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No. 69
Itov. Dener left this morning for
Koystono to spend a fow days.
Charles Temple nnd V. C. IMelstlcker
went to Lexington this mornlnir to at
tend the fnlr.
The Et-a-VIrp club will bo enter
tained by Mrs. John Dick Tuesday af
ternoon. W. V. Kurr came down from Donvor
todnyto transact business at the exper
iment station.
Mrs. John Stackhouse left today for
Huntley, N'eb., to npoud a coupfo of
weeks with her paroutsi
Miss Olive I'lorce, of Omaha, Is vis
iting Dr. nnd Mrs. Charles Adams
while enroute homo from Urule.
The literary department of the Twen
tieth Century club will moot with Mrs.
Charles McLanc Tuesday afternoon.
Dr. 12. C. Stevenson, of Gothenburg,
returned homo this morning; aStor as
sisting this week at the City hospital.
Mrs, Glen Lorlmer will leave today
for Denver and other cities of Colorailo
to visit relatives for a couple of weeks.
Mrs. Tel Kppley, of Grand Island,
camo yesterday afternoon and will bo
tho guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jes
sup for a week or longer.
For Itent Second house west of the
postolllce. Inquire at 12a west Fifth
J. J. Gettman wont to Hastings yon- CITY AXI) COUNTY' X1JWS '
torday morning to visit relatives and UiUl "'5
transact business. "
. T1.,0..V,1.bJt?ln8S,rot Istr.,,.t So:.. VI1 ' J- O'Connor returned Wednesday
cust Vf&ja;82?&.nA 80Utu Lo"ieynlnB from ,i i,us,,,e88 visit in Kenr
Tho ivanhoe club of tho Yeoman lodgo M. Kfro,in Mottln has accoptcd a
will glvo a social dance n tho I. oyd position as saloslady at the Fashion
opera house Tuesdny evening to which shop.
nil Yeomen are Invited. . . I Miss Lillian Sick left the srst of this
A live cent danco will bo given In the wook for LoMoyno to visit the I'ushmnn
Lloyd opora house this evening by family
Mossrs. Splcor nnd .Christ. Stamp's or-, . ,,. ,, , n..-i .
chestra will furnish tho music. Lfei1' kPL0.8i,,teJ,,vi0Mn".c.'1t,
, , ... , , , , . ' nor notne for several days with an nt-
Tho Tllllkum girls will hold a bus!- tuci 0( tonsllltls V
M f the UV0,,1"B W,U b po,,Sf:onn-bu.tro2Stir """""
T , , ... . . J I A permit to wed was granted Wedima-
Tho Junior Auxiliary of tho Eplsco- ,iay ovenlng to Arthur Law and Miss
pal church wllf meet this afternoon m K,lnu Tullls. of Wallace.
tho church bnsomout. Mrs. McNamarn ,. , , ... .
will toll nf imr trhvnls in Tnimii All Jlr- lint Mrs. George bchnrmmin. who
m M , & uMfe lie Ul , o011S:i,ev3e,!!,,!,gl. lMt
For Itont Furnished rooms for ,. ... . .,.,' ...,, . . ,.
TI,VrakHtrSet& 4" Tstf & Omaha tSSSnrt ciuplS
'weather 'forecast for North l'lntte wlw with her sister,
nnd vicinity: Fair tonight and Satur- Wm. Hasklns, of Stnpleton, camd-yos-
day, not much change In tempornture. torday to visit his cousin, Uutlor Mll-
Hlghest temperature yesterday si, a tonborger, and transact business,
year ago 7b, lowest Inst night G3, a yoar p. n. McUvoy has boon off duty as
ago . I foreman of the IT. P. ctudopartinent for
rmgineor (JiuiioupKn iniorms xno oevorai uaya on account oi imiichs,
Lance thnt there Is n prospect of tho
north river bridgo Doing randy tor
, trnlllc In about two weolcs, Judging
from the progress being made on the
Mrs. E. A. Shupbach, of Ohlowa, who ' surfacing. Sutherland Free Lance.
had boon vlsltinir hor slstor. Mrs. John
Stackhouse at tho state farm, left this
Dresses for street, afternoon or ev
ening wear, of the bettor kind, In tho
now combinations, etc., now shown in
greater varities than ever, at popular
prices at BLOCK'S.
John Livingston reports n ylold of
thirty bushels per acre from ono pleco
of fall wheat and thirty-five from an
other. The quality is said to bo ex
cellent. Ho will have something like
0,700 bushels of wheat this year. Suth
erland Free Lance.
Out of slxty-threo head of hogs, Geo.
Williams reports that sixty-one have
died of a disease which he thinks Is
cholera, at his- place just west of town.
