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No. 75
Dr. T. J. Kerr spent Wednesday In
Ogalalla on professional business.
Mr. and Mrs. Olo RaBmussen re
turned yesterday morning from Oma
ha, where they visited for a wcek1
Mrs. Kato Evers, of Cheyenne, came
Wednesday evening to visit Mr. and
Mrs. Jason C. Sawyer for two weekb.
Miss Lcnore Cumnilngs, who hao
been thogucst of Mrs. Geo. T. FlclV
will leave Sunday for her homo In
Miss Florence Stack, who has"been
visiting In Lincoln, Omaha and ColiThi
bus for two weeks, will return to
morrow oVtinlng.
The Et-A-Virp club were the guests
of. "Mrs. Ed Dedrlck Tuesday after
noon. Games wero played and a nice
ly prepared lunch served.
Largest, display of furs ever shown
In Nothf Platto new shown at
Next Tuesday. October 12th, Is a
stato legal holiday known as Colum
bus Day. The banks and other Insti-
tutlons'wlll be closed on that day
Tho wrecking crow was called to
Brule yesterday morning to rc-rall an
engine deralld by running Into an open
Tho Episcopal guild will hold an ex
change at tho Derryberry & Forbes
store tomorrow. Cakes, pies, cookies,
etc., will bo on sale.
Mrs. II. M. Grimes and Mrs. l .
W. Rlnckcr entertained at a dinnoi
party last evening nt tho home of tho
former complimentary to Miss Lonora
Cumnilngs. Covers wero laid for ten.
For Itcnt Furnished rooms for
housekeeping. Inquire at 414 west
Third street.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bunnell wero ten.,
dered a surprise party Tuesday even
ng by a number of friends nnd neigh
bors. The evening was spent in games
and social conversation. Refresh
ments wero served at midnight.
Miss Sara Cresslor, formerly of this
city, was married at hor homo In
San Francisco, Wednesday evening to
Otto Hansen, who. Is employee,
In tho quartermaster's1 offlco of tho
United States Army. Their wed
ding trip is to tho Philippine Islands,
nnd their home will bo in San Fran
Mrs. G. Robinson, of Page, Nebr.. BJalno Kltzmlllcr, of Denver, form-
Is visiting this week with Mrs. ' Lew erly of this city, Is spending a fow days
binitli. with local friends.
Tho first carload of sugar beets for
this season passed thraugh the local
yards this morning.
Mrs. Fred Elliott returned yester
day afternoon from a short visit In
Omaha with friends.
Attorney Carl Ilollmnn and family
loft last evonlng for Tipton, Iowa, to
spend a couple of weeks.
Mrs. G. B. Falconer, of Denver,
camo last evening to visit hor brother,
J. H. Thompson, for a week.
Mrs. Frank Dornn returned last ev
ening from Gretna, whero sho had
been visiting her sister.
F. J. Doran will leave the first of
next week for Omaha to attend tho
K. of C. meeting and banquet.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Wm. Artz, of Denver,
formerly of this city, are expected
next week to visit tho former's parents
for two weeks.
Tim ilnmnoMn cnlnnpn ilnnnrtmnnf-nf
the Twentieth Century Club will moot'
withers. J. T. Stuart, 510 west A'
street Monday afternoon. I
Mrs. F. W. Hermlnghauson loft
this morning for Omaha to spend a
weok or longor. -
Mr. and Mrs". Thos. S. Carr in
tend to leavo for Tryon to open n res
tuarant this week.
A car of coal derailed at Roscoe this
morning blockd tho double track nud
east bound trains woro delayed.
Leonard Dick will leave today for
Toledo, Ohio, where Mrs. Dick has
boon visiting for a couple of months.
The G. I. A. will nold a 10 cent
social at tho K. P. hall this afternoon.
Boston brown bread, baked beans,
cookies and coffee will bo served.
New FALL ALL WOOL Serge Dross
es In all the wanted shades, sizes 14
to 44, at $4.79 at BLOCK'S of course.
