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Baptists Hold Animal Meeting
Tho annual meeting of the Baptist
church was held Wednesday evening
at the church and is reported tho most
most successful yet held by that
church. Rev. H. J. Walker of Kear
ney delivered an address on the sub
ject "Tho Mission of n Church" and
special music was furnishod by Mr.
and Mrs. C. II. Leiningcr and a trio.
A fine supper was served by the la
dles of tlio church in tho early even
ing, 'itov. Walker gave a lino nddrcso on
his subject with the threo principal
points' as follows: "Tho church must
holft tho truth, the chun: , must In
tensify tho truth, and the - rch must
scaftor tho truth abroad
Tho annual report shb..u that thv.
church has collected ove.r two thous
and dollars in tho uast year for tho
carrying on of tho work In this city.
Everything Is In good shape and they,
are prepared to mako this next year
tho best in tho lilslory of tho church.
A plan was adopted at this meeting
tp double tho mcmbcnmlp of both tho
church and Sunday school within tho
next year and tho Sunday Bbhool
lipro will enter Into a contest with the
Kearney Sunday school In a plan to
:,ncrc1iffo tlie membership. The contest
will continue for n period of thrco
months or until one side getB 13,000
"points. Tho loBing sldo will present
jlo winning Sunday school with a
ijlne silken banner.
&Omcers for tho coming year wero
IvOlccctcd ns follows; Trustees Lemuel
Tool and Wesley Iloso; treasurer, N.
E; Loudon; flnnncial secretary, Hay
McCann; clerk, Hilda Andorson; Sun
day school superintendent, Ell Han
sen; assistant superintendent, Mrs-.
Robert Owens; Sunday school organist
4 Mrs. S. Ralston; Sunday school sec-
retary, Gustav Dahlstrom, assistant,
OJIfford RahlBtrom; chorister, Marjor
io Campbell; superintendent primary
department, Mrs. A. C. Howard; cra
dlo roll. Mr3. Ralph Tyler; beglnnors,
Mrs. N. E Louden; home department,
Where Did Money
You pcoplo without a chocking ac-cout-
can you tell from memory where"
lastinmntn' money yjjontfa jj? .
iVour,, neighbor wla ehecjyng ac
count" can look at his check book
stubs and tollsiacairatoly his ovory
expenditure, ofjiniportunco.
If It Is'nipeVploxlng thing' tp remem
ber whero you, paid .gut money in tho
pust, try a Plulfo Vallny State Bank
Checking Account, This "w HI give
you a record of today'.? payments a
month from nowor as much longer
as you caro to keop tho check stubs
for reforonco.1
1 .
The Platte Valley State f Bank
"-x h PJatn,
i :
9 i
I tf '"'"W"'" MHIITiTTiTTIli
But when you examine our goods you will be more
surprised than ever, We sell the best harness made.
All hand made in our own shop and positively guar
anteed. Our prices the most reasonable you can find.
Here's the place. We give satisfaction. First class
work done on Shoe Repairing.
Headquarters for Horses' Wearing Apparel
512 Locust Street. North Platte, Nebraska.
Eat Alfalfa Queen Butter
It is Aiwa s Frosh and Sweet
Can be bought Anywhere in North Platto.
Wade by the
North Platte Creamery
W alao sell Good Clean Buttermilk Phone 62.
Miss Cora Brockott. Tho financial
committee, tho missionary committee,
tho vigilance commlttco and tho sick
cotnmittco wore also olectcd.
Fourth Number of tho Lecture Course,
Tho fourth number of tho lecturo
course will bo given Friday evening,
January 15th at tlio Presbyterian
church and will bo ono of the best
numbers ou tho courso. Miss M. Beryl
M Buckloy, reader, will glvo tho ov
cnlng's entertainment and she will
offer a rare treat In tho way of read
ing Harold Boll Wright's "Shepherd
of tho Hills."
