The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, January 08, 1915, Image 11

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Afternoon Gown of Taffeta
1,542 Fires During Year Just Ended,
Total Loss In Last Flvo Year's
Nine Million.
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1 Walls of ancient Scarborough castle damaged by tho shells. 2 One of tho beautiful residences wrecked;
It was hero a woman and a postman were killed. 3 Wreckage of a house In which were found four persons killed.
4 Two girls searching In tho ruins of the upper story of their home for some of their belongings.
Since a young Gorman In Now
shipments for Europe are carefully
Belgian soldier crawling from
receive a packet of chocolate from
,maais!m Hijm' t hWBar um
Ono of tho wrecked guns of the
mission by the Japanese slego guns.
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Orleans attempted to ship an Infernal
searched. The photograph shows tho
his bombproof shelter In tho trenches to
his commanding officer.
litis fort at Tslng Too put out of com
machine on a British mule transport all
examination of cotton baleB with the
Cyril Asqulth, son of tho British
premier, is at Hempstead Heath, ono
of tho great British mobilization
camps, drilling with tho Queen'o West
minsters, of which ho is second lieu
tenant. Tho photograph shows him
going through the "setting up" exer
cise. Japanese Dolls.
Tho land of the cherry blossom Is
tho modern paradise for dolls' so far
as housing them Is concorned. Tho
homo of tho Httlo lady of tho obi
Is completed down to tho pen and Ink
and writing pad with' which, no doubt,
sho Indites hor lovo notes. And if
thero Ib anything In toyland moro
fetching than a baby Japaneso doll,
chubby, rosy and serene, this chron
icler does not know Just what it la,
" HHyBB ..f.j.j
Tlio totnl expense of running the
stato tiro commissioner's department,
according to ttio unnual report of Flra
Commissioner W. S. HIdgell was $12,
439.04 for 1914. Among the Items of
exponso was $8,041.65 for salaries,
$859 for transportation, $1,109.75 for
hotel expenses and $453 for postage.
The balance- on hand January 5, 1915,
Will bo $1,684.33.
There wcro 217 country fires report"
ed during tho year and 1,325 city fires,
a 'total of 1,542. During 1913 tho to
tal fires roportod wcro 1,205. Thero
wcro forty-nine Incendiary fires in
1914 as compared with thirty-five tho
year before Tho total vnluq of
property on firo during tho last flvo
years was $67,704,099; tho total loss,
$9,731,557. Tho property saved
amounted to $57,032,541.
Umisually largo fires occurred at
Beatrice, amounting to a loss of-$144,-500
and a firo at Wyraoro With n loss
of $86,290, together with Fremont
losses of $129,422 and Grand Island
had flrcB with a loss of $134,924.
Nebraska will not havo a state
building at tho Panama-Pacific expo
sition, tho efforts of tho commlttco to
secure funds having not been suc
cessful. Tho project was a falluro
beca'uso the people' of tho stato did
not take enough interest In tho mat
ter to donate and tho railroads
which were oxpectod to help failed to
do their part., Lieutenant Governor
McKelvlo, at tho head, of the commit
tee, collected $3,267.97, and it took all
but $1,332.75 to collect it. The amount
collected from tho school children of
tho stato and turned over to Secre
tary Mellor of the Stato Dpard of Ag
riculture, as a momber of tho commit
tee, Is still on deposit In tho First Na
tional bank of Lincoln and, according
to Mr. Mellor, will bo returned to tho
donorsin full, nothing having ben
spent as expenses.
Tho stato Its own broom maker and
its own salesman will bo a transforma
tion worked during the coming legis
lature session if tho board of control's
likely recommendatlonls favored by
tho lawmakers. Tho embarkation into
this field will bo an attempt and a
successful one tho bo&rd believes to
solve tho convict labor problem. It
will allow tho Btato to uso all tho con
victs that aro now Idlo, and It will
glvo a chance to open n channel for
money making for tho state without
conflicting extensively with tho broom
factories at Lincoln, DaBhler of Oma
ha. According to tho report of Stato
Superintendent?' Dalzol, tho sum of
$332,421 will bo divided among tho
counties of tho stato on tho basis of
tho school population of each county.
Tho total number of scholars aro
365,580, of which Douglas county
leads with 48,815. Lancaster county
Is second with slightly less than half
that number. Bannor county Is low
with 335 scholars. Adams county has
0,216, Antelope, 5,335, and Cuming
county, 4,661 children of school ago.
Chief Gamo Warden Itutenbock Is
not prepared to make recommenda
tion for changes. In tho stato gamo
law. but will consult lojdslators in. re
gard to the matter. George Carter,
formerly chief gamo warden, is In fa
vor of passing a law prohibiting the
carrying of firo arms by aliens. Somo
states havo a law of this kind. Tho
object la to provent tho Illegal kill
ing of birds and gamo by aliens who
nro employed III many states as rail
road graders.
Stato Land Commissioner Fred
Beckmann contemplates asking tho
legislature for an appropriation of
$200 to hnva some of tho records in
his ofllco pertaining to tho faurvoy of
tho stato of Nobraskaofilclally certi
fied to In Washington, D. C. Somo
i-ecords that havo boon in tho ofllco
for tho last forty or fifty years do not
show tho official approval.
The proposition of dealing with
power companies which have not ful
ly compiled with tho law will bo al
lowed to drift along until eomo action
is taken by tho legislature this winter,
according to a decision arrived at by
tho Stato Board of Irrigation.
