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The case of the state of Nebraska vo
Silver King, tbe negro. charged with
Bhooting n Jnpanose laborer, was heard
In the county court Tuesday afternoon.
King entered a plea of not guilty and
was bound over to the next term of
district court on bonds of $1,000 which
he was unable to furnish. Several
witnesses wen- brought in to testify
and one of them testified definitely that
King had a gun and came into the
She stated that early in the evening
King nnd another negro, who goes by
the name of Happy Jack, came to her
and offered to split with her if she
would help him rob tho Jap. Sho te
fused to enter into the plot and said
that later she saw the men coming to
ward the house and that they broke
into the door. Tho Jap went to th
door and asked what was wanted, nnd
the next thing she henrd was three
shots fired in rapid succession nnd when
she went down she found the man lying
unconscious on the floor.
Tho Jap has been in a hospital in
Grand Island since the shooting and
was only recently able to leave. His
jaw is badiy torn up and part of the
bone hsd to be cut out. King is being
held nt tho couny jail to await trial.
Rev. Dr. Franklin Williams, former
ly pastor of the Presbyterian church in
thif city but now nt Columbus, arrived
in the Tuesday for a visit with friends.
Dr. Willinms was pastor hre for three
years but has been gone about two
years. He was called to Lexington
Tuesday to conduct a funernl service
and dacided that whilo ho was so close
would come here and mukc a visit. Ho
is at present conducting services overv
altcrnnte Sunday at the Presbyterian
nnd Congregational churches nt Col
umbus, on account of the illness of
Rev. George A. Munre, pastor ot the
Congregationnl church. He left Wed
nesday evening to return to his homo
in Columbus.
Oscar Smith, who has been in Panama
for the past eighteen months, returned
home Tuesday for a visit with his
parents, Mr. rnd Mrs. J. I. Smith. He
went to Panama as a machinist on tho
cannl and hns been there nil the while
during his absence. Ho brought homo
a number of curios that he picked up
ns well as somo interesting tales of ex
periences. James Nolan was bitten by n dog
Wedhesdny afternoon whilo riding
around on his motorcycle. The dog
ran out to meet him nnd grabbed him
in the calf of his right leg and took a
little rido before letting loose. Nolan
had the wound cauterized and aside
from suffering considerable pain, will
probably have no trouble.
icars Work in U, P. Shops.
I Tho yenrly report of tho Union
Pacific shops shows 1J4 engines off the
Third district, between North Platte
! nnd Sidney, have been brought in
for general overhauling. Those hnvo all
I been through the round house during
tho year beginning January 1, 1913,
and the company has spent from $1,000
to $2,600 on each engine.
All tho engines off the Third district
are now in good repair nnd Foreman
Norton stated that engines are billed
in here off tho Second nnd Fourth divis
ion for repair. They will be brought
in nfter January 1. Engine No. 355 is
in the shape now for a general over
hauling. Freight engine No. 208 is
billed in here for a now fire box. This
is the first job of that kind that has
Deen in the local shops for several
months. The shops here are doing the
same clnis of work that is done in
Omaha, but on account of tho limited
space there is not so much of it sent in
The old round house is being repaired
for the purpose on housing engines for
repair, instead of leaving them in the
ynrds. The roof is being fixed up and
tho doors and pits repaired. When this
is done, the capacity of tho shops will
bo about doubled, nnd engines sent in
for minor repairs that do not
the trucks be removed, will
tended to there.
It will nlso bo used for housing
engines that are already in shape for
service. Already there are fifteen
engines in tho round house thut are
ready for service and are being kept
for emergency. This shows that the
amount of work in tho railroad shops
hero is oven greater than tho North
Platte people realize.
Clint Patterson
Gets Promotion.
be nt-
Remember. All lots on 9th slrect in
Dolson's Addition will be sold out this
month. Don't put off selecting a lot in
this conviently located addition to your
work, Phone Temple to show them to
you. The car is in waiting.
