The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, July 24, 1914, Image 1

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8nto Metoiloal Soalely
tfflv Wtbnm
No. 53
All lVIio Sun Sen Ice Hotuecn April
1S9S and July 1002 Arc Kllulblu
A Good Representation is Desired.
Leonard Robinson, o this city, a
veteran of the Spanish-American war,
is now working on the organization
of a post of United Spanish War Vet
erans for this city. A W. Shilling of
tho weather bureau Is assisting him
in tho work and they already have
the authority for getting a post to
gether. Tho organization of these posts has
beon quite commoih over tho country
for the past several years, but it has
never been started here as the local
men did not think there were sulllctent
men to get a post. Mr. Robinson start
ed recently to got enough to oiganlze
the post and ho has already succeeded
In getting seventeen men to sign tho
papers anil there nremany more in
tho county that will go in The post
hero will be composed of tho veterans
from nil over tho county and they ex
pect to have a good-sized organization.
Word v.ns received this week by Mr.
Robinson from Adjutant General G.
C. Rausch of Washington, D. C. au-
thorlzlng him to set tho dato for the
organization of tho po3t and stating j
that ho would send a mustering
olllcer here to muster tho men. All I
votorans who were in the sorvlco be
tween April 1S9S and July 1902 nre
eligible to tho post. I
Dopartmcnt Commander Leonard
II. Warner of Nebraska is also inter
ested in getting a pojt started here
and he will assist in tho work of get
ting tho men together. A meeting
has beon called for Saturday evening,
August 1 nt tho weather bureau office
for mustering tho men and nt thnt
tlmo tho mustering olllcer will bo horc.
It is hoped that all in tho county who
were in tho sorvlco will take an inter
est and assist in making this a good
Rev. and Mrs. 13. A. Cram of tho
Methpdlsi church will loavo soon on
thelii"hnminl vacation trip. Mrs. Cram
expects to loavo tomoriow for Ster
ling, Colo., where Mr. Cram will Join
her next week. From thero they will
go to Donvcr and Colorado Springs
for a weok and they will then spend
two weeks visiting relatives and
friends in diifeient points In Kansas.
C. W. Edwards and family returned
home this week from a visit of a few
weeks with relatives and friends at
Pleasant Hill, Kansas, and other
points In Kansas and Missouri,. T'jey
mado tho tilp by nutoniobilo..
m4 8MB
M Iff ' ti TTfc IH
II Jewel
ry Repairing l
The repairing of jewelry is a very im
portant branch of this business.- You
will find that we will give it careful at
tention at all times.
We give special attention to the re
pairing of fine watches, Only experi
enced watch-makers who thoroughly un
derstand this business are employed.
You witl find that we give absolute satis"
faction in all of our repair work.
a' .
We Want Your Repair Work.
iQl mm mm WJ
is made from such high and goes through so many washing,
scouring and purifying processes that Ufa, ' ,
we aro hujo iu jjui u ' y
Guarantee in every sack" Wo guar
antee OCCIDENT Flour to make
whiter, lighter, better tasting bread,
biscuit, cake and pastry than any
other flour, and more of it per sack.
If it falls to please you for all baking,
your money will be refunded without
Costs More argument-
W-H, u OCCIDENT bread,
Worm It because of its extra
cleanliness, stays fresh and sweet
longer than other bread! You cau
bake a double batch. This saves tho
work and fuel expense of many bak
ing days. Every housewife should
test the extra great advantages of
Send for Our Free Booklet,
"Better Batting"
Russell-Miller Milling Co.,
Minneapolis, U. S. A.
Ollle Clements Tiles Charges Against
1Iiq Union Tactile Conipiin for
Rnmnges to Her Property Prom
Orlando 1 Fast of tho Sutherland
vicinity filed n complaint In tho dis
trict court this week against Marlus
Solck, charging him with making fnlso
and liholous statements which have
greatly injured his standing with his
neighbors and other men. He asks
damages for tho injury done to hiB
character to tho amount of flvo hun
dred dollars with Interest from June
14, 1914, and costs of this suit.
Mr. Fast states in his petition that
ho is owner of a. number of cattle in
tho Sutherland vicinity and that there
Is a heavy mortgage on tho cattle.
That ho ha3 been feeding them for
markot and that they aro doing well.
