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Have All Gone Since Taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound.
Terro Hill, Pa. "Kindly permit mo
to give you my testimonial in favor of
Lydia E. Finkham'a
Vogotablo Com
pound. When I first
began taking it I
was suffering from
femalo troubles for
Bomo timo and had
almost all kinds of
aches pains in low
er part df back and
in sides, and press
ing down pains. I
could not sleep and
had no appetite. Sinco I havo taken
Xydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound tho aches and pains are all gone
nd I feel like a new woman. I cannot
praise your medicino too highly." Mrs.
.Augustus Lyon, Terro Hill, Pa.
It is truo that nature and a woman's
work nas produced the grandest remedy
for woman's ills that the world has
over known. From the roots and
herbs of the field, Lydia E. Pinkham,
forty years ago, gave to womankind
o remedy for'their peculiar ills which
has proved mora efficacious than any
other combination of drugs ever com
pounded, and today Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound is recognized
from coast to coast as the standard
uremedy for woman's ills.
In the Pinkham Laboratory at Lynn,
Mass., are files containing hundreds of
thousands of letters from women seek
ing health many of them openly stato
over theirown signatures that they havo
regained theifl health by taking Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound;
And in some cases that it has saved them
from surgical operations.
was thaylold of WHEAT
on many farms in
Western Canada in
1913, some yields
being reported a
high es 50 buiheU
per acre. As high
as 100 bushels were
recorded in some
50 bushels for barley and
from 10 to ZO bui. for tlax.
J. Keya arrived in the
country S years ago from
Denmark with very llttla
means. He homesteader!,
worked hard, is now the
in 1913 had a crop of 200
acres, which will realize him
ahnut 34.000. His wheat
weighed 68 lbs. to the bushel
and averaged over 35 biuhela
to tho acre.
thousands .of"s!milar in.
Branrrn micht be related of the
homesteaders in Manitoba. Sas
katchewan and Alberta.
The croD of 1913 was an abun
dant one everywhere in Western
Ask for deseriotive literature and
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Superintendent of Immigration,
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Boo Bulldlns, Omaha, Nob
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insist upon having what they ask for,
refusing all substitutes or imitations.
A toilet preparation of merit.
Helps to rvlkate dandruff.
For Reitorinv Color and
Beauty to Gray or Faded Hair.
two. ana iuuu at urufrffiais.
JtOTiana: Eroau)8HDUucumeiiwiTur wuoicv w imw
who buy for future honica. Cheap luniberforhome
nnmofi. chhad luniDerioruouie.
fjome wore at mir w
'OTerjwhere. Trinity
fjome work at fair waces. HepreseLtatlTCS wanted
Nebraska Directory
3rd Floor Paxton Block
16th & Farnam St j., Omaha
Desk .qilpd P.nUl O.bc.t
In Oonilia Jloitontbl. ptife.
SiwcImI dlsrouui tj all L
livlu; ouUld. of Unihi.
live Stock Commission Merchants
MBl-aSO Kiclmntte lliiildliip-, bouth Omaha
.All stock consljncd to us Is sold by members ot the
filrm and all oinployeos have been selected, ana
trained for tho work which iber do. wrltviAoi ...kip u
nml supplies. I.argOHt
l.oiiBe in the went All
Kjir.tmanuoodH. Wera re-
.fltlldSliuM tuinpodlacoon finishing.
THE ROBERT DEMPSTER CO.. 1813 Farnam Street
Eastman Kodak Co. Omaha, Neb.
Omaha. Nebraska
Rooms from 81.00 up single, 7" cents up double.
iAnti-Hog Cholera Serum
fiavo your bogs by Immunizing them nfrnlnst
cholera for life. Largest producer and dUtrlb
iitora of serum lu the world. I J orb cau bo lm
rauned at a very low cost. Write or wire for
information. MASON 8. PETERS HEUUM
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Farnam St.. Omaha, Nebr.
Established lTTOnn. Mallni
your bmken tffnss, wl II ro
palr und return the same day,
on Tnnp fnfwl TH&mrtnri W. Worm E
Bare ynnr
pit:, mid at
the same
llltfo S.IYO
W. Worm Expel lor and
Diamond V Hog Tonlo will positively, remove ih
Moimt and put your bom In Una condition 'I ell us
now many nogs yon nainnna ueruoTriiiiinu a .
vrni wnw tho run
r. WII.I.l AMN. H1LKJ'
N. lttU UU OmiUil I)U
Jesus, the Bread I
of Life
Secnuryol Exltmion Drrkrtmcat
Moody Oible Institute, Qiiuio
T12XT "And Jesus gnld unto them, I
nm tho broad ot llfo, he that cometh to
me shall never hunger! and ho that oh
lleveth on mo shall never thirst. ... Ho
that eateth of this bread shall live for
ever." John 6.35-CS.
