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3) "
ACH year poisonous
plants aro responsible
for largo losses of
livo stock on the
western ranges. Al
though there Is a
large Hat of plants
whose poisonous
qualities might pos
sibly do harm this an
nual loss is almost
entirely the work of
a very limited number. If stockmnn,
Indood, would learn to rocognlzc
wlthobt fail half a dozen of the wore
dangerous plants their stock would go
through, the year practically un
harmed. 'Many stockmen already pos
seWthls knowledge, but it is also truo
that'sthero are others who do not know
what .plante to avoid or where these
enemies are most likely to be found.
Common names, such as "loco," "poi
son weed" and "parsnip" are used In a
very indefinite way.
Of these plants the clcuta, or wnter
hemlock (Fig. 1), is the only one that
Is dangerous to man. It causes ex
cessive frothing at the mouth, gnash
ing of teeth,' pain and nausea which
result in "Violent convulsions, and oven
death-, It ig poisonous at any season
but doe? most of its damage In the
spring and early summer. For domes
tic animals there .Is no remedy, but an
emetic will frequently save man. It
grows from three tor four feet in
height with a white flower. The root
is the poisonous portion of the plant.
The locos aro porbaps'thp most com
mon of all the more poisonous plants.
There are many varieties, but tho one
Illustrated In figure 2 Is one of the
-worst. It affects horses, cattle and
sheep, causing progressive emaciation
which after a time varying from a few
weeks to two or three years may bring
about starvatfonfef 'the animal ceases
ultimately either to cat qr to drink.
Thorough Cooking .of Uninspected
Meat Will Render It .Safe From
Foot-and-Mouth Infection.
Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.
According to tho specialists of tho
department of agriculture people, even
in states quarantined for the foot-and-mouth
disease, need havo no fear of
eating meat, provided they cook It
thoroughly. The foot-and-mouth dis
ease is not easily communicated to
human beings through food, although
milk from a diseased cow might trans
mit tho disease, to a hunian being. In
tho case of milk, however, pasteuriza
tion will render it entirely safe. Hu
man beings who do get tho disease
commonly get it from direct contact
with a sick animal. It is wisest, there
fore, for peoplo to keep away from all
animals having tho disease, unless
they aro properly provided with rub
ber gloves, coats and boots, and these
aro thoroughly disinfected after each
Visit to tho animals.
In tho caso of meat, as In tho case
of milk, it must bo romombered that
nil herds which actually show tho dis-
caso aro quarantined, and neither milk
nor meat from tho sick an)mals can bo
sold. Sixty per cent of tho meat UBcd
in this country is produced in nearly
SfSbfc federally inspected 'slaughtering
' nnd packing establishments located in
.v-240 cities. In these establishments
no animal is slaughtered;until it has
.(passed fijp ante-mortem inspection and
also a mosi rigia posi-moriem inspec
tion by a veterinarian at tho time of
'find holy writ on papyri
Glasgow Unlvefijty Gets Priceless
ManuccrlptaJOiBcovered by Ex-
plorerSr(J Egypt.
It was. at Oxyrhlncus that tho fa- ."Sayings of Jesus" were re-
c'imtly "found. Tho most important of
v- tho 'papyri Is a fragment of tho fit-
Vs-teontjl and sixteenth chapters of
v , John's gospel, dating from tho end of
'the third century and substantially
eou Arming the readings so largely
r 1 LOP
v I M " V 7a I
mBt 1 1 f .. .. jLV I?, i nt I v viaB jl.4Eat.mFi -r .. J' I
iv i, r w&m i- 'm sA'--!
lkP M ' Lm IP -v 1
.riJilHKH'. 1 XSw a i- ii?lflPiV. 4n stir J
l-fc-fcL. :f K .. W-W.y'. , I
W WJ if VAa4A$3 $8r W JKm? "i
r : i Mfmm w-.s
1 ff ' T&L'W ' XfW.'.
iiW f' hs" M- iHiBK-SN, 1 vimi
i MmiKl fyW
Good food, laxatives, strychnine for
cattlo and Fowler's solution for horses
aro recommended as remedies. All
parts of the plant are poisonous. It
is from six inches to a foot in height
with flowers that vary from pure
white to shades of purple and pink.
The larkspur on the other hand af
fects only cattle. There are two com
mon varieties tho tall larkspur (Fig.
