The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 18, 1914, Image 5

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Kaiser Wilhelm, with linmls bohlnd his back, is luro photographed while directing the movement of ;i bodj of
troops at the lront General von Falkenhayn tho mlnistpr of war, stands at the emperor's left
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The Aineilcan Santa Claus ship lasou, loaded with millions of sifts for the war orphans of Eur
appeared when she dropped anchor at Plymouth, England In the immediate foregiound are some of
guns which Great Britain is mounting on her battleships
Attorney Presenting Case Sny8 Pas
senger Fares Now In Effect
Are Unjust.
I lru olii The Mlasoutl Tactile
I! lilwny company look Uu lirst steps
ii an eflorl to have tho old .1-coiit
piissi nger faro lelnstntod. J. A. C
K nnedy, acting for the road made.
in application for a raise In p.isseu
f r rates to ;! cents per uitlo.
1 lie commission listened to tho ar
guments of tho attorney in support of
i he application and decided that as
I! act was a legislative act the
(I'linnlBslou had no jurisdiction In tho
matter and turned tho application
The reason for asking for lite raise
lu late is given In part as follows.
' The pasEenger faro now in elfect
t so unjust and so unreasonably
low as to be not compensatory nnil
In l.ut. conliscatory That said ex
ist Ing rates also unlawfully dir.erlml
tute in lavor ot persons traveling
between points In Nebraska and
against persons who travel through
Nc braska on interstate Journeys, and
unlawfully discriminate In favor of
points or localities In Nebraska and
against points and localities in other
stales, in that fares now In ellect are
substantially lower than the fares
for similar distances from points and
localities in other states und from
points in other states through Nebraska."
ope, as stie
the immense
m f' 'IWili ii WTP1 i 'irTTT IF1' h i Wt" I mif i r'n " I T f'T i Pi i? j it.l"tcSiaK-s talKar yv.ivnfv KsaaisBsJj
Hutch lioopors examining passports at the lrontiei ul Holland
, ' - - Aft-
Goes to United States Courts.
The NfarthweHtcrn lallroad has ap
lua'.cd to the 1'nited States siipronio
murt from a judgment for $11,500 in
fnor or William Hower, aillimed by
i h supreme court of Nebiaska Mr.
Hiiwei, wlille an engineer In the ent
i '! ol the Northwcatern, had his left
cm put out by the explosion of a
.ii't lubricator at Long i'lne. Tho
s. was tried in Holt county, tho
1 dement rendered for Uower, and It
u aitinned by the state supreme
i niiri
Head of Fair Association.
V It. Mellor, secietnry of the stato
ho.trii of agriculluie. lias returned
iruui Chicago, wliero lie attended the
tweuij-lourtli annual convention of
the American Assoclatloh of Kalrs and
Ass.K latlons Tlilrty-threo state fairs
and ex-positions were represented.
ft'r Mellor was uiianiniousl elected
president of the organization and A.
1,. Sponsor of, Hutchinson, Kus., was
selected for vice president The next
meeting will be held in San Francis
co in November, ID Hi.
Single Registration System Planned.
A loose leaf, peimtinent registra
tion systam that can bo amended
any du in the year will he proposed
at the coining session of the legiski
tuie by Mosley of Lincoln, for Lin
ro'n Fiemont, Grand Island, ork,
Hi at tire, Nebraska City, Columbus
I'tn., uin, Norfolk, Hastings and
ivvti.m H will apply to all towns
oi .ir ."i.OUii in the state exclusive
of Omaha, which is under the elec
i .n nitiimisBionorHhip system
For the first time In a quarter of a enturj an American suilina vessel
has cleared for a trading trip to tin- of Africa It is the schooner Adelle
T. C'arleton, shown In the illustration, which left New York u tew das ao
with u miscellaneous raigo, liu!i is to be i t bunged ror ivorv, coirc-i i
She has tlireu "aiitauiB aboard Above left to r'ght are I J Moian who
t,uing to Liberia i upt U S Kent. I'upi V l, Lovr Mm Luwr ollhiul
photographer aLdCapt N lirowu
Dr Henry Van Hki Aio rlcnn mill
rster to the Netherlands phut, j.ruphed
as he was about to rail at thu Whit'
House for the purpose of runN runt.'
with President II tun as to war run
"'inuii ) uii (I poll) Iblt peace proposals
He has Just sailed again for HolluuiL
State Relief Organization.
V delegation of Lincoln citizens.
I.tidrd by Mayor Frank Zohrung.
nit'iil on Governor Moreliend to take
up ihe matter of a stato organization
for the relief of the Belgians Mayor
Helming is of the opinion that a stato
organization would bo able to gather
u linger amount of material, and cited
many instances whero people who de
sire to gle something do not seem to
know where to Bond It.
To Discuss Rural School Improvement.
A. policy for tho Improvement of tho
rural pchools probably will bo outlined
at liie meeting of tho rural school pat
rons during tho week of organized ag
ruultuic In Lincoln, January 18 to 2?,.
Supi rintendorit-oloct A. O. Tlioman
will give r.n nddrosB on "Tho Democ
ra of lMucntion," and thoro will bo
ii npen forum discussion on "School
I.. Ui vision "
Number of SUou Doubled.
ri h number of silos has boon
d.ui.l'd in Dawes county throughout
I'm Miuimor nnd fall, largely through
n . elluris of tho Dawes County Far
rn i rs asnoclntlon. A silo day was
oi.n ,'wd by many of tho farmers of
ii (ounty during the summer, and
vKi s woro mado to fnnns where
silos wero In ubo.
Sir Stanley Owen Huckmastcr, K.