Tho thno when
this was spoken
va ono of tho
most remarkable
occasions In tho
llfo of Jesus
just after ho had
fed five thousand
men with Ave bar
ley loaves and two
small fishes; and
twelve baskets of
f r a b ni o n t s ro
malned of the
scanty supply
which had been
blessed and multi
plied by tho .Mas
ter. The multitude cared not for tho
miracle they were willing to follow
a man who could feed such a throng
with such a scant supply. , Jesus uses
the occasion and their curiosity to
teach them that great lesson of which
tho miracle of feeding was, only a
faint shadow: Himself the only real
supply for the hungry soul he that
cometh to mo shall never hunger.
The Indispensable Christ.
This Is one of tho familiar and fa
mous "I ara's" found In this Gospel
by John. C:3G, I am the bread of llfo;
8:12, I am the light of the world;
S:G8, before Abraham was, I am;
10:9, I am the door; 10:11, I am tho
good shepherd; 11:25, I am tho resur
rection and the life; 14:6, I am tho
way, the trifth, and the life; 15:5. I
am tho vino, ye are the branches.
These pictures are parables linking
Jesus with the vital, fundamental
forces of the universe, setting forth
tho tenderest and dearest sugges
tions, touching tho things we all
need, and assuring us of safety, knowl
edge, and fulness of life. If you aro
a Christian and there Is any lack In
your life. It Is only becauso you have
not appropriated Christ for your dally
need. If you are not a Christian, you
need wait no longer, for this same
Jesus is able to meet that need ot
yours, oven to save unto tho utter
most. Think of him as tho Indispensable
Christ, for that is what bread Is to
us, the very staff of life. Hero, In
the story of the miracle, Jesus says,
"You marvel becauso I havo fed tho
body, and you would perish without
nourishment such as I havo provided;
but your souls are In gi eater need,
and they will perish forever If thoy
aro not fed; behold, I am the bread of
life; he that cometh to mo shall never
hunger; he that eateth of this bread
shall llvo forever." Just as bread Is
a necessity of our physical life, Jesus
Is tho real deep need of tho human
soul. No lesson Is more Important
than this, In a time when men aro
trying everywhere else except In Jesus
to find satisfaction and sustenance and
A Simple Process.
Consider the process by which wo
get Christ as tho food for the soul.
Verse 35, He that cometh to me shall
never hunger; and ho that bellevoth
on me shall never thirst; v. 51, If
any man eat of this bread ho shall
live forever; v. 54, Whoso eateth my
flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath
eternal lire; v. 56, He that eateth my
flesh and drinketh my blood, dwelleth
In me, and I In him; v. 58, He that
eateth of this bread shall live for
ever. Hero we havo a simple process
but a profound truth, and Christ sets
himself forth as tho same food for
all souls; he Is not one thing to the
rich man and another to tho man
who rannot afford the luxury he Is
the bread of life; just that to the man
who could pay a fabulous sum, and
just that to the man who has no
money. And yet the cost of bread
Is great: the seed Is cast Into tho
ground and dies before tho stalk ap
pears; tho grain must bo cut down by
tho reapers, there Is tho sovere proc
ess of grinding; and finally, tho In
tense heat of the flro which perfects
and completed the process. Christ
could not be tho bread of life apart
from the garden, tho cross, tho tomb
"Yo wore redeemed . . , with tho
precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb
without blemish and without spot."
The Place of Faith.
If you come homo at night, after the
severe toil of tho day, how do you get
nourishment out of the bread set be
fore you at tho evening meal? By
discoursing about the constituent
parts which make up tho loaf of
bread? Dy praising the love and tho
skill of tho hands which provided tho
bread? Dy admiration of tho form
of flavor of tho loaf? No, no; but by
the homely but necessary process of
appropriation. Hereby 'learn a lesson
for that deep hunger which your soul
feels appropriate Christ, who says, I
am the bread of life; ho that comoth
unto me shall nover hunger, Lot
your faith lay hold of him. Ills gra
cious promlBo is a present tenso
"Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh
by blood, ha-t-h eternal llfo "
Most Important oj Our Bush Fruits Is Popular Everywhere In
Home Gardens Without Intensive Cultivation Berries Dry
on Canes and Are Practically Worthless Injured by
Brown Beetle.
