The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, September 12, 1913, Image 7

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New Bird Game.
This Is a novel way of giving n
"bird party," tho idea Is given by
Martha Burr Banks.
Supply tho guests with cards bear
Ing as many members as there arc
birds portrayed, by various methods
on tho walls. .Theso examples will
Bhow how tho names of tho birds
are demonstrated, each Illustration Is
numbered, bo tho guest may write
his gucsB down opposite tho corre
sponding number on tho card. It is
well to attach pencils to tho cards
and to start tho contest after all havo
arrived. A half hour is sufficient time
to allow for the guessing.
Blackbird; A bird cut from black
paper. Redwing; A home with a
wing painted red. Flicker; A candle
4 blowing in tho wind. Hlghholo; A
hole in tho top of tho paper. Cuckoo;
A cook and two o's. Woodpecker;
A match, a peck measure, and an R.
Meadow lark; Children romping in a
meadow. Yellow-breasted chat: Two
men, with yellow shirt-fronts, talking
together. Brown thrasher; A school
master in brown, with a rod in his
hand. Cardinal; A church dignitary.
Crow; A cock In tho act of crowing;
Hawk; A peddler. Swallow; A child
eating. Swift; A boy running. Cross
bill; A bill on which are written
theso words: "Pay at once!" Spoon
bill; A spoon and a bird's beak.
Blue-Jay; A bluo J. Fox sparrow; A
fox and the letters S and P above
an arrow. Song sparrow; A bar of a
song, a spar, and a man rowing.
Junco; A Junk cart nnd an O. Blue
bird: A bird with drooninc head and
wings. Wagtail; A dog. Maryland
yellow-throat; A map of Maryland
and a stork with a yellow neck.
Chippy; A man chopping wood. Fly
catcher; A piece of fly-paper. Red
start; The word "start" written in
red ink. Indigo bunting; A scrap of
blue bunting. Kinglet; A child wear
ing a crown. Powee; A small P.
Humming-bird; A spinnig top. The
names of other birds, such as cat
bird, oven bird, nut-hatch, snowflake,
yellow-hammer, brown creeper, king
fisher, sandpiper, chickadee, etc., will
suggest their own illustrations.
Havo chicken in somo form (sand
wiches are always acceptable) and
ices or cream in shape of birds would
bo appropriate. It will bo easy to
manago "bird" cookies and perhaps
tho confectioneer will make nests of
spun sugar in which candy eggs may
bo placed.
These would be charming at each
placo on the table. There aro many
Two of the Season's
Tho costumo on the right is in sand
colored pique, tho skirt slightly draped
at tho right sldo, the fulness being
fixed under tho wrapped seam.
The coat 1b ono of the fashionable
shapo that hangs rathor long at tho
back and cut up at bust in front,
where it Is fastenod by two buttons.
Tho collar and rovers aro faced with
black satin.
IJat of sand-colored Tagel, trimmed
with feathers and black satin ribbon.
Materials required for tho costumo:
6 yards 42 Inches wide, ' yard black
satin 22 Inches wide.
Tho other is a combination of dark
f rut )
osy ' if
V r r
delightful ns woll as inexpensive bird
books to glvo for prl2es.
A Field Day Party.
This is Just tho season for a "Field
Day" party with all sorts of nthlotl
sports. Tho guests may be any num
ber, but twonty-four I find is Jusl
about right for tho competition. This
affair is flno for children, young pco
plo nnd thoso who aro older grown.
Egg nnd spoon races are great fun
as woll bb tho "needle and throad
contest Thon thoro should bo run
ning races, forty yard dashes, inter
spersed with threo legged and sack
Ropo climbing is most laughable ap
woll as tho merry "obstaclo" race.
A time-keeper, rcfereo and a
"Judge" ndd to tho interest and the
prizes may bo as many and elabor
ate as tho hostess wishes. In somo
of tho racos bluo and red ribbons
may bo awarded.
Perhaps tennis, croquet, archery
and baseball matches may bo ar
ranged. Refreshments or suppor should bo
served on tho lawn or porch. Such
a party bb this was recently given at
a country placo called "Glimmerglon."
