The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, September 12, 1913, Image 1

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NEB., SEPTEMBER 12, 1913.
No. 67
You are Invited to Attend Our
utaatg Ti wnaewKB
JEC JtjtliJL 1 JAiN :
KSSKIili'llilWIiiMlilH iSStSSgESEg
"i3 '
Beginning at 8 p. m. at the
impress Theatre -'
See the Styles your Great Grandmother wore
A Ten Thousand Dollar Moving Picture Film,
Three Thousand Feet in length, portraying by Motion
Photography the styles of the century in contrast with
those of today, will be shown to our friends and cus
tomers. -
The title of the film is Mrs. Carter Worthington's
Dilemma." It portrays in an interesting and fascinat
ing way the difficulties that our women friends en
counter in their efforts to procure costumes, gowns and
tailored suits that meet the approval of those who
know style, fit and tailoring.
Mrs. Worthington has an annoying experience in
search for a new costume in which to attend The An
nual Costume Pageant of the Delaware Society, and
her troubles are solved by her bosom friend, Mrs. Lila
Laskerfield who has discovered the merits of PRINT
ZESS. ' During the Costume Pageant, we will introduce on
film the styles of the last century beginning with the
girl of 1800 and proceeding by 10 year periods up to
the present day.
The third reel will portray the visit of Mrs. Lila Laskerfield to the home of the PRINTZESS and just what she saw while
watching the making of a PRINTZESS garment. On the last reel ve show a parade of living models, wearing the styles of the sea
son, the very, garments that you will see in our department.
TICKETS ARE GRATIS and can be obtained only in our garment department. Ticket distribution will begin 011 Thurs
day, September 25, and continue until the seating capacity of the Empress theatre is exhausted.
Make this a gala occasion, call up your friends, have them meet you in our department. Make up a party to attend this Fash
ion Exhibit in a body, and know what the styles for Fall really are. ,
Remember the Date October 1st, 1913, beginning at 8 p. m. in the Empress theatre.
Ticket distribution begins Thursday, September 25th. Tickets are gratis; get them in our garment department.
trWVwHEi "
North Platte, Neb'r.
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WfiYV fi m A Ten Thousaud Dol,ar Movin2 Picture Film. 1
wlllV I 'Iml&i Three Thousand Feet in length, portraying by Motion ill II 11 11
ixjdpfyllj i,M I JW Photography the styles of the century in contrast with 1
t'ffj 111 mvvSi f those of today, will be shown to our friends and cus- II -iCMQ
Mi iW ml tomers-- y
MH fn mr The title of the film is Mrs. Carter Worthington's I I
J$$$$lil'f W if Wl Dilemma." It portrays in an interesting and fascinat- 11 1 I
OTkIKIIIM v ing way the difficulties that our women friends en- Jjwl 1 l Lft
iWrn'k,! A , I ffflk counter in their efforts to procure costumes, gowns and !ij'
&$$!?' IrMa tailored suits that meet the approval of those who JS I iTOr
jlrJ know style, fit and tailoring. " Ullll 1 1 .
JdyjM' Mrs. Worthington has an annoying experience in flllllllv "l
JWW search for a new costume in which to attend The An- w Jli
wMy nual Costume Pageant of the Delaware Society, and Hi 11 1 1 K. "Kl(ffiL
S-r her troubles are solved by her bosom friend, Mrs. Lila I'lllliu '
Laskerfield who has discovered the merits of PRINT- liluilfe l
H Dnrinfl thft PnQtumo Pndpnnt wa will intrnrlnpn nn X.,.i'iJ; 1
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Local and Personal.
Miss Mnry Vincent loft this morning
for Kcarnoy to spend a fow dnya.
II. L. Main left Wednesday evening
for Dutte, Mont.( to spend several
via ks.
The Twentieth Century club will bo
entertained by Mrs. Warren Kelly
Tuesday afternoon.
20 per cent discount on nil wall paper
now in stock. Dukb & Deats
Edgar Schiller reiunfod yesterday
afternoon from cities on the Pacific
coast after a week's absence.
Miss Ireno Morrow, of Hsiglor, came
last evening to spend sevoral weeKs
with her sister nMrs. Richardson.
Mrs. Stone, of Sheridan, Wyo., who
spent sevurul weeks with her sister
Mrs. Thomas Burnoy left hut evening.
Harry Murrin is enjoying a visit from
his brother John Murrin and wife, who
came the first of this week from Scotts
A beautiful 'line of Fisk' s pattern and
tailored hats Saturday at the Patlor
Millinery at very reasonable prices.
