The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 19, 1913, Image 4

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f r
UK irritated hotel
"H(Wt WHS fUM"
iu iiiid ruining
wltli the clerk bo
citisc lie co.ild
ii .1 sleep. Il
V ; 10 o'l'locU Oil
clii'iHtniiM 'V.
iimI the throng
nf merrymakers
iniuU mi inmli noise Hint slumber on n
ground Hour whs Impomdblo. In n
most obliging manner the clerk gave
tin guest mi Inside room on tin six
teenth lloor In place of IiIm Kill! wllh
windows opening on tin1 street.
Outside n throng of merry people
noisily, hannlly nwiilti'd the coming of
tlio L'lnddoHt tiny In all tin your; wom-
oti and children, old and young. Jostled
and pushed, blow liorns and throw con
fetti, and the pollct'iiiiui stood on the
corner and Hinlled. and the real people
who could not sleep looked out from
their windows and laughed and said,
"It Is ho good to see them happy."
Hut on the sixteenth lloor of the big
hotel and in the solitude of an Inside
room n bit;, Hellish man stood and rub-
iw..i iiiu immlH mill smiled becaiiso it
was so oulet. Once the distant blow
Ins of n horn was heard, and he stood
on a chair and stuffed a bath towel
Into u ventilator.
"Fine, finel" said he. "Those fools:
I'll set Home sleep now."
And he undressed and walked about
and smiled. Low? ago, v. 'ion the hulr
Just above his ears begun to show a
little gray, a groat wall arose in Ids
life and cut off the past -the past when
ho was ii boy. And tlead vines hum?
ntwut this barrier, and its walls grew
thicker and higher until It forced back
till of the streams of happiness and
Tl T" 'Till "- J trw-i .V5rZSAM,F l t 1
iwm'ouii or iiAi.i.8 or
hiuIIoh that eanie from chlldhood'a lmp
py memory, and his heart grow linn'
and cold.
"Christmas!" he sneered as he reach
ed for the electric light. "All over the
country, I suppose, they are di'lmlln;.'
children with the Santa (Jltuiu tumlool
cry." Then it was darkness, and he lucked
himself deep down under the cover.
A great happiness came over hhn. f i
lie could not hear a sound, so he close.;
his eyes and sleep came to him.
Outside tho noise crew fast and loud
er, only a mile lime aim mo neii
would ring the. midnight hour and It
would lit Christmas morning. A mil
lion housetops were silent, for beneath
thoin, In their tiny beds, were the lit
tie expectant hearts.
And he in the Inside room was snoi
ig. Suddenly he threw his arm u,
nnd grabbed the side of the bed. lie
tossed his lens wildly about and rocked
like n man In great agony. Then 1 .
was still for a moment, and then sud
denly he sat erect and. shiiklnj? his
list In tho air. exclaimed:
"Hack, I say! Hack before 1 Urn!"
Let us crawl over ihe wall arortul
his heart, and look. The room Is tilled
with a thousand soldiers--nuiro than
There is regiment after regimen'
Some lire of lead, others or tin, wld'
tliosu making the assault on Hie bee.
tiro wooden. From back or the bureau
comes a troop of cavalry, the tin horses
fairly galloping as the enpta'n bni.
dishes his sword. From under tl"
washstand conies a battery of art!!
lery. They are placlw? their sums. 'lh
llttlo general, painted so gaudily. Is
the man's shoulder. Will lie enpm,
late? There Is quiet among the troops
The general comes down and consult
for a moment with tho couunander of
tho wooden soldiers. The man looks
nt thorn with terror. Ho has kod
.iv 1 1 mo Suddenly tho troops
lurk ML-nln. and around the bed
hundreds of tiny tents. The
tnnn In tho bed groans. They nro go
ing to stitrvp him out.
The man mleks his head out from the
cover for air. Ills head Is hardly out
when It Is struck by a i?reat rubber
ball, and then, like n July storm, when
u great cloud breaks, thore comes from
nbovo u downpour of ribbor balls,
footlmllB, baseballs. Jiickballs, tennis
balls mid balls of every description.
They bent on the bed and pummel
the mini like hail on a bed of roses.
lie lies still and groans. The shower
ceases, and then, with the noise of a
hurricane, there comes rushing through
the air what seems an African ty
phoon. "It Is the hoops, the hoops!" cry the
wooilen soldiers.