Tho ense of tho state vs Savin was
tried Tuesday afternoon in the county
court, and; by order of County Attorney
Gibbs it was dismissed by Savin paying
tho costs. Savin was charged with ap
propriating the electric current from
tho North Platte Electric company.
It was erroneously stated in our last
issue that Dr. D. T. Quigley was to
speak January 12 to tho state medical
society in Tecumseh. He will speak
on that date to tho Johnson county
medical society at Tecumseh.
Fire! Firol Fire! That call has no
dread for tho person insured with
Temple. They know they nro well pro
tected, and that their loss will be made
Clint L. Patterson, for more than
thirty yenra a resident of North Platto,
but for several yeats past chief of tho
Union Pacific secret service in the state
of Colorado, nas been promoted to the
head of that service, succeeding Wm.
Canada, who goes on tho retired last
Jnnuary 1st.
Mr. Patterson will assume his duties
upon the retirement of Mr. Canada,
and will make bis headqunrters in Omnh.
This promotion follows the very clever
and efficient work, Mr. Pntterson has
performed for tho company in Colorado
during his service there. Inside of
twelve months, he was instrumental in
tho arrest, conviction and sentencing
to the penitentiary of a dozen men who
burglarized cars of merchandise and
committed other serious offences.
Through his vigilance organized bands
of thieves in Denver, Pueblo nnd other
points were broken up, and the name
of Patterson beenme one of horror to
the wrong doers of our neighboring
While a resident of North Platto Mr.
Patterson displayed a natural instinct
for "sleuthing," and when at one time
marshal of the town ferreted out more
wrong doings than any other oflicor wo
have-had. His activity along this line
mnde him unpopular with the gang that
thon existed.
In his new position Mr. Patterson
will have a wider field to display his
talents, and it is a safe bet that he will
make good.
Wo congratulate our friend of over
thirty years on his promotion.
From December 17th to January 1st
every trimmed hat in my department
ranging in price from $3.00 to .9.00
will be sold tor $2 48. Villa Whit
taker, Wilcox Dept. Store. 94-4
Mrs. George Macomber, who has
been very ill for several weeks at a
local hospital, was able to return Tues
day to her home seven miles northwest
of the city. She was operated upon
for appendicitis.
Harry Smith who has been studying
medicine in Chicago, is expected to re
turn the latter part of the week to
visit through the holidays with his par
ents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. I, Smith.
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Counting by Knots,
I It w .i t u iii.tuiii of t!it' Aztecs tc
kttp their lunuiits by tm.iiw of
stilly- Tho hiii.ibt.rH wore Indicated
bj knots A siiitlo Knot was ten. two
single knot tucnt. and so on The
hundreds were Indicated by double
knots. The color of the string Indi
cated what the numbers referred to.
Soldiers wore rod. gold yellow, sliver
white and corn green. This 'method is
still lu ihu on the sierras of tho Argen
tina, where the benbinen keep title of
their charges In ti similar way. Sev
eral strands depend from one. the first
of these strands being reserved for
bulls, the next for cows, tho milk nnd
dry being dliroientlnted: the next for
sheep, and so on. Knots were ptoba
bly among the first methods of mini to
record ilguies the knot or the mark on
a bit of stick. In the Kiiglish bop gar
dens the tallyman (generally the local
schoolmaster) goes around wJth the
tally and Ha tnnik. and the most civi
lized Chlcagoati still ties a knot In bis
handkerchief when ho Is naked "to In
sure to remombotV-Chicngo News
Tonnyson and the Horee.
