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Would Outlaw Canoes.
Burning of tho canoes at Camp Tek
akwltha la a good example. Tho uao
of these extremely frail, unstable nnd
thereforo dangerous cliaft should bo
everywhero restricted to expert swim
mers. Any others who go out In them
risk their lives, since tho least In
cautious movement Is likely to cause
an upset oven when tho water Is quiet.
Whllo canoes may still be used by
thoso who are lilted and ready at any
moment to swim ashore, It would bo
better if thoy wore put out of uso al
together. Thero Is always tho dan
ger, as long as they are kept at hand,
that boys who cannot swim may seize
un opportunity to venture out In them.
Thoy serve no purpose that is worth
while. An expert may derive some
pleasure from paddling a canoo about,
but to persons who want to enjoy a
ride upon tho water they offer neither
necurlty nor comfort. Albany Journal.
Tune Aids Mastication.
Mr. JJeechnin has declared music at
meals a nuisance. Such was not tho
opinion of Michael Mail in "Under the
Greenwood Tree." "Truly now," ho
said, "thero Is a friendly tie of some
sort between music and eating. 1 was
once sitting in the little kitchen of the
Threo Choughs at Casterbrldge, hav
ing a bit of dinner, and n brass bund
struck up in tho street. Such a beau
tiful band as that werel I was sitting
eating fried liver and lights 1 well
can mind. Ah, 1 was! and to save my
llfo I couldn't help chewing to tho
tune. Band played slx-elght time; six
eight chews 1 willy-nilly! Uand plays
common; common time went my teeth
among the fried liver and lights as
true as a hulr. Beautiful 'twere. Ah,
I shall never forget that there band!"
London Chronicle.
Women Life-Savers.
Tho National Women's Life-Saylng
league announces that with the open
ing of the coming indoor season they
will Inaugurate a new branch of work
in tho form of a junior branch for girls
under tho age of sixteen. No child
will bo considered too young to learn
the rudiments of swimming, and prac
tically all of tho crack swimmers of
tho league have promised their aid to
Miss K. P. Mehrtens, Its president, in
developing tho younger members.
Now York Evening Post.
The Latest.
"You ought to see my new flat."
"Any special features?"
"Well, I should say. A folding stovo
and a built-in piano.'
Penntylvanla divorce laws are more
lax than thoso of most eastern states,
approaching oven those of some of tho
western states in this respect.
Kissing is dangerous; the result Is I
Bometlmes a wedding. 1
At Less Cost
There's more nutritive value that the
system will absorb in Grape-Nuts than
in either meat or bread.
A remarkable fact.
Weight for weight, a package of Grape-Nuts sup
plies one-third more nourishment than a roast of beef
and at about half the cost. A roast of beef is about
twenty per cent waste and there is a shrinkage in cook
ing. Grape-Nuts comes ready cooked and not a
crumb need be wasted.
Think it over!
Then there's bread white bread lacks certain ele
ments essential to building brain and body. Why?
Because in milling white flour, four-fifths of the precious
mineral content (all important for health and life) is
thrown out with the brancoat of wheat, to make the
flour look white and pretty.
not only supplies all the brain- and bone-building, nerve
and muscle-making phosphates of the wheat, but all the
rich nutriment of malted barley.
Besides, Grape-Nuts is easily digested generally in
about an hour white bread and beef require about 2
Grape-Nuts comes in germ-proof, moisture-proof
packages ready to serve with cream or milk a de
licious ration, economical and highly nourishing.
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
Italian Soldiers Persist In Using the
Rifle and Disregard "Useful
ness" of Bayonet.
Among tho Italian troops fighting in
tho Isonza region nre thoso from Cor
lea, Sardinia and the south of Italy.
Those, when hand-to-hand lighting
comes, throw nway their rllles with
their bayonets, and drew their dag
gers, assailing their man at closo bod
ily quarters. They cannot bo tnught
to uso tho knife or bayonet on tho
rlllo; thoy want a knife In their hand
and their hnnd on their onomy. Tho
bid centuries-long uso of tho knife and
Btlletto ennnot bo overcome And
thlB doubtless Is an inheritance. The
Romans fought all tholr wnrda hand-to-hand
with knives or short swords.