And so It Is. Tho air Is Illicit with
every kind of hoop, and they roll back
ward and across the bed like u storm
lushed sea. The man screams In pain.
Homo of the hoops have bells on them,
and they ring In his ears as tho sharp
edges of the bent hickory cut his face.
He Is weak and pale, but does not
t?lvo In-
Then there Is a clam? of bells and a
blowlw? of whistles, ami with a rush
the entire toy lire department makes
for tho beil. Follow! w? them come
the tin locomotives, wildly ringing
their bells, and back of them the toy
trolleys. The bed looks like a side
street during a four alarm lire.
Now the hose connections are made,
and scores of streams of water beat on
his face. From Ihe foot of the bed
comes a cloud of steam from the en
gines, while hot and blazing above are
sparks from the trolleys as they grind
along the brass of the bed. lie lights
hard, but finally succumbs and falls
i. .....1 ..vl.ii.iu...! 'Pin, Oi-ntiliill Hill'
Weilll mill i:Ainiu.-it-.t. ..v. ...... r.
their bells and start back for tne lire
houses, while the soldiers keep back
the crowds of brownies, Indians, rub
ber men, tenpins, Jumping Jacks and
walking monkeys that were clinging
around the ropes.
Tho man watched nil this carefully.
Then he covered his eyes with his arm.
Somehow It all faded away. lie seem
ed to bo climbing over a wall. He
reached the top and. looking down a
pathway, saw a summer house. About
it Mu. 'lilacs fell In crent clusters.
Looking through the doors, be saw be
neath a vista of the cedars and waving
maples rows of (lower beds, and she
was there among them, clipping, train
ing and guiding over trellises the ten
der blossoms she loved so dearly. In
the summer house and on the lloor he
siv a noy.
He was lying on the lloor. while his
chubby hands placed about the fort of
sand the little soldiers he took from a
box. The man sighed, lie opened his
eyes and looked about him. It was the
Inside room on tho sixteenth lloor. it
was very unlet. Ho looked In the
glass and saw a tear In his eye. It
ran down his cheek, and another came
In Its place and followed It. Then he
threw open the window. Like a tem
pest In rushed the nolse-the blowing
of the horns, the clatter of the rattles
iimi tin. liimrhter of merry people. lie
drosseil hurriedly. From his satchel
he took a portfolio and, taking out a
check book-, wrote a check and. grab
bing his hat. rushed out of the room.
"Cash this for me and In a hurry,"
salil the man to the night clerk.
The clerk went to tho safe and
brought our a roll of bills. Ho counted
It. but there was not enough, and he
opened the petty cash drawer and gae
the man it'll that was there.
"Fine!" said the man, shilling It Into
his pocket. "I'll be back In the morn
The man rushed Into the street,
.lust a half block up a lot of llttlo boys
were looking at a cart full of rubber
balls. The man handed the peddler a
big bill and said, "dive all of these to
the boys." The peddler looked sur
prised, and the boys yelled with glee.
Across the street were a lot of little
girls, tired and worn from the day and
night's work of running at the cry of
"Cash!" but Jusl happy at looking In
the windows. Almost like a madman
the man pushed them Into the store.
and soon each hail a great doll and a
shawl and candy and so many things
I hat are good before they knew It.
Across the street was a man selling
Ihi.vcs or tin soldiers.
"Ah!" said the man. with a rem
iniscent sigh, lie Jumped on a box
and yelled for all the boys around to
come near hhn. and as they did he
handed each a box of soldiers and
llien paid the man twice the cost.
"What Is It?" saltl tile man.
"It Is Santa Clans gone wild." said
a policeman who had children at home.
Tho man rushed on and Into a mar
ket. It was very late, and the poor
were buying the leftovers for a Christ
mas dinner. The dealers were pack-"lnt-
up tho best to save for the New
Year's sale.
"Open ui)!" cried the man as no nour
ished a roll of bills. And as tho multi
tude of palo and worn went by those
In the railed alpacas he reaciieti out
and gave them money and said:
"This Is to buy for tho children,"
while the dealers poured Into tho
yawning baskets the best on the stalls.