Miss Buckloy spent ono summer in
tho Ozark country to get material for
this reading and is well prepared,
Sho prepared her reading whilo in
tho homo of "Mat and Ann Molly" who
re mentioned in tho ctory.
Twtf'Ovcrconts Stolon
Tho local officers arc on tho lookout
for a stranger, who is described as
being of medium holght and build,
for stealing two fur overcoats from
tho North Sldo bam. Tho man was
seen hanging around the barn for sov
oral days and finally disappeared.
Shortly after his disappearance two
fur toato woro mlBscd. Other officers
in nearby townB have been notified
in an effort to apprehend tho suppos
ed thief.
The ladles' auxiliary of tho Baptist
church are now preparing a mission
ary pageant which will bo presented
in tho near future. It will bo In tho
naturo of tho reproduction of Ellis Is
land and will glvo a concoptlvo history
of the coming of tlto immigrants. This
will bo something that will bo of
interest to overy American and should
bo well supported. Full announce
ment will bo maUo later. n
Wo dcslro to express our slnccro
thanks to our friends and neighbors
for their kind usslstanco during tho
illness and a'j thOvfunoral of our
mother, tho lato Mrs. Mary Ell, and for
tho beautiful floral tributes.
1. II, Boltncr of Overton Is In tho
city to attend tho poultry show. Mr.
Boltnor Js a chicken fancier and has a
flno pen o'f birds on exhibit.
Ga a Month Agd?
Thco. N. Vail, President.
' .
RECEIVED AT 32 OM CN 73 NL 3 extra dont count QNS
Omaha Nebr Jan 5th 1916.
R A Garman, Mgr Keith theatre
North Platte Nebr
The sensational drama "Today" was presented at the
Brandies theatre last night before the largest audience of
tho season and our theatre goers were unanimous In de
claring it tho most thrilling play they had seen in years
with tho greatest acting company that has ever visited
Omaha. You can go the limit, in your praise .of this at
traction for It will be many a day before another such
comes your way.
Mgr Brandies Theatre.
915 pm
George Outhard of Paxton was visit
ing In the city yesterday with friends.
Tho Indian card club will meet to
morrow afternoon with Mrs'. Fred
Waltemath, west Third street
Attorney W. V. Hoagland left tills
morning for Sidney to attend tho Ir
rigation meeting that is being held
thoro this week.
C. W. Breahm of Harvard is in tho
city for a few days Judging the ex
hibits at the poultry nnd pet stock
sliow. Ho is a specialist In .that line.
Miss Marie McCabo and Arthur Mc
Cabo left tho early part of the week
for their respective schools, the for
mer for Notro Dame, Ind., and the
latter for St. Marys, Kan.
"Wo Issue today a "short story" edi
tion, which we have found in tho past
to bo very much appreciated by read'
era of fiction. You will also notice
that this issue consists of fourteen
E. Stono, a formor North Platte
railroad man and a brother of our
former citizen, Norman Stone, visited
friends hero tho early part of this
wook. He is now employed as en
gineer 'on an Oregon road.
' Christian Science Society Sunday,
11:00 am. Subject "Sacrament."
Sunday Bc'haal 12 m, Wednesday ey
onlng meetings every week ox 8:00
o'clock Building &t Loan bujjdln,gi
room 25.
Tlie ladles Rowena circle fpf the
Yeoman lodge will meet Tuesday af
ternoon, January 12th, with Mrs. J.
A. Salisbury. AU members yrqr re
quested to be present and brng a
District Stord Keeper D. W. Roberts
atad Division Storo Keeper W. S. Wil
math leffi, yesterday for Juiesburg,
Col. The old coal chutes at that place
ard being torn down and these men
went to look after saving the usable
parts of them.
Mrs. Ed Dedrlck very pleasantly en
tertained the Et-A-Virp club Tuesday
afternoon at kcnslngton, At the close
of tho afternoon nice refreshments
wero served by tho hostess. The club
will meet Januarjf lJtli with Mrs.
