The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 19, 1913, Image 9

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Proceedings of the
County Board.
December 10. 1913.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present Springer, White, Herminghau
san and county clerk.
The county treasurer is hereby auth
orized to comet the tax list of II. Du
Berry for the year 1913 on$600assossed
for automobile, for the reason that said
automobile was assessed to Hendy &
The county treasurer is hereby auth
orized to correct tux list of J. B. Huys
for tho year 1913, on account of exces
sive assessment on housohold goods.
Tho county treasurer is hereby auth
orized to refund to H. K. Peck
ham the sum of 51.71 out of the vil
lage funds of Brady, for the reason
that said Peckham is not subject to
village taxes.
Bids for filling in apprachos to
Cottonwood Canyon bridge were opened
and tabulated, to-wit:
Chris Posenberg, 17 cents per cubic
J L Lewis, 1G cents per cubic yard.
H P Stevens, 1G cents per cubic yard.
H P Stevens agreeing to furnish a
'bond for the performance of the work,
the contract is hereby awarded to him
at 16 cents per cubic yard, work to be
done in a good and satisfactory way
and to be approved by the commission
ers. A communication received from the
state auditor claiming that Lincoln
county is indebted to the state of Ne
braska, in the sum of 55698.92 for care
of insano persons prior to the year
1891, tho board being of the opinion
that the county does not owe this
debt, said claim is hereby rejected.
The following claims were allowed
on the general fund, to-wit:
Sarah Osterhout, refund of
taxes on account of double
taxation $13 GS
Lester Walker, cash to be used
for transportation of county
paupers 50 00
N McCabe, damages on road
No 353 150 00
N McCabe, damages on road
No 351 .. b0 00
Dan'l It Sibcrts, disinfecting
houso of N S Collins at
Sutherland 10 00
P W Herminghauscn, telephone
rcntforl913 IS 00
D D White, telephono rent for
1913 18 00
The claim of Sarah B Hinman, et al
for $1,500.00 damages on road 3G0, as
to tho extension of Second street in the
city of North Platte, is hereby allowed
for78.G0 and disallowed for 1.421.40.
the petitioners to reimburse the county
for all damages on said road, and the
road overseer is heroby directed to
have snid road opened for public travol.
Allowed on bridge fund to-wit:
W M Dymond, bridge work Her-
shey 33 00
Murphy & Johnson, car of
bridge lumber, Brady 3S1 79
CF Iddings Co, car ot bridge
lumber. Sutherland 311 85
C F Iddings Co, car of bridge
lumber Maxwell 239 55
Nebraska' Iowa Steel Tank Co,
culverts, (two claims) 290 50
Allowed on road funds, to-wit:
W M Dymond, cash for road
district 4 50 00
Louis Hefior, cash to-be used for
district 10 GO 00
Allowed on commissioner's district to
Geo S Williams, grading roads
from Brady to Spannuth, on
district 2 419 00
W W Gerkin, grading roads in
road district 21, allowed on
district 2 151 50
Whereupon the board adjourns to
Dec. 22. 1913.
C. W.Yost,
County Clerk.
City Council Meets.
The city council met in regular sess
ion Tuesday evening in thoj library
building. Much routine business was
acted upon and the bill of the 'electric
company pnid after n reduction of tho
amount for lights that were not burning
all tho time.
Attorney Albert Muldoon and Assist
ant Superintont Geo. H. Smith appeared
before tho council in behnlf of tho
Union Pacific company regarding tho
whistling ordinance. The ordinance hrd
been vetoed by the mnyor;nnd was
dropped lost night on condition that the
matter be taken up with headquarters
and the company instruct thoiongineeis
to bo more careful.
John Ititner and Ralph Garman ap
peared before tho council in regard to
the ordinance recently passed regulating
picture shows. Their chief objection
was the limiting of selling seats, and
the matter was referred to the ordin
ance committee to look up the ordinance
and revise it if need be.
How to Bankrupt the Doctors.