Tho infantry line which was tho main
rollanco in all battles advanced and
throw tho pllum, which wan a short,
heavy spear, that at thirty paces went
ltko a rlllo shot nnd small buttering
ram combined. After this ono dis
charge tho men drew their swords or
knives and advnnccd to a bodily con
test, shield against shield, with cut nnd
thrust to decide. And tho Homans
had a maxim that "tho nation that
shortens its swords, lengthens Its
boundaries." It has been noted In this
year of war that there Is a return In
many ways to old methods. Tho uso
of hand grenades Is one Illustration,
making real tho old term grenadiers
who woro originally foot soldiers who
throw grenades. The French now
give preforenco to tho bayonet as the
deciding factor In an assault, after
the cannonade and rlllo fire. Tho Ger
mans prefer the rltle. Now wo have
these Italians going farther back to
tho hand knife of whatever kind. In
our own army a new bayonet like the
Phlllpplno bolo has been adopted, In
stead of tlfo present sword bayonet.
It makes an all-round knlfo for many
purposes and can he used llkd tho
South American machete for cutting
nnd hewing In domestic requlroroonta
as well as for warfare.
European News.
"Got tho paper, my dear?"
"Well, what's tho Jtusslan news
from Timbuctoo and the German news
from Tokyo?" Louisville Courier
Journal. The Summing Up.
"Which nations do you think are
going to win in tho war?"
"Well, as to that, I think they all
have a lighting chance."
There are over 300 female black
smlthsin England.
Some men are like umbrellas; they
have so many ups and downs.
little insect known as leopard moth
Destroys many trees in new England
This Pest, Which rtes Recently
Has Long Been Known as
Kinds of Trees
(Dy V niUTTON.)
Many of tho aagnlllcont elms that
havo stood as landmarks on tho
streets In Now England cities for over
a century nro dying with little out
ward apparent causo. And not only
nro tho veterans being dostroyed, but
trees of all ages suffer whero appar
ently receiving sufficient food and
moisture. Dead branches mny bo seen
in numbers, standing abovu tho leafy
masses in tho treo tops. Each storm
brings down many branches, nnd" If
tho broken ends nro oxamlned, ono
will notlco that Just underneath tho
bark tho branch has been girdled.
This Is tho work of an Insect that has
only recently reached this country, but
which has already proved Itself a very
serious Insect onemy of shade trees
tho leopard moth.
Slnco tho larvae bores largely In
tho sapwood and cambrlum, tho dam
ngo done by It Is unusually sovoro,
tho work of ono Insect often being
Leopard Moth Just Emerged Adult
Moth Larvae In Burrow.
sufficient to kill a small tree. Remain
ing In tho wood during tho greater
part of Its life, it is rarely seen by tho
casual observer, and for the samo
reason no general and convenient
methods of controlling it aro available,
as in tho caso of lusocts which eat tho
It does not confine itself to cIiub, but
is a very general feeder, being found
to somo extent on nearly all decidu
ous trees and larger shrubs. It also
attacks tho cherry, apple, pear and
plum trees in England, and has been
known to kill young walnut trees.
The adult moths appear during a
period extending from Muy to Sep
tember. Tho male is much tho small
er, and flics with ease, being attracted
by tho electric lights. Tho femalo
files 'very Httlo, preferring if possible,
to lay eggs on tho samo treo whero
she emerged from tho pupa. For this
reason, high trees, isolated, and 100
feet or more away from others in
jured by tho leopard moth, may re
main uulnfcsted for years, whllo con
tinuous rows of trees with branches
touching are soon infested throughout.
Tho eggs aro inserted in croviccs in
tho bark, beneath platos of bark, ono
to several in a place, usually in the
higher branches of tho tree. They
may also be laid on the trunks of
small trees. Tho larvao do not enter
tho branch at tho place whero they
hatch, hut crawl somo distance to tho
smaller twigs. Euch femalo may do
posit from 400 to 800 eggs.