John Dick.
Attorney P. It. Halligan Paul G.
Meyer, Hershoy S. Welch and Conrad
Walker leave today for Lexington to
attend the suit of tho Kratz-Craig
Co. vs tho City of Cozad. The case is
tho result of a controversy over the
payment of monoy for the construc
tion of a city water plant which was
recently built by tho plaintiffs for the
City of Cozad.
To Hold Joint Installation
Joint installation will be held Mon
day evening at tho K. of P. hall by tho
local lodgo of A. O. U. W. and tho De
gree of Honor. All membors of both
lodges aro urged to bo present. The
members of the A. O. U. W. are asked
to bring their wives and If they have
havo no wives they can bring lady
friends. Each mombcr of tho Degree
of Honor can bring a friend
Odd FcllovtH Install Officers.
A largo numbor attended tho in
stallation of ofllcors which was held
last evening by the Odd Fellows at
their hall. District Deputy John E.
Evans had chargo of tho work and In
stalled tho ofllcors.
Tho following officers wero Install:
cd: Noblo grand, J. H. McKale; vice
grand, l g. Reclor; secretary J.
Guy Swopo; treasurer, E. S. Davis;
R. S. N. G., J. S. Hoagland j L. S. N. G.,
S M Souder; R. S. V. O. E. W. Wright;
L. S, V G., Fred Wendeborn; wardenV
A.'S. Allen; inside guardian, Jas. A.
Decker; outside, gunrdlan, Fred C.
Potorson; chaplain, Dean J. J. Bow
kor; R. S. S., W. II, Ingles; 'l. S. S.,
J. G. Palmer.
Est raj ed Animnl Taken Up.
Taken up December 25, 1914 one
black maro colt, star In forehead, bad
cut on loft hind leg. Owner" call '"
Bame and puy tor this notice
802 .west 12th St.
Items from Sutherland Free Lance
John Frye, for nearly thirty years
a resident of this neighborhood, pass
ed away Wednesday morning at tho
homo of his daughter, Mrs. W. S,
Cokcr, in Sutherland, at the ago of 82
years For several months his health
had been failing steadily.
C. E. Peterson has "purchased the
drug storo of A. F. Wakeman at Pax
ton and Is now in chargo of the busi
ness. Mr, and Mrs. Rolland Co'cklo of
North Platte Jiavo been visiting with
homo folks this week. Mrs. Cocklo
was formerly Miss Ruby Collins who
resided hero several years ago, and
they were married in Kansas City
January first.
W. H. Shuler Informs us that It Is
his intention to depart within a few
days for Los Angeles with tho expec
tation of finding a permanent loca
him. Misses MacKay and Huffman of
North Platto delighted their hearers
with their recital hero Friday even
ing, Tho young ladles gave a good
entertainment and were deserving of
a much larger audience.
Down at North Pla,tte a, Greek who
chases a woman around town is given
a fine of ten plunks., Down souli If
an American nigger cuts , any didoes
around a, white woman his fine Js
paid on tho other side of Jordan if
Collarcits RO Fcr Cent
Sets 03 1-51 Per Cent
ajiu mix
COST 6,000,000 MEN
Statisticians "havo estimated .tluit
five months of the greatest war of
history have, cost the nations, involved
6,000,0,00 men (killed, wounded and
captured) and $7,000,000,000, These
figures are subdivided as follows.
Great Britain Eight hundnrd offi
cers killed, 4,000 wounded; 15,000 men
killed, 50,000 wounded, 25,00 missing.
France Total casualltles. 1,100,000,
of whom 180,000 havo been klllCd.
RusBla Total casualltles, 1,800,00,
of whom 220,000 havo been killed.
Belgium Thirty thousand killed,
58,000 wounded, 35,000 captured.