A prominent New York physician
says, "If it were not for the thin stock
ings and thin soled shoes worn by
women the doctors would probably be
bankrupt." When you contract a cold
do not wait for it to develop into pneu
monia but treat it at once. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy is intended espe
cially for coughs and colds, and has
won n wide reputation by its cures of
these diseases. It is most effectual and
it is pleasant and safe to take. For
sale by all dealers.
m Get Your Christmas
ft Turkey FREE,,
S Given away at THE PAT
every night from now
Jed lYIooncy Released.
The case of State vs Jed Mooney,
charged with cattle stealing was fin
ished up in the county court Tuesday
afternoon and Judge Grant dismissed
the case on tho grounds that Mooney
did not tako the steer with the felon
ious intent of keeping it. Several wit
nesses for both sides were heard.
It seems that one of a bunch of
steers which Mooney was feeding had
strayed away and joined Neskott's herd
and that Mooney went after it
but got the wrong steer. When he
discovered that ho had the wrong one
ho decided to call it i trade and
branded tho steer that he had brought
home. He left word with Heskett'i
men where he was taking tho steer and
told them that ho would not leave until
the next morning and the suit was tho
result. Heskett is a resident of Lin
coln county, but Mooney lives over the
line in McPherson county.
If you are interested in the selling,
buying, renting, of property, either
town or farm, or the borrowing or the
loaning of monev. Investments of
a saving nature, where you pay
so much in a month, or
where you invest a lump sum.
Don't fail to send Temple your name to
be placed upon the list that will get the
"Temple Real Estate Bulletin." This
will be a bulletin printed bv C. I
Temple each month, the first issue
eominir out in January. It will contain
n pnmnliitn list of monorties listed for
sale. The important transfers
estute for the previous month
"Telepathy" Is an instance of a new
fangled word for nn old thing Bacon
railed It 'smpath" between two (lis
taut plnds. lzaak Walton similarly
explained Dr. Dunne's lsloii in Paris
of lili wife and dead child, observing
that "If two lutes are strung to nu ox
nct hnriuouy and olio Is struck tho oth
er sounds." Scottish hlghlanders, who
would have been puzzled by tho word
"telepathy." Imvo long been familiar
with tho Idea for which it stands. An
drew Lang quoted the case of n poor
highland woman who wrote to her son
In Glasgow. "Don't bo thinking too
much of us. or 1 shnll lie seeing you
some evening In the byre."
My father oueo had a curious tele
pathic experience. Ho wns dressing
In his bedroom one morning when he
suddenly saw the faco of a Scotch
servant girl, contorted with agony. In
the looking gins before him. Ho
wont downstairs to the kitchen and
found tho jvlrl writhing In a lit upon
the tloor. her faco exactly ns he hud
wii It In the mirror. London Specta
tor. Boncficinl Exercise.
Dxorclso to be beneficial must do
those things:
First. It must slightly Increase tho
strength and force of the heart bent,
so as to Improve the circulation and
do nway with any tendency to sluggish
ness. Second. -It must slightly quicken
uml deepen the breathing rate so that
more pure air Is drawn Into tlio lungs
and less Impure air Is left behind.
Third. It must stimulate Into nor
mal activity tho myriads of glands In
the skin whose duty it Is to lid the
body of ti part of tho poisonous sub
stances constantly being formed with
in us.
Practically any exercise, if carried
out with the correct degreo of moder
ation, will accomplish those results
and so deserves tho term "beneficial
exorcise." The trouble is that Indulg
ed In past model atlon nlmost every
form of exercise can do moro linrm
thnn good. New York World.
13., also friends and ncignuuio . .
their kindness at tho funeral of tho 'friends in Gothenburg.
ltJUIU ".-
late J. T. Dolson nnd for tho beautiful
lloral offering?.
W. S. Dolson, and Family.
Jacob Koch, a prominent fnrmer and
stock raiser of the Hershey vicinity,
returned Monday from Omaha whero he
attended the Farmer's Congress, ns n
dolegato from this county. He stopped
over In North Pint to and made a pleas
ant cnll at this ollicc.
that Elslo has captured n Charley-boy;
Mayme also seems Interested in Gothen
burg. Both arc to make a week end
visit at that place after the holidays.
Will nnd Frank Cokcr, of tho Suth
erland vicinity, were visitors to tho
county capital Tuesday to attend tho
trial of the stnto of Nebraska vs Jed
Mooney. Mr. Heskett was the com
plaining witness.