In spite of this fact, ho alleges that the
defendant came to the city of North
Platte and spread fnlso roports to tho
effect that the cattlo were being ne
glected, and that ho represented that
ho was attempting to find tho mort
gagoo and Inform him of tho neglect
of the chattels. IIo alleges that the
defendant also spread llko reports
among his neighbors and that many
of the nclgbors ai well ns tho bankers
who held tho mortgago believed the
story and that they lost confidence in
him and as a result ills character and
standing have beon damaged to the
extent of $500.
Mrs. Ollle Clements of this city also
filed a suit for damages against tho
Union Pacific company this weok. She
alleges that they have damaged her
household goods and her property to
tho extent of eight hundred dollars
nnd alio asks his amount with the
costs of the action.
She states that Bho owns property
along tho railroad company's right-of-way,
in North Platte, and that re
cently they constructed a round
house, coal chutes and other buildings
nea'r her property and that these aro
operated In an unlawful manner much
to 'her distress and the damage of her
property. She states that tho engines
make noise all night and all day and
that sho cannot got her rest. Also
thatthey throw cinders, smoko and
gastrs over her promises so that tho
vegetatloil Is killed and her house and
furniture damaged by same. She
states that since tho building of the
round house and other buildings her
property has depreciated In valuo to
tho extent of $800 and Bhe asks that
judgment for this amount bo grnntcd
new hate schedule
-jawiMjt B mmitW"lll " ' M"l" '" 1 WWMM III 1 1 IU IW IIMW !
MOST people think all flour is clean because it looks clean.
When wheat comes to the mill the crease in the wheat
kernel is full of dirt. Unless every kernel is washed, and
scoured, and the flour thoroughly purified by the most modern
machinery, the dirt is ground up with the wheat, remains in the
flour, and goes into the bread. s You then pay for the dirt in the
flour, so much per pound, and of course the dirt has no food
value. Bread made from cheap flour which is not clean con
tains less nourishment, it gets stale quicker and costs the
family more in the end than bread made from higher priced flour.
The Guaranteed Flour
Tho board of directors of the eliani-
br of commerce met Wednesday even
ing at tho library building for tho pur
pose of hearing the report of the com
mittee appointed at the former meet
ing to work out a how schedulo of
rates for membership dues Tno re
port of the commltteo was heard and
It was moved that tho rates bo revised,
but that they bo cut down from tho re
noit of tho committee.
Tho rates as they now.btanu will no
as follows: ljusiness and professional
men, $6 per year; property holders not
in this class, 3 per year; other men
not property holders, $1.50 per year.
This change was made In order that a
larger umber of men could bo inter
ested in tho Chamber of Commerce
work. Each man will have an equal
voice and should have an equal inter
est in tho work of the chamber wheth-
or ho belongs to clnss one or class
throe. Tho distinction was mado that
each man would pay Into the club as
duos a proportionate amount of the
benefits ho would dcrlvo from tho or
ganization. C. O. Wclngand, who was chairman
of tho commltteo on rates, gayo a nlco
talk on Chamber of Commerce work,
speaking largely upon the work of tho
commercial club of Greoley, Colo, lie
told of the popularity of tho club at
that place among nil classes of people
and of the good work they were do
ing. After this somo other matters of bus
iness were discussed and a few bills
allowed and tho meeting adjourned,.
1 "
Clearance Sale.
Still Continues
With greater price reduction than ever on
the remainder of our stock of Women's Summer
apparel consisting of Dresses, Shirt Waists, Kim
onas, underwear, Hosiery, etc.
One lot in all colors and sizes
values up to $2.00
One lot of street Dresses made in latest
stytes regular values up to
$5.98 going at ,
50 Wool Skirls all this seasons models values
tip to $6 going at
$2.48. and $3:48
Waists, in voiles, Crepps, and wash Silks that
sold up to $3.50 going now at
25c to 41.98
75c Petticoat at 39c
1.25 Crepe Gowns 79c
1.15 Princess Slips.. ..... 75c
35c Corset Covers 19c
LOO Lawn Kimonas 50c
125; Mjddyi 75c
Children Dresses
Tin: cannot cam: for thi:
City it ill Get Nearly $8,000.00 and All
IMghts to the Cemetery and Can
Iinpi-oie Without Luiujln Any
More Taxes
Manager Robinson has scheduled , and has offered to play thom horo
another gamo for tho Independents on July23 nnd to play nt Sidney July 30.
