The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 18, 1914, Image 10

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Parmlco In Guilty, Is Verdict.
The Jury In tho case of the state
vb. Hobert Parmnleo, charged with
statutory rape, brought In n verdict
of guilty Into Tuesday afternoon.
Thoy were out about bIx bourH and
It required six ballots to come to ti
Tho penality for tho crime with
which I'armloo in charged Ik from
tbrco to twenty years, an Indclerml
nato sentence, In tho glato ponitcn
tlary. Sentenco was withheld for a
fow days and may not lie pronounced
until the closing of tho present term.
Tho following moil composed the
jury: llruco Drown foreman, II. A.
Well, .7. T. Leonard, W. T. Alden, WU
llnm Siindntiisl, John Jolmnon. Frank
Johnson, Fred Wondeborn, Albert
StelnbaiiHcr, Jako Scbafor, Fred
Drown and W. A. Hayes. Tho case
went to them Tuesday morning short
ly after ten o'clock.
For Dent Two largo front rooms
for housekeeping, fil4 east 3rd St. 1
Highest prices paid for stoves and
second-hand furniture. F. U. Wood
gato, Oil Locust St. Phono Hod I'GO.lf
Mrs. .Mnry A. Sclinrmnnn
Dips Very Suddenly.
Dr Itedflcld Goes fo (Jrniiil Islniitl.
Dr. W. J. Itedflold, for flvo yearn
head of tho P. & S. hospital In this
city and who sold bis practlco to "lis
brother Dr. J. D. Ucdflold following
tho cIobo of tho liospitiil, has decided
to locato In Grand Island, Iff) lias
'leased a sullo of rooms in tho Htutu
Dank building and is now having
them fitted up.
Tho I0t'AVlrj club 'held their an
nual Christmas party Tuesday after
noon at tho homo of Mrs. Edmund
Dickey. Tho house was beautifully
decorated In keeping with tho season
and a pleasant afternoon was enjoyed.
Four now members were taken Into
tho club at this meeting. One or tho
i amusement features wan 11 search
Sai for gifts by means of u string with u
tior "- . . .
Dr member's name on one end and tlu.
gift on tho other. Each member fol
lowed tho string with her name on It
and after a search found tho gift. This
produced much merriment. In tho
contests prizes woro won by Mrs.
Adams and Mrs. Salisbury. At tho
closo of tho afternoon a nice two
courso lunch was served.
Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons,
COc to $2.00.
Clinton, Tho Joweler,
Tho Vlctroia Store.
With tho business In each of the
llvo land districts In Nebraska grow
ing less eaclt month, a consolidation,
'or districts will soon come. Is North
Platto anticipating such a movo and
making preparations In hirilov 11 fight
to bo retained ns tUrt location of an
oillce? Vn say "fight" because each
Of tho five 'owns In which offices are
how located will vigorously oppose
tho discontinuance of Its oillce.
Tickets for tho McKay-Huffman re
cital will bo on sale at tho Clinton
Jewelry store and at Ulnckor's Dook
and Drug Storo.
F' und-A bicycle. Owner can have
samo by proving property and paying
for litis notice. Inqulro of tho Chief
of Police.
Mrs. Mary A. Scliannann, wife of
Valentino Scharmann of this city,
died Tuesday evening shortly before
six o'clock after mi IIIiiobb or only
two days. Sim was scvotity-flve years,
four months and twenty-two days of
ago at tho llmo of her death which
was tho result of a severo cold with
Mrs. Scharmann leaves to mourn
hor demlso her many friends, a hus
band and nine children. She died at
the homo of her youngest daughter,
Mrs. George LeDioyt with whom she
had made her home for lomo time.
The children are George Scharman of
this city, Mrs. A. O. McCaw, wlfo of
Dr McCaw of Lincoln, Conrad F.
Scharmann of Chicago, Andrew
Scharmann of this city, Mrs. J. C.
Orr of MIsMouIa, Mont., Mrs. Frank
Douglas, of Los Angeles, Calif., Ed
Scharinnnn and Mrs. Georgo LcDIoyt,
both of tills city. Sho leaves also a
number of grandchildren.
