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    Semi-Weekly Tribune
IHA L. HAKE, Editor nnd Publisher.
Ono-Year by Mall la Adranco. . . .$1.25
One Year by Carrier In Adranco. .$1.50
Entered at North Platte, Nebraska,
PoatoUlco aa Second Class Mattor.
Pit! DAY, JULY iW, 1I5.
Churlou Tomlskl roturned Wednes
day from Cheyenne after visiting there
for a week.
Mrs. Lillian Olcnson, of tho post
offlco l taking a two weeks vacation
from her dutlos.
Mrs. James Dnnzo has gone to Ilor
shey to visit several weeks with her
aunt, Mrs. llostwlek.
Tho quarantine for small-pox was
lifted from tho McGraw homo the lat
ter part of last week.
Mrs. Lllllo Prettyman wont to Suth
erland Wednesday morning to visit
friends for a few days.
Misses Amy and Kayo Eldor, who
spent two wooks In Omaha, roturned
homo Wednesday ovonlng.
Mrg. M. H. Cemer, of Lq eVgns, who
Tlvcil Wednesday to visit Mr. and
Mrs. Levi Duke and family.
Mrs. E. K. Lniigston returned to
Kearney tho first of tho wook nftor
visiting at tho Cramer homo.
Peaehos 10c a basket, while they
last, at Horrod's.
Mrs. C. 13. Sousor and daughter,
who wro visiting In Loxlngton, re
turned homo Tuesday ovonlug.
Joo PIzor came homo Wednesday
evonlng from Grand Island nftor
spending two wooks with his uncle.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Swopo and Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Green made a fish
ing trip to Maywood tho first of this
Mrs. Largo and son Wayne, of Suth
erland, returned homo Tuesday after
noon after a short visit with friends
In town.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Healey arc
enjoying a visit from Mrs. Heatherton
of New York, who arrived Wednesday
Miss Ulanche Thornhurg will lenve
Sunday for California whoro she will
visit with Miss Hazol Henderson for
a month.
Miss Ilazol Llcrk returned tho first
of this week from tho .eastern part of
tho stuto whoro she visited relntlves
for a week.
Edgar Tollo roturned a fow days
ago from a visit In the custom part
of the state. .
Misses Madgo Fly tin and Hazel Don
aldson, who wore guests ut a house
pnrty in Ognlalla for a wcok, have ro
turned homo.
Mrs. Fred Potorsou, of Council
Ijlufl's, who was the guest ,of Miss
Mario Prltchard, left for . home Tues
day evening.
Earl Carlton returned Tuesday
from Grand Islnnd, wncro no was
called by the death of his grand
fnthor last week. y
Elborta peaches 10c a basket at
Wilcox Dopartmont Store.
Mr. and MrB. Floyd Steele returned
home Tuesday evening from Grand
Island, whore thoy visited for llvo
weeks with rolatlves.
Misses Grace and Vorno Droternltz
loft Wednesday morning for Sidney
to visit their aunt, Mrs. Will Breter-
nltz for a couple of weeks.
Misu Sadio MeFaddon, of Sidney,
will visit tho Misses Floronco and
Mario Stack this week while onrouto
homo from tho ICeanley Normul.
Miss Mabel McVleker, of Lexington
camo up Tuesday afternoon to spend
a fow days on business relatlvo to her
mllllnory pnrlors in Tho Leader.
Mr. und Mrs. William Anderson left
Wednesday afternoon for Excelsior
Springs, Mo to spend sovoral weeks
for tho boiiofit of the latter a health.
MIssob Mary Ellen Wagner and Ellz
aboth Robinson, of Rawlins, who were
guwrts of their aun.t,,, Mrs. J. W.
