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No. 71
Frank DTstcl went to Llsco this
morning to spend several days hunt
ing. II. V. Hllllker, of Denver, came
down this morning to spend the day on
business. .
Mrs. M. II. Douglass left last even
ing for Loramle to spend sovoral days
with friends.
The Entre Nous club will be onter
tulnod Wednesday, Soptembor 29th by
Mrs. Carl Boui'or.
Mrs. George Cooper, of Wcllflcet,
has been visiting with local friends for
several days' this week.
Mrs. Italoigh Cocltlo left yostorday
morning for Sutherland to visit rela
tives tor a werik or more.
Wo have n splendid new assortment
of trimmed hats for ?4.00 and $5.00 at
the Wilcox- Department Store.
Wc have a splendid new assortment
of trimmed hats fo r $4.00 and $5.00 at
the Wilcox Department Store.
Carl Lintz and Wm. Rodden loft last
ovening for cities of Colorado to spend
a week or more on business.
Beet dumps aro being erected at
Blrdwood and Nichols for the con
voijlonco of the beet growers.
Mrs. John Palmer, wlfp of n. wnll
known McPherson county cattleman,
was m town yesieruay snopping.
The Ycdmcn will hold a special
meeting Tuesday ovening at which a
number of now members will be taken
Miss Ida Weinborg left yesterday
morning for Geneva and other points
to spend a couple ofoveeks with rel
Mrs. Harry Flelshmann and daugh
tor returned last evening frota.Omuua
iwliero they visited relatives for a
Harry Stevens, who was up from
Bignell yesterday, said seventy-ilvo
per cent of his corn would not be in
Jure"U by frost.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Jones, of Lara
mie, who wore the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. A. P. Kelly for a week, went
home last ovening.
County Commissioner Springer, who
has been visiting In Philadelphia,
wrtes rue Trinuno mat ne win oe
homo next Monday.
Tho domestic science department of
the Twentieth Century club will meet
with Mrs. Roy Cottrell at three xtclock
Monday afternoon,
Miss Alice Luby, of Glltnor, who
spent tho past two weeks with her
brother Edward Luby and wife, will
return home Sunday.
J. O. Don, O. B. Elder and Ed. Reb
hausen leave Sunday morning on a
hunting trip in Arthur county, ex
pecting to be absent two or three days.
Mrs. N. McCabe returned last ev
ening from Omaha where sho accom
panied her daughter two weeks ago
and has sinco been the guest o her
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Moroy loft yes
terday for a visit with relatives in
Hastings Mr. Morey will return
Monday,- but Mrs. Moroy wl'l stay
there two weeks.
For Sale.
Pure bred large Black French Stal
lion; Cheap. J. Seeley, Wellfleet, Neb.
15 ATARI W I tlH rLCAdUKfi W
The low prices yon get but adds to this pleas
ure because you are sure to dress within your
Collegian Suits and Overcoats $15 to $2S
JT. i H l T HVttT t IV t . rfti rfk ,rv
Word from Lincoln Is to the effect
that r'ool Donegan, of this city, has
dovolopcd into a very classy foot-ball
player, with a good show for being
picked for the university team.
, Dr. J. S. Twlnom. who has been at
tending the Dr. Pratt clinic In Chica
go for two weeks, will return home
tomorrow. Enrouto homo he spent
sevornl dnys with relatives In Iowa.
Commercial dinner at Christian
church Monday, prlco 30 cents, come.
Hot stenks with pan gravy, oscalopcd
potatoes, sweet corn on tho cob, sliced
liomatoes, beet rollsh, hot biscuits,
peach pic, tea, coffee, milk.
The Presbyterian people held an
indoor picnic In the church basement
last evening which was largely at
tended. A lino lunch was served and
a good time socially resulted. The ob
ject of the picnic was to have tho con
gregation minglo with each othor and
thus keep intact during the period
that the church Is without a pastor.
The literary department at' tho
Twentieth Century club and their
families wore entertained at the homo
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McLaile Tues
day ovening at an Indoor picnic. Mu
sic and caning and fortune telling fur
nished minis' tnient for the evening and
tho refreshments were exceptionally
good. The atttndance numbered over
The Phllathea society of the Bap
tist church were tho guests of Mrs.
Gcorgo S. Arnold Wednesday after
noon. At the business meeting the
following officers were elected for the
ensuing year: President, Mrs. Edward
Murphy; vice president, Mrs. Robert
Arnold; secretary, Mrs. Charles
Thornburg; treasurer, Mrs. Smith; re
porter, Mrs. A. Bunting.
