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Making Iron Sulphate and Filling Sprayer Tank.
When it costs less than ten cents a
tree to spray an apple orchard, tho
wonder is that moro arc not sprayed;
particularly tho wonder grows when It
Is a proved fact that tho crop is in-
:reased from GO to 300 per cent by
Intelligent spraying.
The cost of spraying is not easy to
iscertain, or to make a general aver
age, because of the varying conditions
Twig From an Elberta Peach Tree
Sprayed With a Sulphur Spray
in the orchard sprayed. An orchard-
ist, who is supplied with all the mod
era machinery, and who has a large
number of trees, can naturally spray
his trees at a smaller cost pei tree
than the man who is handicapped by
-lack of equipment in a smaller or
Tho effectiveness of spraying is the
great thing. If it is well done, the
resuItB will be certain, but if poorly
done, they will bo uncertain. It will
not do to spray half the buds, or
three-quarters, or even nine-tenths,
and leavo any portion unsprayed, if
perfect success is to be attained.
The codling moth, which probably
does moro harm to apple orchards
than any other insect, is hard to reach,
and the greatest care must be taken
to apply the spray at exactly tho right
time to put him out of business.
This insect varies somewhat in its
work, and it may bo that for two or
three seasons in succession damages
from it will not be large, but this
period of relief may be succeeded by
one in which the damage caused by
ibis -Insect is tremendous.
Tho whole secret of successful
.spraying is to get the poison in the
TIaco where tho worms will naturally
go to eat it. If that is done, the career
of the worm Is ended, but if tho
poison is applied to other parts of the
tree, and the favorite hiding places of
tho worm are n6t sprayed, it will go
on eating its way into tho heart of
Iho apple, and the work of spraying
will be lost.
If wo examine a young apple when
it is first forming it will be seen that
there is a little hollow called tho
his first meal; but If' tho poison ha
not reached the Inside of tho little
cup, tho worm will go on destroying
tho apple.
If the sprayer waits until tho little
lobes close over the calyx cup, natur
ally the poison cannot get insldo, and
this Id tho point of the whole matter,
It is necessary to spray before the
cup closes.
It has been demonstrated over and
over again that whero perfect spray
ing was done from 92 to 95 per cent
of all the first brood of tho codling-
moth were killed. Also, this kind of
spraying deBtroyB some of the remain
ing ones afterward, thus practically
preventing a second brood.
In order to get the poison into the
little calyx cup It is necessary to in
ject it with considerable force, be-
causo the stamen bars are thick and
tolerably stout, and form a solid rool
over tho cup.
If the spray is put on as a mist, it
lodges on the outside, and if thrown
up into the air to come down in fall
ing drops, it will strike this little
roof and roll off. Here's where the
spray nozzle comes in. This instru
mont sends a driving spray of line'
drops live or six feet before it breaks
up into a mist, and the nozzle must
be held within a foot or two of the
blossom in order that the spray can
penetrate to tho very bottom of th
To do this thoroughly, it is neces
sary to point the nozzle straight into
every blossom on the tree, and to do
White House Gardeners Heave Sighs of Relief
SIIINGTON. Somo of the gardeners connocted with tho propagating
gardens, near tho old bureau of engraving and printing building, have
been heaving sighs of relief over the semiofficial news at the White House
which has had to do with tho prcsl
dent's plans for tho summor, tho un
dorstandlng bolng that President Wll
Bon Is likely to remain at tho White
House for most of the heated term,
although the woman members of hit
family aro expected to go to tho sum
mer Whlto Houbo at Cornish, N. 11
From tho propagating gardent
aro supplied tho flowers for th
Whlto House tables, corridors and
decorations of that character foi
friends of tho family. This is in be
tween seasons with gardeners, when they plan to get ready for noxt year
This is particularly truo of roses. Not knowing whether tho president and
tho mombers of his family have intended to remain nt tho White House fo:
a part of tho summer, and unaware of whothor a large quantity of cut llowon
would bo needed for tho Whlto House throughout tho summer, the gardener!
had not dared to take up their established plants.