Tennyson onco arrhed at llasleiiiero
station carrying u parcel of books, ami
as his own carriage hud not arrived to
meet him ho was glud to accept the
offer of a lift home. Going up the
steep hill to Blackdown. Tennyson,
with his characteristic consideration
for animals, suggested that they and
tho books were too heavy for tho pony
to drag. Tho two men therefore got
out and walked for somo distance In
front of the trap, until thoy discovered
that tho books had dropped out. Tho
owner of the pony asked Tennyson to
stand at tho animal's head while ho
went back for tho books. These ho
found a hundred ynrds or more down
the bill, and on his return ho found tho
pony hnd been restive, but hnd quickly
becoino quiet Knowing that it dislik
ed strangers, ho wondered how Mr.
Tennyson had kept It (pilot. What
was his surprise to learn that the poet
had managed tho affair by holding a
watch close to the animal's ear.
Elephants' Teeth.
Tho elephant has no cutting teeth,
tike most animals, but only a series of
molars. These molnrs or grinders as
'hey wear away gradually move for
ward In the jaw. and the remnant of
tUe tooth, when the surface Is com
pletely destroyed. Is cast olit In front.
Tho simu molar can thus oo replaced
as many as eight times. Tho tusks,
which nro only enormously elongated
teeth, can be renewed only once. This
wearing process and tho ejection of tho
stump of tho tooth go on very slowly
during the life of tho elephant. Only
one or two teeth nt a tlmo aro in use
or In view In each Jnw. There are al
ways other teeth walling to pass for
ward and begin their work, although
there Is a limit to this succession, for.
when the last has como Into use and
boon worn down, the elephant can no
longer chew his food and must die of
starvation. If ho has not already suc
cumbed to old age.
Tho Poet's Banknotes.
In "Tho Tragedy of Isabella II." it iq
said that tho unfortunnto Spanish
queen, blessed with generous Impulses,
was exceedingly chnrltablo. Unfortu
nately sho had no notion of tho value
of money nnd would want to give away
sums out of nil proportion to the oc
casion. Onco the queen hnd command
ed a large grant In nld to n man of let
ters, and tho steward, in order to give
her n just Idea of Its magnitude, decld
ed to present tho donation In tho form
of many banknotes of small value
enough of them to paper tho walls of
tho boudoir. Isabella was startled she
would never havo believed, she said,
that there were so many banknotes in
the world. "But no matter." she con
cluded. "Since banknotes are so easy
to get, it is quite proper to send the
poor poet plenty of them."
Realistic Dream.
A Hanover college professor was an
noyed by the pranks of a freshman in
his classes. Ho resolved that If that
individual would not reform he would
"kick" him out of the class
The other morrilng tho professor was
seen coming to college with a slight
limp In his gait. He was met by a
brother member of the faculty and ask
ed why he was limping
"I dreamed last nlglit that 1 was
'kicking' out of one of my classes,
and when 1 woke up this morning 1
found that I had a very soro toe. I
must have struck tho bedpost" In
dlannpolls News.
Deeds and Mortgages.
Lord Barrenhurst You must bear in
mind, Gwendolen, that wo of the no
bility must do nothing unworthy of the
deeds of our noble ancestors. Lady
Barrenhurst (nee Gotrox of Now York)
Deeds of your ancestors? Indeed!
now'd ou live if it wnsn't for the
mortgages of mine? Puck.
Milk In Naples.
In Naples the cows and goats nro led
through the streets and milked at the
doors of the houses. Peoplo lower
their cans by a string from tho upput
windows; the animals aro milked into
tho cans, which arc then hauled up
Too True.
"Our washerwoman says It's funny
nbout colors In dress goods."
"What's funny nbout them?"
"That folks, call 'em fast when thoy
won't run " Baltimore American.
Widows In Korea.
Widows in Keren nover remarry, no
matter how young they may be. Even
though they had been married only a
mouth they must not take n second
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Not Always, by Any Means, According
to Sir Oliver Lodge.