FlUpatrlcl: for two wooks, returned
homo Wednosday morning. f
TArrangemonta aro bolng made to
liavo a siiectal train run to Bridgeport
Sunday morning for tho convenience
of thoao ho wish tovnttond tho ball
game. It will return that 'evening.
oxpocled this week to visit Dean Bow
kor, whllo eurouto west on a botanical
trip, Mr. liutes bolng an expert hot
nnjit, Rov. Hates was rector of tho
ldll EpUcopal church twenty-live
yws ago.
Mrs. Ella Lynch and daughtor Wln-
nlu,.Mm, I. Barrett and Mrs. Uesalo
Moirhtt, of lloono, Iowa, who woro
gueHta of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cuiii
lningB, left Tuesday evening for Den
ver to upend a week or longer.
Mr, aid Mrs. Hans Gulbrnnsou nnd
family, of t'hlcngo, who visited Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Kuser for six wooks,
loft Tuosday evening, Enroute 'homo
they will visit In Iowa. MrB. Gul
branson is a sister of Mr. Kuser.
Ray Brown, tho four year old sou
of Mr. and Mra. Albert Drown, waa
knocked down nnd Injured by an au
tomobllo a fow days ago. Ono leg
was brokon, his faco scratched and
ho rocolved a nunibor of bruises.
Rov. J. M. Ddtos, of Red Cloud, Is
Wo take this method of extondlng
our gratlttido to the neighbors and
frlouda who so kindly assisted us at
the death of our beloved relative, tho
lato Mrs. Agnes Kraul. Signed: Mrs,
Anna Soyforth, MIbb Knthcrlno Sey
forth, Omaha, Frank Kraul, San Fran
cisco, Mrs. Mctz, Dodgo, MrB. Hrabat,
Detroit Vapor Solf.geiicrallng (Jnso
lino Stove, practically now.
C2-G J. 0. Holluinn.
Boosters Win in (ho Tenth
There was a battle royal down at tho
ball lot Tuesday afternoon between
Mr. Bailey, the spit ball artist of the
Grant team, nnd Mr. Luby who did the
twirling for the Doostors, and the
game entered the tenth frame before
the Grant players succumbed to a
score of four to three.
North Platte fans looked upon the
Grant players as corn cultivators,
and anticipating that they would provo
"onsy," tho attendnnco was small,
very small, In fact. Hut let It be re
corded that while the Grant boys
come from a wayside village sur
rounded by corn fields, nnd may be
good cultivators of corn, they like
wise know ball, and had It not been
for several costly errors, they would
havo returned home with the Roost
ers' bacon wrapped In tlssuo paper
and securely tied In a gunny sack.
Tl II 11 . . , , . I tl
Rallcy, tho Grant p teller, Isn . a
particularly handsome individual, but
what he i lacks in WPearanco makes
up In he break" o Ids sp It . l a 1,
and It "broke' so well Tuesday bat
e gh oon Roosters sawed the alr
llttlo' "oil," If you pleaso, and whllo
1.. - A 1. . . 4 I 1 ... . 1. - .....
IS IZ n i,i it ,n
touched up for nine hits. He could,
we guoss-and only seven ! wore ,
made. Grant made three errors and,of enablIn tho votei:s of the cty iav.
I ub'was3' somewhat wild lust the legal right so to do, to vote up-
i..ur was soniewnnt wiiu, jusi a nn fii,..iw nmnn.nimi
nowovor, go imu uib ihja lumunow uiiii - . -..ip.j thp'nrnnortv and
shut out Grant, and . not work so hard'"? JL1' ... 7 !0K,a, n
as ho did Tuesday. The Roosters were)
U1UU11VU Willi tU C-1IU1B.
fho Roosters made two runs in
tho early frames, which were tied by nf .S, nZ fnrn,
.....i. 1 i i.,n, sections 01 streets and spaces oppo
Grant in the seventh, and In the eighth , .. ..nevg ln ,,.,vlni: districts in said
thing must be did," and he did It by
raising one for three bags, and n'
overthrow to third allowed him to
plank his numbor tlilrteens
on tuo'
home sack, tying the score. Luby
tightened up In the tenth and had the
visitors at his mercy, and when the
Doostors camo In Bright made n two
bagger, was advanced to third by
Gettman's sacrlflco and came In on a
safety by Holllday and It was all off.