It would bo a Jolly tljlng to havo
tho guests convoyed to nnd from tho
placo In a hay wagon .drawn by four
horses. Provldo horns and havo bells
on tho harness.
It is needless to say that outing
suits should bo worn. From four to
ten aro good hours, but tho time
should bo sot to suit tho convenience
of tho largest number.
Unique Card Party.
Any game of cards may bo played
that tho hostess prefers or that Is
popular in tho town. Request the
guests to dress in costumes repre
senting either tho face or suit cards
For instance, havo two five of dia
monds, one a lady and one a man,
so that when all havo arrived partners
may be chosen for tho first game.
Tho prizes may bo a handsome deck
of cards in a case, a book on card
games, ferns growing in a pretty Jar,
a bit of brass or a pleco of pottery.
Tho score cards may bo cut out of
cardboard in tho shape of diamonds,
hearts, clubs and spades; tho mark
ers may be of theso same figures, cut
out of thin colored paper and gummed
a few days boforo they aro used, so
they will bo dry.
Servo hot bouillon in cups, patties
of chicken nnd sweetbreads, salad,
orange sherbet, small cakes, coffee,
nuts, bon-bons. If ice cream is pre
ferred, use tho brick, cut in thin
slices, ornament with tinv hearts
diamonds, clubs and spades cut
from citron and candied cherries.
On Parasols.
Fino shadow laco decorates some
of tho daintiest parasols, and it is
put on in many pretty ways. Somo
tinjes tiny laco squares are inserted
in the silk, but in a number of cases
the lace is put on in tho shape of a
frill and caught hero and there with
a tiny pink rosebud. When tho para
sol is .simple and of ono color it is
a pretty fancy to havo tho edge out
lined with tiny closely packed silk
Smart Costumes.
bluo, and bluo and gray chocked
cloth. Tho skirt is of tho check; the
coat of tho plain cloth, with rovers
and cuffs of tho check; vest of white
corded silk, with collar of tho same,
which lies over tho coat. Small gold
buttons trim tho vest; it is fastened
with press btuds.
Hat of gray Pedal ntraw, trlmmt
with a bluo mount.
Materials required for the costume:
2 yards check 44 Inches wldo, 2
yards plain cloth 44 inches wide, 1
yard corded silk 20 Inches wide,
dozen small buttons, 1 large ono for
coat, ii yards lining silk for coat
Soil only fresh eggs.
TImo to fieloct seed potatoes.
Llmo is bencflcinl to clay soils.
Good fdeders prepare In advance for
their stock.
Tho fowl docs not porspiro ns do
most animals.
The fast walker Is tho profitable
horso on tho farm.
System In tho dairy should surpass
all other matters on tho farm.
Tho quantity of mill: In tho pall is
tho 'most dopendablo Bigu of a good
By keeping stock always in a good
condition tho cost of maintainanco is
Laying hens should havo their honv
lest feed of tho day not long boforo
roosting time.
Tho energies of tho dairy cows are
convertible into a profit almost ovory
day of her life.
Tho only time to develop stock is
when you see tho animal is young
and growing fast.'
Farming on a busines basis elimi
nates small mules Just as It dis
places small horses.
Tho duck comes nearer perpetual
motion than anything on tho farm
not excepting tho boys.
Pasture or other feed will go farther
when there is plenty of water, shade,
and protection from flies.
When a cow is foundorod, plenty of
water to drink and very light feed,
will often correct tho trouble.
If you want to raise a good cow
you must first raiso a good calf from
tho start all tho way up to tho cow.
Milk utensils should havo a sun
bath ovory day, but they should bo
protected from dust at tho same time.
If tlssuo paper Is squeezed hard and
stuffed into a mouseholo it will form
a barrier through which mlco will not
While there is but little sale in
mar.ket for guineas, they are tho near
est approach to the wild fowls of any
meat known.
Dairying and poultry raising go to
gether, tho wasto of tho dairy being
more profitably fed to poultry than
anything else.
Whore calves aro kopt in the barn,
furnish plenty of bedding, and when
out of doors havo a sultablo placo for
a sholter and shado.