It was morning when ho threw him
self in bed. tired, but such a good
Hi-mi il. stretched himself out and
fell asleep. And In Slceplnnd he
looked out, and there before him, as
far as his oyes could reach, wero the
soldiers all drawn up for review. The
tiny bands hexun to play. The olllcors
mar'hed proudly at the head of the
column. Tl" parade began to move
up the room, then up to the bed and
across, lie arose and snluted, for as
they pnsscd tho guns wero all at pre
sent arms, ami tho colors dipped as
they went before him.
The toys wore tho victors, but they
honored tho conquered. Now York
A Real Gonlus. '
What kinder a ft-ll-r U Pete Hoollt ,
"llrlght ns n dollar, patient, an' u
hard worker."
"Wliy, he can't hold a Job for moro'n
a week, an" 1 hoar his ramlly ain't got
enough to live on."
Sho; that may be. but what's that
got to do with It? You see that meer
(.L'linum pipe o' hls'nV Colored It lilm
seir. You see that there hosslmlr
watch chain he wears? Braided It him
self. Notice the peach stone charm
hangln' to It? Carved It himself, an"
It took two mouths to finish. See that
hotin' tlawg he's got? I'cto trained
that dnwg to do everything a circus
tlawg kin do. liver hear I'cto play on
the mouth harp an' accompany him
scir on the glttnr? Taught himself.
Kver see his hnndwrltln'? Jest like
copperplate, all shaded air liounsneu.
an' ho kin make a swan without takln'
his nen fr'm the paper. Feto may not
keep a Job or reed his ratn'ly, but
a nonius that's what ho Is!" CI
land Plain Dealer.
.7Hcxwx &,'
but he's
. ,-iri .nn,.iwmr,rto AAltooooccoocaxort, ft
(cjwxjgccocfcciLjj vu-'t Tm- - - "
Join the Merry Throngs
o Happy Shoppers at the
Rincker Book & D
Km 1cO
Presenco of Mind
Colonel Cody ("Buffalo Bill") once
told the following story of ono of his
comrades of the plains known as AVlltl
"A man who nursed a grudge ngnlnst
-Vlld Bill swore to kill him. Ho stood
concealed In a doorway, stepped out
and confronted Bill as tho latter pass
ed and leveled a pistol at his head.
" 'I've got you now, Wild Bill,' hr
said, 'and I'm going to kill you. but
I'll give you one minute to pray!'
"'Well,' said Bill with an easy
smile, 'It does look like tho Jig's up!'
"Suddenly Bill peered over the man's
shoulder and waved a deprecatory
"'Don't hit him, Andy!' he said.
"The man wheeled to protect him
self from the supposed enemy In lib
rear, lie gnzeu into empty space.
There was no Andy nor any ono else
behind him. and before ho could turn
round again Wild Bill had killed him.
Tho Wild Boar.
Tho wild boar Is a most courageous
animal. The clement of luck counts
for a great deal in pig sticking, as lu
most other forms of sport, and It often
happens that the foremost sportsman
who by dint of hard riding or thanks
to the fastest horso has come up with
the uuarry Is deprived of tho coveted
honor of "first spenr" by a sudden
'Jink" or turn of the pig. The boar.
In spite of his clumsy appearance, Is
not only possessed o? n groat turn of
speed, but Is extraordinarily active. He
will turn and twist like n Iiare, putting
every obstacle In the shape of bushes,
rocKs. water, etc.. iietween iiwisuu
and his pursuers, but all the time mak
ing for the nearest patch of Jungle and
safety. The pace after a pig is fab'ter
than tho best of runs with hounds, but
Is sooner over.
Eastman Kodaks,
Cameras and Supplies,
Victor and Edison Talking
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Fulf Line of Toys,
Games and Dolls,
Toilet Water,
Satchet Powder,
In facs a store full of Presents suita
ble for both young and old.
Rincker Book & Drug Company.
rf ' "" ...J
iooooooooooooool aSooooffiooooEs' xoooccooooc
His am
Cannod Music In Scotia.
Uarly In the last century an old For
farshire lady Installed In the bedroom
corridor of her castle an automatic
organ. It was her delight of a morn
ing to wake her guests with its strains.
But it was not the delight of one of
them. Miss Sophia Johnstone of Hilton.
to lie so awakened, and she said so.