In tho county court yesterdny Carl
Lunkwitz plead guilty to assault and
battery his nelce Augusta Lunk
witz, whom" he struck with a spade
last week, while at work on their farm
near Hershey. He was lined fifty dol
lars and cost and ordored to keep thb
j :
Eyes of Envy
Are turned on the woman whose clothes mark her apari from
,the crowd. They proclaim her one of discriminating taste, for lo
select such a garment from the many that are seen on every hand
-requires a knowledge and appreciation of style, material, lit and
wearing qualities Lhal few possess. But these are characteristics lhaL
are found in every Prinlzess coat or suit. They confer on their
wearer the compliment of good taste, assure her the approval of those
-most critical in matters of dress and the envy of those who have not
found the secret.
Em np
. 1. Iramp
The Southland Artists Olllnmc Mil
low, Concert Violinist, Lawrence L.
Lewis, llnrltone mul Header, Here
nice Walker. Plnnlst ami Accompan
ist.. The program or this company ap
peals especially to those who know
and appreciate tho best In music. To
marked natural ability theso young
people have added years of study un
der great teachors. All havo had ex
tensive concert experience nnd tho
rports of critics show nil have won
notable triumphs, for their art. Their
appearance horo will be a notablo
event. This entertainment tonight at
the Presbyterian church thlrty-flvc
This is the first number of a series
of entertnlnmonts to be given this
winter at tho Presbyterian church tt.
lie known as the United Lccturo
Course. The courso wns arranged for
by tho brotherhoods of four of tho
churches of this city and should have
tho hearty support of all North Platte
and Lincoln county pooplo who enjoy
entertainment of tho bettor clnss. The
brotherhoods have spent considerable
tlmo nnd expense In arranging for this
courso and It Is their hope It will
bo well attended throughout tho sea
son. Tho completo courso Is as follows:
Tho Southland Artists, October 8th,
entertainers, musicians. Tho Old
Glory Quartottc, October 2Sth, enter
tainers, singers. Col, Low Beauchamp
November 10th, humorous philosopher.
Schlltirots1 Hungarian Orchestrn, No
vember 17th, Novelty Four, January
13th, instrumentalists arid vocalists.
M. Beryl Buckley January 25, Inter
pretative reader. Brooks Fletcher,
February 3, lecturer.
Season tickets for the cntlro courso
may bo obtained from Mr. Starr at
McDonald Stnto Bank, adults $2.00 and
high school students $1.00.
Foreman Murphy, who had his right
ankle sprained and bruised several
weeks ngo J, hobbling around on
crutches. It will be two weeks bofor.
he will be able to resume work.
For Rent Furnished house. A. A.
Menu for tho commercial dinner nt
tho Christian church Monday, October
11, served from 11:30 to 1:30: .Chicken
and noodles, mashed potatoes and
gravy, creanied turnips, cabbage sal
ad with manles, beet pickles, apple
sauce,- sliced pacnes with whipped
cream, sponge cake, milk and coffee.
Price 30 cents.
President Wilson announced Wed-
nesday'nlght his engagement to to Mrs.
Norman R. Gait, of WashliiKton. The
date of the wedding has n6t bednflxen;
but it will probably take place In De
cember at tho homo of tho brlde-elcc
Mrs. Moshler and daughter, of Kan
sas City, arc the guests of Mrs. H. .
When you want good reliable medi
um priced Shoes, remember they carry
a full line of them as well as liner
grades at Wilcox Department Store.
Hon. Church Howe, for over forty
years prominent In business nnd politi
cal circles in Nebraska, and well
known to many North Platto people,
died at his home In Auburn, Nob., yes
terday morning. Ho was a veteran of
tho civil war, and politically had been
honored with' many offices- He owned
a 1,500 acre farm near Auburn, on
which wns grown last year 31,000
bushels of apples.
For Trade
G40 acres near Stapleton to ox-
change for city property or smaller
tract near town. This Is a good value.
