The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, May 01, 1914, Image 5

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A. Nice Assortment
of watch bracelets
is now ready for
your critical
These are quite the
fad in the East and
would make a well
appreciated gift for
the coming grad
uation gift. This is
only a suggestion
of the many
beautiful articles
we have to offer.
Better come in and make your selec
tion while the stock is at it best.
DIXON, The Jeweler.
Union Pacific Watch Inspector.
viuc vw iud mwuuuaiu A
Graduate Dcnlisl.
over the Mc
State Bank.
Local and Personal
The quarantine for scarlet fever was
raised Wednesday from the home of
Oliver Moody on West Eleventh street.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lnrribee, of Jack
son, Mich., arrived in the city the first
of the week on business and to visit
Horotn Munger for a few days.
Go to Jeffries for blacksmithing, die
sharpening, plow work and horse-shoeing,
n,ew cultivator shovels and lister
lays. On Vine street south of the mill.
V. V. Rurr. of the state school of
agriculture, will return this summer
and assist at the experimental sub-station.
He mis been employed there for
the past two summers.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Baylor, of Platts
mouth, who have been visiting friends
in the city for several days,, left Tues
dayfor Portland, Ore., where they will
make an extended visit.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Zimmer. residing in the Platte Valley
precinct, was in the city Tuesday to
receive medical attention. He fell
Monday in some way so as to dislocate
his arm at the elbow joint.
Ray Eyerly, one of the local Union
Pacific employes, has recently purchased
the residence property of J. W.
Hughey in the fourth ward. The resi
dence has been completed only recently
and is a good property.
Hampshire bond and Vellum station
ery and correspondence cards. speciPl
gentlemen's stationery at Rincker Book
& Drug Co., Blue Front,
The case of A. F. Zoiihire vs Wm.
A. Nicholson was up for hearing Wed
nesday afternoon in the county court
and went to judgment by default The
suit.was for the collection of a promis
sory note of 55 alleged to be due the
plaintiff from the defendant.
A special meeting of the city council
was held Tuesday evening for the pur
pose of levying the taxes against the
properties where sidewalks were built
by the city. A tnx of seven per cent
was levied against the propentesto pay
for the laying of the walks and to cover
advertising expenses.
The funeral of Miss Isla Rowley,
which was held Wednesday afternoon
from the Methodist church, was well
attended. The floral offerings were
protuse and beautiful. The Junior class
of which she was a member, attended
in a body. Music was furnished by the
Methodist choir and the funeral oration
was given by Rev. B. A Cram. Inter
ment was made in the North Platte
Taylor's, the addition of homes. No
smoke. No cheap rent houses. Hollman
& Sebastian, Agents.1 282
' John O'Keefe, the little son of Mr.
and Mrs. John O'Keefe. Sr., got his
fingers caught in some of the gears of
the popcorn machine at the Ideal nak-
Mrs. H. G. Fleishman was reported
on the sick list yesterday.
Mrs. Levi Duke entertained the
ladies of the Episcopal Guild at her
home yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. J. H. Donsgan returned yester
day from Omaha where she attended
the state convention of Charities and
Judge Grant was a visitor to Max
well yesterday to attend the hearing
Henry Geise before the state board of
The Sigmund Mang farm of 100 acres
was sold last week for S5500 to a
farmer in the north part of the county.
The farm is located south of the city.
The domestic science department of
the Twentieth Century club will be
entertained Monday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. W. H. Blalock, 904 West
Sixth street.
Elliott Davis, herdsman for the agri
cultural department of the state univer
sity, is visiting for a few days with his
brother, E. C. Davis at the experiment
al sub station south of the city.
Joe Larson, chief clerk in District .
Foreman McGraw's office, is in a hos
pital in Omaha taking treatment for an
effected eye. His eye has been bother
ing him for some time -from some un
known cause and it finally got so bad
that he was obliged to go u hospital.
Prof, and Mrs. Henri Deschamps
left yesterday for Alliance, Nebr.,
where the professor will lecture for
some time. They spent two weeks in
the city visiting and Prof. Dershamps
gave a number of lectures on Child
Study and Anthropology while here.
He also gave private readings.
Ralph Alden, a former North Platte
boy who is taking the dental course at
the state university, won the half mile
race in the Freshman track meet last
Saturday at the university grounds.