"Ye tllnna like the music?
shoiildna say that. Sophy," said
hostess. "Ye'll no" win to heaven
yo dlnna take pleasure In music.
to be all music there, ye know.'
'"Deed." said the incorrigible one,
'an' If heaven's a place wi" aultl wives
playln' on hand organs at (I o'clock In
the inornln' It's no tho place 1 tak' It
for. nor yet the place I want to be In."
New Witness.
Bought and highest market
prices paid
r?ailence Red 63G Office 459
J Signet Chapter 0.E. S., I
I NO. 55 J
Meets 2nd find 4th Thursday of every
month at Masonic Hall at 7:30 p. m
Hy virtue of an order of sale Issuwl from the
district court of Lincoln county, Nebraska,
uiionn decree of foreclosure rendered in said
court wherein Fritz L. Wienbcnr is plaintlir, ami
Hoy Surbcr, et nl., aro defendants,
and to me directed. I will on the 10th day of
January 1314, at 2 o'clock, p. m.,nt tho cast front
door of the courthouse in North Platte, Lincoln
county. Nebraska, bell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash to fatlsfy said
decree, interest and costB. the followinK
described property to-wit: Lot one (1) in
lllock thirteen (13) in I'eniston's Addition to the
city of North IMattc. Lincoln county. Nebraska.
Dated North Platte, Neb.. December 8th, 1913.
,15.5 A. .T. SAL1SUUKV. Sheriff.
Handol In Dublin.
There was a period of his life In
which Handel, the famous composer,
retired from London In a tit of dis
gust. Ho went, to Dublin, and it was
therc-In the Dublin .Music hall that
Ills great masterpiece. "The .Messiah,"
was produced. "The performance,"
writes D. A. Chart, "was for the bene
fit of Mercer's- hospital. In order to
provide room for a large audience
ladles wero reiiuested to lay aside their
hoops and gentlemen their swords. Hy
this means an audience of 700 was
crowded Into the space, and the con
cert realized MOO."
In the county court of Lincoln county. Ne
braska, December 2nd. 1913.
In the matter of the estate of William Shear,
deceased. . lfl .
Mr,iino U hnrpliv clven. that the creditors of
said deceased will meet tho administrator of said
estate, before the county judno of Lincoln county.
Nebraska, at the county court said county,
on the fith day of January 1911. nnd on the bth
day of July 1011. at 9 o'clock n, m., each day, for
the purpose of presenting their claims for exam
ination, adjustment and allowance. Six months
are allowed for creditors to present their claims
and one year for the administrator io reiuo "...
estate, from the 2hth day of December. 1913. A
copy of this order to bo published in the North
IMatto Tribune, a lesal semi-weekly newspaper
printed in said county for four successivo weeks
prior to Jan. C. 1914. J0HN GKANT.
County JudKe.
In tho district court of Lincoln county, Nebras
William Huxoll, Paintiir, I
vs. I
Caroline E. Telltz, Emma
York, Harry York. Tilllo llux- I
nil, Anna Juni?, Martin Junir, I
Ella F. Huxoll, Marian Huxoll. I
Fro lerick Huxoll and Ella P. I
HukoII. Ruardian of Marian I
Huxoll and Frederick lluxvll, I
minors, I
Defendants J
Notice is Thereby Riven that In pursuance of a
Decree and Order of tho Judco of the District
Court of Lincoln county, Nebraska, made on the
10th day of Nov., 1013, the undcrsljrned referee,
duly appointed in said cause and after having
taken tho oath prescribed by law, and uivini?
bond In the sum and manner with sureties ns
provided by law, and approved by tho court and
by 11. M. Grimes, Judwe of said court. I, John
Grant, tho said referee, will offer nt public auction
at the cast front door of tho court house in .said
countv of Lincoln, State of Nebraska; to the
hiuhest bidder, for cash, tho followinK described
property which was ordered to bo sold by said
decree of said court to-wit: The south half (SM)
of the northwest quarter (NWKi) and lotB (3) and
(4), of section two (21, township thirteen (13),
north of runifo thitty-threo (33) west of the Sixth
principal, meridian in Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Said sale will ho held and said property sold as
aforesaid at 2 o clock, p. m. central stnnuaru lime
on Saturday tho 20th day of December. 1913, and
said sale will bo held open for n period of ono
hour from and nftcr tho said itme of 2 o'clock, p.
m. on said date.