It was some ball gnnie: none bet
ter this season, in fact, and the "corn
cultivators" shouldn't worry because
they lost.
Hayes County Crops Destroyed.
John E. Koontz. returned the early
part of the wook from a visit with rel
atives in Haves county, nnd while
there witnessed the devastation
wrought by a hailstorm last week. The
torritory covered by tho storm was
four miles wide and thirty miles long
and the destruction to crops was prac
tically complete. Small grain was
i,ust ready for cutting when the storm
came, and promised an unusual yield.
Even the prairie grass was chopped
to pieces, and it Is related that at one
farm house tho hall stones were so
large ns to break through tho roof and
that tho children In the family were
placed under tho beds to keep them
from being Injured by the hail. Hayes
county Is directly south of this county.
Planning Fair Campaign
A campaign having for Its object the
boosting of the county fair, id being
planned by President Plelstlcker and
Secrotary Sabastlan of the fair as
sociation nnd Messrs. Snyder and Gil
man of the experimental station. The
plan Is to hold school house meetings
In a number of precincts, give talks
on the fair, distribute literature and
premium lists, and work in conjunc
tion with the precinct committeemen
In getting ovorybody Interested In
making exhibits at the fair.
Tho case of the state against
Beatty and Warren Soules, charged
with cattle stenling with C. I. Hill as
tho complaining witness, was called
In the county court Tuesday and a
continuance for one week taken by
tho defendants. Each furnished bonds
In tho sum of 300.
OF N Ultlt ASK A.
with Its principal place of business at
Ogalalla, Neb., writes insurance
ugainsl Fire, Lightning, Windstorm,
Cyclone and Tornado on farm prop
erty, including live stock, 011 farms
In Keith, Lincoln, Perkins, Deuel and
(.'anion counties in Nebraska. This
Is strictly a fn rotors' insurance and Is
written u( cost.
lliuo our agents explain our meth
ods, or write our secretary for In -
lorniatlon. The following are ngenls
of (his company in Lincoln county: .
Lewis Mnccy, North Platte, Neb.,
Win. F .Elfeldt, Sutherland, Neb.
,1. It. Roshick, Hershey, N'eb.
C. A. EIKER, President,
(J. E. ,JPN(?E, Secretary,
Rig Springs, Nob.
P. .1. DIENFP. & CO.
Heal Eslate and Insurance
Coma and see us for town lots In
dlfforont parts of the city. . Good In
vestments on ensy tortns. Houses for
salo and rent. Wo have also good bar
gains in farms and ranches.
Cor. Front nnd Dewey Sts.. upstairs.
Office phono i41. Res. phone 217
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
McDonald Bank Building.
Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention Given to Gynecology
Obstetrics and Children's Diseases
Oillco McDonald Stato Bank Building.
Corner Sixth nnd Dowoy Stroots.
Phones, OUlco 183, Residence 283
Hospital Phono Black C33.
Houso Phono Black G33.