1914 Will be a Good Year
But You Must Make it So.
will be tho
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Orders for Change of Rates.
Official orders from Postmaster
r.nnnrnl A. S. Burleson roirardinir the
change of weight in the parcels post
have been received by Postmaster
Davis. The notice informs that on and
alter January 1, 1914 tho limit on fourth
class mail will be changed in the first
zone from twenty pounds to fifty
pounds, and in other zones fromjjeleven
pounds to twenty pounds.
The rates have als'o been materially
lowered in the third, fourth, fifth and
sixth zones as follows: third zone, six
cents for the first pound and two cents
for each additional pound or fractinr;
fourtli zone, seven cents for the first
and four cents for additional; fifth zone,
eight cents for the first and six ; cents
for each additional; sixth zone, nine
cents for the first and eight cents for
each additional. These rates are for
packages weighing over four ounces.
Orders have also been received sus
pending the rule against Ked
Cross stamps and the like on the
outside of the packages for the month
of December. They will be permitted
for the holiday season only. Tho parcels
post carriers arc working over time on
the parcels and every train brings a big
load of Christmas parcels.
Tho Greeting of Democracy.
Tho story that tho kaiser loves most
to tell his Intlnintes, declares Mr. Wil
liam Armstrong In the Vomnn's M"Bn
Blue, concerns the visit of his brother.
Prineo Henry of Prussia, to America.
The incident happened just ns the
prlnco was landing nt Now York. Be
side him on deck stood Admiral von
Tirpltz. On tho dock wns a donso
crowd. I'Vom Its midst n stentorian
voice called. "Henry. Henry!"
The prlnco did not understand thnt
the hnll was meant for him until tho
admiral, smiling broadly, said. "Your
loyal highness. I think some one wants
to speak to you."
Then Prince Henry looked over to
ward the human megaphone, who still
continued to bawl out his name. See
ing that ho had caught tho royal gaze,
the owner of tho voice shouted.
"How's Bill?"
ll is hardlv reasonable to predict that this
best year you have known unless you tire
yourself to make it so.
"Success" is strictly a home product.
never been glutted the price is IIAHD WORK AND CLOSE
ATTENTION TO BUSINESS. The price remains always
the same.
Pay tho price this year. Have a bank
save your money and you will count JQl'l a
your history.
Slandimr on the threshold of another
The market has
account and
big year in
PLATTE VALLEY STATE HANK is in tho host condition
since its organization.
Vn lifivn iirnanoriifl ill i(lllllip;illv tilt
ill i ij in iikiniii.i v--i . - .
ol loyal, energetic
same measure as
people whom we call
has the body
To them, and to tho entire business community, wo
give assurance of continued Courtesy, unquestioned Security
and a banking Service based upon personal attention to de
tails, throughout the year at hand.
The Platte Valley State Bank
CAPITAL - - $50,000.00
Mutual Building and Loan Association
Not Sam's Fault.
Rain Snodeker. the commissary ninii
and held In the community to lie n
good churchman, annoyed tho minister
extremely by getting up nnd wnlklng
out or the church while the sermon
was in progress. Tho preacher spoke
to Sam about It.
"It Isn't my fault, doe," Sam pro
tested. "It's n sort of allliction I got."
Tho preacher told Sam he'd better
see tho camp doctor. A few days later
tho preacher mat the doctor.
"Dlil Sam Snodeker como to you for
advice?" asked tho pivichor.
"Yes." said tho doctor, "but I told
Rain I couldn't do anything for him."
"What was Rniii'n atlllctlouV"
"Allliction! Ho didn't Bay anything
nbout that. Sam said he'd been trou
bling you by wnlklng in ins sleep.
Now York Tost.
Assets December 1, 1913, $566,896.07
Paid up stock pays six per cent dividends nnd may be
cashed at any time on thirty dnys' notice.
Monthly savings, installment stock, pays eight per cent
Either stock may be subscribed for AT ANY TIME.
This Association is operated under state supervision and
the stock affords an investment that cannot be excelled for
T. C. PATTERSON, President.
S. G00ZEE, Secretary.
And do it where you can get what you want
We carry a full line of Staple and Fancy
Groceries. Yellowstone Canned Goods,
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Dinner sets ranging in price from $7.50 to
$14.00 per hundred piece set. Glassware
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North Side Cash Grocery,
Phone 244.
