Hvo-story
fall from his ofilco window caused tho
death of Thcodor C. Polzer, who Is
said to havo carriod Insuranco policies
aggregating $425,00tr and to havo loft
an additional estato worth $500,000.
Ills accident policy tottilod $85,000.
Mr. Polzer was president of tho Farm
ers' Loan and Trust -company nnd a
real estato oporntor. Ho Inherited a
fortuno from tho estato of his father.
Ho leaves a widow.
Boston, Oct, 1. Tho Phlladolphlas
on Wednesday won tho National
loaguo championship for 1915, with Al
oxnndor pitching a otic-hit garao
against tho presont titlo-holding
Bravos. Tho acoro was 5 to 0. Tho
dofeat or tho Braves makes It possl
bio for tho loaguo leaders to loso all
tholr romalnlng games and still havo
clear title to first placo.
Kuropatkln Gets Command.
London, Oct. 4. Gon. Aloxol Kuro
pntktn has boon nppolntod chlof of
tho Russian Gronadlor corps, says n
dispatch from Potrograd Kuropatkln
was disgraced after being dofeated In
tho war with Japan.
Band of Mexicans Retreats.
Brownsville, Tux.. Oct. 4. A band
of between 700 and 800 Moxlcana,
which haa boon threatening to Invado
Toxus and Progroao nnd raid ranches,
lias rotreatad ten miles up tho Rio
Grando rlvor.
Berlin Admits Position Has Been Lost,
But Insists That Counter-Attack
Against the British Is Gaining 121
Big German Guns Taken.
London, Oct. 2. Continuing the ter
rific offensive which has netted tho
allies almost dally gains for tho pnst
week and has resulted luHho greatest
loss of life nnd prisoners of any sliri
lar porlod In tho entire war, tho French
troops In Champagne district on
Thursday ngaln broke through tho
German lines west of Tahuro Height
and nt Hill No. 191, capturing tho lat
ter strategic position nnd rendering
almost tho cntlro German railroad
from Cernay to Sommo-Py useless.
Berlin officially admits the loss of
Hill 191 and tho penetration of tho
German lines southenst of Souchcz.
Tho greatest French gains continue
In tho Chnmpagno region north of
Mesnll and farthor to tho cast be
tween Hill 190, north of Masslges, and
tho road from Vlllo-sur-Tourbo to
Cernay, followed by bayonet charges.
More prisoners woro taken In this ac
tion, according to Paris.
Tho French statement admits the
success of German counter-attacks at
L'Ouvrngo do la Dcfaltc, but declares
a second attack was repulsed with
heavy losses to tho Germans.
Tho recount of booty taken lb this
fighting slnco September 25 puts tho
total of field pieces and heavy guns
captured from tho Germans at 121.
In tho Chnmpagno district It now
appears that tho French nro directing
their heaviest attack upon the great
German dofenslvo works at Tahuro,
which command tho lateral railroad
along tho German front. Moro than
500 French guns aro pouring solid
shot and-shells Into this fortification.
But whllo tho French nro reciting
further gains In tho Champagno and
southeaqt of Souchez, tho British ac
tion on the extremo western end of
tho lino has been slowed down. Ber
lin claims steady If Blow progress of
the countor-attack against the Brlt'-h,
Including tho blowing up of two Brit
ish companies south of tho Menln
Ypres road.
All eyes ro no- fixed on the. region
around Lens, northern Franc i. where
tho Franco-British pincers aro closing
In slowly and Irresistibly on the Ger
mans. This district of France is known ns
tho "black country!" Lens being the
heart of thd coal-mlning Industry.
Eastward of Loos, which lies north
of Lens, tho British have pushed on a
considerable dlstnnco on Ln Bassoe
road and now occupy tho entire oval
plateau of which 11111 No. 70 Is tho
culminating point. Tho British thus
dominate both tho city of Lens and
the plains surrounding It.
Joseph Hlllstrom Granted Reprieve
Until October 16 Governor
Spry Makes Announcement.
Salt Lako City, Oct. 2. Governor
Spry announced on Thursday that' ho
had granted Josoph Hlllstrom a re
prieve until October 1C out of cour
tesy to President Wilson. Hllistrom
was sentenced to bo shot at dawn on
Thursday. Tho text of tho governor's
mcusago to tho president has not been
given out.
Washington, Oct. 2. At the request
of tho Swedish minister, W. A. F. 12k
engrcn, President Wilson on Thursday
telegraphed to Governor Spry of Utah,
asking a stay of execution for Joseph
Hlllstrom, a Swedish subject convicted
of murder
Tho Swedish minister said that ho
believed Insolent behavior of Hlll
strom during his trial had prejudiced
court nnd Jury against him.