Mr. Wlllfams has certainly suffered
some serious losses since locating here,
having suffered two loses by fire.
George says there Is ono bright spot
out there now, and thnt Is his apple
orchard, loaded with fine fruit. Brady
Juan Arrlga, a Mexican omployod
Mrs. Charles Hupfer and dnughtor
Mary loft yesterday mornng for Cali
fornia to visit relatives and nttond tho
Panama exposition for soveral weeks.
Mrs. L. P. Hansen, of Council muffs.
Is expected here tomorrow to visit hor
Skirts! Skirts!
Any style, any color, any price; de
sirable sizes, 22 to 3S, prices $1.9S to
$14.75. BLOCK'S.
on tho section, who has boon living at mother, Mrs Emmra 1'ulver, for a fow
Jlirciwoou, was Killed insi evening uuyn.
while trying to board a train. Ho was Wm. Itobb, of Urady, was In town
about twonty-yenrs of age. An of- yestordny enroute home from Suth-
fort Is being made to locate his xela- orlnnd whore ho solil a quarter section
tlves by papers found In his clothing, of land.
Miss Helon Wnltemath submitted to r -.xr,.,,,, nf ,,..l.., ,,,
an operation yesterday afternoon, and M-, b. , L . A 1 e. of Ilershcj. who
A . .. I. 1 .... 4 ... I 1. 1. n.1ltln
UIUUKU luni Bl J.UUUIHUII iw ,ni. l.rn mill Mim l.'ro.l tllrlnlf nt II, o
"""?. ?sir the state far 1. returned ho o vestar:
Is aggravated by tho fact that tho up-. ,ln arternoon.
penllx had bursted twelve hours prior Word wns received by local friends
to tho operation and tho system had the ilrst of tho week that Anton l'ush-
absorbed part of tho poison.
lleliekuli Soclnl
Tho Hebeknh Degree will hold a so
cial at the hall this evening to which
all members of tho degree and Odd
Fellows and their wives nro Invited.
Tho following program will bo ren
dered: Piano selection. Prof. Klein;
Vocal solo, Miss Caryl Derrybcrry; pi
ano selection, Miss Florence McKay:
vocal solo, Mrs. AValtcr Hoaglaud;
reading,, entitled "Pen rod Srotllold,"
Miss Irina Huffman; vocal solo, Mrs.
Edw. Burke; piano solo, Miss Marie
Hoagland; vocal solo. Miss Esther An
tonides; piano solo, Miss Floronco McKay.
i After tno program rotresnmcnts win
' bo served,
One Price
Alteration Free
o Charge .
You will be surprised 'to find so many JJexculsive
styles at cut price. $7.50 up.
$6.00 All Wool Serge Skirts, blue," black and
mixture at $2.95. k l
$5, $7.50 Handsome Trimmed Fall Hats, special
offer at $2.95.
$5 Silk Petticoat all shades, Jersey Taps at $2.95.
man, formorly of this city, was seri
ously 111 with nppoudlcltls at his homo
near LeMoyne.
A marrago license was granted
-Wednesday morning to Thomas Mar
tinson and Miss Ruth Short both of
Calora, Nob. They were married by
County Judgo French.
Mrs. Emily Coates has routed the
rooms In the First Nntlonnl Bunk build"
lug, formerly used by Dr. Brock, and
will open a hair dressing parlor there
tho first of next week.
Mrs. Wood White, who visited last
weoK in urnmi isiauu. returned a rew
days ogo and loft yesterday morning
for California to visit her son Major
who has been thoro for a couplo of
Thcro will bo nronchinir services In
the Presbyterlnn church noxt Sunday
both morning nnd evontng. Itev. Jack,
or Hutneriami. win occupy tno puipit
An urgent Invitation Is extended to all
to attend tneso services
Commerclnl dinner at tho Christian
church, Monday from 11:30 to 1:30;
Boast beef with YorUshlro pudding,
mashed potatoes with brown gravy,
green bonus, combination snlad, warm
sponge :a lie and sliced peaches, tea,
conee auu mine,
Jnmes Monngan and wlfo. of Ogdcn,
visited in town this week ,dnd left
Wednesday evening for Denver. He
rormeni was a resilient or tins city
when n boy and Is tho son of Charles
lonngnn. wno wns employed in tno 10
cal shops nnd lender of a local orches
Sovoral North Platters attended the
stock sale at tho Ltston ranch south of
Dickons Wednesdny. hTo crowd wns
not as lnrire as at tho salo Inst vonr.
,liut nearly all present were bidders.