?he Eldeen club was entertained
Wednesday afternoon at the homo of
Mrs. George Schaffcr. A couple of
hours were spent In kcnslngton work,
after which a nice lunch was served.
An election of officers followed and
the following were chosen: President,
Mrs. Arthur Artz; vice president, Mrs.
E. W. Cross; secretary, Mrs. Robort
Arnold; treasurer, Mrs. Raleigh
Cockle; reporter, Cora Souser. The
t next meeting will bo held In two weeks
at the home of Mrs. Csarles Toole.
John Hnrrignn, one of Maxwell's
oldest and most respected citizens,
Idled at;Mnxwell last Friday, Sopt. 17,
at 9 p. m. Mr. Harrigan had an oper
ation about two-months ago and spent
nine weeks at that time in a hospital
at Omaha. Mr. Harrigan was born
in Ireland and vas about 73 years old,
nrmilnr in Amprinn In tlin fift'a nlnl
followed railroad work mainly and
seiiieu, at uaxweu many years ugu.
where ho acquired property and re
mained until tho end. Mr. Harrigan
never married and lived aleno. The
funeral service was held at 9 o'clock
this morning and tho body was laid to
rest in the Maxwell cemetery. Brady
Skirls! Skids! ,
Any stylo, any color, any size, at
most any price you may want to buy;
you are sure to find it at BLOCK'S.
Judgn Grimes has started in on his
court calendar for 19i5-10, and from
now until next Juno will be kept bdsy.
Ho has already held fall tonus In
Kimball and Logan counties. In tho
latter county hccleared the docket of
.every case; while in the fprmer only
three cases went over until tho noxi
that comes
proper cloth
iiooa na&es
That aWell Dressed95
Mrs. Young and daughter, of Hor
shey aro visiting friends in town.
Unique styles and oxcellont qualities
Honry Weil, of LoMoyne, Is visiting
In town this week.
W. J. O'Connor left yesterdny morn
ing for Kearney to spond several days
on business.
The case of 1ho 55. S. Middy Co., of
Now York, vs. H. I. Block, which came
up In the county court yesterday Was
Hans Neilson, or Froid, Montana,
and Potra Jepson, of Donmnrk, wore
married yestordny afternoon by Coun
ty Judge French.
Frank Stroup, president of tho
Payno Investment Co., of Omaha, for
merly of this city, is spending a fow
days in town on busnoss.
Herbert B. Bristol and Helen E.
Dean, of this city, wore grantod a
marriage license yostenlny morning
and were lator married by County
Judge French.
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Swnnson return
ed to piolr home In Nelson last ev
ening after vlsItlngMhls week wth
their son A. B. Swanson, who Is ill
with typhoid fever.
Eugno Dolatour, of Oshkosh, la
spending the week end in this city. I
J. Thomas Dillon, of Arthur county.'
Is nmong tho business visitors hero
this week.
. Tho Royal Neighbor social club will,
meet with Mrs. Elmer Koontz, 520,
west Third street, Tuesday afternoon.
All members are urged to be present
as business of importance will be
nt the Prior Millinery. j
Harry Huffman writes thnt he has'
been olocted to play cornet in tho state,
university band. This organization
usually accompanies the foot ball team '
on its trips, thus giving tho members.
tho benefit of a holiday In addition to
the pleasure of playing on state oc
casions. Messrs. Joder, Mann, Weir, Meyers,
Esholman and Dowell, who were call
ed to Norfolk Monday to testify In the.
caso of Wm. Hurst vs. tho U. P. Co.,'
for $50,000 damages, returned last ev-
by n freight train at Chappoll. The
case was dismissed.
; The City of Pola.
Since tho Auslriniw made' the city of
'frSjXluelr chief base Yu'iS-lS they hiivtr
neconipllshed wonders there. It Is
claimed that with tho assistance of
submarines and aircraft l'olu Is vir
tually Impregnable. Its commodious
hnybor, almost land locked, bus ifeon
enlarged ho that it easily contains the
enjiro Austrian "licet. It is divided Into
two basins by a chain of small Islands.
Tho entrance Is strongly defended, and
an extensive system of fortifications on
the hills inclosing tho harbor insures
complete protection. There Is a good
roadstead In the largo channel of Fasa
ua, which separates tho nialnlaud from
the Bilonlnn Islands. Tho marine ar
senal of Pola Is a vast establishment
with nil the requlsltos.for n largo fleet.