State Kood Commissioner Herman
says Nebraska has sixty-two cream
eries in operation which produco an
nually 45,000,000 pounds of butter nnd
hing3 to tho stato an lccvp of $15,
000,000 a year.
The report that casoa Jt 1io foot
and mouth disease existed In Dundy
county have been declared untrue by
Acting State Veterinarian Day, who
was called to Investigate.
Miss Jennlo . Adams, secretary and
head of tho department of finance of
tho stato superintendent's office, has
accepted a position with tho Teachers'
Casualty Underwriters of tho Pioneer
insurance company of Lincoln. Miss
Adams waB appointed secretary In tho
stato superintendent's ofllco by Stato
Superintendent Jackson, and has serv
ed In that capacity during five suc
ceeding administrations. During hor
long term of .service sho has made a
I host of friends among tho school poo-
plo of tho stato
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A PRETTY and simple afternoon
dress-of taffeta silk which will
commend Itself io tho woman who
likes an odd stylo Is shown In tho
picture given here. It managos to bo
very unUBiial without being blzarro,
nnd vory noticeable without losing re
finement. Tho model, In Kb outlines, suggests
nothing so much as tho silhouette of a
Japaneso lady. This Is a voryclover
management of modes of tho presbnt,
nnd the West, Into a scmblanco of
thoso of tho Orlont. The gown is es
pecially adapted to small and youth
ful, figures If thoy bo prettily curved.
It is not a dress for tho angular young'
A changeable taffeta should bo
chosen for address of this kind, since
tho trimming Is of tho samo material
ns tho gown. Tho two-color effects
and tho play of light In changeable
silks Is n substitute for decorations.
Instead of embroidery or .braid, or
other applied trimmings, ruchlngs,
made of full box plaltlngs of narrow
Btrlps of silk, nro wonderfully offoc
tlvo. And there is no silk qulto so well
adapted to making ruchlngs as taf
feta. The composition of the gown is so
slmplo and so plainly set forth in tho
plcturo that it hardly needs descrip
. For Southern Climes
VYING with each other In show
cases of tho big shops, lints In
tended for tho tourist and sojourner
In southern climes, and millinery for
women who nro content to onjoy tho
gayotleB of winter at home, nre divid
ing attention and honors. Thero are
fewer of thoso for tho tourist, but
they sing of spring and llowern nnd
hold the attention of ovoryono -for
Tho majority of sales will go to
tho homo-staylnr contingent, nnd-torll-Hant
and lovoly nro tho head cover
ings which ono can Imagine at the re
ception, tho concert, the lecture and
at afternoon tea, not to speak ot all
tho Jeweled and feathered and flow
ered ornaments t'at make up so much
of tho attraction of tho theater and
Throe adorublo hats aro shown In
tho plcturo given here, ono of them
designed for wear In tho South.
Whether ono noodB a summertime hat
or not It Is Interesting as a thing of
beauty and a premonition of spring.
It Is n pretty turban, to bo sot square
on tho head (no Bldowlso tilt), which
Is something new aB to polso. The
coronet is of fine hemp braid In light
tion. Tho wide girdle, swathing the
figure, tho easy slooves and tho skirt
lengthening at tho back and hanging
lu about tho foot.'glve tho model its
Thero aro several very effective
Japanese aspect.
combinations of color In two-tone
changeable taffeta. Among thorn sap
phlro bluo and black, bluo and green,
light green nnd roso, dark green and
rod, and green and black havo a ra
diance liko that of Jewels, But thoBo
aro only a fow of tho wonderful color
combinations that have bden wrought
In taffeta. In some t)f thorn tho play
of light reminds ono of its fascinating:
shlftlngs on tho polished surface ot
an opal.
Handkerchief Collar.
A pattern Is sold which bIiowb how
a rolling llngorlo collar may bo. cut
from a 13-Inch handkeichief, and as
almost overyouo has a cholco hand
kerchief or two stored awny somo
placo, ono ot theso patterns could bo
bought to mnko the heirloom useful.
Tho work of making such a collar ia
very simple, ns, naturally, tho out
side edgoa of tho handkerchief form
tho outside edges of tho collar. Wires
can bo neatly fastoned into theso
handkerchief collars bo that they may
bo rolled In any desired way, '
or Winter Gayeties
twine color, nnd tho top is of a crepo
llko silk In tho samo color.
Undor tho turned-over rlm of tho,
coronet small clusters of velvet grapes!
(or nro they largo berries?) In sand!
color, and half-blown ro33 In pink,
with foliage, form an exquisite wreath.
Tho hut carries tho suggestion of sum
mor and out-of-doors so Vividly that
It Is calculated to mako the onlooker
glad that sho is allvo.
A hat of gold Iaco, velvet, flowers
and fur bands is shown with wldo
brim nnd low crown. It would not bo
out of placo anywhero, since fur ap
pears In costumes and millinery de
signed for ull climes. But It -will
shlno to best advantage at any of
thoBo places whor'o women adorn .their
huadfi with tho most olaborato of their
Another hat with brim a little less
wldo and crown somewhat higher em
ploys silver laco, black velvet, bands
of marten and exquisite shell-pink
ostrich lips In Its construction. It is
a thing of beauty and will come aq
near being n joy forover as our too
brief "dreams" In millinery can ove
hopo to be.