W. T. riUTCHAlU),
Graduate Veterinarian
Bight years a Government Veterlnar
Ian. Hospital 218 south Locust St.,
ono-hnlf block southwest of the
Court Ilousfi
ProTlding for (he submission to (be
roters of the City of North Pintle,
Nebraska, of a proposition author
izing (he Mayor and Council of bald
('II j, (o borrow money and pledge
(he properly and credit of snld City
upon Its negotiable bonds to an
amount not exceeding Sixteen
Thousand Dollars to bo used for llie I
nnvmcnt of the cost of imviiiir flu
Intersections of streets nnd spaces
opposite alleys In paring districts
in said City, und (0 levy a tax, iiiinu
nil)., on (he (nxuble property of the
City, in addition to all other taxes,
sufficient to pay the interest 011 said
bonds und (0 create 11 sinking fund
for (lie payment of said bonds when
(hey become due; calling a special
election for (he purpose; and ap
pointing clerks und judges for said
special election
Ro It ordained by the Mayor and
' JJU lb 11 UillllL-U IIJ HIV UIIU
, f, of t, clt o North 1MaltC(
k. 0j)ra8ja
I' gECTI0N j A geclai olectlon ,s
, , d t bo'ned ,n t, n
f v , u Nobrngkai on thc 14tU
j , f Srtemheri A- D. 1915 at tho
Shall tho Mayor and Council of the
'C1')' o orth platte- Nebraska, have
. ,1D n,l(,,nr70,i , i,rrnu-
and be authorized to borrow
- not
CIV1., TV..,oo.w1 nllnru In J,.i
Vu"""". 3 iT. -X-
V' " V'"
- '"'y"
a , k f u .'L.rl0", ,
1 anlil linnila ivhnn tlipv hncnmn flnp nnd
... . .... ...;..,,.,,
imvuuii; in iiivii iiiutuiiit
SECTION 2. Tho bonds proposed by
the preceding section shall draw in
terest at the rate of not to exceed 5
per cent per annum from their date un
til paid, which Interest shall be pay
able semi-annually and bo evidenced
by coupons to said bonds attached.
Said bonds shall be drawn payable to
the bearer twenty years after date but
redeemable at the option of the city
ten years after the date thorof. Said
bonds shall be Issued at such time and
bear such date as tho Mayor and Coun
cil may by resolution direct, and said
bonds and Interest coupons thereon
shall bo payable at the oillco of the
state treasurer In the City of Lincoln,
SECTION 3. It shall be the duty of
the Mayor and the City Clerk acting
for nnd on behalf of the City to sign
and attest said bonds nnd . adlx tho
seal of the said city thereto, and the
coupons attached to said bonds shall
bo signed by the City Clerk without
SECTION 4. Before negotiating said
bonds tho Mayor and Council shall ad
vertise for bids for the sale thereof In
such manner as they may deem best
Such notice shall reserve the right to
reject any and all bids, and tho bonds
Bliall bo sold to the highest responsi
ble bidder for cash but in no case be
low their par value; and in case the
proceedings above provided ln this
section shall not result in a satisfac
tory sale of said bonds on the date,
in said notice provided, then and in
that case the Mayor and Council may
proceed to negotiate and sell said
bonds at public or private sale, ln such
mannqr ns they may consider for the
best Interest of the city.
SECTION 5. Tho proceeds of tho
sale of said bonds shall bo paid ,toho
treasurer of said city, and shall be by
him placed .o tho credit of the "Pav
ing Bond Fund" and said bonds shall
bo described as "Paving Bonds of
tho City of North Platte, Nebraska."
SECTION C. The poll3 at such spe
cial election shall be kept open be
tween tho hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and
7 o'clock p. m., of said day, and tho
voting places for said election shall
be as follows, to-wlt:
First ward at the Lloyd Opera
Second ward ln tho Commissioners'
room at the Court House of Lincoln
County, Nebraska.
Third ward at tho old fire hose
houso situated on Vine street between
Sixth street and Front street.
Fourth ward at tho old hose house
situated on north Locust street.
SECTION 7. Tho ballots voted at
said special olectlon shall bo ln ac
cordance with the form prescribed
In the Australian Ballot Law, and shall
have printed thereon tho proposition
ns embodied In sections one and two
of this ordinance, wikh the words
"yes" and "no" properly arranged ad
jacent therc.o for the expression of
the will of the voter, nnd should
majority of the votes cast at such
election upon said proposition be ln
favor of said proposition, then tho
snnio shall be considered adopted,
and tho Mayor and Council shall havo
power and be authorized to issue said
bonds and levy tuch taxes for the pur
poso und upon tho torms und condi
tions above specified.