As tho leopard moth Is a pest chlolly
of cities and towns, it Is thought that
certain birdB, especially woodpeckers,
assist in checking it, especially in tho
country districts. Tho habits of tho
moths in flying about electric lights
would lead ono to expect thnt many
of them would bo eaten by bats and
Broken Branch Girdled by Leopard
night flying birds. It in also heliovca
that sparrows sometimes teed upon
tho eggs or young larvao. Ono writer,
however, states that tho leopard moth
Is a serious pest only whero tho Eng
lish sparrow has driven away tho
nativo birds. No other explanation
can bo given of tho Bcarclty of tho
leopard moth in tho country, adjacent
to lnfeatcd towns, except tho presence
of insectivorous birds. While travel
ing from ono branch of tho treo to an
other, a habit of this Insect, It Is ex
posed to tho attacks of birds.
Many girdled branches in full leaf
aro broken off by storms. Nearly all
ot these contain tho caterpillar which
Made Its Appearance in America,
Borer Into Trunks of Various
All Over Europe.
has done tho girdling, and tho branch
soon wilts nnd dies. Though most of
the larvao desert tho branch within
two or threo days after It falls, Insects
In shrunken und dying condition havo
been found in tho branches, showing
that thoy cannot sustain llfo on tho
dead wood. It la also evident that
very few of thoso which leavo tho
branch aro ablo to again llnd nnd
climb a largo treo.
Tho nowly hntched larvao aro great
climbers. A number woro placed at
tho baso of a fresh lilac bush and soon
commence to climb. On renchlng
tho twigs, they wcro at onco takon
on, and again placed at tho baso, whon
thoy would Immediately commonco
climbing again. In this way four of
thoso making tho greatest progress
had in four hours traveled distances
varying from 25 to 80 foot. Other ex
periments showed thnt somo nowly
hatched larvao woro ablo to crawl
from GO to 100 feet on tho ground,
through grnss nnd rubbish, whllo
others would protect thomsolves by
spinning together small particles of
sticks and dirt.
In vlow of tho protected llfo led by
this Insect, treatment Is especially dif
ficult. Tunneling under tho bark dur
ing tho greater part of Its llfo, It is not
affected by arsenical or contact
sprays. Tho protracted period during
which It may appear as a moth hin
ders effectlvo action against tho adult.
Isolated trees, recently Infested, and
small trees with smooth bark, can be
saved by a thorough Inspection two or
three times a year, followed by tho ro
moval of infested branches und tho
destruction of larvao found, olthor by
tho injection of carbon disulphido
(blsulphldo) into their burrows or tho
insertion of a hooked wire to draw
them out. Largo trees badly Infested
should bo cut down at onco. Many
peoplo aro avorso to having trees ro
moved from In front of their property
until thoy aro very far gone, but stern
measures nro necessary In provontlng
the spread of tho dlsoaso.
Tho moths aro attracted by tho
electric lights, and great numbers of
them could bo secured in tho flying
season by having men collect them.
This method of chock Is of immonso
Appearance of Galleries In Large
value, as it is much easier to prevent
cggB being laid than to find tho larvao,
which would othcrwlso hatch.
Save Every Ounce of Hen Ma
nure and Put Where It Will
Do Most Good.
Hen manure Is ono of tho most val
uable fertilizing materials on tho
farm. This statement is mado by
Charles II. Chesloy, in writing to a
farm journal. In many cases, how
ever, It is handled the most careless
ly. Every ounce Bhould bo saved and
j put where It will do tho most good.
1 1 uso considerable dried muck as an
I nbsorbent to scntter on tho droppings
boardB in tho hen housos for the pur
; poso of retaining tho liquids; also
' every bit of litter Is cleaned out In
tho spring and used in tho compost
j Hen manure is a valuablo aid to tho
j gardener, but it is rather too strong
. to uso directly in contact with seeds
i or young plants. For cabhago, cauli
flower and othor deep-rooted vegeta
bles It is a good plan to spread n lib
oral quantity on tho sod and plow It
in. This may bo done any tlmo dur
ing the fall and winter. Whntover of
tho elomonts may leach out during the
winter sink directly Into tho soil to
ho found and appropriated by the
plants next summor. r
If a strawberry patch Is to bo set
or a new garden spot taken up, this
method Is advisable as tending to In
troduco olements Into tho soil that will
remain for several yeara. On tho
dairy farm, whero' there Is a consid
erable amount of hen mnnuro to be
used, it Is drawn directly from tho
houses nnd spread upon tho sod.elthor
on land to bo plowed tho next year or
frequently scattnred simply as a top
dressing. Perhaps thlB is ono of tho
most economical ways of using tho
j product.