Cattle sold well, cows selling as high
(is seventy dollars and yearling steers
ana neirers rrom twenty to twenty-
live dollars. The Llston stock Is well
Annette Kcllcrmnn. the ncrfect worn
an, will bo shown at tho Keith thoatro
Tuesday, sentomber 21st. in tho seven
part photo play masterpiece "Neptune's
uaugnier." anis production wns made
In Bermuda by Herbort Bremar with a
cast of U00 people. This picture lias
been shown weeks nt a timo In tho
larger cities and has drawn vast crowds
wnerevor shown. Tho ndmisslon for
this attraction will bo 10 and 20 cents.
Mrs. Homer Frlsch, of Mt. Pulaski,
in., huh i mu kucsi oi nonor at two en
joyable parties given this week by
her aunt, Mrs. Alport Muldoon. On
Tuesday ulternoon Iirty indies were
entertained with progressive enrd
games and enjoyed a number of violin
and piano selections by Mr. and Mrs.
Frlsch, who are llntshcd musicians.
The houso decorations were yellow and
white nnd irarden llowors were used In
abundance. The color schomo was car
ried out )n tho delicious rofroshmonts
which wore sorved. Tho following af
ternoon fifty ladles spont sovor
al hours in konslngtou work nnd social
conversation nnd were nvorod with, a
muslcol program by the guest of honor.
Dnlnty refreshments uiere sorved In
courses. Tlie colors of yollow nnd white
predominated In each course. Assist
ing in Servian: were Misses llolon Wnl
tomitth nnd Hjlda Kooster.
Mr and Mi's, Ualph .Smith uxtonded
their hospitality to oite hundred and
fifty friends last evening at tho formal
opoulug of their now homo "The 131ms."
Tho new residence Is located on west
Second street nnd dorlvcs Its name
from the twenty-five olm trees which
surround It and which have been cared
for for several years by mombers of
tho family. It has ton largo rooms, Is
beautifully finished with evory modern
couvonloncc, und furnished in excellent
taste. Tho guesis wero received from
eight o'clock until ten. In the receiv
ing lino wero Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
Judge French and Mr. and Mrs, Frlod
rlckson, of Kansas City. Assisting the
hostess were Mesdameu 11. M. Grimes,
Charles McNamnra, Arthur MoNamara,
Wm. Hawley Harry Mitchell. G. T.
Field, F. W. Ulneker and W. T. Berry
For ibis one week we will give you the benefit of an extra
ordinary discount on all our Dress Silks.
All Crepe-de-Chenes in the 40-inch, Regular $1.50 values, at
98 Cents.
A new assortment of Taffetas, colors and fancy stripes, also the plain in black
Tafetteta, 36-inch material, special values this week for
78 Cents .
The new Plain Silk Waistings, for this one week only
-98 Cents
v ;i All the fancies in the $1.00 quality Dress Silks at
Silk Poplins, all the new shades, 40-inch material, at
78 Cents '-
All our Silk Messalines, 27-inch material, our best values, for this week only
68 Cents
Coates will
For -851001101111, No. Six Radiant
KThk l.'nillit I'infnn mill mn
beauty parlors over the First National j ?"""
Bank, Sept. 20th. Hair dressing, Hofl ',
wafer shahipo, scalp treatinont, facial
masBage, and manicuring. All work
guaranteed to bo satisfactory. Resi
dence phono Black 140; offlco GG.
Homo base burnt r. J. B. Kays, phonottb tho Novlta club on Wednesday at
Mrs. Elmt'r Burko will bo hostess
tcrnoon Of noxt week.
Tln Lender C'loNed Tomorrow
On account of tomorrow being the
Jewish Atonemotn Day, Tho leader de
partment store will lie closed from
morning until sundown. Mr. PIzor will
attend Jewish services In Denver.
Get Ready for
the Corn Crop
Tin- lloo.slliiir Spirit In llniiiiun(.
1 J. O. Becler stopped us on tho streets
Wednesday, and said "a dozen men
have each offered to gvo tho services
of n team of 'horses for n week free to
help grade a raco track at the city
park." That's the spirit; keep It alive.
Stump lliiyN Ilultory j
A chimire in biislnoRM nlrnlnfi nnrnr-
red yesterday when Charley Stamp, '
ono of tho city's pioneers nnd most
widely known citizens took possession
of tho Doollttle bakery and will conduct
it In the future. Mr. Stamp will mako
a number of Improvements and changes
and will probably add now linos of
Mrs. Doollttle will roturn to the ranch
soutnwest or town.
Every Home
Should be Covered
by a good Fire Insurance l'ollcy, be
cause no body knows bow or when
a lire Is jrolnp lo originate, no matter
bow careful householders themsehes
may be. It Is a matter of good busi
ness policy anyway to havo your home
and effects fully Insured against pos
sible loss, and this is our business. I
shall bo glad lo talk Fire Insurance
with you, and can offer you some
ycry nttractive propositions which It
would pay you to consider.