See or phone,
Thoro will bo no sorvlces nt tho
Lutheran church Sunday oxcept Sim
day school, on nccount of tho absenca
of Rev, Harmau who Is attending sya.
od at Lincoln.
E. M. Westorvolt, right-of-way
agent for tho Burlington, was In town
Wdncsday and authorized tho salo oi
sovornl houses on land owned by tho
Burlington. Whether this means n
possible construction of tho Burling
ton up the Plntte valley laojour guess.
Personally, wo havo quit guessing of
tho Burlington's Intentions.
Tho Royal Neighbors of the Fifth
and Sixth districts will hold their con
vention in this city October 13tlu
Preparations nro being made to enter
tain tho visitors. Tho session will
open nt 10 a. m., and at 2 p. m. lm
atory work will bo hold. A banquet
will bo served nt G o'clock In the K.
P. hall and at 8:30 thoro will bo an
open mooting to which nil visiting
members nnd Woodmen nnd Uielt
wives nro Invited.
Denton's Slooplng Garments, n full
lino at Wilcox Department Store.
Among tho freight passing through
on tho Union Pacific woro sixty car
loads of box cars consigned to tho
Russian government nt Vladivostok.
Theso box cars aro shipped "knocked
down nnd railroad men say that tho
utmost Ingenuity has boon displayed
In tho manor of their loading and that
It will bo tho easiest matter posslblo
to put Uio cars together at their des
tination. Tho roofs and Moors of tho
cars, aro shipped ontlro, making tho
largest single piece In tho Bhlpmcnt.
Now Fall Underwear in nil styles,
high neck, long sleeevcs, low neck or
short sleovcs, low neck or sleeveless,
in cotton or wool now shown nt
Mrs. W. W. Cumnilngs entertained
tho literary department of tho Twenti
eth Century club Wednesday after
noon. Mrs. Joseph Roddy talked on
"Reference Work nt Iho Library" and
Mrs. Charles McLano chose "Tho
Billion Dollar Loan" for her subject.
Current events woro discussed after
which light refreshments wero served.
Christian Science scrvlco Sunday 11
a. m. Sunday school 12 m. Building
& Loan building, room 25.
Jliu-MnH Oil Co. Yet Living
It Is bolng announced by Mr. Hayes,
tho Standard Oil "tlunUy" that tho Mar
shall people havo lost out already He
Is calling upon the dealers and telling
each one '!youhad bettor buy from us
now. all the others .havo quit them."
Now wo feel that Undo Joe has started
to tho funoral too soon, and If the peo
ple of North Platto and Lincoln coun
ty continue to glvo tho Marshall Oil
Co. tholr support as they havo In tho
past. Undo Joo will bo moro norvouh
'hndiottory than ho Is at prosont,
whgii ho Is nblo to say "I told you so."
75-1", ' J. W. SHEPHARD.
lVuIstp ! WnlstH!
It matters not what kind of a waist
you nro looking for, you aro sure to
find It at BLOCK'S.
For Farm Loans see or write Ueno
Crook, room 3, Waltemath building,
North Platte. 41tt
Statement of Ownership.
(Required by Act of Aug. 24, 1912)
I, Ira L. Bare, solemnly swears that
I am tho solo owner, publisher and
manager of tho North Platte Senil
Wockly Tribune, published at Nopth.
Platte, Nob., that thero aro no holdors
of bonds, mortgages or other securi
ties against tho said Semi-Weekly
Trlbuno printing plnnt.
Sworn and subscribed to beforo mo
this 7th day of October, 191C.
(SEAL) Notary Public.
A Banking Enttmsiast
"Expect all the scrvlco and help a
bank can legltlmntoly render, and then
go to tho Platto Valley Bank to got It."
One of our most enthusiastic custo
mrs niado this statomont, and we don't
know of anything wo would llko bet
ter said about ourselves.
and all because wo have tho facilities
and capacity to llvo up to his remark,
to make You, as well as, he a Platte
Valley State Bank enthusiast .
Platte Valley State Bank
4 per cent Interest On Time Deposit.
North Pintle, Nebraska.
, , -