Tho White Houbo dopends very largoly upon tho propagating gardens fot
cut flowers, and when there was once a discussion of taking away from th
Monument grounds tho propagating greenhouses, near the bureau of on
graving and printing, President Roosovolt put a stop to tho plan for tho time
being by demanding to know:
"Where nm I going to got my roses?"
Washingtonians who wero frequent dinner guests at tho White Houbo in
former administrations have always been grateful to Mrs. Roosevelt foi
doing away with tho superfluity of flowors at formal dinners and othoi
functions there. It was tho custom, ono woman was recalling tho other day,
to bank all tho mantels, mural tables, and even the window niches and othci
spaces that could be filled in, with masses of cut flowers and tropical plants
Mrs. Roosevelt inaugurated a more simple stylo of table decoration and ol
having vases set here and there with graceful clusters in thorn.
Postage Stamps Shown in the National Museum,
NB of the finest museum collections of postage stamps in tho world Is
owned by the United States government. Tho public is now, for the first
time, given tho prlvilego of viewing thoso stamps in tabulated and orderly
form. Their arrangement in brand
new mahogany cases of most mod-
orn construction has been completed
by Joseph 13. Leavy, the government
philatelist, and they now form a per
manent exhibit of the division of his
tory of tho national museum.
This $200,000 collection is In
stalled In tho southwest corner of tho
old building of the museum in tho
finest equipment of Its kind in tho
The foreign countries aro ar
ranged In alphabetical order, and whero there aro colonies or possession!
tncy are displayed in alphabetical ordor directly after the mother country 1b
geographical sequence.
This collection is by no means complete; oven from tho United State!
issues a few of. the stamps aro missing. But even so, tho history of the
growth of the United States post ofllco Is practically reviewed as one oxamlnoi
tho collection. Tho oldest specimens aro those of the city issues of 1845 th
lirst postmasters provisionals In this country. Thoso wero issued fivo yeuri
after the birth of stamps In Great Britain. Tho dates bring tho fact startling
ly to mind that postage stamps have only been In use a little more than flftj
years. The first government Issues camo out In 1847.
Ono of the gems of tho collection Is tho display of 30-ccnt stamps ol
18G9 with Inverted medallions. Tho 30-cent stamp is tho rarest square o!
paper in tho entire collection and is worth $1,500.
ItwmwmpB VJH1Z I
Twig From Elberta Peach Tree Un-
sorayed Attacked by Peach-Leaf
Curl In a Short Time Both Leaves
and Blossoms Fall.
calyx cup. This is covered over by
the circle of stamens, and this, in
turn, will bo covered over soon after
tho llttlo apple forms by tho live Uttlo
green lobes, which gradually close and
form the perfect roof over the cup
The codling-moth lays its eggs on
;ho leaves sun jundlng tho clusters of
llttlo apples. The worms do not hatch
Dut until several weeks after tho llttlo
applo forms, but as soon as they aro
out they hustlo for a hiding place, and
they find this In the blossom ond of
tho apple.
They crawl down between tho llttlo
lobos through tho stamens, to tho
vary bottom of tho calyx cup; and
thero, socuro from molestation, they
proceed to eat their way Into tho
tondar seeds.
Now It follows that if tho sprayer
has dono n good Job and Injected tho
poison down to tho bottom of tho cup,
Mr. C Moth will meet his death with
Grape Root Worm: a, Adult or Beetle;
b, Eggs on Cane About Natural Size;
c, Eggs Enlarged; d, Full Grown
Larvae; e, Pupa; f, g, Roots of Grape
Showing Injury of Larvae; h, Grape
Leaf Showing Characteristic Chain
like Feeding Marks Made by Bee
this the sprayer must stand on a
platform high enough to reach into
tho blossoms, and he must then get
down low enough so that ho can
reach those blossoms which point
Most of these blossoms that point
downward may be reached from tho
under sido by turning tho nozzle under
them and directing the spray upward.
The top of the spraying tower should
bo Just high enouph so that a man's
head will como just about to tho level
of the tops of tho trees. This tower
may bo placed on a wagon and drawn
from tree to tree.