Several men were entered in the raca
but Alden won by a good margin. This
will put him in good line for a place on
the univeisity track meat next year.
rv Tiipadav evenimr and had them
nnito hnrllv smashed. His father was
standing near by and stopped the
machine in time to save the little boy's
hand from being pulled in between the
cogs. He was taken to a doctor and
had his injuries attended and is getting
along nicely. One finger was smashed
quite badly.
The boys glee club of the high school
gave a full concert Friday evening at
the Platte Valley school house to a ca
"" pacity house. Both rooms of the school
nouse were packed and standing room
was at a premium. The boys gave a
nice program of twelve numbers and
this was followed by a supper given
them by the ladies. Lunch was also
sold to the nudience. This is the first
of a series of concerts to be given by
the club and the boys went out for their
Ladies9 Suits, Coats and
Silk and Wool Dresses.
Sale begins Wednesday, April the 29th, and will close Saturday, May the 9th.
All Spring Suits 1-3 off
All Spring Coats 1-4 off
Silk and Wool Dresses 1-4 off
We will sell all Spring Suits at one-third off of regular price, all Spring Coals
one-fourth Joff of regular price and all of our Silk and Wool Dresses one-fourth off
regular price. You, will have to come early to get the hest selections as this is
a lower price than you can expect this early in the season and is the lowest price
we will put on this class j)f garments this year. Remember you are getting the
best makes of goods in these lines carried in North Platte.. No" job lols or off
styles bought at a price because they were not made right, but good dependable
goods such as you always find here.
Country Club Elects
Officers; Makes Plans.
Save $1 .25 per week and then see
Hollman & Sebastian agents for Tay
lor's and Graceland's additions and
learn how to buy a future home. 28-2
The committee having charge of the
public playgrounds will ask the people'
for at least $400 with which to purchase
the pharaphanalia and meet other ex
penses. Every parent who has children
attending1 school should take an interest
in these playgrounds and show that he
is interested by freely donating his
share of the funds needed. If 400 men
will each give a dollar it will mean that
400 men are more or less interested
and their good will and enthusiasm is
needed for the success of the institu
tion fully as much as their dollars.
Mrs. Ed. Rebhausen entertained
Wednesday afternoon at her home on
South Locust street in honor of her
little daughter Madeline, tho occassion
being her sixth birthday anniversary.
Twenty guests were present and the
afternoon was delightfully spent with
games and contests. At 6 o'clock a nice
two course luncheon was served. The
little girl received many nice presents.
Miss Mildred McKeown assisted in en
tertaining. Call on "Your Room Friend."
DIckey's Sanitary Laundry
Oren E. Garrison returned Wednes
day afternoon from Lincoln where he
went the first of the week for a confer
ence with Adjutant General Hall with
regard to organizing n militia company
here. He reported a successful trip and
that he succeeded in getting a place in
the new sixth regiment that is being
filled up. Over twenty-five towns in the
state are attempting to raise enough
men to get into the regiment and only
a few places are yet remaining. It will
require fifty-eight men to get a place
and the first towns with that number
of men will be given preference. Paul
Gantt and Clark LeDoytnre working the
neighboring towns in an attempt to
raise the required number of men and
establish a guard post here.
The Riverside Outing club met Tues
day evening at tho Elks hall for the
election of officers for the coming year
and to make plan for this summor's
diversions. The old officers were all le
elected to serv.j this next year. They
are aa follows: Preiident, J. B. Mc
Donald; vice-president, E. F Stebcr
iger; secretary, Rolfe Haliigan; treas
erer, Charles Whelan; directors, E. H.
Evans, F. C. Pielsticker and W. H.
County Surveyor R. L. Cochran was
instructed to lay out grounds for a
golf links and tennis courts on the
ground which the club has leased on the
Dick place near the river north of the
city. They have a twenty-acre plot
there with a club house for summer
use. A nine-hole golf links will be fixed
up for this summer and several tennis
courts will be leveled off.
Many other plans tor the summer
were discussad and the club is planning
for some big enterprises. Thero is now
a charter membership of thirty-seven
members and they intend making this
club one of the leading organizations
of the city.
For Sale.
Five Pure Bred Short Horn
from as good families as are
Herd Books. Bred right and
tf W. W. BlltGE
in the
Local and Personal
M. B. Smith, of Bridgeport, was a
business visitor in tho city yesterday.
Mrs. W. C. Reynolds returned Wed
nesday from Omah where she had been
visiting friends for several days.