Tho raspberry will grow In a great
varloty of soils, but to filvo tho best
rooulta should bo planted In n well
drained soil, ono which Is rotentlvo of
moisture, and which Is abundantly
supplied with humus. A sandy loam,
Intensely cultivated, and well supplied
with decomposed barnyard compost,
will give a heavy yield. Tho canes on
such soils often mako a growth ot
ten feet or oven more.
Tho raspberry responds splondldly
to good preparation. Doep plowing
nnd thorough harrowing should alwnys
bo given before plants aro sot. In
some casos It will pay to plow eevornl
times, tho aim being to got a deep,
thoroughly pulvorlzed condition of tho
soil. Many a raspberry plantation has
been a dismal failure because ot poor
preparation of tho soil. Soils that are
Leaves Skeletonized by the Dyturua
Byturu8 Beetles.
Injury to Young Leaves by the
somewhat deficient in humus and nitro
gen will bo greatly benefited by first
plowing In a crop ot vetch, alfalfa,
crimson clover, field peas or other
leguminous crop. This will glvo the
cool moist condition that raspberries
naturally thrive In.
Tho red raspberry Is propagated by
means of suckers or sprouts. These
aro always produced very abundantly
In fact, too abundantly for commer
cial growing. Many ot them must bo
removed or the "rows become over
crowded. Black raspberries aro prop
agated by rooting tho tips. By placing
a Uttlo dirt just back of tho tip, and
pressing it lightly with the foot, roots
are forced out and now plants pro
duced. Plants may bo set either In fall or
spring. For high altitudes or regions
subject to winter-killing, spring plant
ing Is preforablo. Deep planting Is
generally resorted to from thrco to
four Inches. Tho plants aro set at
varying distances. A common method
Appearance of Berry Clusters Prom
Sprayed and Unsprayed Vines.
Buds Showing Injury by Byturuo
is to start the plants three feot apart
In the rows, allowing six feet between
rows. Some prefer four by eight.
Unless very intensive cultivation la
practised tho berries ry on tho canes
and aro worthless, or oven, If har
vested, nre small, hard and seedy The
problem Is to conserve the moisture bj
producing a soil mulch on the surface
The finer this Is, the better will be
tho results. All weed growth shoulJ
be kept down. Towards fall cultiva
tlon should cease, as Intensive late
cultivation encourages growth which
Is vory soft and subject to winter
killing. t
Red raspberries should not bo
summer pruned as this practise often
seems to encourage winter-killing, It
Is a good prnctlso to romovo old canct
directly after fruiting. These canrfl
should be burned us soon as removed.
In spring, further pruning will bo nee
cssary. Black raspberries should bo
pruned In summer, when the canes
have reached from two to four feet In
height, tho ends should be pinched
off. Some summer pruners mako tho
serious mistake of allowing the canes
to grow to a height of six or night
feet and then cut the canes back to
four feet. This kind of pruning re
moves all tho fruit.
The training of the vines is very
simple. A common practise is to set
posts from ton to twonty feet apart,
according to size, and at a height of
throo or four fnot from tho ground.
Cross-pieces aro nailed on tho posts.
Prom tho ends of tho cross-pieces
wires aro strung, ono on each sldo.
This Is a slmplo method nnd serves to
koop tho cano within bounds nnd this
aids In tho cultivation. Black rasp
borrioB havo rather stiff, upright canes,
so that under ordinary conditions, no
wires or trelllslng aro necesssary.
Tho berries should bo handled care
fully and rapidly whon marketing.
Picking should bo dono In tho cool of
tho day and only a fow borrles held In
tho hand nt ono tlmo. Nover expose
tho fruit to tho hot sun.
During tho last fow years quite a
number of growors ot red rnspborrtes
In various sections havo exporlouccd
considerable disappointment, some
suffering almost tho total loss of their
crop. 'Tho ylold of berries was not
only below normal, but the berries
were not fit to put on tho market
Tho caueo of tho injury Is a small
brown beetle, belonging to tho samo
family as tho buffalo carpet moth and
tho museum pest. This ono, howovor,
has the unusual habit of confining Us
attack to living plant tissues, instead
of feeding on animal flbora and tissues
ns its near relatives do. This small
beetle, tho raspberry byturus, foods
upon tho young loaves and buds ot tho
raspberry nnd tho larvao dovelop In
tho head upon which tho berry Is
borno, causing the affected berrlos to
ripen earlier, and this tends to mako
them small and unfit for market.
