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    Semi-Weekly Tribune
Ira L. Bare, Editor aad Publisher.
One Year by Mull In AiItiiiico.... 81.25
One Ycnr by Carrier In Advnnce. .$1J50
Entered at North IMatte, Nebraska,
FRIDAY, MAY 7, 3915.
The Cost of Our Four.
The poor and unfortunato we always
hnvo with us, and none should ilony
thorn succor when such Is needed, but
thero la so much talk hoard about
high taxes tliat It Is well to consid
er at times why taxes arc high and
what contributes to tho oxponBos of
the county. County Clerk Yost has
tooted up tho total of all claims al
lowed for tho Lincoln County poor and
unfortunato for tho twolvc months
ending January 1st, 10J5, and finds
it to bo $8,173.19. This is one-fifth-of
tlio monoy collected for tho general j
fund tho fund from which all tho gen-1
oral expenses of tho county are paid.
This does not, of courso, Include tho,
money distributed by and through tho
Associated Charltlos of North Platte, I
nor tho wagon loads of clothing dla-,
trlbutd through the same agoncy.
Nolthor docs It Include tho donations
made direct by Individuals to tho un
fortunate. It will thus bo seen that
tho support of the poor is no small
Item to tax-payers of tho county as a
body and also to them individually.
However, no one should complain of
this expense; It is our duty as men
and women to help thoso not so for
tunnto as ourselves, In fact it should
bo a pleasure to do so.
Huso Hull Dope
During tho past week considerable
work has boon dono on both tho In
field and outfield and the grounds are
now In very fair shape. Future work
In contemplation jvlll place tho lot In
bolter shapo than over before.
Practlco was hold yesterday after
noon and tho weeding process was be
gun. The squad of clglitcon men has,
or will bo, cut down to about cloven.
It Is probable that as the sason ad
vances' changes In tho players may
bo made; this will bp true If It Is
found tho team Is weak as compared
with teams of surrounding towns.
Efforts arc now being, madq to In
duce 100 fans to go to Ogalalla for
Sunday's game. If that number Is se
cured a special train will be run,
leaving horo about one o'clock In tho
afternoon and returning about seven
In tho evening. A special from Oga
lalla to tho Omaha Wprfd-Horald says
tho team organised by that town Is
vory. strong.
Thero seems to bo ,pon)c question,
nftcr all, as to whgthcr Kearney will
liave a team In tho state league It Is
said that or tho 11,000 season tickets
sold at $2.00 each, only about GOO have
been paid for and collections on tho
othors Is like pulling, teeth. At leust
that Is tho story that reaches North
To the I'uWIc.
I deslro to announco to tho public
that I have taken chargo of tho Paxton
Hotel, at Paxton, liavo refurnished it
throughout, and will furnish tho trav
eling public with clean, comfortable
rooms and meals that will prove sat
isfactory. Automobllists and others
passing through or vlBlting in Paxton
are respectfully requested to glvo mo
a trial.
Closing Out Sale
Sulkey Cultivators at $25 or $27.
P & O Canton Sulkey Plows at' $35.
P & O Canton Sulkey Lister at $40.
8 foot Wind Mills at $25-
Monarch, Malleable Iron Range with Reservoirl$50
Monarch, malleable Iron Range with Water Front
Acorn Range with Reservior $40.
Cream Separators $25 and upward.
Hardware at and below Cost.
Bain Wagons 2 1-2 Axle, 3 in tire $65.
Bain Wagons 2 3-4 Axle, 3 in tire $70.
Bain Wagons 3 Axle, 4in tire $75.
Good Pine Lumber at $2.00 per 100 feet.
JTl Ej J o O JD I D
May 3, 1915.
Hoard of county commissioners eet
pursuant to adjournment. Present
Springer, White and county clerk.
The county treasurer Is hereby au
thorized to correct tax list of 1914 as
to lots 13 and 14. block 13, Hrady, from
an assessed valuation of $210 to $1G0
on account of error.
The folllowlng claims were allowed
on the gonoral fund:
'Goo. N. Qlbbs, expenses to Lincoln,
O. K. Klump, special commissioner
road 382, $4.00.
E. A. Wolhford, mdso county poor,
Amorlcan Contractor Publ. Co., ad
vertising for bids, $24.00.
Jos. P. Pillion, ropalrs nt Jail, $5.80.
York &. Son, 'coal for county poor,
Neb. Telophone Co. service for May,
Neb. Telophone Co., loll charges,
P. M. Sorenson, repairs, $2.50.
Mathew Ponder & Co., Rev. law book.
Jos. P. Pillion, ropalrs, $3.G0.
Clms. W. Thomas, mdso county poor,
C. C. Drake, hauling ashes, $3.00.
Anna Anderson, caro of county poor,
Hilda Andorson, clerk of county
court, $50.00.
llosslo Salisbury, work on assesor's
schedules, $45.00.