3) and the, low larkspur. Tho tall lark
spur grows from three to seven feet
in height and the low from six inches
to one and one-half feet. The flowers
of both are violet-blue and purple. All
parts of the plant nro poisonous, but
after it has blossomed the poisonous
properties are lost. It is most to be
feared, therefore, in spring and early
summer. The first symptoms are re
peated falling, accompanied by" such
weakness that the animal 1b unable to
rise for some time. When on its feet
It staggers. Nausea and vomiting
come later and death from respiratory
paralysis is apt to be tho outcome.
The affected animals should bo kept
still with their heads up hill and hypo
dermic Injections of cserlne and
whisky administered.
slaughter. After slaughter its meat
cannot leavo the establishment until
it has been carefully examined and
stamped "U. S. Inspected and Passed."
In all these establishments no animal
showing any symptoms whatever of
foot-and-mouth diseaso is allowed to
go to slaughter, and no meat which, on
post-mortem inspection, shows any sus
picious symptoms of this complaint can
be shipped out of tho establishment.
All meat suspected of coming from an
animal suffering with this complaint is
sent, under government seal, to tho
tanks to bo rendered into fertilizer.
Tho federal inspection stamp on meat,
therofore, means that it is entirely
Tho federal government, however,
has no jurisdiction over local slaughter
houses which do not ship meat outsldo
of the state in which it is slaughtered,
if, however, meat from such an animal
did escape from ono of these local
slaughter houses, which are purely un
der state or municipal control, all dan
ger of its communicating the diseaso
to human beings would bo removed
when It is thoroughly cooked and ster
ilized. Those who are located near
an infected region and wish to bo ab
solutely certain of the Bafety of their
moat should cook it thoroughly.
Tho dlBeaso when contracted by
adults is not at all a serious Illness. It
commonly takes the form of slight
fovcr sores in tho mouth and a slight
eruption on tho fingers. In tho caso
of small or sickly children, it may take
a more serious form, especially if com
plicated by other illnesses.
adopted by tho Now Testament re
visers. Tho fragment Is further of Impor
tance as showing the outward form In
which tho Now Testament writings
wero first circulated.
Their contents, it is known, wero
written in parallel columns on rolls
of papyrus In upright letters of a me
dium size, and with no divisions be
tween the words, and without punctu
ation marks, while tho numorous la-
cuno, or' breaks, caused by tho brittle
nature of tho material, are themselves
Sheep find the lupine particularly
dangorous. This plant (Fig. 4) grows
from Ono to two feet in height with
flowerB of a light bluo or bluo-vlolet.
All pods and seeds nre poisonous in
tho lato summer or fall. Sheep suffer
ing from lupine poisoning, show nerv
ousness and weakness. They become
unduly sleepy and Buffer from partial
paralysis and are ultimately taken
with convulsions which lead to death.
The jygandenus, or death camas
(Fig. 5) is also particularly dangerous
to sheep, but it nffects horses and cat
tle as well. All parts of tho plant aro
poisonous but tho seed especially so.
Frothing at the mouth, vomiting,
trembling, with spasmodic gasping for
breath are symptoms of this poison
ing. It is not unusual for tho animal
to lie for days beforo death relieves
it. Tho color of the flower Is greenish
yellow, the plant growing from four
inches to ono nnd one-half feet In
If stockmen will familiarize them
sclveo with tho appcaranco of these
plants and with tho symptoms thnt
they cause it is believed that they can
safeguard their herds from them
without serious difficulty. Bulletins
describing in detail some of tho plants
nave already been Issued by tho
United States department of agricul
ture and will bo sent free on applica
tion whljo tho department's supply
lasts. The plants already described
are thoso which It Is most necessary
to avoid.
Spider's Wonderful Web.
The spider is so repulsive as to
cause a shudder in thoso who look
upon It, and It is of no uso in tho
world except for destruction of flies
and other detestable insects, all mak
ing for a population that no army of
splderB can exterminate. Tho house
wife and all tho rest of mankind may
execrate mo mes, but thoy would
rather havo a million flies than ono
spider; yet this infinitely disgusting
creation of incomprehensible naturo
produces a thread and with magical fa
cility flings it into wonderful web
forms which baffle all explanation of
tho geometrician.
Few of tho curiosities of tho myriad
insect world are so marvelous as tho
spinning of, tho apider and tho silk
worm. Many attempts havo been made
to utilize the spider for tho produc
tion of silk,, but tho worm remains
the almost absolute monopolist, though
artificial silks are made from cotton
and other material by an expensive
treatment which nro claimed to bo
equal to tho real article in luster
and elasticity.