SECTION 8. Thoro shnll be three
Judges aud two clerks appointed by tho
Mayor and couucll for each polling
place who shall perform the duties
at such elec'tbin usunlly devolving
upon judges and clerks at election
for city ofllccrs. Tho roturns of Bald
election shall bo mado to tho Mayor
and Couucll of said City of North
Platte, aud by them canvassed and
the result determined ami declared at
their first meeting nfter said election
Such Judges nnd clorks for this spo
clal oloctlcn ns provided for above
aro hereby designated and nppplntod
as follows, viz:
In tho first ward, for clerks, A
Schntz aud J. E. Sebastian.
In tho fir:', ward for Judges, P. H
Sullivan, Win. Mnlonoy nnd J. T
In tho socond" ward fdr clerks, Er
uost Hlnckor and wm. Baldock.
In tho second war.d for Judges, J. V,
vosoipKn, ueo. uonehowor and A. Bui
In tho third ward, for clerks, A. B
Hoagland and Fred Dick.
In tho third ward for Judgos, A. O
Kockon, John Boyer and S. Hartman
In tho fourth ward, for clorks, Hou
ry Wostonfeldt and A. W. Ilughes.
In tho fourth ward for Judges, Thco
Lowo, Sr., Richard Owens nnd John
vilonnii ticroltmftur amif'lfiPM In Mm tfov
. Ull iwiiwii nth iinijiwomwiii m-
SECTION 9. Notice of said election
and of the proposition submitted shall
be given by publication In the North
Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune and North
Platte Telegraph for five consecutive
weeks preceding said election.
SECTION 10. This ordinance shall
take effect and bo In force from and af
ter Its passage, approval and publlcn-
Passed and approved this 27th day
of July, A. D. 1015.
E. II.
City Clerk.
An ordinance providing for (he sub
mitting to (he electors of (he City
of North rinUo, Couny of Lincoln,
Stale of Nebraska, (lie following
"Shall the City of Norih Platlc. in (lie
County of Lincoln, Stale of Nebras
ka, issue Its 'City of North Finite
Bonds' hi (lie sum of (vtehc llious
uud 00.101) ($12,000.00) dollars, for
(he purpose of raising money (0 pur
chase from William IV. Dirge. In:-
(ee. and bold in the mime of the City
of North Platte, in the County of Lin
coln, in the Stale of Nebraska, the
following laud, lot and parcel of
ground lying adjacent lo said City
of North Plntto, to-wit: All that
purl of (he southeast quurtcr (SKH)
of section twenty-eight (2S) In
township fourteen (11) north, of
range thirty (!10) west of (he (!tli V.
M., lying south or me North riatie
rier, and east of thc main road run
ning north along said tract, which
road Is an extension of Locust street
In said Clt), to be used und Improved
for parks and parkways, and to pro-
lido for (he levying mid collecting
by the proper officers of said city,
a tax annually, to pay the Interest
and principal oi said bonds as they
Be it ordained by the' Mayor and
City Council of tho City of North
Platte, in the County of Lincoln, ln the
State of Nebraska:
SECTION 1. That a special elee
tlon shall be held in said City of North
Platte, In the County of Lincoln, in the
State of Nebraska, on the 14th day of
September, 1915, at which election the
following proportion shall be sub
niltted to the-voters of said City:
Shall the Mayor and Council of
the City of North Platte, In the Coun
ty of Lincoln, In the state of Nebras
ka, Issue Twelve Thousand 00.100
($12,000.00) dollars 'City of North
Platte Park Bonds' In denominations
of Two Thousand Ou.100 (&2.000.00)
Dollars each, bearing Interest at the
rate of five per cent per annum, pay
able annually, tho Interest and prin
clpal payable at the olllce of tho State
Treasurer of the State of Nebraska?
Said bonds to bear date of Octo
ber 1, 1915, and the Interest on said
bonds, to bo payable on the 1st day
of October, 191G, and on the first
day of October of each and overy
year thereafter, until all of the Interest
ou said bonds shall have been paid.