Poultrymon who havo tried it,
claim that a teaspoonful of'Venctlnn
red In a gnllon of drinking water is
a good bowel troublo preventive.
Mlco nnd rats havo little show
around buildings or homes whoro or
der prevails and general farm sanita
tion Is looked after as it should be.
Glvo tho pigs a fair start In life by
feeding tho sow upon milk producing
rations. There Ib nothing much hot
ter than skim milk mixed with shorts
In tho markot stock yards tyo
bunch of hogs that is even In weight,
conformation and color will bring
moro than tho lot mndo up of all
Keep tho applo trees woll sprayed
to froo thorn from tho destructive
work of Insects, worms and scab. If
a satisfactory crop of fruit Is to bo
Feodlng in sheep husbandry 1b IIKo
any other problem in Iivo stock man
agement! Howover good tho breed
without good caro and feeding they
will degenerate
Tho truth Is tho farmers of tho
mlddlo west aro raising better mut
ton than over boforo, and people aro
learning that it Is about tho best and
cheapest meat thoy can buy.
It Is a miBtako to discard a breed
on tho supposition that It is not a
hardy ono. HardlnesB can bo Instill
ed in any breed by proper housing,
proper food, proper attention, and sys
tematic breeding.
A poultry breodor Is greatly pleased
with tho success of his diet of steel
cut oats and new milk for young
chicks. Ho alternates his feeds, giv
ing tho oats and milk ono meal, and
a mixture of cracked grains in litter
for tho next. Wheat boiled In milk
is also good. I
Mlxod rations nro best
It pays to savo th mnnuro.
Keep tho eggs in a cool place.
Savo tho meat scraps for your fowls.
Fowls cannot bo healthy without ox
crclso. The biggest cow 1b not always tho
host milker.
A bit of planning will always savo
timo and muscle.
Proper food and a variety of it
makcB strong, healthy chickens.
Ab a growing proposition thoro la
nothing bettor than a spring pig.
HoteEs must bo unbended, havo.
spirit and finish nnd bo fast walkora
If tho sow Is fed on sour, dirty
"will tho effect is quickly Boon In tho
Unduo excitement during hot weath
er often proves fatal to ovorfat
Clean earth is ono of tho best nb
sorbonts that can bo used In tho poul
try house.
The dairy farm Is a highly develop
ed buslnoss establishment and Bhould
bo so oporatod.
Whitewashing tho ncBts, lnsldo nnd
out, is a good mcanB of keeping them
free from vermin.
It takes a stockman's oyo to dotoct
tho first symptoms of falling condi
tions of his stock.
I.tttln Ohlobn rmfwl n fnnrilncr nnnn
whoro they can eat in ptfaco awny
rrom the older fowls.
Those who hnvo silos full of silage
find winter feeding ensy andsatlsfao
tory to tho llvo Btock. '
A poultryman too caroloss to keep
tho henhouse free from vermin doc?
not deserve to succeed.
A good feeding creep for chicks may
bo made by tacking somo coarso mesh
poultry wlro over a frame.
A quarter spent for n batch of but
ter paper Is money well invested
whoro butter is marketed.
Young pigs kopt In dry, dusty lots
and fed on corn exclusively will not
make money for their owner.
A quarter buys a dairy thermome
ter and no dairyman can make a
better investment of two bits.
No honest breodor will soil a culled
ram to an ignorant fnrmer. It is as
bad as passing counterfeit money.
Milk, cream, and butter aro bub
coptlblo to nil mannor of taint and
tho result Is antimlnated butter prod
ucts. Drought can bo largely controlled
by caro of tho physical condition of
tho soil and In the preparation of tho
seed bed.
Dust sitting hens with pyrethrum
powder twice or three times boforo
tho eggs hatch and thoro will bo no
llco on tho chicks.
Poultry and fruits arc closely al
lied. Both do woll together, and they
readily thrive on tho same land with
out hindering each other.
The sun has a purifying effect on
milk pans and palls, but thoy should
bo covered with light screon cloth so
the flies cannot chaRo over them.
Any woman who manages well can
find an hour during the day when sho
can shut hersolf In from all outsldo
worries and recline, relax and roBt.