Mineral Product of Washington.
Tho value of tho mlnoral products
of Washington, according to tho
United States geological survey, in
creased from $15,347,313 in 1912 to
$17,678,743 In 1913.
convincing evidence of tho ease with
which errors In copying would arise
during tho earliest period In the his
tory of tho text.
Tho second document, dating from
tho fifth contury, Is an amulet or
charm, probably worn around tho
neck, as It was tightly folded up and
tied with a string.
May De Made Big Industry.
In tho Philippines thb government Is
making great effortB to improve tho
quality of tobacco grown there.
I -" !,&i' " l
1 3uvrey3'ir 1
Home and Forelon Intelligence Con
densed Into Two and Four
Line Paragraphs.
Tho first shipment of cotton from
tho United States bound for Germany
sinco the war began has reached Rot
terdam. A report from Fredrichshafen by
way of Geneva suys that In tho roccnt
Drltish aerinl raid on Cuxhavcn ono
of tho latest super-Zoppollns was de
stroyed by bombs.
Tho loss of tho French submnriuo
Curie is confirmed. Tho Curio wns
engaged in an attempt against tho
warships at tho Austrian naval baso
of Pola and ventured there alono.
Tho Belgian borders have boon
closed by tho German administration
to all persons except those holding
Bpeclal military passes. This mensuro,
It Is understood, hns been taken to
prevent csplonago.
Four German neroplanes flow sever
al times over tho city 'of Dunkirk,
dropping bombs as thoy wont. Sol
diers in tho streets fired on tho ma
chines and ono tube seemed to bo hit,
but all got safely away.
Italy lias ordered tho crulsor Cala
bria at Beirut, Syria, to render any
necessary aid to tho American Crulsor
Nortli Carolina should thero bo furthor
demonstrations against tho departuro
of Europeans from Turkish territory.
Tho British government, through
tho naval and military authorities,
apparently fearing a raid over British
towns by German 'airships, has issued
a warning to the peoplo to take to
cover should tho sound of firing bo
Tho Russian government has author,
lzed tho official nows agency to de
ny in the most categorical manner tho
statement that Russia has ceded to
Japan half the island of Sakhalan, in
exchange for heavy artillery. It 1b as
serted that Che report is absolutely un
founded. Total lossos to Scandinavian ship
ping through mine disasters wero as
follows up to mid December: Sweden,
eight ships and Blxty lives; Denmark,
six vessels and ix lives; Norway,
five vessels and six Uvea; Holland
threo vessels and fifteen lives. Tho
total, financial Ipsa for tho twenty
two ships and their cargoes will roach
nearly ?1Q,000,000.
The United States has Invited
tho South and Central America gov
ernments to send representatives to
Washington to confer with tho treas
ury department officials and American
financiers on financial and commer
cial problems arising from tho Euro
pean war, with tho idea of bringing
tho two continents into closer com
mercial relations.
From 10 to 11 o'clock in tho morn
ing nnd from 10 to 11 o'clock at
night aro tho hours whon a boy or
girl can do tho best work In school,
according to Prof. Frank E. Lako of
Boston, who spoko boforo tho Na
tional Commercial Teachers' feder
ation at Chicago,
More than 1R0 prominent prelates
of tho Catholic church throughout
Minnesota, Wisconsin and North nnd
South Dakota, paid honor to tho right
Rev, James McGolrlck at a dinnor at
tho Kltchi Gamml club at Duluth, in
celebration of the twenty-fifth anni
versary of his consecration to tho
bishopric of Duluth.
Republican leaders of Minnesota,
seeking rehabilitation of tho party In
this state, met at St. Paul and per
fected an organization to ho known
as the Republican league, elected tem
porary officers, issued various plans
for strengthening tho party, and de
cided to hold a state convention not
later than July 1, 1915.
Tho Yaqul river in Southern Sono
ra has gone on a rampage drowning
Btock, washing away bridges, doBtroy
ing crops, farming Improvements and
Irrigation ditcheB. Tho inhabitants
have sought safety in tho hills
Seven persons wero killed nnd
many othors Injured In a train colli
sion recently on tho Orcat Eastern
railway near Irford, flvo miles from
London. Somo of the railroad cars
wero reduced to spllntors. Tho vic
tims of to accident aro" mostly city
clerks. .
Brigadier General Robert Henry
Hall, retired veteran of tho civil and
tho Spanish wars, died at Chicago.
Ho was born In Dotjoit sovonty-sovon
years ago.