'1'vilily I. out mill I'oiiinl.
Omaha Is'ews: Teddy Welnnand. fi-
yoar-old son of, Clnudo Welngand, 1
prominent buslnes mnn of North l'latte, 1
Xob., late -yostorday afternoon took !
possession of the police station and
was monarch of all he surveyed. Ho was
found at Sixteenth and Douglns by an!
oillcor and taken to tho jail while an
effort was made to locate his parents.
.Master Teddy told Patrol Conductor 1
.Tim Mnniliv flint lin lirwl linnn l,.ft In
tho Kmpress thontro While his parents
wero shopping.
"Thpy told me to wait for thoni, but
I didn't soo any use of staying after
the show was over," he calmly said.
After munching ernckojnek" for a
while, Teddy Informed Dosk Captain
Andy I'ntullo thnt ho was not enjoy
ing himself. I'ntullo produced a stick
of chow Ing gum.
Thnn tin. vnnnifKli.f Hiilfil his nnreuts
as they entorod. 1
now no you into ino ponce i iihki'u ,ij
his father. E
good to good hoys like ine, but they
don't like bud boys." 1 1
of Grand Island. Tiie living room .was
(lecoraieu in yonow aim wnue arm vne xno eiiuor wan oui over iiuuu u iiuiu
dlning room In pink and white. Gar-, her of tho lieot llelds of tho valloy last
den flowers were used In abundancf Saturday nfternoon with Field Manager
and the color scheme carried out In the Hryan. Tho boot ylold will bo much,
refreshments. Music wns enjoyed dur- heavier than wan anticipated on ac-;
ing the evening. The gowim worn bv count of the unfavorable weather nnd
tho ladles prosent were especially so much re-plantlng. Many of tho i
worthy of mention. Out of town l-iihhIh field In the valloy will go IS lo 20.
were Mrs. V. T, Horry of Grnnd Is- tons per aero ngaln tills yvnr, and
IH Kit tlf-i I I - - -II
land and Mr. and Mrs. Frlodrlckson, of
Kansas City.
A complete showing of gurmentB for
tho stouKudlcB In extra sizes. Styllf-h
Coats, Suits and DrcRses, sIzob up to
51. Prices sumo as regular sizes, nt
Mrs. George Slinl'for ..will entertain
tho Eldeen club Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph Spios wont to
Lexington yesterday afternoon to
spend a fow days.
Ralph Wolborn, who was Injured
Suiisnq oipojq v, u 63i! ouiu
contost was released from tho hospi
tal ut Durango, Colo., yostorday. Mr.
Wolborn Is a fonnor rosldont of this
Itoars For Sale
Pure bred Duroc-Jorsoy spring boars
your choice at $25.00 each.
spine of tho fields that wero damaged
by hall will run 8 to 14 tons. The hall-!
- boots are doing surprmingiy wen.
Hershey Tlnios.
Tho Ileal Snaps
Four room frame cottago, barn, out
buildings. 2 lots, on south Walnut St.
Price $1800.00. Terms $000 cash
balance $8.80 jor month In I). & L.
Six room cottago, outbuildings, nice
corner lot with shade trees, sidowalk
and electric lights, on south Eta St.
Price $1800.00 Terms $G0000 cash
nnd balance $i:i.20 per month in D. &
Those aro real bargains, much loss
than tho nronerios aro worth. Let
ub show thorn to you.
For Sale.
Thorotrhbred Poland China Boars;
took llrst prize al tho lato county fair.
Four nnd ono-half months old. Price
$25.00. C. G. LANHOLM,
This means more 'than getting your equip
ment in first class condition for field use. How,
about your buildings? '
Arc the corn cribs and granaries in shape tefc take care
of the crop? Make additions and repairs
now, so that the work of harvest time
will not be interrupted.
And it's a-gpottftmc to plan your
other fall constructi6nWork whether you
plan any new buildings or just a few odd
jobs of repair, .
You can count on us for good
lumber, shingles, roofing, etc., for all
this work.
After developing pictures wash hands in hot water, some
preparations arc poisonous nnd injurious to the eyes Never
drop Hypo in Developer, and use ruby red light exclusively,
No Matter Mow BeautiM
the things you may sec,
lhey"ll soon be forgotten.
Our Cameras Avill enable
you lo remember and tell
the Story at any time. We
not only sell you the
Cameras and Supplies but
take great pleasure in teach
ing you how to use them,
free of charge.
Do not hesitate to ask for
q5. any information whether you
consider buying or not.
North Platte, Nebraska,