Seventy-Five Others Burled Alive as
Result of Explosion at Hanna City,
III. All Aro Rescued.
Peoria, 111.. Oct. 2. Ono man Is
dead, ono Is dying nnd 75 others wero
hurled nlivo ns tho rosult of on ex
plosion on Thursday night ln tho mlno
of tho Lognn Coal company at Hanna
City, III. Flro followed shortly aftor
tho two men were rescued. Tho blazo
was extinguished In two hours nnd
tho 75 men woro rescued. None woro
The dead: Martin Perrlt, nged for
ty,. Hanna City. IU. Tho Injured:
Frank Robinson, aged thirty-two, Han
na City, 111., will dlo. No causo for
tho explosion has been determined.
Tho damage to tho mlno will amount
to sovcral thousand dollars.
British Miners Strike.
Cardiff, Oct. 2. Flvo thousand min
ors In tho South Wales district aro
itow on Btrlko ln protest against, tho
employment of nonunlonlsts. Two
thousand moro work In tho Cu
maman collieries on Thursday,
Two. British Generals Killed.
London, Oct. 2. Tho British casual
ties In tho rocent offcnslvo action on
tho weBtorn front Included Lieut. Gon.
Sir Thompson Capper and MnJ. Gen.
Q. H. Thoslgor. Both woro killed, it
was announced hero.
Governor Morehead has issued tho
following proclamation deslirtintliiB
October 9 as clean-up day and a day
ior lectures in public schools on fire
"Tho fSnfotv Plmn rl n Pi linn nl
America, havo designated Saturday,
uciouer mo atti, as a day to impress
on tho minds of all tho people, tho
need of co-operation to provont the
loss of llfo and property by fire. The
ion exactcu uy lire in tho country
is enormous, being, in round numbers,
$23ff,U00.000 ln the vear 1914. Mitrli
of this loss Is caused by carelessness
on ino part, or the people in their fall
uro to observe ordinary enro nml ni
tentlon in handling and disposing oi
Inflammable and combustible sub
stances. In order that this waste be
reduced to minimum, I, ns governor,
would recommend that nn ripfnivnr n
all public buildings, factories and
nomes be thoroughly cleansed of rub
bish accumulations. That all heating,
ugnung and lire extinguishing nppa
ratus be examined, and If fniimi (ir.n
tlve, promptly repaired. That fire
drills bo held in all schools, factories
and other places whero flro drills arc
established. That lectures be given
In all public schools, on Friday, Octo
ber 3, by representatives of tho lire
uopnrtment on tho common hazards
of lire, and whero such officials are
not available that teachers bo urged
to give such Instruction as they may
have nt command on the subject. The
latest estimate of tho Iohh hv itrr In
tho United States and Canada for
1914 was $235,591,350. Itcasonab'c
caution arid the adoption of protective
measures would havo erentlv
this enormous total."
Stato banks ln Nebraska have
doubled In the last fifteen yea-s,
and the deposits havo moro than quad.
rupled, according to E. Royse, secre
tary of tho Stato Banking board.
There are now 801 banks, with ag
gregate deposits of $111,000,000, com
pared with 412 banks, with deposits of
$2f.,000,000 In 1901. Forty-five new
state banks have taken out charters
In tho last year, while the deposits
havo Increased $15,000,000 over any
previous year. With fine crops ln
view, the coming year promises to
There are now 804 bankst with ag
sninsh all past records. The hist ad
dition to. state banks, Just cfiartered,
is the Cheyenne County bank, at
Lodge Pole, with a capitalization of
Nebraska's total assessed val
uation this year is $500,000,000, ac
cording to figures prepared by State
Auditor Smith. The assessed valua
tion of the ninety-three counties of
the state, to bo exact, Is $471,007,158,
putting the actual wealth of the state,
a.T revealed by the assessor's figures,
well over $2,000,000,000. The actual
value Is live times tho assessed val
uation. Tho total tax levy for all
purposes, including' state, county,
school, township and road districts
brings In $20,505,157, of which approx
imately one-half Is for educational
purposes, including tho support of the
stato university normal, city and ru
ral schools. Tho stato receives onlj
about one-sixth of the total lor the
support of its various institutions, ac
cording to tho figures compiled by the
Attorney General Willis E. Reed hat
filed suit in tho supremo court to set
tle the ownership of a strip of land
three- miles wide and eighteen miles
long between Grant and Garden coun
ties. The action consists -of quo war
ranto proceedings to prohibit Garden
county from exercising Jurisdiction
and collecting taxes Jnjho disputed
territory. Tho further prosecution ol
the suit will bo In the hands of Grant
county. Tho suit is said to bo n
friendly ono. .
Four landowners ln a proposed
drainage district south of Humboldt,
called on Governor Morehead re
cently to get his approval to Irriga
tion plans, which hnd previously been
disproved by Stato Engineer Johnson
as inadequate to take care of excess
of flood waters. Tho district includes
3,800 acres, and the length of tho ditch
will bo six miles. The governor prom
ised to tako tho matter up with the
Tho property commltteo of tho uni
versity board of regents has awarded
tho contract for general construction
of tho now Bessoy hall, tho first build
ing to bo built on tho city campus
from tho extension fund, to tho Sel-den-Breck
Construction company ol
Omaha, for $111,000. Besscy hall
will bo tho most expensive of univer
sity buildings, rivalling oven tho
splendid Engineering building, which
cost, completed, $110,000.
