The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 18, 1914, Image 1

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No. 95
1 Dixon's Christmas Sale I
- . . . - . . ,-., M
New Goods are Arriving Every Day.
Here are values that will please you and serve you better than any other store. Mere is the greatest variety. See our show windows TT
-f Cut Glass Specials
J Brilliant Cut Class Bowls, full fi"! fJC
gj size, regular price 35, special J.t)
p Cut Glass Nappies regular vatuc AJ"
w S1.50, special at this sale VDC
Ivory Specials
3 piece Toilet Sets, regular S5 fr'y C
values, at this sale 3. V
Manicure Pieces, full size, per C
piece only iJ
Many more which space will not per
mit listing.
Mantel Clocks
See our Show Windows
Values S5.00 and S6.00, spec
ial price at this sale
Diamond Values 25 Per Cent
Less than others ask T
for the same goods. Sec our diamonds t
before buying and save at least one-fourth
your money.
To those who could not get waited on at our lasL weeks sale we have more addition help to serve you this week.
Silver Plated Toilet Sets.
Comb, Brush and Mirror,
$4.00 to $10
Chafing Dishes
Full size, S6.00 values, rt l ((
now on sale for i)4rUU
Full size, $9.00 values, rf f
now on sale for OO9UU
Jewel Cases
At ONE HALF their regular value
Silver Mesh Bags
At 50 per cent discount at this sale
Sterling Silver
Tea Spoons: regular $5.00 val
ues, now offered at
$3.50 i
Single Spoons 60 cents each. $
Election Contest in Coiirt
The contest over the- election of
road overseer for Hall precinct occu
pied the county court yesterday and
after the- evidence was taken the at
torney for the plaintiff asked for fur
ther time to make his argument . The
parties to the suit arc Jcjhn Wing,
plaintiff and Charles Robinson, de
fendant. Wing brought suit against Robin
son and the members of the election
board alleging that the ballots had
been illegally counted and that he re
ceived at least one majority vote ov
er Robinson. The ballots wore count
ed yesterday in court and they show
ed that Robinson had received eleven
votes and Wing eight. Wing alleged
that ho had received at least seven
teen votes, there being thirty-two
votes cast in the precinct. However,
the count showed that some of the
voters had written in other nnmea.
The caso will be argued and decision
made later on.
l'nrmlcu 'Asks For Jfcw Trial
Motion for a new trial was tiled to
day in the caso of the state of Nebras
ka vs. Robert Parmlce, acused of
statutory rape. E. II. Evans, attorney
for the defendant, filed the motion
this morning and it will be argued as
soon as possible.
Parmlce was convicted the ilrst of
tho week by a jury but states that
thoro were some things about the trial
that were not fair for him and he states
also that ho can bring in new evidence
that will prove him not guilty of the
crime as alleged.
With each Xinas tree. purchased lit
our store c I11 ghe 101(0 otos for
our raiiiinia Imposition t rip.
The most appreciated Xmas Gift for
your lady lovo. mother or sister is a
set of Furs which you can get at a
discount of 25 per cent off regular
price at BLOCK'S Clearing Sale.
(Jets Judgment of $10,000.
In the caso of tho Farmers' Alfalfa
Milling Co., of Hershey, against Har
ry E. Worrell, of Sutherland, tried
in tho district court this week, Judge
Grimes Instructed the jury to return
a verdict in favor of tho plaintiff for
ten thousnnd dollars and interest. Tho
milling company sued Worrell fo,r
$10,0000 insurance which Worrell had
placed on tho company's alfalfa mill at
Hershey which was burned in No
vember, 1910.
Tho evidence- showed that the three
Philadelphia companies in which tho
Insurance was placed wero defunct
orcanlzatlons and had no authority-
to do business in this state. Tho law
provided that If an agent placed in
surance in an unauthorized company
and a loss occurred and tho insured
could not collect from tho company,
that then a Judgment could bo obtain
ed against tho agent placing tho in
surance for tho amount found duo on
tho policy
If you are puzzled as to a gift for
father or mother, solvo the problem at
once by purchasing ono of thoso Roy
al Easy Reclining chairs at North
Platto Hardwaro & Furnituro Co.
W. J. Tiley returned this morning
from a trip through the oastorn part
of tho state on buslnoss for tho Yeo
men lodge.
Sunt. Tout's Friend (I)
A man very much tho worse for his
association with John Barleycorn call
ed at the high school building during
the noon hour Wednesday and had a
number of tho girls In a panic for a
few minutes. Mr. Tout was notified
and went down to see the visitor. Af
ter a friendly talk of several minutes
in which the man gave his entire his
tory Mr. Tout persuaded him to call
ut another place. Tho man stated
that ho was "a great friend to Judge
Grimes" and from tho high school
building ho and Mr. Tout wont to
make a friendly call on tho judge.
Witnesses who attended tho de
parture stato that tho man was quite
affectionate in the reception of Prof.
Tout and that he embraced him fond
ly on the way down stairs. About
midway of tho stairs the, man fell and
In trying to catch him both Mr. Tout
and the boozer made a hasty and un
impeded trip down tho steps.
Diamonds bought at
Dixon's Christmas
Sale will prove a
profitable investment.
ilohhiiisOIiirtcus Wedding.
Walter C Dobbins, 25, and Miss
Amanda Martens, 2C, both of tho
Tryon vicinity wero married this
morning at the court houso by County
Judgo Grant. Tho groom is a young
farmer of tho Tryon vicinity and Is
known to many In this city. Thoy will
farm after a short honeymoon trip.