Said bonds to be numbered consecu
tivcly from one to six inclusive, and
tho interest thereon to bo evidenced
by coupons thereto attached.
Bond number one to become duo and
payable on the 1st day of October,
Bond number two to become due and
payablo on tho 1st day of October
Bond number three to become duo
and payable on the 1st day of Octo
ber. 1922.
Bond number four to become due
and payable on the 1st day of Octo
ber, 1923.
Bond numbor five to become duo and
payablo on tho 1st day of October
Bond number six to become duo nnd
payable on tho 1st day of October
Shall the Mayor and City Council of
the City of North Platte, In the Coun
ty of Lincoln, In the State of Nebraska
levy a tax in the year 1915. and In each
md every year thereafter sufficient
to pay the Interest on said bonds; and
in the year 1919 and In each and every
year thereaftor sufficient to pay the
principal on said bonds as they become
due, until sufficient tax has been levied
to pay nil of tho principal of said
bonds; and such tnx both for prlncl
pal and Interest to bo levied upon all
of the taxable property In said City
of North Platte?
Said bonds to bo used for the pur
pose of raising money to purchase
from William W. Blrge, Trustee, and
hold In tho name of the City of North
Platte, in thc"C unty of Lincoln, in the
State of Ncbrr.: 'ca, tho following land
lot and parcel of ground, lying adja
cent to said City of North Platte, to
wit: All tvr: part of tho southeast
quarter (SEVP of section twenty
eight (28) In township fourteen (14)
north, of rango thirty (30) west of the
Gth P. M. lying south of thc North
Platte river, and east of the main road
running north along said tract, which
road Is an extension of Locust street
in said City, tc be used and improved
for parks and narkways.
SECTION 2. Tho ballots to bo used
at said election shall havo printed
For issuing of Twelvo thousand
00.100 ($12,000.00) Dollars "City
North latte Turk Bonds," In denom
Inatlons of Two thousand 00.100
($2,000.00) Dollnrs each, bearing inter
est nt the rate of live per cent per an
num. payable annuallyjlnterest, and
principal payablo at the oillco of tho
State Treasurer of the Stato of Ne
braska. said bonds to bear date of
October 1 ht. 1915, and tho Interest
on said bonds shall be payable on the
1st day of October, 1910, and on the
first day of Ootober of each and ev
ery year thereafter until all of tho in
terest on snld bonds shall havo been
paid; to levy a tax In the year 1915,
and each and every year thereafter
sutllclent to pay the Interest on said
bonds, and ln tho year 1919 and In each
and overy year thereafter sufficient
to pay tho principal of said bonds as
they become due, until sulficlent tax
has boen'levled to pay all of tho prin
cipal oa anld bonds; such tax both for
Interest and principal to bo levied up
on ull of tho taxable property In said
City of North Platto.
Against Issuing of Twolvo thousand
00.100 ($12,000.00) Dollars "City of
North lntte Park Bonds," In denom
inations of Two thousand 00.100
($2,000.00) Dollars each, bearing Inter
ost at tho rato of five por cent por an
num, payablo annually.tfutorest and
principal payablo at tho oillco of tho
State Treasurer of the Stato of Ne
braska, said bonds to bear date of
Octobor 1st, 1915, and tho Intorest
on said bonds shall be payable on the
1st day of October, 1910, and on the
1st day of October of each and ev
ery year thereafter until nil of the In
terest on snld bonds shnll havo been
paid; to levy a tax In thc year 1915,
and each and every year thereaftor
ufllclent to pay tho Interest on said
bonds, nnd In tho year 1919 and In each
and every year thereafter sufficient
to pay tho principal of said bonds ns
they becomo duo, until sufficient tax
has been levied to pay all of the prln-
Ipal on said bonds; such tax both for
interest nnd principal to bo levied up
on nil of tho taxable property ln said
City of North Platto.