Dated this 18th day of November, 1913.
nIB- John Gkant. Hcferco.
Oblong Houoes.
Square and oblong houses aro cheap
er to build than odd shaped structures.
The oblong house Is cheaper than the
square. Timbers come In certain
lengths, and the house that Is long and
narrow takes less timber than one that
Is square-that Is to say. the material
cuts to better advanlago In the oblong
house than In the square house; also
less labor Is Involved In tho making.
Pictorial Uoview.
G. V. Carroll, first and real name un
known, will take notice, that on the
7th day of October, 1913. P. II. Sulli
van, a justice of the peace, of North
Platte Precinct No. 1, Lincoln county,
Nebraska, issued an order of attachment
for the sum of $21.75 in an action pen
ding before him, wherein Albert L.
Timmerman is plaintitt and G. V.
Carroll, first and real nnrrte unknown,
defendant, that property consisting of
one box of merchandise, the contents
of which aro one rug 9x12 and a quan
tity of bedding and dishes, has been
attached under snid order. bold cause
was continued to the 29th day of Dec.
1913, at ten o'clock a. m.
Alheut E. TlMMEKMAN,
North Platte, Neb.. Nov. 17th, 1913.
In tho District Court of Lincoln County. Neb.
Fred Mortjan. Plaintlir. I
vs I
Marie Schreconijost, minor and !
Irene Schrccominst. minor, i
Defendants, I
Notice is hereby Riven that in pursuance of n
decree and order of tho Judee of tho District
Court of Lincoln county, Nebraska, mane on mo
21st day of November, 1913, tho undersigned
referee duly nppointed in said cause and after
haviiiK taken tho oath prescribed by law and biv
InK lxmd in the Bum and manner with surety ns
provided by law and appoved by tho court and
by H. M. Grimes, Juduo of said Court, I. M. E.
Crosby, tho said referee will oner at public I
auction at the east front door of the court house, I
in said county of Lincoln, state of Nebraska, to
the highest bidder for cash the following de
scribed property which was ordered to be sold by
din ,l,.cri... ot wild court, to-wit: All of lot seven
(7), block seven t -seven (77). of the original city of
North Platte, Nebraska, and tho south half (sKi)
of lot ton (Wi. of the County Clerk's Subdivision
of tho kouth half (SW of the northeast quarter
(N134) of section thirty-two (32), township four
teen, rango thirty (30), west of the Sixth I'rinci
.,ni MnrMlnn. I.lnrnln countv. Nebrnsko. Sale
will be held and said prtiperty Bold ns aforesaid at
two o'clock, p. m. central standard timo on tho
27th day of December, 1913. and said sale will bo
held open for ono hour from and after the said
timo of two o'clock, p. m. onsaid date.
Dated this 21th day of November, 1913.
tsS. M. E. CnosiiY, Referee,
Mario E. Jones, H. W. Jones, her husband, C.
M. Gilmore, first and real name unknown, S. II.
Stahr, first and real name unkuown, I. Lipsky.
first and real name unknown, II. W. Jones and
M. E. Jones, his wife, first and real namo un
known, II. L. Brown, first and real name
unknown, Thomas H. Hughes and Henry
Ncverne, Defendants, will take notice that upon
the 31st day of October, 1913, Charles A. Ready,
plaintlir, filed his petition in the District Court of
Lincoln county, Nebraska, to have the following
deeds cancelled nnd nnuulleU nnd discharged of
record, to-wit:
Warranty deed from Thomas H. Hughes, to S.
H. Stahr, acknowledged May 2. 1911, filed for re
cord April 15th. 1911, In Book "B-3," at page 418;
Quit claim deed from Henry Neverne, single, to
Thomas H. Hughes, dated November 22nd, 1911,
filed for record November 25th, 1912, recorded in
Book ' A-12, at page 089! warranty deed from
C. M. Gilmore to B. W. Jones, dated January 4th,
lyl3,filed for record January 16th, 1913, recorded in
Book "B-3" page 559; warranty deed from B. W.
