The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, September 09, 1913, Image 5

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Loving Cups Trophies Medals Watches
The jeweler la very clo-- to life in all its variations. His crt expresses and
typifies victory, achieverr 'nt, superior performance, cs well as beauty, utility,
joy and refinement.
Athletic triumphs are acknowledged with a silver loving cup, a medal or a
cold watch. The same with civic and business service and all forms of faith
ful performance. f
Dress is adorned with a touch cf art in the form of a pin, a brooch, a
chain or a ring.
The refined and festive table sparkles with bright silver and cut glass.'
Life's heroic and joyful moments are marked with a jewel or a bit of gold
or silver. Life itself is measured by the jeweler's watch or clock.
The jeweler serves the finest and best interests of life. His place can never
be taken by those who dicker in jewelry, solely on a commercial basis( with
, out the heart interest cf one who loves his craft. '
You suffer as well as we, if you are not in touch with a reliable jewelry store.
The stocks in this store are chosen with skill and care from a wide and con
glomerate market where experience is needed to distinguish the worthy from
the worthless, We offer both economy and satisfaction,
Union Pacific Watch Inspector
Graduate Dentist.
Office over the McDonald
State Bank.
Local and Personal
Frank Pielsticker left Saturday
evening for Omaha to spend a few days.
Thomas Mnngle left yesterday mora
ine for Grand Island to transact busi
ness, Mrs. Omar Huff left Sunday morning
for Paxton to visit friends for a week
or longer.
Jesse Vernon came down from Jules
burg Saturday afternoon to attend the
local schools.
( Julius Hahler loft yesterday morning
for Kansas City to spend a week or
longer on business.
Mrs. Nels Hammer left Saturday
evening for Sidney to visit her daughter
for a couple of weeks.
blaster Frederick Ahrens, of Sidney,
who was visiting his grandparents Mr.
and Mrs. Nels Hammer, left Saturday
evening. '
Aaa Snow has returned from a Ehort
visit in Council Bluffs and Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. John Vernon have re
turned from a visit with relatives in
Miss Marjory Cross will leave the
latter part of this week for Kearney to
attend the Normal.
Mrs. Mose McFarland and family, who
had been visiting in Denver and Colo
rado Springs, returned home Saturday
John R. Young, formerly of Jules
burg, who is now located at Los
Angeles, is visiting friends in town this
David Pattee has resigned his posi
tion in the western union office and will
leave in a week or ten days for Lincoln
to accept a position. His mother will
accompany him.
Warren Cummings went to Lincoln,
Hastings and Fremont yesterday morn
ing to make arrangements for ball
games during the county fair week and
buy the Fremont francise.
Rev. ChriBtio returned from his vaca
tion Friday accompanied by a bride in
the person of Miss Cherry Thompson,
who had been employed as a nurse in
this city, and they are now "at homo"
at the Presbyterian manse. Congratu
lations and best wishes are extended.
Local and Personal.
Lawrence Carpenter went to Ognl
nlla yesterday morning to spend a few
days on business.
Miss Billy Austin, formerly of this
city, who spent the past six months in
Salt Lake, has returned here.
Mrs. J. II. Posey and daughter who
have been visiting in Seattle and other
csastltowns will return homo this aftor
noon. The Ladies Guild of the Episcopal
church will hold a sale of cakes, bread,
cookies, baked beans, pies, etc. at
Schatz'a store, Saturday Sept. 13.
Wanted Woman to work in her
home town, no office work, and vet no
house to house canyassing, none but
those who mean business need apply.
Inquire at this office.
Miss Ruth Streitz will return to
Ghicago In a few days to resume her
kindergarton teaching in the sot'tle-
J ment work, which she was compelled to
relinquish last winter on account of
Beginning the first of September the
Ladies Guild of the Episcopal church
will meet every week. Thursday, Sept.
11th there will be the regular weekly
sewing nnd business meeting at the
Parish house.
Miss Amell who has been employed
on the nursing staff at St. Luke's hos
pital for several weeks, left Sunday for
Omaha to spend a few days and lator
will go to Rochester, N. Y., to take a
post graduate course.
Miss Alice Mehan, a young lady
twenty-four years of nge who was
traveling thru to South Dakota Thurs
day in company with her friend Miss
Minnie Jergenson was taken ill on the
train with hemorrhage of the lungs. She
was token to one of the local hospitals
and died shortly after being placed
there. The remains were taken in
charge by Undertaker Maloney and
shipped to South Dakota Friday after
noon. The Catholic 'Girls Club were the
guests of Misses Bessie Smith, Ethel
Danegan, Minerva McWilliams, Edna
and Alice Sullivnn at a card party
Friday evening. The function was held
at the homo of the former and soven
tables were arranged for five hundred,
Miss Jessica Flynn won first prize and
Miss Elizabeth Weinberger second.