Tho injuries aro sovere, but aro
usually confined to small and some
what local areas.
In ono report, Juno Is given as
the timo tho insects commence their
work nnd other reports glvo May as
tho month. Tho following information
In regard to tho Insect will bo of In
terest to all whose raspberry planta
tions nre troubled with those pests:
"Throughout our country thero oc
curs on tho fruit of tho rod raspberry
a"Bmall, white worm, which commonly
romalns adhering to tho borry whon it
Is gathered, lying usually on tho inner
sldo of tho cup or cavity In tho berry.
Heroby the fruit is rendered unfit fo-
An Old Root of Disease Resistant Lou
don Red Raspberry.
tho table or for preserving, until It
has been looked over with tho utmost
care, and tho berries closely examined
ono by ono, each borry on which one
of these worms Is found foodlng being
either thrown away or tho worm re
moved from It. This is a most irk
some task, and, notwithstanding this
scrutiny, some of tho worms no doubt
remain nnd aro unconsciously eaten
with tho borrles, it being impossiblo
for the most plorclng sight to detect
them In evory lnstanco, especially
those that aro young and minuto.
"When the worm le fully grown, It
drops to the ground and socretes It
self under any dead leaves or other
rubbish which It finds. It forms a
cell In tho dirt in which It changes to
a pupa of pale, dull yellowish color,
and In this situation remains at rest
through tho winter, and till tho middle
of May or a Uttlo later whon it
changes to its perfect form, and is
then a small beotle about twlco as
long as thick, varying in length from
.12 to .15 of an inch.
"Spraying should bo practised to get
rid of those insects. Spray heavily
with arsenato of lead Just beforo tho
emergence of the beetles and this will
destroy most of tho beetles and mate
rially lessen their Injury to tho flower
buds. In connection with this, thor-
Method of Training and Trellises.
ough cultivation in tho fall, cloao up
to tho buBhes, will destroy many of
tho pupaa Bordeaux may bo added for
fungouB dlscaees, and will holp hold
the arsenato ot load on tho foliage
and buda, making tho spray slightly
moro olllclcnt than It arsenate ot lead
wore used alone."
Gocd Cultivation.
Good cultivation at tho proper tlmo
admits air, lessons tho ascont of water
from tho subsoil, causes tho soil to bo
como wanner, and stimulates a bettor
Currycomb Saves Labor,
To lighten tho labor of cleaning
horses thero has boon invented a
pneumatic currycomb which pumps
away tho loosened dust.
48 H. P.
Why the
develops more
than its rated
The Haynes motor is built in the Haynes factory.
Elwood Haynes, President of the Company inventor,
metallurgist passes on all metals used in its construction.
Tho crankshaft, camshaft, cylinders, and, in fact, all
vital parts are made by Haynes experts each part is sub
jected to the most ricid test and inspection before bcinff
built into the car.
All moving part3 on the
. Amtricai
including the pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts and
flywheel, are accurately balanced.
The scleroscope is used to test all parts that have been
heat-treated, to insure the proper degree of hardness and
to detect defective material.
Every magneto, cvgry carburetor, every starting motor
nnd lighting generator every unit of the car receives a
careful, scrupulous test.
The transmission shafts are mounted on Timken
bearings, which give a sturdy construction and reduce
friction to the minimum. The axles likewise arc designed
to overcome friction without sacrificing strength.
The design is so well balanced that the car weighs
practically the same at each wheel.
7tat's why the Haynes develops more than its rated
lhat's why it has unusual hill-climbing ability.
'that's why the Haynci has enjoyed uninterrupted
ucccss for twenty-one years.
TLe Hijnei "Ftnr," 48 drnEmdff harwpowtr, 118 fodi flfeIUtt...$1785i151985
Tfce llajua "Six," 65 drauaoBtiw kwepowcr. 130 inch wliMl!M...$2500e(l$2700
TL Hijari "Sit," 65 djuaraoiEder herepjntr, 136 inch bl!aie...$258Snd?278S
"Tho Completo Motorist" by Elwood Haynes, Father ot
tho American Automobile Industry, fully describing tho
Vulcan Electric Gey Shift, will bo mailed upon receipt
of ton cents In stamps. "Wrfto to
36 Main Street, Kokamo, Indiana
Builder of America' 't First Car
The Ilajnr car Is handled by the llnj-ne Mnlnr Rntr Co.,
1032 rarrmtn Hi., Omnlin, eli The Mlnaourl llnynrs Motor Car Co.,
1708 dram! At., Karnini Cltr. Mo., and by denleri throughout Ne-
bruska, MUnourl, Knnxai and Iona.