I It requires but little work to collect
tho manuro ovory day or every other
day, as tho caso may bo, put It Into
, a cart and haul It out for spreading
when full. Every ounce ot fertiliz
ing material goes into the soil with
out waste.
His Trouble.
A stenographer was out of n Job. Ho
was discussing tho host ways nnd
means of rehabilitating his ebbing
bank roll with a frlond who also was
listed among tho unemployed. Said
tho friend:
"If I woro you I'd wrlto a letter for
"I havo already dono bo," replied
tho stcnog.
"For how much?"
"Oh, threo thousand d6llars."
"Well?" repeated tho shorthand
man sndly, "tho lettor asking for tho
threo thousnud dollars is nil ready to
mall, but I'll bo darned If I can think
ot anybody to mall It to."
Efficient One.
"Can you tell mo tho quickest wny
to got up In tho world?"
"Suro I can. Pat a mulo on tho
hind leg."
Birch veneer Is being sought In
Canada by London manufacturers ot
ton chests.
Lots of girls put on airs, oven tho
air of lunocenco.
Don't Poison Baby.
FORTY YEARS AGO almost ovory mother thought her child munt har
PAREGORIC or laudanum to mnko it Bloon. These drugs will produco
Bleep, and a FEW DROPS TOO MANY will produco tho SLEEP
FROM "WHICII THERE IS NO WAKING. Many aro tho children who
havo boon killed or whoso health has been ruined for llfo by paregoric, lauda
num and morphlno, each of which ia a narcotto product of opium. Drugpdsta
nro prohibited from Belling cither of tho narcotics named to cliildrcn. at all, or
to anybody without labelling thorn poison." Tho definition of "narcotio"
ia : "A medicine tihich relieves pain and produces sleep, but which tn poison
ous doses produces stujyor, coma, convulsions and death." Tho taato and
smell of medtcinea containing opium aro disguised, nnd sold under tho namoa
of " Drops," " Cordials," " Soothing Syrupa," oto. You should not permit any
modlcino to bo given to your children without you or your physician know
or what it 18 composoa. uaaiumv uuno nut
CONTAIN NARCOTICS, if it boara tho signaturo
of Chas. 11. Fletcher.
Gonulno Castorla always hoars tho
Conferences Are to Be Held to Dis
cuss the Best Means of Fighting
Tuberculosis Plague.
How to munition and carry on tho
war against tuberculosis during tho
coming year will bo discussed at sec
tional conferences on this subject be
ing called by tho National Associa
tion for tho Study and Prevention of
Tuberculosis, In Indianapolis, Ind.; El
Paso, Tex.; Columbia, S. C; Spring
flcltl, Mass., and Albany, N. Y.
Tho IndlanapollB meeting, to bo held
Septembor 29th, 30th and Octobor 1st.
will be known as tho Mississippi Val
ley Tuberculosis Couforonco aud will
take in tho states of Ohio, Indiana,
IlllnolB, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ken
tucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri,
Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska,
South Dakota, North Dakota, Mon
tana, Wyoming nnd Colorado.
At El Paso tho Southwestern health
conference will meet September 27th
to October 1st and will discuss not
only tuborculosls, but other health
subjects. This conference Includes
Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Ari
zona, California, Nevada, Utah and
Covering Cream Cans.