The ladies guild of the Episeopal
church held n farowell meeting yester
day nftornoon at the guild houso for
Mrs. John Day.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Martin, of Stella,
Nob., arrived by auto Tuesday even
ing to visit the latter's sister Mrs. A.
K. Timmormnn.
Frank M. Stuart, employed in tho
civil engineering department of the
Hock Island road at D.ei Moines, ia
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
Weather Forecast: Fair tonight and
Scturday, not much chnngo in tempera
ture. Highest tomperaturo yestorday
7G, n year ago 62; lowest last night 10,
u year ago GO.
MrsTSV. II. McDonald and daughter
Janet leave ntoit vcet for Chicago
where the latter will enter a prepara
tory school. Mrs. McDonald will visit
friends in that city for a week or two.
Wednesday afternoon' thirty ladies
tendered Mrs. Alfred SamuqlSon a pleas
ant surprise party on tho occasion of
her fifty-fourth birth anniversary. She
was presented with n beautiful leather
Don't forgot the 20 per cent discount
on wall puper at uuito & Dents.
Mrs. Carl Stonnnrd, of, Morrill, neo
Miss Ruth Watts, of this city, writes
that her husband is seriously - 111 at a
hospital in Denvor. He was operated
upon for appendicitis tho first of tho
week and his condition since has been
Mrs. Elizabeth Maher, for twenty
five years a resident of this city, died
nt tho homo of her daughter Mrs.
George Busbey. Bellingham, Wash.,
August 20th. Death was du0 to par
alysis, tho stroko occurring two and
one-half weeks bofore she passed away.
Four room houso for rent, modern
except light nnd heat, 110 cast Second,
l niocK south ot court nouse. inquire ot
Tekulve, Yellow Front Shop Repair
Shop. I 67-2
Miss Bessie Graham ontertuined a
number of young peoplo last availing in
honor of Miss Hazel Henderson, of
Oakland, Cal., who is visiting in town.
An amusing contest wus held and tho
latter part of tho evening spent in pro
gressive card games. Dainty refresh
ments were served.
Mrs. G. T. Field entertained a few
friends Tuesday ovoning at auction
bridge. I he guests ot honor woro
Mrs. Boyden and daughter Miss Ruth
Boydon of Grand Island who are visit
ing friends in this city. Three tables
were used in playing the popular game.
A two course lunch was served.
Why not live in town by paying n
little more for your lot. Let's talk it
over. 0. H. Thoelccke.
Ralph Chamberlain and son I lobe it
left Tuesday night for tho east to visit
the former's old home in Berwick,
Maine. On their way enst, they will
take in C'hicngo, Washington, New
York City tlionce to Boston on tho
Bteamer and home by the way of Port
land, and Niagria Falls. They expect
to bo gono n month.
Wanted Woman to work in her
homo town, no oflicc work, and vet no
houso to house canvassing, none but
those who menu business need apply.
Inquire at this oiiicc.
The carnival held hold in tho base
ment of tho Presbyterian church last
evening by tho different societies of the
church wiib successful beyond all their
expectations. Early in tho evoning tho
room was crowded and tho ladies at
each booth were kept busy suppling the
demands for tho good things displayed
there. Twelve beautifully decorated
booths were arranged uround tho rooms,
each representing a different nution,
other features wore a minstrel show,
baby exhibit, moving shadow picture?
and fortune tellers. Tho Lierk & San
dall Co., donated tho coffee which was
used at the lunch stands. The ladies
in charge express their gratitude to all
whoassistcl in making tho carnival
success. Tho receipts were S127.
A Good Record.
Tho Union Pacific reports that during
July the "Denver epocial" train No. 11
from Chicajttj to Donvor oyer tho
Chicago & North Western nnd tho U.
P., urrived at Denver on timo . thirty
times, although the schedule is fast and
the distance Is more than 1,000 miles;
and wc aro informed that tho corres
ponding train of a competing lino,
which nonrest approached this record,
arrived at Denver three times lato
during tho same period. The "Cojorudo
express" No. 1G, from Chicago to-Den,-vor,
arrived at Denver on time twehty
oifjht days during tho snmo months
The Frenches arc Sufferers.
Mrs. Ralph Smith loft Tuesday night
for Kansas City, whew for a month
she will assist in caring for her invalid
mother, Mrs. Geo. E. French, who for
some time past bus been worse than
usual and suffers intensely. Mr. French
has also' been very sick, sufforing from
bladder troublu and hemorrhogea of tho
kidneya. It was Mrs. Smith's intention
to advise Mr. French to come home and
take a rest from tho constnnt care of
waiting on Mrs. French.