SECTION 3. Those voting In favor
of said proposition shall mark their
ballots with an X after the paragraph
beginning with the word "FOR"; and
those voting against said proposition
shnll mark their ballot with an X af
ter the paragraph beginning with the
word "AGAINST .
SECTION 4. Notice of said election
shall bo given by tho publication, of a
notico In tho North Platto Telegraph,
and In tho North Plntte Semi-Weekly
Tribune, the former n weekly newspa
per, and the latter a rfeml-wcekly
newspaper, both published ln the City
of North Platto, Lincoln County, Ne
braska, anij of general circulation In
aid County 01 Lincoln, as said papers
have been designated as official papers
of said City; said notice shall bepub-
llshed for at least five weeks prior to
said election, and the City Clerk Is
hereby instructed to cause the publica
tion of such notice to bo made.
SECTION 5. Said election will bo
open at 9 o'clock In tho morning and
will contlnuo to be open until 7
o'clock ln the afternoon of said day of
election. The polling places of said
election will bo at the entrance of the
old Lloyd Opera House on the corner
of Pino nnd nnd Sixth streets, In thc
first ward of said City; and at the
County Commissioners' room In tho
County Court House In the second
ward of said City; and at the old hose
houso, situate on Vine street between
Front and Sixth streets in the third
ward of said City; and at tho hose
house In the fourth ward of said City;
said election will be conducted in
mannqr and form as. provided by tho
ordinances of said City, and the Stat
utes of the State of Nebraska.
SECTION 0. This ordinance shall
take effect and be in force from and
nfter its passage and approval and
publication as required by law.
Passed and approved this 27th day
of July. 1915.
Attest: Mayor.
(SEAL) City Clerk.
Successor td",:,:'
Drs. Redfield & Redfleld
Office Phone G42 Res. Phono G7G
Geo. B. Dent,
Physician and Surgeon
Special" Attention given to Surgery
and Obstetrics.
Office: Building and Loan Building
Office 130
I Residence 115
Physician nnd Surgeon
Office B. & L. Buildlh'g, Second Floor
Phone, Office, 83; Residence 3S.
Licensed Embalmers
Undertakers nnd Funeral Directors
Day Phono 234.
Night Phono Black 588.
Fainter, Paperhanger and
Phono Black 570.
Welcome a
Good Cigar
And a good cigar means one mado
at tho Schmalzrled factory. Our rep
utation as a maker o fgood cigars in
North Platto extends back thirty years.
If wo did not make good cigars we
would havo been forced to closo tho
factory years ago. If you havo not
been smoking Schmalzricd's Cigars It
Is not too lato to begin.
J. F. Schmolzried.
s anil ua
Bought and highest markat
prices paid
Residence Red 03G Office 459
ot a-Hospital But a Homo
Nurse Brown Memorial Hospital
1008 West 4th St., North Platte, Neb.
.Mrs. .Margaret llnll, Superintendent.
Miss Veta Pickurd, Graduate Nurse.
Dr. -T. S. Twlnein,
Physician and Surgeon
Rest for llumanily's Cure Orlllclal
Surgery with Homeopathic Medi
cine for Acute and Chronic Disease.
Order of Hearing on Petition for Ap
pointment of Administrator.
Stnto of Nebraska, Lincoln County, ss.
In tho County Court.
In tho Matter of tho Estate of William
Hlghberger, Deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of
Jesso Hlghberger praying that Admin
istration of said estate may be granted
to himself as Administrator.
Ordered, that August 13, A. D. 1915,
at 9 o'clock A. M. Is assigned for hear
ing said petlton, when all persons In
terested In said matter may appear at
a County Court to bo hold In and for
said County, nnd show cause why tho
prayer of potltonqr sjhould not bo
granteu; anu tnat notico of tho pen
dency of said petlton and tho hearing
thereof ho given to all persons Inter
ested In said matter by publishing a
copy of this order In tho North Platto'
Tribune, a legal semi-weekly newspa
per printed In said County, for three
successive weeks, prior to said day of
Dated July 1G, 1915.