..Ladies' writing desks, always an
npproprlato Christmas gift. Wo have
a nlco lino to soloct from. North Platto
Huidware & Furnituro Co.
A very largo lino of dolls to select
from at Wilcox Department Storo.
Christian Science- Society Sundny
11:00 a. m., Sunday school 12 o'clock.
Building and Loan building, room 25.
Ladies', Misses' and Children's ttoats
at nearly half price at BLOCK'S clear
ing sale.
Mrs. C. R. Moroy leaves Monday
for Hastings where she will spend
Christmas with relatives. Mr. Moroy
will go down Thursday night.
Old timers, do you hanker for buf
falo meat. If so, you can buy it nt
Marti's meat market, sent direct from
Pawnee Bill's buffalo ranch. 95t2
Word received from Sheldon, la.,
yesterday announced tho birth of
a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lub
bers, former residents of this city.
Have you seen the "KOMEKEL
KUSS" at C. M. Newton's. Price 25c.
Weather forecast for North Platte
and vlc.'nlty; fair tonight and Sat
tirndy; colder tonight; fresh north
west wind. Highest temperature
yesterday 2G, a year ago 50; lowest
last night 4, a year ago 1C.
Perhaps an electric reading lamp
or eloctric dome will supply that gift
which you have not already select
ed. Como in and look them over'.
North Platto Ilnrdwaro & Furnituro Co.
Four hundred and eighty sacks of
hour will bo shipped from Lexington
to the destluto people in Belgium
next week. North Platto contributed
1C0 of thoso sacks, tho remainder by
tho Lexington people, tho mill and
elevator company donating 100 sacks.
Ono of thoso "KOMEKEL KUSS'S"
will mnko more fun than anything.
25 cents at Newton's.
The fair and supper given by the
Metliodist ladles last evening . was
very largely attended. Soveral hun
dred partook of tho chicken supper
and tho fancy work, candy and other
booths wore well patronized. Tho re
ceipts wero $320.
Dresses for all occasions, latest
stylos and leading shades now selling
at one-fifth to ono-half in prico at
Following 1h tho menu which will
bo served at tho commercial dinner In
tho dining room of tho Christian
church, Monday Duccmbor21: Chicken
and dumplings, mashed potatoes and
gravy, croam cabbago, swoot pepper
pickles, applo plo and choeso, coffee.
Prico 30 cents.
.Mrs. ltrowi to Mrs. Jones.
Mrs. Brown Why Mrs. Jones! You
look more cheerful to mo tonight
than I have over seen you in years.
Mrs. Jones Why Mrs. Brown, bless
your heart, do you know tho reason
why I look so cheerful and happy to
night Is because I have just returned
from my Chrlstmns shopping and
truly I bought more useful gifts for
loss money this year than I ever did
before In all my life living in North
Mrs. Brown Where did you buy
those beautiful things so cheap?
Mrs. Jones Why you mny know,
Mrs. Brown, at BLOCK'S Clearing
Sale, of course.
Among the hundreds of Toys and
Novelties the "KOMEKEL KUSS" is
tho funniest, at C. M. Newton's.
Tho infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
T. E. Pew of the Sutherland vicinity
was brought to this city today for
burial in tho North Platto cemetery.
Ray C. Langford left this morning
in an automobile to attend a sale
west of Tryon, a distance of forty
miles. With the wind from tho north
west the trip will provo a chilly ono.
Decide Against. Administrator
After bolng out only a fow hours
tho Jury in tho caso of Bollo Tumor
vs. Win. Malonoy, ndmnlstrntor of
tho cstato of tho lpto Lois Sholton,
last evening brought in a verdict In
favor of tho plaintiff, establishing her
right to tho property. Thoy nssesued
daraagefr against hor for wrongful
detention of tho property" to tho
amount of one cent.
This caso has been In tho courts
for some time. It stnrted over a re
plevin suit brought somo tlmo ago In
tho county court by tho administra
tor for tho possession of about fifteen
hundred dollars worth of dlnmonds
which had been tho property of tho de
ceased and which Mrs. Tumor had
taken persumnbly as payment for her
services to tho deceased before hor
death and during hor long and vio
lent illness. Tho caso may now bo
appealed to tho supremo court.
Tho following men sat on tho jury:
Bruco Brown, foreman, Davo Macomb
or, John Johnson, Frank Johnson, II.
A. Well, William Sumhiulst, Frank
Swift, Niel Turple, W. A. Hayes, W.
S. Ross. L. A. Gambrol and Albert
Larson Had Good Night.
A report was current last ovenlng
that Joo Larson , who had Iiis log am
putated, had died. This report was
contradicted this morning by a mes
sago stating that Mr. Larson hnd n
good night and his condition was
your lady lovo, mother or sister is a
is a set of Fum which you can buy
now at a discount of 25 per cent off
regular prico at BLOCK'S Clenring
Tho funeral of Mrs. Valentino
Schnrmann will bo hold this afternoon
at two:thIrty from tho Lutheran
church. Rev. C. B. Harmnn will of
ficiate and intorment will bo in tho
North Platto cemetery.
For tho timo being, at least, indoor
athletics will have to bo dropped iij
tho high school as a skating rink
crowd has rented tho Lloyd opera
houso. Tho high school students havo
boon planning several things In tho
way of winter Hports which requiro
a largo hall but this will necessarily
stop them for a while as tho opera
houso is tho only available hall largo
Woodward's Chocolates 25c a Pound
Beginning Salurday we will make a special price on the regular
40c grade of Woodward's Chocolate Candies of 25c
a pound. Everyone knows I lie quality of
the candy. We expect to be sold up
on them before Christmas so
get yours early