Sir Oliver Lodge has attracted a
tremendous amount of attention by
telling scientists (of whom ho Is one)
that he believes In immortality in spite
of science. This Is not tho first time
ho has locked horns with scientific
dogma. In his book. "Modern Prob
lems." ho nllirms thnt one and one
do not nlways make two. And this is
the "almost frivolous" way ho makes
his point:
"I would contend that whereas the
proposition that ono added to one
tnnkes two Is abstractedly bencnth
controversy, II need not bo true for
tho addition of concrete things. It Is
not true for two globules of mercury,
for instance, nor for a couplo of collid
ing stars; not true for a pint of wnter
added to a pint of oil or vitriol, nor
for nitric oxldo added to oxygen, nor
for the Ingredients of nn explosive
mixture; not necessarily true, either,
for snakes in n cage, or for capital in
vested in a business concern, nour
ishing or otherwise, nor is It true, save
in a temporary manner, for a couplo
of trout added to a pond. Life can
tnnko havoc of arithmetic.
"The moral of nil which Is that
propositions can bo clear nnd simple
nnd sure enough. Indeed absolutely
certain, as long as you deal with ab
stractions, but that when you como to
concrete realities and have nil tho
complexities of tho universe behind
you not only behind but In front and
among and intermingled with every
simplest thing then we perforce step
out of tho realm of posltlvo dogmatic
security Into tho region of reasonable
nnd probable Inference, the domain of
pragmatic conviction, of commonplace
intuition, of familiar faith."
Took a Mean Advantage.
Returning from South America, a
Now York man vouches for the Inge
nuity of the city officials in Rio do Ja
norio. Tho householders on a certain
street received notices that tho city
fathers hnd heard complaints of the
high tax rates along thnt particular
thoroughfare, and In order thnt Justice
might be done the residents were
asked to submit their own valuatlou on
their property. When the prompt and
Joyful rct-poncs hnd all been received
the lots were condemned and bought
for a contemplated public Improve
meat. New l'wU Tribune,
Simple and Easy Credit System That
Operates In Europe.
The standard length of time lu En
rope for a long time farm loan Is fifty
four years. For such a loan at the
present time the rate Is 4.S3 per cent
divided as follows. Interest 4 per
cent, administration .U3 per cent and
amortization (payment on principal; 5D
per cent This rate will pay both
principal and Interest and repay all
charges due to the bank in fifty-four
years. As this will seem almost in
credible to some students. I will give
a concrete illustration of how it works.
It does not depend upon compound
Interest, but upon the fact that, though
the rate of yearly payment remains
the same, the charge for Interest and
administration is constantly decreasing
because they are computed on the
principal sum which is constantly be
ing repaid; therefore the proportion
which Is applied toward the repayment
of the principal Is always increasing.
For illustration. If the debt Is $1.
000 the debtor will pny $23.2." every
six months. Of the first payment. $20
will go for interest. SI", belongs to the
bank, and $2.30 is applied to the repay
ment of the principal. When the debt
Is half discharged, however, this dis
tribution will be greatly changed. The
borrower will pay JS23.23, im usual. Or
this amount only .$10 will go for Inter
est. SS cents will be retained by the
bank, while SI.'U!" will be applied ti
the dNehnigo of the principal. The
final payment will be nlmost wholly to
tho payment of principal, as the first
one went largely to the payment of
interest. In this way one-hnlf of 1
per cent will repay the principal In
fifty-four years, provided a constant
payment Is maintained on tho prin
cipal for interest during tho entire
period. Representative Ralph W. Mos
In World's Work.
Cured of Liver Complaint.
''I wns snfTorinnr vuitYi !;..
plaint,' says Iva Smith of Point Blank
Texa. ' and decided to try a 25c box of
iiiuiiuerinin s inoieis, anu am happy
to snv that I nm mi.n,i iiti
can recommend them to overy one."
....... wj mii UENIUtOi
The J. Miller comnanv of Omnb
filed a case in the countv court Wed
nesday against Charles H. Runs and
Minnie ivuns, or Maxwel . to collect
52SG.G0 nlleged to be due them.
Animal Protectlvo congress.
Ion tho presiaonimi uiouuuu, - -