20-3w County Judge.
Order of Hearing 011 Final Settlement
Stato of Nebraska, Lincoln County ss.
In the County Court.
In tho Matter of the Estate of Olaf
Johnson, Deceased.
To tho Creditors, Legatees and Oth
ers Interested in tho Estate of Olaf
Johnson :
Take notice that Krlstlna Johnson
has filed In thc County Court, a report
of her doings as Executrix of said
estate, and It Is ordered that the same
stand for hearing the 14th day of Aug
ust, A. D. 1915, before the Court at
the hour of 10 o'clock A. M at which
tlmo any person interested may ap
pear and except to and contest tho
Notice of this proceeding and tho
hearing thereof Is ordered given to all
persons Interested in said matter by
publishing a copy of this order in tho
North Platto Tribune, a legal, semi
weekly newspaper printed ln said
County, for three consecutive weeks
prior to said date of hearing.
Dated July 17, 1915.
J20-3w County Judge.
Order of Hearing on Petition for Set
tlement of Account.
State of Nebraska, Lincoln County, ss.
In the County Court. x
In the Matter of the Estate of Beatrice
Gllfoyl, Deceased.
On reading and filing petition of
Henry Gllfoyl, Executor, praying a
final settlement and allowance of his
account, filed on the 13th day of July,
1915, and for his discharge as exec
utor, aad for a decree of distribution
under the will and for construction of
the terms thereof.
Ordered, that August 13th, A. D.
1915, at 2 o'clock P. M., Is assigned for
hearing said petition, when all per
sons Interested in said matter may ap
pear at a County Court to be held in
and for said County, and show cause
why the prayer -,of the petitioner
should not be granted; and that notice
of the pendency of said petition, and
tho hearing thereof, be given to all
persons Interested In said matter by
publishing a copy of this order in tho
North Platte Tribune, a semi-weekly
newspitper printed in said County, for
three successive weeks, prior to said
day of hearing.
J20-3w County Judge.
In thc County Court of Lincoln
County, Nebraska
In the Matter of the Estate of Wil
liam Siebold, DeceaseiL.
Notice Is hereby gnren thtf: the
creditors of the said deceased will
meet tho administratrix of said estate
before me, county Judge, of Lincoln
county, Nebraska, at the county court
room In said county on the 27th day
of August, 1915. and on the 27th day
of February, 191G, at 9 o'clock a. m
each day for the purpose of present-
ring their claims for examination, ad
justment and allowance, and on the
same dato the petition of Julia M.
Siebold praying an allowance bo
mnde for support of the family, and
that specific property be aslgned to
her her as widow will bo heard. Six
months are allowed for creditors to
present their claims and one year for
the administratrix to settle said es
tate from the 27th day of August,
1915... This notico will be published
ln the North Platto Tribune a legal
semi-weekly newspaper for four
weeks successively prior to the 27th
day of August, 1915.
Witness my hand aad seal of said
court this 22d day of July, 1915.
GEO. E. FRENCH, County Judge.
retitiou for Appointment of Adnilnls
trator The State of Nebraska, Lincoln
County, S.S
In the County Court
In the Matter of the Estate of Cora
11. Osgood, Deceased.
On reading and filing tho petition
of Charles R. Osgood praying that
administration of said estate may bo
granted to him ns administrator.
Ordered, That August 19th, 1915. at
9 a. m. Is nsslgned for hearing said
petition, when all persons interested
In said mattor may appear at a county
court to) bo hold in and for said
county nnd show cause why tho
prayer of potuioner snouiu not do
granted; and -that notico of the pen
dency of said petition and the hearing
thereof be given to all persons Inter
ested ln said matter by publishing a
copy of this ordor In the .North Platto
Tribune, a semi-weekly newspaper
printed in said county, for three suc
cessive weeka prior to said 'day of
hearing. ,. '
Dated July 22, 1915.
J27-3 County Judga.