Jones nnd wife, M. E.Jones to I. Lipsky, dated
January 7th, 1913, filed for record January 16th,
rjiii, recoruea in isook u-3, nt page DUO; war
ranty deed from Marie E. Jones to C. M. Gilmore
dated January 27th, 1913, filed for record Jan
uary 29th. 1913, recorded in Book "B'3," page 576:
Deed from I. Lipsky to Mario E. Jones dated
January 24th, 1913. filed for record February 1st,
1913, recorded in Book "H-5", page 37; warranty
deed from S. II. Stahr to C. M. Gilmorodnted
May 27th, 1912, filed for record February Bth, 1913,
recorded in Book "B-3,", pago 581; also mortgage
from C. M. Gllmoro to II. L. Brown, dated Decem
ber 12th, 1012. filed for record January 13th. 1913,
recorded in Book "41," pago 442, for the reason
that all. of tho said deeds and mortgages arc n
cloud upon plaintiff's title and arc null and void.
Plaintiff also prays to have tho title quieted in
said plaintlir free nnd clear of nil of said deeds
and mortgages, and for such other nnd further
relief us may bo just aud equitable. He, the said
plaintiff, claiming to be the owner In fee simple of
of all of ths southwest quarter (SWM) of section
thirty-three (33), township ten (10), north range
thirty-two (32), west in Lincoln county,
You and each of you aro required to answer
said petition on or before Monday, January 12th,
Dated this 20th day of November, 1913. A. Ready,
By Muldoon & Gibbs. his Attorneys.
Wasted Sarcasm.
Indignant Wife I wonder what you
would have done If you had II veil when
men vere tlrst compelled to earn their
bread by the sweat of their brows.
Indolent Husband 1 should have
started a little notion store and sold
tiundkerehiel's.-Chlengo Tribune.
Flattering Epitaphs.
Charles Lamb, when a llttlo boy.
walking In a churchyard with ins
sister aud reading the epitaphs, said
to her. "Mary, where are all the
naughty people burled?"
Woman's Triumph.
Heforo she Is married a woman s Idea
of triumph Is a man: after marriage
her notion of great achievement Is to
get him to go to church Atchison
G I obe.
That is overy man's country where
ho lives best.-Arlstophanw.
Notice or Incorporation
Notice is hereby given that articles
of incorporation subscribed by D. 1.
QuiKley, J. S. Twinem and Geo. B.
Dent were filed in the office of the
county clerk of Lincoln county, Nebras
ka, on October 13th, 1913, and which
said articles show:
1. That the name of the corporation
19 1110 XSOrin I'lllliu ucucmi ""I1"-"'
Association. , , ,
2. That the principal place of trans
nctinp. business is North Platte. Lincoln
county, Nebraska.
3. That the general nature of the
business to bo transacted is to maintnin
and operate a hospital for the care and
treatment of persons sick, disabled or
otherwise incapacitated; to buy lease,
erect and acquire, hold, own and manage
..,.,.! ..ctnti, nm nmiiimi'S lur nit- nuaiu-
tals and hospital purposes, and to do all
things necessary in conjunction with
tho maintenance and operation of said
hospital or hospitals.
I. Tho capital stock of the corpora
tion is $2,000 fully subscribed.
f. The time of commencement of
sapi corporation is October 13. 1913,
and at termination October 13, 193.1.
0. The highest amount of indebted-
imio nr linliililv tn which tllO COrPOril-
tion may subject itself is two-thirds of
paid up stock.
i. i ne an airs oi wiu iuiiumu ...
to bo managed by president, vice-president,
secretary, trensurer and board of
The North Platte General Hospital
By Dr. D. T. Quigley, President.
Attest: Geo. Ii. Dent, Secretary. U5-1
Serial No. 012C0
United States Land Ollico
At North Platte. Nebrnska, Nov. 15th, 1013.
Notice Is hereby given that Samuel Young
of Somerset, Neb., who on Apr. 2nd, 1908, made
homestead entry. No. 23922, Serial No. 01260 for
EM Section 20, Township UN. Range 31.
W. of Cth Principal Meridan, has filed notice
of Intention to make final five year proof, to
establish claim to tho land nbovo described,
before tho register and receiver at North Platte
Nebraska, on tho 12th day of January
Claimant names ns witnessses: Georgo Bur
mood. J. E. Lawyer, Frank Wilson, all of Somer
set. Neb., O. K. Elder, of North I'lntte. Nebr.
n18-e J- E. Evans. Register.