C, M. 1'., who la censor of war nowtt
for Iho ltrttlali government. Is prac
tically unknown to this country, and
Is not ot a very fnmlllnr llguro to tho
public In England. Hut ho has u
great reputation In tho courts, whero
ho lias been a loader In .chancery for
many years Whereas Mr. Smith ut
forty-two would bo called young by
all men, Sir Stanley DuckmnBter, who
la flfty-tlirco, would only bo called
young by somo mon. Ills groat gift
Is lucid exposition nnd directness In
thought nnd speech. Ho can clotho
tho dry bones of chancery law with
such intercut and fascination that It
13 n recreation for a layman to hear
him argue. A case tho presenting of
which by tho nvcrago lawyer would
bo a painful punishment to hear, when
argued by Sir Stanley becomes al
most romuntlc
For many years ho has been what
lawyers coll a "special," a rank which
has been created bj lawyers In obedience to tho Injunction that to him thnt
hath shall be given It means that upon overy brief delivered to his law
chambers there inustbe marked, In addition to all ordinary fees, a apecinl
sum of CO guineas, about $200
In tho discussions of the lessons
of tho European war as applied to tho
military problems of the United
States no man In congress has a
larger part than Representative Julius
Knhn of California. Mr. Kahn, as
president of tho National Defense
league of tho United States, is an ear
nest advocate of peace, but ho holds
that for the United States, at least,
preparedness for war Is tho only in
surance against war.
"Militarist," his very good friend,
Representative Richard Hurtholdt of
Missouri, culls him, in their debates
on tho subject. "Pnelllst," retorts Mr
Kahn, for Mr. Hartboldt Is committed
.to tho cause of peace, and Is ono of
the country's most noted ndvocutoH of
arbitration as a euro for war.
Roth of German nativity, both of
long servico In congress, both leadors
of thought on tholr respectlvo sides,
Messrs. Kahn and Hnrtholdt aro at
opposite polntH of tho polo on mill-
tary subjects. Mr Kahn, personally gentlo and kind of ninnnor, fair and
liberal in dobato, philosophical In his habits of mind, never comes so near to
losing Ills patience us when ho hears pacifist arguinentH
"Yos, yes," said he, almost Impatiently, when somo of the recent publica
tions woro brought to hint in which appeared articles arguing that pieparatlon
for war Inevitably is an Invitation for war. "Yes, yos; 1 have scon all that
ptuff. How silly and futile It appears lit tho light of what Is going on In
Npv8 Company Is Incorporated.
The llarkalow Urns ' News Co ,
with headquarter) at Oinalm, bus tiled
artirles of incorporation with tho boo
reury of Btuto. The corporation lias
a rrpiial stock of Siun.miu and will en
gugo In tho nowatand business In do
P t'.i'ns i nd Hie places and will
also establlah nnd maintain cafes and
hotels In connection with tho othor
biu'ineus. It 1b understood that the
company will operate on the lines of
the I iiinu I'.iclllr and 'unl, w i stem
"Fancy nnmes, abbreviations, or
pot names do not claim much favor In
those times," romarked Mrs. Owon,
wlfo of tho Oklahoma statosmnn. ''I
am frequently naked why I do not call
mynolf Margaret, and I reply prompt
ly becauso 1 have no right to tho
Mime- I wan born when tho fields of
my nntlvo,, heath, then Indlnn Terri
tory, now tho growing stato of Okln
houia, woro abloom with tho starry
tlowerB wo called tho daisies. My
mother hnd gone to the now land with
my father from among hor kindred
and beloved friends in North Caro
lina, and naturally sho was homesick.
Tho daisies reminded hor of tho o)d
place back n Carolina, for there, too,
thousunils or snowy blossoms dot tho
fields, and she called ino Daisy Deano.
Tho latter Is a family name, nnd also
tho words of tho plaintive old Bong
'Dalay Deano,' very popular in tho
times of romantic ballads and before
tho ora of ragtime and tho coon song.
I never noe ono of tho lovely little Howoih without thinking of my mother,
and I cling to the rather Infantile namo without tho leaat desiro to muke It
moro dignified or sedate I like names with meaning, so wo called our only
daughter Dorothea, gift of God, for she was tho only grandchild on both sldea
of tho house, and her coming meant so much to us nil."
Senator and Mis. Owen aro among tho odaptable members of official
Boclety, and have alllliated with many actlvo organizations. Tlioy belong to
tho Chov Cliaso club, and enlivened tho tedium of tho summer by al fresco
dinners there and by teas and afternoon dances. They aro both membcru of
tho Columbia Golf club, and may bo seen constantly during tho heated term
following the elusive bull over tho hills and dales of tho courso.
Gov. Simeon E. Ilaldwln of Con
necticut, defeated for tho United
StntoB Benato at tho recent election,
Is Boventy-llvo years old, but a great
walker. He believes in walking Ho
was In Washington while tho Ameri
can Hnr association was in session,
and ho and ox-President Taft, among
others, woro named to go to the White
House and escort President Wilson to
tho session. They rode across Wash
ington in an automobile and tho gov
arnor explained tholr puiposo to tho
"I hear, governor," tho ox-presl-donL
said, "thut ou aro fond of
"I tulto a dally constitutional,"
was tho reply of the tall, sparso, won
derfully actlvo executive
"Good," said tho president. "In
that ease we'll foot It to tho meeting."
And off tho party started. Tho
governor acted ns pacemaker and the
ox-prosldent had hard work to keep
up with tho procession. Last summer, at Stonington, tho govornor mado mil
eight-mile through the country in tho morning, and in tho afternoon lefuted
to rldo In tho parade, which was u part of tho celebration ho was attending.
"No, I'll walk," he said. And walk ho did, right behind tho band.
1 "iH