It Is Just as necessary to plow or
othorwlso cultivato tho peach orchard
when It benrs not a poach as It is
when tho trees are to bo loaded with
Decaying mattor of any kind left ly
ing around at this time of the year
may provo a very costly bit of care
lessncss to anyone that is railang
It 1b in favor of tho sheep that It
will ylold a profit under conditions so
unfavorable that other farm animals
under tho same conditions will bo
Ducks can bo raised without froo
rango. In fact thoy should bo kopt
away from tho hog lots or stock yards,
where tho clumsy birds aro at tho
mercy of the stock.
Unless tho stock turkeys aro largo
It Is almost impossible to get tho
young ones to a good weight. It Is
host to purchase tho largest nnd flneBt
stock obtainable to breed from
Whoat Is Just as capablo of In
creased yields as oats and corn, and
thoso farmers who havo combined
sclonco (common senso) with their
agriculture, havo reaped not 14 bush
els but 30 to 50 buahels per acre for
a series of years.
Breeding stock should bo selected
for health, strength, vigor and ma
turity first, utility second, and fancy
points third. UnlesB a bird Is matur
ed, and possesses size, vigor and a
cound constitution, it should bo bar
red out of the breeding pen.
This is n picture of a $G,000 Poland China boar, raised at Glen Ellyn.
111. His head denotes his splendid breeding. With hogs selling around
$8.00, this unlovely animal la ono of great importance to tho farmer and con
sumer ns well.
(liy U. J IDD'NdS. Mnho nxperlmont
How to preparo feeds for hogB to
sccuro tho greatest economy Is a
quostion frequently asked by hog
Corn should bo fed on tho cob.
Whoro shelled corn is bought it
should bo ground or soaked. Tho
Iowa experiment stntlon after exhaat
Ivo trials found that feeding on tho
cob waB most economical and that
soaking for twelvo hours wns equal to
Such smnll grnlnB as wheat, bar
loy, oata and ryo nro commonly fed
in Idaho and other northwestern
states. Tho outer layors of these
grains becomo vory hard nfter a fow
months, nnd when such hard, flinty
grains nro fed to hogs a largo part of
thorn pass through tho dlgostlvo tract
wholo as wasto.
Hogs can bo Induced to do their
own grinding by scattering grain on
a rough concroto or other feeding
lloor, or by feeding grain In tho
sheaf. Ordinarily, howover, wo havo
to grind, roll or soak tho small
grahiB. Coarso grinding which leaves
hard sharp cornured ploces is not rec
ommended. Grains -muBt Ho ground
fine, especially for young pigs. Roll
ing grnlnB leaves them In a porous
condition, nnd when tnkon Into tho
Btomnch thoy mako a porous mass
upon which tho dlgostlvo Juices can
easily act. Grinding or rolling ordi
narily saves about ten per cent.
Considerable dlffcronco of opinion
oxlBts as to advisability of wotting
Particular Attention Should Be
Paid to Water and Shade
for Plants.
Pay strict attention to tho potted
plantB ns regardB water and shade,
for nil plants require somo shado dur
ing summer, especially from tho after
noon sunshine,
Seo to it that plants Intended for
winter blooming aro not allowed to
bloom now. Pinch off tho buds as
thoy appear.
Pots plunged In tho border must bo
turned onco a week to prevent tho
roots striking through tho drdlnngo
Now Is tho timo for making cuttings
of geraniums nnd tho like. Keep tho
slips damp until well rooted; then
pot. Keep all buds pinched off until
frost appears and kills outdoor flowers.
Tho oleander will root quickly If slips
aro cut three or four lnchcB long, put
in n bottlo of water, and hung In a
shady placo
Seeds of pansles, lnntanas, prim
roses, Impatient Sultana, and tho lllco
must bo sown now for winter bloom
ing. If you never havo seen tho snap
dragon of tho present day, and want
Bpikcs of beauty a foot long to glad
don tho dark oyea of winter, sow seeds
of tho Improved snapdragon.
Kill Pocket Gophers.