An eight room dwelling on the
North side as good as new. Can be
bought for less than two thirds ils
value and on monthly payments. This
is a big bargain for somebody.
Mutual Building & Loan Association,
95-4 By S Goozee, Secretary
J. R. Baldwin of the Hirdwood vicin
ity was a business visitor injLthe city
Julius Forstedt won the diamond
ring that was rallied ofrMonday even
at Huffman's cigar store.
City Engineer C. J. McNamnra left
Wednesday morning for tho Nichols
vicinity to look after some engineering
Hert Hudson, who resides in the ox-
treme north west part of J tho county,
was a business visitor 10 mo coun
house Wednesday morning. Ho brought
in a coyote skin to get tho bounty.
California Woman Seriously Alarmed.
"A short time ago I contracted a
severe colli which settled on my lungs
nnd caused mo a great deal of annoy
once. I would have bad coughing spells
and my lungs were so sore nnd inflamed
1 began lo oe senousiy nianueu. t
friend recommended Chamberlain's
Couch Romedy, saying she had used it
for years. I bought a bottle and it re
lieved my cough the first night, and in
a weok 1 was rid of the cold and sore
ness of my lungs," writes Miss Marie
Gertie r, Sawtelle, Cal. For salo by all
Militant Margaret.
Militant minded women wore known
In Unglnnd before the suffragettes. 0110
of whom lies In Henry VII.'s chapel
Margnrot, countess of IMchmond, Its
builder's mother, with her brass ellljiy
by Toirlglnno. She haled the Turk,
nnd she made, as Camden leporls, a
snorting oiler to tho chivalrous of her
day. "On the condition that princes
of Christendom would combine them
selves and march against tho common
enemy, tho Turk, she would most will
ingly attend them and bo their laun
dress In the camp." That position of
laundress to tho crusaders would have
been an easy one. for it was the fash
Ion to make vows to chnngo no un
derclothlng until the holy sepulcher
was legained.-Chicago News.
TXEZZESSszjBs&sz nniiirnTT'3ija
Seasons have but little effect in the uniformly pleasing climate of
California every day is a day for out-door sports; and there arc
special attractions for every member of the family.
When you go to California is of little consequence, but how you go
is of all importance.
There is one best way the road that has proven its superiority
for nearly half a century, the road whose service is as uniformly
perfect as California's climate.
This and more too is the
Labor Saving Postman.
One of the sights to be remembered
in Portugal, said tho Itev. II. O. Fen
ton, lecturing at tho Itoyal Photograph
ic society, was that of the postiunn do
llverlng his letters among tho congie
Ration nt church on Sunday, therebj
fenving himself many u weary walk.
Pall Mall Gazette.
Tho Word Improve.
Improvo at first meant to rebuke, to
condemn or disapprove. In the
French It means precisely the oppo-
blto of tho nngllsh word. Milton uses
It In tho senso of increase. Only in
tho courso of ages did It tako on tin
present signification of bettering.
Gnbe Smith is an unsorlnblo cuss
isn't ho? Stove Should say so. Why
that guy wouldn't oven talk In hl
sleep. Cincinnati Hnqutrer.
Very True.
Do not tnlk about yourself In com
pany. It can bo dono so much moro
Mitlsfartorlly after you have left. -LIpplncott'8.
I Protectod by Automatic Electric Illock Solely Slfnnl. VfMWR
K Dustlass Roadbed Double Track lTHlaihl
I rorCnlifcirnliillU'ralurf nntl information relutivo U routes. flUtUUslSfl
stopover privllwB, i'ti mil on or lulilrt-aa iSiSB
1 F. E. BULLARD, Agent (fjflf
I NORTH I'LATTE, NEB. vuajpijs"
. mgvry,irlj'rs3'tiMWE!iMSMlSESXSSBBSSBES33330KK
m p rT?rrn"w IE We Cannot I
3 V,y7-v- uUA.!l ' V&
Serve You
with auto supplies, nobody can.
For there is nothing needed by
car or owner that is not to bo had
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J. S. Davis Auto Co.