It is stated by Chicago charity peo
plo that ono-tcnth of tho population
of that city receives public charity.
Mrs. Margnrtto Snyder of Rockford,
III., wob sentenced to four years In
tho penitentiary for conspiracy to de
fraud tho cfltnto of John Robert of
Tacoma. Her claim as granddaugh
ter or Robert wns thrown out of
Rules of conduct of amateur ath
letes, tho violation of which will bo
cousldorcd unsportsmanlike, ungentlo
mnnly and dishonorable, wore recom
mended by a special committee ift tho
athlotlc resoarch soclotj in annual
session at Chicago.
Tho utilities buroau, througji which
It is proposed that municipalities
throughout tho country may co-oporta
In exchanging data concerning rates,
sorvlco standards and cost fnctorB In
public utilities, was permanently or
ganized nt Philadelphia.
As a Now Year greeting to its 2,000
employes tho Twin City Rapid transit
company of St Paul, Minn., an
nounced that a pension plan provid
ing retirement on practically half pay
at the age tit G5 years, has boon
adopted, together with plans for ac
cident, sickness and denth benefits.
"If the natlonnl government wishes
tho various states to mnintnin a citi
zen soldiery, It should furnish a great
er incentive to tho young inon of tho
country to become soldiers," Govor
nor Dunno of Illinois said, in address
ing tho officers of tho Illinois Na
tional guard, who went to Springfield
to pay tholr annual Now Year's call
on tholr commander-in-chief,
Tho sum of $2,430,000 was obtained
for Wcllesloy collogo in tho fourteen
months just ended, according to a
statoment given out by tho treasurer,
Lewis K. Morse, at Boston. Of tho
amount, $430,000, including a condi
tional pledgo of $200,000 from tho
general educational board was raised
boforo tho flro of March 17, 1914,
when collogo hall was burned. Tho
remntnlng $2,000,000 includes nplodge
from tho Rockefeller foundation of
For tho second tlmo within a -week
a robber was killed at St. Louis by
tho storekeeper, whom ho tried to
hold up. Tho dead man was identi
fied as Charles Tozer, a pollco charac
ter, 30 years old, Ho waB killed by
Gcorgo Vasleoplous, a restaurant
owner, vyhllo two accomplices wero at
tempting to empty tho cash register.
Tozer entered tho restaurant with
leveled rovolvor and drovo tho owner
and a patron Into tho kitchen. Thero
Vnaleoplous seized his own rovolvor
from a shelf and shot tho robber as
ho ontored tho kitchen door, Tozer
died In tho arms of a policeman at
tracted by tho shot His accomplices
Another warning wbb given by Ufo
State department to AmoricanB con
templating travel abroad that thoy
must provide themselves with proper
The Interstate Commerce commis
sion haB ordered a hearing to bo hold
at Omaha on January 14 in tho case
of Abel Roberts againBt tho Missouri
Pacific Railroad company.
American farms during 1914 eclipsed
all records for combined valuo of tholr
products, with a total of almost ton
billion dollars, announced Secrotary
Houston, of the department of agricul
ture. Advancs of approximately 2 cents
a hundred pounds in tho froight ratos
on cement from all tho principal ce
ment-producing points west of tho
Mississippi rlvor In trunk lino terri
tory, were sustained In part by tho
interstate commerce commission.
A bill to authonzo tho legislature
of Hawaii to extend tho right of ouf
frago to women was Introduced in tho
houso by Delegate Kalanlanolo. Tho
measure would permit tho legislature
to submit tho question to a popular
Nearly half a million dollars was
spent by candidates of all parties last
November In the first popular oloction
of United States senatorB in the his
tnrv of tho Kovornment, To bo oxact
$400,777.25 represents the total of
sworn statements filed with tho flee
rotary of senatorial honors from thlr-ty-ono
Woman Buffragists who called on
Representative Henry, chairman of
tho house rules commlttoo, learnod
that tho proposed suffrage constitu
tional amondment probably would bo
voted on In tho houso January 12. Mr.
Henry said ho expected to see the
amendmont defeated by moro than a
two-thirds vote.
Venozuola has formally proposed to
all tho neutral governments of Europe
and Asia, aa well as tho two Ameri
cas, that a conferonco bo hold in
Wnshlngton to rovlso or supplement
tho rules of International law respect
ing tho rights of noutrals In tho pros-
cnt war.