A barrel pump, operated by a man
with a good muscle, will do the busi
ness thoroughly, and the twoor three
hours necessary to spray a good-sized
orchard, even when repeated threo
times during the growing season, is
time that will bring Ub reward from
four to tenfold.
In somo cases very good results
have been obtained by a single appli
cation, but perfect results cannot be
had unless the first Bpraylng 1b fol
lowed up, not only during tho first
season, but for every season.
In spraying peach treeB to provent
rot and leaf-curl, the spray should bo
applied just before tho leaf buds open.
Tho foliage of peach trees is delicate
and easily Injured and, therefore, if
bordoaux is applied, it should bo re
duced to one-half strength.
If bordeaux is used when tho fruit
is about ripe, tho peaches will be
discolored. Many orchurdlsts uso tho
colorless solution of coppor carbonate
at this time, but it doea not have as
good effect as tho bordeaux.
In spraying for codling-moth, or
other insects, whero arsenate of lead
is used, caro must bo taken that tho
mixturo be not too strong and that It
bo not applied on very hot, dry days,
a3 it undoubtedly injureo tho trees
under these conditions. In some In
stances spray applied at such seasons
Injures the foliage and causes it to
! UATIIO ii iu
Our Telephone Policy
To give the best telephone service that American
brains can produce; to charge the lowest rates consis
tent with prompt and dependable service; to treat
everyone courteously, and to merit a reputation for
integrity, efficiency and decency.
To instill these principles in the minds of every
one of our employees, and to have our employees
proud of the Company, proud to serve it and its
patrons and jealous of their own and the Company'
good name.
And a llttlo man aches just as hard
as a big one does.
Drink Dcnlson's Coffee.
Alwnys puro and delicious.
Strictly Up to Date.
"How old is your baby brother, llt
tlo girl?"
"He'B a this ycar'B modol."
Swift Heredity.
"I have tho blood of many fighting
men running in my veins."
"Yes, nnd I bet it runs all the faster
whon It smells powder."
Unfair Advantage.
"Don't you ever lot mo catch you
kissing my daughter again, sir!" thun
dered the Irato father.
"You' won't Blr," answorod tho quak
ing youth. "You wouldn't hnvo caught
mo this tlmo if you hadn't been wear
ing rubber heels."
A woman's conscience ia almost M
elastic as her tongue.
Red Cross Ball Blue, made In America,
therefore the beat, dehghta the houttewife.
All good grocer. Adv.
Same Thing.
"He's a duck of a boy."
"Yes, no's game." Baltimore American.
The Resemblance.
"Oculists aro like poets in ono way.1
"What's that?"
"They Hvo on their eyo-doals."
Small Boy You havo tobo
don't you, Mls3 Oldglrl?
Ancient Family Friend What are
you talking about, Willie? Both
Small Boy Why, ma says you're no
chicken and pa says you'ro an old
5s Dp. Carroll Fox Is Uncle Sam's Expert on Fleas
DK. CARROLL FOX of tho United States public health service knows prac
tlcally all there is to know about fleas. Ho has a full undnrntnnillni' m
fleas' habits and characteristics and is almost ablo to catch tho flea point of
view. A flea Is not always tho romp
Ing, carefrco Individual he appears t
be. Many fleas are temporamontallj
wicked a great deal moro wicked
than an elephant for oxamplo, ever,
though considerably smaller than ar
elephant in stature. A flea will move
into a community that has nevei
given It tho slightest motive for ro
vengo and begin to plot against it
spreading disease by means of gcrmt
that It carries about on Its person
germs even smaller than itself. Thai
Is one of tho wicked caprices of many an Innocent appearing flea. It Is bo
cause of these sinister traits that Doctor Fox of tho health service has fount.'
it advisable to make fleas a llfo work. A person who knows Just what line
of germs n given flea carries in stock Is naturally ablo to tell Just how fai
one should go in shuhning the society of that particular flea. Tho whole
proposition is simply a matter of dally routine with Fox. Ho has llttlo II
any moro regard for tho average flea, personally, than you or I have. Ho If
a serious-minded scientist.
Now, being a serious minded scientist, Fox Is not given to cracking Joke?