Mary A. Weinberger was born July
2.'!, isao in Germany. At tho ago of
nineteen alio enmo to America and a
year later was married to Valentino
Scharmann To this union woro horn
olovon children, two of whom died
while young. In 1879 she camo with
her husband and family to this oily
wbero thoy have resided since. Sho
Is well knowii I" this city and has a
host of friends.
Mrs. Scharmann was a member of
tho Lutheran church and was always
known as a consistent faithful work
er. She was also a member of the
Degree of Honor and of th Woman's
Uelief Corps. AH her life she has en
joyed excellent health and her death
camo as a shock to tho family and
her friends. Her true and faithful
work during her lifetime eloquently
speaks of a llfo of service which has I
endeared hor to all who knew her.
Practically all the business houses
began Wulnesday evening to keep
open evenings, and will continue to
do so until Christmas eve This ts
done for the accommodation of simp
ers. .No preparntliiii Is equal lo Imperial
('ream Lotion for chapped hands,. A
full 1 ounce bottle i!."c, at Stone's
Drug Store. if
Mrs. Day C. Langford Is recovering
somowhat slowly from an Injured hip
sustained In a fall several weeks ago.
Sho Is not yet ablo to get around with
any dogreo of alacrity.
Genulno Diamond and Pearl Solid
Gold Lavaller, $G.G0 to $100.
Clinton, The Jeweler,
Tho Vlctroia Store.
A dozen McPherson county pcoplo
wero In town Monday and Tuesday at
tending tho Flynn-Livlngstono land
contest at the U. S. land oillce.
Frank Hoxie visited his family
Tuesday, attended tho 500 party at the
Holllgan residence that evening and
left at midnight on a business trip
to Columbus.
Mrs. P E, Snow, of Cheyenne, who
hnd been visiting hor brother F. W.
HIncker and family for acouple of
days, loft fo'r her home yesterday.
The space between the Vienna Cafe
and the Nebraska house Is being
converted Into a room which will bo
occupied by Hilly Powell, the watch -smith.
'..vmnni ,.f C"'U0.
"' "" '-- I
Checks from tho American Deet Sii-I
gar company were received In Lincoln
county Tuesday afternoon amounting
to twenty thousand dollars to be p;iiil
to tho beet raisers of Lincoln county
This money Is for the beets raised
botwecn this city and O'Fallons in
tho valley and the amount paid into
this county will exceed that amount.
Tltis Is ho second payment made and
Is for beets shipped during the month
of November. Tho money was sent to
tho banks of this city, Hershey and
.'."" ullVlL ,'. . i. l . j . ".. '- p - JT ! -- i n fr l i ,i i i i ilji. iiiiiijini-.- i i it r i h i ii 1 1 ' I n 1 1 rf in i I i ii i i 1
,v''.'.'v,-j'.- .jt;vr
fE 3fl wBB Ezfei JJIm "rM
&!W JSEfiifflSS "7 iH ri??f
!' W TJTi.-'T''rixinlfl" '"'' i n ii V--. ...j.-p .I1'; I IVl,. WX
fflflt'iai.'i,i''"Bw'"Mr?'ra i - -i i ' '" ' i . i i lit . .iv la
.- m y-trr. --tx rr. : rr- -t--r '?:. ". - V...:. 'r.iia vaafis
jj'- AAr ai vVy rnty Saj-?-H-y--t -'' v - ' "
- jm FiM-s!i5aSsCrvi v'kr.r
aw Mm mkmimim;m
'msmsmmL,.- .,
llKwffi55 fS&JJ r Kr'5a'j!aiiiwiV
1 4r$m$s;,x nfmmffl
i ..I.,. ,. .i-i i ii i.i...
Iiutheraii Announcements.
The regular services of worship
next Sunday morning at 10:110 and
evening at 7:30. Topics of sermons:
"Tho Humble Means that God Uses"'
and "The Quest of Him that giver, up
all ror Christ."
Sunday school at 12 m,
Luther lcnguo at 0:4G p. nl.