Servla Total casualltles 170,000;
said by Austria to liave been enptured
Gormauy 250,000 killed, 850,000
wounded, 400,000 missing.
Austria Total casualltles, 1,500,000
of whom 160,000 have been "killed.
Expenses :
Great Britain Two hundred and
twenty-flvo million dollars a month,
a total of $1,225,000,444 at tho end of
tho year,
Franco Threo" hundred million dol
lars a month, a total of $1,500,000,000.
Russia Three hundred and fifty
million dollars a month, a total of $1,
750,000,000. Germany Thrco hundred million dol
lars a month, a total of $1,500,000,000
In addition to paying tho expenses of
her ally, Turkey.
Austria Estimated to total $1,000,'
In addition, all the warring nations
aro said to liave lost perhaps as much
as they havo spent by tho paralyza
tlon of commerce and Industry.
A girl was born Wednesday to Mr.
and Mrs. ThomaB Jeffries.
Attorney J. G. Beelor left yesterday
morning for SIdnoy where ho is sched
uled to speak at tho Irrigation meet
ing which is being held by western
Nebraska irrigators.
Elbert Hanklns, of Kolth county,
was transacting business at tho court
house Wednesday, Ho remained hero
for n visit of a few days with friends.
Nlok Adamy of tho Stnpleton vl-clnlty-as
visiting friends in tho city
today. Ho formerly operatod tho
bowling alloys hero.
Woahor forecast for North Platto
and vicinity: Fair tonight and Sat
urday, warmer tonight. Highest tcm-
peraturo yesterday 35, a year ago 50
Lowest temperature last night-10, a
year ago 31
Getting at
A Secret
Jim Hathaway nnd 1 wero not only
chums, but occupied rooms In the same
bachelor apartment house. Jim was
a secretive chap and especially fond of
making n mystery of what was un
ordinary happening. 1 poked fun nt
him for doing so, but this seemed to
hnvo no effect in (stopping him from
continually trying to Impress me with
his ability to do things without my
having any knowledge of them. Then
when tho denouement cnnic he would
assume an air of superiority ns much
ns to say, "I don't go about blabbing
of ray affairs."
There cume u time when 1 believed
that Jim had nn affair on hand with u
girl. The reason Vby I camo to this
conclusion was that he began to show
n contempt for women. "The best
thing a fellow can do with a girl," he
would sny. "is to let her ulone. By
doing so he avoids the espouse of the
ater tickets nnd flowers, only to And
out later that she's cucouraglng somo
other fellow " I was not Interested In
Jim's love nffalrs, but I saw no reason
why he should take pains to deceive
inu In tlio matter However. It did
nut trouble me that lie thought proper
to do so I wu very fond of him
nnd considered his Idiosyncrasy of ho
real Importance, not doubting but that
1 had others myself just as absurd.
Jim and I occupied common living
room, and one evening when we were
about to go out to dinner together Jim
picked up an envelope that had been
loft by the postmnn during the day,
unsenled, jind took out n booklet ad
vertising some kind of goods. I no
ticed him looking nt it, or somo part
of It, with apparent interest: then he
tossed it in the wastebnsket
The next morning I happened togo
to that same wastebnsket to recover a
bit of paper I had thrown In It con
taining nn address. 1 stumbled on the
envelope containing tho advertisement
and noticed that It was addressed In a
feminine hand. I thought nothing of
this, since girls are usually employed
to address advertising matter, and was
huutlug on for my paper when I raked
up tho advertisement.' It gave-n list
of articles that would alone Interest a
womnn. This set me to thinking why
it should have been addressed to.a
man. While meditating ou this I no
ticed some lend pencil marks on the
booklet, They were 8,10. 7.
i Now, had It not been for what 1
have said about Jtm and hl3 mysteries
It would not have occurred to mo that
these figures were not merely some
thing put there by somo unknown per
son "for Bome very ordinary purpose,
but intended for a cipher. First, ad
vertisements 6f especial interest to wo
men nre ircP'Usually mailed to men.