-particularly not about fleas. Yet, a while ago when Fox mado tho acquaint
anco of an entirely new genus of fleas, he gave the genus a name that Is nol
untlnged with a certain suggestion of humor. The flea wns discovered In the
dark Interior of Africa. Fox has named it the Rooseveltiella!
Somebody asked him how he happened to pick the name of Rooseveltiella
for the now brand of flea.
"Well," Fox replied, In substance, "Theodore Roosovolt did a lot of valu
able work In the same locality whero the flea was discovered and it seemed
rather fitting that it should Ik- named after him."
Moving Picture Machines Bought for the Army
rllB war department, through the olllco of Quartermaster General Aleshlro
has let a contract for fiU moving picture machines for tho use of the army
This means tho war department has set out on a new plan whereby Uncle
Sam will endeavor to furnish amuse
ment and instruction for his soldiers.
A moving picture machine will be Bent
to the chaplain of each post and each
locality where troops are stationed. .
Not only will each garrison hnvo
tho use of a machine, but machines
will bo provided for troops In tho
field, in tho Jurgc field camps, and at
places like Texas City and Galveston,
where largo bodies aro assembled for
possible use In Mexico.
Army officers are convinced the
moving plcturo mnchlno will be well worth the-money In thnt it will provide
amusement, ontertalnmnnt, and also instruction for soldiers. It will tend to
make tho soldiers better satisfied and to reduce desertions. Also It will tend
to keop soldlerB In camp nt night.
Thero Ib a constantly increasing demand on the part of medical officers ol
tho army for films which may bo used In moving plcturo machines as an aid
In lectures at army posts and camps in emphasizing tho necessity of the
enforcement of sanitary measures and of personal habits which shall bo
conducive to individual health. Sometime ngo an effort was mado at Fort
Totten to develop a film which would Illustrate tho protective value oi
typhoid Immunization, but tho results wero not entirely successful, and thoso
who had arranged lor the pictorial development of a demonstration wore not
mtlsfied with the results of their labors
More Words Followed
"I'm n woman of my word," Bald
Mrs. Prebscomb, with an air of finality.
"Indeed you are, my dear," said Mr.
"When I go out I don't como homo
ahd tell an Improbable yarn about
whero I've bcon."
"No, you don't, my dear," replied
Mr. Prebscomb mildly, "but that may
be duo to tho fact that I havo novor
had sufficient courage to ask you
whero you havo been."
A Vegetable Raiser.
Bacon It Is cstimatod that 93 per
cent of tho ocean floor is entirely de
void of vogotation.
Egbert Well, I never heard that
Noptuno had any ropuatatlou as a,
Subtleties of Expression.
"Music expresses moro than Ian
guago can convoy," remarked tho en
thusiast. '.'That's right," responded tho ordi
nary person. "I can whlstlo a lot of
tunes whoso names' I couldn't pos
sibly learn to pronounce"
A Regular Excuse.
"Does your husband carry much life
"I don't know tho exact amount, but
It's Just enough oo that whonovor I
want a now gown or hat ha always
manages to havo a premium to moot."
Detroit Free Press.
Incidental Advertising.
"I suppobo you think that It you
abandon your old party you will
deal It the finishing blow?"
"Not necessarily," answored Sena
tor Sorghum. "My leaving It may help
it a llttlo by calling attention to the
fact that It still exists."
The Empty Bowl
Tells the Story
The highest compliment you can pay a housewife
is to eat heartily of the food that she places before you,
It proves the merit of her cooking.
Thousands every morning receive complete satis
faction, and enjoy to the last flake their bowl of
Post Toasties
These daily compliments encouraged tho con
tinued bettering of these Superior Corn Flakes. Tha
result was an improved Post Toasties crisper and
better than ever.
Only the inner sweet meats of choicest "Indian
Corn are used in making Post Toasties- These meaty
bits of nourishment are cooked, rolled wafer thin,
seasoned "just right" and toasted to an appetizing
golden-brown. ' ,t
.The flakes come to you in dust-proof, germ-proof
wax wrappers ready to servo direct from the package
crisp, fresn and delicious as when they leavo the big
Post Toasties
tho Superior Corn Flakes
Sold by Grocers everywhere.