An orchnrdlBt at Qulncy, Wash..
says that ho hna been successful In
destroying pocket gophers In the or
chard by digging a nolo 2 feet deep
and a foot across. Ho has found that
tho pockot gophers get Into tho hole
and nro easily killed. Ho reports to
tho Western Ifcirmor that ho has
found ns many as 17 pocket gophers
In ono nolo.
Area of Cornfields.
Tho combined area of tho cornfields
of tho United States Is nearly equal
to tho area of Franco or Germany.
Mules and Horses.
Thor6 aro 4,380,000 mules and 20,
5C7.000 horses in tho United States.
feeds for hogs. Tho self-feedor Is suc
coflsful If regulated to prevpnt waste:
and when used foods nro, of course,
fed dry. When rations aro glvoa In
a trough, our exporionco at tho Idaho
experiment stntlon Indicates an ad
vautago from wotting feeds. Dry and,
floury foods need much liquid to
moisten them, nnd tho saliva and dl
gostlvo Julcos nro hardly sufficient
for this purpose; furthermore, wot
ting makes feeds inoro bulky, thereby
preventing rnpld oating, and when
fod in this rathor bulky, wot form
thoy satlBfy tho appetites of the older
hogs for bulk.
Cooking and steaming wcro com
mon a fow yoara ago, but aro now no
longor populnr. It haB been found
that cooking tends to losson tho food
Ing value of somo grains; and in most
enses dona not bring onough bonoflts
to pay for fuel and time. Exceptions!
to tlilo rulo nro potatoes nnd benns,
which glvo boBt rosultB when cookod.
Alfalfa hay Is choap in tho north
west, nnd can bo succosfully used for
a largo portion of tho brood sow's
winter ration, and as a small part
of tho allowance for fattening hogs.
Experiments at tho Idaho station in
dicate that alfalfa can bo fed wholo
in a rack with greatest ecoi.omy.
After exhaustive trials tho Nebraska
experiment station found tha alfalfa
fed wholo was slightly moro economi
cal than cutting or chopping it into
short lengths, nnd that grinding flno
Into meal as compared with tho othor
methods of footling alfalfa wbb not
bo profltablo on tho farm.
Houdan Males Take Kindly to-
Fattening Process and Flesh
Up Rapidly.
Houdan malea aro good breeders,
and soldom fall to produco chickens
that grow without much troublo, and
when tho timo nrrlves for tho separa
tion of tho soxes tho cookcrols will
tako kindly to tho fattonlng process
and put on flesh rapidly, and mako up.
Into tnblo birds of good quality. Tho
floBh of tho Houdan Is of good color,
line In grain, Juicy nnd of flno flavor,
and on that account It has gained for
Itself tho premier position ns a tablo
bird in Its natlvo country. Tho brood
has been used with ndvantngo in tho
production of cross-bred fowlB both for
tablo uso and egg production. To
roproduco flno tablo birds Houdan
males aro mated to buff Orpingtons,,
whilst to produco a good lnylng cross,
Houdan cockerels aro mated to Legi
horn or Minorca hens. Tho Houdan
v hito Loghorn is un'doubtedly tho best)
cross known for egg production, and
tho crossing of theso two distinct
breeds not only nccounts for lncreasod
prolificacy In tho progeny, but tho
procesfl of crossing Improves tho fat
tonlng qualities of tho cockorols pro
duced. It may bo truly Buld that tho
Houdan 1b capablo of improving tho
progeny of most fowls with which it
Is crossed, nnd on thnt account It Is
an excellent breed to turn down with
a view to tho Improvement of farm
Btock of a nondescript cIbsb. A fow
malo Houdans mated to mongror
hens will stamp tholr likeness on,
tho jrogeny, and not only will tho
chickens produced excel over their
dams' meat properties, but thoy will
provi better layers.
Lime for Fowls.
When thero Is a scarcity of lime In
tho bill of faro tho shells of tho eggs
becomo thin. When being Inld tln-so
soft-shelled eggs usually break and
tho lion thus acquires a teste. It Is
always best to gather tho eggs several
times a day so that there will ba no
chnjico for breakage by hens crowd
ing on tho nest, or by tho neIy laid
egg striking those already laid.