Artillery laboratories and powder mag
azines are situated on tho north shore,
and behind tlio nrsenul is San Pollcar
pn, with huge barracks and hospitals.
n c
tjfi ciressea m
$iu to WdM
"Pa" Hourke, manager and owner of
tho Omaha ball team, is in town today
for tho puropso of making arrange
ments for a gamo of ball to bo played
by the two all-s.tar teams that will
tour the west. These, teams will play
In Omaha, Lincoln, Columbus and
Grand Island, and also North Platte If
tho necessary arrangements can be
made. The date of tho gamo for this
city would be October 28th.
The two touring teams are made up
of the best league aiuK association
players, and their games are therefore
oxhlblttons of real ball playing.
At the hour Tho Tribune wont to
pross final and po'stlve arrangements
for the gamo had not beoit completed,
but at that time it was almost certain
that the required guarantee would be
Hold Mecllntr ut Sow Park,
A county meeting of the Farmers'
Ufllon wns hrld yesterday at tho new
city park, faimers from Maxwell, Blg
nojl, Hershey and Sutherland being
present. A number of addresses wero
made, those being Interspersed by se
fqtions from tho O'Fallons male quar
tette. Tho principal addross was
made by Mr. Woods-, tho state organ
ii4r. About one hundred farmers
Svqre In attendance.
To lit tho infant or to tho largest
size mane, tor men, women ami can
dren, all Btyles, separate and union.
ion will find fn our undorwear de
partmonL the old scarlet wool.
- Hoagland in Lincoln.
'The staff correspondent of the Omn
ha Bee in writing from Lincoln un
der dato of yesterday says:
!' According to Senator Walter V.
Hougland of North Platte, the corn in
Lincoln county nnd tho country around
that section will turn out a wonderful
yield, the lnrgost in the history of the
'"Senator Hoagland will not be a
candidate for the republican nomina
tion for lieutenant governor next year.
He says he has all the business ho can
attend to and docs not caro to pass it
up to play second flddlo In tho Nebras
ku state political orchestra.
v "However, ho belloves chances for
republican success in this stnto will
bo exceedingly good. According to
his way of looking nt It tho democrats
avi) so split up that, they will not be
nine to get together, on anything ex
cept Wilson, and the republicans, vrc-
senttng a united force will be able to
clean the political platter and put tho
stnje onco more in tho hands of nn
administration which will mean much
to tho stnto In a business way.
"Tho senator was hero attendlngn
session of the suprome court and
while awaiting Ills turn, called at the
office of Govornor Morchoad and paid
his rospects to Private Secretary
Mumford, in the absence of the gov
ernor." For Salo ('heap.
Tho two-story building back of tho
McDbnnld clothing store. Seo Otton-
stoln, or phono 258. 71tf
Undertaker Maloney was called to
Mexwell Tuesdny to prepnro tho body
of the late John Harrigan for burial.
Mr. Harrigan was an old settler of
that vicinity and died at the ago of 72.
Funoral services wero held yesterday
and made accord
dictates oi style,
' m i
b ilu i itn mm m w w
WliTr I Si I MiuaiMMwaiciiaMmfi -mnmrnrnt wittttt.
Flsk Hats at tho Parlor Millinery.
M. S. Robhnuson wont to Oshkosh
yostorday morning to spond a couplo
i 1
oi unys.
Mrs. flnv flrancor Inft Tnnsilnv nf-
tonmon for Coznd nnd Gothenburg to
visit relatives.
F. W. Rlnckor loft Wednesdny
monlng for Keystone to spend scvoral
days on buslnoss.
Mrs. F. J. Doran will lonvo next
wceok for Gretna to visit her sister
for a week or longer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Osborne nro
preparing to lonvo In a fow dnys for
thoir homestead In Colorado.
Mrs. T. C. Chlstlnnson and son Clif
ford will loavo today faf a visit with
rolattVcs In Omaha and Gibbon. '
Walter Harmon of Ogalalla, county
troasuror of Keith county, returned
homo yeatcrdny aftor a short visit in
Edward Shoup, of Maxwell, spent
Wednesday In town with friends nnd
attended tho Travel and Study Club
Mrs. John Ell and baby and sister
Miss Goodhnrt loft yesterday 'morning
for Elkhorn to visit rolntlvos for a
couplo of weeks.