This suggested that tho booklet had
beeu received1 by' a woman and had
beett used for cipher purposes by tho
recipient. Wlmt bettoj-method forcc-m-1
munlcatlon conld Whether
the figures had a meaning or not I re
solved that If 1 ever got a girl whose
parents would not permit me to visit
her I would use this plan of communi
cation. I tried hard not to pry into Jim's af
fairs, but the puzzle was too fascinat
ing for mo to let alone. Besides, thero
was the temptation to beat Jim at his
own game. What 8. 10. 7 meant
haunted mo till I hit upon tho fact that
tho present month waB August, tho
eighth month in tho year. Tho present
day was tho 12th. Did not tho fig
ures contain an appointment? If so, It
was for Aug. 10 at half past 7 (proba
bly In the evening).
I could not quite bring myself to
shadow my friend on thut evening, but
during the next month or so I noticed
that he received a number of. adver
tisements on which thero were lead
pencil marks. I did not try to de
cipher any of them, Indeed, I had not
deliberately tried to decipher the first
one. I had come upon it by accident
It had got into my head and I couldn't
get it out till I had solved It What 1
did was to b'uy n wedding present nnd
I II lAa.v Yln y-ivsiilrl nnn 4t TTn tiff la
,,V""u'",,,r.7"D" ""'..
auovo asmng me wuut n. wua iur, u i
told hlm.that It was for a friend who
was ubout to bo married, adding that
I could not name the person since the
engagement was n secret
Tho reason why I counted on Jim's
coming marriage was that it is difficult
If not Impossible for two men to live
together oue of whom is engaged with
out tho other knowing it
Jim never told me of Ills eugugeineut
till a couple of weeks befoio tho wed
ding. There had been no reason what
over for tho secrecy attending tho af
fair except such as influoucps youug
couples In similar cases and Jim's ldlo
svnerasv. Tho girl's parents wero i
"l '
much pleased with tho m.uch, and
.rif." "JL?T
iuviuum.j, "" ;',"-';-.": ,""
irom wo iuhkui, urn, iic mpu " "
bo his beet man, and It was proper
that ho should glvo mo timely uotice.
Tho evening before tho-vjveddlng 1
carried the wedding gift I had pro
cured to tho bride's homo. Jim was
there, and when l opened the box In
Which It was contained Jim stnrted ns
if he hnd been shot I laughed, ex
plained the joke to the bride, nnd we
nil laughed together. But I kept them
wondeilng for many months before 1
told them how I had got on to their
That cured my mend ot mumng rays
terles out or very small things. Ever
nftorward he was frankness to pcrfec
tion As for his wife, I doubt If she
had ever been so troubled.
Edward Wllklns was n farmer boy
who when ho was but seven years old
showed signs of a towering ambition.
Even nt that, tender age ho discerned
that, while there were n number of
sources of power, tho ono that covered
tho widest field was wealth. Atuny
rate, ho saw persons living in tine
houses and driving about In Btyle, and
ho not only envied them, but resolved
that as soou as he was able to accumu
late money It should bo tho object of
his life.
When lidward was fourteen ho said
goodby to his father and mother and
went to the city to begin n career. Be
ing bright nnd ready nt nil times for
work, ho found a situation and not only
kept it, but advanced rapidly. As he
grow older there Was no dcslro in
him for money In Itself, but for tho
power nndjromlnenco it would glvo
him. Except for tho first few years
ho spent In tho citylio did not accumu
late by saving. Tho, fortuno thai came
to him was the result rather of daring
operations, for which ho seemed to
have n genius.
After nwbllo Edward Wllklns had ac
cumulated so much money that it seem
ed imposslblo ho shoilld ever bo poor.