Lunch was served in courses after the
oard games. Out of town guests were
Misses Rose Ganey of Chicago, Amell
of Omaha, Gertrude Herrod of Colum
bus, Baungarden ofOberlin, Kans.
Boars For Sale.
Pure bred Duroc-Jersey boars at
$20.00 each. This price holds until
September 21.
Experimental Substation.
This is a copy of our Rexall Store advertisement in this week's September 13 Saturday
Evening Post, Read it and profit by it. '
.jC V -
No. 1
F the months, and oftentime years, devoted to painstaking, conscientious testing and proving
by actual use of every formula for any Rexall Toilet Preparation before that formula was
finally adopted as worthy;
Of the exact, earnest care used in selecting each ingredient, and the rigid testing for purity and
strength before it could become a part of the preparation;
Of the guarantee on each Rexall Toilet preparation that, if it does not give satisfaction it'i every
way, "we want you to go back to the store where you boughtit and get your money; it belongs
to you and we want you to have it;" and,
And if You Saw
The sanitary, airy, sun-lighted, shiningly-clean laboratories in which Rexall Toilet preparations
are made: the white-capped; white-aproned, wholesomely clean young women who put them up and
And if You Realized
That the co-operation in buying, manufacturing and selling of more than 7,000 Rexall Stores-;-one
leading drug store in each important city and town in the United States, Canada and Great
Britain-.-makes it possible to reduce to a minimum the cost to you of the finished product;
Then You Would Believe-
That it is asi Advan
tage for fYou to Buy
They are listed here t very low prices for goods of high quality. They are:
Rexall Shaving Lotion, 2 sizes 2u, 50c
Rexall Toilet Cream 25c
Rexall Rose Water and Glycerine 25c
Rexall Cream of Almonds 25c
Rexall Violet Talcum Powder .- 25c
Rexall Toilet Soap, 10c a cake ,3 for 25c
Fragrant and sanitary preparations for the teeth, In
whichever form you prefer.
Rexall Antiseptic Tooth Powder , r. 25c
Rexall Tooth Wash x. 25c
Kexall Tooth Paste 25c
Rexall Cold Cream, 3 sizes 10c, 25c, 50c
Rexall Camphorated Cold Cream 25c
(Also Rexal Theatrical Cold Cream propared especially
for the profession in J lb. and f lb. quantities.)
Real lather-making, soothing soap, In throo forms to
give the discriminating shaver his choice:
Rexall Shaving Powder '...' 25c
Rexall Shaving Stick .' 22c
Rexall Shaving Cream 25c
"Texall Toilet Goods Week" begins today at all the REXALL STORES. .
In the Saturday Evening Post
on Oct. 11 ivill be printed "Rex
all Ad-Vantage No. 2," on Via
HntDulce Perfumes and Toilet
These Goods are Sold only at
'li m mu nummum i
I Hooplcss Stave Crib Silo
I Ps3 rrr T1
1 jWr M.
1 HaSiiitM'. IM ttMt&jhtii
not Build a
The Only Stave Crib Silo that will
The hind that never bloius down
This Silo can be erected with the least cost
of any silo on the market. We furnish the lum
ber nnd cement nnd your hardware dealer every
thing in the way of nails nnd bolts.
This Silo is built out of 2x4's, ftny length:
the outer edge having n filler of binding twine to
make the circle, tho sticks being used just as
they come from the yards, and require no sharpf
ening or dressing.
We furnish blue print nnd full set of in
structions, so that any carpenter can erect the
silo without the least difficulty.
no guy wires
no Hoops
Are required by this Silo to
keep it from falling down.
Nothing to loosen or rust off:
This Silo is absolutely the cheapest and most substantial Silo on the market today.
We are behind this proposition. We are where you can find us. We are here to stay.
See us before you buy; it will pay you to do so.
County Commissioner
Roberts Resigns
George W. Roberts, commissioner
from the Second district and chairman
of the present board, tendered his
resignation last Friday by mailing to
Cojinty Clerk Yost the following letter:
Maxwell, Neb., Sept. 5th, 1913.
Mr. C. V. Yost.
County Clerk.
On t account of ill health 1 hereby
tender my resignation as a mem
ber of the board of county commis
sioner, to take effect immediately.
Geo. W. Roberts.
Mr. Roberts' term would have expired
in January, 1915, and tho appointment
of his successor devolves upon County
Clerk': Yost, County Treasurer Durbin
and Gounty Judge Grant. It is probable
that there will be n number of appli
cants for the position, although it is a
position that pays a small pur diem
salary and has more "grief" than
glory attached.
Mr. Roberts has been in rather poor
health for some time and he no longer
cared to boar the worry and responsibil
ity attached to the position.