Stato Superintendent Thomas haa
recelvod applications from 135 schools
that dcslro to qualify under tho high
school normal training law.
Tho Btato banking board has nc
power to make a rule denying a char
ter to a stato savings bank whose
business Is carried on In tho Bame
room or building with a national bank,
nor has It authority to deny a charter
to a stato bank on such grounds, Is
tho substance of a ruling mado by
Judgo Cornish of tho Lancaster dls
trict court Tho ruling waB on the
application for a wrltt of mnndamut
to compel tho stato board to issuo a
charter to tho incorporators of the
First Savings bank at Clarks. Attor
ney Genem! Reed will appeal tEb case.
Althounh Note Affords an Opportunity
for Further Negotiations Between
the Two Countries.
Washington. Germany haa failed
to satisfy tho request of tho United
States that tho sinking of. tho Arabic,
with a loss of American lives bo dis
avowed and liability for tho act as
mimed by tho imperial government.
This beenmo known nftor a confer
once between President Wilson and
Secretary Lansing, at which tho lot
ler submitted a noto given him in
Now York by Count von Bernslorff,.
tho German ambassador.
Whllo tho situation is improved to
the extent that there is no danger of
nn Jmmedlato break in diplomatic re
lations na the note affords an oppor
tunity for further negotiation, it wns
stated reliably that final refusal- hv
Germany to meet tho American view
point On the Ar.'llilf onan mlfrfif h,-!,..,-
about the threatened rupturo in dip
lomatic relations. In general, It was
learned that Gemrany, aftor examin
ing tho evidence submittal! hv ti.
United States, camo. to tho conclusion
that the submarine commander erred
in assuming thnt tho Arabic was in
cut on ramming tho German sub.
marlno when steering to rcscuo the
pasgengers on the British steamer
This admission of a mistako would
amount to a disavowal nf thn one
but the United States has insisted
mat the disavowal must bo accom
panied by an assumption of responsi
bility and liability and that full renn.
ration must bo riven for Amnrimn
lives lost. President Wilson has tak
en tho position that tho United States
cannot arbitrate questions involving
tho loss of American lives, ami tt ti
belioved that in tho next step tho
Washington government will indicate
that tho only matter it can submit to
arbitration is the amount of tho dam.
ages to be paid after the question of
liability itself already is admitted-
Crisis In Balkans.
London. The Russian mlnlstar TTi
Sofia has been ordered by ills govern,
ment to leave tho Bulgarian canltnl If
Bulgaria does not openly brecfk with
tno central, powers "and .dismiss tho
Austro-Gorrunn officers who rer.nntlv
arrived in that country to direct tho
operations of King Frdinand's nrmy.
Tho other powers of the quadruple en
tente nro backing un Russia in these
demands, so Bulgaria must decide on
continued neutrality or lin cnnntilnrnil
definitely with tho central powers.
From Bulgaria news of tho past few
nays It Is considered certain that
King Ferdinand and Premier Radosla
voff havo made their choice and aro
only awaiting tho completion of mobi
lization to strlko at Serbia, and as
sist the Austro-Gormans to onen tho
road to Constantinople, which has
uecn anxiously waiting for many
weeks for promised aid from tho cen
tral powers. Greece, it is believed,
will live up to her treaty with Serbia
and como to her assistance if sho is
attacked, but tho attltudo of Rumania,
which remains an only partly mobi
lized spectator, is uncertain.
Submarines Cross Ocean. -Boston.
Grabble stories of tho vnv.
age of a flotilla of American-built sub
marines, which crossed tho Atlantic
to Join tho British naval fomnn nt
Gibraltar, ate beginning- to como in.
The underwater boats mado tho pass
age under their own power and with
out much discomfort for the crows, ac
cording to lottors received from men
in the expedition. The flotilla form
ed part or a group of ten submarines
for which the "British adjilrnltv had
contracted In tho United States, After
Washington had decreed that tho con
struction of tho vessels In this coun
try would bo a violation'of neutrality.
the parts wero shipped to Canada,
where tho boats wero completed. The
now vessels sailed from Montreal
under convoy of . the gunboat Canada.
Child Drinks Liniment and Dies.
Trent, S. D. Arising in tho morn
ing before other members of tho
family, the C-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank McGinty drank two
spoonfuls of poisonous liniment.
thinking it wns cough medicine, and
died somo hours later. A peculiar ef
fect of the poison was that It caused
him to become totally blind somo
hours before his death.
Germany Apologizes.
Berlin. The foreign office at Stock
holm has. received a communication
from tho Gorman govornmont apolo
gizing for tho sinking of tho Swedish
steamship Malmland and promising to
pay .damages, says tho Overseas Nowa
Hundreds Suffer From Cholera.
Amsterdam. Cholera Is raclm: In
Galicla, tho Tolograaf jjays and, ac
cording to tho homo office, no loss
than thrco cases of tho malady have
been reported.