Ball Game Sunday.
The Columbus ball team has been
secured for Sunday to play a doublo
heador ball game with the local nino.
The first game called at2 o'clock.
Manager Cummings has returned from
Lincoln nnd Fremont where ho mndo ar
rangements for games during tho fall
On Wednesday morning, Sept. 10,
between North Piittoand Experimental
farm, ono English Setter puppy, six
months old. Color- white. Right our
black, with tan marking on forwnrd
edge. Left ear mottled, or ticked,
black and white. Small black mark
about tho sizo of a silver dollar on side.
Long slender nose', and slender head.
Answers to tho name of. ''Mlko."
Finder pleuso return to or notify J. C.
Den, nndTOccivo rownrd.
Miss Helen Hoxio loaves tho ,sarly
part of next week for a 'protracted
visit in California.
Thomas Healy will leave shortly for
New York nnd other eastern effcies to
spend a month or longer.
Seo tho' Intent Improved vacuum
washer. No -boiling, no rubbing.
Washes blankets as well as the finest
lace. ' Simon Bros. G0-2
Mrs. Boyden. and daughter Ruth,
.of Grand Island',' who have been guests
of tho Striots family will 'leave in. a fow
F. J. Dioner & Co., Real Estate and
Insurance. Farmnnd city property for
sale. tf
Vaugh Hinmnn and family who hud
boon living in Omaha have returned to
this city. Mr'. Hinmah gays North
Platte is still the best town on earth.
Tho contract for placing wonthor
strips on tho windows and doors of tho
federal building has been awarded to
tho Lew WentWorth Co. of Omaha for
Tho remains of tho late Fred Madi
son, who was killed on the tracks east
of town a few days ago by train No. 7
were interred Wednesday in tho North
Plalto cemotpry.
At tho race courso in Lexington
Wednesday a young woman who was
entered in onu of tho races was thrown
from her horso nnd sustnincd a broken
leg and a fractured skull.
John Ware has purchased tho Oluf
Hedlund 80-acro farm two miles north
west of Horshey for $10,000, or $125
por aero. Tho land i3 under irrigation
and has fair improvement!'.
Tho Bank of Staploton, of which W.
II. McDonald of this city is president.
bus lot tho contract for tho erection of
a 2Gx15 nressod brick building with tile
floor and other modern furnishings.
Sorvices nt Church of Our Saviour
on Sunday Sept. 14th will bo as follows:
Holy Communion at 8 o'clock .a. m.
morning prayer and sermon at 10;30 a.
m., evening prayor and sermon at 8
o'clock p. m. Rev. J. J. Bouker, the
now rector will arrive Saturday,
A beautiful line of Fisk's pattern
and tailored hats Saturday at the Par
lor Millinery at very reasonable prices.
J, C. Askwig spent a day or two on
his farm in Myrtle precinct this week
and brought homo samples of this year's
corn. Tho tenant has out 150 acres of
corn, about 100 acres of which is ox
collent and, will produce a big yield.
Tho other fifty acres was planted very
lato and will not produce much corn.
Boars For Sale.
Pure bred Duroc-Jorsey boars at
$20.00 each. This price holds until
September 21.
Experimental Substation.
For Rent.
The Woods house at 305 West
Third street, with bath, nice shade,
bam, etc.
7 room cottage 320 West Third
street, with bath, etc.
j 7 room cottage East Second street,
with bath, etc .
Other houses, rooms, large 40x40
' room in the cement building 420 W.
Front street, storage room and safe
deposit boxes. Bralt & Goodman.
. Wanted!
Every bundle of sheaf grain, corn
stalks and various grasses that can bo
had, in addition to every thing else that
can bo secured to make a winner of
our county air next week. Everybody
help, pleuso.
Notice for Bid?.
Sealed bids will be received by the
undersigned socrotnry of tho Board of
Education of tho school district of the
city of North Platte, Lincoln county,
Nebraska, up to tho hour of G o'clock
p. m. on tho 1th day of October, 1913,
for lots 1. 2,13 and 4, block 140, of the
original town of North Platte, exclusive
of tho building, the lots will be sold
separately. Bids will ulso be received
for tho building and foundation.
Tho board reserves the right to roject
any nnd all bids.
By order of the Board of Education.
A. F. Stueitz, Secty.