A groat part of tho valuo ot keeping
croam cool on tho farm and at tho
station or Creamery is lost If tho
cream is oxposed to tho direct rnys of
tho sun whllo being hauled from the
farm to tho point of sale. Far too
few people stop to rcallzo tho Impor
tance of covering tholr cream cans
when bringing them In to town. Ex
ponslvo Jacketed cans aro not a nec
essity to keep tho cream cool. In
summor weather just an ordinary
pleco of wet burlap thrown over tho
cans will keep tho tomporaturo of tho
croam as much as 20 degroos below
what it would rise to if left uncovered
whllo bolng transported over tho av
erago hauling distance,
In tho United States last year 10,
175 now books woro published, nnd
then- woro 1,833 new editions of old
10c Worth of
is the time to
Not Free.
"The ocean should bo free to every
body." "Il'm," replied tho man who always
differs; "evidently you never went
bathing from a seashore summer
Everything comes moro quickly to
thoso who refuso to wait.
Too many pnoplo aro. llko clder
they become sour with age.
Home treatment for Gum Diseases. Painless Dentistry; work guaranteed 10
years; Filling, Crowns, Bridge. work and Plates that stay where 1 put them.
Send for Booklet on Unusual Dentistry It's free. Railroad fare (or 50 miles
allowed. Crowns from $2.50 up. 921-22 Woodman of Woild Bide., Offlihl. Nib.
Ingenious Method by Which Lawrence
Hutton Cured Waitress of 'ler
Tho lato Lawronco Hutton used to
say thnt having to tnko a Httlo trou
bio would impress a fact on anyono'a
memory so that ho would never bo
ablo to forgot IL In Illustration ho
would tell this story:
"Our waitress, Maggie, could never
remember to put tho snlt on tho table,
and tlmo after tlmo Mrs. ' utton would
remind her to do Jt. Ono morning It
was absent, as usual, nnd I said, 'Mag
gie whero Ib tho stepladdor?'
"'It's In the pantry, sir.'
" 'Plenso bring it In, Maggie,' I said,
"Maggie brought It in with a look
of wonder on her fnco.
'"Put It right bcsldo tho tablo,' I
commanded; and when Bhe had dono
so I added, 'Now, 1 want you to climb
up to tho top of It, look all over tho
table and boo If thore Is any salt
"Magglo never forgot tho salt
again." Youth's Companion.
yrjCyt- m
signature of Wty JC6Ccu4,
Lights Outl
Sergeant Now, thon, how many
timos do you chaps want tolling to
put that light out?
Volco from Tont It ain't a light,
sergeant; It's tho moon.
Sergeant I don't caro a tlnkor'a
clank, blnah what It la; put It outl"
London Opinion.
Always proud to show white clothes.
Red Cross Hall Blue does make them
white. All grocers. Adv.
Tho moro .monoy a man haB the
moro ho disllkcB to waste any of It
paying taxes.
When all others fail to ploass
Try Denlson's Coffee.
It's no ubo in trying to convince a
mulo that ho is stubborn.
Ho who 1b nblo to hold Ills tongue
can sidetrack a lot of trouble.
and Sliced Dried Beef
Both contain less heat producing
properties than heavy meats.
Try them for summer luncheons
and picnic tidbits.
Libby, M9Neill & Libby
Intitt on Libby's t
your grocer's
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 38-1915.
Ul Lll til L.H11U
r Ml M KVt Kl
Get rid of the stumps and grow K&jVlTs
big crops on cleared land. Now W&SjWl
clean ud vour farm
while products bring high prices. Blasting ia
quickest, cheapest and easiest with Low Freez
ing Du Pont Explosives. They work in cold
Write for Free Handbook of Explotives No. 69F.
and namu ot nearest dealey
Nebraska Directory
If aftk 8 A and nuppllci. Lartreit
IWJPLJAsX house ill the west. All
ElUICIIlUn Kastinau Roods. Wepajrre-
1 IB I O II I n U turn pontage ou llnfaUlnif.
THE ROBERT DEMPSTER CO., 1013 Farnam Street
Eaitman Kodak Ce. Omaha, Neb.
Good Serum Will niL.fl..
Save Your Hfgs 1 .1111 OF
0ie U. 8. Oar, Licensed He mm. Pborm. wire. wrIU
or call od OMAHA BlCltUM COAllANY,!iath
O Kti., tj.Oumlia.Nsb., rhouo Booth S8SB