Dnnlnt-e. TIlB naynM Bells rca-dlly beennao of Its mechanical
eUlCIS. features. Von may be. In open territory send for cat
ntog and four pages of detailed specific atloos, glrlne orer 500
Items which comprlo tbe Haynes. write us right now I
Enclosed (ind 1 0 centa In stamps. Pleasa send roe Elwood Htynss' Book,
"Tho Complete Motorist."
Address..... (
I expect to buy car about . i
HHHHk " jsW eLssssssssLssssssW
Byers Bros. &
L S Ex. Bldg., So. Omaha,
In the Shuffle.
Mnglstrato OHlcor, this prlBonor
says you have trumped up a charge
agalntit him.
OltlcDr Ho must bo a Joker, your
honor; I lmd to ubo my club on him
as ho camo within u,n aco of escap
OnosttemulleraftamsinK Allen's Foot-K.v, tho
AutlMiptlc powder to bs shaken Into tint shuci, It
make tight or now shoe teal easr. Just tlio tblnir
for danclnir. llejute itibatUufri. I'or K1UC1! trial
package, address AllenS Olmsted, Lullor.M.r. Adr.
Kngllsh society women plan to open
tea shops at several ot tho continental
Ten sinllcn for a nickel. Always buy Itod
Cross liall Iiluo; have beautiful clear white
clothes. Adv.
U'b much easier to borrow troublo
than to got rid of it.
nnvm nxzimnmwi
Haynes OjpM
65 Ii P.
Ftrst Car
MiloSt., Kokomo, Ind.
This Man
made a free offer to
Farmers' wives a few
weeks ago and still has
a few of those valu
able articles for your
kitchen to send for the
asking. This proposi
tion is furnished and
guaranteed by
Company cSon
Wo manufacture tho celebrated Call
fornlu Redwood tanks. They neither
shrink nor swell and cannot rot. Our
tanks are held la perfect shape by a
patented appliance, not found In any
ofher tank made. Redwood tanks
havo been known to stand CS years
without docay. Cost no more than
others. Send for price list and men
tion size of tank wanted.
ATLAS TANKMFG. CO., 219W.0.W.DId(j.. Omaha
Is constantly growing in favor becauso it
Does Not Stick to the Iron
and it will not injuro the finest fabric For
laundry purposes it has no equal. 16 oz.
package 10c. 1-3 moro starch for same money.
DEFIANCE STARCH CO., Omaha, Nebraska
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namtuUl. conTtuleot.
cheap. 1 1 t kit
season. Made ot
rneUI, cn'tplll or tip
oreri will not "ill or
Injure Dythlng.
Uusranteed effectlre.
iprew paid for 11.09.
HAROLD aouisa. HO DsC&lk Are., Brooklyn, M. T.
STOP LOOKREAD ;i'ac,,B&(V?url
necklaces ''' Morllntf silver stlcsum ISc, penknives
tUc.Rold 11 ll.'tt penknives 71c, iinlj tllk'il ih'iicIU ttto
M, A, UrUIUIOBlUlU.llllrTil.L tUtKI, rW f TOlIk UTt
W. N. U OMAHA, NO, 23-1914.
.Can bn bandied rery eaalrr, Tbo sick are cured, and all others to
same stable, no matter howeipnefxl," kept from bavlnir tbe ills
eafee. 117 u.mif oi-uiinti i,iyuiu iusiuii'i.11 (JUUK. Ulre on
the toiifrae.or ln "). Acts on tbe LIik'J and eipols trenns ot
All forma of distemper. Ttest romedr ever known for martm In fnL
. Ono bottle Riiaranteedtocuro ono eae. DOoandllabotUoitoand
I JlOdncn ot rirUKKt' and I mm cm dealers, or sent espreas Bald br
I nianutacturors. Cut above bow to poultlco tbroats. Our frea
I (Booklet elves eTervtblntr. local asents wanted. lAnresi seluur
. horse remedy lu esutoncs twelvoyeurs.
6P0HN MEDtOAkCO.iCkunl.iioj'iDi-tDH'.iocUtj, Qoshen, Ind,, U.S. A