A. J. Salisbury salary for April,
Jos. Wilson, salary for April, $75.00.
Roy Wilson, salary for April, $$75.00
C. W. Yost, salary for April, $137.50.
C. "W. Yost, olllco expenses, $34.82.
Jos. Wilson, trees, etc., $15.70.
Esslo Wessburg, services, $18.00.
Allcen Gantt, visiting schools, $25.30.
Alleen Gantt, salary for April $133.33
Allecn Gnntt, ofllco expenses, $32.0G.
Jas. Harnan, appraising road J80.
Adolf Lundln, appraising road 380,
J. M. Pulllam, appraising road 380,
Sundry persons, surveying road 20
It. L. Cochsan, survoylng, mileage
and auto hire, $115.00.
Dick Rannlt, chatnman, $10.30.
Prod Gravs, chainman, $10.00.
A. Abcrcrombio, flagman, $5.00.
John Allen, flagman, $2.00.
Joe Sodcrmnu, chainman, $14.
C. P. McKnlght, chainman, $9.
A. R. Skinner, chainman, $9.
Win. Hrestcl, chainman, $1.
Sundry persons, damages on road
Davo Love, disallowed for $15, al
lowed for $25. ,
Mrs. A. Wilson, disallowed for $40,
allowed for $40. '
W. II. Wlscmlller, disallowed for $10,
allowed for $10.
I'. E. Burnett, disallowed for $5,
allowed for $10.
V. W. Peterson, dlsnllowcd for $G5,
allowed for $10.
C. II. Crosby, disallowed for $15, ul
lowed for $35.
Geo. Shoup, disallowed for $25, al
lowed for $150.
W, S. Coker, allowed for $10.
The claim of Keith & Lincoln coun
ties irrigation district for $3000 dam
ages asked on road 375 Is hereby dis
allowed for tho full amount.
Allowed on road district funds:
John J. Walters, road work district
1, $38.
"W. M. Dymond, road work district 4.
Nato Houso, road work district 3,
W. M. Dymond, road work, allowed
on commlsloner district 3, $100.
Allowed on bridge fund:
E. C. Hostetter, brlgo work, $73.76.
W. M. Dymond, bridge work, $21.
Ware & Leister, hardware, $G.75.
Sutherland Lumberi Co., lumber,
Wallace Lumbar Co., lumber $45.33.
John It. RItnor, Inspector at Suther
land bridge, $101.
Andrew Falk, bridge work, $3.
Whereupon tho board adjourns until
C. W. YOST, County Clork.
Splendid Interest In Meftlugs1
Tho (lownpourlmi of ahowor after
showor did nob keep a splendid au
dience away from tho big tabernacle
Wednosday when Dr. Lowry preached
u mastorful and loglcul sermon on
"Assurance, or How Wo May Know
Wo nro Saved."
Tho song service was led by i Prof.
Moody, and old songs were used which
were llftd up by the people In the au-
dlonco as well as those In tho cliorus
The song book which Is being used
is certainly ono or the boat on tho mar-
kot. Many of tho ffood old songs and
page after page of tho now ones are to '
be found In tho book. Mr. Moody Is
one of these whole-souled, Jovial Chris-!
tian men, and wltli the splendid ubll-j
lty which ho hus in his line, ho Is help-1
lug everyone who sings in his big
chorus. Every ono In North Platto
who sings at all should avail them
selves of tho opportunity of training
aflordcd by these meetings.
After a rousing song service, Dr.
Lowry made tho announcements for
tho rest of tho week, then asked the
ushers to kindly take up tho pennies.
The sermon of tho evening was of a
doctrinal nature, and ono that would
convlnco all that heard it that It Is
right for us to know if wo aro saved.
The text of the evening was found In
1st John 5:13 "These things have I
wrlttten unto you that ye may know
that yo have eternal life, even unto
you that believe on tho name of the
Son of God."
By way of Introduction, Dr. Lowry
showed how wrong and foolish It Is
to believe that 'feellnw' Is the test or
one's salvation. He . mentioned
the fact that tho word "know" ap
pears twenty-soven times Int he bible,
while the word "feeling" Is only used
twice and then not In connection with
conversion. With scrlptunyl proof and
un-questlonal logic the evangelist un
wound the threads which tangled the
mind of many people In relation to
works and grace. Ho argued that men
are not saved because they nr.o moral,
but because Christ died for them and
holler in Him Is that which saves. A
man is' not saved simply becausehe
Is a moral man, as tho book boldly
asserts "By Grace yo are saved,
through faith and that not or yoursel
ves, It Is the gilt or God; not or works
that no man should glory." (Eph 2:8-9)
Many scriptures were brought to
provo this argument. Dr Lowry said
"I would a3 soon attempt to cross Lake
Michigan In a peanut shell as to try
to get to heaven on my good works
Assurance ot Salvation Is
much to eyjry christian because he can
not be happy without U. Some chris
tians have Just enouffh of religion to
bo miserable. Thoy have not quite
enough to make them quit tho things
or the world such as the card-table,
tho dance, the theatre, their nagging
un-chrlstlan talking, and thoy have
just a lltflo too much to let them feel
comfortable while thoy carry on these
things. Dr. Lowry told of a woman
who attempted to excuse herself for
A Sleeping
'D 1L A J -1
o Your
f o r t and
pleasure. You
know what a
tonic fresh air is.
can never get too much of it. With a sleep
ing porch you MAKE SURE of eight hours
of it every night, seven nights a week for
yourself and your loved ones.