Tho German government has noti
fied tho Btato department that Ameri
can consuls in Bolglum must bo nc
ceptablo to tho Gormannnllltary au
thorities, and that it is desirable that
Borne of tho consuls bo withdrawn.
Nebraska Laws Are' Considered Far
In Advance of Laws In Many
Other States
Lincoln. Stato Food Commissioner
C. E. Hnrman says In his bionnal re
port to Governor Morehend that the
statp food, drug, dairy and oil commis
sion of which ho Is tho head, has had
plenty of fundB to onforco the laws
and that tho laws aro now genorally
obeyed. Mon In business bb well as
tho public npprovo tho state laws. Tho
greater portion of tho tlmo of inspec
tors 1b now dovoted to tho proper san
itary protection of food products in
their manufacture, distribution and
Balo. Adulteration and fraud and de
ception hnro almost wholly ceased.
Tho Nobraska laws aro considered far
In advance of tho laws of many1 other
states tuid other wtntea orton copy
from them. Nebraska was among tho
first states to placo a "not weight"
law on Its statuto books.
.Commissioner Hnrman makes fow
recommendations. Ho will, however,
have ono or two amendatory bills In
troduced in the coming legislature Ho
desires un amendment to bettor tho
quality of cream produced In this state
by having It Bold on a basis of quality
Instead of a basis of quantity.
Should Be Declared a Felony,
In regard to proaecutlonB tho com
mission says his inspectors filed 165
complaints in tho past two years and
socurod Judgments In favor of the
etalo In all but ono caso, and two
cases are still pending.
Commloslon for Belgian Relief.
At a meotlng called by Governor
Morehead about forty mayors of cltloa
or tholr representatives mot In the
executive olllceB and organized tho
Nebraska Commission for Belgian Re.
lief, J. E. Miller of Lincoln was elect-'
od president of tho organization, Earl
D. Malloy of, Alllanco, secretary. It Is.
probablo that tho legislature will be
asked to furnish only enough monoy
for clerk hlro BUfllclont to run tho
headquarters so that all donations
mado njay go direct and In full to
tholr destination. An oxecutlvo com
mlttea will bo nppojntcd by tho presi
dent and a proclamation issued to tho
peoplo so that all doBlrlng to donate
anything of valuo will know how to
Travelers Invito Governor.
Governor Morehead has received an
invitation to speak at tho national
mooting or tho travolere' protective
association, an oganlzatlon which Ib
to meet in Omalm Juno 14. Tho Invl
tation was extended In porson by
Gcorgo B, Begorow of Omaha of tho
program committee. An ofTort will be
mado to Induce Presldont Wilson to
epenk at tho meeting.
Q. A. R. Want $15,000 Appropriated.
At tho recent sosslon of tho oxecut
lvo officers of the Grand Army of tho
Republic of Nebraska, It was decided
to ask tho leglalaturo to appropriate
$15,000 to bo applied on railroad faro
for survlvorB of tho battle of Vlcks
burg who may doslro to attend tho an
nlversary of that battle.
Number of Silos More Than Doubled.
Tho number of silos In Boxbutto
County was moro than doubled during
tho past season following an excursion
made by farmers and business mon.
As tho result of tills event, five stave
silos and nlno pit silos wero built. It
Is reported, also, that several other
farmers aro expecting to erect silos
for next season's use.
Alliance City of First Class.
Alllanco is now a city of tho first
class. Governor Morehead has Issued
a proclamation declaring that as the
population of Alllanco waB shown to
bo over tho proscribed number of 5,
000, It wns entitled to .the honor of be
ing placed In that category.
Nebraska Corn Show.
A complete program of tho winter
corn show will soon bo 'distributed by
Prof. P. Joslah Chaso, corn show su
perintendent. The corn Bhow will be
open to the public at the Lincoln audi
torium during tho week of organized
agriculture, January 18-23.
Before Supreme Court.
Validity of Omaha's ordinance, re
quiring public service corporations
to olevato their overhead wires when
ever required to do bo by houso mov
ers, Is to bo tried by tho supreme
Wants Veterinarian In Cattle Region.
Robert Graham of Alllanco callod
on Govornor Morehead to ask that
two veterinarians employed by the
stato bo retained In tho cattle region
of tho northwestorn "part of tho state
whore tho scab oxlsts among cattle,
Tho government has been doing much
to orndlcato this parasitic diseaso, but
tho region Is Btlll under quarantine.
Tho governor said ho would try to
Induce tho stato board of sanitary
livestock commissioners to retain two
inspectors thero ponding action by
tho legislature.