Department of tho Interior, U. S. Land Office,
North Platte, Nebraska, Nov. 17, 1313.
To Robert F. Campbell, address unknown,
You are hereby notified that John E. Koontz, '
who gives North Platte, Nebraska, as his post
ollice address, did on Oct. 20, 1912. file in this
ollice his duly con jliorated application to contest
nnd secure tho cancellation of your homestead
entry No. 21465, seriol No. 0895, made September
6, 1905, for tho whole of bection 22, township
12, range 33, west of the Sixth Principal Meri
dian, and as grounds for his contest ho alleges
that George M. Campbell, tho original entrymen,
was divorced from his wife when ho made tho
above entry and that ho died about a year subse
quent to entry and prior to making final proof,
leaving as his only heir Robert F. Campbell, then
n minor hut now of age; that said Robert F.
Campell has never made his residence upon said
land nnd hn3 never cultivated tho same and has
abandoned the same for more than three years
last nast.
You are, therefore, further notified that the
said allegations will be taken ns confessed, nnd
your said entry will bo cancelled without further
right to be heard, either before this office
or on nppenl, if you fail to file in this ollico
within twenty days after tho fourth publication of
this notice, as shown below, your answer, under
oath, specifically responding to these allegations
of contest, together with due proof that you
have served a copy of your answer on said con
testant either in person or by registered mail.
You should state in your answer tho namo of
tho postofiico to which you desire future notice to
bo sent to you.
n2S-4 IRA I.. 1IAHE, Receiver.
Published In Semi-Weekly Tribute: Dates of
first week's publication November 18 and Nov.
21, 1913, dates of second week's publication Nov.
25 nnd Nov. 28, 1913; dates of third week's pub
lication Dec. 2, and Dec. 5, 1913; dates of fourth
week's publication December 9 nnd Dec. 12, 1913.
Notice for Publication.
James S. Gilbert, non resident defen
dant, will take notice thut n the 23d day
of October, 113, Hoy Haney, I. D. Mc-
Knight and (J. rJ. llaney nieu tneir pe
tion in tho district court of Lincoln
county, Nebraskn, the object and prayer
of which are to have a certain sheriffs
deed to EJ NWJ and AVJ of NEi of
Sec 35, T 1G N, It 32 W, dated August
29th, 1912, and recorded in the ollico of
tin county clerk of Lincoln county, Ne
braska on the 7th day of September,
1912, in Book "A-ll," at page 531 can
celled and nnnulled and sot aside; also
the nroceedincs and decree had in and
about and upon which said tleed was
based cancelled and set aside, and for
such other and furthor relief as may be
just and equitable.
You aro requireu to answer sum ; pe
tition on or before Monday the 12th day
of January. 1914.
Dated this 25th day of November,
Hoy Haney, I.D. McKnight
and C. E. HAN3Y.
By Muldoon & Gibbs, their attorneys.
Notice is hereby given thst on the
2".h day of December, 1913,atl o'clock,
p. m., at the ollice of the county treas
urer of Lincoln countv, the Commis
sioner of Public Lands nnd Buildings
or his authorized representative, will
offer for lease at public auction all
educational lands within said county
upon which forfeiture of contract has
been declared as follows:
All 3G-14-27 T. L. Carroll.
Dated December G, 1913.
Fred Beckmann,
Commisioner of Public Lands and
Tho State of Nebraska, Lincoln county, si.
In tho County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Thomas
J. Davies, deceased.
To tho creditors, heirs, legatees, nnd others in
terested in tho estate of Thomas J. Davies
Tnke notice, that executors have filed
in tho county court a report lot their doings
as executors of snid estate, and it is ordered
that tho same stand for hearing the 23rd day
Of December, A. I)., 1913, beforo tho court
nt tho hour of 9 o'clock, a. m., nt which time any
person interested may appear and except to and
contost tho same.
Notlc'o of this proceeding nnd tho hearing
thereof Is ordered given to all persons interetted
in said matter by publishing a copy of this order
In tho North Platto Tribune, it semi-weekly
newspaper, printed in said county for three
successivo weeks prior to tho Bald date of
Dated December 1st. 1913.
d2-3 JOHN (JRA.NT. County Judge