Miss Floronco Stack loft at noon
yesterday for Omaha to visit Miss
Hannah Kollhcr. Enrouto homo sho
will visit in Lincoln and Columbus.
Miss Ellen McCnrthy has changed
her dressmaking apartments from tho
rooms over tho Roxall drug store to
rooms in tho First National bank
Remodeling of your own mnterlals
at tho Parlor Millinery.
Weather forecast for North Platto
and vicinity: Showers tonight and Sat
urday; not much chnngo In tempera
ture. Highest temperaturo yesterday
78, a year ago 75; lowest last night
CI, a year ago 39.
Cin .1
ing mminery Mrgamsi
Saturday, September 25th
Lyons' Velvet Sailors, Ostrich Pompon trim $2.50
Small Silk Velvet Turbans, neV shapes, fancy
feather trim i'- $2.75
"Floppy" Hrim Velvet Hats, new tUcl bpnil trim $2.25
This is a shipment that just reached us, and above
prices arc for ONE DAY ONLY. Writch
our window difp'ay Saturdaj'.
McVicker's Millinery
g wrtrniH ,m fill H'llW'lf'Lfl'UJI'i'K'MOTWMr
Lenrtliesx the
q Your Machinery
It has been proven that 75 per cent of the
depreciation of farm machinery is due to
weather exposure only 25 per. cent is due to
wear and tear.
This means that rust destroys your machin
ery three times faster than use.
You can't save your machines
tj"'" " " ' 18 cucaper man paying lor nvw wu
sr L i ,r 3 cliinery or new parts. Huild it now.
fiV1 - iara 7tt Strum til., iinnncc iv fiminiit linn
Txn m w&t to uh
Buildings Condemned
J. K. Otenstcln rccolvcd official no
tlflcatlo n yesterday that his two framo
buildings in the rear of tho McDonald
clothing storo hnd been condemned
by tho stnto fire commissioner nnd
that thoy must bo removed or torn
down within a reasonable time. Mr.
Ottonstcln will tear down the build
ing occupied by the Chlneso laundry
man, tho other ho offers for salo.
Tho two-story building is ono of tho
oldost in town nnd formerly occupied
a slto on which the Ottcnsteln brick
now stands.
Moro children wear glasses these!
days than ovor before; you seo them
ovorywhoTp. But It isn't a sign (as
many people suppose) that Micro are
moro eye defects among children than
there used to bo, it means that there
is a bettor recognition of th o valuo of
glasses than formerly C. S. CLIN
TON Registered Optometrist.
Announcements wore received In
town this week of tho birth of a ten
and quartor pound baby girl to Mr.
nnd Mrs. Charles Saunders at tho
homo of Mrs. Sounder's parents In
Miss Virginia Wolfo entertained six
toon guests nt a dinner party this nt
tornoon in honor of her eleventh birth
nntilvorsnry at tho W. C. McDcrmott
homo. Tablo decorations wcrG sweet
peas nnd ferns.
Two Ileal Simps.
Four room frame cottage, barn, out
buildings, 2 lots, on south Walnut St.
Prlco $1200.00. Terms $400 ensu
balanco ?S.80 per month In B. & L.
Six room cottnge, outbuildings, nlco
corner lot with shndo trees, Bldowalk
and electric lights, on south Elm St.
Prlco $1800.00. Terms $G0O.uo casu
nnd balnnco $13.20 per month In B. &
I These aro real bargains, much loss
than tho properties nro worth. Let
' us show thdm to you.
T 1
from tvtar, but you can save tlicm
trom run, iiuiiu n sued, lvecp your
machines in it wliun not in uc
A machine shed is very simple to
build. It doesn't cost much in fact,
i. . i . i r -
bcr, shingles, rooting, etc., nn'l '
be glail to help you. with the J.l.
Let's talk it over. This puts j u
under no obligations.
Every Hpmo
Should be Covered
by u good FIro Insurnni'o l'ollcy, bo
cniiso no body- knoivs how or wlien
u lire 1h Koliif,' h oi'lulnnle, no matter
how ciuel'iil lioiiseJiohlers themselves
may be. It Is a niittter of goud busl
iicsh jidlley anyway to hnvo your home
and e heels fully insured against pos
sible loss, and this Is our business. I
slinll bo Kind to talk FIro Insurance
wllli you, nnd can offer you some
wry attractive propositions which It
would pay you to consider.