Tho Midweek DIble Hollr Wednes
day evening at 710.
Tho Christmas Day service in the
morning by tho choir and in the
evening by tho Sunday school. The
choir Is working hard in tho prepara
tion of a splendid Bervlce.
A Great Army of
lxuP - -r
-operative buyers neip i ou
to Fiat a Piano in Your Home
IX IM'HCMlASIXf. your player or piano at this sale you are adding your indi
vidual buying power to hundreds of others in securing the lowest prices ever
quoted on good instruments. You are not buying alone, no indeed, this big
Co-Operative Family is with you, behind you, every step of the way. In their
united strength they are making the load an easy one.
In the volume of business, in the high quality of instruments, in the low
priced an(l terms this sale has never had its equal.
If you ever intend purchasing a piano
or ji player, NOW IS THE TIME. The mon
ey you save, the benefits you secure are
worth an extra effort to get in on this op
portunity. The pianos are amongst the very
best in the world, the same makes that we
have sold here for years, not inferior, un
known makes. Ay of them will last a life
Does a genuine saving of $100 to $200
appeal to you? Do you value your hard
earned dollars? If so, this is the time and
here is the place to buy Are you going to
take advantage of it? Look at these prices,
just a few of the many; these terms, surely
the saving is worth while.
erms on pianos as low as-
Kearney High Patent.
Fine Sand Hill Potatoes in Five Bushel Lots 50 cents.
Corn, Wheat, Oats, Speltz, Bran, Shorts and Baled
When you buy Feed and Potatoes buy by
weight not by guess.
We also have in connection first class horse
and auto Livery.
North Side Bam
THIOLS on players lo suit you.
We Avill make a fair allowance for
your old piano in exchanging for a
player-piano. ..
l'lAN'OS Kiialie, A. It. Chase, Scliaefi'er, Jlc
l'liail, Packard, I'rlco k Teeple, IS. S. Howard,
KiniliiiH, Itrinkerlioft', Smith & Karnes, .Marshall
Sc Wendell, Wilson, Crown, Holland, (Jaslon,
I'LAYKIM'IANOS Price & Teeple, A. 1$.
Cliase-ArUslIno, Sciiefl'er-Hiirinniiolo, Anollo,
Crown-Conihlnoln, Anlolnno, IIoiYniaii.
Other Teat arcs and licncflts,
Kip.. Which Do Not Cost You
a Penny.
VllDK TKIAL For thirty days you
may try out tho piano you select in
your home. If at tho end of that time
you do not want to keep it, notify us
and we will send for the piano and
return to you every cent you have paid.
Any time within one year you may ex
change your piano for a player or a
higher priced instrument and wo will
Allow you all that you have paid,
or players aro put in your homo freo
of charge. This applies to exchanges
WE GIVE FJtEE with each piano,
a stool to match and a scart
WAKRANTIES Each of the now
pianos offered you aro guaranteed
against all defects, some five years,
some a life time, by tho makers. On
top of that we give our personal war
ranty, doubly protecting you.
B !':-...:IM tiimrzm
J v'W.Wrt'4;jMr,.rfiSX4 I K2 raK3H?fcriaMB!K$! ! MrrUa&anHHKn I
mmm Mmmmmmmmi iKfHHi.HP
ga- mmlMBmmmhk lnnrvmmm i
&1J lf L J
1 f itM)iiMH?K
salk rincKSin?
SALK IMUCK $.'7.")
Coates Lumber & Coal Co.,
Successors to The C. F. Iddings Co.
NoLong WAITS when ordered.
No short WEIGHTS when delivered.
SVLK IMUCK $l.m.7."i
Open Evenings Clintons Jewelry Store
Other Stores, Kearney, Grand Island and Hastings.
Copyright 10M, C. W. McCOMBBS. Boproductlon In part or whole positively prohibited.
Information Coupon
Cut out, iill In, slpi, send to us today.
Gentlemen: Kindly send mo list of
Co-Oporntivo Bargains of jana
not to exceed f Jn prico
and tho terms on samo. . . .-
Prefer ninko