tho local grounds. Tho Grant aggro- Tho Willow Island bunch will play
gatlon will play horo August 5. Grant horo on Sunday aftornoon. They have
has a strong team and thoy will put won ono gamo and tho locals havo
up a good hard gamo. IIo has also takon two and a fast gamo Is nntlcl
hoard f rorti Sidney In regard to games patod.
c .-nk.u' ?2 uaw jTviV jw
lb' w$d
Robert Parmloo was bound t)ver to
tho district court Tuesday afternoon
by Judgo Grant after his hearing bo
foro tho county court on tho charge
of bastardy. Miss Minnie Thleda is
tho complaining" witness in tho case
and tho hearing before Judgo Grant
was held behind closed doors, the
court room having been cleared of all
savo tho Judgo, tho attorneys and tho
In tho complaint Parmleo is charg
ed with Improper relations with ono
Mlnnlo Thleda, a young girl of sev
enteen years of ago. Parmlee nnd tho
plaintiff were working at tho farm of
Henry Ilnnscn at tho tlmo the crime
was committed. Tho caso was
takon Into county court somo
tlmo ngo and a settlement was ar-
ranccd, but Parmleo refused to ac-
ceed to tho requirements of tho set
tlement and trial was had.
After hearing tho ovldenco tho
court found ovldenco existing which
would tend to show tho defendant
guilty of tho charges In tho complaint
nnd bound him over to tho Jury term
of tho district court on bonds of $500,
which wero furnished and ho was released.
Miss Florence Iddlngs will enter
taln at a dancing party this evening
at her homo on West Fifth Street.
At n meeting of tho city council
Tuesday evening a commltteo from
the cemetery association appeared be
foro tho body and asked that tho city
take over the cemetery and that It
hereafter be run by tho city. Harry
Dixon, Anna Kramph and Geo. E.
French wero on the commltteo that
appeared beforo the council to mako
tho request.
At tho last session of tho legisla
ture cities of tho size of North Hlutte
wero given authority to tako over cem-
Leterles that wero already In oxlstenco
and tho cemetery association hopes to
have this dono by this city. Tho re
ceipts of tho cemetery aro not suffi
cient to carry on tho work of tho cem
etery ns It should bo carried on and
to keep everything in goou snape. as
tho cemetery now stands It Is an cye
soro to tho city and tho present board
of directors has dono tho best It
could to keep It In shape.
To proporly caro for tho cemetery
grounds It would require tho expend
iture of about fifteen hundred dollars
for Improvements on tho wator sys
tem and tho city could extend their
system to that placo at much less ex
pense and furnish tho needed water.
Thero Is now In tho treasury of the as
sociation, to bo turned over to tho
city If they will tako over tho ceme
tery, tho sum of about eighteen hun
dred dollars. Also tho endowed lots
would bring In bout ono thousand
dollars collateral. Thoro aro about
threo hundred lots to bo sold yet and
tho cemetery will then bo exhausted
as a burviiiK itround and will bo only
a park. Tho receipts from grave dig
ging, oto., will amount to nearly ?0UU
per year and with tho cash on hands
tho city could tako caro of tho ceme
tery as It will require without any
lovy for this year, whllo tho associ
ation can not beautify It as It should
bo to bo a credit to our city. Tho mat
ter was referred to a committee com
posed of T. M. Collagen, M. B. Crosby
and J. 11. Stono, and thoy wero asked
to Investigate tho affairs of tho associ
ation and submit a report to tho coun
cil. Tho lovy for tho now sower districts
was also mado at tho council meeting
Hardware and
Agricultural f
I mplements
Thomas & Johnston Mowers and Rnkes, Boss and
Champion Slacker and Sweeps, Samson, Aermoler. Monitor
and Ftiirbury Wind Mills, R. & O. Canton Plows, Cultivators,
Wagons, Etc., Pumps, Well Pipe and Fittings, Waterloo
Boy and Glade Gasoline Engines, Sawyers Gandy endless
and other Belting, Rubber Belting, Rubber Hose any desired
length, Alfalfa, Cane, Millet and Garden Seeds. Chick Food,
Oyster Shells, Charcoal Etc., Blatchford's Calf meal
Binding Twine.
Arcotom Paint, Cattle Dip and Fly Spray, Casolineand Oil
Jos. Hershey,
5th and Locust Street, Opposite Postotfice