His safety lay In having so much capi
tal that, ho could carry through any
sebemo ho undertook. If ho wished to
buy all the corn In tho country and
hold It at his own prlco ho was nblo to
do so Did he choose to buy a rail
way be could first depress tho stock,
then purchase it arid hold-It nt his own
Wilklns had no ih-alre to exercise tho
power his wealth uiu- lilin. no was
content with know iiig that he posseua
ed It Ho did not care for political
preferment; ho took no interest In In
fluencing the courso of tho government
When the great financier was forty
years of age ho had reached thesum
mlt of his nmbitiou. Ho had acquired
enormous power through his wealth,
but since tho 'exercise of that poWer
would give him no enjoyment bo bad
come to the end of his desire. Ho was
liko Alexander, who complained be
cause thcro were no mora kingdoms to
When nn active brain tires of whnt
baa occupied and fed It thero comes
a craving for something to tako its
, place." One such person will spend
years building n sumptuous residence,
which is moro likely to bo a sepulchcr
than it bome. Another will turn au
thor, taking comfort In giving t6 the
world theories for which It has no use.
Wllklns, now that ho had reached bis
goal in hnlf d lifetime, began to won
der what would bo thd"end of tho oth
er half. After n continued rlso to the
summit Would ho descend again to end
his career in the valley?
One thing he had lived long enough
to recognize Life appeared to him a
constant shifting. Nothing seemed to
Cn( un,cM ,t' wfts ,nan,mat0( nnd
. , . . . contlnn-
ally changing Its form. Thero were
mountains where theie had been vol-
leys and valleys where thero had been
mountains Cities had been buried for
centuries, forgotten, then uncovered to
serve as curiosities. Whole sections
of land had slid down into the sea and
passed out of sight
Whnt would become of big great for
tune? He knew that after his death
it would pass baclrinto thogreatocean
of wealth, "But would he retain it for
the rest of his life? Now that he had
achieved it ho no longer valued It and
cared not so much what was to bo
come of it ns what was to become of
him. Enough to glvo him tho ordinary
comforts essential to old ago was all ho
desired. But that much was of great
moment to' him.
Ono night bo dreamed a vivid dream.
Ho dreamed that ho returned to tho
farm and was a boy again. Yet he
possessed all the experience bo had ac
quired. His ambition was gone. He
said to himself: 'Here I am, and here
I wish to remain. My body Is not as
It was, full of life. It Is tired. All I
dcslro Is rest'
1 It was a strange dream, this old
- -,,,, Tf ,.!
spirit in n young body It made . a
marked impression on him nt the time,
but gradually passed out of his mind
with other forgotten things.
When Wllklns found that bo had at
tained his deslro ho bethought himself
what ho could do to replaco tho object
ho had lost Like many other rich men
under similar circumstances, ho decid
ed to build himself n magnificent resi
dence. Ho had long owned tho farm
on which ho had been born. His fa
ther and mother had died there, and
ho had no uso for tho place. So tho
houso was shut up and tho land left
unfilled, though ho gave orders that
1m hnnnn nnA rnniwo shnlllll Ixv kfinfr
. b
S'gmnlnrg; tholaco ho was about to
'build would mark his enu.
Ho spent a year on designs for bis.
residence, then began to build. Four
years passed, nnd It wob hot finished.
Indeed, bo did not wish It finished.
Ho clung to building it for something
to occupy him. When It was complete,
nnd ho moved In ho seemed lost in it
It was big enough for a hundred fnml-. "
lies, and thoro was only himself to S
uso It ' '
Ono day wbou ho felt ill and tired
and lone v hoconcluued to go
included to go to' the
farm. Ho hndJnof'been thero In mapy
vnro. Tim vlnw In front of tho house
, ho una nlwaya oyed, nnd he sat dow
0Q tno (Uo I)orcu t0 Jook nt ,t t
a,hen ne remembered Ills drenm. - 4?
H(J nevcr eft thf3 plnco of nl $,;
In a few wecka heJed v - -
i I
.!'" Wi