The turret lathe at the Union Pacific
shops which was sent to Omaha for re
pairs, has been returned and placed in
Mrs. Thomas Healey and two chil
dren, who have been quite sick for two
weeks, 'are reported getting along
Ed. Stofregen, a jeweler in Clinton's
jewelry store, left Tuesday evening for
Blue Hill where he will visit for a
short time with relatives and friend?.
Dean A. D. Burnett and three mem
bers of tho board of regents are ex
pected about May 8th to make a visit
to the state experimental sub-station
here to look over the work.
McGovern buys and sells second hand
goods. 511 Locust street, phono black
Rev. H. G. Knowles spent several
days in Kearney this week attending a
district me'etingof the Christian church.
He delivered the sermon on the opening
night of the convention.
President Searle of the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul railroad passed
through the city yesterdey morning go
ing east in his special train. He is re
turning from a tour of inspection in
the western states.
The Chautauqua committee met Wed
nesday evening at the office of O. E.
Elder for tho purpose of electing a
secretary and treasurer and to make
further plans for the course this year.
Horton Munger was ejected secrotary
and treasurer. Many plans for the
meeting were discussed and a site was
selected for holding it this year. The
site decided on Is between Locust and
Dewey streets between First and
Second on the vacant block of ground
owned by tho Burlington railroad com
pany. A campaign for the sale of tic
kets will be started soon and the pro
moters hope to sell the required num
ber of tickets and assure a Chautauqua
for next year as well.
Butler Buchanan and Mrs. Nowbold,
his mother-in-law. left Tuesday night
for Mt. Pleasant, la. Mrs. Newbold
had been visiting her daughter and aa
she is well along in years, Mr. Bucha
nan accompanied her toher Iown homo.
M. J. Claussen, ot Hayes Center, ar
rived in the city yesterday with his son
who will be employed this summer at
the state experimental substation. Mr.
Claussen is cashier of the Hayes Center
bank. The young Mr. Claussen grad
uated this spring from the stato agri
cultural school and won honors there.
He was captain of Company E and won
second place in the competitive drill. TIo
has been employed at tho station hero
Mrs. A. J. Salisbury barely escaped a
serious accident Tuesday afternoon when
a team ran into the car which she was
driving. Mrs. Salisbury wasdrivingdown
Fourth street and just at the corner of
Fourth and Dewey street tho team ran
into tho car. The polo of the buggy
was run through the windshield and the
glass fell all over Mrs. Salisbury. She
turned the corner and got out ot the
way of the team or there would pro
bably have been a serious accident. Tho
driver of the team was unknown to any
one who saw the accieont. He was
driving a young colt and at tho corner
the colt became frightened and stopped.
He struck it with a whip and it started
to run and ran into the car. It stepped
up on one of the stops but when the car
turned it was thrown off. No serious
damage was reported.
John Greenwood, of the Wellfleet
vicinity, was a business visitor to the
county capital Wodnesday.
For Sale-The C. A. Dill property,
905 West Fourth street. Inquire of C.
W. Yost.
Bull for Sale
One high grade Short Horn yearling
bull, forty-fiva dollars. A. Coolidge,
North Platte.
A splendid fertilizf'' fnr lawns, rec
ommended iy tho DivhiriinTit f Agri
culture 4 fjtnposi'd i. tri following:
Sodium Nitrate 4 part-
Powd. Blood Aloummi M parts
Mix with 40 gullorin of wafer or mix
dry and sprinkle oxer 400 squuru feet of
While these salts are the principal
ingredients that enrich the noil that
manure is composed of, yet the fact is
tho coBt is less than one-third. Per
fectly sanitary. Without dandelions
and grub worms, is alone a good reason
why it Bhould bo used in preference to
For sale at
Stone Drug Co.
For funds that you will not use for n few
Months, we issue Time Certificates of Deposit
which bear interest at 4 percent.
In this way your funds which arc temporar
ily idle, can be made profitable.
We will be glad to explain the plan more
fully to you, if you will call.
McDonald State Bank,
North Platte, Nebraska.
CHAS. McDONALD, President
WM. H. McDONALD, Cashier W. E. STARR, Ass't Cashier
le same
MR. farmer:
Why not be up to dale and have
convenience as your city brother.
A small isolated light plant run by .your gasoline
engine is what you need. The electric light is as far
ahead of the ordinary oil lamp as the oil lamp was
ahead of the pine knot. When in town, call and let
us explain this system.
"Anything Electrical."
Electrical Supply Co.,
217 East 6th Street.