The officers delegated by law to
appoint a successor will do so at nn
early day, as it is necessary to have a
chairman in order that warrants may
,be signed and other business transacted
that may require tho require the signa
ture of a chairman. v
Mrs. P. II. Starr, of Franklin, Neb.,
is a guest nt the home of her son V.
E. Starr.
J. S. Davis, who had been in Lincoln
on business for several days, came
home yesterday.
Mrs. Harry Murrin and children, who
are visiting in Lander and Cheyenne,'
are expected to return home this week.
Don't forget the 20 per cent discount
on wall paper at Duke & Dents
Miss Husong, of Corwith, la.,
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Robinson, left for homo Saturday morning.
Swan Swnnson was taken seriously
ill the first of this week and removedto
the Grnnd Island hospital where ho will
take treatment for a week or longer.
See tho latest improved vacuum
washer. No boiling, no rubbing.
Wnshes blnnkots as well nB the finest
lace. Simon Bros. CG-2
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Zoibert, who
visited North Platte friends last week,
liave gone to Omaha to spend tho
winter. Mr. Zeibert retains his raul
estate and live stock interests in Clio J
etinocpunty and will continue to mnko
his homo there.
Will Build Twelve Houses.
Vermillion Brothers, of Holdrege,
were in town last week for tho pur
pose of purchasing twelve residence
iois on which iney propone tu uunu i
twelve four-room houses. These i
houses will be renfed at $10.85 per
month. They hnve been given prices ,
on lots and will return Saturday to t
figure with local dealers on lumber and
material. They prefer to purchase the J
Lmatriafjihtire rather than ship it in, if !
ney jyin secure mo rignt pricua.
? -McDonnell Strikes "lie." j
Advice's from Tulsa, Okl., state that
A. D.i, McDonnell, tho former North
Platte druggist, has struck it rich in
.the oil fields of that section and that his
revenue from that source is but little
short of five hundred dollars per day.
Mac had some experience in the oil
fields of Indiana before coming to
North Platte, and after leaving here
went to the Wyoming fields, and later
drifted to Oklahoma. Ho bought up
land and leases and began sinking wells,
and seems to have had excellont success.
Wo have just delivered a Buiek 30 roadster to Hqnry
Schultz of Brady.
Tho liulck IJ 25 tourinir car that nrrlved In North I'lattu Frldn y
ccrtnlnly mndo"n lilt" with tho people. Kvcnmu Acltnlri'e It'a crnce
full body llnca nnJ hlnh unuloflnUli. Tho job of nplioloterlnir U cer
tainly first clan und of isriat depth. Tho urnr-shlftlnK Icvit Is bo
neatly arranged nnd thu gears chnKo to quietly tlmt everyone nd
mlrcs the the tyettm. Amonii thoRoodiNto be noticed, tliuexliaunt
pipe carries nway tho rd hot tias from tho cntrlno ! to arranged
that It Is discharged nt tho front end of tho ernclno Instead of nt tho
rear, thus mnklnir tho driver's position much cooler. Think n mlnuto
nnd you will renlzo w lint a blit linproviinmt this Is. Of course nil
five Ilahts nr- electric but tho hcmlllirhts havo n very shnplo nrranit
cmcntB for chanKlnK tho focus of tho llyht so thnt while running:
around In tho city tho Unlit Is verj mild nnd not nt nil unpleasant to
meet with nnothcr car. This In n point that must not bo overlooked
by other compan' s nnd sooner or later nil cars will hnvo somo
urrariKement whereby tho Hitht will bo dimmed for city driving.
Iloth doors open to the driver's position so that tho driver may not
In nnd out of tho car without "climbing in over tho passenger.'
Tho Windshield is adjustable In many ways nnd of tho clear vision
type, fully ventllatlnK. Tho tires uro of tho demountable type, nnd
the oxtrn cnrrled In the rear, entirely out of the wny. Thtro Is a,
crnnk furnished with the car hut Instead of carrying it In tho usual
position, tho crank shaft Is with a. nent nlckleplated cover, Another
blR Improvement Is that tho doors, nil four of them, open tho lull
width of the opcnlntr, allowing more room than ever In entering.
Now is the time to buy wall paper 20
por cent discount at Duko & Deats.
Edward Rebhausen, who was acci
dently shot last week, was able to be
out Saturday.
Miss' Mabel Hultman, of Kuarney, is
expected here tomorrow to visit her
brother for a couple of weeks.
Miss Blanche Miller, of Chappell, will
come hore the latter purt of this week
to begin her term of school in district
Miss Kato Allen, recently of tho tele;
phono office, loftlnst niuht for Portland,
Ore., where sliu will be married thin
week to Mr. Wallace Barng.
Stability, Efficiency and Service
JIuvu hvvJi tlio FimLoi'H
Iti tho rrcrwth of tho
First National Bank,
One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars.