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    A i Injustice
Movie Ins.oad of Movy.
It la n significant development of
English spelling In tlio circles of the
uneducated Hint the word used to rep
resent In short form moving picture
lins tnken the form movie. Tlio plural
moving pictures was reduced to the
childish form movies In deference per-
hnps to tho growing lntolllgcnce of the
patrons of those works of art. And
then when occasion nroso to we tuc
Thro 1 a region in Mississippi that Rlnculnr It was not spoiled n the spell
is oiruptcd almost exclusively by col- jng ioole rules would make It. movy.
orod people In tho interior of this j)Ut movie. And wo road of the movie
rcjrUn the only way to dispense J- show. Tho ending "le" has nlway
tlco litis at times been lor mo negroes ceii popular in pet names, as in ad
thouiBulvoH to organize a court and try ,jCt Annie. Carrie, Fannie. Jennie. Jo
Borne case of such Importance as seem- sjt,f Kntlo, Lottie,' Matlle, Millie. John
nlc. Willie, ete. Tho spelling with "y
Is later and In some names less com
mon. Carrlo is seldom Carry, and An
nie Is never Aiiny. The ending "lo"
was formerly pronounced In these
names as it Is In Held, hut shorter and
with a -secondary stress "Jen-nlo."
Copyright, 1815, by tho McClure
Newspaper Syndicate.
od to demand attention. As for small
broaches of the law, such as stealing
chickens, watermelons and the like.
the Individuals dispossessed were ex
pected to attend to the matter them-
One day a gentleman from Vlcks-
burg, who was traveling through this "Wll-llc." etc., so "little Hlllee." It is
region, had occasion to speak with a t,,, t,0milur spelling In bonnlo, collie
certain colored man and was told timt (addle, lassie, birdie, doggie, mousle
ho was sitting In a woodshed con- nn,i other words of Scottish and nurs-
ductlng n murder trial. Going to tho ery associations. Simplified Spellln
lmmblo courtroom, tlio visitor iookcu niillctln.
In and saw tho court In session. Tnk
ing a back scat, lie ouserveu tno pro- Tho Hurt Fower.
ccodlngs. 55nin(.liodv. a scientist, has assured
Caesar Henderson, niacic as coai, tilnt nlnnts nro not insensible to In-
was on trial for the murder of Te- hiirv tlint a flower may feel the hurt
cumsoh Rodman, a rival for tho nffoc- or rough treatment Whether this is
tions of Dinah Qchlltreo. Tlio rivals tnl0 or not, there comes tho notion that
had visited Dinah- during the evening t would bo a blessing if everybody
beforo tho murder and had lert to- ,a(j tjlc imagination to fancy a violet
gethcr. They were heard quarreling sonsltlvo to rough hands and tho
on tlio road. The next morning Te- Weielit of n careless heel. 'Twould
cumsch was missing. Since ho did ,ncnn more gentleness in a world none
not turn up for some days Caesar was t00 tender toward many of the bcautl-
accused of his murder, nnd, thero no- (u things of life.
Ing no regular court within many jroro than a century and a quarter
miles, ho was tried by his peers in tho ng0 iiobcrt Burns, on turning down a
woodshed. Dinah, tho object of con- mountain daisy with the plowshare,
tcntlon, was being questioned iy tno broke into a song typical of his sym-
Judge, who also acted ns counsel for pathetic nature:
tho state and tno uorenso. no was Wce modest, crltnson tipped ilowor.
Thou s mot mo in an ovu Hour
These two lines uro suggestive of tho
whole poem a simple. svot meiouy
whose dominant chord was contrition.
This century old song 13 In harmony
"I couldn't help dcy flghtln' fo' me, with the views of the modern scientist
replied Dinah, with n toss of her head. The hurt flower Idea Is good enough
'Wlia timo did dcy leab yo' dat to have a place In our thoughts. We
night when Caesar killed Tccumsch?" lose nothing when we snuggle, a little
"I didn't kill Tccumsch," protested closer to nature-Toledo Blade.
,n!so tho twelve Jurymen.
"Dinah," ho said severely,, "wha' fo'
yo' hab two lubbers hangln' roun' yo',
pcrsuadln' 'cm to fight fo' yb'? Don'
yo' know flat wso'n murdcr7"
"Shot up," cried tho Judge, glaring
nt tho prisoner from under a pair of
heavy gray eyebrows, "or I fine yo fo
contempt oh cou't."
Do Quincoy's Vice Explained
De (julncey's style was variegated
enough, but Ills tlict was monotonous
to a degree, his dinner for tho lustthlr
Tho question having been repeated, ty years of his life invariably comprls-
tho witness said that she reckoned the
two men left her between "'leben
o'clock and somo timo in do mawnln."
She reckoned It was near tho latter,
"How do yo' know dat?" asked the
Ing somo loin of mutton, boiled rice
and coffee. Every day he Interviewed
the cook and told her to piepnro these
dishes, adding, "If you do not rcmcm
her to cut tho mutton in a diagonal
rather than u longitudinal form conse-
Thls yoro court belli' open," said
Judgo Hoke of Sandy Bend as he folt
behind him to see If his guns were
handy "this yero court bein' open and
the goddess of jc-tlcc belli' ready for
blznoss, I will call the case of Let
Hung, who Is charged with stcalln' a
pickax from the camp of Jim Robln-
Hon. Tnar ain't any neon or lawyers
or witnesses, fur I saw the critter my
self ns ha cum to town with the tool
on his shoulder. We arc not goln' to
ax why he stole It, kaso that ain't our
blzness. Jim Hoblnson saw him when
ho picked It up nnd flred three shots
artcr him and never teched a ha'r. In
ono way this court feels that she ortcr
let that heathen go his way to pay off
Jim fur bein such n poto shot It's
Jest possible that the critter mistook
that pickax fur n mewl or n bag of
flour, but that can't count in his favor.
Why ho didn't hide tho tool is nuthln'
to this court nor the stntoots of this
state. What wo hev got to look at
ar' the fact that fie stole it and that
Jim Hoblnson had the gall to cum to
me when I wns busy In my Red Dog
saloon and holler for n warraut."
"I wanted to go nccordln' to law."
explained the plaintiff as ho stood up.
"Waal, ye went that way, Jim, and
I'll give yet plenty .of it Lee nung,
dum yer hide, I'm goln' to fine ye $20.
That would bo purty steep fur n white
man, but It's my dooty to crush tho
heathen whenever I gits a show. Jim,
you not oifly had three shots nt tho
Chlnymnn. but missed 1dm overy time
and then bothered mo fur an hour,
You'll hov to cum down with, tho costs,
"Wo now hev nforo us tho case of
Joe Parker versus Hank Scott, nnd the
lawyers needn't crowd to tho front to
do nny tnlkln'. Joo had n mlnlu' claim
on Pnradlso hill, and ns ho was lyln' in
his shantr tho other night mighty nigh
deiul witli colic in walks nnnk nnd scz
the claim Jest suits him and he's goln'
to Jump It. He picks up the suffcrm'
Joe and carries lilm out nnd dumps
him down on tho rocks and then takes
hull possession nnd beglnsxto sing roll
glous hymns. Joo Is tied up with colic,
but ho has two guns to use. Docs he
use 'em? Does ho nx Providence to
relieve hlni of that colic fur ten sec
onds while he kin fill Hank Scott full
of lead. Not a bit of it Ho Jests shuts
his eyes and cries llko n baby as Hank
lugs him out An hour later his colic
Is gone. But does ho shoot? Does he
"Kaso I heard Zcb Parker, dat lib qucncos incalculably distressing to my innuo nn effort to recover his own?
.w..w (iifarnin win nrtctn mill win nrovonr ntn i tt in.'- jjn n-nii-ii tiirmt miiria nn n
ij uwvm ! ....u . ... 1' - . " i HUH I .-
from attending to matters of over- mighty dark night to rout me out and
whelming importance." No wonder demand iestlce. Ho shall hov It lie
tlio bowlldered Scotswoman when thus ar' fined $30 and costs. Hank Scott
drenched with polysyllables for tho ntniid up. Nobody but a duffer would
first time was heard to remark, "Tho take advantage of a man Dent aouuie
nox uw to mo, comm.
chicken huutlu'."
"How yo know Zeb been chicken
"Kaso 1 heam do squawkln' of de
chickens he was brlngln home."
ni,l ' im VnliV '
Dldyo hoc zoo body has nn-awful Blcht of words'- with miner's colic, nnd I shall fine ye
j sz z'" si r " m " -
"I thought yo' said It war mawnln'?'
"Sp 1 did. Zeb nebber goes chick
en huntln' 'ccpt Just bofo' daybreak."
The witness was excused, and lxni
Barker avus-called to tho stand
"Loin," said tho Judge, looking nt tho
rafters, "tell de cou't how yo' know
Caesar killed Tecuinseh."
"Kaso I hearn 'cm flghtln'."
"Which war llckln' do udder?"
"How I know dat? 1 couldn' sco 'em
flghtln' in do dark."
"Don' yo' know no' mo' 'bout de
"Co'so I don know nothln' nt all
'bout de fight"
Another ' witness testified that he
lved next door to Tecumseh nnd that
1iq latter had been missing slnco "do
dark oh do moon" and that Tceuinseh'a
dog "waB n-whlnln' all do timo knse
ho marster dldn' como homo no mo'."
Then Dinah was recalled and testified
that tho call on her by tho rivals wa3
mado during "do dark ob do moon."
This completed tho evldouco. -The
Judgo cnlled upon tho prisoner to etnnd
up and, being obeyed, proceeded to
convict and Bontonee him ut the Bame
time. Ho wns to bo taken out to "de
olo tree wld do low branch convenient
fo' hangln' pussous" nud hanged' by
tho neck until ho was "dald,"
Tho sentence roused Dinah's ire.
"Wha' fo' yo' gwlno hang Caesar.
Judgo?" sho shouted. "Dah ain't no
sliiso in dat At do dark ob do moon I
hab two lubbers to chooso from. One
killed do udder, nnd now yo' gwlno to
hang do ono let'. Whar do I come In?"
'At tho statement of this obvious lu
Justlco tho Judgo scratched his wool.
"I's might' sorry bout dat, Dinah.
But lt'stoo late now. I dono sentence
Jlo prisoner."
Thoro was n babel of tongues, some
Insisting that, a sentence having been
pronounced, thero was no going back
on It Others claimed that It was
mlKhty hard on Dinah. Tho hubbub
was qulotiM' by tlio gontloman observer,
who Htenncu to the. front and said:
"Vour honor, I am an attorney In
Vleksburg, and If you will listen to
mo I think 1 can tell you how tho prls
nnnr can be legally saved from the
Kvory eyo was turned to tho white
man. who continued as follows:
"Wu derive our laws from England
An English king, Edward U Issued
. an edict that when a man waB son
tonced to bo hanged for nny crime, if
n woman could bo found to mnrry mm
ho should ko free. According to this
law. which wo havo inherited from
RiiL'land. if Dinah will marry Caesar
ho will escape the gallows."
There ivns nothing In tho learned
Bpeech that the darkles understood
until the Hpcaker came to the last ten
words; then n Hhout arose, and tho pair
were forthwith united In marriage-
The Sex of Ships.
Tho word "ship" Is mnscullno in
French, Italian, Spnulsh nnd Portu
guese nnd possesses no box in Teutonic
and Scandinavian. Perhaps It would
not bo nn error to trnco tho custom of
femlnlnlzlng ships back to the Greeks,
who called them by feminine names,
I wanted to sfu-, your honor," began
tho lawyer "I wanted to say that my
"Yo hain't got no client" interrupted
the judge.
"The next case on the docket pre
sents pccooller Bnrcumstanccs. This
yoro court, who Is a court when ho Is
out of court and all the time, was
iirnluihlv nut: of deferonco to Athene.
goddess of the sea. But the English n-rldln' out to Big Bar the other day
speaking sailor assigns no such rea- on his cnyuse when ho meets up with
sons. The ship to him is always a a Chlnyman who bad found a twenty
lady, oven though sho bo n man-of-war. ounce nugget When this court had
sim noRHPSRes n waist collars, stays, hefted that nugget nnd was sure nil
laces, bonnets, ties, ribbons, chains, was solid stuff ho suggested to the
watches and dozens of other distinctly
feminine nttrlbutcs.-Colller's Weekly.
heathen his willingness to exchange
Ids cnytiso fur It. I don't go fur to say
that the boss was hardly wtith it but
ho was a legal boss, so to speak, and
that heathen could hov flung on a heap
of stylo in tho saddle.' Did it strike
him that way? Not any. no Jest
drnwed his head down between his
Shoulders and suddenly lost speech
Business Jokes.
Tho clerk who thinks tho houso can't
do without him.
The salesman who has his trade pcr-
i i i
Bouiuiy uuciiureu.
rplm luivnr whn I'nnnot. ho fooled.
.ri, .(;,nm.i,nf vim known boat As this voro court feels that ho knows
what the old mail ought to say. what's good fur Chlnymcn, he got off
m, ,m tr,,wiin i-mi nitvnvs trust his cavuso and laid hands on tnat uea
i.i. infniunn then to git tho nugget nwny. Will it
The head of the firm who always bo believed yoro In this nineteenth cen-
Kti..!.- to tlio wnv ho always did It tury unit tno wan eyeu sou oi u K"
mi... .,.,..- tviin ('t know kicked this court on tho noso and kiclc
i,.,r , -,iiits. k cd him on tho shin? Such wns the
The houso that won't advertise, be- case, and while this court was tempo-
..nna,. it Bonds nro "dlffcrcuf-Prlnt- rnrny uisauica mo neuuien Ki
"Why, hello, there; it certainly is good to talk to you."
When "Long Distance" Galls
It's a pleasant moment in the home circle when the
absent one calls up by "Long Distance."
The feeling that home' is "just at the other end of
the wire' rounds out to full measure the comfort and
convenience the Bell Telephone affords to the millions
of people away from home.
Your friends and your business associates are al
most within instant reach by telephone, for Bell service
reaches nearly everywhere. I
American Telephone Service Leads the W orld
Bought and highest market
prices paid
Reaidence Red 63G Office 459
1008 West Fourth St.
Graduate Nurses in Attendanco
Physician and Surgeon.
Order of Ilcnrln oil Orixlnnl I'rolmte
of Will
State of Nebraska, Lincoln County, ss.
In tlio County Court.
In tho Matter of tho Estate of J. Dela-
van Jackson, Deceased.
On readlnp and Mlns tho petition
of Anna E. Jackson, praying that the
Instrument, Hied on tho 17th day of
April, 1915, and purporting to ho the
last Will and Testament of tho said de
ceased, may be proved, approved, pro
bated, allowed and recorded as the last
"Will and Testament of the said J. Dola
van Jackson, deceased, and that the
execution of said Instrument may be
committed and tho administration of
said estate may be granted to Anna E.
Jackson and Charles D. Jackson as ad
ministrators with 'Will annexed.
Ordered, That May 8, 191D, at 9
o'clock a. m., Is assigned for hearing
said potltlon, when all persons inter
ested In said matter may appear at a
County Court to be hold In and for said
County, and Bhow causa why the pray
er of petitioner should not bo granted.
a20-3w County Judge.
or's lnlc.
Good In Either Case.
Mabel What nro you coins to do
v(lli all these flowers after the carni
val ls over? It's a shamo to waste
them. Mnud-Thcy won't bo wasted.
If Jack "fees mo beforo papa does
there'll be a wedding, and If papa sees
Jack beforo I do there'll be a funcrnl.-
Black Howlors.
lloirnrded as weiUhor prophots by the
natives, the ''black howlors." largest
of the Panamanian monkeys, sot up
n roarlm: howl sugjiostlvo of the lion
for volume of Found. They howl orten
est before or duvlng a storm, hence tin
native belief.- Argonaut
Touah Luck.
'I've lifcn wearing the sume suit r
clothe), fi.i H"o vnyt-i. Thai s pivtt
touch "
-at iMHim. it l iiiv friend. 1M i ui
wt.i-e IT than you I've had thesamt
autonmblli' for Mvc yeurs."!llrinliu
ham Auo-Ucmld
Pa's Dofinltlon.
l.Vnfunt- Father, what Is n "sepul
ehral tone of volco'r" Le Tore That
menus to sneak crat ty. Dartmouth
If -you aro content you liayo ouough
to ilvo comfortably. riautus.
Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention Given to Gynecology
Obstetrics and Children's Diseases.
Offlco McDonald Stato Bank Building.
Corner Sixth and Dewey Streets.
Phones, Offlco 183, Residence 283
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land OHlco at North Platte, Neb.
March 27, 191C.
Notice is hereby given that John M.
Crandell, of North Platte, Neb., vho,
on January 10, 1912, made Homestead
entry sso. uo.toi), lor tne ms una iMWi
Section 14, Township 12, N., Range 31,
W. 6th Principal Meridian, has filed no
tice of intention to make final threo
year proof, to establish claim to tho
land above described, before the Regis
ter and Receiver, at Northo Platte,
Nob., on tho 21st day of May, 1915.
Claimant names aa witnesses: Vf. C.
Masters, Hugh Songer, Carl Broeder,
John W. Fowler, all of North Platte,
m30-Gw Register.
Geo. B. Dent,
Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention given to Surgery
and Obstetrics.
Office: Building nnd Loan Building.
( Office 130
j Residence 115
It's a caso of contempt of court nnd n
mighty bad one. It has taken us-four
days to find the Chlnymnn. and, what's
wiiss. he's hid the nugget. If a court
can't maintain Its dignity then it's, no
court at all. The vardlct is guilty, and
the Chlnyman must pay a lino of $00
and $23 costs. The constable will tie
him to tho stovoplpo nnd keep mm
llinr till ho squar's up.
'The last case shows that what tnoy
calls civilization is knockln' tho spots
off this kentry. Tom Whnrton, ho goe3
over to Doad Men's valley and steals
n boss, lie ults halfway back -when
ho Is overtaken by a crowd and hung
to a limb. After .the crowd has gono
the ropo breaks and Tom cuius to life
nnd crawls away. Two days later no
cuius to mo and whlnos fur Jestlce. He
wants tho leader of the gang arrested.
What fur? Fur not provldln' n stouter
rope! Tom wns reg'larly hung. Bill
Chonte, who led the gang and furnish
ed tho rope, is yore, but this court feels
that he did the lwst ho could under the
arcumstnnces. Tho ropo 'pearcd to be
n stout one, und Tom had got through
klckln when ho left. Tom Wharton has
suffered and wants Jestlcc, but I can't
see whar he Is to git It. It's a case
of whar nobody In partlckular Is to
blame. Tho costs In thU case ar $7,
which will bo divided between tho
plaintiff and defendant, and if the
pa'r hov got good boss sense they'll
shako hands and roller tho purcesslon
across tho creek nnd front tho crowd.
That's nll-adjnurn the court"
Physician and Surgeon
Offlco B. & L. Building, Second Floor.
Phone, Office, 83; Residence 38.
is no longer au experiment, Its prac
ticablllty has been proven and Is com
ing into uso nioro and more every day,
Our cigars have never been an ox
porlmcnt; they havo always been
good, they havo homo tlio mark of
standard fo over twenty-llvo years
in North Platte. "Wo mako a number
of brands ranging in prico from
Department of the Iutcriqr.
U. S. Land Oillce at North Platte, Neb.
April 23, 1915.
Notice Is hereby given that Minnie
Eliza McQuire, now Soese, of North
Platte, Nebraska, who on February 8,
1912, mado Homestead Entry No. 05371,
for E of SEW Section 2, Township 11
N Range 30 W., 6th Principal Merid
ian, has filed notice of intention to
make final throe year proof, , to estab
lish claim to tno land anove uescriDea
before tho Register and Receiver at
North Platte, Nebraska, on tho 21st day
of June, 1915.
Claimant names as witnesses: gcott
Shanor," of Maxwell, Nobr., Jesso Hlgh
borger, of North Platto, Nebr., Andrew
Howard, of Wollfleet, Nobr., Mary Rich
ards, of North Platte, Nobr.
n27-Gw Register.
To Mary E. Law, non-resident defend
ant: You are hereby notified that William
I. Law did on tho 25th day of January,
1915, file a petition In tho District
Court of Lincoln County, Nebraska, the
object and prayer of which are to be
divorced from you upon tho grounds of
desertion and for such "other and
further relief as Justice and
equity may require; and that tho
judgo of said Court did on
April 2Cth, 1915, mako an order direct
ing that service be had upon you by
publication as in other cases provided.
You will mako answer to said peti
tion on or beforo tho 7th day of June,
1915, or your default will be taken and
Judgment had against you as in said pe
titon prayed.
WILLIAM I. LAW, Plaintiff.
. , By E. II. EVANS,
n27-4v His Attorney.
Intho County Court of Lincoln County,
In tho Matter of the Estate of Jacob C.
Federhoof, Deceased.
To Clara J. Robblns, Agnes Amada
Hoffman and Martin Federhoof, heirs at
law of Jacob C. Federhoof, deceased,
and nil persons Interested in said es
tate: You and each of you are hereby noti
fied that Sophia Federhoof has filed her
petition In this Court, tho object and
, prayer of which are for a decree speci
fying who aro tno heirs or said Jacob
C. Federhoof, deceased, and their inter
est or shares In and to Lot 2 in Block
A of North Platto Townlot Company's
Addition to NortlrPlatte. Lincoln Coun
ty, Nelaska, amTtho right of succes
sion thereto. All persons interested In
such matter are herein cited to appear
beforo this Court at tho Court Houso in
the City of North. Platte, Nebraska, at
2 o'clock P. M. on the 20th day of
May, 1915, and show cause If any why
the prayer of said petitioner shall not
bo granted.
Witness my hand and tho seal of said
Court this 24th day of April, 1915.
a27-3w County Judge.
Slu-rir'K Salr.
OHI)i:it OF Ili;AHI.(i.
The Stato of Nebraska, Lincoln County,
In tho Matter of tho Estnte of James
M. Rannle. Deceased.
On readme nnd tiling tho petition of
James A. uunnio ana ueorgo m. uan-
nlo. nrayliur that adminlstrat on of
said estate may bo granted to Anna
Hunnln ns administratrix.
ORDERED. That May 25th. A. D. 1915
nt 9 o'clock A. M. is assigned for hear
ing said potltlon, when all porsons in-tpi-oHtnil
In Hnlil matter mil- liiiioar at
a county court to bo hold n und for
said county, and show cam. why tlio
nravor of netltioners should not bo
irrniitnil nnil that notice of tho pendency
of said petition nnd tho hearing thoropf
Do given to nn persons . nuoi ubiuu hi
said matter by publishing a copy of
this order in tho jsortu l-iatio somi
Wnnlclv Trlliune. a soml-wooklv news
iinnni- nuhllshod In said county for
threo successive weeks prior to said
of hearing.
Dated April 30, 1915.
GEO. E. FRENCH, County Judge. .
By vlrtuo of an ordor of sale Issued
from tho District Court of Lincoln
County, Nebraska, upon a decree of
foreclosure renuereu in salu court
wherein Carl Chrlstensen is plaintiff,
and Charles Shlll, Mary E. Shill and
Edd Shlll are defendants, and to me
directed, I will on tho 22nd day of May,
1915, at 2 o'clock p. ni;, at the east
front door of tho Court Houso In North
Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska, sell
at Public Auction to the highest bid
dor for cash, to satisfy said decree, In
terest and costp, tho following des
cribed property, to-wlt:
Southeast quarter (SE4) of Sec
tion eighteen (18), Towship nlno (9),
Rango thirty (30) West 6th P. M., Lin
coln county, Nebraska.
Dated North Platte, Neb., April 16,
a20-5w sheriff.
Application for Liquor I.lcenNe.
Matter of Application of A. T.Yar
ter, for Liquor Llconso.
Notice Is hereby given that A. T. Yar
ter, did upon tho 29th day of April,
1915, file his application to the Village
Board of Trustees of Brady, Lincoln
county, Nebraska, for llconso to sell
malt, spirituous, vinous, mixed and
fermented Intoxicating liquors, at re-
tall, during tho municipal
1915, and
mnnclnir tn-wlt! Mav 1st.
ii.llni- Anrll nntli. lOlfi. on lots 13. 14
and 15, in block 6 in tho Vlllago of
Lincoln county, neurmwu.
era bo no objection, remon-
utnnnn l tiv-ntnflt Mlfirl Within tWO
weeks from April 29th, A. D. 1915, said
T VI C ? 1 2 J 1 tlnntmu will ltn irfnTltAll.
j. r. DcnmaizriBu. - '"X. t. Varter, Applicant.
-, n . o - or m... Brady. I
lOl IU VUMIB IU O 1UI 4.U WUW, i.jr J(tnero b(J no
.Volli-o of SnU.
Notice Is heroby given that whoreas
default has occurred in the conditions
of a certain chattle mortgage oxecuted
by M. J. OConnoll nnd Floy E. O'Con
nell, mortgagors, to William Lyman,
mortgageo, bearing date on tho 25th
day of February, lpil, by reason of tho
failure of said mortgagors to pay the
debt secured thorby and whereas there
In now due and unpaid on said Indebt
edness to tho undersigned the sum of
Four Hundred Thirty and' 56-100
Now therefore, the property des
cribed In said mortgage, to-wlt, Two
brass bed, complete, ono birds eyo
maple drosser, ono birds eye maple
chlffoner. two 8x10 rugs, ono oak
dresser, ono oak tablo. ono oak rocker,
ono oak leather rocker, six dining
room chairs, two 9x12 rugs, ono daven
port, ono electric lamp, ono dining
room tablo, ono sowing machine, one
jewel gasolino stove, ono kitchen cab
inet, one buffet, six kitchen chairs,
two rugs 2x5, ono roll top desk,
ono flat top desk, two desk chairs,
four largo olllco chairs, one Insurance
caso, ono papor filo, ono stand tablo,
ono lotter press and book, ono large
olectric fan; or so much thereof ns may
bo necessary, will bo sold pursuant to
tho power of tho sale In said mortgage
contnlned, at public nuctton to tho
highest bidder for cash on tho 22nd
day of May, 1915, at 10 o'clock A. M.
at tho storago room of T. M. Cohagen
in the city of North Platte, Lincoln
county, Nebraska, to satisfy the debt
secured by said mortgage and costs
and oxponsea of these foreclosure pro
ceedings. Dated at North Platto, Nebraska,
this 29th day of April, 1915.
By Muldoon & Glbbs. His Attorneys.