That is why every year more people sleep out
doors the year round, and their reward is all
around good health "overflowing health."
Any carpenter can add a sleeping porch to your
house at little cost. It is really cheaper, much
cheaper, than medicine and doctor bills.
It is particularly delightful during summer. It
is a fine place for the baby's nap.
Talk it over with us now and have it ready
when the warm weather comes. Let us give you
suggestions. This puts you to noobligation.
hor unkind, keen-cutting, aggravating
words saying that alio had a quick
temper and that she was soon over It
however. Ho Teplted, that a gatllng
sun went off In a minute too, but it
did much irrcparablo damage in that
Christians are more active when
they know they are saved, and their
tstimony is much more powerful than
it could othorwlso be.
Wo may know that wo are paved,
because we have the testimony of
God's Word that we arc If we bollevo
on the Son. Wo know by the very llfo
i wo live and we have the testimony of
tlio Spirit.
One of the very noticeable things
about each sermon Dr. Lowry has
preached is the wonderful command of
scripture which ho has. He quoted cor
rectly over thirty-two passages this
night alone, and bo told Just where
they were found. Ho knows Ills Book
and loves to tells othors of Its message
for thorn.
There will be sorvlccs every night
this week, and thrije on Sunday. Dr.
i.0Wry stated last night that larger
numbers of christians had remained
for Instructions In personal work In
this meetings than In any he had held
for a number of months.
Uo not anvthinir keen vot. RWV
from lnese services. Come and bring a
friend with you. A warm wejeorao
1 awaits you. " ' '
Thrity.llve Hundred Dollar
Buys 640 acres good farm and graz
ing land 12 miles rrom N,orth Platte,
for $900.00 more you ran get a school
section adjoining. Telephone lino and
school house on the land. An ideal
ranch proposition.
Quarter section hay land close In $30
per acre. Another quarter samo lo
cality $27.50 per acre.
G40 acres Improved farm and grazing
land to sell quick at $3500.00.
If there are better bargains I have
31-2. O. H. THOELECKE.
Julius Pizer spent Wednesday In
Gothenburg on business.
Charles Martini, Jr., of Omaha, spent
a few days this week visiting his fath
er, C. K.. Martini.
Mrs. E. Craigle left this morning for
Paxton to spend several days with
James Grady and brother, of Grand
Island, were among those who came
up for the May Party.
Mrs. Scott Reynolds will leave this
week for Canada to spend soveral
weeks with relatives.
Mrs. Anna Pollock, of LaGrande,
Ore., Is visiting at the home of her
brother, Sebastian' Schwalger.
Mrs. R. C. Williams, of Grand Is
land, who visited friends in town this
weok, went homo Wednesday after
One of the most practical gifts you
can mako a young man Is a nice belt
with a silver or gold monogram buckle
Clinton, Jeweler and Optician.
Mr. and Mrs. Bjccher A. Parker, of
Rawlins, aro vlstlng tho latter's moth
er, Mrs. Theodore Lowe this week
while enroute to eastern points.
There will bo pies, cakes, cookies,
etc., for sale at the exchange given by
tho Tllllkum girls Saturday in the
! Derryberry & Forbes window
Miss Edith Huugerford, of Grand
Island, was the guest of Mrs. J. L. Sin
clair a couple of days the first of the
week and attended the May Party.
J PifiB
" jf wm IB
The First National Bank
XOKTU rhA TTll, ZV75 BI? A Swl.
Member Federal Recerve Bank System.
One Hundred and Fii'ty Thousand Dollars.
L ii ii ir
Sold by Rush Mercantile Co , North Platte.
Also by E. & W. Coker, Sutherland; Ganson & Ganson
Hershey; Jens Sommers, Maxwell: Jno. Fredrickson, Brady
scams in every axle, so small you can't
see them but large enough to cause
friction and wear. They are filled by
the Mica in
Made of finely powdered mica and hieh grade grease
stock. Kills friction will not run or gum.
Sold in 1 and 3 pound cans, galvanized iron pails, kegs,
half-barrels and barrels;
Eureka Harness Oil
Feeds the leather. Makes harness
look better and last long.
rM TIMD nnnnntmr.